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2003 December 12 Increasing AIDS relief Front page Litfin delivers AIDS resolution 
2003 December 12 Honduras missions Front page Honduras Project sets record fund raising 
2003 December 12 "The Return of the King" Front page SG hosts midnight showing of Tolkien movie 
2003 December 12 God and gender News Students for Biblical Equality discuss culture, gender 
2003 December 12 Dr. Andrew Bartoli News Bartoli advocates faith-based conflict resolution 
2003 December 12 Campus organizations Staff editorial Increase in activism should cause students to narrow interests 
2003 December 12 Natural law News Natural law useful in thinking about justice 
2003 December 12 Christmas season Voices We need to make Christmas sacred again 
2003 December 12 Advice column Voices Dear Doris May... 
2003 December 12 Words Letter to the editor Cursing reflects state of the heart 
2003 December 12 Student government Voices On the record 
2003 December 12 Music review Beat 2003: The year in music 
2003 December 12 Book review Beat New book highlights famous Wheaton residents 
2003 December 12 Movie review Beat Video Vault A tribute to trilogies 
2003 December 12 Religion Spotlight Catholicism and Wheaton: A mixed experience 
2003 December 12 Catholic students Spotlight Change of heart 
2003 December 12 John Green Spotlight Catholic alumnus retells his experiences at Wheaton 
2003 December 12 Women's basketball Sports Wheaton squeaks out pair of home wins 
2003 December 12 Swimming Sports Swimmers take second at own invitational 
2003 December 12 Men's basketball Sports Thunder spanks Asbery (Ky.) and Concordia on road 
2003 December 12 Football Sports Mount Union thrashes Thunder 
2003 December 12 Football Analysis Sports Mount Union remains team to beat for football program 
2003 December 12 Sports Sports Train Station 
2003 December 12 Rudolph Humor Rudolph accepts Christ 
2003 December 12 Mrs. Claus Humor Santa's wife sick and tired of being a subordinate Claus 
2003 December 12 Geneology Humor Student traces ancestry back to Bethlehem inn-keeper 
2003 December 12 Party Humor Anthropology dept. to host inclusive solstice party 
2003 December 12 Christmas Humor Dry Toast comic 
2003 December 5 AIDS relief Front page Bono video message to mark anniversary of visit 
2003 December 5 Spring break trip Front page Cain's chapel visit sparks BreakAway trip 
2003 December 5 Raising money for Third World families News 'Heifer' doubles fundraising goal 
2003 December 5 Wheaton students attend conference News Model U.N. team attends conference 
2003 December 5 School kits for Iraqi children News Plowshares drive aids Iraqi children 
2003 December 5 Sex and Christianity Voices Let the sexual revolution commence 
2003 December 5 Being the editor Editor's note To be honest 
2003 December 5 Environment Voices Stewardship isn't a hobby 
2003 December 5 Commencement speaker Voices 'Give me a Republican speaker or give me death' 
2003 December 5 'Wild at Heart' Voices Self-reflection critical in the Christian life 
2003 December 5 Separatism Letter to the editor Petrovich's article self-righteous 
2003 December 5 Gun control Letter to the editor Restictive firearm legislation foolish, but not immoral 
2003 December 5 Gun control Letter to the editor Sleeth's arguments fallacious 
2003 December 5 Gun control Letter to the editor Gun control article unbalanced 
2003 December 5 Music review Beat 'Maybe This' is the coolest Christmas compilation of 2003 
2003 December 5 Music review Beat Enjoy 'Mistletoe and Merriment' this Christmas 
2003 December 5 Christmas in the city Beat Planning your trip: a Saturday schedule 
2003 December 5 Christmas in the city Beat Our picks for Christmas arts in Chicagoland 
2003 December 5 Christmas in the city Beat Best bets for shopping in Chicago 
2003 December 5 Cursing at Wheaton Spotlight What the_____??!! 
2003 December 5 Men's basketball Sports Thunder stay perfect, prepare to hit the road 
2003 December 5 Swimming Sports Men take first at DePauw, women second 
2003 December 5 Women's basketball Sports Women can't maintain momentum, split first four 
2003 December 5 Football Sports Still undefeated--for how long? 
2003 December 5 Football Sports Top-ranked Mount Union Purple Raiders wait in regional finals 
2003 December 5 Intramurals indoor soccer Sports Cangdon, Ball, Tan head up player rankings 
2003 December 5 Public safety Humor Bigfoot spotted on campus, blamed for spate of purse thefts 
2003 December 5 Student life Humor Student reads "Prayer of Jabez" expands territory in dorm room 
2003 December 5 Pronunciation Humor Evengelical Theological Society debates pronunciation of 'evangelical' 
2003 November 21 Student dance Front page Positive reviews surround first dance 
2003 November 21 Student life Front page Students pack lecture hall for sex and singleness forum 
2003 November 21 Improvisational acting News On the Spot: Improvisation group to host comedy nights 
2003 November 21 Student life News 'Assassins' continues 
2003 November 21 National media coverage News Media swarms dance 
2003 November 21 Christian life Voices Air for Christians in a strange world 
2003 November 21 College Union numbers Staff editorial CU numbers show how statistics can mislead 
2003 November 21 Gun control Voices Gun control foolish, immoral 
2003 November 21 Separatism Voices In defense of Separatism 
2003 November 21 Student life Voices Life in Wheaton much different from Hawaii 
2003 November 21 Student dance Letter to the editor Streakers ruined effect of dance 
2003 November 21 Rob Bell Letter to the editor Praise for Bell's chapel message 
2003 November 21 Movie review Beat A 'Master' piece of high-seas adventure 
2003 November 21 Book review Beat Everts offers back-to-basics apologetic 
2003 November 21 Book review Beat Popular book a step back for Christianity 
2003 November 21 Women's soccer Sports So Close: Wheaton finds that it's hard to beat penalty kick perfection, loses in extra periods to No. 10 University of Chicago 
2003 November 21 Men's soccer Sports Seaon ends with heartbreaking Oshkosh goal 
2003 November 21 Cross country Sports Regional meet ends season for most runners 
2003 November 21 Football Sports Bradley lifts Wheaton over Augustana Vikings in last minute 
2003 November 21 Football Sports Thunder to play Hope in NCAA first round tomorrow 
2003 November 21 New football uniforms Faux Sports Martha Stewart helps the Thunder football team look like winners 
2003 November 14 Historic first dance Front page Swing dance elicits strong media, alumni reactions 
2003 November 14 Peace negotiations Front page Israeli Minister emphasizes need for end of terrorism 
2003 November 14 Bowling for Columbine News Student committee screens controversial Columbine film 
2003 November 14 Student life News 'On Becoming' series to focus on student spiritual development 
2003 November 14 World Christian Fellowship News Campus prays for world in WCF prayer groups 
2003 November 14 Pro-Life movement Voices President Bush and the culture of life 
2003 November 14 Dance policy Staff editorial It's not about dancing 
2003 November 14 Student dance Voices Say you want a 'Footloose' revolution? 
2003 November 14 Christians and the world Voices Confronting a Separatist attitude 
2003 November 14 Wheaton Bioethics and Christian Philosophy Conference Voices Conference needed secular voices 
2003 November 14 Prayer Voices World Christian Fellowship called to true prayer 
2003 November 14 Music review Beat P.O.D. says solid with latest effort 
2003 November 14 Music review Beat Jars of Clay explores alt-country sound 
2003 November 14 Music performance announcement Beat Brahms' 'Requiem' promises epic performance 
2003 November 14 Music review Beat The Shins' sound avoids catagorization 
2003 November 14 Movie review Beat Video Vault Chicago credits 
2003 November 14 Dancing Spotlight Swingin' it 
2003 November 14 Football Sports Thunder storms over North Park 61-12 
2003 November 14 Football preview Sports Deja vu: Wheaton to play Augustana for CCIW title 
2003 November 14 Swimming Sports Thunder falls to Division II school, defeats rival Calvin 
2003 November 14 Cross country Sports Women take CCIW championship 
2003 November 14 Volleyball Sports Setters end season fifth in CCIW 
2003 November 14 Sports Sports Train station 
2003 November 14 Men's soccer Sports Thunder earns No. 2 seed 
2003 November 14 Women's soccer Sports Chicago looms in NCAAs 
2003 November 7 Campus evaluation Front page Accreditation team releases preliminary findings 
2003 November 7 College Union Front page College Union tables petition until spring 
2003 November 7 Making Christianity relevant News Seiple addresses Council on Faith and International Affairs chapter 
2003 November 7 Moshe Fox News Israeli to discuss Mideast crisis 
2003 November 7 New student center News Construction on Beamer Center remains on schedule 
2003 November 7 Jonathan Edwards News Lecture series marks 300th anniversary of Jonathan Edwards 
2003 November 7 Campus life Voices Move beyond Wheaton stereotypes 
2003 November 7 The Record Staff editorial Do we have your trust? 
2003 November 7 The church and politics Voices Is political activism the duty of the evangelical church? 
2003 November 7 What to do in the summer Voices Where resumes and passion meet 
2003 November 7 Glorifying God Voices Taking Chist's glory, not Wheaton's prestige, to the world 
2003 November 7 Baseball Voices Summer of baseball fades away with fond memories 
2003 November 7 Civil unions Letters to the editor Time for students to act in defense of marriage 
2003 November 7 The Pope Letter to the editor Comment about pope offensive, immature 
2003 November 7 Advice column Voices Dear Doris May 
2003 November 7 Movie review Beat 'Shattered Glass' a sophisticated drama 
2003 November 7 Theatre review Beat 'Secret in the Wings' revisits fairy tales 
2003 November 7 Book review Beat 'Roaring Lambs' 
2003 November 7 Book review Beat 'Spiritual Jouneys: How Faith has Influenced Twelve Music Icons' 
2003 November 7 Science Museums City Beat Museum of Science & Industry 
2003 November 7 Science Museums City Beat The Field Museum 
2003 November 7 Women's soccer Sports Wheaton blanks Elmhurst, advances to CCIW finals 
2003 November 7 Men's soccer Sports Thunder starts slow and never catches up in 3-1 loss 
2003 November 7 Swimming Sports Swimmers sink at home to Division I opponent 
2003 November 7 NBA Sports Kobe's trial puts extra pressure on NBA rookies 
2003 November 7 Football Sports Wheaton rings North Central, taking 'Little Brass Bell' 
2003 November 7 Intramural Sports Sports Regulators take home flag football championship shirts 
2003 October 31 ROTC Front page ROTC cadets excel at Ranger Challenge 
2003 October 31 Campus safety Front page Wave of thefts hits campus 
2003 October 31 Student housing News New policy increases dorm access 
2003 October 31 Philosophy Conference News Philosophy lectures address bioethics 
2003 October 31 Protest and vigil News Students to participate in School of the Americas demonstration 
2003 October 31 Halloween Voices Participating in Halloween is not of the devil 
2003 October 31 Student behavior Letter to the editor Concert Decorum 101 
2003 October 31 Tuition Letter to the editor Financial aid article unfair 
2003 October 31 Haunted house Voices Hell House: something truly frightening 
2003 October 31 God's Kingdom Voices Committing to a kingdom of justice, mercy 
2003 October 31 Missions Voices God calls even future professionals to service 
2003 October 31 Theatre review Beat 'Into the Woods': More than happily ever after 
2003 October 31 Movie review Beat 'Mystic River' a tale of brooding mystery, cyclic tragedy 
2003 October 31 Restaurant review Food in Focus Sandwich Shops Potbelly Sandwich fills the belly 
2003 October 31 Restaurant review Food in Focus Sandwich Shops Release the beast and consume the Monster (Sandwich) 
2003 October 31 Movie review Beat Video Vault A Hitchcock Halloween 
2003 October 31 Music review Beat Scottish Belles ring again 
2003 October 31 Music review Beat '12 Memories' bring back Travis with solid album 
2003 October 31 World Christian Fellowship Spotlight A History from the Roots to the Present Day 
2003 October 31 Men's soccer Sports Thunder hopes for CCIW Tournament at home field 
2003 October 31 Women's soccer Sports Thunder women within reach of CCIW conference title 
2003 October 31 Cross country Sports Wheaton makes a strong showing at Parkside Invitational 
2003 October 31 Football Sports Thunder sets sights on Cardinal 
2003 October 31 Volleyball Sports Wheaton fourth in conference 
2003 October 31 Swimming Sports Success at the CCIW Classic 
2003 October 31 Sports Sports Train Station 
2003 October 31 Tennis Faux sports Anna Kournikova joins the Physical Plant 
2003 October 31 Campus life Haunted Humor Implanted dorm clickers labeled as mark of the beast 
2003 October 17 Canon Andrew White Front page White emphasizes reconciliation in Middle East 
2003 October 17 Financial aid structure Front page Who gets the scholarship 
2003 October 17 Canon Andrew White News Canon White strengthens previous ties with Wheaton 
2003 October 17 Used book sale News Timing, space prevent annual book sale 
2003 October 17 Fundraiser News T-shirt slogan helps raise thousands for Mexican children 
2003 October 17 Debate team News Debate team takes honors 
2003 October 17 Student life Voices Transfers left out of campus mindset 
2003 October 17 Art on campus Staff editorial Community support for the arts lacking 
2003 October 17 Evangelical teaching Voices Exploring our Judaic heritage 
2003 October 17 Teaching Voices Addressing the deeper places 
2003 October 17 Being Amish Voices Why I don't drive a horse and buggy...for starters 
2003 October 17 Abortion issues Voices Doctor-killers use false logic 
2003 October 17 California politics Voices We don't need California's mess 
2003 October 17 Masters students Voices How to survive the grad program 
2003 October 17 Campus Internet Letter to the editor File-sharing still enabled on Wheaton's network 
2003 October 17 Warden Burl Cain Letter to the editor Appreciation for coverage of Warden 
2003 October 17 International Justice Mission Spotlight Lives in the Balance IJM challenges Wheaton to justice 
2003 October 17 Art & Christianity Clarion Art must 'only connct' to visually nourish  
2003 October 17 Art & Christianity Clarion Protestant traditions have lost the value of art 
2003 October 17 Art & Christianity Clarion 'Painter of Light' leaves viewers in complacency 
2003 October 17 Art & Christianity Clarion Architecture and Worship 
2003 October 17 Art & Christianity Clarion Community art engages people, stimulates thought 
2003 October 17 Art & Christianity Clarion Community art projects 
2003 October 17 Art & Christianity Clarion Buswell art promotes broader perspective with book photos 
2003 October 17 Art & Christianity Clarion Beamer Center may be new forum for artwork 
2003 October 17 Book review Beat Alums' autobiography gives insight into evangelical culture, Wheaton College 
2003 October 17 Book review Beat Satire series lampoons Christian apocalyptic fiction in 'Right Behind' 
2003 October 17 Music review Beat Wake up to Sleeping At Last 
2003 October 17 Movie review Beat 'Luther' lacks the vision its subject deserves 
2003 October 17 Men's soccer Sports Thunder settles for non-conference tie aginst DePauw 
2003 October 17 Cross country Sports Season opens with two meets 
2003 October 17 Volleyball Sports Thunder win streak ends 
2003 October 17 Women's soccer Sports Felske wins 200th game as Thunder get back in win column 
2003 October 17 Don Zimmer Faux sports Students try to help Don Zimmer 
2003 October 17 Football Sports Price and Thunder run past conference rival Millikin 
2003 October 17 Football Sports Thunder 5-0 record ignores team's mistakes 
2003 October 10 Warden Burl Cain Front page Warden explains renewal at state penitentiary 
2003 October 10 Debate team Front page Debate team restarts after three-year hiatus 
2003 October 10 Diversity Front page Viewbook inconsistent with campus minority count 
2003 October 10 Campus food service News Bon Appetit's diverse menu reflects student, faculty input 
2003 October 10 Omar Saunders News Falsely accused Chicagoan shares story of unjust incarceration 
2003 October 10 Christian life Voices Taking a look at time 
2003 October 10 Theology Staff editorial Achieving diversity of thought 
2003 October 10 Accountability groups Voices Is student-led discipleship viable? 
2003 October 10 Campus life Voices Bubble Context II: Buddha 
2003 October 10 Curse and goodness of creation Voices Finding God through toil, dirt 
2003 October 10 Christopher Petrovich Voices My journey to the Amish tradition 
2003 October 10 Sharing music online Beat The Burning question: Should file-sharing face the music? 
2003 October 10 Oak Park City Beat Oak Park: A "village" of rich culture 
2003 October 10 Music review Beat Damien Rice revives Irish music 
2003 October 10 Music downloading Spotlight Low down on downloads: file-sharing 
2003 October 10 Women's soccer Sports Streaks fall in loss to U. of Chicago 
2003 October 10 Naming the football stadium Faux sports Naming rights for McCully Field sold 
2003 October 10 Women's Tennis Sports Thunder wins two Saturday games 
2003 October 10 Women's golf Sports Groth's 159 leads team to third place 
2003 October 10 Volleyball Sports Thunder extends win streak to six 
2003 October 10 Sports Sports Train Station 
2003 October 10 Intramural sports Sports Intramural update 
2003 October 10 Men's soccer Sports Thunder rests atop CCIW with 4-0 conference record 
2003 October 10 Football Sports Fourth quarter heroics give Thunder 23-19 first CCIW win 
2003 October 3 New food service Front page Bon Appetit to take over management of Stupe 
2003 October 3 Alumni trip Front page Litfin takes 'bridge-building' boat trip 
2003 October 3 Fair trade coffee News Stupe switches coffee brands to promote environmental safety 
2003 October 3 Women of Wheaton News New club promotes talk about women in society 
2003 October 3 Student life News Residence Life replaces apartment furniture 
2003 October 3 Oslo Peace Accord Voices Arafat's leadership prevents progress 
2003 October 3 Middle East  Voices True peace requires healing of broken relationships 
2003 October 3 Religion and politics Voices Christian Zionism: a roadblock to peace? 
2003 October 3 Religion Voices American church ignorant of Palestinian believers 
2003 October 3 Inadequacy Voices Only Christ can give gift of godliness to all 
2003 October 3 Student life Voices Competing social, academic pressures cause confusion 
2003 October 3 Global issues Voices Statistics in chapel: response to letter to editor 
2003 October 3 Music review Beat Wainwright's 'Want One' not found wanting 
2003 October 3 Music review Beat Randolph album goes beyond gospel style 
2003 October 3 Music reviews Beat 'Real Life' not so real 
2003 October 3 Chicago Art Museums City Beat Interactive and inexpensive 
2003 October 3 Chicago Art Museums City Beat Make a trip to the Art Institute of Chicago, get lost in the world of art 
2003 October 3 Norman Stone Beat Norman Stone screens new film, speaks with students 
2003 October 3 Theatre review Beat New production of 'Taming of the Shrew' nontraditional but fun 
2003 October 3 Men's soccer Sports Soccer dominates Homecoming win, ties Maroons 
2003 October 3 Baseball Sports Playoffs might be hard to reach for Cubs of the future 
2003 October 3 Women's soccer Beat Women's soccer ties with Oshkosh 
2003 October 3 Intramural sports Sports Intramural sports update 
2003 October 3 Women's tennis Sports Maclellan sweeps ITA Regional 
2003 October 3 Cheerleading Faux Sports Swimmers steal cheerleaders' "Thunder" 
2003 October 3 Football Sports Dominant run defense leads to Thunder victory 
2003 September 26 Student Global AIDS Campaign Front page SGAC petitions Washington, Hastert for more AIDS funds 
2003 September 26 Christianity Letter to the editor Take Litfin's message to heart 
2003 September 26 Michael Tarazi Front page Tarazi presents Palestinian perspective 
2003 September 26 Dr. Mark Noll Front page Noll wins alumni award 
2003 September 26 Library water damage News Buswell unexpectedtly shuts down after boiler leak 
2003 September 26 Weekly now online News Broadcaster relocates to Intranet 
2003 September 26 Campus clubs and organization News SG distributes funds 
2003 September 26 Christian life Voices Bubble Context, Part 1: Me talk theology one day 
2003 September 26 Student life Voices Should chapel be mandatory? 
2003 September 26 Newspaper issues Staff editorial Guest columns should serve readership 
2003 September 26 Diversity Voices Struggle against racism seems hopeless in own strength 
2003 September 26 Judd Birdsall Voices Birdsall underestimates God's power at Willow Creek services 
2003 September 26 Life and death Voices Sept. 11 and McLin's death elicit gratefulness for life itself 
2003 September 26 Critically thinking Letter to the editor Don't believe all the statistics you hear in chapel 
2003 September 26 School dance Voices A non-square dance? CU gets ready 
2003 September 26 Marion Hanzelin Spotlight "Hello, Wheaton College, how may I help you?" 
2003 September 26 Movie review Beat "Sisters" sheds light on dark secrets of Irish Catholicism 
2003 September 26 Music review Beat Innoncence Mission's autumnal anthem 
2003 September 26 Movie review Beat Video Vault: Catholic Cinema 
2003 September 26 Football Sports Turnovers cause worry, but Thunder runs over Engineers 
2003 September 26 Intramural Sports Sports Intramural Sports Update 
2003 September 26 Women's tennis Sports Tennis remains undefeated 
2003 September 26 Volleyball Sports Volleyball takes fourth in own invitational 
2003 September 26 Football Sports Faux Sports 
2003 September 26 Women's soccer Sports Women's streak rises to six 
2003 September 26 Men's soccer Sports Thunder defense shuts out fourth straight opponent 
2003 September 19 Joe Bean Front page Soccer coach sets all-time wins record 
2003 September 19 Michael Tarazi Front page PLO lawyer launches Midwest Peace Series at Wheaton 
2003 September 19 National Liberal Arts Colleges report News Larger classes, lower tuition stunt Wheaton's ranking 
2003 September 19 ESPN in student housing News Student Government budget surplus goes toward ESPN hook-up 
2003 September 19 Sermons and singing Voices Vantage Point Corporate worship: secular marketing and sacred music 
2003 September 19 Clarion now part of The Record Staff editorial What's up with Clarion? 
2003 September 19 Time with Jesus Voices Taking time to look at Christ 
2003 September 19 Trusting God Voices New York power outage prompts moment of reflection 
2003 September 19 Science Station Letter to the editor Kraft gives wrong impressions 
2003 September 19 New student center Letter to the editor The Beamer Center: It's Time 
2003 September 19 Men's soccer team Letter to the editor Praise for soccer team's servant heart 
2003 September 19 Church response to Spetember 11th Voices Evangelicals lack strong response to post- Sept. 11 spirituality 
2003 September 19 Student government Voices SG on the record 
2003 September 19 Cultural Christianity Clarion "The Good Life and the Abundant Life" 
2003 September 19 Cultural Christianity Clarion Simplicity, eagerness of worship lost 
2003 September 19 Cultural Christianity Clarion Romanian church adjusts to open society since 1989 
2003 September 19 Cultural Christianity Clarion Civil religion is good for evangelical Christianity 
2003 September 19 Cultural Christianity Clarion Postmodern apologists: using cultural knowledge for evangelism 
2003 September 19 Movie review Beat Comic-book brilliance comes to big screen 
2003 September 19 Theatre review Beat Disney's "Lion King" wows Chicago audiences 
2003 September 19 Restaurant reviews Beat Food in Focus: Mediterranean Cafes 
2003 September 19 Men's soccer Sports Coach Bean sets all-time record 
2003 September 19 Sports Sports Train Station 
2003 September 19 Women's soccer Sports Thunder sets down rival Wheaton (Mass.) in double overtime 
2003 September 19 Tennis Sports Tennis team continues perfect season 
2003 September 19 Baseball Faux Sports Who would receive Wheaton's first baseball scholarship? 
2003 September 19 Football Sports Thunder football holds on in 35-24 victory over Alma 
2003 September 19 Bees Humor Killer bees destroy college property, students 
2003 September 19 Student life Humor News in Briefs: "All the news that's unfit to print" 
2003 September 12 Role of the church Front page Church leaders face off at Penner debate 
2003 September 12 Student life Front page Students start unofficial campus skydiving group 
2003 September 12 Student life News Campus cell phone use increases 
2003 September 12 Cell phone antenna installation News T-Mobile antenna to go on Traber 
2003 September 12 Campus life News Quad Dash tradition continues 
2003 September 12 Music uploads News Music industry to sue in piracy cases 
2003 September 12 Honey Rock Spotlight From the woods 
2003 September 12 How to help the world around you Voices Finding the real Christ on the El 
2003 September 12 September 11th Staff editorial Remembering September 11th 
2003 September 12 Internet Voices Internet provides illusion of security 
2003 September 12 Student government Voices So you want to be the freshman class president... 
2003 September 12 Student life Voices Nothing neat, tidy found in Black Hills (or life) 
2003 September 12 Student behavior Letter to the editor All-School Communion lacks reverence 
2003 September 12 Homosexuality Letter to the editor Popular opinions ignore scholarship on homosexuality 
2003 September 12 Gay marriage Letter to the editor Articles ignored liberal viewpoint 
2003 September 12 Homosexuality Letter to the editor Wilkins asks the right questions 
2003 September 12 Homosexuality Letter to the editor Wilkins weaves a deceptive web 
2003 September 12 Homosexuality Letter to the editor Wheaton over-looks lesser sins 
2003 September 12 Music review Beat Sounds of Summer: A musical retrospective 
2003 September 12 Movie review Beat Video Vault Pirate Picks: Four non-"ahhrr"-rated flicks guaranteed to shiver your timbers 
2003 September 12 Best of music Beat Cooter & Pig Million present...The 10 loveliest Ladies of song 
2003 September 12 Volleyball Sports Women's volleyball opens season with home loss, tournament split 
2003 September 12 Baseball Sports Apocalypse Now: Cubs-Red/ White Sox World Series? 
2003 September 12 Men's soccer Sports Men's soccer defeats Hope, falls to Cowboys 
2003 September 12 Cross country Sports Women runners win in Naperville 
2003 September 5 Computer viruses Front page Viruses cripple campus network 
2003 September 5 Princeton Review of colleges Front page Wheaton food slips to fourth in nation 
2003 September 5 New student center Front page Students protest Beamer Center 
2003 September 5 ILLINET Online catalog News Buswell gains online resource consortium 
2003 September 5 New bricks on campus News Manufacturer replaced plaza bricks in June 
2003 September 5 New faculty News New faculty members added to campus (part one) 
2003 September 5 Homosexuality Voices Christians must re-examine homosexuality debate 
2003 September 5 Homosexuality Voices Reflection on homosexuality more complex than Biblical justification 
2003 September 5 Homosexuality Voices Sharing the Gospel with gay friends proves challenging 
2003 September 5 Gay rights Voices From sodomy to ceremony: Supreme Court ruling may help cause of traditional marriages 
2003 September 5 Gospel Voices Bishop Robinson misses the message of the Cross 
2003 September 5 Homosexuality Voices Vantage point: Politics influences culture, gay marriage 
2003 September 5 Movie review Beat Summer Cinema Seven of the season's best flicks 
2003 September 5 Football Sports Wheaton football opens season with playoff rematch 
2003 September 5 Basball Sports Marlins turn around, make run at playoffs 
2003 September 5 Women's soccer Sports Women Thunder sweep weekend with two shutouts 
2003 September 5 Men's soccer Sports Men's soccer faces Hope College in tournament 
2003 August 29 Student center Front page Construction on Beamer Center under way 
2003 August 29 Joel McLin Front page Joel McLin, 22, dies in hiking accident 
2003 August 29 Room shortage Front page Students displaced in housing shuffle 
2003 August 29 Football Sports Football team hopes to live up to preseason expectations 
2003 August 29 Pursuing excellence at The Record Staff editorial What you can expect from us 
2003 August 29 Joel McLin Voices Remembering Joel McLin 
2003 August 29 Campus life Voices High expectations needed for Wheaton College life in spite of doubts 
2003 August 29 Theatre review Beat Theater alumni return for "As You Like It" 
2003 August 29 Music review Beat Radiohead in concert: 'Hail to the Thief' tour 
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