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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
2004 April 30 Dr. Thomas Kay Front page Kay becomes Wheaton history 
2004 April 30 Legacy Mural fundraiser Front page Stupe 'heirlooms' auctioned off 
2004 April 30 Future military leaders Front page ROTC stresses leadership as war in Iraq continues 
2004 April 30 Campus construction News Campus redesigned: New mall, parking spaces 
2004 April 30 Jeffery Thompson News Popular art professor leaves Wheaton 
2004 April 30 National news News Political week in review 
2004 April 30 High school outreach News Model UN ends season, hosts high school mock event 
2004 April 30 Student gift News Seniors to donate landscaping for plaza 
2004 April 30 The cost of Diamonds Clarion Conflict Diamonds: What's the cost of commitment? 
2004 April 30 Diamond trade Clarion Conflict diamonds in Sierra Leone 
2004 April 30 Diamond industry conflict Clarion The diamond industry's broken vow 
2004 April 30 Local diamond dealers Clarion Chicago-area jewelers vary in level of responsibility 
2004 April 30 Alternatives to diamonds Clarion Engagement rings: Diamonds are a girl's best friend-or not? 
2004 April 30 Tips on buying diamonds Clarion How to responsibly buy a diamond 
2004 April 30 Student life Spotlight It's Tradition 
2004 April 30 New grass in stadium Sports Soccer and football teams will defend new home turf 
2004 April 30 Baseball Sports Thunder snaps losing streak, tops North Central 8-1 
2004 April 30 Tennis Sports Kelley, Moorman win spring mixed doubles tournament 
2004 April 30 Softball Sports Thunder ends season with split 
2004 April 30 Track and field Sports Wheaton competes at Drake Relays and North Central 
2004 April 30 Men's tennis Sports Thunder takes third at CCIWs 
2004 April 30 Looking back on the semester Voices Train Station 
2004 April 30 The Record Staff editorial Record needs more, not less, viewpoints 
2004 April 30 Student films Letter to the editor CU responds to complaints 
2004 April 30 Catholicism Letter to the editor Boyes lacks historical view 
2004 April 30 Religion issues Letter to the editor Is the Reformation over? 
2004 April 30 Diversity Letter to the editor Diversity article unbalanced 
2004 April 30 Diversity issues Voices Asking honest questions about multiculturalism 
2004 April 30 Film industry Voices Christians should strive for more than mediocrity in film 
2004 April 30 God and weather Humor Students protest WETN's 'godless' weather forecasts 
2004 April 23 Student housing Front page Students propose change in open floor policy 
2004 April 23 Student life Front page Class Films night sparks controversy, criticism 
2004 April 23 Evangelical culture Front page Theology conference explores ecclesiology 
2004 April 23 Politics News Beltway fast lane Election 2004: Poll on secular and religious student allegiances 
2004 April 23 Community  News Wheaton Public Library to undergo renovation 
2004 April 23 Student debaters News Debaters exceed season expectations 
2004 April 23 Worship service News Public confessions extend All-school Communion 
2004 April 23 Music review Beat Lerche exudes Nordic cool 
2004 April 23 Todd Komarnicki Beat 'Elf' producer returns to Wheaton 
2004 April 30 Dance performance review Beat Dancers present ensemble recital 
2004 April 30 Movie review Beat 'Dogville' a provocative portrait of America 
2004 April 30 Music review Beat Wheaton grad's sophmore CD searches for home 
2004 April 30 Music review Beat The vulnerability of Pedro the Lion 
2004 April 23 Music review Beat 'Walking' to Brit pop 
2004 April 23 Theatre review Beat Second City thought-provoking yet 'indecent' 
2004 April 23 Student diversity Spotlight Not exactly black and white: Diversity in Wheaton's admission process 
2004 April 23 Don and Ann Church Scholarship Spotlight Scholarship makes diversity possible 
2004 April 23 Softball Sports Millikin shuts out Wheaton in Saturday doubleheader 
2004 April 23 Baseball Sports Black and Bluejay: Elmhurst catcher sets dubious record 
2004 April 23 Women's tennis Sports Wheaton ends regular season with split in Indiana 
2004 April 23 Men's tennis Sports Thunder ends regular season with win over Augustana 
2004 April 23 Track and field Sports Teams split squads to compete at three tournaments 
2004 April 23 Women's water polo Sports Thunder season ends at Heartland 
2004 April 23 Student civil rights conference Staff editorial Do we represent you? 
2004 April 23 Trojan Women Voices Letter to the editor 
2004 April 23 Class films Voices Class films can't aim to please 
2004 April 23 Good habits Voices Cultivating the habits of justice 
2004 April 23 Religion Voices A Protestant perspective on Catholicism 
2004 April 23 Community Voices Conversation from an elevator 
2004 April 23 Pretzels Humor Stupe introduces new 'Spirit-filled' pretzel 
2004 April 16 Feroze Golwalla Front page College responds to Boston Herald, cult allegations 
2004 April 16 Wheaton Bible Church Front page Wheaton Bible Church purchases 47 acres, plans move 
2004 April 16 Internet filters Front page Policy blocks Google images 
2004 April 16 National news News Political week in review 
2004 April 16 Local sales tax News City council raises Wheaton sales tax 
2004 April 16 Student government News Sophomore class president steps down 
2004 April 16 Rebellion against Community Covenant News SG addresses campus substance abuse 
2004 April 16 Swimming News Swim-a-thon to raise money for medical bills of North Central coach 
2004 April 16 Theatre review Beat 'Trojan Woman' a marathon of sorrow 
2004 April 16 Movie reviews Beat Before they were stars 
2004 April 16 Music reviews Beat The many layers of 'Rock for Life' 
2004 April 16 Keith Grogan Spotlight Keith's Story 
2004 April 16 Track Sports Track teams finish fifth at Chicagoland 
2004 April 16 Golf Sports Underdog Manifesto 
2004 April 16 Softball Sports Wheaton drops two, still winless in CCIW 
2004 April 16 Hockey Sports Train Station 
2004 April 16 Intramural sports Sports Midseason Power Rankings 
2004 April 16 Baseball Sports Successful fortnight followed by five losses 
2004 April 16 The arts Staff editorial Grab the finger paints 
2004 April 16 Reformation Letter to the editor How fragile is our 'evangelical heritage'? 
2004 April 16 Journalism job fair Letter to the editor I am not a commodity 
2004 April 16 Inner life Voices Inward piety inflicts self-harm, suffocates community 
2004 April 16 Theory of everything Voices A Christian 'theory of everything' 
2004 April 16 Faith struggles Voices Where is God when things aren't perfect? 
2004 April 16 'Magic Kingdom of God' Humor Dispeyland theme park opens in Dallas 
2004 April 16 Conservatism Humor Wheaton ranked among nation's top republican party schools 
2004 April 16 New course Humor Kinesiology to offer NASCAR course 
2004 April 1 Fake news Front page Litfin: 'MSC provides Wiggle Room' 
2004 April 1 Fake news Front page Stupe introduces new 'meat-lovers' ice cream 
2004 April 1 Fake news Like you care... Single, non-cynical senior hit by a bus 
2004 April 1 Fake news Like you care... Dine with a Mind's Child declared an 'utter failure' 
2004 April 1 Fake news Like you care Freshman class sets record for guys who can't play guitar 
2004 April 1 Fake news Like you care... Moody realizes Wheaton is no rival 
2004 April 2 Student conduct Front page Student hearing panel reinstates T7 party 
2004 April 2 Dr. Joshua Hochschild Front page Hochschild to join Roman Catholic Church, teaching contract not extended after 2005 
2004 April 2 Billy Graham Center Front page Chapter ends for BGC library 
2004 April 2 Student government News SG to prevent coercion in campaigns 
2004 April 2 National news News Beltway fast lane 
2004 April 2 Construction News New building behind BGC to replace Schell stam plant 
2004 April 2 Worship service News Dance worship fills Wilson suite 
2004 April 2 Spirtual pulse on campus News Student leaders discuss spiritual climate 
2004 April 2 Movie review Beat 'Eternal Sunshine' an illuminating head-trip 
2004 April 2 Music review Beat Sing these 'Portuguese Blues' 
2004 April 2 Restaurant review Beat A "Big Bowl" of tasty collages 
2004 April 2 Restaurant review Beat Cafe Jasmine a Wheaton classic 
2004 April 2 Immigration Clarion Immigration provides economic benefits 
2004 April 2 Immigration Clarion Immigration journey brings opportunity, alienation 
2004 April 2 Immigration Clarion Love your neighbors, legal and illegal alike 
2004 April 2 Immigration Clarion Deportees from U.S. exacerbate gang problems 
2004 April 2 Immigration Clarion The political consequences of Bush's immigration policy 
2004 April 2 Immigration Clarion Sustaining hope and creating opportunities 
2004 April 2 Poetry and faculty Spotlight An offering of Words: Poetry and Wheaton Professors 
2004 April 2 Track Sports Wheaton hosts 20 teams: Men win, Women finish third 
2004 April 2 Baseball Sports Wheaton sweeps double header gains first wins 
2004 April 2 Softball Sports Softball loses double header, falls to 3-13 
2004 April 2 Women's waterpolo Sports Women's waterpolo wins two in CCIW 
2004 April 2 Intramurals Sports IM Update: Winners take all, win shirts 
2004 April 2 Dr. Joshua Hochschild Staff editorial For Christ and his (Protestant evangelical) kingdom 
2004 April 2 Homosexual unions Letter to the editor Sleeth on gay marriages 
2004 April 2 Large families Letter to the editor Forum Wal comment disrespectful 
2004 April 2 Diversity Voices A minority's perspective on minority chapel speakers 
2004 April 2 Abortion Voices Another look at abortion 
2004 April 2 Christianity Voices God has chosen the foolish 
2004 April 1 Rock climbing club Like you care... Rock climbing club discovers there are no rocks in Chicago 
2004 April 1 Dining hall Like you care... New Anderson Commons exit gates actually keep people out 
2004 April 1 Sesame Street characters Like you care... Elmo, Cookie Monster take over SG 
2004 April 1 Horoscopes Like you care... Students unable to transfer astrology credits 
2004 April 1 Geese Like you care... Geese oust professors 
2004 April 1 Music interview Beatnik Exclusive interview with praise phenoms Transgressive Cycle 
2004 March 26 Student government elections Front page Elmo wins SG election 
2004 March 26 Student dance Front page A Grand Old Time 
2004 March 26 Racial and social justice Front page Wheaton to host civil rights conference 
2004 March 26 Art awareness News Art receives more attention 
2004 March 26 National news News Wanted: Vice-presidential candidate 
2004 March 26 Business News CACE: Market as mission field 
2004 March 26 Dr. Lisa Ruddick News Buddhist literature professor speaks on the academy, the soul 
2004 March 26 Cuba News Students study politics, culture in Cuba 
2004 March 26 Music review Beat Groves' third album not 'Something' to miss 
2004 March 26 Book review Beat Controversy surrounds 'The Da Vinci Code' 
2004 March 26 Museum of Contemporary Art Beat  A life in canvas and steel 
2004 March 26 Museum review Beat Broaden your horizons at Adler 
2004 March 26 Jim McDermott Spotlight On Capitol Hill 
2004 March 26 Men's swimming Sports Men make elite eight again 
2004 March 26 Women's swimming Sports Women swimmers finish 17th 
2004 March 26 Baseball Sports Baseball winless over spring break 
2004 March 26 Spring break Sports Train station 
2004 March 26 Intramural sports Sports Preseason intramural power rankings 
2004 March 26 Student government Staff editorial 'Secular' service as needed as 'spiritual' 
2004 March 26 Sports coverage Letter to the editor Remember women's basketball 
2004 March 26 Library future Letter to the editor Aid the BGC library 
2004 March 26 Library Letter to the editor BGC library closure not a complete loss 
2004 March 26 Evangelism Voices Haptoon Comic 
2004 March 26 Gay marriage Voices Defend traditional marriages 
2004 March 26 Gender issues Voices Yes, I'm proud of that black eye, thank you 
2004 March 26 Physics and philosophy Voices The relation of the Bible to science 
2004 March 26 Name policy Humor Profs demand gender-inclusive surnames 
2004 March 26 Elmer Schwartz Humor Nike pays bowling champ big bucks not to wear Nike apparel 
2004 March 26 Cornfield Community College Humor Taylor builds 'massive inferiority complex' 
2004 March 5 Men's basketball Front page Men's basketball denied tournament bid 
2004 March 5 Insiration sensation Front page American Idol spurs Christian look-alike 
2004 March 5 Patrick Masar Front page Masar resigns 
2004 March 5 Non-Christian families News New support group forms 
2004 March 5 Christian environmentalist organization News Chapter of 'A Rocha' makes history for environmental organization 
2004 March 5 Faculty promotion News Recent promotions highlight Wheaton tenure system 
2004 March 5 Billy Graham Center library News BGC library to close, new fundraising initiative to begin 
2004 March 5 Music review Beat Sleeping At Last on the rise: An interview with Switchfoot openers 
2004 March 5 Book review Beat Books reveal depth of Tolkien's vision of Middle-earth 
2004 March 5 Jeff Barron Spotlight A Second Chance 
2004 March 5 Women's basketball Sports Thunder falls in first round of NCAAs 
2004 March 5 Men's basketball Sports Men lose game, conference and NCAA bid 
2004 March 5 Women's water polo Sports Women earn No. 2 seed in conference tournament 
2004 March 5 Spring break Sports Train station 
2004 March 5 Christian media Staff editorial Hold the applause for Inspiration Sensation 
2004 March 5 Rejection at Inspiration Sensation Voices Dry Toast comic 
2004 March 5 No child left behind Letters to the editor Education funding not so simplistic 
2004 March 5 Religion Letter to the editor Pope reference anti-Catholic 
2004 March 5 Billy Graham Center Library Letter to the editor BGC library should be a priority 
2004 March 5 Student life Voices Student-faculty ratios misrepresented in news article 
2004 March 5 Marilyn Laszlo Voices Missions (not quite) in focus 
2004 March 5 Movie review Voices 'Passion' a painful reminder of Christ's humanity 
2004 March 5 President Litfin Humor Litfin caught reading 'Harry Potter' 
2004 February 27 Raising student costs Front page Tuition to increase eight percent 
2004 February 27 Student faculty ratio Front page Departments face more majors, no additional faculty 
2004 February 27 Debate team News Mock trial team triumphs 
2004 February 27 Student meal plan News New meal plans mean different hours for Anderson, Stupe 
2004 February 27 New language classes News SG seeks to add Mandarin courses 
2004 February 27 Student issues News SG press release 
2004 February 27 Movie review Beat 'Passion' the definitive portrayal 
2004 February 27 Oscars Beat Oscar Picks: Who will (and should) win 
2004 February 27 Best picture awards Beat And the Oscar went to... 
2004 February 27 Food review Beat Best of Chicago's shady eateries 
2004 February 27 Persecuted church Clarion Religious liberty 
2004 February 27 Shanya Ilangakoon- Perera Clarion Ilangakoon- Perera shares story of faith under persecution 
2004 February 27 Countries facing religious persecution Clarion The big picture: 2004 world watch list 
2004 February 27 Society Clarion French ban on Muslim scarves hinders liberty 
2004 February 27 International religious freedom Clarion Religious liberty and U.S. foreign policy 
2004 February 27 Micah Hughes Clarion Hughes collects Bibles for Ugandan church 
2004 February 27 Human Needs and Global Resources Clarion Identifying with suffering through the Eucharist 
2004 February 27 Men's basketball Sports Wheaton to play Titans for CCIW championship 
2004 February 27 Women's baskeball Sports Thunder falls to Millikin in regular season finale 
2004 February 27 Swimming Sports Wheaton swimmers wait on NCAA selections 
2004 February 27 Wrestling Sports Wrestling season and Nord's career ends at NCAA Great Lakes Regional 
2004 February 27 Christianity at Wheaton Letter to the editor More than platitudes needed 
2004 February 27 "The Passion of the Christ" Letter to the editor Harsono mistaken 
2004 February 27 Humor Letter to the editor Fculty quotable inappropriate 
2004 February 27 "The Passion of the Christ" Letter to the editor Lent about Christ's sacrifice, suffering 
2004 February 27 Protestantism Letter to the editor College lacks concept of 'Protestentism' 
2004 February 27 Christian life Letter to the editor Enjoyed last week's issue 
2004 February 27 Economy Staff editorial Money, tenure and the liberal arts education 
2004 February 27 Grace Voices Dealing with arrogance in and out of the BGC 
2004 February 27 Student life Voices Are we a community at Weaton or a clique? 
2004 February 27 No Child Left Behind Voices Bush's educational plans still leave children behind 
2004 February 27 Missions experience Voices Christ, not the Third World, offers HNGR intern healing in Morocco 
2004 February 27 Questionnaire Humor Are you the Antichrist? 
2004 February 27 Worship Humor Praise song mad lib 
2004 February 27 Classroom discussions Humor College bans dorky transitional phrases 
2004 February 20 Essence of Afrocentric Expresions fashion show Front page Fashion show celebrates campus diversity 
2004 February 20 Student travel Front page South Africa trip to study music, culture 
2004 February 20 World Christian Fellowship Front page WCF sponsors kingdom prayer 
2004 February 20 Students and economics News Business club to help community 
2004 February 20 Life at home News Two-week family series responds to student concerns 
2004 February 20 Student government News SG press release 
2004 February 20 Movie review Beat Unveiling of 'The Passion' elicits controversy 
2004 February 20 Film Beat Oscar Reflections 
2004 February 20 Theatre review Beat 'Ice Wolf' a sweet midwinter treat 
2004 February 20 Music review Beat Jones succeeds again with 'Feels Like Home' 
2004 February 20 Wanda Smith Spotlight 'Wanda Women' hangs up cape after 25 years 
2004 February 20 Julia Smith Spotlight HNGR intern Smith teaches, learns from Bolivia women 
2004 February 20 Women's basketball Sports Thunder wins two, earns trip to CCIW tournament 
2004 February 20 Men's basketball Sports Thunder dominates Millikin to move into second in CCIW 
2004 February 20 Swimming Sports Wheaton men and women continue conference dominance 
2004 February 20 Men's basketball Sports Jon Nielson named CCIW 'Player of the Week' 
2004 February 20 Intramural sports Sports Midseason basketball reports 
2004 February 20 Sports Sports Train Station 
2004 February 20 Future of missions Voices Workers needed in every mission field 
2004 February 20 Budget proposal Voices Dry Toast comic 
2004 February 20 Student life Letters to editor Actions on T7 show lack of integrity 
2004 February 20 Homosexualtiy Letter to the editor Real problem desecration of marriage 
2004 February 20 'The Passion of the Christ' Voices Reclaim the Christian story in Gibson's 'The Passion' 
2004 February 20 The Butterfly Effect Voices The prophecy of Ashton Kutcher 
2004 February 20 Campus life Voices Do we still stand for Christ and his kingdom? 
2004 February 20 Radio mime Humor WETN begins radio mime ministry 
2004 February 20 Goliath Humor Scholar: 'Goliath had bad gath, lisp' 
2004 February 20 Math Humor Wheaton math dept. drops acronym 'WMD' 
2004 February 13 Campus life Front page Power outage shocks campus 
2004 February 13 Missions in Focus Front page MIF tournout reflects missions interest 
2004 February 13 Student life Front page Traber7 appeals party ban 
2004 February 13 New parking News BGC parking lot to expand 
2004 February 13 Student government team News Cuisine team adds spice 
2004 February 13 Marilyn Laszlo News An interview with Marilyn Laszlo 
2004 February 13 Movie review Beat Disney sports flick 'Miracle' wins big 
2004 February 13 Movie review Beat Video Vault Food and Love 
2004 February 13 Chicago neighborhoods Beat Exploring Cultural neighborhoods 
2004 February 13 Hockey Spotlight Wheaton ice hockey picks up speed 
2004 February 13 Rowing Spotlight Wheaton crew rows for Jesus 
2004 February 13 Women's basketball Sports Thunder win streak snapped at eight by Illinois Wesleyan 
2004 February 13 Men's basketball Sports Wheaton comes close, but falls short against Augustana 
2004 February 13 Wrestling Sports Hastert revisits wrestling roots 
2004 February 13 Howard Dean Sports Faux sports 
2004 February 13 Swimming Sports Wheaton prepares for weekend's CCIW tournament 
2004 February 13 Election Voices Dry Toast comic 
2004 February 13 Weapons of mass destruction Voices Govenment inaccurcy should prompt questions 
2004 February 13 Gay marriage Letter to the editor Consider implications of same-sex unions 
2004 February 13 Diversity Letter to the editor College lacks Arminian voices 
2004 February 13 Civil unions Voices Fry's arguments, evangelical thinking ignore natural law 
2004 February 13 Depression Voices Even Weaton students get depressed 
2004 February 13 Valentine's day Humor Kodon, Complementarians jointly promote submission 
2004 February 6 Dr. Sam Storms Front page Storms to leave Wheaton, start ministry 
2004 February 6 Student housing Front page Lounge dwellers given rooms, moved again 
2004 February 6 Student life News Counseling center overbooked during fall semseter 
2004 February 6 Ofice of Christian Outreach News OCO facilitates time of solitude 
2004 February 6 Student celebration News Banquet kicks off seniors' final semester 
2004 February 6 Student government News Student Government press release 
2004 February 6 Missions News Missions in Focus 
2004 February 6 Student life News Freshman auction changes to 'drawing' for dates 
2004 February 6 Movie review Beat 'Pearl Earring' a rare film gem 
2004 February 6 Music review Beat Air sets atmospheric mood with 'Talkie Walkie' 
2004 February 6 Music review Beat The next generation of Britpop rocks on 
2004 February 6 Economy Clarion Consumerism and Globalization 
2004 February 6 Capitalism Clarion A Conscience for Capitalism? Thoughts from Queretaro 
2004 February 6 Christian merchandise Clarion How to sell Christianity...without selling out Christ 
2004 February 6 Modernity Clarion The Ethical Crisis: Materialism, Individualism, and American Christianity 
2004 February 6 Music for global change Clarion Coldplay uses status to promote fair trade 
2004 February 6 Christmas gifts Clarion Getting creative with gifts 
2004 February 6 Credit cards Clarion Students charging into credit card debt 
2004 February 6 Alumni giving Spotlight Phones, Faith and Fundraising 
2004 February 6 Men's basketball Sports Trio of 20-point performances leads Thunder over Cardinals 
2004 February 6 Joel Kolmodin basketball Sports Kolmodin CCIW's top player for the third time this season 
2004 February 6 Swimming Sports Swimmers tune up for CCIW Championships with home victory 
2004 February 6 Women's basketball Sports Thunder wins seventh straight game, takes conference lead 
2004 February 6 Sports Sports Train Station 
2004 February 6 Separatism Staff editorial Participation in politics lacking 
2004 February 6 TV Voices Dry Toast comic 
2004 February 6 Diversity Voices The viewbook's view of diversity 
2004 February 6 Student housing Voices Why we hate the housing process 
2004 February 6 Homosexual marriage Voices Gay civil unions not a threat 
2004 February 6 Honoring parents Voices Individualism competes with fifth commandment 
2004 February 6 Movie review Humor Aladdin IV: Aladdin Joins Al Queda 
2004 February 6 Christian trends Humor The latest fads among the faithful 
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