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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
February 1, 1922 Interclass News Frosh Girls and Soph Win Debate Finals 
February 1, 1922 Speical Business Meeting Election News Dorothea Buck is Phil President 
February 1, 1922 Election News Otto Keller is Ministerial Association President 
February 1, 1922 Speaking Engagements News President Returns from Pittsburgh 
February 1, 1922 Chapel Exercises News Arms Conference Resolution Goes to Washington 
February 1, 1922 Plans for Washington Banquet Information Washington Banquet After-Dinner Wits Chosen 
February 1, 1922 Student Opinion on the Disarmament Conference Editorial How the World Regards Us. 
February 1, 1922 Goucher Weekly Fired at Random The Sadder the Fewer 
February 1, 1922 Western Electric News Fired at Random The Weaker Sex 
February 1, 1922 Y.M.C.A. News Y.M. Cabinet Fills Vacancies 
February 1, 1922 Increasing Number of Students News Philosophy Department Grows 
February 1, 1922 Anna E. Sperry Column Slants from a Goose Quill 
February 1, 1922 A.E.S. Slants from a Goose Quill Idle Dreaming 
February 1, 1922 Record Sports 1922 Football Schedule 
February 1, 1922 Record Sports Week-End Basketball Scores 
February 1, 1922 Ada R. Habershon Christian Activities "What is Faith?" 
February 1, 1922 Record Notes Local Happenings 
February 1, 1922 Record Notes Alumnals 
February 1, 1922 Wheaton Academy vs Morgan Park Military Departmental Academy News 
February 1, 1922 Debate Departmental Aelioian 
February 1, 1922 Record Notes Intercollegiate 
February 1, 1922 H.G.E. Column Managers of Glee Clubs and Athletic Teams Take Notice 
February 8, 1922 Record Sports DeKalb Overcomes Woodruff's Fighting Five 
February 8, 1922 Record Editorial Literary Journal to Await More Opulent Years 
February 8, 1922 Interclass news Varsity Debate Teams Picked Soon 
February 8, 1922 Wheaton vs American College of Physical Education News A.C.P.E. Met Last Night. Elgin and Lewis Next 
February 8, 1922 Election News Lit. Society Elections Upset Dope/ Philalethean 
February 8, 1922 Election News Beltionian 
February 8, 1922 Installation of Officers News Excelsior 
February 8, 1922 Record Editorial Ho, Ye Scribes, Get Ye to Your Quils and Ink Pots 
February 8, 1922 Student Council News Committee Appointed to Investigate other Schools 
February 8, 1922 Record Editorial Tower Managers Plead For Your Support 
February 8, 1922 Record Editorial Paul Stough Elected A.A. Treasurer 
February 8, 1922 Varsity Breeze Editorial The Student Lincoln and the Student of Today 
February 8, 1922 Record Editorial A Separate A.A. for Women? 
February 8, 1922 Eddy Torr Fired at Random A Last, Fond, Farewell! 
February 8, 1922 Recital News Excellent Recital Held on Feb 2 
February 8, 1922 Douglass Carvell Column The Middle Way 
February 8, 1922 Anna E. Sperry Column Slants from Goose Quill 
February 8, 1922 Record Notes Sports 
February 8, 1922 Record Christian Activities What Can Satisfy? 
February 8, 1922 War and Inventions Literary Societies Aelioian 
February 8, 1922 Record Notes Alumnals 
February 8, 1922 Record Notes Academy News 
February 8, 1922 Record Notes Intercollegiate 
February 15, 1922 Record Sports Wheaton's Cagers Trim Elgin But Lose to Lewis 13-12/ Play Norwestern College Next Saturday 
February 15, 1922 Concert Information Glee Men Will Sing at Home Next Monday 
February 15, 1922 Record News President Blanchard Spends Full Week in Colorado 
February 15, 1922 Women's Athletic Association Information Proposed Constitution for W.A.A. Goes to Vote Soon 
February 15, 1922 Contest Information Short Story Contest Finals on March 24 
February 15, 1922 Evans' Resignation News Evans Resigns from Excelsior Presidency 
February 15, 1922 Women's Athletics Editorial The W.A.A. 
February 15, 1922 Record Column Fired at Random 
February 15, 1922 Howell G. Evans '22 Slants from a Goose Quill (Anna E. Sperry) O Wonder -- Thy Love to Me 
February 15, 1922 Praetorian Guard Slants from a Goose Quill (Anna E. Sperry) Abraham Lincoln 
February 15, 1922 A.E.S. Slants from a Goose Quill "A Man for the Ages" 
February 15, 1922 Record Christian Activities "Plenty of Time" 
February 15, 1922 Record Notes Academy News 
February 15, 1922 Ada Stearns Column Minutes of Student Council January 16, 1922 
February 22, 1922 Banquet Information Washington Banquet to Shadow Past Triumphs 
February 22, 1922 Record Sports Mt. Morris Wins Again/ Lewis Here Tomorrow 
February 22, 1922 Intercollegiate Debate Information Women Debaters vs Parsons Sat. Night 
February 22, 1922 Concert News Large Audience Hears Glee Men 
February 22, 1922 Wheaton vs Northwestern News Win from Rivals in Season's Fastest Game 
February 22, 1922 Record Editorial To Go or Not to Go? 
February 22, 1922 Record Column Fired at Random 
February 22, 1922 Record Notes Intercollegiate 
February 22, 1922 Elizabeth Cossum, '24 Slants from a Goose Quill (Anna E. Sperry) The Chinaman 
February 22, 1922 Tuesday Night Prayer Meetings Editorial Christian Activities 
February 22, 1922 Northwestern vs Wheaton Sports Sportorial 
February 22, 1922 Mr. Keller Editorial New Religious Editoriship Created 
February 22, 1922 Poetry News Aels Hold Poetry Contest 
February 22, 1922 Orthodox Constitution News Y.M.C.A. Adopts New Constitution 
February 22, 1922 Banquet News Washington Banquet Best in Years/ After-Dinner Wits Make Evening a Mirthful One 
February 22, 1922 Student Academic Performance News Registrar Announcs Final Semester Grades 
February 22, 1922 Wheaton vs Parsons College News Debaters Defeat Parsons College 2-1 
February 22, 1922 Concert Information Girl's Glee Club Will Sing at Chicago Heights 
February 22, 1922 Basketball Sports Cagers Beat Lewis in Overtime Game/ Come Back and Win 16-15 in Return Game 
February 22, 1922 Student Council Committee News Student Council at Work on Point System 
February 22, 1922 LaVerne Noyes News Five La Verne Scholarships Founded for Ex-Service Men and Descendants 
February 22, 1922 National Education Association Conference News Education Students Attend Chicago Conference 
February 22, 1922 Point System Information What the Point System Will Do for Wheaton 
February 22, 1922 Friends Editorial The Happy Habit 
February 22, 1922 Record Notes Fired at Random 
February 22, 1922 Record Notes Alumnals 
February 22, 1922 O. Muireil Fuller '23 Slants from a Goose Quill (Anna E. Sperry) Longing 
February 22, 1922 Committee on Athletics Notes Academy 
February 22, 1922 Record Christian Acitivies Obedience 
February 22, 1922 Record News Local Happenings 
February 22, 1922 Ada Stearns Column Minutes of Student Council February 6, 1922 
February 22, 1922 Record Notes Intecollegiate 
February 22, 1922 Riding Editorial Mysteries Preceed Washington Banquet 
March 8, 1922 Basketball Sports Basketball Season Ends with Four Hard Games 
March 8, 1922 Student Council News Council Passes W.A.A. Constitution 
March 8, 1922 Candidacy for County Superintendent News Prof. Dow Runs for Co. Supt. 
March 8, 1922 Basketball Tournament Sports Girls' Interclass Tourney Opens Next Monday 
March 8, 1922 Concert News Glee Women Entertain at Chicago Heights 
March 8, 1922 Student Council Committee Report "Point System" Will Require Student Love 
March 8, 1922 Y.M.C.A. Cabinet News Refer Petitions for Conflicting Dates to Faculty Committee 
March 8, 1922 Record Editorial Non-Decision Debate Attempted with N.W.C. 
March 8, 1922 Story, Essay, and Poetry Contests News Literary Societies Have a Busy Week End 
March 8, 1922 The Thielensi Column I am Your College 
March 8, 1922 Record Editorial Help Make the Campus Beautiful 
March 8, 1922 "Banquet Partners and Flowers" Editorial In Behalf of Ourselves 
March 8, 1922 Record Notes Fired at Random 
March 8, 1922 D. Carvell, '24 Slants from a Goose Quill (Anna E. Sperry) Maple Leaves 
March 8, 1922 Annie Johnson Flint Christian Activities I Believe God ... 
March 8, 1922 Mrs. Riebe Christian Activities Africa Inland Mission 
March 8, 1922 Record Notes Academy 
March 8, 1922 Job Tillis '23 Column The Irony of Custom 
March 8, 1922 Record Notes Alumnals 
March 8, 1922 Orin Carter '77 News Judge Carter Visits Wheaton 
March 8, 1922 Record Notes Local Happenings 
March 8, 1922 Record Notes Intecollegiate 
March 8, 1922 Women and Editoriship of "Record" and "Tower" Opinion Column Inquisitive Reporter 
March 15, 1922 Record Editorial Christian Activities have Fruitful Year/ Gospel Teams Have Especially Been Active and Well Supported 
March 15, 1922 Phil Short Story Contest News Literary Societies Prepare for Shor Story Finals 
March 15, 1922 H.G. Evans Column Basket Ball Team Development Was Sure/ Coach Woodruff Deserves Great Credit for Final Showing of Squad 
March 15, 1922 Lecture on Evolution News President and Prof. Bole Give Lectures on Evolution/ Stereopticon Slides add Much to Interesting Addresses 
March 15, 1922 Baseball Sports Academy Defeats North Park College 30-28 
March 15, 1922 Baseball Sports Claude Thomas Elected to Captain Baseball Squad 
March 15, 1922 W.A.A. Election News Jean Lutz Elected First W.A.A. President 
March 15, 1922 Record Editorial Basketball Season 
March 15, 1922 Girls Interclass Tournament News First Trials Satisfactory 
March 15, 1922 Record Editorial Honor the Cheer Leaders 
March 15, 1922 Record Notes Fired at Random 
March 15, 1922 Record Notes Intercollegiate 
March 15, 1922 J.L. Tillis Slants from a Goose Quill (Anna E. Sperry) Success 
March 15, 1922 H.G.E. Slants from a Goose Quill (Anna E. Sperry) Hope 
March 15, 1922 Record Notes Local Happenings 
March 15, 1922 Intramurals Sports Chinamen Defeat Red Heads 
March 15, 1922 Lit Society Presidency and the "Point" System Opinion Column Inquisitive Reporter 
March 15, 1922 Record Notes Alumnals 
March 22, 1922 Basketball Sports Belts Defeat Celts in Annual Classic 
March 22, 1922 Student Council News Y.M.C.A. Constitution Accepted 
March 22, 1922 Evolution, Zoology and Geology Classes News Prof. Bole's Classes Visit Field Museum 
March 22, 1922 Y.M.C.A. Officers-Elect News Cabinets are Chosen for Coming Year 
March 22, 1922 Prof Rice's Debating Teams Information Academy Will Debate Pleasant View College 
March 22, 1922 St Patrick's Day News Novelty Features in Week End Society Programs 
March 22, 1922 Student Council News Point System Adopted By Council 
March 22, 1922 Basket Ball Tournament Sports Frosh Lead Girls in Basketball Tourney 
March 22, 1922 Literary Societies News All Societies Ready for Shor Story Finals 
March 22, 1922 Basket Ball Sports Seven Men Win "Ws" Ten Win Numerals 
March 22, 1922 W.A.A. Report Sports W.A.A. Apportions Points for Teams and Sports 
March 22, 1922 Record Editorial Orthodoxy to Arms 
March 22, 1922 Record Column Fired at Random 
March 22, 1922 Douglass Carvell '24 Slants from a Goose Quill (Anna E. Sperry) Love 
March 22, 1922 An Inquirer Slants from a Goose Quill (Anna E. Sperry) Truth and Poetry 
March 22, 1922 G. Holt Steck Academy The Academy Five 
March 22, 1922 Record Academy Intercollegiate 
March 22, 1922 Record The Student Preacher Feelings 
March 22, 1922 Place of Y.W.C.A. in Wheaton College Opinion Column Inquisitive Reporter 
March 22, 1922 Record Notes Local Happenings 
March 22, 1922 Record Notes Intercollegiate 
March 22, 1922 Frances Paul Column Minutes of Student Council 
March 29, 1922 Story Contest Information Northwest'rn Judges Short Story Finals/ Colse Contest Anticipated by Music Conservatory 
March 29, 1922 Point System News Faculty Rejects Original Point System/ Say it was Too Lax; Council Presents Another 
March 29, 1922 Baseball Sports 25 Men Infected with Baseball Fever 
March 29, 1922 Lit Societies News All Literary Societies Work Diligently 
March 29, 1922 John Reid Shannon Column A Thot For You 
March 29, 1922 Soldier's Bonus Bill Information Debaters Meet Milton College April 11 
March 29, 1922 Basketball Sports Freshettes Win Girtl' Basketball Tournament/ Defeat All Classes. Sophs are Runers-Up 
March 29, 1922 Student Council News New Record Staff Headed By Thomas/ Remainder of Staff will be Elected at Next Session 
March 29, 1922 Stunt Day News Council Decrees an Orderly April First/ No Lawlessness or Fancy Costumes Till 1 P.M. 
March 29, 1922 Record Editorial A Senior's Musings 
March 29, 1922 Record Editorial Bryan and Evolution 
March 29, 1922 Record Editorial Pep Up the Y.W.! 
March 29, 1922 Record Column Fired at Random 
March 29, 1922 Kittie Mackenzie '24 Slants from a Goose Quill (Anna E. Sperry) A College Legend 
March 29, 1922 Record Academy Academy Debate at Pleasant View College 
March 29, 1922 Record Student Preacher Do Thou for Me 
March 29, 1922 Tenure of Student Council Members Opinion Column Inquisitive Reporter 
March 29, 1922 Ada Stearns Column Minutes of Student Council Meetings of March t, 1922 
March 29, 1922 Record Notes Intercollegiate 
March 29, 1922 Record News Local Happenings 
March 29, 1922 Record Notes Alumnals 
April 5, 1922 Florence Massey News Story Contest Won by Florence Massey 
April 5, 1922 Holt Steck Sports Positions Filled by Council 
April 5, 1922 Baseball Sports Classes Elect Baseball Captains 
April 5, 1922 New Record Staff News Record Goes to New Staff Next Issue 
April 5, 1922 Baseball Sports Baseball Squad Hard Hit by Poor Weather 
April 5, 1922 President Blanchard Column National Leaders Favor Wheaton 
April 5, 1922 Student Council News Closer Alumni Organization Planned 
April 5, 1922 Basketball Sports Phils Defeat Aels in Return Game 
April 5, 1922 Record Editorial "Don't Laugh at Victims of Spring and Dan Cupid," Says Prof. Rice 
April 5, 1922 Record Editorial Adieu! 
April 5, 1922 Record Column Fired at Random 
April 5, 1922 Record Fired at Random What's in a Name? Just Look! 
April 5, 1922 Modest Student Subscriber Slants from a Goose Quill (Anna E. Sperry) Song 
April 5, 1922 O.M.F. '23 Slants from a Goose Quill (Anna E. Sperry) Spring Song 
April 5, 1922 Annabelle McLeod '24 Slants from a Goose Quill (Anna E. Sperry) My Prayer 
April 5, 1922 Record The Student Preacher Perhaps To-Day 
April 5, 1922 Basketball Sports Fresh Men Entertain Girls' Basketball Team 
April 5, 1922 Record News Local Happenings 
April 5, 1922 Record Column W.A.A. Hiking Rules 
April 5, 1922 The Year's Annual News The "Tower" Goes to Press 
April 5, 1922 "Beauty Contest" Question Opinion Column Inquisitive Reporter 
April 5, 1922 Record Notes Alumnals 
April 26, 1922 Record Sports College Drops First Game; Academy Wins 
April 26, 1922 Wheaton vs Milton College News Debaters Defeat Milton College 2 t0 1 
April 26, 1922 Record  News Banquet Inaugurates New Record Staff 
April 26, 1922 Captain Ludgate Sports Grid Men Commence Spring Training 
April 26, 1922 William Jennings Bryan News W.J. Bryan Visits Wheaton/ Speaks to Large Crowd on "The World's Greatest Need" 
April 26, 1922 Address on Dante News Dr. Rowell Lectures on Dante's Works 
April 26, 1922 Basketball Sports Coray Reelected Basketball Captain 
April 26, 1922 Record Editorial Progress 
April 26, 1922 "Billy" Whitaker News Vacation House-Party 
April 26, 1922 Record Campus Christianity The Next Thing 
April 26, 1922 Annual Banquet News Tigers Celebrate with Banquet 
April 26, 1922 Kittie L. Mackenzie '24 Slants from a Goose Quill (O. Muiriel Fuller) Beauty 
April 26, 1922 Record News Local Happenings 
April 26, 1922 Record Editorial A Little Speed, Please!!! 
April 26, 1922 Record Notes Intercollegiate 
May 3, 1922 Students "Celebrate" Campus Day News Campus Improvement Day Success 
May 3, 1922 Rev. John D. Nutting Editorial Mormonism Exposed by Dr. Nutting 
May 3, 1922 Record Sports Support Needed in Coming Ball Games 
May 3, 1922 Home Concert Information Girls' Glee Club to Give Second Concert 
May 3, 1922 Library Information Library Notes 
May 3, 1922 Record Sports Two Runs in Eight Put an End to Stirring Pitchers Battle 
May 3, 1922 Tennis  Sports Concordia Beaten in Tennis Tourney 
May 3, 1922 Preparation for Open Meeting Information Literary Societies 
May 3, 1922 Record Editorial Christianity - What is it? 
May 3, 1922 Record Campus Christianity "Victory" 
May 3, 1922 Paul E. Adolph '23 Slants from a Goose Quill (O. Muiriel Fuller) Human Limitations 
May 3, 1922 Record News Locals and Squibs 
May 3, 1922 Record Notes Intecollegiate 
May 3, 1922 Record Column China Needs men 
May 3, 1922 Record Column The Pttsford Dry Goods Co. Wheaton, IL 
May 3, 1922 Record Notes Alumnals 
May 10, 1922 Professor Smith Information New Discussion Club is Well Under Way 
May 10, 1922 Increased Attendance News Y.W.C.A. is now Live Organization 
May 10, 1922 Wheaton vs Valparaiso Sports Extra - Valparaiso Beats Wheaton/ Lose to DeKalb in Overtime Battle --- Whitewashed by Valparaiso in Loose Game Yesterday 
May 10, 1922 Conservatory of Music Information Artist's Concert Tomorrow Night 
May 10, 1922 "Oratory" Society Notes Beltionian 
May 10, 1922 Conference Work News President Returns 
May 10, 1922 Academy vs North Park Sports Academy Loses 27-14 
May 10, 1922 Home Concert News Girls' Glee Club in Year's Final Concert/ Final Appearance of Miss Rippe as Director 
May 10, 1922 Intercollegiate Oratorical Contest News Wheaton is Represented in Aurora 
May 10, 1922 Belts vs Celts Sports Horse Shoe Tournament 
May 10, 1922 Record Editorial "The Moral Sag" 
May 10, 1922 Annie Johnson Flint Campus Christianity The Three Prayers 
May 10, 1922 Record Notes Campus Christianity 
May 10, 1922 Record  Column Well, What of it? 
May 10, 1922 A.E. Sperry Slants from a Goose Quill (O. Muiriel Fuller) Mother 
May 10, 1922 O. Muiriel Fuller Slants from a Goose Quill The Story of a Soul 
May 10, 1922 Record Notes Alumnals 
May 10, 1922 Record Intercollegiate Wheatonites Please 
May 10, 1922 Record Intercollegiate At the Baseball Game 
May 10, 1922 Record News Locals and Squiblets 
May 17, 1922 Wheaton vs Crane Sports Wheaton Wins from Crane 7-5/ Opposing Pitcher is Wild and Result is Victory for Wheaton 
May 17, 1922 Academy vs Alumni Sports Academy Wallops Alumni 9-8 
May 17, 1922 Tennis Sports Win and Lose at Tennis 
May 17, 1922 Wheaton Oratorio Society Information Second Oratorio to Be Given Monday Night 
May 17, 1922 Miss Cobb's Expression Classes Information Expression Recital 
May 17, 1922 Y.W. Girls News Y.W.C.A. Meetings Proving Popular 
May 17, 1922 Artist's Recital News Artist's Recital is Approved by Audience 
May 17, 1922 College Botany Class News Landscape Gardening 
May 17, 1922 Record Editorial Eventful Year Closes for Student Council 
May 17, 1922 A.J.S. '24 Column Profitableness 
May 17, 1922 Record Campus Christianity Love 
May 17, 1922 Record Notes Well, What of It? 
May 17, 1922 Arnold Pent '22 Slants from a Goose Quill (O. Muiriel Fuller) In the Secret of His Presence 
May 17, 1922 William Jones '25 Slants from a Goose Quill (O. Muiriel Fuller) The Violet 
May 17, 1922 Record Column Library Notes 
May 17, 1922 Record News Local Happenings 
May 17, 1922 Record Notes Alumnals 
June 7, 1922 Class of '22 News Senior Class Endows Library with Gift 
June 7, 1922 Missionary Conference News Christian Alliance Conference at Wheaton 
June 7, 1922 Musical News Men's Glee Club Concert 
June 7, 1922 Lit Societies News Various Society Banquets Crown the Social Season/ Celts Celebrate Fiftieth Anniversary. Belt Banquet Most Successful in Years 
June 7, 1922 Record Sports Net Teams are Active in Past Few Weeks 
June 7, 1922 Wheaton vs DeKalb Sports Team Splits Even in Last Two Games 
June 7, 1922 Record Sports Game Goes to Northwestern 11-1 
June 7, 1922 Record Editorial Parting of Thoughts 
June 7, 1922 Record Editorial "Consistency" 
June 7, 1922 The Kings' Business Column Campus Christianity 
June 7, 1922 Record Column Well, What of it? 
June 7, 1922 Elizabeth M. Evans, '22 Slants from a Goose Quill (O. Muiriel Fuller) Uncle Sam 
June 7, 1922 Record Notes Intercollegiate 
June 7, 1922 Record Column Alumni Notes 
June 7, 1922 Record News Locals 
June 14, 1922 Record Editorial Dr. Munhall Gives Baccalaureate Sermon 
June 14, 1922 Season Review Editorial 1922 Baseball Season Passes into History 
June 14, 1922 Award for Athletics News Weston McGill Gets First Fletcher Medal 
June 14, 1922 Class Day News Class Day Exercises Held on the Campus/ Seniors in Chapel 
June 14, 1922 Class of '22 Graduates News Academy Graduates Large Senior Class/ Hold Banquet in Evening 
June 14, 1922 Record Editorial A Farewell Message 
June 14, 1922 H.G.E. Column Farewell Message from Senior Class President 
June 14, 1922 Record Campus Christianity Some Questions for All of US 
June 14, 1922 Anna E. Sperry '22  Slants from a Goose Quill (O. Muiriel Fuller) A Sonnet Temptation 
June 14, 1922 H.S. Hill '22 Slants from a Goose Quill (O. Muiriel Fuller) Service 
June 14, 1922 Value of Literarary Societies Proven Editorial Debate is Feature of Last Open Meeting 
June 14, 1922 Record Notes Bible Thoughts for This Week 
September 19, 1928 Prof. Walter E. Nydegger News Professor Nydegger is Victim of Overwork; Stricken on Train 
September 19, 1928 Pilots of "Class Ships" News John Corbin to Direct Seniors; Other Heads Elected by Classes 
September 19, 1928 College Straw Vote News Ballot 
September 19, 1928 Largest Enrollment in History Recorded News 493 Students are Now Enrolled in College 
September 19, 1928 November Presidential Election Information 900,000 Collegians in United States to Use Straw Vote/ Wheaton Has a Chance 
September 19, 1928 Record Editorial Wheaton 
September 19, 1928 Record Editorial Professor Nydegger Dead 
September 19, 1928 Record Editorial Vacation Ends 
September 19, 1928 J. Oliver Buswell Column Dear Friends 
September 19, 1928 Record Editorial College Doors Swing Out 
September 19, 1928 Record Notes Chapel Chimes 
September 19, 1928 Record Notes Academy News 
September 19, 1928 Record Notes Alumni News 
September 19, 1928 Dr. H.C. Wayman News Des Moines U. Has New President 
September 19, 1928 Record Through the Windows of the World Know Illinois 
September 19, 1928 First Meeting News Boethalian 
September 19, 1928 New Staff News Philalethean 
September 19, 1928 Election of Officers News Aristonian 
September 19, 1928 After a Summer Separation News Aelioian 
September 19, 1928 Informal Information Excelsior 
September 19, 1928 Uncle Zeek Unkie Doodles Dear nefew and neices 
September 19, 1928 Record Notes Grad Glimpses 
September 19, 1928 Helen Hunt Jackson Ships Asail September 
September 19, 1928 Edward Bliss Reed Ships Asail September 
September 19, 1928 Robert Louis Stevenson Ships Asail Autumn Fires 
September 19, 1928 Football Sports Competition Adds Zest to Practice of Pigskin Toters 
September 19, 1928 Jack Column Retrospect --- Prospect 
September 19, 1928 W.C. '32 Column Cocky Frosh Show Pep Covet Varsity Berths 
September 19, 1928 Record Editorial What is School Spirit? 
September 19, 1928 Cross-Country Sports Cross-Country Men to Face 4-Meet Schedule 
September 19, 1928 Record Notes Faculty Changes 
September 19, 1928 Annual Reception Information All-School Reception Held Tomorrow Night 
September 19, 1928 Paul Turner Column New Men Given "Hot Hand: Annual Y. Stag 
September 26, 1928 Informal News Phils and Celts Open Series of Informals/ Chance for New Folks to Observe Procedure of Literary Meeting 
September 26, 1928 Student Enrollment News Enrollment Nears Mark Set as Limit/ Students Coming From Foreign Countries 
September 26, 1928 William DeWitt Hyde, Harvard, '79 Column The Offer of the College 
September 26, 1928 Glenn Gates Cole Column Receives Degree 
September 26, 1928 Student Council News Council Names VanSlyke Frosh Ch'man Changes on Record 
September 26, 1928 Myrl and "Dick" News Marriage of Myrl and "Dick" Performed Last Saturday 
September 26, 1928 Record Notes Big Enrollment Year 
September 26, 1928 Evangelistic Services News Mr. Purkiss Again Will Speak and Hold Interviews/ Organizer of Prayer Groups Returns for Third Time 
September 26, 1928 College Church Christian Endeavor Information Size of Opening Young People's Meetings Requires New Plans 
September 26, 1928 Record Bound Copies News 1926-'27 Bound Copies Ready 
September 26, 1928 Record Editorial The Call of the Wild 
September 26, 1928 Record Column Mr. Purkiss 
September 26, 1928 Record Editorial Crooks 
September 26, 1928 Record Editorial Father Knows 
September 26, 1928 Record Editorial Bulletin Boards Again 
September 26, 1928 The Greatest Revolution Column Fluctuating Folks 
September 26, 1928 Record Notes Chapel Chimes 
September 26, 1928 Herbert Hoover Column An Office Boy 
September 26, 1928 Jack in the Pulpit Column We all Know 
September 26, 1928 A.F. Purkiss Column Communication 
September 26, 1928 Campusly Column Communication/ Campus - Community Playground? 
September 26, 1928 Henry W. Longfellow Ships Asail The magic of the Sea Road 
September 26, 1928 John Masefield Ships Asail Sea Fever 
September 26, 1928 Gordon Hillman Ships Asail Sailing Directions 
September 26, 1928 Christopher Pearse Cranch Ships Asail The Pines and the Sea 
September 26, 1928 Around a Roaring Bon-Fire News Phils --- Hostesses at Open Gate Tea Room 
September 26, 1928 Helen Zwiers Column Boethallian 
September 26, 1928 Paul Turner  Column Aristonian 
September 26, 1928 S.W. Paine Column Beltionian 
September 26, 1928 Winona Ingles Column Aelioian 
September 26, 1928 Margaret Dodd Column Academy News 
September 26, 1928 Record Editorial First Evening in London 
September 26, 1928 Record Notes Grad Glimpses 
September 26, 1928 Bazaars of Constantinople Through the Windows of the World Constantinople 
September 26, 1928 Paul Turner Column Behold! All Things Have Become New 
September 26, 1928 Mrs. Gordon MacKenzie Information Women's Glee Club New Officers Now Set for Work 
September 26, 1928 Record Sports Seaon Opener to Test Mettle of Orangemen 
September 26, 1928 Record Sports Training Glimpses 
September 26, 1928 D.A. Staw, '81 Sports How We Played It 
September 26, 1928 Annual Frolic News Saturday -- Frolic For New Girls and Athletic Friends 
September 26, 1928 Clarence W. Jones Sports One-Legged Coach Who Served at Wheaton Has U. of Georgian Work 
September 26, 1928 Uncle Zeek Column Unkie Doodles 
September 26, 1928 College Women Board News All-College Reception Continues Annual Fall Custom 
September 26, 1928 Baptist Students News Baptist Folks Open Doors to Students Old and New 
October 3, 1928 Informals News Aels and Belts Show Ability at Informals 
October 3, 1928 Arthur Scouten News Scouten Heads Society of Students Born in Foreign Lands 
October 3, 1928 Bound Copies of the Record Information Alumni, Readers, Have Opportunity to Buy 1926-'27 Records 
October 3, 1928 Fire Out Break News Fire Breaks Out in the Main Building Late Monday Evening 
October 3, 1928 Prof. Moule News Council for Promotion of Athletics Now Being Organized 
October 3, 1928 Chuck MacAskill Column Orangemen Crush Aurora in Opener, 31-0/ Crusaders Have Edge During Entire Game 
October 3, 1928 Della Dreher Column Mr. Purkiss Stresses Joys of the Wholly Surrendered Life 
October 3, 1928 Charles Lindberg Editorial Up 
October 3, 1928 Record Editorial The Student Council 
October 3, 1928 Record Column Heresy? 
October 3, 1928 Record Column Now and Then 
October 3, 1928 Laureata Spirit News The Band Boys 
October 3, 1928 Jack in the Pulpit Column There is at Least One 
October 3, 1928 Record Column Horseradish 
October 3, 1928 Record Notes Jokes 
October 3, 1928 Orlin R. Kohli Column Suggestions for Being Photographed 
October 3, 1928 Nancy Lanier, '32 Ships Asail My Grandfather 
October 3, 1928 Correspondent Column Excelsior 
October 3, 1928 Missionary to China News Leroy C. Marving 
October 3, 1928 Margaret Dodd Column Academy News 
October 3, 1928 Record Notes Personals 
October 3, 1928 Paul Turner Column Aristonian 
October 3, 1928 General Electric Company Column Electricity Opens a New Era of Ocean Travel 
October 3, 1928 Victor Gustafson Sports Gustafson Gaduate of Local High and Grid Captain at N.U. 
October 3, 1928 Cross Country Sports Cross Country Men Work 
October 3, 1928 Junior Varsity vs Elgin Academy News All-Americans Are Overwhelmed by Elgin Academy 
October 3, 1928 Orangemen vs Elmhurst Sports Coraymen Tackle Elmhurst There Sat. 
October 3, 1928 Herman Landes Column First Pep Meeting is Broadcased on Friday Night Air 
October 3, 1928 Percy Column High Power Vest Helps to Win Game --- Maybe 
October 3, 1928 Helen Zwiers Column Boethallian 
October 3, 1928 Catherine Hurlburt Column Philalethean 
October 3, 1928 Dorothty Bixby and Irma Morrison News Y.W. Planes Off 
October 10, 1928 Semester Climax Information Two Hour Exams Go into Effect this Semester 
October 10, 1928 Football and Basketball Sports Fighters in Limelight Will Be Backed by Shouters on Benches 
October 10, 1928 "College Community Sings" Information Song Fests, Prospect 
October 10, 1928 Wedding Solemnization News Kraft -- Barndollar Wedding Performed at Ft. Wayne Friday 
October 10, 1928 Edith Chamberlain Column Hot Dogs, Popcorn and Chewing Gum for Sale Here 
October 10, 1928 Flag Rush News Donors, Faculty Object to Flag Rush so Sophs and Frosh Acquiesce 
October 10, 1928 William Thomas and Earl Helfrick News Wheaton Song Book 
October 10, 1928 Greek Students News Professor Smith Once Co-editor of Paper with Dr. J.W. White 
October 10, 1928 Handel's Oratorio "Messiah" News "Messiah" to Be Given in December 
October 10, 1928 Record Notes Grad Glimpses 
October 10, 1928 Della Dreher Column Dozens Find New Life in Purkiss Meetings/ Many Step Out in New Surrender Sunday Night 
October 10, 1928 Edna Asher Information Bixby Plane Ahead in Y.W. Membership Drive 
October 10, 1928 Class of '29 News Seniors Propose Four-Year Ring Contract 
October 10, 1928 Record Editorial Christopher Columbus 
October 10, 1928 Record Editorial Who's Excited? 
October 10, 1928 Dr. Purkiss News Prayer Groups 
October 10, 1928 Mabel Driscoll Column Stop Thief! 
October 10, 1928 Record Notes Chapel Chimes 
October 10, 1928 Record Editorial Some Folks 
October 10, 1928 Record Notes Jokes 
October 10, 1928 Tower Photographers Communication "Photographs Live Forever" 
October 10, 1928 Bliss Carman Ships Asail A Vagabond Song 
October 10, 1928 Helen Hunt Jackson Ships Asail October's Bright Blue Weather 
October 10, 1928 Winona Ingles Column Aelioian 
October 10, 1928 Informal Information Aristonian 
October 10, 1928 Birth of a Baby Daughter News New Arrival 
October 10, 1928 Gerard Kok Academy News (margaret Dodd) Student Committee Reorganized 
October 10, 1928 Meeting of Lit Societies Academy News Literary Societies Meet 
October 10, 1928 Glee Club Officers News Glee Club Elects 
October 10, 1928 Record  Notes Alumni News 
October 10, 1928 Stephen Paine Column Beltionian 
October 10, 1928 Catherine Hurlburt Column Philalethean 
October 10, 1928 Helen Zwiers Column Boethallian 
October 10, 1928 William Thomas Column Excelsior 
October 10, 1928 Cross Country Sports Harriers Show Form in Practice Meet with Naperville 
October 10, 1928 Uncle Zeek Unkie Doodles Dear Nefews and Neices 
October 10, 1928 Record Editorial Eureka! I've Found It 
October 10, 1928 Record Sports Junior Varsity Falls Before Concordia 
October 10, 1928 Record News Hunter with One Shot Bags 6 Quail, 1 Deer 
October 10, 1928 Football Sports Thistlethwaite Has Red Grange's No. 77 
October 10, 1928 Chuck MacAskill Column Elmhurst Defeats Orange Gridmen 19-0/ Line's Inability Makes Backfield Play Hurriedly 
October 10, 1928 Ralph Corbin  Beyond the Blue The King's Guards 
October 17, 1928 "Autumn Feast" News Informal Series Concluded by Bows and Arrows 
October 17, 1928 Illinois Inter-Collegiate Debate League News Debaters Meet at Bradley to Make Plans for Year 
October 17, 1928 Russell Wright News Former Student Has Motorcycle Accident 
October 17, 1928 Class of '32 News Frosh Girls Run Things 
October 17, 1928 Dr. William P. White News Nationally Recognized Leader Visits Campus 
October 17, 1928 Annual Freshan Hike News Frosh Revive Hiking Lust; Other Classes Journey Same Week 
October 17, 1928 University of Chicago News Wheaton Instructors Commute to University 
October 17, 1928 Evangeline Payne Column Homecoming Day Draws Near. Weekend Program Prepared. 
October 17, 1928 Student Volunteers News Wheaton Folks Assist on Chicago Program 
October 17, 1928 Rev and Mrs. Newberry Cox Information Missionary Reception 
October 17, 1928 Professor Cole News Gavel from Historic Jamestown Given to Debate Society 
October 17, 1928 Contest At Homecoming Time Information Another Phase of Homecoming 
October 17, 1928 Des Moines University Information Former Belt Assis in Formation of Literary Society at Des Moines 
October 17, 1928 D.B.Y. '29 Column Semester Exams 
October 17, 1928 Record Column Education 
October 17, 1928 Record Jack in the Pulpit One Thousand Years from Now What Will It Matter Whether You -  
October 17, 1928 D.E.H. Column Worms and Warbles 
October 17, 1928 Record Notes Jokes 
October 17, 1928 Record Notes Excelsior 
October 17, 1928 Doris E. Brown Ships Asail Robert Frost 
October 17, 1928 William Stanley Braithwaite Ships Asail Sic Vita 
October 17, 1928 Columbus Day Program News Aelioian 
October 17, 1928 Margaret Dodd Column Academy News 
October 17, 1928 Record Notes Grad Glimpses 
October 17, 1928 "Comradeship" News Beltionian 
October 17, 1928 Record  Notes Philalethean 
October 17, 1928 Sport Editor Sports North Central is Most Formidable Foe of Wheaton/ Cardinals Show Power with a Strong Line and Driving Backs 
October 17, 1928 Bill Roper Information How Bill Roper Pics His Princeton Varsity 
October 17, 1928 "Ai" Sports Say Fellows, Get Into Intramural Sports 
October 17, 1928 Record Notes On the Bench 
October 17, 1928 Football Sports Football in the 90's Put on New Basis by Herb Hoover 
October 17, 1928 Jack Sports Eureka Tramples Crusaders in Mud 12-0/ "Banjo" Playing Enthuses Victors at Homecoming 
October 17, 1928 Ralph Corbin Beyond the Blue Fleet Street 
October 17, 1928 Record Information Piano Recital, Monday 
October 24, 1928 Chapel Census News Baptists Lead in Number Here; 106 Presbyterians/ 27 Different Groups Are Represented in Denominational Census 
October 24, 1928 Flag Rush at Homecoming News Flag Rush Scheduled Sophomores Vote to Erect Pole 
October 24, 1928 Louise Truesdell Column C.E. Folks and Friends Frolic in Hallowe'en Setting Saturday 
October 24, 1928 Willis Bradley News Nyackers Meet, Sing and Talk; Bradley Elected President of Group 
October 24, 1928 Christian Endeavor  Information First Mass Meeting of Year is Scheduled Sunday Night 
October 24, 1928 Record Editorial 100 Students Meeting Each Week for Prayer in Individual Groups 
October 24, 1928 Economic Welfare of Students Information Living Conditions of Students Being Studied 
October 24, 1928 Harry Miller, '28 Information Miller Gives Address to Volunteers - Leaving for Africa 
October 24, 1928 John Corbin Column Program of Sixth Annual Homecoming Begins Friday/ Promises of Best Time Ever Given for the Weekend 
October 24, 1928 Funeral News Albert Hydenburk Dead 
October 24, 1928 Football Information Drake Homecoming Game to Be at Night 
October 24, 1928 Record Editorial Coming Home 
October 24, 1928 W.J.L. '31 Column Co-operation 
October 24, 1928 Precord Editorial President 
October 24, 1928 Record Editorial Electricity and College 
October 24, 1928 Record Notes Chapel Chimes 
October 24, 1928 Fisher Formen Colum Hello Friend 
October 24, 1928 Record Notes Jokes 
October 24, 1928 Exchange Notes A Calendar Romance 
October 24, 1928 Harry Stam, '24 Ships Asail Possession 
October 24, 1928 Frances Paul, '23 Ships Asail Sail East, Sail West 
October 24, 1928 Margaret Mortenson Ships Asail Traditions of Wheaton 
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