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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
January, 1911 News Bits News Alumni Notes 
February, 1911 B. Mackenzie, '13 Poem The College Bell 
February, 1911 Record Poem Epistula Amatoria 
February, 1911 Mary Elizabeth Kellogg, '99 Column Oration Given At Commencement, Moody Bible Institute 
February, 1911 L.E.R. Column The Fisherman's Philosophy 
February, 1911 Record Notes Exchanges 
February, 1911 Carl C. Straw, '11 Column Reason Versus the Emotions 
February, 1911 Record Editorial Editorial 
February, 1911 Annual Contest News The Record Story Contest 
February, 1911 Basketball Sports Slugfest Marks Hot Battle 
February, 1911 News Bits News On and About the Campus 
February, 1911 Record Poem Weather Terms 
February, 1911 An Overworked Student Column Doings at the Rink 
February, 1911 News Bits News Alumni Notes 
March, 1911 Geo. M. Smith, '11 Column Dedication 
March, 1911 Record Editorial Through the Telescope 
March, 1911 Song Column Senior Class Song 
March, 1911 Florence E. Murray, '11 Column The View Point 
March, 1911 Record Poem Spring 
March, 1911 Wm. F. Koonsen, '11 Column Echoes from Boston 
March, 1911 T.E.K., '11 Column Fairy Gold 
March, 1911 A.D. Grey, '11 Column From the Canadian's Point of View 
March, 1911 R.L. Bentley, '11 Column History of Class of '11 
March, 1911 Record Notes The Senior's Cap and Gown 
March, 1911 Marguerite Dresser, '11 Column College Customs 
March, 1911 Record  Editorial Editorial 
March, 1911 Basketball Sports Athletics 
March, 1911 News Bits News On and About the Campus 
March, 1911 Annual Banquet News The Washingon Banquet 
April, 1911 M. Elsen, '11 Poem Die Maienkonigin 
April, 1911 Wheaton Coeds Differ Editorial Why Do Girls Go to College? 
April, 1911 Literary Society Column Shakespeare's Literary Society 
April, 1911 Popular Novels at Cost Column Fire Sale! 
April, 1911 Record Editorial College Yells 
April, 1911 News Bits News On and About the Campus 
April, 1911 Record Notes Exchanges 
April, 1911 Record Editorial Editorial 
April, 1911 Annual Intersociety Contest News The Oratorical Contest 
April, 1911 Basket Ball Sports Athletics 
April, 1911 Record Notes April Showers 
April, 1911 Record Notes Logic Run Mad! 
April, 1911 Record Notes Sprig Poeb 
May, 1911 Miss C.A. Cary Column The Young Woman's Call 
May, 1911 Helen Louise Safford, '12 Column Autobiography of a Finger Nail 
May, 1911 Kate Louise Yourex, '13 Column The Guise of Wisdom 
May, 1911 Sarah K. Smith, '00 Column Observations of an Artist 
May, 1911 Maude Mitchell Column Advice to Brides 
May, 1911 Record Notes Observations in Chapel 
May, 1911 Grace E. Howard Column The Power of Touch 
May, 1911 '14 Column The Value of a Human Life 
May, 1911 Record Editorial What Would George Have Done? 
May, 1911 Record Poem Oh, You Women! 
May, 1911 Doris and Jack Editorial "A Misunderstanding" 
May, 1911 Record Notes Pointed Paragraphs 
May, 1911 News Bits News On and About the Campus 
May, 1911 Record Notes Questions and Answers 
May, 1911 Concert News Conservatory 
May, 1911 Record Notes Exchanges 
May, 1911 News Bits News Alumni Notes 
June, 1911 Record Poem Memorial Day 
June, 1911 A.D. Grey, '11 Column Modern Slavery 
June, 1911 Record Poem Triumph of the Suffragette 
June, 1911 Kate Louise Yourex, '13 Column A Strange Girl 
June, 1911 Basketball Sports A Successful Basketball Season 
June, 1911 R.E., '14 Poem Such is Life 
June, 1911 Gerald W. Hunt, '13 Column When We Fell Out. 
June, 1911 H.R Zander, H.L. Alden, L.R. Barton Column Resolutions Adopted by the Beltionian Society 
June, 1911 Record Editorial Editorial 
June, 1911 Annual Contest News Short Story Contest 
June, 1911 News Bits News On and About the Campus 
June, 1911 Intercollegiate League News The Oratorical Contest 
October, 1911 President Charles A. Blanchard Column The New Year at Wheaton 
October, 1911 Record Editorial A Parable 
October, 1911 M.M., '13 Column First Impressions 
October, 1911 R.F.D. Column Hamlet on the Farm 
October, 1911 Record Biography Ezra A. Cook 
October, 1911 News Bits News Exchange 
October, 1911 Record Editorial Editorial 
October, 1911 H.W.M., '14 Column Excelsior Notes 
October, 1911 News Bits News On and About the Campus 
October, 1911 Basketball Sports Basketball 
October, 1911 Wendell S. Brooks Column Wheaton Academy Alumni Association 
October, 1911 M.E. '11 Column Beltionian Notes 
October, 1911 R.H., '14 Stag Column The Y.M.C.A. 
October, 1911 R.M.M. '12 Column Y.W.C.A. 
October, 1911 News Bits  News Alumni and Former Students 
November, 1911 G.W.H. Poem Thanksgiving 
November, 1911 Tom Kennedy Column Finding the Grail 
November, 1911 S.A. Kellogg Poem November 
November, 1911 Record Editorial Editorial 
November, 1911 Record Biography John Frazier Snyder 
November, 1911 News Bits  News On and About the Campus 
November, 1911 News Bits News On and About the Campus 
November, 1911 Basketball Sports Basketball 
November, 1911 Recital News Conservatory Notes 
November, 1911 Record Notes Society Notes 
November, 1911 Witches and Ghosts News Halloween at the Dorm 
November, 1911 Annual Contest Information Short Story Contest 
November, 1911 News Bits News Alumni and Former Students 
November, 1911 Mr & Mrs Everett A. Guild News Academy Alumni 
November, 1911 Record Notes Exchanges 
December, 1911 Grace E. Howard Column Jewels 
December, 1911 Record Editorial A Christmas Story 
December, 1911 G.Y.S. '14 Column Miscellaneous 
December, 1911 Elsie Storrs Dow Column "Builded Far From Accident" 
December, 1911 Gertrude Kellogg Poem Song at Night 
December, 1911 Record Poem Wawatasso, An Indian Legend 
December, 1911 Record Notes Exchanges 
December, 1911 Record Editorial Editorial 
December, 1911 Andover Townsman Column Harold C. Whipple 
December, 1911 Basketball Sports Basketball 
December, 1911 News bits News On and About the Campus 
December, 1911 News Bits News Alumni and Former Students 
January, 1912 Harrison Wagner Poem Better Thoughts 
January, 1912 Marshal Mathews Column The Lady in Black 
January, 1912 Frank E. Herrick, '99 Poem The Dead Year 
January, 1912 Claire C. Loveless Poem Mother 
January, 1912 News Bits News Alumni and Former Students 
January, 1912 Record Editorial Editorial 
January, 1912 News Bits News On and About the Campus 
January, 1912 Basketball Sports Basketball 
January, 1912 Mr. Emil Strom Biography Promoted 
January, 1912 Literary Societies News The Inter-Collegiate Debate 
January, 1912 News Bits News Academy Alumni 
January, 1912 Record Notes Exchanges 
February, 1912 Royal T. Morgan, Jr Poem Evening 
February, 1912 Record Editorial Dickens 
February, 1912 Joseph M. Ramsey Column The Girl in the Car 
February, 1912 Josephine Kennedy Poem The Poplar Tree 
February, 1912 F.J. Note A Leap Year Valentine 
February, 1912 Record Editorial Lincoln the Poet 
February, 1912 Raymond Hoisingon Column An Abandoned Elopement 
February, 1912 Record Editorial Editorial 
February, 1912 News Bits News On and About the Campus 
February, 1912 Record Information Washington's Birthday Preparations 
February, 1912 Basketball Sports Basketball 
February, 1912 News Bits News Alumni and Former Students 
February, 1912 News Bits News Academy Alumni 
February, 1912 Record Notes Exchanges 
March, 1912 Record Poem March 
March, 1912 Marshall Mathews Column An Ideal Invitation 
March, 1912 Record Editorial The Color Sergeant 
March, 1912 Harry Lewis Column The Southern Cotton Fields 
March, 1912 Intercollegiate Debate News Chicago Teachers' College Debate 
March, 1912 F.E. Herrick, '99 Poem Straying Thoughts 
March, 1912 Record Editorial Editorial 
March, 1912 Tom Kennedy Column To the College Chronicle 
March, 1912 Literary Societies News Society Contests 
March, 1912 Concert News Pasmore Trio 
March, 1912 Basketball Sports Basketball 
March, 1912 Baseball Sports Baseball 
March, 1912 News Bits News On and About the Campus 
March, 1912 Conservatory Notes Notes Conservatory Notes 
March, 1912 News Bits News Alumni and Former Students 
March, 1912 News Bits News Academy Alumni 
March, 1912 Record Notes Exchanges 
April, 1912 Record Poem Showers 
April, 1912 J.M. Ramsey Column Love at Long Distance 
April, 1912 Carol Hammond Column A Chat with Euclid 
April, 1912 Record Play Finding a Kingdom 
April, 1912 Harrison Wagner Poem Memories 
April, 1912 Record Editorial Editorial 
April, 1912 Baseball Sports Baseball 
April, 1912 James Stotts Column Prohibition League Reorganized 
April, 1912 News Bits News On and About the Campus 
April, 1912 Class of 1915 News Sophmore-Freshman Reception 
April, 1912 News Bits News Alumni and Former Students 
April, 1912 Record Notes Exchanges 
April, 1912 News Bits News Academy Alumni 
May, 1912 Bonnie Crawford, '14 Poem Browning 
May, 1912 Elsie S. Dow Column Browning 
May, 1912 Bonnie Crawford, '14 Column My First Valentine 
May, 1912 Martha Borton, '13 Column Women's Remarks on Politics 
May, 1912 News Bits News Alumni and Former Students 
May, 1912 Record Editorial Editorial 
May, 1912 News Bits News On and About the Campus 
May, 1912 Baseball Sports Baseball 
May, 1912 Record Notes Y.W.C.A. Notes 
May, 1912 Basketball Sports Basketball 
May, 1912 Record Notes Music Notes 
May, 1912 Record Column Perplexed Gentleman's Column 
May, 1912 Record Notes Exchanges 
May, 1912 Louise Stotts, '14 Column Coaling at Nagasaki 
June, 1912 Basketball Team  Column  A Successful Basketball Season  
June, 1912 Basketball Season  News Bascetball  
June, 1912 Charter Memeber  List  Academy Alumni 
June, 1912 Georgia Gray  Story  An Important Mistake  
June, 1912 Siege at Nanking  Story  What Chinese Women Have Done 
June, 1912 Editor  Information  Editorial  
June, 1912 Poem  Poetry  The Merchant  
June, 1912 Frank Judd  Story  Children of the West  
July, 1912 The Senior concert  News  Commencement 1912  
July, 1912 Graduation  List of Graduates  Class of 1912  
July, 1912 Thomas Kennedy  Poetry  Class Poem  
July, 1912 Georgia Gray  Poem  A Crow's Diary  
July, 1912 Frank E. Herrick  Poem  Wheaton College  
July, 1912 Remarks of President Blanchard  Speech  Last Words  
November, 1912 Record Poem The Storm 
November, 1912 President Blanchard Column At the Gate 
November, 1912 T.J. Crofts, '13 Column Wordsworth 
November, 1912 Record Notes Exchanges 
November, 1912 H.W., '15 Column Beltionian Notes 
November, 1912 Reception News Aelioian Informal 
November, 1912 Basketball  Sports Basketball 
November, 1912 Record Editorial Editorials 
November, 1912 The Celts News Excelsior Literary Society 
November, 1912 Record  Notes Philalethean 
November, 1912 Record Editorial The Old Man's Tale 
November, 1912 News Bits News Locals 
December, 1912 Record Editorial The Nativity 
December, 1912 Alice H. Gilbert Column The Care of Sub-Normal Children 
December, 1912 Bonnie C. Crawford Column Home for the Aged 
December, 1912 Elizabeth Lawrence Benton Column Byron -- An Appreciation 
December, 1912 Record Editorial Editorial 
December, 1912 Record  Notes Exchanges 
December, 1912 News Bits News On and About the Campus 
December, 1912 Basketball Sports Basketball 
December, 1912 Record Note Wheaton College, Wheaton, ILL/ Semester Begins Monday, Feb, 3, 1913 
January, 1913 Bonnie B. Crawford Column The Chaperon 
January, 1913 Professor W.F. Rice Column Seeing Things 
January, 1913 Ruth Thornton Stoddard Column Into the Valley 
January, 1913 Record Editorial Editorial 
January, 1913 Record Editorial Bahaism 
January, 1913 Pussy Cat Fable A Thanksgiving Fable 
January, 1913 News Bits News On and About the Campus 
January, 1913 Basketball Sports Basketball 
January, 1913 Record Notes Exchanges 
February, 1913 Lealha Iserman, '14 Column A Jump to Jupiter 
February, 1913 Ethel Meyers Column Robert Browning 1882-89 
February, 1913 Gwen Davies Column For Love of Mary 
February, 1913 Warren F. Day News An Old Alumnus of Wheaton College Passes Away 
February, 1913 Record Information Announcement 
February, 1913 News Bits News Local News 
February, 1913 Record Editorial Editorial 
February, 1913 News Bits News On and About the Campus 
February, 1913 Record Notes Exchanges 
February, 1913 Basketball Sports Basketball 
February, 1913 Aries Poem The Singer 
March, 1913 Maud Mitchell Column In the Heart of a Hyacinth 
March, 1913 Record Editorial Swinbourne 
March, 1913 Record Notes Exchanges 
March, 1913 Record Notes Pick-Ups 
March, 1913 Orations News Inter-Society Oratorical Contest 
March, 1913 St Patrick's Birthday News 15-Banquet-16 
March, 1913 Record Editorial Editorial 
March, 1913 Baseball Sports Base Ball as it is Played in Spring 
March, 1913 News Bits Notes News and Comment 
March, 1913 Basketball Sports Girl's Basketball 
March, 1913 Record Notes Y.W.C.A. Notes 
March, 1913 News Bits News On and About the Campus 
March, 1913 Record Announcement Wheaton College, Wheaton, ILL/ Semester Begins, Tuesday, Sept 16, 1913 
April, 1913 Adelaide Shields Poem Nothing Liveth in Vain 
April, 1913 Martha Borton Column Back to Nature 
April, 1913 E.A. Masales Column The Song of Hiawatha  
April, 1913 Mrs Alice H. Gilbert Column A Home for Delinquent Girls 
April, 1913 Record Editorial Poem 
April, 1913 H. Cook Column One More Narrow Escape 
April, 1913 Record Notes Exchanges 
April, 1913 Record Editorial Progress 
April, 1913 Record Notes Y.W.C.A. Notes 
April, 1913 Record Poem On and About the Campus 
May, 1913 Ruth Thornton Stoddard Column Footsteps 
May, 1913 Record Editorial Kate Barnard 
May, 1913 Farmer's Wife Column Keeping Up with the Styles 
May, 1913 Record Notes Exchanges 
May, 1913 Record Editorial Wheaton Alumnae 
May, 1913 Record Editorial Editorial 
May, 1913 Frances E. Townsley Self-Told Story Extracts From the Life Story of a Former Wheaton College Student 
May, 1913 Games News The Junior's Entertain the Seniors 
May, 1913 Record Notes Fudge - Dot Morgan's Famous Recipes 
May, 1913 Record Notes Y.W.C.A. Notes 
May, 1913 Samantha Column Aunt Samantha's Visit to the Philalethean Society 
May, 1913 Miss Dresser News Music Department 
June, 1913 H. Wagner Poem The Escape 
June, 1913 Billie Story Billie 
June, 1913 Record Editorial Justice and Peace 
June, 1913 Record Story The Midnight Adventures of Thomas G. Atterberry Wiggins 
June, 1913 JOS. M. RAMSEY Record Editorial 
June, 1913 Record Notes Brief Sketches of the Graduates 
June, 1913 Record Notes Commencement 
June, 1913 Gwendolin Davis Record Farewell to the Seniors of Wheaton College 
June, 1913 Record Poem AEL Notes for the Year 
June, 1913 Lucile C. Johnson Poem Time 
October, 1913 W. Rice Record The Outlook 
October, 1913 Prof. Smith Chapel Talk Off Days 
October, 1913 Record A hearty greeting Editorial 
October, 1913 Record Notes Y.M.C.A. Notes 
October, 1913 Record Sports Orpheus Club 
October, 1913 Record News The College Band 
October, 1913 Record News Social 
October, 1913 Record Class notes The Tower 
October, 1913 Record News Locals 
October, 1913 Record Notes Wanted 
October, 1913 Exchanges Notes Exchange Items 
November, 15, 1913 Philupa Space Poem Climbing 
November, 15, 1913 The Chautauqua program Story With The Tusucues, Cliff Dwellers 
November, 15, 1913 First tramp Story The Tale Of A Tramp 
November, 15, 1913 The physiography class Story Academy Class Has Rare Treat 
November, 15, 1913 Letha Iserman Column November Thoughts 
November, 15, 1913 Ethel A. Massales Poem The Student Volunteer 
November, 15, 1913 Lucile C. Johnson Poem The Student Volunteer 
November 15, 1913 Record Editorial Editorials 
November 15, 1913 Record Editorial Wheaton to Give masters Degree/ Faculty Announces Conditions 
November 15, 1913 Basketball Sports Class Games Create Interest/ College and Academy Have Strenuous Battles 
November 15, 1913 Marion Green News Large Audience Hears Green/ Orpheus Club Concert a Great Success 
November 15, 1913 Ladies of "Red Castle" Entertain Friends News Hallowe'en Spirit Fills Dorm 
November 15, 1913 Beltonian Society Notes "Belts" Have Many New Members 
November 15, 1913 Doubts Expressed as to Acceptance News "Phils" Challenge "Aels" 
November 15, 1913 Approve Plan of Union Meetings with "Belts" Notes "Celts" have Excellent Meetings 
November 15, 1913 Aelioian Society Notes "Aels" make Plans for Purchasing Piano 
November 15, 1913 Men's Association Notes Y.M.C.A. 
November 15, 1913 Mrs Stowe News Y.W.C.A. 
November 15, 1913 The Volunteer Band News The Student Volunteers 
November 15, 1913 Prof Smith Information Mission Study Class 
November 15, 1913 The Conservatory News The College Orchestra 
November 15, 1913 A.B. Burgess Poem Nerve Tonic 
November 15, 1913 News Bits News Personal and Otherwise 
November 15, 1913 News Bits News Alumni and Former Students 
November 15, 1913 Record Notes A Little Nonsense Now and then is Relished by the Best of Men 
November 15, 1913 Collegen Chronicle Notes Beneath the Stars 
November 15, 1913 The Vista Notes Exchange 
December 15, 1913 Warren C. Vining Poem Christmas 
December 15, 1913 G. Gray Column The Mormon Whirlpool 
December 15, 1913 Record Editorial Editorial 
December 15, 1913 Hull House Ties and Wins from Seconds Sports Faculty Cancels Game 
December 15, 1913 A Freshman Poem Freshmen Have Party 
December 15, 1913 W.T. McElveen News Lecture 
December 15, 1913 "Social and Political Movements in Great Britain" News Gardner Lectures on England 
December 15, 1913 Record Notes Orpheus Club 
December 15, 1913 Record News Student Volunteer Band 
December 15, 1913 Record news Aelioian 
December 15, 1913 Record News Philalaethian 
December 15, 1913 Parliamentary Drill News Excelsior 
December 15, 1913 Record Notes Beltionian 
December 15, 1913 Record Editorial Mission Study Class 
December 15, 1913 Record News Y.W.C.A. Notes 
December 15, 1913 Record Notes Y.M.C.A. 
December 15, 1913 News Bits News Alumni 
December 15, 1913 News Bits News Locals 
December 15, 1913 Record Editorial Exchange Department 
January 15, 1914 A "Phil" Poem Saturday Night 
January 15, 1914 Record Dear Don Country Letters 
January 15, 1914 Prof Smith Column The Kansas City Student Volunteer Convention 
January 15, 1914 Record Editorial Editorial 
January 15, 1914 Basketball Sports Athletics 
January 15, 1914 Record News Literary Societies Hold Joint Meeting 
January 15, 1914 January 3rd Alumni Weddings News Former Students Wed 
January 15, 1914 Banquet News Junior-Senior Banquet 
January 15, 1914 News Bits News Locals 
January 15, 1914 News Bits News Alumni 
January 15, 1914 Record Notes Exchange 
February 15, 1914 F.E. Herrick '99 Song Wheaton College 
February 15, 1914 Record Editorial Odors 
February 15, 1914 Helen Grommon Column Where Life is But to Live 
February 15, 1914 Florence Murray Column Travelling in Persia 
February 15, 1914 Intersociety Contest News Beltionians and Aelioians Won in Oratorical and Declamatory Contests 
February 15, 1914 Record Notes Smiles 
February 15, 1914 Record Editorial Editorial 
February 15, 1914 Basket Ball Match Wheaton 49 Moody Institute 30 
February 15, 1914 Basket Ball Match Wheaton 18 Lewis Institute 16 
February 15, 1914 Basket Ball Match St Viators 48 Wheaton 23 
February 15, 1914 Basket Ball Match Wheaton 37 St Cyrils 9 
February 15, 1914 Basket Ball Match Wheaton 39 Culver 31 
February 15, 1914 Blanchard Home News College Social 
February 15, 1914 Concert News Orpheus Club 
February 15, 1914 Record  Notes Beltionian 
February 15, 1914 Election News Aelioian 
February 15, 1914 Record Notes Philaletians 
February 15, 1914 Oratorical Contest News Excelsiors 
February 15, 1914 Girls' Gymnasium Class News Girl's Social 
February 15, 1914 News Bits News Locals 
February 15, 1914 News Bits News Alumni 
March 15, 1914 Grace E. Howard Column A Pegasus 
March 15, 1914 G.G., 14 Column Concerning the Suffragette and Her Cause 
March 15, 1914 Record Notes During the Month of February 
March 15, 1914 B.C., '14 Column On a Present-Day Question 
March 15, 1914 L. Meebold Poem Suffrage 
March 15, 1914 B.G. '14 Column Celeste's Bad Half Hour 
March 15, 1914 Record Editorial Editorial 
March 15, 1914 Wheaton Vs St. Viatoris Sports Basket Ball 
March 15, 1914 Faculty Entertainment News Seniors Entertain the Faculty 
March 15, 1914 George News Excelsiors 
March 15, 1914 Bachelor Bros News Beltionian 
March 15, 1914 Miss Giltner News Aelioian 
March 15, 1914 Election News Philalethian 
March 15, 1914 Mr. Hugh Cork News Volunteer Band and Mission Study Class 
March 15, 1914 Banquet News Washington Banquet 
March 15, 1914 Rev. A.D. Zaraphonithes News Rev. A.D. Zaraphonithes Passes Away 
March 15, 1914 News Bits News Locals 
March 15, 1914 News Bits News Alumni 
April 15, 1914 E. Harrison Wagner Poem The Statesman 
April 15, 1914 H.J.L., '15 Column Western Nights 
April 15, 1914 L.M., '17 Column "Only A Prep" Or "Does this Variety Grow Up?" 
April 15, 1914 G.R. '17 Column The Creak of the Floor 
April 15, 1914 Record Editorial Editorial 
April 15, 1914 E.S.D. Column Aelioian 
April 15, 1914 Wheaton Ends Season in Triumph Sports Basket Ball 
April 15, 1914 Baseball Sports Baseball 
April 15, 1914 Track Sports Track 
April 15, 1914 The Belts News Excelsior Notes 
April 15, 1914 Prophetic Conference News Y.W.C.A. Notes 
April 15, 1914 Mr Ho & Miss Louise Meebold News Mission Study 
April 15, 1914 The illustrated lecture News The Dawn Of Plenty 
April 15, 1914 The Student Volunteer Band News Student Volunteer Band 
April 15, 1914 Miss Grace Howard News Freshmen Entertained 
April 15, 1914 The Freshman Class News 1917 
April 15, 1914 First formal reception Story Reception 
April 15, 1914 Record Notes We've Been Thinking 
April 15, 1914 Record Notes The Latest 
April 15, 1914 The Washington Birthday Program Record Locals 
April 15, 1914 Record Notes Alumni 
April 15, 1914 A good poem Record Exchanges 
May 15, 1914 E.L.F., '14 Poem May 
May 15, 1914 J. Henry Lewis, '14 Column When Peace Shall Reign  
May 15, 1914 E.E.R., '16 Column Aunt Dinah's Reward 
May 15, 1914 "North," '16 Poem A Toast 
May 15, 1914 Record Poem The Mill Brook 
May 15, 1914 Record Editorial Editorial 
May 15, 1914 The Seniors News Senior Concert 
May 15, 1914 Sports Record Athletics 
May 15, 1914 Housecleaning of Phil Record Philalethean 
May 15, 1914 Record Note Obituary 
May 15, 1914 The Beltionian officers News The Beltionians 
May 15, 1914 The volunteers News Student Volunteer Band 
May 15, 1914 The meetings of the Y.W.C.A News Y.W.C.A 
May 15, 1914 Miss Bonnie Crawford News The Mission Study Class 
May 15, 1914 In Ael Record The Aelioians 
May 15, 1914 Meetings of the Y.M.C.A News Y.M.C.A 
May 15, 1914 The Artists' Course News Orpheus Club Concert 
May 15, 1914 The Freshman girls News Freshman Debate 
May 15, 1914 The Inter-society Short Story Contest News Short Story Contest 
May 15, 1914 The oration News Oratorical Contest 
May 15, 1914 Miss Ethel Rattray News Local Notes 
May 15, 1914 Record Notes Topography Of The Faculty 
May 15, 1914 Record Notes Alumni Notes 
May 15, 1914 Record Editorial Exchanges 
June 15, 1914 Mota Column What Shall We Do About Athletics? 
June 15, 1914 Review of the season Sports Basket Ball 
June 15, 1914 Record Sports College Team 
June 15, 1914 The interest in girls' basketball Sports Girl's Basket Ball 
June 15, 1914 The baseball team Sports Baseball 
June 15, 1914 E. Jones Sports Football 
June 15, 1914 Tennis is more popular than ever Sports Tennis 
June 15, 1914 Track athletics Sports Track 
June 15, 1914 H. Wagner Column Editorial 
June 15, 1914 Wheaton lost to Aurora Sports Team Loses First Home Game 
June 15, 1914 Wheaton crossed bats Sports Overtime Game To DeKalb 
June 15, 1914 The College nine lost  Sports Close Game To Lewis 
June 15, 1914 The last regular meeting News Excelsiors And Friends Banquet 
June 15, 1914 The Aels News Aels 
June 15, 1914 From the Co-eds Sports Hits From Off The Bat 
June 15, 1914 Adelaide Hurst Column Junior Picnic 
June 15, 1914 The honorable class of 1916 Notes Sophomores' Bequest To Freshies 
June 15, 1914 Mrs. Homer Hoisington and son News Locals 
July 15, 1914 Raymond Myers Story The Story Of A Boy 
July 15, 1914 The last issue Editorial Editorial 
July 15, 1914 Commencement week News Union Meeting Of Literary Societies 
July 15, 1914 The recital Record Recital By Conservatory Of Music 
July 15, 1914 Short Story Contest Story Althea 
July 15, 1914 The service Sunday morning News Baccalaureate Service 
July 15, 1914 The graduating exercises News Academy Graduation 
July 15, 1914 The third annual banquet News Academy Banquet 
July 15, 1914 The college alumni News Alumni Banquet 
July 15, 1914 A large crowd to be present News Commencement Day 
July 15, 1914 Inter-society track meet News Belt Celt Dual Meet 
May 15, 1915 Emerson said Record America's Opportunity 
May 15, 1915 Record Editorial Poet's Association of Wheaton College 
May 15, 1915 Record Editorial Editorial 
May 15, 1915 Record Announcement Attention 
May 15, 1915 Record Notes Exchanges 
May 15, 1915 Record Notes Between Classes 
May 15, 1915 Record Editorial Campus Classes 
May 15, 1915 Boost for a Greater Wheaton Notes Red Castle 
May 15, 1915 Myrth College News Junior Entertain Seniors 
May 15, 1915 June Opening Meeting Information Beltionian Notes 
May 15, 1915 Mrs Squirres News Aelioian 
May 15, 1915 Mrs Wakeley & Prof Straw News Phil Notes 
May 15, 1915 Annual Banquet Information Excelsior Notes 
May 15, 1915 Last Meeting of the Year News Y.W.C.A. 
May 15, 1915 Record Editorial Helpful Suggestions to Those Attending Socials 
May 15, 1915 Baseball Sports Baseball 
May 15, 1915 Interclass Sports Track 
May 15, 1915 Spring Time Sports Tennis 
May 15, 1915 Record Poem Reverie at Even 
May 15, 1915 Record Editorial Editorial 
May 15, 1915 Alumni Editor Column Alumni 
May 15, 1915 After Napoloeon's Farewell Poem Farewell/ To Professors H.H. Helmick, Peter Luteyn, Marguerite Dresser and Nelle M. Bibbins 
May 15, 1915 Record Notes The Faculty 
May 15, 1915 Record Notes Junior Class 
May 15, 1915 Record Notes 1914-Sophomores-1915 
May 15, 1915 Record Notes Freshman Calendar 
May 15, 1915 Record Notes The Academy 
May 15, 1915 G.H.  Column Third Academy Class 
May 15, 1915 J.B.N.  Column Second Academy Class 
May 15, 1915 R.B. Column First Academy Class 
May 15, 1915 Record Editorial Debate 
May 15, 1915 H. Wagner Column Wheaton Gets Second Place In Northern Illinois Intercollegiate League 
May 15, 1915 M. Dresser Column Music Department 
October 15, 1915 Record Editorial Our New Professors 
October 15, 1915 Reception News Phil. Informal 
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