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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
2004 December 10 Campus tradition Front Page Bench Brawl 
2004 December 10 Institute for Middle East Peace and Development Front Page Provost Jones attends interfaith dialogue 
2004 December 10 evangelism and spiritual formation Front Page Dorsett announces resignation 
2004 December 10 Wheaton finances Front Page 2003-04 budget yields $5.3 million surplus 
2004 December 10 BreakAway News Litfin receives Angola sculpture 
2004 December 10 Catholic faculty News Hochschild's departure elicits faculty, student emotion 
2004 December 10 Sudan Spotlight Sudanese find refuge in DuPage County 
2004 December 10 Sudan Spotlight Sudan: A Timeline 
2004 December 10 Sudan Spotlight Fast for Darfur: A Conversation with Josh Cook and Matt Soerens 
2004 December 10 Movie review Beat 'Sideways' 
2004 December 10 Music review Beat Top 15 Albums of 2004 
2004 December 10 Movies Beat Top 15 Movies of 2004 
2004 December 10 Theater review Beat 'The Cherry Orchard' 
2004 December 10 Christmas Staff Editorial 'Tis the season to get through finals 
2004 December 10 Dorsett, Lyle Voices How Dorsett's absence will affect Great Shepherd and the college 
2004 December 10 Single, not inferior Letters to the Editor Noelliste column, staff editorial insightful on singleness 
2004 December 10 consumer attitude Letters to the Editor McMinn delivers where Smalleys failed 
2004 December 10 Mary and Israel Voices If mother Mary had a baby book 
2004 December10 biblical worldview Voices What does biblical mean anyway? 
2004 December 10 commercialism Voices Taking Santa's reins 
2004 December 10 Swimming Sports Swimmers cruise past competition at Wheaton Invite 
2004 December 10 Men's basketball Sports Men sweep, women swept in inaugural CCIW/MIAA Challenge 
2004 December 10 Women's Basketball Sport Shorts Women's Basketball 
2004 December 3 NAICU Front Page Litfin contributes to higher ed conference 
2004 December 3 Women's Soccer Front Page Pressure kicker 
2004 December 3 Special Collection Front Page Oswald Chambers papers donated to college archives 
2004 December 3 Political analysis News Rice comes with values attached 
2004 December 3 National Communication Association Annual Convention News Student delivers paper at national conference 
2004 December 3 Album review Beat 'How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb' 
2004 December 3 Music Beat Reviewing the reviewers: Satisfy your music cravings online 
2004 December 3 Women's soccer Sports Thunder rolls to Division III championship 
2004 December 3 Women's soccer Sports Twenty-five wins in a row ... and counting 
2004 December 3 Soccer Sports Two decades later, second championship just as sweet 
2004 December 3 Movie review Beat 'Alexander' 
2004 December 3 Album review Beat 'Now the Day is Over' 
2004 December 3 misconceptions of gender and sexuality Staff Editorial Smalley chapels sinfully erotic, harmfully violent to relationships 
2004 December 3 Sleeth, Will Letters to the Editor Iraq's future not as rosy as Sleeth says 
2004 December 3 race Voices Politics not enough to combat prejudice 
2004 December 3 Smoking Voices Let my people smoke 
2004 December 3 Singleness Voices Single, not inferior: No pity, please 
2004 December 3 Football Sports Thunder rise and fall in NCAA playoffs 
2004 December 3 Track and field Sport Shorts Cross Country 
2004 December 3 Swimming Sport Shorts Swimming 
2004 December 3 Men's basketball Sports Wheaton wins four straight 
2004 December 3 Women's basketball Sports Young team remains undefeated 
2004 November 19 LiNK Front Page Human rights group calls attention to North Korea crisis 
2004 November 19 Federal Marriage Amendment Front Page SG drops proposed FMA endorsement 
2004 November 19 Wheaton alcohol consumption Front Page Alcohol forum invites student dialogue 
2004 November 19 Fischer, Ita News New director expands scope of Career Services, revamps website 
2004 November 19 Michael and Amy Smalley News Relationship chapels aim to 'illuminate' students 
2004 November 19 Women's soccer Sports Thunder eradicates Hope, advances to NCAA sectionals 
2004 November 19 Men's soccer Sports Season concludes in second round 
2004 November 19 Cross Country Sports Women finish sixth at regional meet, men 15th 
2004 November 19 Swimming Sports Swimming pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses at optional Chicago meet 
2004 November 19 Movie review Beat 'Finding Neverland' 
2004 November 19 Movie review Beat 'The Polar Express' 
2004 November 19 Book review Beat 'Life of Pi' 
2004 November 19 Album review Beat 'I See Things Upside Down' 
2004 November 19 Music Beat Starflyer 59 and Pedro the Lion walk sacred-secular line 
2004 November 19 plans Voices Seeing God's providence in the midst of uncertainty 
2004 November 19 Pope Joan Voices Identifying sin's effects on Church tradition 
2004 November 19 Iraq Voices Iraq is a disaster - or is it? 
2004 November 19 Federal Marriage Amendment Voices FMA displays Christian love to homosexuals 
2004 November 19 Federal Marriage Amendment Voices FMA sends wrong message to homosexual community 
2004 November 19 Breaking the covenant Staff Editorial Misleading rationalizations 
2004 November 19 grades Letters to the Editor Drafts did not affect Wheaton grades 
2004 November 19 hurtful play on words Letters to the Editor Quotable offensive to women 
2004 November 19 fans in the stands Letters to the Editor Sports fans, please stand up 
2004 November 19 Federal Marriage Amendment Letters to the Editor Sleeth's FMA proposal evidences devotion to worthy cause 
2004 November 19 parking protests Letters to the Editor Record comment against parking lot hypocritical 
2004 November 19 Football Sports With playoffs at stake, Wheaton goes double or nothing 
2004 November 19 Football Sports Thunder receives playoff berth after 9-1 season 
2004 November 12 Campus housing Front Page minimum wage 
2004 November 12 Talent show Front Page Riff raff, street rat... 
2004 November 12 train station News New College Avenue train station to open next spring 
2004 November 12 Federal Marriage Amendment News Veto upheld, but SG support of FMA still under debate 
2004 November 12 Women's Soccer Sports Twentieth consecutive win brings CCIW Championship 
2004 November 12 Men's Soccer Sports Wheaton upstaged in CCIW Finals 
2004 November 12 Arena Theater Beat History of 'The Madwoman of Chaillot' at Arena Theater 
2004 November 12 Movie review Beat 'The Incredibles' 
2004 November 12 Album review Beat 'It Always Will Be' 
2004 November 12 Album review Beat 'The Only Thing That's Not' 
2004 November 12 Book review Beat 'Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim' 
2004 November 12 GPA and grade inflation Spotlight Student on the spot 
2004 November 12 GPA and grade inflation Spotlight Research explores causes of growing trend 
2004 November 12 GPA and grade inflation Spotlight Faculty responses to grade inflation 
2004 November 12 GPA and grade inflation Spotlight Faculty committee addresses inflation 
2004 November 12 Campus housing Staff Editorial Alleviating our housing woes 
2004 November 12 revivals Voices Wheaton revivals and prayers for another 
2004 November 12 politeness Voices Avoiding fake friendliness in Wheaton and Hollywood 
2004 November 12 Arena Theater Letters to the Editor 'Madwoman' review misunderstands intent of play 
2004 November 12 Bach Letters to the Editor Praise for student concert 
2004 November 12 Federal Marriage Amendment Letters to the Editor Sleeth's FMA proposal discounts opposing views 
2004 November 12 Football Sports Defense shuts down North Park, powers Thunder win 
2004 November 12 Swimming Sports Men's and women's teams pull off sweep at home meet 
2004 November 5 CFM Front Page Root gets doctorate, employment remains in question 
2004 November 5 Presidential election Front Page Election '04: Keeping Tabs on the Ticker 
2004 November 5 FMA Front Page SG president vetoes support for marriage amendment 
2004 November 5 Presidential election News College Republican campaigners travel to Wisconsin 
2004 November 5 Football Sports School-record winning streaks end at Carthage 
2004 November 5 Cross Country Sports Wheaton teams vie for championship 
2004 November 5 Swimming Sports Busy opening weekend jump-starts season 
2004 November 5 Movie review Beat 'Ray' 
2004 November 5 Movie review Beat 'I heart Huckabees' 
2004 November 5 Arena Theater Beat 'The Madwoman of Chaillot' 
2004 November 5 Album review Beat 'Pressure Chief' 
2004 November 5 counseling center Voices Why I am majoring in Spanish and going to the counseling center 
2004 November 5 worship Voices Regaining reverence for God's holiness 
2004 November 5 worship Staff Editorial We could sing of his love forever? 
2004 November 5 Chapel Voices Making chapel time into God time 
2004 November 5 living by moods Voices Moods reflect deeper character traits 
2004 November 5 growth Voices  Finding my identity outside the box 
2004 November 5 Women's Soccer Sports Just business as usual: Women in CCIW final 
2004 November 5 Soccer Sports Wheaton advances with 8-2 victory 
2004 October 29 ROTC Front Page ROTC extends Ranger Challenge first-place winning streak 
2004 October 29 Wheaton Christian Grammar School Front Page Crowded grammar school plans to move 
2004 October 29 Eurpean news coverage Front Page Wheaton draws interest of European journalists 
2004 October 29 Sudan News Students respond to Darfur crisis by fasting 
2004 October 29 Bush and Kerry debate News Debates leave negligible impact on voters 
2004 October 29 Cross Country Sports Runners ready to roll at CCIW Championships 
2004 October 29 Football Sports Thornfeldt, Musso propel Wheaton to blowout win 
2004 October 29 Women's Soccer Sports Wheaton wins clash of CCIW undefeateds 
2004 October 29 Men's soccer Sports Freshmen excel in victories 
2004 October 29 Soccer Sports CCIW Soccer 
2004 October 29 Volleyball Sports Thunder drops home finale 
2004 October 29 Intramurals Sports A-quad IMs yield champions, t-shirts 
2004 October 29 Album review Beat 'Catch for Us the Foxes' 
2004 October 29 Album review Beat 'Eveningland' 
2004 October 29 Album review Beat 'From a Basement on the Hill' 
2004 October 29 Album review Beat 'Share the Well' 
2004 October 29 Movie review Beat 'Eternal Sunshine' 
2004 October 29 Movie reviews Beat Video Vault: Halloween Hodge-Podge 
2004 October 29 Theater review Beat Lookingglass' '1984' takes a deeper look at Big Brother 
2004 October 29 Community Covenant Voices Le Monde exposes Covenant's narrow mindset 
2004 October 29 American history Voices American injustices contradict Bush's historical views 
2004 October 29 Abortion Letters to the Editor Abortion 'ban' unrealistic 
2004 October 29 Yearbook Letters to the Editor Tower comment lacks respect 
2004 October 29 Arena Theater Letters to the Editor Workout comment inaccurate, damaging 
2004 October 29 The Look Book Staff Editorial Do we have 'the look'? 
2004 October 15 Volleyball Sports Slide ends with three wins 
2004 October 15 dance Front Page CU House Party future uncertain 
2004 October 15 CCIW Sports Three of a kind: CCIW Players of the Week 
2004 October 15 Community Covenant Front Page Covenant-breakers grapple with expectations, administration 
2004 October 15 Campus food Front Page Stupe opens under new management 
2004 October 15 Women's tennis Sports Team takes second in CCIW tourney 
2004 October 15 Campus tradition News Recent scuffles continue storied senior bench history 
2004 October 15 Movie review Beat 'Friday Night Lights' 
2004 October 15 Album review Beat 'Around the Sun' 
2004 October 15 Album review Beat 'Has Been' 
2004 October 15 Community art class Beat Community art encourages dialogue 
2004 October 15 Head to Head on abortion Voices Abortion not the definitive issue in presidential 
2004 October 15 Head to Head on abortion Voices Re-electing Bush necessary to defeat abortion 
2004 October 15 forced social interactions Staff Editorial Unintentional community 
2004 October 15 Christian parties Letters to the Editor Record misunderstands responsible freedom 
2004 October 15 perfectionism Voices Opening up to unconditional love 
2004 October 15 Martin Luther  Voices The romance of Martin Luther 
2004 October 15 addiction News The influence of drugs and alcohol at Wheaton 
2004 October 8 Beamer center Front Page College dedicates new student center 
2004 October 8 Covenant and consumption Front Page Despite Covenant, drinking occurs at Wheaton 
2004 October 8 pocket bikes News Pocket bikes banned 
2004 October 8 Student housing News Housing advisory board gives students voice in housing process 
2004 October 8 Hill, Charles News Yale professor affirms Bush's Iraq policy at Tiffany Lecture 
2004 October 8 election 2004 News Supreme Court appointments to play key role in abortion 
2004 October 8 Theater review Beat Navy Pier's 'Merry Wives' a clever, charming romp 
2004 October 8 Movie review Beat 'Ladder 49' fails to ignite 
2004 October 8 animated movies Beat Video Vault: A look at the lost classics of animation 
2004 October 8 Movie review Beat 'Innocence' explores future, breaks out of anime shell 
2004 October 8 Music review Beat Interpol boasts tricks and talent with 'Antics' 
2004 October 8 Theater review Beat 'Light' blinds audience with theatrical bombardment 
2004 October 8 Women's soccer Sports Record 11-game winning streak continues 
2004 October 8 Men's soccer Sports Homecoming win in downpour; UW-Oshkosh all washed up 
2004 October 8 Football Sports Defense, deception secure surprisingly difficult victory 
2004 October 8 Women's Tennis Sports Team finishes regular season strongly 
2004 October 8 Women's Golf Sports Wheaton third in CCIW 
2004 October 8 individuality Voices Struggles with uniqueness 
2004 October 8 art as sermon Voices Spiritualizing away art 
2004 October 8 Christian fun Staff Editorial Responsible freedom fighters 
2004 October 8 appreciate opera Letters to the Editor Opera review fails 
2004 October 8 ResNet Letters to the Editor Record negative on technology 
2004 October 8 Congdon, Doug Letters to the Editor Intramural article not inaccurate 
2004 October 8 politics Letters to the Editor 'Biblically balanced' approach misrepresents issues 
2004 October 8 Presidential election Voices Is God a Republican? 
2004 October 8 easy Christianity  Voices Thanksgiving in October 
2004 October 8 celebrity Voices Learning to reconcile mixed motives in Hollywood 
2004 October 1 French news coverage Front Page Le Monde article raises accuracy questions 
2004 October 1 Politics Front Page 72 percent of students support Bush 
2004 October 1 spontaneous dance Front Page Student Development disciplines Hunter House for College Union-sponsored party 
2004 October 1 Le Monde excerpt News At Wheaton College, where the Evangelical Elite of the country is trained, the Republican Party is 'God's favorite party' 
2004 October 1 French perspective News Wheaton served as 'window' to evangelicalism, with mixed results 
2004 October 1 Alumni News Homecoming brings campus notables 
2004 October 1 poster session News Science students display summer research 
2004 October 1 Women's soccer Sports Victory over top-ranked Chicago propels Thunder 
2004 October 1 Cross Country Sports Women finish in second, men place sixth at the Brissman-Lundeen Invitational 
2004 October 1 Football Sports Thunder comes home 3-0 
2004 October 1 Women's tennis Sports Thunder women net experience at ITA 
2004 October 1 Men's Soccer Sports Men's Soccer 
2004 October 1 Women's Golf Sports Turbulent final week for Thunder as CCIW tourney looms 
2004 October 1 Volleyball Sports Losses bookend Wheaton Invitational 
2004 October 1 Presidential election Focus Students Speak 
2004 October 1 Presidential election Focus Biblically balanced politics: A look at evangelical partisanship 
2004 October 1 Senate race Focus Keyes, Obama spice up turbulent Senate race 
2004 October 1 Presidential election Focus How do I Vote? 
2004 October 1 Presidential election Focus Know you Candidate 
2004 October 1 Album review Beat Shane & Shane's 'Upstairs' belongs in the basement 
2004 October 1 Album review Beat Iron & Wine a mellow treat 
2004 October 1 Opera review Beat Vocal talent can't save 'Don Giovanni' 
2004 October 1 Show review Beat Snow Patrol headlines, but Eisley strikes chord as opener 
2004 October 1 Book review Beat 'Eats, Shoots & Leaves' jokes, nitpicks and scores 
2004 October 1 grades Beat The Grading Scale 
2004 October 1 Book review Beat Saint sets forth bold vision for missions 
2004 October 1 appearances Voices Cross time, crown time and yoke time 
2004 October 1 Uganda Voices God blesses through cultures here and abroad 
2004 October 1 prayer Voices Prayer can be more than therapy 
2004 October 1 French article Staff Editorial Le Monde's faux pas 
2004 October 1 evangelicalism Letters to the Editor Wilkins neglects the personal nature of God 
2004 October 1 Sports section Letters to the Editor Intramural article inaccurate 
2004 September 24 Wheaton democrats Front Page Student Democrats form club 
2004 September 24 Wheaton republicans Front Page College Republicans attend Hastert dinner 
2004 September 24 The Piper's Choice Front Page Student to publish fantasy novel 
2004 September 24 Election 2004 News Brazen Keyes attacks Obama, liberalism 
2004 September 24 Oprah News 'Wildest dream' comes true for Wheaton staff 
2004 September 24 Volleyball Sports Thunder embraces new twist on old concept 
2004 September 24 Women's Tennis Sports Still undefeated: Thunder finishes September up six-love 
2004 September 24 Football Sports Panthers tamed by dominant ground game 
2004 September 24 Men's Soccer Sports Deja vu all over again 
2004 September 24 Intramurals Sports Freshmen start intramural careers 
2004 September 24 Movie review Beat Cliched, computerized 'Sky Captain' needs wings revoked 
2004 September 24 Movie review Beat Underdeveloped 'Wimbledon' serves up fault 
2004 September 24 movies about building Beat Video Vault: building it up 
2004 September 24 Second year Spotlight Sophomore Slump: What is is, how it happens and what to do 
2004 September 24 Humor page Staff Editorial Sorry, it's not a joke 
2004 September 24 Chapel speakers Letters to the Editor Advocating Catholic chapel speakers 
2004 September 24 religious experience and God's revelation Voices The idolatry of religious experience 
2004 September 24 diversity in evangelicalism Voices Chiristians don't need to agree on politics to agree on God 
2004 September 24 guise of development Voices Colonialism strikes again? 
2004 September 17 Dorm renovation Front Page Ceiling collapse in Saint raises renovation questions 
2004 September 17 City of Wheaton Front Page Pushing Preservation: Residents propose changes to zoning laws 
2004 September 17 Office of Christian Outreach Front Page OCO director replaced 
2004 September 17 SRC News Fitness machines tire out 
2004 September 17 Buswell library News Vandals deface Buswell journals 
2004 September 17 Election 2004 News Kerry's religious appeal struggling to find believers 
2004 September 17 Women's Golf Sports Women take less traditional course 
2004 September 17 Women's Soccer Sports Five-game win streak recorded in impressive style 
2004 September 17 Football Sports Chupp impressive in debut, records first victory 
2004 September 17 Men's Soccer Sports Thunder hot after Southern trip 
2004 September 17 Volleyball Sports Three road victories serve as preparation for Thunder Classic 
2004 September 17 Downtown Chicago Beat Ready-made day in Chicago: just add water 
2004 September 17 Theater review Beat House Theatre's "Cave with Man" brilliant 
2004 September 17 Album review Beat Wilco's fifth album flirts with brilliance 
2004 September 17 Divorce Spotlight Avoiding divorce stereotypes: Bringing divorce into Christian conversations 
2004 September 17 Divorce Spotlight Feeling the effects: Children face many pressures, anxieties 
2004 September 17 secular society Staff Editorial Interact with culture now - or later? 
2004 September 17 history repeats Voices Remembering the tragedy of Sept. 10 
2004 September 17 personality in location Voices Traveling the rough roads of world collision 
2004 September 17 Wheaton College Science Station Voices More than ticks: experiencing a Wheaton away from Wheaton 
2004 September 17 Voice of God Voices Playing the God card 
2004 September 17 diverse ethics Voices Beyond legalism: different ethics under one Lord 
2004 September 17 Wheaton climbs mountains Back Page Wheaton staff climb Mt. Rainier 
2004 September 10 Residence life Front Page New Fischer bathrooms test tentative renovations 
2004 September 10 ResNet Front Page Students face problems, voice concerns 
2004 September 10 Internet Front Page New ResNet programs attempt to secure network 
2004 September 10 Sports TV News ESPN unplugged 
2004 September 10 Book review Beat Inventive 'Incident' departs from common novelistic fare 
2004 September 10 Movie review Beat 'Napoleon' conquers 
2004 September 10 Movie review Beat 'Hero' an epic of high cinematic art 
2004 September 10 Album review Beat Iceland's Bjork ditches instruments for voice in 'Medulla' 
2004 September 10 technology a priority Staff Editorial An Amish paradise? 
2004 September 10 biblical foreign policy Voices Finding a Christian foreign policy 
2004 September 10 Wheaton in Los Angeles Voices Working in Hollywood's cross cultural setting 
2004 September 10 conservatives and liberals Voices Majority report: Why it's cool to be unpopular 
2004 September 10 Olympics Voices Olympic dreams meet academia 
2004 September 10 opening chapel Letters to the Editor Threats to the life of the mind 
2004 September 10 humor section Letters to the Editor Laughs missing 
2004 September 10 Track and field Sport Shorts Cross Country 
2004 September 10 Women's Golf Sport Shorts Women's Golf 
2004 September 10 Women's Soccer Sport Shorts Women's Soccer 
2004 September 10 Volleyball Sport Shorts Volleyball 
2004 September 10 Women's Tennis Sports UW-Whitewater sunk by sharp play 
2004 September 10 Men's Soccer Sports 1 win, 1 loss in Bob Baptista Invitational 
2004 September 3 Atheletic field Front Page Thunder to tread on new turf 
2004 September 3 Campus housing Front Page Evans Lower Level houses freshmen 
2004 September 3 Wheaton ranking News U.S. News, Princeton Review rank Wheaton 
2004 September 3 academic honesty News Student plagiarism policy clarified 
2004 September 3 Summer release spotlights Beat Music 
2004 September 3 Summer release spotlights Beat Movies 
2004 September 3 Movie review Beat 'Garden State' journey through angst between youth and adulthood 
2004 September 3 summer flicks Beat Video Vault 
2004 September 3 eternal perspective Voices Now and at the hour of death 
2004 September 3 Wheaton ranking Staff Editorial We're No. 1 at something 
2004 September 3 conservatives and liberals Voices Conservatives and liberals differ in degree, not kind 
2004 September 3 inadequacy Voices Helping others through the dark 
2004 September 3 opening chapel Voices The life of the mind re-evaluated 
2004 September 3 believers in politics Voices Uniting in Christian political action 
2004 September 3 Men's soccer Sports Turbulent preseason will test men's soccer team 
2004 September 3 CCIW Sports Incumbents favored in polls 
2004 August 27 Pyles, James Franklin Front Page Pyles killed in West Bank auto accident 
2004 August 27 construction Front Page New Beamer Center awaits completion 
2004 August 27 BGC fire Front Page Barrows Aflame 
2004 August 27 construction News A sign of things to come? 
2004 August 27 Campus crime News Burglaries prompt Fischer lockdown 
2004 August 27 Pyles, James Franklin Voices Mourning a friend 
2004 August 27 unpopular journalism Staff Editorial Everybody trusts a reporter, right? 
2004 August 27 Pyles, James Franklin Voices Waiting for Easter 
2004 August 27 Tennis Sports Wheaton athletes named All-Americans 
2004 August 19 Historic first dance Front Page Swing dance elicits strong media, alumni reactions 
2004 August 19 campus heirlooms Front Page Stupe items auctioned 
2004 August 19 building projects Front Page Campus reconstruction closes Chase Street, creates paved walking mall 
2004 August 19 freshman roommates Spotlight Hello, Stranger 
2004 August 19 Area activities Beat Arts and Entertainment: a guide to life outside academia 
2004 August 19 First dance Voices Say you want a 'Footloose' revolution? 
2004 August 19 College Newspaper Staff Editorial Newspaper helps students interact with community 
2004 August 19 Parent-child relations Voices Individualism competes with fifth commandment 
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