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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
August 20,2015 Alyssa Poer News  Wheaton Alumnus Dennis Hastert faces Federal Charges 
August 20,2015 Austin Chu News  College Announces the End of Insurance Coverage  
August 20,2015 Alyssa Poer Information  Wheaton College Plans to Renovate, add Buildings  
August 20,2015 Wheaton Holds a Memorial Service News  Elizabeth Elliot 1926-2015 
August 20,2015 Kirkland Ann  Letter  Welcome to Wheaton 
August 20,2015 Katie Park Letter Introduction  
August 20,2015 Molly Harrell Letter Dear Mr. President Ryken 
August 20,2015 Nathan Trujillo Letter  I, Freshman a Haiku Collection 
August 20,2015 Nicole Kennedy Articles  The Freshman Nineteen  
August 20,2015 Lauren Ober Article  Fun Facts  
August 20,2015 Article  Will Barrett Summer  
August 20,2015 Giovanna Albanese Information  The Best On-Campus Study Spots  
August 20,2015 Benjamin Dickey Information  For When you need a break from studying  
August 20,2015 Giovanna Albanese  Information  10 Dorm Hacks you won't Learn in Class  
August 20,2015 Katie Hiltibran  Article  The Good, The Bad and The Ugly 
August 20,2015 Sarah Kenny  Music  Voices Prelude  
August 20,2015 Alyssa Vukelich Article  In Hindsight  
August 20,2015 Anders Rotto Sports  From Sweden to the States  
August 20,2015 Kody Thornburg Sports  Football Players show their Tender Sides at Summer Camp 
August 27, 2015 Stanton L. Jones  News  Longtime Provost Stanton Jones Down for Health Issues  
August 27, 2015 Kirkland An News  With Little Notice, Wheaton Drops Health Insurance for a Greater Good 
August 27, 2015 Alyssa Poer  News  Voss Reading Room goes to ISP 
August 27, 2015 Austin Chu News  Lessons Learned Through GUP Experiences  
August 27, 2015 Austin Chu News  Avian Flu Causes Egg Shortage  
August 27, 2015 Kelsey Plankeel  News  Chaplain's Office Still Running Despite Few Staffers  
August 27, 2015 Public Safety Information  Public Safety Blotter 
August 27, 2015 Denise Gracia  Information  Intentional International Community  
August 27, 2015 Ade Davis  Interview  Willie-O 
August 27, 2015 Kyra Perez  Interview  Unidad Christiana 
August 27, 2015 Aseye Agamah  Interview  1-2-1 Mentorship  
August 27, 2015 Edwin Chung  Interview  Koinonia  
August 27, 2015 Giovanna Albanese  Information  What did you Say? Odd Acryonyms Explained  
August 27, 2015 Dr Schuchardt Article  Unsolicited Dating Advice This Week With Dr. Schuchardt 
August 27, 2015 What to Attend  Information  Upcoming Events  
August 27, 2015 Natalie Tanner  Information  Two Cheesy Grilled Cheese  
August 27, 2015 Sean Lyon  Information  A Vegetarian's Life  
August 27, 2015 Pat Kiernan News  Notes from the Global South  
August 27, 2015 Cyannea Poon  Article  Weeding Through Transitions  
August 27, 2015 William MCCAULEY Article  Learning to Recieve Love  
August 27, 2015 Seth Humeniuk Sports  Practice Makes Professionals  
August 27, 2015 Laura Clark  Sports  Volleyball Q&A 
August 27, 2015 Andrew Graber  Sports  10 Facts About Cross Country 
August 27, 2015 Anders Rotto  Sports  Tennis  
August 27, 2015 Andrew Graber  Sports  Powerhouse Offense and Hard-hitting Defense Define 2015 Thunder Team 
August 27, 2015 Anders Rotto Sports  Soccer 
September 3, 2015 Nadia Dervish  News  With Rogers Gone, Refuge Looks for an Advisor  
September 3, 2015 Kirkland An News  Wes Craven, '62 Graduate with Mixed Feelings Towards Wheaton Dies  
September 3, 2015 Austin Chu Information  Online Tool to Give Wheaton Students an Edge  
September 3, 2015 Jake Richardson  News  Freshmen get a Welcome to Chicago 
September 3, 2015 Katherine Braden  Article  What to Do If You Fall in Love with The Wrong Person 
September 3, 2015 Katie Park Article  Recycling 101 
September 3, 2015 Luara Clark  Article  Words with Wheaties  
September 3, 2015 Natalie Tanner  Information  Saga Hacks  
September 3, 2015 Karis Lee  Article  5 Good Habits to Start in College  
September 3, 2015 Giovanna Albanese  Information  Student ID Discounts 
September 3, 2015 Miriam Agama Music  James Vincent McMorrow Concert Review  
September 3, 2015 MacKenzie Ward  Drama  Shakespear in The Park 
September 3, 2015 Anders Rotto  Sports  I can se Clearly now, WETN is Gone  
September 3, 2015 Anders Rotto  Sports  Kicking Off the Fall in Style  
September 3, 2015 Anders Rotto  Sports Offensive Weapon Overwhelm Calvin 
September 3, 2015 Anders Rotto  Sports  No Money, No Problem  
Sepember 10,2015 Sarah Holcomb  News  This Chapel Ain't Big Enough for All of Us... 
Sepember 10,2015 Kelsey Plankeel  News  Textbook Shortage  
Sepember 10,2015 Take Me to Germany News  In World News  
Sepember 10,2015 Kirkland An News  CCCU Schools Divide Over Same-Sex Marriage  
Sepember 10,2015 Nadia Dervish News  Rekindle:Engaging Gospel Conversations 
Sepember 10,2015 Question and Answer with Wheaton Dynamic New Chaplain  News  Timothy Blackmon The Sixth Chaplain of Wheaton College  
Sepember 10,2015 Paige Bangerter News  Summer to Fall Fashion 
Sepember 10,2015 Natalie Tanner  Article  Saga Hacks: Meal that You Can Make Using Ingredient from Saga 
Sepember 10,2015 Information  Article  John Adams: Absolute Jest  
Sepember 10,2015 Anabell Castaneda  Information  Making Sense of Life and Art  
Sepember 10,2015 Charissa Dornbush  News  Notes From The Global South  
Sepember 10,2015 Matt Paprocki Sports  The Strength of a Keeper  
Sepember 10,2015 John Schmitz  Sports  Thunder Tackle Kohawks 
Sepember 10,2015 Jake DeClute Sports  Surprising Struggles Stains DeClute's Debute  
Sepember 10,2015 Bob Baptista Invitational Sports  Wheaton Women Split Baptista  
Sepember 17,2015 Professor to Receive $5000 award from the Centre for Christian Scholarship News  Professor Noah Toly Named Emerging Public Intellectual  
Sepember 17,2015 Maryam Bighash  News  Hundred of Church Leaders Resign After List of Ashley Madison Account Released 
Sepember 17,2015 Max Bevill Sports  Football is Back 
Sepember 17,2015 Joe Stevenson  Information  Pamphlets and Perspective  
Sepember 17,2015 Cancer Causing Hazard Still has a Home in Many Buildings, Containment is Key  Information  Asbestos: From 'Magic Mineral' to Deadly Dust  
Sepember 17,2015 Syrian Refuges Welcomed  News  President Barack Obama Welcomes at Least 10,000 more Serian Refugees Starting on October 1 
Sepember 17,2015 Briana Benson  News  Health Insurance Conversation Continues  
Sepember 17,2015 Lizzy Larson  Letter  C'est La Vie  
Sepember 17,2015 Natalie Tanner  Article Mocha Crumble Cake  
Sepember 17,2015 Ben Rector  Music  Rector on the Rise  
Sepember 17,2015 Anna Krcek  Information  'War Room" Movie Review  
Sepember 17,2015 Andrew Trump  Information  From the Dorm of Wheaton to the Dorms of Cambodia 
Sepember 17,2015 Joshua Romero Information  Threading the Needle  
Sepember 17,2015 Andy Studebaker Sports  Andy Studebaker: The Road Less Travelled  
Sepember 17,2015 Seth Humeniuk  Sports  Thunder Best Bulldogs 49-0, Boost record 2-0 
Sepember 17,2015 David Watson  Sports  Wheaton Cruises in Georgia  
Sepember 17,2015 John Schmitz  Sports  Thunder Tame Beasts of the East 
Sepember 24,2015 Kirkland An  News  Racial Profiling in the City of Wheaton ? 
August 20,2015 Austin Chu News  Julie Rogers Resigns 
Sepember 24,2015 Johnny Peltz  Sports  Thunder Remain Golden Against Blugolds  
Sepember 24,2015 Jordan Wear Sports  Thunder Strike Down Eagles  
Sepember 24,2015 Kristen Rauh  Sports  Women's Soccer Follows Rauh to Victory  
Sepember 24,2015 Karis Lee Four Trends in Wheaton College Look The Wheaton College Look  
Sepember 24,2015 Kelsey Plankeel  News  Planned Parenthood Calls Wheaton Out Using '# Women Betrayed' 
Sepember 24,2015 Leonard Blair  News  Stopped by Wheaton Police  
Sepember 24,2015 Nadia Dervish  News  New Yesr New Board: How CU Upped Their Game  
Sepember 24,2015 Dee Pierce  Information  Joining The Professional World  
Sepember 24,2015 Saga Hacks Article  Garlic Pimento Cheese Dip With Tortilla Chips  
Sepember 24,2015 Noel Jeong  Article  Dinner And a Movie, Maybe? 
Sepember 24,2015 Josepha Natzke  Article  Rectify Review  
Sepember 24,2015 Kelly Wilson  News  Hope and Prayer in the Drought  
Sepember 24,2015 Josh Fort Letter  Student Government  
Sepember 24,2015 EMMA Culture Confusion  News  In the Margins  
Sepember 24,2015 Anders Rotto  Sports  The Real Thunder Bucks  
October 1, 2015 Sarah Boss News  Wheaton Police Launch Inquiry into Racial Profiling  
October 1, 2015 Nadia Dervish News  Lecture Elicits Mixed Reactions  
October 1, 2015 Natalie Tanner Information  Butterscotch Granola Ice Cream 
October 1, 2015 Kirkland An News  President Ryken to Co-chair New CCCU Task Force  
October 1, 2015 Maryam Bighash News  Have We Failed to Love the Struggling in The U.S.? 
October 1, 2015 Mike Pointner News  The Founders Album Review "You & Who" 
October 1, 2015 Debbie Kim Article  Who has the Best and Worst Iced Coffee in Wheaton? 
October 1, 2015 Josepha Natzke  Information  Black or White Review  
October 1, 2015 Katie Park  News  Professor Hanmee Kim, a New Perspective  
October 1, 2015 Gary M. Burge News  A Confession. Ten Years Late. 
October 1, 2015 Anders Rotto  Sports  Coaching in a (Wo) Man's World  
October 1, 2015 Jordan Wear Sports  Thunder Return to National Rankings 
October 1, 2015 John Schmitz  Sports  Locker Room of Silence  
October 1, 2015 David Watson  Sports  Those that Run Together, Stay together. 
October 8, 2015 Bob Norris  News  Oregon Shooting Prompts On-campus SWAT Team Training  
October 8, 2015 Alexander Andrews Information  Anytime is Ice Cream Time  
October 8, 2015 David Boan  News  Wheaton Humanitarian Disaster Institute Receives $1.9 Million Grant Award 
October 8, 2015 Drew Boa News  New Strongholds Curriculum 
October 8, 2015 Loren Pope  News  The Harvard of Christian Schools? 
October 8, 2015 Saga Hacks: Meals You can Make Using  Information  Saga Hacks: Gluten-Free Italian: Classic Bruschetta 
October 8, 2015 Rachel Thomas  Information  Wheaton's Gluten-Free Culture 
October 8, 2015 Giovanna Albanese Music  Music Review: Stevie Wonder Dear Music Lovers 
October 8, 2015 Kelsey Plankeel  News  Everest/ Into Thin Air  
October 8, 2015 James Barrett Information  Bend or Break 
October 8, 2015 Bob Bakke Sports  Football Fashion 
October 8, 2015 Ally Witt  Sports  Three in a Row for Women's Soccer 
October 8, 2015 Marshall Hollingsworth Sports  Slumping Men's soccer Lose and Tie 
October 8, 2015 Andrew Bowers  Sports  Thunder Victorious Over Vikings 
October 15, 2015 Kelsey Plankeel News 2014 liquor law violations surge, according to annual security report 
October 15, 2015 Nadia Dervish  News Bieber Lake takes on transhumanism and the church 
October 15, 2015 Justin Lee News Billy Kim visits for Wheaton college chapel 
October 15, 2015 Maryam Bighash  News IN WORLD NEWS- Euthanisia reaches important benchmark in the U.S 
October 15, 2015 Will Otto  News Rolling Thunder Battalion dominates at Ranger challenge competition 
October 15, 2015 Robert "Bob" Baptista Sports News Passing of a Wheaton soccer legend 
October 15, 2015 Professors Annette Tomal and Cynthia Kimball Sports There's no reason not to run 
October 15, 2015 Debbie Kim Information Praise the Lord for Pumpkin Spice Lattes 
October 15, 2015 Natalie Tanner Information Un- Raveling the prefect breakfast burrito 
October 15, 2015 Glovanna Albanese Information That's Uncomfortable 
October 15, 2015 Jordan Tuin Information Movie Review : " The Intern" 
October 15, 2015 From the global south - conversation with HNGR News The Tale of Jane 
October 15, 2015 Anders Rotto Sports Back to the beginning  
October 15, 2015 John Schmitz Sports Heart of a captain propels thunder 
October 15, 2015 Joey Mormino Sports Winning at the intersection of faith and soccer 
October 15, 2015 Jordan Wear  Sports Thunder victorious over Vikings 
October 22, 2015 Steve Pettit News Bob Jones president comes to Wheaton 
October 22, 2015 Bruce Howard News Professor Bruce Howard receives distinguished award  
October 22, 2015 Karen Belling  News Benevolence fund reported to provide for four students 
October 22, 2015 Migrants  News The unfair treatment of migrants: Ali's story of becoming a refugee in Turkey 
October 22, 2015 Carl R. Hendrickson Information Professor Bruce Howard receives distinguished award 
October 22, 2015 Grace Garriga  Information Reflecting on Hispanic heritage month- culture community conversation 
October 22, 2015 Giovanna Albanese Information Bethel Music Reviews 
October 22, 2015 Dee Pierce Column Unsolicited dating advice 
October 22, 2015 Saga Hacks Information The peanut butter and jelly waffle  
October 22, 2015 Max pointner Information Art Institute's " Dionysos Unmasked " review 
October 22, 2015 Max Bevill  Information Front street Cantina vs. Los Burritos  
October 22, 2015 Anneliese Petersen News From the global south- conversation with HNGR 
October 22, 2015 Professor Cliff Williams Article  In the Margin - Allison Catholic faith 
October 22, 2015 Kelsey Graham  Sports Global goalkeeper catches hearts if the lost  
October 22, 2015 John Schmitz  Sports Wolves of the Gridiron 
October 22, 2015 Soccer team Sports Thunder topple titans  
October 22, 2015 Athletes team Sports Brought together by circumstance, kept together by choice 
October 29, 2015 Dennis Hastert News Hastert pleads guilty, to be sentenced on February  
October 29, 2015 Baby sitting News No more babysitting through Thunderlink  
October 29, 2015 Max Pointner  Information A critique of contemporary christian music 
October 29, 2015 Baseball team Sports Why you should still care about the world series 
October 29, 2015 Students Art Gallery  Sights of student art student sound 
October 29, 2015 Hazel Rosete  News Hazel Rosete wins Humanitarian Disaster Institute's student research award 
October 29, 2015 New Trustees  News Wheaton welcomes Andrea Scott and Dale Wong 
October 29, 2015 Bashar Al Assad Article What happened in Syria?  
October 29, 2015 Julie Buursma Sports WHEATON'S ACE - Julie Buursma, CCIW player of the year  
October 29, 2015 Giovanna Albanese Column Upcoming Jesus culture concert 
October 29, 2015 Anna Kreck  Information Creative costumes for Wheaties 
October 29, 2015 Max Pointer  Article Critique of contemporary christian music 
October 29, 2015 Saga Hacks  Information Fall Harvest Salad 
October 29, 2015 Johanna Depenthal - Peru News Notes from the global south - conversation with HNGR 
October 29, 2015 Joshua Romero Article Omniscience and Immanuel  
October 29, 2015 Michael Disher and Hunter Hambrick  Information Notes from the windy city - conversation with Wheaton in College 
October 29, 2015 Baseball team Sports World series preview 
October 29, 2015 Baseball team Sports Perpetually one year away: a Chicago cubs memoir 
October 29, 2015 Wheaton Atheletics Sports So close: Thunder streak snapped 
October 29, 2015 Football team Sports Tough, on and off the field  
October 29, 2015 Soccer team sports We are ( soccer ) family 
November 5, 2015 Bed bugs News Bed Bugs and lice found in multiple campus residences  
November 5, 2015 Omar A. Carlton News Serial foot fondler who hit Wheaton in 2008 just jailed 
November 5, 2015 Best in the nation News Wheaton interdisciplinary studies major ranked one of the best in the nation 
November 5, 2015 Annual Talent Show News Showcasting Wheaton's Talent 
November 5, 2015 Arthur J. Ammann News Wheaton Alumnus to have research archieved 
November 5, 2015 Dr. Kurt Straiff Information Bon Appetit responds to processed meats report 
November 5, 2015 Read Mercer Schuchardt Article Reducing Read 
November 5, 2015 Max Pointner Information The Brilliance with Casey Dubie 
November 5, 2015 Natalie Tanner Information The ultimate Italian Panini 
November 5, 2015 Libby Youngerman News From the Global south- coversation with HNGR 
November 5, 2015 Junior Sarah Frey Sports Rocky road to recovery  
November 5, 2015 Women's cross country team  Sports Running with a purpose 
November 5, 2015 Football team Sports Thunder excel against Elmhurst 
November 5, 2015 Soccer team Sports Joy for Women, Sorrow for men 
November 12, 2015 Brett Foster News ' Even if the body's garment has been rent, it can still become an establishment for rebuilding spirit, new,tender, and quick 
November 12, 2015 Caleb Cardenas Information A Poem to Brett Foster 
November 12, 2015 New welcome center Information French House to be demonlished 
November 12, 2015 Austin Chu Information Chocolate milk complaints heard 
November 12, 2015 In World views News Christian have an ' obligation to build a greater world' 
November 12, 2015 The Brillance  News En Route Brilliance  
November 12, 2015 Debbie Kim Information Living LA VIDA cacoa 
November 12, 2015 Saga Hacks Information 4- Ingredient peanut butter balls 
November 12, 2015 Anna Kreck  Information Five seconds of summer New Album review 
November 12, 2015 Leonard Bernstein Article  Simple and sacred : Berstein's "mass" 
November 12, 2015 katelyn Skye Bennett Article Planks and Specks 
November 12, 2015 Jonathan Neumann News From the Windy city - conversation with Wheaton in Chicago 
November 12, 2015 Ryken and Blackmon: fittest president and chaplain duo ever News Work out Warriors Almost. 
November 12, 2015 Swimming  Sports Free to sing  
November 12, 2015 Football Sports Thunder give Titans trouble late in game 
November 12, 2015 Women's Soccer Sports Thunder upset IWU en route to national tournament 
November 12, 2015 Roger Lundin News Two professors for the ages 
November 12, 2015 Two beloved Wheaton Professor News A week of pain 
November 12, 2015 Justin Lee Article  Forgotten but still suffering  
November 12, 2015 Lizzy Larson Column AIX - EN - PROVENCE 
November 12, 2015 Amy Early  Article Rennes 
November 12, 2015 Sophomore Elllie's Roth's  Information Student's story to be published in Anthology  
November 12, 2015 Katie Park Information 'What the fortune 500 read'  
November 12, 2015 Aseye Agamah Column Love your locks 
November 12, 2015 Karis Lee Information Thankgiving travel hacks 
November 12, 2015 Saga Hacks Information Candy granalo topped sweet potato casserole  
November 12, 2015 Ander Rotto Sports 1D vs. JB 
November 12, 2015 James Buswell  News Playing at home: violinist James Buswell concert 
November 12, 2015 Marrian Column In the margin - Mariana ' on the fringe 
November 12, 2015 Patrick Kiernan News From the global south - conversation with HNGR - cross cultural engagement 
November 12, 2015 Team mates as brothers and sisters Sports Family on and off the field 
November 12, 2015 Men's Soccer Sports Two down as thunder prepare for travel 
November 12, 2015 Football Sports Football goes back to back  
November 12, 2015 Women's soccer Sports Thunder elliminated from round of 32 in Wisconsin 
December 3, 2015 Senior Joshua Fort News What's Going on with " What's Going on?" 
December 3, 2015 First Snow News First Snows of the season hit campus  
December 3, 2015 Syrian Refugee News In world news - and what if you were a Syrian Refugee 
December 3, 2015 Edmund C. Moy  News Edmund C. Moy emphasis increasing need for christian in public service 
December 3, 2015 Mac DeMarco Information Album review : Mac DeMarco - " Another one" 
December 3, 2015 John Lennox Article  Against the flow: John Lennox engages pluralism 
December 3, 2015 SAGA HACKS Information The fool proof roast beef sandwitch: warm roast beef and tomato sandwitch 
December 3, 2015 Captain David Iglesias  News David Claudio Iglesias 
December 3, 2015 Jame Besterling - from the global south News Conversation with HNGR - Haikus from Cambodia 
December 3, 2015 Katelyn Skye Bennett Column Refugees: desirable and undesirable 
December 3, 2015 A gay Christian Column In the margins - Paul ' A gay Christian' 
December 3, 2015 Student Government  News Updates from student government 
December 3, 2015 Ittersagen  Sports Made in Wheaton 
December 3, 2015 Men's soccer  Sports Elite heartbreak for thunder 
December 3, 2015 Football Sports Warhawks tackle thunder to end season 
December 3, 2015 Basket ball  Sports It's beginning to look a lot like basketball season 
December 10, 2015 Female provost  News Proposal passed urging hiring of racial minority or female provost 
December 10, 2015 Nadia Dervish News Happenings at Harrison Hall 
December 10, 2015 Liberty university's chancellor Falwell  News An open letter to leaders in the evangelical community 
December 10, 2015 Enoch Leung News Enoch Leung awarded Ben Happner Prize as 2015 concerto competition winner 
December 10, 2015 Thomas Boehm, Ann Haskins  News New professor brings new changes 
December 10, 2015 Maryam Bighash - World News News Is climate change a bigger threat than ISIS? 
December 10, 2015 President Gerald Ford Information A Look Back : 1976 
December 10, 2015 Charlotte and Eric Hallstrom Information Familiar familial faces 
December 10, 2015 Madison McGee Column  Wheaton students share their favorite christmas memories and tradition 
December 10, 2015 Karis Lee Information Make finals week fun 
December 10, 2015 Saga Hacks Information SAGA HACKS: meals you can make using ingedient from saga 
December 10, 2015 Debbie Kim Article Christmas in a Cup 
December 10, 2015 New Year Column Make room for the New Year You 
December 10, 2015 Kalei Hosaka  News Conversation with HNGR - to be thankful for farewells? 
December 10, 2015 Nathan Heath Article  Attitudes of the heart  
December 10, 2015 George Turkington Column Plastic glasses and wonder bread 
December 10, 2015 Basket Ball Sports  A tale of two teams 
December 10, 2015 Swimmimg team Sports HIstoric start for thunder swimmers 
December 10, 2015 Fall Sports Sports Fall Sports Recap 
January 21 , 2016 Kelsey Plankeel News Trends in evangelism show shifts, at Wheaton and Abroad  
January 21 , 2016 Urbana '15 News Urbana'15 : Black lives matter. Let the church say amen. 
January 21 , 2016 Dr.Larycia Hawkins News Hawkins' hearing moved back, administrartion to hold forum 
January 21 , 2016 Massachusetts News Two schools with one name  
January 14 , 2016 Women's Basketball Sports Wheaton women continue winning ways 
January 14 , 2016 Men's Basketball Sports Tough times in 2016 for men's basket ball 
January 14 , 2016 Wrestling  Sports A little resting and a lot of wrestling 
January 14 , 2016 Mike Sell Sports Wholly Swole 
January 14 , 2016 Leya Hartman Column Many voices, one family 
January 14 , 2016 Andrew Markquart Column Letter to the editor - Preserving room for discourse 
January 14 , 2016 Max Planamenta'18 Column Letters to the editor - damage done beyond Wheaton 
January 14 , 2016 Johanna Depenthal  Article  Reconciling the body 
January 14 , 2016 Stephen Watts  Article  When evangelical culture is valued over theology 
January 14 , 2016 Jillian Hedges  Article  A perceptive reality 
January 14 , 2016 Abbie Brigham  Article  Before you protest  
January 14 , 2016 Saga Hacks Information The Apple Peanut Butter Cre`pe 
January 14 , 2016 Jade Lungren - Art and entertainment Information Jade Lungren: Wheaton student to recording artist 
January 14 , 2016 New year resolution Information 2016 - New Year's resolutions 
January 14 , 2016 Dr. Larycia Hawkins  News A summary of the Hawkins case 
January 14 , 2016 Kirkland An Column Letter from the editor  
January 14 , 2016 Mark Jonas News Professor of education Mark Jones recognised through award 
January 14 , 2016 Core Curriculum News Christ at the core curriculum set to launch in Fall 2016 
January 21 , 2016 Islamic Center of Wheaton News Cyber- attack inspires better relationship with Muslim 
January 21 , 2016 Jim Elliot News Men with a mission: A legacy of Redemption 
January 21 , 2016 New Year Resolution Article New Year's resolution: make it or break it 
January 21 , 2016 Natalia Tanner Column Saga Hacks  
January 21 , 2016 Steven Harsono Article  Father, forgive 
January 21 , 2016 Jamie Howsare Article What makes Wheaton home 
January 21 , 2016 Max Planamenta Article What it's like when the shine wears off 
January 21 , 2016 Marshall Hollingsworth Sports Hollings (worth) watching  
January 21 , 2016 Wrestling  Sports Seeking perfection and settling for excellence  
January 21 , 2016 Women's Basketball Sports Thunder split games 
January 21 , 2016 Men's Basketball Sports Thunder temporarily stop super slump  
January 28 , 2016 Focus Council News Faculty council recommends to not dismiss Hawkins 
January 28 , 2016 New Conservatory News Estimated $ 60M for new conservatory 
January 28 , 2016 Members of Thrive 4 Information New Women's group : Thrive4 
January 28 , 2016 Gap- Year Program News Wheaton 's first gap- year program to host info session 
January 28 , 2016 Vinoth Ramachandran Article Pocket- sized Gods? 
January 28 , 2016 Franklin Graham News Franklin Graham supports recommendation of termination of professor Larycia Hawkins 
January 28 , 2016 Dannie Hommel Information Seniors stretch  
January 28 , 2016 Max Pointner Article  The music of Star Wars 
January 28 , 2016 Sam Leeper Article  " The force awakens" 
January 28 , 2016 Elisabeth review Column Book Review: the main in the high castle 
January 28 , 2016 Saga Hacks Information Saga Hacks: Lazy Apple pie 
January 28 , 2016 Steve Gertz'97 Information Allah,Emeth and Queen Elizabeth 
January 28 , 2016 Brett Foster Article  Becoming a community of grace 
January 28 , 2016 Arte Culver Sports The Arte of coaching 
January 28 , 2016 Men's Basketball Sports Sharpening iron amidst adversity 
January 28 , 2016 Women's basketball Sports Defensive deftness 
January 28 , 2016 Swimming team Sports Expecting the unexpected  
February 4 , 2016 Rabbi and Iman News  Jewish and Muslim voices chime in on same God question 
February 4 , 2016 HNGR students News HNGR students going hungry for a cause  
February 4 , 2016 Maryam Bighash  News With Praxis comes new opportunities for students 
February 4 , 2016 Chicken- raising operation News No Harm No fowl  
February 4 , 2016 Larycia Hawkins  News Records interview with associate professor of political science Larycia Hawkins 
February 4 , 2016 Christian Education News Does nude art belong in a christian education?  
February 4 , 2016 World News News I choose - will you?  
February 4 , 2016 David Seung  Information The story behind the " Chapel - door- holder,"  
February 4 , 2016 Lizzy Larson Article  GOT ART? 
February 4 , 2016 Lucy Rose Till Information In Progress : Illustrator and Blogger 
February 4 , 2016 Film Review Information " The Revenant" 
February 4 , 2016 Brain Howell News I stand Wheaton 
February 4 , 2016 Jeanette Column In the Margins  
February 4 , 2016 Wrestling Team  Sports All in  
February 4 , 2016 Men's Basketball Sports No Nothern luck 
February 4 , 2016 Wrestling  Sports Thunder wrestle into top 10 finish  
February 4 , 2016 Women's Basketball Sports Wheaton Women split the Norths  
February 11 , 2016 President Philip and Dr. Larycia Hawkins  News Seeking Reconcilation 
February 18 , 2016 Cliff Williams News Class on race offered with new ' diversity in the US' requirement 
February 18 , 2016 World News News The water in flint and on St. Joseph's  
February 18 , 2016 Liberal art college  News Why only a 3-2 program for engineering and nursing student 
February 18 , 2016 Sophomore Hayley Bennett News Wheaton student aims to help high- schoolers combat human trafficking  
February 18 , 2016 Jenna Conway and Rebecca Watkins Information The Sptfire Grill sizzles 
February 18 , 2016 Year of Monkey News Wheaton welcomes year of the monkey 
February 18 , 2016 Billboard Information LECRAE 
February 18 , 2016 Max Pointer Article  " Hail, Caesar!" 
February 18 , 2016 Saga Hack Information Double chocolate lava waffle 
February 18 , 2016 Larryon Truman  News The man behind the scene 
February 18 , 2016 James Volpe Column Wheaton police chief critical of racial profiling articles 
February 18 , 2016 Gary Burge Column A rejoinder from professor of New Testament Gary Burge 
February 18 , 2016 Randy Pfund Sports Climbing to the top 
February 18 , 2016 Women's Basketball Sports Wome's basketball show no mercy 
February 18 , 2016 Men's Basketball Sports Another game, another loss 
February 18 , 2016 Swimming  Sports Swimming teams find their stroke 
February 25 , 2016 Julie Rodgers News Julie Rodgers speaks publicly for first time since summer 
February 25 , 2016 Sharks Tank News Flourish takes top prize at shark tank 
February 25 , 2016 Mary Elizabeth Goodell News Mary Elizabeth Goodell wins first place in Shark Tank competition 
February 25 , 2016 Lecrae News Lecrae's higher learning tour rocks Wheaton College campus  
February 25 , 2016 Bungo Bola Paulin and Hortence Bola News The cost of freedom 
February 25 , 2016 Nadia Dervish  Article Over stressed, over loaded, over 18 credits 
February 25 , 2016 Sophomore Parker Sameul News Chapel Prank descends on town hall chapel 
February 25 , 2016 Wheaton Couples Information Once upon a Wheaton wedding ...... 
February 25 , 2016 Joyce Lee Information In progress: Humans of Wheaton college 
February 25 , 2016 Saga Hacks Information Saga Hacks: The TLC sandwich 
February 25 , 2016 Sophia Barnett Article Pronography or Photography 
February 25 , 2016 Oscar Awards Column Golden Idols: A critique of the academy awards 
February 25 , 2016 Sarah Neubaum Voices  Tears for - and from - Larycia 
February 25 , 2016 Sara Kohler Voices Honoring Doc Hawk: remembering her faith and compassion 
February 25 , 2016 Lenny Wilkens  Sports Right hand man  
February 25 , 2016 Men's Basketball Sports Valiant effort falls short on senior night  
February 25 , 2016 Wrestling Team Sports Wrestling just misses CCIW championship 
February 25 , 2016 Women's Basketball Sports Thunder win CCIW regular season 
February 11, 2016 Tenure  News What does Tenure Mean? 
February 11, 2016 The Board of Trustees News Faculty concerns raised on procedure 
February 11, 2016 Sharon Crouch  News Sharon Crouch : 31 years of memories at Wheaton 
February 11, 2016 Jenna Conway and Rebecca Watkins Article  Empathy in Theater 
February 11, 2016 Saga Hacks Information Saga Hacks: Peanut Butter Dip 
February 11, 2016 Lecrae Information Lecrae: " church clothes 3"  
February 11, 2016 Sam Wilson  Information Art Show: Sam Wilson 
February 11, 2016 Philip Kline Article  Building in the gap 
February 11, 2016 Dr. Joshua Hochschild Information From the Record Archives  
February 11, 2016 Mel Peterson  Sports UNFORGETTABLE 
February 11, 2016 Diving Sports Diving into Championship success 
February 11, 2016 Men's Basketball Sports Plummeting Thunder sink lower 
February 11, 2016 Women's Basketball  Sports Thunder Women Win4Kay 
March 3, 2016 Mathew Milliner News Participation in muslim - christian dialogue quietly grows  
March 3, 2016 Monetary Award Program News Wheaton hopes to raise $ 275 K for MAP students  
March 3, 2016 Emily Sargent  Features The anatomy of a chapel prank 
March 3, 2016 Ivory Mixtape, Julia Primuth and Tapestry  News Student - formed bands perform at first Dojo show 
March 3, 2016 Wheaton college counseling centre News Counseling groups now available amid rise in institutional enrollement  
March 3, 2016 James Volpe News An update onthe " what's going on? panel event 
March 3, 2016 Faculty Development Day  Information Large number of student served through day of job shadowing  
March 3, 2016 Jake Krogh , Caleb Krumsieg . Paeker Samelson and Hudson Thomas Features 'What went down in town hall chapel" 
March 3, 2016 Lucy Rose Till and Vincent Van Gogh  Information The Art Institute : Van Gogh's Bedroom  
March 3, 2016 Elisabeth Stringer Column Book review : " marked for death" A Story of Pain and Healing  
March 3, 2016 Black Music News  Wheaton's dearth of black music - why don't we have more black music here 
March 3, 2016 Saga Hacks  Column The Sweet potato panini 
March 3, 2016 Nora  Article  " what am I to do? " suffering, limitation and where to start  
March 3, 2016 Adam Wood  Information  Reading Aquinas on Tehran  
March 3, 2016 Philip kline  Article   How to talk to your friends about Donald Trump  
March 3, 2016 Soft Ball  Sports Wheaton Soft ball preview 2016 
March 3, 2016 Baseball Sports Wheaton Baseball preview 2016 
March 3, 2016 Aaron Rodgers Sports Don't ignore Steph 
March 3, 2016 Baseball  Sports Not too keen In Kentucky 
March 3, 2016 Track And Field Sports Track and field finish middle of the pack 
March 3, 2016 Women's basketball  Sports Women's Basketball team crowned CCIW champs 
March 3, 2016 Wrestling  Sports  The wrestling team competed on Crawfordsville 
March 3, 2016 Women Tennis  Sports The women's tennis team competed in Hanover Park. 
March 3, 2016 Male Tennis  Sports The men's tennis team competed in Hanover 
March 17, 2016 The Illinois Grace Period Registration Law News Confusion, frustration at local polling place during Illinois primary 
March 17, 2016 Maragret Diddams News First Female Provost sees appointment as evolutionary, not revolutionary 
March 17, 2016 George Turkington News T5 root beer kegger: safe drinks but dangerous fun 
March 17, 2016 Dr. Larycia Hawkins  News Hawkins takes UVA fellowship 
March 17, 2016 Dennis Hastert  News Hastert sentencing pushed to April 8 after medical crisis.  
March 17, 2016 The Mind Behind Information Saga Hacks  
March 17, 2016 Freebies  News Freebies to snag before you leave Wheaton 
March 17, 2016 A film Review Information Salvation in " Room" 
March 17, 2016 David M. Gordon Arts and entertainment  Disorientation 
March 17, 2016 Josh Rowley and Elizabeth Tilley News Student body presidential election special  
March 17, 2016 Jake Krogh and Audrey Gross Column What we're about : Jake and Audrey  
March 17, 2016 Michael Mullaney  Article  Dear College Union: A Roller Disco Manifesto  
March 17, 2016 Ciera Horton  Information Don't be left behind: why evangelicals need to engage in interfaith dialogue 
March 17, 2016 Swimming  Sports  Serving, swimming and sickness  
March 17, 2016 Golf team  Sports Meet and greet in the heat  
March 17, 2016 Baseball team Sports Better to give than receive  
March 17, 2016 Softball game  Sports It takes a village  
March 17, 2016 Women's basketball  Sports Courageous season comes to a close  
March 17, 2016 Soft ball  Sports Always sunny in Central Florida  
March 17, 2016 Baseball  Sports Spring break training  
March 17, 2016 Track  Sports M. Track and Field  
March 17, 2016 Swimming  Sports Men's and women's swimmimg  
March 17, 2016 Wrestling  Sports The thunder competed in Ceder Rapids, Iowa last weekend at the NCAA divison III Wrestling championships. 
March 17, 2016 Tennis  Sports The men's and women's tennis teams competed i Orlando, Fla. Last week 
March 17, 2016 Golf  Sports Last week, men's and women's golf competed in Phoenix , Ariz 
March 24, 2016 Mandatory Health Insurance News Task force recommends mandatory health insurance for intenational students  
March 24, 2016 Junior Sarah Modolo  News Racial profiling proposal passed  
March 24, 2016 Elisabeth Stringer  News Serving with humility during the 2016 break away experience  
March 24, 2016 Nadia Dervish  News Spring break in Honduras: a sustinable short - term missions project  
March 24, 2016 In World News News Donald Trump: the polarizing politician hated and loved in DuPage County  
March 24, 2016 Sarah Miglio News Christ at the Core Explained  
March 24, 2016 Public Safety News Public Safety Blotter 
March 24, 2016  Junior Lauren Boughner  News Easy - to - use Schoology to replace Blackboard  
March 24, 2016 Dr. Michael Mangis  News Outspoken professor to part with Wheaton after 26 years of teaching  
March 24, 2016 College student Campaigner Features A glimpse into the life of a college student campaigner 
March 24, 2016 Dannie Hommel  Features Lauren Rowley for Ben Carson 
March 24, 2016 Junior Emily Hillstrom and Sophomore Cameron Van Beek  Features Emily and Camron for students for Rubio 
March 24, 2016 Wheaton College Symphony Orchestra Arts + Entertainment  Organ Music : Breathing Transcendence  
March 24, 2016 " And the Mountain Echoed"  Art + Entertainment  Book Review: " And the Mountain Echoed"  
March 24, 2016 Saga Hacks  Arts + Entertainment  Saga Hacks: Caesar salad with apple honey caramalized chicken 
March 24, 2016 Alycia Vandervegt- Disney Zootopia Art + Entertainment  A Film Review  
March 24, 2016 Charissa Fort Editorial More than an Internship  
March 24, 2016 Keith Call Editorial Letter to the Editor 
March 24, 2016  Max Planamenta and Philip Kline - Voices Design Editor and Voices Editor  Voices  A response from the Voices team  
March 24, 2016 Dr. Cliff Williams  Voices  In the margin: a multiracial friendship  
March 24, 2016 Kirkland An  Voices  Remember that time when ....." The Record was a platform where people could exchange ideas freely" 
March 24, 2016 March Madness Sports Predicting the unpredictable 
March 24, 2016 Swimmimg  Sports  Swimming's season successfully comes to a close  
March 24, 2016 Baseball team Sports Complete control in first home win 
March 24, 2016 Softball team  Sports No sleep till home games  
March 24, 2016 Senior Kristy Nitz - Won five individual National Championships  Sports Thunder Fact  
March 31, 2016 Off- campus Housing permission denied News 106 students denied off- campus housing permission for 2016 - 17 
March 31, 2016 Associate professor Amy Peeler News The heritage of ordination and Wheaton women  
March 31, 2016 Professor of physics emeritus Joseph Spardley died on Tuesday, March 30 News Joseph Spradley - 1932 - 2016 
March 31, 2016 Area for student discussion disappears, short term solutions in the works  News Where is the forum wall?  
March 31, 2016 Wheaton Mock Trail Team qualified for the National championship Tournament  News Wheaton Mock Trail earns bid to National Championship in April  
March 31, 2016 Denis Matsuev and Conductor Yuri Temirkanov  Announcement  Chicago Symphony Orchestra performs at Edman Chapel  
March 31, 2016 MAP Grant Replacement Scholarship  News Financial aid office awards MAP Grant Replacement Scholarship  
March 31, 2016 C- store sells mace spray, a defensive tear gas  News C- Store sells mace, after Record article 
March 31, 2016 Public Safety  News Public Safety Blotter  
March 31, 2016 Rowley Tilley, student body President, Vice President  News The votes are in : Student Government election results  
March 31, 2016 Emily Sargent  Editorial Space  
March 31, 2016 Max Pointer  Art and Entertainment  Batmen V Superman  
March 31, 2016 Kwame Dawes  Arts and Entertainment  Book Review : " Duppy Conqueror"  
March 31, 2016 Donut Time Editorial Donut Time - A tour of the best donuts in Chicago 
March 31, 2016 Saga Hacks  Arts and Entertainment  Saga Hacks : Tea Oatmeal  
March 31, 2016 Nathan Chase  Editorial - Voices  Trump is not the enemy  
March 31, 2016 Stephen Watts  Editorial - Voices A Political Religion 
March 31, 2016 Philip Kline  Editorial - Voices Reclaiming dialogue  
March 31, 2016 Baseball Sports The Art of PITCHING 
March 31, 2016 Baseball  Sports Baseball heating up as conference games approach  
March 31, 2016 Women's Golf  Sports  Top 10 finish for Thunder  
March 31, 2016 Softball  Sports Ceiling continues to rise for Thunder Freshmen  
March 31, 2016 Senior Christina Sandstedt  Sports  Thunder Facts  
April 7, 2016 Student Government passed a proposal that endorses as Arabic Language program at Wheaton News Student Government endorses new Arabic Language program 
April 7, 2016 Its is Spring  News SPRING HAS SPRUNG (?) 
April 7, 2016 Monetary Award Program  News Financial aid office moves to assist indebt MAP students  
April 7, 2016 Professor Wenyang Zhai  News New Chinese professor means a brand new Chinese major  
April 7, 2016 Wheaton Public Library  News  New, closer cafe opens at the Wheaton Public L ibrary  
April 7, 2016 Do We Recycle ? News Students receive education on recycling, Chick - fil- A  
April 7, 2016 International Health Insurance Plan News  International students react to health insurance requirements 
April 7, 2016 Wheaton' 2016 Theology COnference  News ' Influenced by its Legacy' : a celebration of 500 years of the Reformation 
April 7, 2016 Public Safety  News Public Safety Blotter  
April 7, 2016 Motorist Harassment Report  News Motorist harassment reports , scam emails prompt Public safety campus email  
April 7, 2016 Dr. Arthur Holmes ( 1924- 2011), Professor of Philosophy Editorial  How Wheaton's Philosophy department helped transform American Philosophy. 
April 7, 2016 The Art of David Wallace Haskins  Arts and Entertainment  Embracing the void  
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