Wheaton "Firsts"

First College President Jonathan Blanchard 1860-1882  
First Graduate of Color Edward Breathitte Sellers  1866  
First Female Graduate Adeline Eliza Collins 1862  
First Trustees Rev. Flavel Bascom, Rev. Rufus Lumry, Rev. R. F. Markham, Mr. Moses Pettengill, Mr. J. Platt, Hon. Owen Lovejoy, Prof. Freeborn G. Baker, Chester Hand. M. D., Mr. E. B. Thompson, Hon. R. Adams, Mr. Abram Long, Mr. Warren L. Wheaton, Mr. Robert Rothwell, Hon. F. H. Mather, A. H. Hiatt, Mr. A. Lewis, William W. Farwell, Esq., Hon. F. A. Hoffmann, Rev. J. E. Roy 1860-1861  
First Faculty Jonathan Blanchard (Philosophy), George Collier (Mathematics), Oscar Lumry (Greek and Latin), Freeborn G. Baker (Music), A. H. Hiatt (Physiology), William Beardsley (Preparatory), Paul Shumann (French and German) and Mrs. A. Whittier (Ladie's Department) 1860-1861  
First Graduating Class George Beecher, Alvin Chadwick, Charles Marsh, Harvey Potter, Orvis Ring, James Stoddard and Lemuel Stratton 1860  
First Faculty with Earned Doctorate Louis A. Higley 1924  
First Alumna Ordained Minister Jennie Hewes Caldwell ca. 1879  
First International Graduate Anastasios D. Zaraphonithes 1873  
First NCAA Individual Championship - Two-Mile Run  Kikuo Moriya 1954  
First NCAA Team Championship (College Division) 1956-57 Men's Basketball Team 1957  
First NCAA Team Championship (Division III) Men's Soccer 1984  
First Former Student to Receive an Honorary PhD John Wesley Powell (Illinois Wesleyan) 1877  
First Former Student to Receive Earned PhD John Quincy Adams, Jr (Halle) 1892  
First Graduate to Receive an Earned PhD Alma Blount (Cornell) 1896  
First Female Bible Professor Edith C. Torrey 1924  
First Missionaries Anastasios Zaraphonithes and Henry Martyn Bissell 1873  
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