1922 marked the return of a college annual at Wheaton College with the first issue of the Tower. After a 22-year hiatus the class of ’22 started raising funds to produce a yearbook because of a stipulation from the college faculty being that the yearbook would have to be fully funded before the “closing of contracts” so as to avoid the financial troubles of the Echoes. Similar in style the Echoe, the Tower presented an overview of the school year, covering the academics, sports, and social life of Wheaton College. The Tower has changed much over the years according to the styles of each issue’s time, yet the content has remained consistent throughout its run. A special Armed Forces Tower was produced in 1946 alongside the regular Tower to be sent overseas to Wheaton student serving in World War II. Over the years the Tower has won many All American awards.

Year Editor Post-college career(s)
1930 Dr. Hugh Paine Jr. scientist/Manhattan project
1931 Rev. Walter Lindemann Presbyterian
1932 Rev. Horace Fenton LAM missionary exec
1933 Dr. Douglas Hursch missionary doctor and Alumni president
1934 Dr. Clarence Stauffer
1935 Rev. Robert Nicholas Presbyterian
1936  Dr. John Brobeck  Univ PA medical prof; Dist Svc Soc award
1937 Rev. Earle Stevens Messianic Mission to Israel.
1938 Dr. Sam Moffett Univ Prof & Missions & Dist Svc Soc award
1939 Dr. Carl FH Henry theologian, author, editor, Alumni president, Dist Svc Soc award
1940 Dr. Charles Miller prof at Calvin College
1941 David Roberts Dir PR WH Col.  - Dist Svc to Alma Mater 
1942 Dr. Kenneth Hammonds Presbytery exec
1943 Floyd Pinder
1944 Dr. Paul Stam attorney/industrial researcher/Univ prof/Dist Svc Soc
1945 Rev. Sherman Rodday Presbyterian & college prof
1946 Alfred Shadduck exec Consolidated Electric
1947 Rev. Herb Eggleston Pres. USA
1948 Dr. Fred Howe Baptist/prof Dallas Seminary
1949 Dr. John Stam LAM missionary & teacher
1950 Rev. Hugh Gowman Evangelical Presb
1951 Dr. Corbin Carnell prof U of FL
1952 Dr. Mark Harmeling Orthopedic surgeon
1953 Rev. John Shenk United Methodist
1954 Rev. Bruce Strickland Presb. USA
1955 Dr. Austin Hale Sr. Wycliffe translator
1956 Dr. David Lindberg Univ Wis prof
1957 Fred Miller Dir Bus Svc at Chr retreat ctr
1958 Rev. Jim Nako Episcopal priest
1959 Dr. Don Moore Dentist & prof university
1960 Ron Raedeke Real Estate firm owner
1961 Sally Jo Hoppe Gieser youth camp owner
1962 W. Scott Perlenfein teacher
1963 Marje Bauman Mehlis spouse David CEO Cook Comm Ministries
1964 Sanford Schulert Media & Advertising
1965 Dr. James Gill prof Univ Santa Cruz
1966 Henry Molter fine arts designer