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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
2009 May 1 Looking back Front Page Year in review 
2009 May 1 Orientation Front Page New Freshman Welcome tradition unveiled 
2009 May 1  Athletics Front Page Ittersagen signs with NFL 
2009 May 1 Wheaton area Front Page Old-fashioned local barber shops uphold family ideal 
2009 May 1 Faculty In Other News Political economy professor appears on NPR program 
2009 May 1 Student Government In Other News New policy change allows students to request adviser at major declaration 
2009 May 1 H1N1 In Other News Mediat relations, Student Health SErvices informs campus about flu prevention 
2009 May 1 Administration News New faculty vice chair elected 
2009 May 1 Wheaton finances News Capital campaign feels crunch 
2009 May 1 Entertainment InterSection Summer Preview 2009 
2009 May 1 Campus cartoon Voices Getting the Girl: The Philosophy Major 
2009 May 1 Censorship Voices Free speech deserves respect 
2009 May 1 Job and planning Voices How Career Services fails students 
2009 May 1 Campus culture Voices If Radiohead were in chapel 
2009 May 1 LGBT sensitivity Letter to the Editor Hurtful words 
2009 May 1 Student organized Sports Club Sports 
2009 May 1 Basketball Sports Schauer named new head men's basketball coach 
2009 May 1 Continuing Atheltics Sports Michael Jordan and the year of the (fifth-year) senior 
2009 May 1 Tracke and field Sports Wheaton prepares for conference 
2009 May 1 Baseball Sports Wheaton sweeps IWU, now in second place 
2009 May 1 Softball Sports Rain disrupts tournament, Wheaton closes season with victory 
2009 May 1 Men's Tennis Sports Thunder earns second seed for Conference Tournament 
2009 April 24 Academic requirements Front Page History credit transfer policy tightened 
2009 April 24 Campus tradition gone awry Front Page Police intervene in bench brawl 
2009 April 24 Campus tradition Front Page Class Films delays cause judging changes and no DVDs 
2009 April 24 Students on staff Front Page Wheaton's man from down under is GRA Jeff Buster 
2009 April 24 Orphan for a Night In Other News Students prepare to be orphans for a night 
2009 April 24 Admission In Other News Connection indicates high interest 
2009 April 24 Qi, He News Artist shares inspiration at theology conference 
2009 April 24 Campus facilities News Holes open for science center preparation 
2009 April 24 Movie review InterSection 'State of Play' entertaining, but just another political thriller 
2009 April 24 Movie review InterSection Zac Efron keeps his head in the game for teen flick '17 Again' 
2009 April 24 Movie review InterSection French film 'I've Loved You So Long' explores life after prison 
2009 April 24 Album review InterSection Metric's Emily Haines expresses individuality on 'Fantasies' 
2009 April 24 Chicagoland InterSection Day Trip to Southport 
2009 April 24 Movie review For The Record ... 'Turtles II' takes a spiritual journey 
2009 April 24 Forgetfulness Voices Joy in monotony, life in mementos 
2009 April 24 Campus life Voices A call to resuscitate mischief 
2009 April 24 Campus tradition Letter to the Editor Flims' undue controversy 
2009 April 24 Student Government Letter to the Editor Students disenchanted over SG 
2009 April 24 Student Government Letter to the Editor Students becoming cutthroat 
2009 April 24 Track and Field Sport Shorts Track and field 
2009 April 24 Softball Sport Shorts Softball 
2009 April 24 Tennis Sport Shorts Women's Tennis 
2009 April 24 Men's Golf Sports Thunder start well at CCIW Championship 
2009 April 24 Water Polo Sports Thunder finish season at Midwest Regional 
2009 April 24 Women's Golf Sports Wheaton third at Millikin Classic 
2009 April 24 Baseball Sports Thunder mow down foes, riding five-game winning streak 
2009 April 24 Track and field Sports Wheaton hosts Twilight Meet, focuses on team unity 
2009 April 17 Campus tradition Front Page Classes confused over film rules 
2009 April 17 D'Souza Front Page Well-known author addresses audience on issues of faith and atheism 
2009 April 17 Taxed Enough Already Front Page Taxes, stimulus spark Tea Party recreation 
2009 April 17 Chicagoland and Environment News Environmental panel seeks justice 
2009 April 17 Theology Conference News Conference focuses on formation 
2009 April 17 Class Film Festival Spotlight Freshman 
2009 April 17  Class Film Festival Spotlight Junior 
2009 April 17 Campus food Front Page Meal plans adjust to cater to student wishes 
2009 April 17 Class Film Festival Spotlight Sophomore 
2009 April 17 Class Film Festival Spotlight Senior 
2009 April 17 Class Film Festival Spotlight Class Films 2009 
2009 April 17 Movie review InterSection 'Adventureland' offers a quirky solace from summer job stress 
2009 April 17 Arena Theater InterSection 'Merrily We Roll Along' rolls into Arena Theater 
2009 April 17 Album review InterSection Doves' 'Kingdom of Rust' plays like a mediocre Coldplay track 
2009 April 17 Album review InterSection  Rascal Flatts flat-lines on creativity but still cranks out heart-felt tunes 
2009 April 17 Campus tradition For The Record... Seniors, sophmores steal the show at Class Films 
2009 April 17 College President Letter to the Editor Selection committee unbalanced 
2009 April 17 Art and Culture Letter to the Editor Column does not understand art and worship 
2009 April 17 Race relations Letter to the Editor Solidarity defines racism incorrectly 
2009 April 17 Environment and Consumerism Voices Tap into conservation, get off the bottle 
2009 April 17 Student Government  Voices The tale of SG losing its credibility 
2009 April 17 Baseball  Sports Wheaton collects two wins while offense hits dry spell 
2009 April 17 Men's Golf Sports Freshmen performing well as conference championships approach 
2009 April 17 Track and Field Sport Shorts Track and Field 
2009 April 17 Women's Golf Sport Shorts Women's Golf 
2009 April 17 Softball Sports Wheaton measures itself against two CCIW heavyweights 
2009 April 17 Men's Tennis Sports Thunder open conference competition with loss to Carthage 
2009 May 1 Men's Golf Sport Shorts Men's Golf 
2009 May 1 Women's Golf Sport Shorts Women's Golf 
2009 May 1 Women's Tennis Sport Shorts Women's Tennis 
2009 April 9 Study Abroad Front Page Wheaton directs focus abroad 
2009 April 9 Wheaton area Front Page Budget cut prompts DVD charge at public library 
2009 April 9 International theology Front Page Visiting Kenyan prof gives perspective on global church 
2009 April 9 Campus housing Front Page Housing choices reveal single living gaining popularity 
2009 April 9 Campus facilities  In Other News SRC installs new flatscreens in weight room, later than anticipated 
2009 April 9 Alumni In Other News Alum co-authors immigration book, explores issue from Christian view 
2009 April 9 Business and community outreach News SIFE wins runner-up at regionals 
2009 April 9 Recipe InterSection Carrot Cake 
2009 April 9 Album review InterSection Peter Bjorn and John move past 'Writer's Block' 
2009 April 9 Movie review InterSection 'Marley and Me' brings man's best friend to the big screen 
2009 April 9 Movie review InterSection 'Sunshine Cleaning' proves that in the end a job is just a job 
2009 April 9 Debate competition For The Record... Debate team places fourth at nationals 
2009 April 9 Abortion Voices Pro-life stance unpopular but still worth the effort 
2009 April 9 Prison ministry Voices God's redeeming power in Angola Prison 
2009 April 9 Seeking truth Voices Glimpsing truth in 'secular' culture 
2009 April 9 Wrestling Sports Boltz fights through adversity to become All-America 
2009 April 9 Baseball Sports Thunder take two from Augustana 
2009 April 9 Water polo Sports Wheaton completes busy weekend 
2009 April 9 Track and field Sport shorts Track and field 
2009 April 9 Men's Golf Sport shorts Men's Golf 
2009 April 9 Softball Sports Wheaton encounters defensive struggles against tough competition 
2009 April 3 Student Government Front Page We (finally) have a winner 
2009 April 3 Alumni Front Page Wheaton alum runs for governor of South Carolina 
2009 April 3 Faculty Front Page Bullock retires after 40 years of teaching 
2009 April 3 Prison Ministry  Front Page Institute for Prison Ministries provides fresh options 
2009 April 3 Class gift Front Page Seniors donate class gifts funds to university in the Congo 
2009 April 3 Movie review InterSection 'Monsters vs. Aliens' clever but not out of this world 
2009 April 3 Administration In Other News Student Development Administrative Assistant to leave for new role 
2009 April 3 Bicycles on campus In Other News Public Safety could start cutting bike locks across Wheaton's campus 
2009 April 3 Theater review InterSection 'Bible B-Sides' remixes Bible stories 
2009 April 3 Album review InterSection Blue October's 'Approaching Normal' approaches disturbing 
2009 April 3 Movie review InterSection Sally Hawkins shines in 'Happy-Go-Lucky' 
2009 April 3 Album review InterSection The Yeah Yeah Yeahs' identity crisis 
2009 April 3 Pro-life For The Record... Abortion protestors convicted 
2009 April 3 Christian life is not a mold Letter to the Editor Column patronizing and naive 
2009 April 3 Marriage Letter to the Editor Improper remedy in discussion of marriage 
2009 April 3 Race relations Voices Solidarity reminds that decisions matter 
2009 April 3 Doubt on a Christian campus Voices More complex than the human eye 
2009 April 3 Men's Golf Sport Shorts Men's Golf 
2009 April 3 Men's Tennis Sport Shorts Men's Tennis 
2009 April 3 Women's Tennis Sport Shorts Women's Tennis 
2009 April 3 Track and Field Sports Wheaton begins outdoor season 
2009 April 3 Softball Sports Thunder take two from Lake Forest in harsh conditions 
2009 April 3 Baseball Sports Wheaton snaps five-game losing streak by sweeping North Central 
2009 April 3 Water polo Sports Thunder host Wheaton Invitational, eye next contest against Carthage 
2009 March 27 Marriage Front Page Married undergraduates feel 'ring by spring' backlash 
2009 March 27 Director of Residence Life Front Page New dean position to head Residence Life 
2009 March 27 Student Government Front Page Election results require runoff 
2009 March 27 Sesquicentennial Front Page Fireworks, book celebrate Wheaton's history 
2009 March 27 Foreign language department News New language profs hired 
2009 March 27 Movie review InterSection 'I Love You, Man' brings bromance to the big screen 
2009 March 27 Movie review InterSection 'Duplicity' director deals romance with his action-packed plot 
2009 March 27 Movie review InterSection What you should know before you go to 'Knowing' 
2009 March 27 Album review InterSection Will Oldham shows that older is better for Bonnie 'Prince' Billy 
2009 March 27 Album review InterSection Colin Meloy plays the storyteller in Decemberists' Hazards of Love' 
2009 March 27 Conscience in Entertainment Letter to the Editor Attend to soul while watching movies 
2009 March 27 The Good, the Bad, the Ugly Letter to the Editor Ugly shows lack of Christian love 
2009 March 27 Sunday Letter to the Editor Sabbath should be more special 
2009 March 27 Student Government For The Record... Write-ins sweep senior election 
2009 March 27 Life of Service Voices Embrace life's different challenges 
2009 March 27 Family Voices What happens when your parents get old 
2009 March 27 Wrestling Sport Shorts Wrestling 
2009 March 27 Water Polo Sports Water Polo runs into tough competition at Notre Dame Invitational 
2009 March 27 Men's Tennis Sport Shorts Men's Tennis 
2009 March 27 Baseball Sports Weekend leaves room for improvement 
2009 March 27 Softball Sports Wheaton on five-game winning streak, opens renovated Leedy Field 
2009 March 27 Swimming Sports Nitz breaks into NCAA Division III Championships, competes in three events 
2009 March 20 Campus food Front Page Bon Appetit remains sovereign 
2009 March 20 College President Front Page The search is on 
2009 March 20 Campus facilities Front Page Adams opens with addition, will house Art Survey 
2009 March 20 Administration Front Page Senior VP to retire 
2009 March 20 Media  News Should Christians engage in new media? 
2009 March 20 Wheaton area In Other News Empty Jewel lot to be sold within the next year 
2009 March 20 Alumni In Other News Alum up for "Best Job in the World" 
2009 March 20 Album review InterSection Kelly Clarkson shows she hasn't been idle since 'Idol' 
2009 March 20 Album review InterSection New album from Seventh Day slumber a snooze 
2009 March 20 Restaurant review InterSection Tasty dinner at Thipi Thai restaurant ends on a sour note 
2009 March 20 Movie review InterSection 'Watchmen' a hollow translation from book to film 
2009 March 20 Spring Sports Preview Sports Women's Tennis 
2009 March 20 Spring Sports Preview Sports Track and field 
2009 March 20 Spring Sports Preview Sports Men's Golf 
2009 March 20 Spring Sports Preview Sports Water Polo 
2009 March 20 Spring Sports Preview Sports Women's Golf 
2009 March 20  Spring Sports Preview Sports Men's Tennis 
2009 March 20 Spring Sports Preview Sports Baseball 
2009 March 20 Spring Sports Preview Sports  Softball 
2009 March 20 International Espionage For The Record... Former CIA director defends covert action 
2009 March 20 Government spending Letter to the Editor Solving hubris with false solutions 
2009 March 20 Marcionism Letter to the Editor Truths in tension 
2009 March 20 Earth Hour Voices Turn off a light, save a polar bear? 
2009 March 20  Exiting Academia Voices Giving up planners and in to disorder 
2009 March 20 Men's basketball Sports Harris announces retirement after 18 seasons 
2009 March 20 Men's Basketball Sports A Bittersweet Sixteen 
2009 March 20 Baseball Sport Shorts Baseball 
2009 March 20 Men's Golf  Sport Shorts Men's Golf 
2009 March 20 Men's Tennis Sport Shorts Men's Tennis 
2009 March 20 Softball Sport Shorts Softball 
2009 March 20 Water Polo Sport Shorts Water Polo 
2009 March 20 Women's Tennis Sport Shorts Women's Tennis 
2009 March 20 Women's Golf  Sport Shorts Women's Golf 
2009 March 6 Campus food Front Page Bon Appetit up for re-election 
2009 March 6 American Philosophical Association starts petition Front Page Philosophers condemn Wheaton's hiring policy 
2009 March 6 Administration Front Page Course evaluation policy undergoes facelift and additions 
2009 March 6 Israel-Palestine debate Front Page Journalist speaks on Palestinian conflict 
2009 March 6 New Club News Voice for Life club seeks charter 
2009 March 6 Faculty News New English prof anticipates student bonding 
2009 March 6 HoneyRock Spotlight HoneyRock Office 
2009 March 6 Outdoor Adventure Spotlight Stuck in the Suburbs? 
2009 March 6 Movie review InterSection 'Street Fighter' no knock-out 
2009 March 6 Recipe InterSection Chocolate Eclair Dessert 
2009 March 6 Album review InterSection U2's horizons still expanding 
2009 March 6 Album review InterSection Gibson album soft & sweet 
2009 March 6 Theater review InterSection "Chicago" better as a movie? 
2009 March 6 Government spending Voices The folly of epistemological hubris 
2009 March 6 Marcionism Voices Our Evangelical Marcionism 
2009 March 6 Campus cartoon Voices Toilet Paper 
2009 March 6 SRC For The Record... Groundbreaking set for new rec center 
2009 March 6 Sabbath Sports Bottled up: Wheaton athletes stifled by Sunday policy 
2009 March 6 Water Polo Sports Wheaton opens season 
2009 March 6 Women's basketball Sports Thunder finish season with loss in CCIW Tournament in Bloomington 
2009 March 6 Women's Tennis Sports Wheaton drowns Calvin 8-1 
2009 March 6 Track and Field Sports Thunder compete at CCIW Championships, Baumert continues to dominate 
2009 March 6 Men's Basketball Sports Pack the house, Thunder win CCIW Tournament Chapionship in front of record crowd 
2009 February 27 J. Dennis Hastert Center for Economics in Washington D.C. Front Page Center funds scholars 
2009 February 27 Faculty Front Page Eight faculty receive tenure this year 
2009 February 27 Faculty Front Page New Business professor hired 
2009 February 27 Cato Institute Front Page Professor criticizes stimulus 
2009 February 27 Sesquicentennial In Other News Wheaton professors contribute to city sesquicentennial celebration 
2009 February 27 Qi, He In Other News World-renowned artist featured in the BGC museum 
2009 February 27 Faculty Spotlight Q & A with newly tenured faculty 
2009 February 27 Album review InterSection Catch husband&wife live 
2009 February 27 Movie review InterSection Go see 'The International' 
2009 February 27 Campus culture For The Record... Stress factors especially high at Wheaton 
2009 February 27 College President Voices An open letter to Wheaton students from the president 
2009 February 27 Good deeds Voices Storing up pennies in heaven 
2009 February 27 Ecumenicism Voices Small steps toward a unified whole 
2009 February 27 Women's Tennis Sports Thunder open spring in dominant fashion 
2009 February 27 Women's basketball Sports Wheaton on three game winning streak, finish second in CCIW 
2009 February 27 Wrestling Voices Thunder compete at Regional, Boltz makes Nationals 
2009 February 27 Track and field Sports Thunder continue to break records, compete at Dick Pond Invitational 
2009 February 27 Men's basketball Sports Ring it up, Thunder take home conference title for first time since 1999 
2009 February 27 Swimming Sports Make it a dozen, women win championships again 
2009 February 20 Wheaton finances Front Page Economy sparks modest increases 
2009 February 20 Alumni Front Page Alum's Sudan peace work jeopardized 
2009 February 20 HNGR Front Page HNGR interns reach out to community 
2009 February 20 Brooks, David News Columnist optimistic about cultural shift 
2009 February 20 Religious hiring rights News Hiring rights under a new administration 
2009 February 20 Arena Theater News Two casts, two genders, one plight 
2009 February 20 Recipe Intersection Tuxedo trail mix 
2009 February 20 Award overview Intersection Golden Globes 
2009 February 20 Award overview Intersection The Academy Awards 
2009 February 20 Movie review Intersection The Reader 
2009 February 20 Movie review Intersection Slumdog Millionaire 
2009 February 20 Movie review Intersection The Curious Case of Benjamin Button 
2009 February 20 Movie review Intersection Milk 
2009 February 20 Movie review Intersection Frost/Nixon 
2009 February 20 Domestic politics Voices America on the road to socialism? 
2009 February 20 Humility Voices Adopt understanding through humility 
2009 February 20 Servant evangelism Letter to the Editor An effort to encourage evangelism misses the mark 
2009 February 20 Campus cartoon Voices The Three Types of Town Hall Questions 
2009 February 20 College President For The Record... Duane for a day 
2009 February 20 Track and field Sports Men and women place eighth 
2009 February 20 Swimming  Sports Wheaton finishes regular season with victories 
2009 February 20 Women's basketball Sports Think pink; Wheaton victorious on cancer awareness night 
2009 February 20 Men's Tennis Sports Thunder spring into new season without Miller 
2009 February 20 Men's basketball Sports Wheaton claims at least a share of conference championship 
2009 February 20 Wrestling Sports Thunder host Conference Championships, place fourth 
2009 February 13 Alumni Front Page Kaiser to speak at graduation 
2009 February 13 Track and field Sports Thunder compete at Illinois Wesleyan Keck Invitational 
2009 February 13 CACE Front Page NY Times columnist opens CACE lecture series 
2009 February 13 Rizk, Philip Front Page Seized and released 
2009 February 13 Ecumenicism In Other News Students sponsor faith dialogue 
2009 February 13 Campus magazine In Other News Pub looks to students amid financial strain 
2009 February 13 Broadcasting News Congress to digitize TV 
2009 February 13 Campus life News Finding community through campus clubs 
2009 February 13 Restaurant review InterSection Drown your sorrows at Sugar Bliss 
2009 February 13 Valentine's Day InterSection Things to do for Haters 
2009 February 13 Theater review InterSection Head to the theatre for serious drama 
2009 February 13 Valentine's Day InterSection Things to do for Lovers 
2009 February 13 Restuarant review InterSection Savor a romantic dinner at Mill Race Inn 
2009 February 13 Movie review InterSection Snuggle during a romantic comedy 
2009 February 13 Movie review InterSection Selick's 'Coraline' a nightmare come true 
2009 February 13 Album review InterSection Lisa Hannigan proves she can stand alone 
2009 February 13 Album review InterSection The Fray struggle to avoid sophomore slump 
2009 February 13 Men's basketball Sports Wheaton takes sole possession of first, wins two more 
2009 February 13 Wrestling Sports Thunder succumb to Cardinals, Boltz upsets undefeated foe 
2009 February 13 Women's basketball Sports Thunder fall on senior day, rebound with win over Augustana 
2009 February 13 Swimming Sports Wheaton leaves competition out to dry at three-team meet 
2009 February 6 Israel-Palestine conflict Front Page Recent conflict in Gaza sparks Palestinian defense 
2009 February 9 Campus housing Front Page 'Nunnery' no more, Williston to go co-ed 
2009 February 6 Center for Early Christian Studies Front Page Donation establishes new center on campus 
2009 February 6 Earthkeepers News Bon Appetit assesses student waste 
2009 February 6 Restaurant review InterSection Egg Harbor 
2009 February 6 Restaurant review InterSection Noah 
2009 February 6 Restaurant review InterSection Honey 
2009 February 6 Restaurant review InterSection Butterfield Pancake House 
2009 February 6 Restaurant review InterSection Dali's Cafe 
2009 February 6 Restaurant review InterSection Grandma Sally's Waffle House 
2009 February 6 Restaurant review InterSection Pancake Cafe 
2009 February 6 Restaurant review InterSection Egglectic Cafe 
2009 February 6 Restaurant review InterSection Rainbow Restaurant and Pancake House 
2009 February 6 Restaurant review InterSection Old North Pancake House 
2009 February 6 Alumni Spotlight American Idol 
2009 February 6 Alumni Spotlight Theatre Arts 
2009 February 6 Alumni Spotlight Parent Trap 
2009 February 6 Alumni Spotlight Survivor 
2009 February 6 Alumni Spotlight Jeff Nordling 
2009 February 6 Alumni Spotlight Wes Craven 
2009 February 6 Alumni Spotlight Independent Film 
2009 February 6 Movie review Intersection "Taken" uninspired and predictable 
2009 February 6 Album review Intersection Franz Ferdinand takes indie to the dance floor 
2009 February 6 Album review Intersection The Bird and the Bee blend an upbeat new album 
2009 February 6 Art For The Record... Sculpture defies explanation 
2009 February 6 Art in the news Letters to the Editor Visual and performing arts go undercovered 
2009 February 6 Environmental awareness Letters to the Editor Creation care critical to long-term sustainability 
2009 February 6 Job hunt Letters to the Editor Getting your resume into the right hands 
2009 February 6 Humility in relationship Voices Seek to understand, not be understood 
2009 February 6 Israel-Palestine conflict Voices The big picture in the Middle East conflict 
2009 February 6 Women's basketball feature Sports Breaking records left and right, a look at Fidelia's fine career 
2009 February 6 Women's basketball Sports Wheaton improves record to 7-1 in conference play 
2009 February 6 Men's basketball Sports Thunder break losing skid, start new winning streak 
2009 February 6 Wrestling Sports Wheaton hosts Pete Willson Invitational, places 15th 
2009 January 30  Finding employment Front Page Economic concerns impact employment 
2009 January 30 Wheelchair Front Page Wheaton from a chair: getting to class on wheels 
2009 January 30 Publicity and Media Relations In Other News Media Relations Director to leave 
2009 January 30 Faculty Development Day In Other News Faculty focus on globalization during Tuesday's development day 
2009 January 30 Alumni News Alum prosecutes terrorists in Guantanamo 
2009 January 30 Alumni News Recent grad writes book on environment 
2009 January 30 Movie review InterSection Inkheart brings fantasy to theatres for the Harry Potter set 
2009 January 30 Album review InterSection Andrew Bird crafts unique album 
2009 January 30 Album review InterSection Animal Collective tries out new sounds with experimental release 
2009 January 30 Album review InterSection Bon Iver expands on original style 
2009 January 30 Album review InterSection Hon Foreman's Family Fiction fails to impress 
2009 January 30 Book review InterSection Home an adequate sequel to Gilead 
2009 January 30 Gaza Letters to the Editor A well-spun tale of the conflict 
2009 January 30 Gaza Letters to the Editor Playing the blame game and getting it wrong 
2009 January 30 Computing Services For The Record... Computers have new future 
2009 January 30 Israel-Palestine conflict Voices The voice of the Palestinian majority 
2009 January 30 Dependence Voices Sacrificing happiness for surrender 
2009 January 30 Men's basketball Sports Losing streak hits three in tough CCIW competition 
2009 January 30 Men's basketball feature Sports Freshmen welcome; two rookies make key contributions 
2009 January 30 Wrestling Sports Thunder defeated twice at MSOE 
2009 January 30 Women's basketball Sports An early battle for first; Wheaton falls to Illinois Wesleyan 
2009 January 30 Swimming Sports Thunder compete against Carthage in conference dual meet 
2009 January 23 Olympics Front Page Swider-Peltz crowned all-around national champion 
2009 January 23 Wheaton ranking Front Page Wheaton: Pay less, learn more 
2009 January 23 Administration Front Page Chelsen named VP for Student Development 
2009 January 23 Alumni Front Page Alum co-stars in hit TV show 
2009 January 23 Scientific research News Students, professor aid zoo in researching problem parasites 
2009 January 23 Science majors In Other News Environmental Studies major enrollment triples in two years 
2009 January 23 Faculty authors In Other News Three professors author book on New Testament 
2009 January 23 Restaurant review InterSection Warm up at Shannon's 
2009 January 23 Movie review InterSection See "Defiance" in theatres 
2009 January 23 Recipe InterSection Chow down on hot cookies 
2009 January 23 Movie review InterSection Curl up with the "Brick Lane" 
2009 January 23 Winter InterSection Find your way to Keep Warm in winter 
2009 January 23 Israel-Palestine conflict Letters to the Editor Christians need to be concerned with both sides of conflict 
2009 January 23 Olympics For The Record... Local hero skates toward gold 
2009 January 23 Losing faith at Wheaton Letters to the Editor Students could find help on campus 
2009 January 23 Hamas Voices Culpability in the Gaza conflict 
2009 January 23 Humility vs. Shame Voices Privileged Christians, minus the guilt 
2009 January 23 Softball feature Sports Softball team participates in first mission trip in team history 
2009 January 23 Baseball Sports Pre-season All-American Brian Kolb continues to accumulate awards 
2009 January 23 Swimming Sports Thunder compete in Hope Quadrangular 
2009 January 23 Wrestling Sports Wheaton enjoys successful winter break 
2009 January 23 Women's basketball Sports A tale of two semesters, Thunder bounce back after losing streak  
2009 January 23 Men's basketball Sports Thunder undefeated over winter break, perfect start to CCIW snapped by Carthage 
2009 January 23 Football Sports A look back at a season of multiple headlines 
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