Index to the Record, 1918 (March)-1920 (February)

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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
March, 1918 Gertrude Straw Column "Who's Who" 
March, 1918 Record Editorial My Watch 
March, 1918 Anne Sutherland Column Animal Anecdotes/ My Goat 
March, 1918 A. Brown Animal Anecdotes My Dog 
March, 1918 Myrtle Rounds Poem A Morning Prayer 
March, 1918 Harriet Strong Column Maybe, Sometime, Perhsps 
March, 1918 Record Poem To the Battle Front 
March, 1918 Record Editorial "Spring Fever" 
March, 1918 Effie Wheeler Column "Fun" 
March, 1918 Record  Editorial Thrift Stamps 
March, 1918 Record Literary Literary 
March, 1918 Record Literary Reassurance 
March, 1918 Record Literary In the Cage 
March, 1918 Record Literary A Sketch 
March, 1918 E. Polk Literary What Shall We Read 
March, 1918 Dorothy Furbush Literary The Blues 
March, 1918 Alfred H. Fischer Alumni Prof D. A. Straw 
March, 1918 Record Athletics Athletic Report 
March, 1918 Record Athletics Mt. Morris at Mt. Morris 
March, 1918 Record Athletics Aurora at Wheaton 
March, 1918 Record Athletics Naperville at Wheaton 
March, 1918 Record Athletics Crane at Wheaton 
March, 1918 David Newberry Column Lew's at Wheaton 
March, 1918 M.E.R. Locals and Personals The Happy Farmer 
March, 1918 Record Locals and Personals Spring Fever 
March, 1918 Record Locals and Personals Bright Sayings of Our Profs and Fellow Students 
March, 1918 Record Poem An Episode 
March, 1918 Record Notes Exchanges 
March, 1918 Lieut. -Col. John McCrae Poem In Flanders Fields 
May, 1918 Record Editorial The Record Poetical Contest 
May, 1918 D. Newberry Poem Summer Night 
May, 1918 F. E. Heathfield Poem A Spring 
May, 1918 Mrytle Rounds Poem The Poet's Prayer 
May, 1918 Lora Newberry Poem Sacrifice 
May, 1918 Frank E. Herrick Poem The Red Cross 
May, 1918 Marguerie Overman Poem The Master Hand 
May, 1918 John Antisdel Poem Wisht I Wuz Sick 
May, 1918 Miss Harriet Strong Column The Love of God 
May, 1918 Edna Matson Column Small Knitting 
May, 1918 E. Josephson Column Cow's Milk 
May, 1918 Marie Reeber Column "Meatless Day" 
May, 1918 Ruth Ethelwyn Fischer Column Seeing the World 
May, 1918 Edna Farnham Column A Ready Answer 
May, 1918 Jennie Barnes Column Those Awful Trees 
May, 1918 Ruth Kimball Column Bobbie 
May, 1918 Dorothy Furbush Column Rising to the Occasion 
May, 1918 Baldwin Sears Column Wise 
May, 1918 Henry H. Anderson Column Amen 
May, 1918 August Beck Column Retribution 
May, 1918 Record Editorial Billy Sunday Excursion 
May, 1918 Record Editorial The Stunt Program 
May, 1918 Record Editorial Poetry 
May, 1918 Record Editorial Editorial 
May, 1918 Record Editorial Nature Poetry 
May, 1918 Record Notes "Slackers" 
May, 1918 Record Organizations The Y.W.C.A. 
May, 1918 Record Notes Aelioians 
May, 1918 L.A. Nelson Column Excelsior 
May, 1918 M. Steele Column Philalethean Society 
May, 1918 Record Organizations Student Volunteer Band 
May, 1918 Record Notes Locals and Personals 
May, 1918 Record Notes Exchanges 
June, 1918 Record Editorial The Evolution of Patriotism 
June, 1918 Myrtle E. Rounds Poem I'm Glad I'm Here 
June, 1918 Ruth Worrel Column A Spread 
June, 1918 Martha Nystrom Column "Love is Blind" 
June, 1918 Arnold Bennett Column Literary Taste and How to Form It 
June, 1918 S.D.N. Column Lof of Hazlitt 
June, 1918 Dorothy B. English Column Homesteading In New Mexico 
June, 1918 Greetings Editorial Editorial 
June, 1918 David Newberry Editorial Editorial Chit-Chat 
June, 1918 Lillie Wallbrook Column Tucker-Briar Wedding 
June, 1918 Record Organizations Philalethean Notes 
June, 1918 Record Organizations Girls Glee Club 
June, 1918 President Column Y.M.C.A. 
June, 1918 Record Organizations Student Volunteers 
June, 1918 Record Organizations Beltionian 
June, 1918 Record Organizations Excelsior 
June, 1918 M. Steele, President Organizations Y.W.C.A. 
June, 1918 Record Organizations Christian Endeavor 
June, 1918 Stella Fischer Column Junior-Soph weenie Roast 
June, 1918 Record Notes Locals and Personals 
June, 1918 G.E.L. Column Academy Locals 
June, 1918 Record Notes Exchanges 
July, 1918 Rev. R.R. Kennan Address Education in a Time of War 
July, 1918 Prof. H. A. Fischer Column Germany and the World War 
July, 1918 D.N. Poem At Midnight 
July, 1918 David Newberry Editorial On Peotry in General 
July, 1918 D.N. Poem Unrest 
July, 1918 Record Notes The Campus Improvement Association 
July, 1918 Record Editorial Editorial 
July, 1918 Mrs. Clara Carson News In Memoriam 
July, 1918 Clara Amanda Sedgwick News Obituary 
July, 1918 Record Notes Commencement - 1918 
July, 1918 Record Notes Education Department in 1918 
July, 1918 A Junior Poem Greeting 
July, 1918 Record Notes Our New Teachers 
July, 1918 Record Notes The Summer Schoo of 1918 
July, 1918 Record Notes The Astronomy Class of 1917-18 
July, 1918 Record Notes Christian Endeavor 
July, 1918 Mabel Steele, Pres. Column The Y.W.C.A. 
July, 1918 Record  Notes Weeks -- Eckhoff 
July, 1918 David Newberry Column Library Hints 
July, 1918 News Bits News Just About Our Folks 
July, 1918 Record Notes Suggested "Phil" Programs 
July, 1918 Record Academy Academy Notes 
July, 1918 Grace E. Launbranch Column Parks 
July, 1918 Record Academy Academy Gleanings 
July, 1918 Record Notes Jokes 
September 1918 Jennie Ludgate, '20 Poem Mother 
September 1918 Esther Cleland  Poem The Passing of Pegasus or the Departure of Dobbin 
September 1918 Record Editorial A Call For College Girls 
September 1918 Record Editorial Exempted 
September 1918 George D. Herron Column Review of the Menace of Peace 
September 1918 William Henry Guild News Obituary Notices 
September 1918 Rev Minor Lemen Obituary Notice  Marie Brown 
September 1918 Frank E. Herrick Poem Willis Hugh Cork 
September 1918 Record Notes Academy Gleanings 
September 1918 Record Notes The C.E. Seven Social 
September 1918 Elsie Dow Song Aelioian Song 
September 1918 Record Notes The Aelioians 
September 1918 Record Notes Philalethean Society 
September 1918 Howell G. Evans Column Sophomores 
September 1918 Record Notes The Y.W.C.A. 
September 1918 Record Notes Locals and Personals 
September 1918 Record Notes Jokes 
September 1918 Record Notes Exchanges 
September 1918 Record Notes The Y.M.C.A. 
September 1918 Oregon Sunday Journal Column Our Boys in Camp and Field 
September 1918 Record Notes Army Directory 
September 1918 R.E.  Song  Song of a Freshie 
September 1918 Sydney Bulletin Column Here and There 
September 1918 Robert Ekvall Column Exempted 
September 1918 Robert Ekvall Poem In Passing 
September 1918 Joseph Axelson Poem S.A.T.C. Life 
September 1918 Robert Evall Poem In the Library 
September 1918 E. Shaw Poem The Evening's Solemn Stillness 
September 1918 E. Murray Poem Our Sergeant 
September 1918 M. Steele Column The Peace Celebration 
September 1918 Art E. Christopherson Column Fire Prevention 
September 1918 D. E. W. '22 Column The Old House 
September 1918 The Freshman class  Record Exchanges 
September 1918 Record Notes Jokes 
September 1918 Record Notes Locals And Personals 
September 1918 The Aelioian girls Record Aelioians 
September 1918 The Dining Hall News Philalethean Society 
September 1918 At the first meeting News Beltionians 
September 1918 Louise Koester  Column Mission Study Class 
September 1918 Lieut Claire C. Loveless News Alumni And Former Students 
December 1918 Guy N. Smith Column The Doll With Curls 
December 1918 Stacey Satterfield, '20 Column War Poetry 
December 1918 Amy Winsor Column The Tale Of A Cow 
December 1918 A. R. B Column Miss Esther's Christmas 
December 1918 Greta G. Sewell Column Oh, I'M A Happy Hen 
December 1918 Rev. S. J. Tilden Sloan Poem A Christmas Wish 
December 1918 The ladies of Wheaton News The S.A.T.C Dinner 
December 1918 The order of demobilization  Record The Last Night 
December 1918 The Student's Army Training Corps News S.A.T.C. Demobilized 
December 1918 M. Nystrom Column Phil Party 
December 1918 The Aelioians News Aelioians 
December 1918 Program has interfered News Beltionians 
December 1918 A team of college Sports Basketball Ball 
December 1918 Record Jokes Locals And Jokes 
December 1918 Record Notes Just Extras 
December 1918 Record Notes It's a Fact 
December 1918 Record Notes Practice Makes Perfect 
December 1918 Record Notes I Wonder 
December 1918 Record Notes Some Philosophy 
December 1918 Record Notes Oh Archy 
December 1918 Record Notes In Memoriam 
January 1919 Helen Hopping Column "He That Loseth His Life Shall Find It." 
January 1919 Isabella Column Somewhere in France 
January 1919 Effie Wheeler Column Why Should Latin Occupy a Place in the Course of Study? 
January 1919 Record Notes Philalethean Society 
January 1919 Record Notes Excelsiors 
February 1919 Record Editorial Chapel 
February 1919 Record Notes Beltionians 
February 1919 President Column Y.W.C.A. 
February 1919 Record Notes Y.M.C.A. 
February 1919 R.F. Column Wheaton vs North Manchester 
February 1919 H.G.E. '22 Column "Lost" 
February 1919 Jennie Ludgate Column Aelioian 
February 1919 R.E. Poem "Passing Strange" 
February 1919 Record News Locals 
February 1919 E.R. Shaw, '22 Column "Guilty" 
February 1919 Record Notes Athletics 
February 1919 Record Athletics Wheaton At Mount Morris 
February 1919 Basketball Athletics Wheaton at Dekalb Normal 
February 1919 Record Notes Coach Mitchell 
February 1919 Record Notes Girls Track Meet, March 27th On College Campus 
February 1919 Effie Wheeler Column Why Should Latin Occupy A Place in the Course of Study? 
February 1919 H.G.E. Poem "Dame Gossip" 
February 1919 B.R. Column The Wet Spell 
March 1919 Record Editorial Physical Activities 
March 1919 Record Jokes Telephone Conversation 
April 1919 Record Play April First - A School Comedy 
April 1919 Record Notes A Scandinavian Triumph 
April 1919 Record Notes Extracts From Letters Written to the War Risk Department in Regard to Allotments 
April 1919 Record Notes Play on Names 
April 1919 Record Notes Couldn't Follow Him 
March 1919 Raymond Fischer Column My Dog 
March 1919 Lewis Debate Notes The Debate 
March 1919 Effie Wheeler Column A-E-L-S- AELS! 
March 1919 Record Notes Beltionian Literary Society 
March 1919 Record Notes Excelsiors 
March 1919 Record Notes Phils 
March 1919 Record Notes As the Latin Department Sees Some of Us 
March 1919 M.M.W. Poem To the Chem. Lab. 
March 1919 Record Notes Soliloquy 
March 1919 Record Notes Jokes 
March 1919 Record Notes Personals 
March 1919 Record Notes Locals 
March 1919 Effie Wheeler, '19, Aelioian, First Prize Column Neighbors 
March 1919 Howell Evans, '22, Excelsior, Second Prize Column Jim McCarthy Hermit 
May 1919 Record Editorial Editorial 
May 1919 Rachel Winsor, '22 Philalethean, Third Prize Column Plucky German Spy 
May 1919 Record Notes Commencement Week, Wheaton College, June 15th to June 18th, 1919 
May 1919 President Blanchard Column Our Warriors Crowned 
May 1919 E.F. Column The Volunteer Band 
May 1919 J.L.S. Column Y.M.C.A. 
May 1919 R.E.S.M. Column Y.W.C.A. 
May 1919 M.E.R. Column The Christian Union 
May 1919 A.S.B. Column Ministerial Association 
May 1919 News Bits News News of Our Folks Everywhere 
May 1919 Record Notes Important Events 
May 1919 Record Sports Athletics 
May 1919 Record Editorial Our War Record 
May 1919 Record Editorial Our Future 
May 1919 Record Editorial Who We are and Why 
May 1919 Record Editorial Summer School 1919 
May 1919 Mabel A. Rippe Column Wheaton College Conservatory 
May 1919 Record Notes History 
May 1919 Record Notes Social Science 
May 1919 Record Notes Education Department 
May 1919 Record Notes Practice School, 1919-20 
May 1919 Record Notes Wheaton Academy 
May 1919 Record Notes Directory of City Churches 
May 1919 Record Notes College Literary Societies 
May 1919 Record Notes Locals 
October 10, 1919 Wheaton Versus Naperville Sports Wheaton Loses First Game By Close Score - 6 to 3 
October 10, 1919 Annual Y-Stag Column Big Y-Stag Old Students Welcome New With Many Students 
October 10, 1919 Record Editorial An Appreciation of Pike's Park 
October 10, 1919 Record Notes The Academy 
October 10, 1919 Record Notes Y.M.C.A. 
October 10, 1919 Evelyn Erickson Column A Feast Day in Little Italy 
October 10, 1919 Record Editorial Editorials 
October 10, 1919 Dupage County Teachers News County Teachers Visit College 
October 10, 1919 Y.W.'s Invitation News The Y.W.C.A. Social 
October 10, 1919 Record Editorial To The Most High and Mighty Class, Called Sophomore, - To Whom Be Peace 
October 10, 1919 Record Editorial Athletics 
October 10, 1919 Record Notes Student Volunteer Band 
October 10, 1919 Second Year News The Ministerial Association 
October 10, 1919 T.O.B., '18 Column Y Stag Old Students Welcome New with Many Stunts 
October 10, 1919 Record Notes Literary Department 
October 10, 1919 "X Post Facts" Column Foolishment 
October 10, 1919 "Z Traneous" Column With Apologies to Keats 
October 10, 1919 Record Notes Belt. Notes 
October 10, 1919 Record Notes Philaletheans 
October 10, 1919 Editor's Note Editorial Sir Philip Space Says: 
October 10, 1919 Editor's Note Editorial Advice to the Lovelorn 
October 10, 1919 Record Editorial The Editorial Wee 
October 10, 1919 The Sophs News Sophomore 
October 10, 1919 Record Notes Punorigo 
October 25, 1919 Captain Meebold Our For Season Sports Wheaton Loses to St Viators 
October 25, 1919 Record Notes A.W.O.L. 
October 25, 1919 Athletics in College Life Column Coach Gary Writes to Students 
October 25, 1919 Record Sports Wheaton Versus Lake Forest 
October 25, 1919 Record Notes The Ministerial Association 
October 25, 1919 Informal News Beltionian Reception 
October 25, 1919 Class Social News Junior Hike 
October 25, 1919 Informal News The Celt Informal 
October 25, 1919 Party News Sophomore - Freshman Party 
October 25, 1919 Record News Ael Informal 
October 25, 1919 Bible Study Hour Notes The Young Men's Christian Association 
October 25, 1919 Record Editorial Editorials 
October 25, 1919 Walter D. Whitcomb News Former Student has Enviable War Record 
October 25, 1919 Record News Alumni Notes 
October 25, 1919 Class of 1891 News '91 Reunion 
October 25, 1919 Prof. Harold L. Alden News Alumnus of '12 Returns to University Professorship 
October 25, 1919 "Train for Chicago on Track Four" Poem Erie Station, Jersey City 
October 25, 1919 D. Newberry Poem O to be on board again 
October 25, 1919 Record Notes Familiar Quotation No 1 
October 25, 1919 Record Notes Fame 
October 25, 1919 John Vance Cheney Poem The Happiest Heart 
October 25, 1919 Record Editorial English as it is Spoken 
October 25, 1919 Record Notes Why We Love Our Studies 
October 25, 1919 Avola Newberry Column Songs Mother Loved 
October 25, 1919 Record Notes Rough Stuff 
October 25, 1919 Record Notes Post Impressions of British Poets of the Nineteenth Century 
October 25, 1919 Record Notes Again 
November 10, 1919 Record Sports Wheaton Wins 
November 10, 1919 President Blanchard Column Wheaton bible Conference 
November 10, 1919 "League of Nations" Notes Hamilton Holt's Chapel Speech 
November 10, 1919 Wheaton vs St. Morris Sports Wheaton Wins Again 
November 10, 1919 Record Editorial Dr. Holt's Chapel Speech 
November 10, 1919 Record Editorial When Dreams Come True 
November 10, 1919 Record Academy Just an Adventure 
November 10, 1919 Record Academy Jokes 
November 10, 1919 New Instruments Academy Chemistry Department 
November 10, 1919 Pres. Beck and Mr. Park Christian Union Ministerial Association 
November 10, 1919 Needs of the World in the Mission Fields Christian Union Mission Study Class 
November 10, 1919 Volunteers Christian Union Student Volunteer Band 
November 10, 1919 Record Christian Union Y.W.C.A. 
November 10, 1919 Social Christian Union C.E. Social 
November 10, 1919 Bible Study Christian Union The Young Men's Christian Association 
November 10, 1919 Record Organizations Aelioians 
November 10, 1919 Record Organizations Philaletheans 
November 10, 1919 Record Organizations Glee Club 
November 10, 1919 Record  Organizations Beltionians 
November 10, 1919 Record Editorial Editorials 
November 10, 1919 Record Information Magazine Review Department 
November 10, 1919 Esther Cleland Column "Is Scott a Poet" 
November 10, 1919 Record Editorial VY Johnson Quit 
November 10, 1919 D. Newberry Poem But 
November 10, 1919 D. Newberry Poem Autumn Scene 
November 10, 1919 Record News The Dorm Halloween Party 
November 10, 1919 Outside Folks Party News A Glorious Party 
November 10, 1919 A.S.B. Column An Open Letter 
November 10, 1919 Record News Alumni Notes 
November 10, 1919 Record Notes New-zz 
November 10, 1919 Record News Athletic Notes 
November 10, 1919 Record Sports Wheaton Wins Another Game 
November 25, 1919 Coach Gary Column Review of Foot-Ball Season 
November 25, 1919 November 9th Conference News Bible Conference Big Success 
November 25, 1919 President Blanchard Column Wheaton College Notes 
November 25, 1919 Raymond King Academy Is Determination the Most Essential Element of Success? 
November 25, 1919 Student Volunteers Christian Union S.V.B. 
November 25, 1919 Conference Week Christian Union Ministerial Association 
November 25, 1919 A Volunteer Poem To a Missionary in Discouragement 
November 25, 1919 Conference Week Christian Union Young Men's Christian Association 
November 25, 1919 "Undergraduate" Column Thanks, Faculty 
November 25, 1919 Record Organizations Aelioians 
November 25, 1919 Record Organizations Philalethean Society 
November 25, 1919 Invitation Organizations Celts 
November 25, 1919 Vice President Antisdel Organizations Beltionians 
November 25, 1919 Class Officers Organizations Freshman Notes 
November 25, 1919 T.O.B., '18 Column An Appreciation of Southern California 
November 25, 1919 John Keats Literary Department John Keats and Autumn - In Illinois 
November 25, 1919 Mayme E. Montgomery Column My First Journey 
November 25, 1919 Rev W.H. Griffith Thomas Column Dr. Thomas at Wheaton 
November 25, 1919 The Orange and the Blue Sports Football Feed 
November 25, 1919 Annual Conference News The Student Volunteer Conference 
November 25, 1919 Virgil F. Bradfield Column Glimpses of China 
November 25, 1919 Record Notes Alumni New-z-z 
November 25, 1919 EFFECSHNUNATELY Comic dere siSter 
November 25, 1919 Record Notes Thrice Told Tales 
November 25, 1919 Record Notes The Football Dirge 
December 10, 1919 Mr. Roy Snell News Author Tells Freshmen Ho to Put it Over 
December 10, 1919 Lyceum Course Information Coming Y.M.C.A. Lecture Course 
December 10, 1919 Wheaton College Basket Ball Information 'Varsity Team Has Strong Schedule/ Will Play Armour, St Johns and Monmouth in Basket Ball Two Games With St Viators Arranged 
December 10, 1919 Cross-country Run News First Year Men Win Cross Country Race 
December 10, 1919 Esther E. Richmond Column History of the Freshman Class 
December 10, 1919 Successful Hike News The Freshman Hike 
December 10, 1919 Middle West Inter-Collegiate Press Association Has Session News Meets in Chicago 
December 10, 1919 Recent World War  News Freshman Class Has Fourteen Ex-Service Men in its Ranks 
December 10, 1919 Elizabeth Miller Column The Freshman's Wail 
December 10, 1919 Dille, '23 Column Class of '23 Wins Inter-Class Basket-Ball Tournament 
December 10, 1919 A Looking Glass News Who's Green Now? 
December 10, 1919 Record Notes 'As Some Think It Is Written' 
December 10, 1919 Rose Burgess Column Class Roster 
December 10, 1919 Record Literary Societies Excelsiors 
December 10, 1919 Record Literary societies Beltionians 
December 10, 1919 Record Editorial Editorial 
December 10, 1919 Record Editorial The Marvelous Scene 
December 10, 1919 Frances E. Paul Column John 3:16 
December 10, 1919 Dan Kirk, '23 Column "Rest a While" 
December 10, 1919 Myra Conyers Column The Spirit of Christmas 
December 10, 1919 H.O. Johnson Column The Philosophy of Poetry 
December 10, 1919 A Soldier Poem The Muse is Overcome by the Heat 
December 10, 1919 Record Chritsian Union Young Men's Christian Association 
December 10, 1919 International Convention Information S.V.B. Goes to Des Moines 
December 10, 1919 Prof G.H. Smith News Ministerial Association 
December 10, 1919 Dr. Edmund F. Cook News Mission Study 
December 10, 1919 Charles V. Farnham Alumni Alumnus in Relief Work 
December 10, 1919 Record Alumni G. Faust Bradfield Visits Wheaton 
December 10, 1919 Post Card Alumni More From Miss Grage 
December 10, 1919 Parker Worrel, '15 Alumni What We Want From All the Alumni 
December 10, 1919 Record Notes Alumni News - zz 
December 10, 1919 Thanksgiving Service News Thanksgiving Eve at the Poor Farm 
December 10, 1919 Record Notes Locals 
December 10, 1919 D.O.F. Column Strategy A La Mode 
December 10, 1919 Boyd Keefer Academy Academy Basket Ball Class Teams 
December 10, 1919 Freshman Class Academy Academy Freshman-Sophomore Party 
December 10, 1919 Record Editorial Class of '23 in Athletics 
December 25, 1919 Gladys Zak, '20 Academy How Girls Study 
December 25, 1919 Basketball Academy Academy Athletics 
December 25, 1919 Record Academy Alumni Notes 
December 25, 1919 C.J.N., '23 Column With No Apologies to K.C.B. 
December 25, 1919 C.J.N., '23 Column The Other Day 
December 25, 1919 Record Christian Union Young Men's Christian Association 
December 25, 1919 Rev Millett News Ministerial Association 
December 25, 1919 Record Christian Union S.V.B. 
December 25, 1919 Twelve Students Excused from Studying Missions Christian Union Mission Study 
December 25, 1919 the late war Organizations Aelioians 
December 25, 1919 Record Organizations Phils 
December 25, 1919 Hazel Frost, Reader, Gives First Number Organizations Lyceum Course 
December 25, 1919 Grace E. Launbranch Column How I Saw the King and Queen of Belgium 
December 25, 1919 Fletcher, '23 Poem Then the Fun Began 
December 25, 1919 Rachel Winsor Literary Department The Message of Ruskin 
December 25, 1919 W.L. Ferris Column Dr. Ferris Writes 
December 25, 1919 Record Notes Alumni New-z-z 
December 25, 1919 Miss Grage Alumni From the African Mission Field 
December 25, 1919 Miss Grage Alumni How Children of the Congo Get Washed 
December 25, 1919 H.O. Johnson Column The Indispensable Englishman 
December 25, 1919 Record Notes As Shakespeare Sees the Seniors 
December 25, 1919 A Friend Column Fresh Or Dried 
January 10, 1920 President Blanchard Column Leaves from the Life Story of an Alumnus 
January 10, 1920 Dr. A.W. Blunt Column Dr. Blunt 
January 10, 1920 E. Albert Cook Column Wheaton Folks and Doing in the Nineties 
January 10, 1920 Judge Sheridan E. Fry Column Judge Fry 
January 10, 1920 One Who Knows Column What Brought One Student to Wheaton College and What He Found There 
January 10, 1920 Rev. S.F. Stratton Column Waiting 
January 10, 1920 Judge Harvey Potter Editorial Judge Potter 
January 10, 1920 Hugh Cork, '93 Column At the Forks of Life's Road 
January 10, 1920 Judge Ninian H. Welch, '99 Editorial Judge Welch 
January 10, 1920 Mr. J.P. Shaw, '89 Editorial J.P. Shaw 
January 10, 1920 E.S.D., '81 Notes Reminiscences 
January 10, 1920 H.L.A. Column Harold Alden 
January 10, 1920 Frank Judd Poem Since You and I Have Met 
January 10, 1920 Harold L. Alden & Walter W. Wyatt Column Hiking 
January 10, 1920 Record Note Mr.s Florence Hoes Powell 
January 10, 1920 Record Notes Paul B. Fischer 
January 10, 1920 Record Notes Mrs. Adeline Churchill Lorbeer 
January 10, 1920 Record Notes The Old Days 
January 10, 1920 President L.N. Stratton Poem Sodus Bay 
January 10, 1920 Record Notes E.O. Lovett 
January 10, 1920 Record Notes Charles Hunt 
January 10, 1920 Roy J. Snell, '06 Column I Remember 
January 10, 1920 Record Editorial The Phillips Family 
January 10, 1920 Record Notes Walter Gunn 
January 10, 1920 Record Notes Victor Greenwood 
January 10, 1920 Record Notes Lieut. Charles V. Farnham, '17, Oulu Kushla, Asia Minor, in Armeno-Syrian Relief 
January 10, 1920 Record Notes Jonas G. Brooks 
January 10, 1920 Record Notes John S. Congdon 
January 10, 1920 Record Editorial Magazine Review Department 
January 10, 1920 Record Notes Rufus Park 
January 10, 1920 Record Notes Horace Johnson 
January 10, 1920 Record Notes Charles W. Hadley 
January 10, 1920 Record Notes Frank E. Herrick 
January 10, 1920 Record Notes C.C. Brooks 
January 10, 1920 Record Notes Sylvanus L. Rathje 
January 10, 1920 Record Notes Walter L. Ferris 
January 10, 1920 Record Notes Charles E. Congleton 
January 10, 1920 Dr. A.W. Blunt, '73 Poem Growth 
January 10, 1920 Record Notes Harlow Harvey 
January 10, 1920 Record Notes Mr. and Mrs, J.I. Whitaker 
January 10, 1920 Record Notes  Mr and Mrs Enlow 
January 10, 1920 Record Notes A.L. Sanford 
January 10, 1920 Record Notes Mrs. Olive Ware Parker 
January 10, 1920 Record Notes Mr. and Mrs L.B. Wood 
January 10, 1920 Record Notes Mary McDonald 
January 10, 1920 Record Notes Mildred Osborn 
January 10, 1920 Record Notes Willliam Ballou 
January 10, 1920 Record Notes Dr. Vanderhoof 
January 10, 1920 Record Notes Abbie Ludgate 
January 10, 1920 Record Notes Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Carlson 
January 25, 1920 Des Moines, Dec. 31 News The Student Volunteer Conference 
January 25, 1920 Record Editorial August Beck 
January 25, 1920 Coach Gary News Basketball Team Opens with a Win at Aurora 
January 25, 1920 Rooter's Club Editorial Pep 
January 25, 1920 Record Editorial A Peep Into the Past 
January 25, 1920 Record Notes Jokes 
January 25, 1920 Record Editorial Ladies, Attention! 
January 25, 1920 Mr. Beck Christian Union The Young Men's Christian Association 
January 25, 1920 Record Christian Union Winfield Tubercular Sanitarium 
January 25, 1920 Record Christian Union Ministerial Association 
January 25, 1920 Congregational Club Christian Union Prof. Straw Gives Reports 
January 25, 1920 Record Christian Union Student Volunteer Band 
January 25, 1920 "Lucindy" Christian Union Dr. Allen Speaks 
January 25, 1920 Record Notes Dr. Holt Gives Address 
January 25, 1920 Record News August S. Beck 
January 25, 1920 Record Editorial Editorials 
January 25, 1920 Record Editorial Beltionians 
January 25, 1920 Record Editorials Excelsiors 
January 25, 1920 E.  Column "A Catastrophe" 
January 25, 1920 M.M. Park Column The Fourth Dimension 
January 25, 1920 Record Editorial Suggestions 
January 25, 1920 Record Notes Freshman Locals 
January 25, 1920 Record Notes Sir Philip Space - His Page 
January 25, 1920 Record Notes Jokes 
January 25, 1920 John Antisdel Column The Love Affairs of an Undergrad 
February 10, 1920 Record Editorial The Significance of the Insignificant 
February 10, 1920 Record Academy What is in a Name? 
February 10, 1920 C.M. Academy The Academy Faculty 
February 10, 1920 Vera Gitlin  Column  Academy News  
February 10, 1920 Music  Column  Gospel Teams  
February 10, 1920 Sabbath Evening  Column  The Dundee Meeting  
February 10, 1920 Missions  Advertisement  Mission Study Class  
February 10, 1920 Missions  Column  Personal Testimonials  
February 10, 1920 China Inland Missions  Testemony  Student Prayer Meeting  
February 10, 1920 Ministry Column  Ministerial Association  
February 10, 1920 Prayer Meeting  Information  S.V.B.  
February 10, 1920 Ruth B. Base, '21 Column In Memoriam/ Professor F.W. Smith 
February 10, 1920 Record Obituary Professor F.W. Smith 
February 10, 1920 Record Organizations Aelioians 
February 10, 1920 Business Meeting Organizations Beltionians 
February 10, 1920 Election Organizations Excelsior 
February 10, 1920 H.O. Johnson Column My Lot 
February 10, 1920 Six Games Won and Four Lost Sports Basketball 
February 10, 1920 Record Notes As In Latin 
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