Index to the Record, 1921 (March)-1922 (February)

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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
March 23rd, 1921 Record Editorial Porposed Constitution of the Student Council 
March 23rd, 1921 Short Story Contest News Belt-Ael Victorious in Short Story Contest/ Phil Has Third Place - Close Contest 
March 23rd, 1921 Record Poem Ode to the Ladies 
March 23rd, 1921 Record News Academy Breezes 
March 23rd, 1921 Record News Local Happenings 
March 23rd, 1921 Miss Blaine Information Y.W.C.A. 
March 23rd, 1921 A Phil Alumna Column Juniora's Building 
March 23rd, 1921 Record Sports Call for Baseball Men 
March 23rd, 1921 Exchange Editorial Three Things 
March 23rd, 1921 Shakespeare Meeting News Aels Have Shakespearean Program 
March 23rd, 1921 "Friday Afternoon at the Rush Creek School." News "Country School" at Phils 
March 23rd, 1921 Pres. Blanchard Presides at Belt Meeting News Grandpa Belts Hold Homecoming 
March 23rd, 1921 Richmond Gives Spinning Wheel Demonstration News "Ye Old Times" Featured By Excelsior Society 
March 30th, 1921 Proceeds to the "Tower" Information Girls Glee Club in Final Concert 
March 30th, 1921 Room Shortage to be Relieved News College Authorities Purchase Property 
March 30th, 1921 Record Announcement Attention!! 
March 30th, 1921 Christian and Missionary Alliance News Over $ 2,000 Raised For Missions 
March 30th, 1921 Record Notes Contemporaneous Collegiate Press 
March 30th, 1921 Colgate Maroon Column College Idleness 
March 30th, 1921 Mass Meeting Adopts Committee Suggestions News Plans For April Fool Hobo Parade Submitted 
March 30th, 1921 Record Editorial The Student Council Constitutions 
March 30th, 1921 Record News Local Happenings 
March 30th, 1921 Record Notes Exchanges 
March 30th, 1921 General Electric Company Column Who Was Moseley? 
March 30th, 1921 Daily Impressions Given By College Students Editorial Positive or Negative? 
March 30th, 1921 Record Editorial You Have Written Poems 
April 6th, 1921 Florence Murray Column The Big Famine 
April 6th, 1921 Record Editorial A Message From Tehchow 
April 6th, 1921 Record Editorial Rev. Leonard J. Larson, '20 
April 6th, 1921 Record Editorial Miss Ethel Foust, '19 
April 6th, 1921 Record Editorial Editorial 
April 6th, 1921 Record Editorial Miss Minnie Grage, '19 
April 6th, 1921 Record Editorial Mrs. B.G. Lavastida 
April 6th, 1921 Record Editorial Miss Mabel Steele, '19 
April 6th, 1921 Miss Blaine  Information Y.W.C.A. 
April 6th, 1921 Record Editorial Miss Gertrude E. Kellogg, '14 
April 6th, 1921 Phils Entertained Aels News Phil-Ael Party April First 
April 6th, 1921 Record Editorial President Gets Word From Miss Bonnie Crawford 
April 6th, 1921 Record Editorial Mr. & Mrs. Glenn B. Ogden 
April 6th, 1921 Record Editorial Celts Uphold Aeroplane Mail Service in Hot Debate 
April 6th, 1921 Record Notes C. Vining Elected Captain for Coming Track Meet 
April 6th, 1921 The Modern Spirit News Belts Discuss Modern Poets 
April 20th, 1921 Mr. Philip E. Howard News President of Sunday School Times Co. Here 
April 20th, 1921 Record Notes Pres. Blanchard's Itinerary 
April 20th, 1921 Pneumonia Attack News Coach Gary Improving Rapidly 
April 20th, 1921 Collegiate Sport News Syracuse Adopts Golf 
April 20th, 1921 "Teamwork" News The "Tower" in Hands of Printers  
April 20th, 1921 Money Spent in the US News Luxuries vs Education 
April 20th, 1921 University of Illinois News Preps Fail 
April 20th, 1921 Baseball Sports Season Opens Saturday at Elmhurst 
April 20th, 1921 Universities of Michigan and Mercer Information Student Government in America 
April 20th, 1921 Student Volunteers News Volunteers Attend Annual Banquet in Chicago 
April 20th, 1921 Orient Girls Editorial Missionary Tigers Growl 
April 20th, 1921 A.C.  Editorial What's in it? 
April 20th, 1921 Record News Locals 
April 20th, 1921 Record Editorial Miss Grace E. Davis, '02 
April 20th, 1921 Record Editorial Rev. & Mrs. W.C. Cooper, '06 
April 20th, 1921 Record Editorial Miss Sophia Meebold, '18 
April 20th, 1921 Record Editorial Miss Ethel Mesales, '14 
April 20th, 1921 Record Editorial Miss Louise Meebold, '16 
April 20th, 1921 Record Editorial Mrs. Agnes Meebold Christian, '08 
April 20th, 1921 Record Editorial Mr. Carlos F. Daniels, '19 
April 20th, 1921 Record Editorial "Dave" Newberry, '20, Writes 
April 27th, 1921 Record Note Sophomores and Seniors of Academy 
April 27th, 1921 Student Council Constitution News Belts Ratify Council Constitution 
April 27th, 1921 Election Information Record Board Candidates 
April 27th, 1921 Lt. Brooks Speaks for Near East Relief News Richie Addresses Students 
April 27th, 1921 Plans for Next Year News Y.W.C.A. Council Meeting 
April 27th, 1921 Record Sports Elmhurst Wins First Game 9 to 5 
April 27th, 1921 Wheaton College Annual Information The "Tower" To Have many Pictures/ Final Proof Goes to Printer May 2nd 
April 27th, 1921 State Doubles Championship Information Plan for Intercalss Tennis is Given 
April 27th, 1921 J.E. Robbins Column Common Sense and Justice 
April 27th, 1921 Record Editorial Editorial 
April 27th, 1921 "Isle of Shamrock" News Phils 
April 27th, 1921 A.C. Column Crawl out of Your Skin 
April 27th, 1921 Oratorical Contest News Celts Have Variety Program/ Student Council Constitution Ratified 
April 27th, 1921 Camp Fire Girls Editorial Be Happy 
April 27th, 1921 Record Editorial Academy Pep 
April 27th, 1921 Record News Locals 
April 27th, 1921 S. Halgrimson Column Academy Alumni 
April 27th, 1921 Constitution Amendment News Ministers Reorganize 
April 27th, 1921 Record Note Aels 
April 27th, 1921 Record Note A Slight Difficulty 
May 4th, 1921 Record Sports Wheaton Loses to Y.M.C.A. 
May 4th, 1921 Baseball Sports Baseball Squad has Two Hard Games This Week 
May 4th, 1921 Record Notes Barney Oldfield and Henry Ford Introduced to Celts 
May 4th, 1921 Concert News Gleemen Sing at Summit 
May 4th, 1921 Ezra Devereaux Heads New Cabinet News Y.M. Elects New Officers 
May 4th, 1921 Election News Y.W. Holds Elections 
May 4th, 1921 Minutes Published in Detail News Student Council Holds Its First Session 
May 4th, 1921 Christopher, Evans and Howard News Record Staff Elected For 1921-1922 
May 4th, 1921 "Texas Tales" News Belts Have Busy Session 
May 4th, 1921 Record Editorial Editorial 
May 4th, 1921 Record News Locals 
May 4th, 1921 General Electric Company Column What Makes the Firefly Glow? 
May 4th, 1921 Record Notes Phils Study America's Great Men 
May 4th, 1921 Record Notes Aels 
May 11th, 1921 Lawson Field Match Sports Coach Gary Witnesses Game/ Final Score 9-8 
May 11th, 1921 Election News Student Volunteers Announce Results of Spring Elections/ Stam Elected President 
May 11th, 1921 Concert News Girl's Glee Club sings In Chicago/ Entertain at Moody and 4th Presbyterian Churches 
May 11th, 1921 Memorial Day Information "Lest We Forget" 
May 11th, 1921 Prospects of Overcrowded Quarters News Campaign on for Y.M.C.A. Rooming House/ $1,000 Already Pledged by Students 
May 11th, 1921 Bible Study Classes Information Prof. Bole to Lecture on Evolution/ Four Lectures to be Given Thursday Evenings Beginning May Twelfth 
May 11th, 1921 Thomas and Carlston Star/ Ninth Inning Break Makes Score 11-4 Sports Wheaton Meets Crane and Concordia 
May 11th, 1921 Record Editorial The Record's Platform for a Better Wheaton 
May 11th, 1921 The Dilettante Editorial Editorial Comment 
May 11th, 1921 Anna E. Sperry Column Slants From a Goose Quil 
May 11th, 1921 Record Sports Athletic Squibs 
May 11th, 1921 Record Editorial Informally 
May 11th, 1921 Record News Intercollegiate News 
May 11th, 1921 German and Austrian Clothing News Paper Clothe Exhibited at Washington State College 
May 11th, 1921 Wheaton College Girl Column A Message from the President of the Y.W.C.A. to the Women of Wheaton 
May 11th, 1921 Oratorical League Information Academy Enters into Oratorical Contest 
May 11th, 1921 Record News Local Happenings 
May 18th, 1921 Record News Student Coucil Holds Second Session 
May 18th, 1921 Tennis Championship Sports Tennis Tournament Arouses Much Interest On Campus/ Sophs Win Interclass Tennis 
May 18th, 1921 Fourth Concert News Men's Glee Club Give Home Concert/ First Home Appearance Since 1918 
May 18th, 1921 Party at H.A. Fischer Home News Fresh-Soph Party Big Success/ Merry-Makers Out-Wit Weather Man 
May 18th, 1921 Oratorio Society News Oratorio Holds Joint Rehearsel in Preparation For Concert 
May 18th, 1921 Mrs. A.S. Steele News Marvelous Memory of Child Astonishes Diners at Dormitory 
May 18th, 1921 Entertainment at President Blanchard's Home News Old Record Board Sings Swan Song at Annual Banquet/ New Staff Promises to Keep Faith 
May 18th, 1921 Professor Bole News Darwin's Theory of Evolution Attacked 
May 18th, 1921 Record Editorial Alumni Subscribe Now 
May 18th, 1921 Record Editorial Getting the Big Value 
May 18th, 1921 Record Editorial Unconscious Influence 
May 18th, 1921 Visit to Field Museum at Chicago News Prof. Bole's Classes Take Day Off 
May 18th, 1921 Anna E. Sperry Column Slants From a Goose Quill 
May 18th, 1921 Record Sports Athletic Squibs 
May 18th, 1921 Eddy Torr Column Fired at Random 
May 18th, 1921 Student Constitution Committee Departmental Academy 
May 18th, 1921 Albert Sanders Information Belt Announcement 
May 18th, 1921 Record Departmental Ministerial Association 
May 18th, 1921 Record Departmental Ael Orchestra Created 
May 18th, 1921 Record Deparmental Celts Send Devereaux Post Cards 
May 25th, 1921 Recital News Music Conservatory Graduation Delights Audience/ Recital Considered Best of the Season 
May 25th, 1921 Faculty Team News Faculty Nine Has Stiff Work Out 
May 25th, 1921 Kenneth Hiatt News Presenting Captain Hiatt 
May 25th, 1921 Track Meet Sports Belts Down Celts in Closely Contested Track Meet/ Final Score 64-62 
May 25th, 1921 Record News Stuart R. Murray Memorial Given by Mrs. Helen Taylor/ Achille Leonardi's Famous Painting Presented 
May 25th, 1921 Memory of College Men Information "Lest We Forget" 
May 25th, 1921 Richard Ruddock News Ruddock To Manage Basketball 
May 25th, 1921 Baseball Sports Y Nine Beats Wheaton in a Clean Game/ Orange and Blue Break in Seventh Inning 
May 25th, 1921 The World War Days Editorial They "Went West" For Uncle Sam and You 
May 25th, 1921 Eddy Torr Column Fired at Random 
May 25th, 1921 Hocus Pocus Column Jottings From Hickory Corners 
May 25th, 1921 Anna E. Sperry Slants from a Goose Quill Night (Otto Keller, '24) 
May 25th, 1921 Anna E. Sperry Slants form a Goose Quill Paddy, the Next Best Thing (A Dillettante [Chicago Daily News]) 
May 25th, 1921 Record Editorial Edison's Intelligence Tests are Incomplete 
May 25th, 1921 Record Departmental Phils 
May 25th, 1921 Record Departmental Beltionian 
May 25th, 1921 Elizabeth Evans Departmental Aels 
May 25th, 1921 Excelsior Meeting Departmental Graham Makes Yap Question Clear 
May 25th, 1921 Academy Lines Departmental St. Albans Wins Oratorical Contest 
May 25th, 1921 Membership Basis Departmental Y.W.C.A. 
June 1, 1921 Record News Nineteenth Annual Belt Banquet to be Best Ever/ Distinguished Guests to be Present 
June 1, 1921 Faculty Vs Ministerial Association Sports Theologs Squash Faculty In Wierd Batting Bee/ Prof. Garlough Stars 
June 1, 1921 World War Heroes News Wheaton College Honors Her Heroes/ Memorial Tablet Unveiled in Chapel 
June 1, 1921 Ministerial Association News "Lucky Baldwin" Speaks at Chapel 
June 1, 1921 Annual Information The Tower to be Delivered Soon/ 1922 Staff Dedicates the Issue to Pres. Blanchard 
June 1, 1921 Excelsior Association Information Belts-Celts Lay Final Banquet Plans/ Baptist Church Parlors to Be Scene of Celt Banquet 
June 1, 1921 Special Issue Information Record Staff Plans Alumni Number 
June 1, 1921 Record Sports Orange and Blue Outplyed by Lake Forest. Regain Prestige at DeKalb 
June 1, 1921 Record Editorial Wheatonian Pride 
June 1, 1921 The Dilettantes Editorial Informally 
June 1, 1921 Eddy Torr Column Fired at Random 
June 1, 1921 Anna E. Sperry Slants From a Goose Quill A String of Chinese Preachstones 
June 1, 1921 General Electric company Column What is Research? 
June 1, 1921 Record Departmental Academy Items 
June 1, 1921 Record Departmental E. Murray New Ael President 
June 1, 1921 Senior Phils Departmental Rachel Winsor New Phil President 
June 1, 1921 Record Departmental Letters From Students 
June 1, 1921 Record Departmental Athletic Squibs 
June 8, 1921 Alumni and Students Information Athletes to Banquet in Glen Ellyn/ Reunion Will Likely Be a Permanent Annual Affair 
June 8, 1921 Baseball and Tessis Sports Baseball and Tennis Letters to be Presented 
June 8, 1921 Student Council News New Council Representatives Chosen/ Alice Howard and Edward Coray Represent Frosh and Sophs 
June 8, 1921 Student Council News Eleven Men Win Baseball Letters/ Council to Award Insignia on Recommendation of Coach 
June 8, 1921 Fund for the Y. House Information Y.M. House Committee Rushes Campaign/ Candidates for Rooms Must Report Early 
June 8, 1921 Tennis Sports Tennis Men Swamp Lutherans/ Orange and Blue Lose to Concordia Nine 
June 8, 1921 Excelsior Banquet News Lots of Action at Belt-Celt Banquets/ Societies Set Goal, Toast Past and Future 
June 8, 1921 Record Editorial Till We Meet Again 
June 8, 1921 Eddy Torr Column Fired at Random 
June 8, 1921 Anna E. Sperry Column Slants From a Goose Quill 
June 8, 1921 Record Sports Athletic Squibs 
June 8, 1921 Record Notes Intercollegiate News 
June 8, 1921 Record Notes Barn Bill! 
June 8, 1921 Record Departmental Academy News 
June 8, 1921 A.C. Departmental Day Dreams of a Dilettante 
June 8, 1921 Record Departmental Punnish! 
June 15, 1921 Record News Wheaton's Commencement Most Impressive in History/ Trustees Award Two Honorary Degrees 
June 15, 1921 Record Information Seniors to Present Unique Gift to College/ Pres. Blanchard's Portrait Will Be Painted 
June 15, 1921 Fifty-Second Concert News Closing Conservatory Recital 
June 15, 1921 President Blanchard Speech A Last Word to Students of 1920 and 1921 from the President 
June 15, 1921 Record News Many Novel Stunts Feature Class Day/ 1921 Casts Mantle on 1922 as Final Ceremony 
June 15, 1921 Literary Societies News Open Meeting Success 
June 15, 1921 Arthur Christopherson Editorial Thanks, A Lot, Folks 
June 15, 1921 Ezra Devereaux Column Letter from "Y" President 
June 15, 1921 Annual Reunion News Alumni Association Holds Sixtieth Annual Banquet/ Old-Timers Hold Reunion at Ladies Hall 
June 15, 1921 Record news Tenth Academy Alumni Banquet 
June 15, 1921 Record Notes Many Alumni Visit Campus 
June 15, 1921 Dr. Frank L. Johnson News Wheaton Graduate of '89 Promoted 
June 15, 1921 Lawson Field Games Sports Alumni Lose in Close Ball Game 
June 15, 1921 Record Notes Intercollegiate News 
June 15, 1921 Record Sports Wheaton Men Organize "W" Club 
June 15, 1921 Final Conservatory Recital Information "W's" Awarded by President Nelson 
June 15, 1921 Record Notes Review of Athletics Show Successful Year/ Coray Elected Baseball Captain; Sagar to Head Tennis for 1922 
June 15, 1921 Tennis Sports Wheaton Tennis Men Close Season/ Win From Concordia; Lose To Northwestern 
June 15, 1921 Anna E. Sperry Editorial Slants From a Goose Quill 
June 15, 1921 Eddy Torr Column Fired at Random/ Eddy Torr's Finale 
June 15, 1921 Record Departmental Conservatory 
June 15, 1921 Record Departmental Academy Items 
September 28, 1921 Reception News Celt Informal a Big Success 
September 28, 1921 Record Notes Chapel Seating System Changed 
September 28, 1921 Y.M.C.A. Meeting News Y Cabinet Rushes Campaign/ All Departments Active 
September 28, 1921 Record Sports Varsity Dfeats the College A.E.F. Team/ Score 16-0 
September 28, 1921 Informal News Phils Entertain Frosh Girls 
September 28, 1921 Record Note Frosh Get First Spanking 
September 28, 1921 Record Editorial Our Fourth Plank 
September 28, 1921 Eddy and Others Column Fired at Random 
September 28, 1921 Seachte Column Eddy Torr's Selection 
September 28, 1921 Anna E. Sperry Slants from a Goose Quill 'Twixtwaters (K.M. '24) 
September 28, 1921 Record Editorial Co-ed Corner 
September 28, 1921 Darien Austin Straw Column College Mirror 
September 28, 1921 Record Departmental Academy 
September 28, 1921 Record Departmental Beltionian 
September 28, 1921 Record Departmentals Alumnals 
September 28, 1921 An Aelioian Poem Rally of the Beltionians 
September 28, 1921 S.H. Sedgwick Poem Rose With Majestic Grace 
September 28, 1921 Record Departmental Athletic - Squibs 
September 28, 1921 Record News Locals 
October 5, 1921 At the Home of Pres. Blanchard News Aels Entertain the New Girls 
October 5, 1921 Center and Maine Streets Information Trustees To Control Y.M.C.A. Property 
October 5, 1921 High Class Program a Special Feature News Belts Give Informal Reception 
October 5, 1921 First Recital of the Year Information First Consevatory Recital Thursday 
October 5, 1921 Football Sports Prepare For Crane and Lake Forest 
October 5, 1921 Harold N. Tolefson Column Library is Started 
October 5, 1921 Football Sports Wheaton Brings Home Elmhurst Bacon/ Win First Game 40-6 
October 5, 1921 Record Editorial Our Gridiron Scholars 
October 5, 1921 Ornery Fired at Random A Good Time, I Dare Say 
October 5, 1921 College Woman Column Co-ed Corner/ My Ideal College Man 
October 5, 1921 Anna E. Sperry Column Slants from a Goose Quill 
October 5, 1921 Record Notes Locals 
October 5, 1921 Record Notes Athletic Squibs 
October 5, 1921 General Electric Company Column A Gateway - Electrical 
October 5, 1921 Professor Elsie Storrs Dow Editorial College Mirror 
October 5, 1921 Record Notes Alumnals 
October 12, 1921 Record Editorial Y.M. Is Going Strong/ Cabine Is Active 
October 12, 1921 Prof. Straw News Logic Seminar Has Started 
October 12, 1921 Election News Men's Glee Club Organizes 
October 12, 1921 Football Sports Wheaton Preparing for Lake Forest/ Coach Woodruff Writes 
October 12, 1921 Pep Meeting Information Huge Bonfire Friday Night 
October 12, 1921 Football Sports Wheaton Preparing for Lake Forest/ Win from Crane 5-0 
October 12, 1921 Recital News Recital is a Success/ Student Artists Appear 
October 12, 1921 Entertainment News Sophs Meet Frosh as Friends 
October 12, 1921 Record Editorial What Has 1925? 
October 12, 1921 Wheaton Men Editorial Conversation and Topics 
October 12, 1921 Monmouth Oracle Fired at Random Purely Personal 
October 12, 1921 Eddy Torr Column James, Bring in the Joke 
October 12, 1921 Record Fired at Random Beat Lake Forest! 
October 12, 1921 Anna E. Sperry Column Slants fro a Goose Quill 
October 12, 1921 A Dilettante Column Dr. WM. G. Reeder/ Practice Limited to the Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat 
October 12, 1921 Record Notes Intercollegiate 
October 12, 1921 Prof. Harriet G. Blaine Editorial College Mirror 
October 12, 1921 Record Notes Alumnals 
October 12, 1921 Students Council News Minutes of Student Council September 19, 1921 
October 12, 1921 Frances Terry Column Learning How to Play/ Teachers of Piano 
October 12, 1921 Martha Recht Column Minutes of Academy Student Committee 
October 12, 1921 C.M. Jensen Column Meeting of October 3, 1921 
October 12, 1921 Record Notes Academy News 
October 12, 1921 Cabinet Meeting News Y to Have Closer Relationship with Nat'l Organization 
October 12, 1921 Cross Country Race News Three Mile Cross Country Run Nov. 12 
October 12, 1921 Athletic Department News Results of Physical Exams are Given 
October 12, 1921 Football Sports Orange and Blue Fall Before "Y" Attack 
October 12, 1921 Faculty Editorial Should Wheaton Have an Annual This Year? 
October 12, 1921 Football Sports High School Team Plays at Toledo, Ohio 
October 12, 1921 Record Notes Special Meetings to End This Week; Deep Interest is Shown 
October 12, 1921 Record Editorial We Are Justly Proud 
October 12, 1921 Liberal Arts Education Editorial Does Bluffing Pay? 
October 12, 1921 Life Fired at Random There's Somethin in That 
October 12, 1921 Football Sunday Night Fired at Random Several of Football men 
October 12, 1921 Like a Bottle of Cream Fired at Random Attention, Frosh. 
October 12, 1921 The Chgo. Trib. Fired at Random Autumn 
October 12, 1921 Ex. Fired at Random First Cullud Lady 
October 12, 1921 Ex.  Fired at Random So Would We 
October 12, 1921 Anna E. Sperry Column Slants from a Goose Quill 
October 12, 1921 Record Notes Locals 
October 12, 1921 Record Notes Athletic Squibs 
October 12, 1921 Professor C.D. Garlough Editorial College Mirror 
October 12, 1921 Liberal Education Editorial Mathematics in the Course of Study 
October 12, 1921 Record Notes Alumnals 
October 12, 1921 $th Preps Departmental Academy 
October 12, 1921 Oriental Program Departmental Aelioian 
October 12, 1921 Discussion on the Best Books Departmental Philalethian 
October 12, 1921 Charles Farnham & C.C. Brooks Departmental Beltionian 
October 12, 1921 Extemporaneous Speeches Departmental Excelsior 
October 12, 1921 Record Notes Intercollegiate 
October 12, 1921 C.M. Jenson Column Minutes of Academy Student Committee Meeting, October 17, 1921 
October 12, 1921 The Gettysburgian Column Editorial 
November 2, 1921 Record Sports Varsity Rests For One Week 
November 2, 1921 Intramural Sports Information Athletic Asso. Ratifies Constitution/ Women May Receive Block W 
November 2, 1921 Interclass Sports Academy Basketball Tourney Commences 
November 2, 1921 Record Sports High School Vs. Scott 
November 2, 1921 Interest in Music Encouraging Editorial Conservatory Development Gratifying/ Glee Clubs Plan Extensive Trips 
November 2, 1921 Record News College Pastor APPreciates Student Support/ Sets Goal for 1921-22 
November 2, 1921 Debating Union News Interclass Debates Commence Nov. 26 
November 2, 1921 Record Notes Local Happenings in Brief 
November 2, 1921 Record Editorial Non-Dorm Masqueraders Frolic/ McShane Home Scene of Many Grotesque Costumes 
November 2, 1921 Har'an G. Metcalf Column A Prayer 
November 2, 1921 Basketball Sports Start Thinking Basketball 
November 2, 1921 Alexander MacLeod Slants from a Goose Quill (Anna E. Sperry) Art 
November 2, 1921 Record Notes Athletic Squibs 
November 2, 1921 General Electric Company Column Why is Iron Magnetic? 
November 2, 1921 Professor S.J. Bole Editorial College Mirror 
November 2, 1921 Record Departmental Excelsior 
November 2, 1921 "The Melting Pot" Departmental Philalethean 
November 2, 1921 Have You Seen a Ghost? Departmental Aelioian 
November 2, 1921 Impromptu Speeches Departmental Beltionian 
November 2, 1921 Record Notes Alumnals 
November 2, 1921 Record Notes Intercollegiate 
November 9, 1921 Student Volunteer Union Information 200 Volunteear Delegates Will visit Wheaton/ Annual conference of Chicago Union Convenes Here Nov. 11-13 --- Many Speakers 
November 9, 1921 Record Editorial Programs a Feature at Elmhurst Game/ start Athletic Publicity Fund For Record 
November 9, 1921 Dr. L.E. Davis News Dr Davis Lectures on Physiologic Psychology 
November 9, 1921 Wheaton's Team Information Cross Country Run at Northwestern Saturday 
November 9, 1921 Football Sports Listless Grid Affair at Mt. Morris 7-6 Victory/ Overconfidence and Lack of Punch Reason for Small Score --- Losers Fight Well 
November 9, 1921 Conservatory Recital News Progress Shown at Second Recital of Conservatory 
November 9, 1921 Juniors Solicit Subscriptions News 1923 Tower Campaign is Started 
November 9, 1921 Record Editorial Sunday Clothes and Stiff Collars 
November 9, 1921 Record Announcement To Alumni Leaders 
November 9, 1921 Eddy Torr Editorial Fired at Random 
November 9, 1921 D.T.C. Column Slants from a Goose Quill (Anna E. Sperry, editor) 
November 9, 1921 Record Notes Athletic Squibs 
November 9, 1921 Record Notes Local Happenings 
November 9, 1921 Professor Earl A. Winsor Editorial College Mirror 
November 9, 1921 Value of Literary Societies Departmental Excelsior 
November 9, 1921 Simplified Spelling Departmental Aelioian 
November 9, 1921 Phi-Nu Departmental Philalethean 
November 9, 1921 "Transmission of Aquired Characteristics" Departmental Beltionian 
November 9, 1921 Record Departmental Academy 
November 9, 1921 Student Council Departmental Minutes of Student Council, October 17, 1921 
November 9, 1921 Record Notes Intercollegiate 
November 16, 1921 Student Volunteer Movement News 265 Volunteer Delegates at Conference 
November 16, 1921 Armistice Day Exercises News Hon. S.L. Rathje Armistice Speaker 
November 16, 1921 Howell G. Evans, '22 Editorial Evans Plays Last Year of Football 
November 16, 1921 Football Sports Varsity Defeats Elmhurst College 
November 16, 1921 Walking Club News Fresh Air Fans Organize 
November 16, 1921 Big Pep Meeting Information Novel Pep Meet Friday 
November 16, 1921 Cross Country Sports Wheaton Harriers Lose to N.W.C. 
November 16, 1921 Record  Notes Registrar Issues Reports of Six Weeks Averages 
November 16, 1921 Basketball Sports Phils Meet Aels Tonight 
November 16, 1921 Record Editorial We Must Better Our Scholarship 
November 16, 1921 Eddy Torr Column Fired at Random 
November 16, 1921 Anna E. Sperry Column Slants from a Goose Quill 
November 16, 1921 Otto Keller, '24 Column Eating with the King 
November 16, 1921 Record Notes Alumnals 
November 16, 1921 Record Notes Intercollegiate 
November 16, 1921 Prof. Edith A. Smith Editorial College Mirror 
November 23, 1921 Campaign for Funds News Tower Staff is 400 Bucks Short 
November 23, 1921 Sagar and Jim Wostenholm News Dormitory Girls Entertain Royally 
November 23, 1921 Increased Interest in Bible Study Editorial Rev. Talbot Speaks at Y.M. Bible Class 
November 23, 1921 Entertainment News Varsity Banqueted by Capt. Stockton 
November 23, 1921 Basket Ball Sports Interclass Starts Nov. 30th 
November 23, 1921 Wostenholm & Ludgate Editorial A Pair of Wheaton Tackles 
November 23, 1921 Basketball Sports Aels Vanquish Phils in Game of Touch-Me-Not Basket Ball By 1 to 0 Score 
November 23, 1921 Record Sports Wheaton Humbles De Kalb, 10-7/ Vining's Toe Wins in Game of Mud 
November 23, 1921 Record Editorial The Football Season and Thanksgiving 
November 23, 1921 Record Editorial Paragraphics 
November 23, 1921 Eddy Torr Column Fired at Random 
November 23, 1921 Anna E. Sperry Column Slants from a Goose Quill 
November 23, 1921 Record News Intercollegiate 
November 23, 1921 Record News Local Happenings 
November 23, 1921 Record Notes Athletic Squibs 
November 23, 1921 Record Notes Alumnals 
November 23, 1921 Kleagle Column Impressions of Y Novelty Program 
November 23, 1921 Interclass Departmental Academy 
November 23, 1921 Joint Meeting Departmental Phil-Ael Meeting 
November 23, 1921 Charles King Information Beltionian 
November 23, 1921 Business Session News Excelsior 
November 30, 1921 Football Season Editorial Grid Season is Reviewed 
November 30, 1921 Vivian Vining, '23 Sports Vining Played Thru Birlliant Season 
November 30, 1921 Basement of Y.M.C.A. News Fire Routs "Y" House Dwellers 
November 30, 1921 Wheaton's Fair Co-eds News Fresh Air Fans Reach Chicago 
November 30, 1921 English Language Editorial Interesting Facts About Foreign Students 
November 30, 1921 "Victims of Circumstance" News British Officer Speaks in Chapel 
November 30, 1921 Ministerial Association News Rev. E.J. Pace to Be at Bible Class 
November 30, 1921 Football Editorial Is Football Worth the Cost? 
November 30, 1921 H.F. Harrington Column Anent European Students 
November 30, 1921 Eddy Torr Column Fired at Random 
November 30, 1921 "Impressions Regarding the Student Situation in Europe" Editorial The Student Situation in Europe 
November 30, 1921 Ada stearns Column Minutes of Student Council, Nov 7, 1921 
November 30, 1921 Heroes of the Gridiron - The Scrubs Editorial Reserves Deserve Great Credit 
November 30, 1921 Fine Outlook for Debating Editorial Big Things in view for Debating 
November 30, 1921 Record Notes Local Happenings 
November 30, 1921 Otis Fuller Departmental Academy 
November 30, 1921 C.M. Jenson Departmental Minutes of Academy Student Committee, Nov 21, 1921 
November 30, 1921 Record Notes Alumnals 
December 7, 1921 Interclass Debates News Junior Win First Interclass Debate 
December 7, 1921 H. Ludgate News Ludgate Elected '22 Captain By Varsity 
December 7, 1921 Basketball Sports Sophs Win Basketball Tourney/ Frosh are Runners-Up  
December 7, 1921 Bible Class News Dr. Pace Gives Famous Lecture 
December 7, 1921 Student Council News Thirteen Men Receive Letters 
December 7, 1921 Record Editorial What's Ahead of 1925? 
December 7, 1921 Record Editorial Our Introduction 
December 7, 1921 Record Board Editorial Record Questionaires 
December 7, 1921 Lois McShane Column The Freshmen 
December 7, 1921 Record Editorial Freshmen 
December 7, 1921 Lester Quartel Departmental Academy News 
December 7, 1921 General Electric Company Column How Were X-Rays Discovered? 
December 7, 1921 Prof. J.W. Doolittle Editorial College Mirror 
December 7, 1921 Record Editorial The Value of Physics 
December 7, 1921 Pictures for the Tower Information Fletcher to Edit 1923 
December 14, 1921 Annual Banquet News Football Banquet by Junior Girls 
December 14, 1921 Basketball Sports Academy Five Loses to Alumni Veterns 
December 14, 1921 Football Sports State Championship Refused to Lombard 
December 14, 1921 Joint Meeting News Hatchet is Buried at Belt-Celt Meeting 
December 14, 1921 Itinerary ThruEastern States News Pres. Blanchard Returns  
December 14, 1921 Interclass Debates News Fresh Girls and Soph Men Win Debate 
December 14, 1921 Football Men News Football Review to be Published 
December 14, 1921 Prohibition of Football Men from Banquet News Indignant Protest at Faculty Ruling 
December 14, 1921 Oratorio Society Information "The Messiah" to be Given by Oratorio  
December 14, 1921 Record Editorial Burying the Past 
December 14, 1921 Record Editorial World Conditions and Christmas 
December 14, 1921 Eddy Torr Column Fired at Random 
December 14, 1921 Burris Jenkins Column A Gentleman 
December 14, 1921 Anna E. Sperry Column Slants from a Goose Quill 
December 14, 1921 Record Notes Alumnals 
December 14, 1921 Record Notes Christian Activities 
December 14, 1921 Professor Herman A. Fischer Editorial College Mirror 
December 14, 1921 Interclass Debate News Academy News 
December 14, 1921 Panama Canal News Aelioian 
December 14, 1921 Ada Stearns Column Minutes of Student Council, November 21 
December 14, 1921 Record News Local Happenings 
December 14, 1921 Record Notes Intercollegiate 
January 11, 1922 First Week News Second Conference Has Fine Spirit 
January 11, 1922 Two Weeks of Evangelistic Work News Gosple Team Active During Xmas Recess 
January 11, 1922 Basketball Sports Sixteen Games Scheduled for '22 Season 
January 11, 1922 Campus Scenes Information Tower Staff Calls for Snaps 
January 11, 1922 Basketball Sports Drop First Games Scheduled for '22 Season 
January 11, 1922 Special Gatherings for Girls News Y.W. Sponsors Sunday Vesper Meetings 
January 11, 1922 Tigers vs Daddys Sports Tigers Win First Intramural Game 
January 11, 1922 Intercollegiate Information Parsons College First Debate Opponent 
January 11, 1922 National Student Committee for the Limitation of Armaments News Fred Leach Elected Representative 
January 11, 1922 Record Editorial The Student Conference 
January 11, 1922 College Nicknames Editorial Let's Name Ourselves 
January 11, 1922 Eddy Torr Column Fired at Random 
January 11, 1922 Record  Notes Alumnals 
January 11, 1922 Anna E. Sperry Column Slants from a Goose Quill 
January 11, 1922 Record Notes Intercollegiate 
January 11, 1922 Practical Christianity Editorial Christian Activities 
January 11, 1922 Record Notes Academy News 
January 11, 1922 "Mining Coal in Nova Scotia" News Excelsior 
January 11, 1922 European Student Relief News Seventy-Seven Dollars Raised 
January 11, 1922 Objective for 1922 Notes Aelioian 
January 11, 1922 Record Notes Philalethean 
January 11, 1922 Record notes Beltionian 
January 11, 1922 Record News Local Happenings 
January 18, 1922 Annual Service Information Annual Y.W. Service Next Sunday 
January 18, 1922 Concert  news Girl's Glee Club Gives Great Concert 
January 18, 1922 Athletic Association Information Women May Form Separate A.A. 
January 18, 1922 Interclass Information Final Interclass Debate January 24 
January 18, 1922 "Bible Fundamentals" Information Prexy Leaves Again on Friday 
January 18, 1922 Advisor to Tower Staff News Prof. Doolittle Faculty Advisor 
January 18, 1922 Alumni Representatives News Amy Winsor and John Nelson 
January 18, 1922 Basket Ball Sports Two Games Before Varsity This Week 
January 18, 1922 Basketball Sports Basket Men Lose to Mt. Morris 
January 18, 1922 Literary Journal News Council Discusses A Literary Quarterly 
January 18, 1922 Bruce Barton Editorial What Do You Want 
January 18, 1922 Eddy Torr Column Fired at Random 
January 18, 1922 Ada Stearns Column Minutes of Student Council, December 5 
January 18, 1922 J.L. Tillis Slants from a Goose Quill (Anna E. Sperry) Main Street 
January 18, 1922 Record Christian Activities A Fundamental of Christian Living 
January 18, 1922 Record News Local Happenings 
January 18, 1922 Record Departmental Aelioian 
January 18, 1922 Record Notes Excelsior 
January 18, 1922 Record Notes Philalethean 
January 18, 1922 The Monroe Political Doctrine Notes Beltionian 
January 18, 1922 Debating Teams Information Academy News 
January 18, 1922 Record Notes Intercollegiate 
January 18, 1922 Record Notes A.A. Constitution Changes 
January 25, 1922 Julius Blanchard Column Y.W. Recognition Service Was Inspiring and Beautiful 
January 25, 1922 Chicago School of Physical Education Information The Next Two Games 
January 25, 1922 Record Sports Rejuvenated Team Wins From Alumni But Loses to Northwestern/ Beat Scrappy Old Timers 23-10. Numerous Subs Used 
January 25, 1922 Dr. R.A. Torrey News Dr. R.A. Torrey Visits Wheaton 
January 25, 1922 Interclass Information Final Interclass Debate Postponed 
January 25, 1922 Mass Meeting of College Women News Women Pass A.A. Constitution 
January 25, 1922 Record Information Number of New Courses Given Second Semester 
January 25, 1922 Record Information Prexy in Pittsburgh 
January 25, 1922 Student Offices Election Editorial Who Does it Next Year? 
January 25, 1922 Pep Meeting News A Remonstrance 
January 25, 1922 The Sage Fired at Random Heart Flutters 
January 25, 1922 H.G.E. Column Intercollegiate 
January 25, 1922 A.E.C. Slants from a Goose Quill (Anna E. Sperry) Realism 
January 25, 1922 Record Christian Temptation 
January 25, 1922 The Dartmouth Christian Activities Athletes and Brains 
January 25, 1922 Record News Local happenings 
January 25, 1922 Record Notes Alumnals 
January 25, 1922 Ada Stearns Column Minutes of Student council January 9, 1922 
February 1, 1922 Valpo Game News Valparaiso Met Last Night Full Week Ahead 
February 1, 1922 Basketball Sport Wheatonian Squad Loses to Chicago School 
February 1, 1922 Semester Records Information Registrar Publishes Scholastic Averages 
February 1, 1922 Semi-Annual Election Information Belt-Celt Elections Tonight; Outcomes Doubtful 
February 1, 1922 Athletic Association News A.A. Votes Fund for Invitation Meet 
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