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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
2002 May 4 Logo design Front Page Committee releases final Thunder logo 
2002 May 4 Athletic department  Front page Sports cuts still up in the air due to lack of information 
2002 May 4 Graduation Front page Largest-ever commencement creates seating, ticket shortage 
2002 May 4 Student life News Lack of funding slows new student center progress 
2002 May 4 Dr. William Phemister News Music professor travels to North Korea to bridge gap between nations 
2002 May 4 National and international news News Outside the Bubble 
2002 May 4 Wheaton Faculty News Well done, good and faithful servant! 
2002 May 4 Personal purpose Voices Just Kyle In summary 
2002 May 4 Looking back on the year Voices Editorial 
2002 May 4 Encouaging discussion Voices Letter to the editor Palestine revisited 
2002 May 4 Opinion Voices Quotables 
2002 May 4 Movie Review The Beat Veto Matthew and Reese 
2002 May 4 Spending time The Beat Arts and entertainment: their place in our lives 
2002 May 4 Arts fair The Beat A call to expressive arms 
2002 May 4 Spiderman franchise The Beat Attack of the killer franchises 
2002 May 4 Baseball Sports Baseball drops doublheader to North Central 
2002 May 4 Softball Sports Softball splits the difference 
2002 April 26 Harve Chrouser Front page Coach Chrouser dies at 89 
2002 April 26 Raising funds for cancer research News Sigma Delta Pi sponsers second Walk for Hope 
2002 April 26 Barbara Bradley News National Public Radio reporter visits campus 
2002 April 26 Raising money for clubs News Koinonia sponsers "Faculty Feud" 
2002 April 26 Student life News SG Technology Survey Results 
2002 April 26 National and International news News Outside the Bubble 
2002 April 26 Relationships Voices Just Kyle Dating kissed me goodbye 
2002 April 26 Ethics Voices The uses ana abuses of God's will 
2002 April 26 Student life Voices Editorial Commercial Chapels 
2002 April 26 Student government Voices Rsponse to recent criticism 
2002 April 26 Opinions Voices Quotables 
2002 April 26 Student government Letters to the Editor In defense of Student Government 
2002 April 26 Supporting Israel Letters to the Editor "Israel's Apocalypse Now" is one-sided 
2002 April 26 College apartment rates Letters to the Editor Housing costs unfair 
2002 April 26 Israel and hockey Voices Palestine and the Stanley Cup 
2002 April 26 Jerusalem Voices Information or inflammation 
2002 April 26 Movie review "Schindler's List" The Beat Clearing the fog: sex, violence and film 
2002 April 26 Films to see The Beat Summer movies 2002: a preview 
2002 April 26 Theater review The Beat "Boys Next Door" not child's play 
2002 April 26 Movies review The Beat The video shelf 
2002 April 26 Depression Spotlight When there's no end to the tunnel... 
2002 April 26 Softball Sports Softball wins close one over Illinois Wesleyan 
2002 April 26 Baseball Sports Baseball team falls short, falls short again 
2002 April 26 Track Sports Track on top at Elmhurst Invitaional 
2002 April 19 Campus remodeling Front page Renovations planned for Edman Chapel 
2002 April 19 Theology conference Front page Catholics and Evagelicals talk at conference 
2002 April 19 Kent Gramm Front page Dr. Kent Gramm nominatied for Pulitzer 
2002 April 19 Marilyn Scribner News Marilyn Scribner retires after 40 years 
2002 April 19 National and international news News Outside the Bubble 
2002 April 19 Emily Robins News Robins at National Forensics Competition 
2002 April 19 What are we praying for? Spotlight Israel's Apocalypse Now 
2002 April 19 Forum wall Voices Just Kyle SFx=8 
2002 April 19 Stereotypes Voices How do you define a Wheaton student? 
2002 April 19 Student Government Voices Editorial 
2002 April 19 Opinions Voices Quotables 
2002 April 19 Extra-terrestrials The Beat The media and aliens a modern myth created 
2002 April 19 Movie review The Beat "The Lion in Winter" devours its genre 
2002 April 19 B-movies The Beat Good old-fashioned late-night popcorn fun 
2002 April 19 Softball Sports Softball sweeps doubleheader with Carthage 
2002 April 19 Baseball Sports Baseball continues to struggle 
2002 April 19 Track Sports Track competes at North Central five-way 
2002 April 12 Student government Front page Eapen and Oxley win SG election 
2002 April 12 Dr. C. Everett Koop Front page An evening with Dr. C. Everett Koop 
2002 April 12 Student life Front page One Day to Serve 
2002 April 12 Religious-scientific discussion News Scientific investigations of the Shroud of Turin 
2002 April 12 Student life News Wheaton students visit Cuba 
2002 April 12 Paul Robinson News Wheaton professor appointed to Bread for the World board of directors 
2002 April 12 National and international news News Outside the Bubble 
2002 April 12 Tuition News  Financial aid report 
2002 April 12 Mascot News What does Thunder look like? 
2002 April 12 Control Voices Just Kyle Yet to be titled 
2002 April 12 Love and spring Voices Editorial 
2002 April 12 Opinions Voices Quotables 
2002 April 12 Relationships Voices Letter to the editor 
2002 April 12 Addressing Homosexuality Spotlight The leprosy of today (Homosexuality) 
2002 April 12 Movie review The Beat "Panic Room": a no-frills thriller 
2002 April 12 Movie review The Beat "Rosewood": a film to remember 
2002 April 12 Reading The Beat Why you should read comic books 
2002 April 12 Student life The Beat You snooze, you lose: Sleep-off 2002 
2002 April 12 Track Sports Track competes at Chicagoland Championships 
2002 April 12 Tennis Sports Men's and women's tennis see streaks come to an end 
2002 April 12 Wiffleball Sports A Tribute to the great Wiffleball 
2002 April 12 Baseball Sports Carthage proves too much for Thunder 
2002 April 12 Softball Sports Wheaton softball splits doubleheader 
2002 April 1 Student life Front page Wheaton College misses rapture 
2002 April 1 Student life Front page Stan Jones and followers stage coup attempt 
2002 April 1 Noah's ark News Bruce Norquist discovers Noah's ark 
2002 April 1 TV ratings News WETN-TV in ratings sweep 
2002 April 1 Student life News Liftin bans acronyms, throws campus into chaos 
2002 April 1 Stolen bikes News Bikes found in president's garage 
2002 April 1 Student life News Guy asks out girl 
2002 April 1 Student life News Sleep deprived student spontaneously combusts 
2002 April 1 Dr. Staff News STAFF denied tenure 
2002 April 1 Prayer News Couple actually praying in Prayer Chapel 
2002 April 1 Transportation News Campus shuttle system fails, Public safety to build monorail 
2002 April 1 Kyle Ambert News "Just Kyle" nominated for Nobel Peace Prize 
2002 April 1 Academy Awards News Class film nabs Oscar 
2002 April 1 Student life News "Christian Education major" to change name again 
2002 April 5 Student government Front page SG presidential election goes to revote 
2002 April 5 Dennis Hastert Front page Hastert addresses life in politics and Sept. 11 
2002 April 5 Wheaton Theology Conference News Catholics and Evangelicals in converstion 
2002 April 5 Paul House News Chair of Bible and Theology Department steps down 
2002 April 5 National and international news News Outside the Bubble 
2002 April 5 Scott Hale Spotlight "A place I never even thought of" 
2002 April 5 Grade inflation Voices Just Kyle Mine! Inflate mine! 
2002 April 5 Hot or not Voices Judge, lest ye be judged 
2002 April 5 Opinions Voices Quotables 
2002 April 5 Music review The Beat "The Eleventh Hour": timeless Jars of Clay 
2002 April 5 Music Review The Beat The latest from two "super" bands 
2002 April 5 Movie review The Beat Time flies by in new film 
2002 April 5 Music performance The Beat Classical Treat 
2002 April 5 Michael Burritt The Beat Percussion ensemble with special guest 
2002 April 5 Softball Sports Softball on a four-game winning streak 
2002 April 5 Track and field Sports Wheaton second at Weaton Invite 
2002 April 5 Baseball Sports Baseball struggles, but picks up a couple wins 
2002 April 5 Swimming Sports Swimming season ends at Division III Nationals 
2002 March 22 Community Front page Fire razes St. Michael's Church of Wheaton 
2002 March 22 Dennis Hastert Front page Back to Wheaton from Washington: Speaker of the House, Wheaton Alumnus, to hold lectures 
2002 March 22 Closed on Sunday News Library policy remains unchanged 
2002 March 22 Student housing News College handles mold problem in Student Services building 
2002 March 22 National and international news News Outside the Bubble 
2002 March 22 Grading Spotlight "B" is for BAD 
2002 March 22 Skipping chapel Voices Just Kyle As good as warm apple pie 
2002 March 22 Helping those in need Voices Editorial 
2002 March 22 Opinion Voices Quotables 
2002 March 22 Christian Community Voices A critique of political correctness 
2002 March 22 Mark Klinski Voices Elections College Union President 
2002 March 22 Student government Voices Paily Eapen and Tanya Oxley 
2002 March 22 Student government Voices Matt Hickey and Luc Gjovig 
2002 March 22 Student government Voices An update from jabbour 
2002 March 22 Loss Voices Dealing with Death 
2002 March 22 The ant and the grasshopper Voices Without Honor Further excerpts from "The Prophesye" 
2002 March 22 Closed on Sunday Voices So the library remains closed 
2002 March 22 Jonathan Kovalcik The Beat Inside Film: an interview with Jonathan Kovalcik 
2002 March 22 Book review The Beat "American Gods:" ancient gods fight back 
2002 March 22 Popular Film The Beat Academy Awards 2002: will "Rings" rule? 
2002 March 22 Softball Sports Softball opens season in Florida 
2002 March 22 Swimming Sports Women face adversity, maintain composure 
2002 March 22 Baseball Sports A new season, a new team 
2002 March 8 Financial affairs Front page Senior administrators receive salary increase 
2002 March 8 Dr. E David Cook speaks Front page Insights on morality from Oxford to Wheaton 
2002 March 8 Student life Front page Students enjoy Appreciation Dinner 
2002 March 8 National and interntional news News  Outside the Bubble 
2002 March 8 Alex Bolyanatz News Bolyanatz update 
2002 March 8 Legalism Voices Just Kyle I hate the Record 
2002 March 8 Emotions Editorial Nothing more than feelings 
2002 March 8 Opinions Voices Quotables 
2002 March 8 Inclusion Letters to the editor Diversity in the Body of Christ 
2002 March 8 Quality of the paper Letters to the editor Concern about the Record 
2002 March 8 Music review The Beat Delirious creativity 
2002 March 8 Reading and entertainment The Beat No escaping responsibility 
2002 March 8 Movie review The Beat "We Were Soldiers" in Vietnam: a successful tribute 
2002 March 8 Movie review The Beat A bold indie film worth discovering 
2002 March 8 Tennis Sports Tennis returns still victorious 
2002 March 8 Jayson Williams Sports Say it ain't so, Jayson 
2002 March 8 Chris Kamienski Sports Athlete of the week: Chris Kamienski 
2002 March 8 Baseball, softball, golf, tennis, track and field Sports Spring Sports Preview 
2002 March 1 Student Life Front Page Orientation Committee debates changes to Communion 
2002 March 1 Alex Bolyanatz Front page Bolyanatz denied job at Calvin College 
2002 March 1 Joel Sheesley News Sheesley honred by Illinois Art Council 
2002 March 1 National and international news News Outside the Bubble 
2002 March 1 Christianity News Students discuss experiencing God at Faith and Doubt Forum 
2002 March 1 Gloria and Julia Stronks Mother-daughter team lecture for book tour  
2002 March 1 Student life News Wheaton summer programs at a glance 
2002 March 1 African-American church lecture Spotlight Annual event delivers more than the Usual 
2002 March 1 Writing Voices Just Kyle Being smart is Fun! 
2002 March 1 Apathy Editorial I don't care 
2002 March 1 Opening the library on Sundays Voices Letter to the editor 
2002 March 1 Opinion Voices Quotables 
2002 March 1 Community Voices The infestation of political correctness 
2002 March 1 Movie review The Beat Brotherhood of the Wolf: a French masterpiece 
2002 March 1 Movie reviews The Beat The video shelf 
2002 March 1 Music controversy The Beat The Music industry: the real axis of evil? 
2002 March 1 Swimming Sports Wheaton College gets another home victory 
2002 March 1 Track and field Sports Track and field at Chicagoland Championships 
2002 March 1 Wrestling Sports Wrestlers win titles 
2002 March 1 Sean Collins Wrestling Sports Athlete of the week: Sean Collins 
2002 March 1 Basketball Sports Wheaton wins CCIW co-championship 
2002 March 1 Men's basketball Sports Men put away Cardinals in season-ending match-up 
2002 March 1 Track Sports Wheaton fifth at CCIW Indoor Championships 
2002 March 1 Wrestling Sports Collins to go to Nationals 
2002 February 22 Athletic Funding Front page Athletic department goes head-to head with budget concerns 
2002 February 22 Student community concerns Front page Litfin responds to students 
2002 February 22 O'Malley Front page Republican candidate visits campus 
2002 February 22 Tower publication News Last year'sTower release date delayed 
2002 February 22 National and international news News Outside the Bubble 
2002 February 22 Taking food from the cafeteria Spotlight The most popular sin at Wheaton 
2002 February 22 Resolutions Voices Just Kyle Lint 
2002 February 22 God's calling Voices Milk, not whine 
2002 February 22 Guilt Voices Editorial 
2002 February 22 Opinions Voices Quotables 
2002 February 22 Theatre review The Beat "Rosenstrasse": a profound statement 
2002 February 22 Music review The Beat Ortega's "Storm" is calm and peaceful 
2002 February 22 Movies The Beat Why we watch movies Eric's reasons and Sumanth's reasons 
2002 February 22 Men's basketball Sports Home court brings back that winning feeling 
2002 February 22 Women's basketball Sports Women pursue conference title 
2002 February 22 Swimming Sports Men and women claim CCIW championships 
2002 February 15 Education costs rise Front page Tuition increases 5.7 percent next year 
2002 February 15 Dr. Ruth Givens Front page Education professor denied tenure 
2002 February 15 Missions International Festival Front page Celebrating the diverse Kingdom with MIF 
2002 February 15 Guest housing News Harbor House dedicated for opening 
2002 February 15 Center for Applied Christian Ethics News Spiritual formation dicussed at CACE forum 
2002 February 15 National and international news News Outside the Bubble 
2002 February 15 Being self-centered Voices Just Sumanth In wake of recent events 
2002 February 15 Change Voices Editorial 
2002 February 15 Opinions Voices Quotables 
2002 February 15 Ignoring time Voices My favorite thing to do in the whole world 
2002 February 15 Student life Letter to the editor Helping students "keep the Sabbath" 
2002 February 15 Concert review The Beat An expressive evening with the BBC Concert Orchestra 
2002 February 15 Jazz performance The Beat Ellington at Wheaton 
2002 February 15 Art exposition The Beat Wheaton students "Breath" 
2002 February 15 Movie review The Beat "Collateral" damaged beyond repair 
2002 February 15 Jon Nielson Sports Athlete of the week: Jon Nielson Freshman Guard for Thunder basketball 
2002 February 15 Men's basketball Sports Wheaton men eke out win in double overtime 
2002 February 15 Women's basketball Sports Win streak snapped as women fall to Millikin 
2002 February 15 Track Sports Track competes at Lewis University 
2002 February 8 Dr. Ruth Givens Front page Professor appeals tenure recommendation 
2002 February 8 Seven ways of imagining ethnicity Front page Art display to explore ethnicity 
2002 February 8 Missions conference News Missions in Focus: Come with open hands 
2002 February 8 employment News Career Services offers advice to students seeking jobs in today's competitive market 
2002 February 8 Fireplace in student center News Senior class gift 
2002 February 8 National and international news News Outside the Bubble 
2002 February 8 Taking time off Voices Just Kyle Adieu 
2002 February 8 Relationships Voices On Stage 
2002 February 8 Acting out faith Voices More callings than missions 
2002 February 8 Valentine's day Voices Editorial 
2002 February 8 lessons from beauty and the beast Voices What the Beast did wrong 
2002 February 8 Opinions Voices Quotables 
2002 February 8 State of faith on campus Letters to the editor "Got Milk?" got me 
2002 February 8 Library open on Sundays Letters to the editor Keep the Lord's Day 
2002 February 8 Freshman roommate system Spotlight Hello, Stranger 
2002 February 8 Song reviews The Beat Love in Song 
2002 February 8 Theatre review The Beat "Les Miserables" visited Chicago 
2002 February 8 Popular culture The Beat The Superbowl 
2002 February 8 Swimming Sports Men and Women claim double-dual meet 
2002 February 8 Track and Field Sports Thunder begins track and field 
2002 February 8 Wrestling Sports Wrestling hosts invitational 
2002 February 8 Stacie Clark Sports Athlete of the Week: Stacie Clark Standout senior guard for the women's basketball team 
2002 February 8 Women's basketball Sports Ten and counting: women's streak continues 
2002 February 8 Men's basketball Sports The Thunder come up empty on the road 
2002 February 1 Student Council want library open on Sundays Front page Seventh day dilemma 
2002 February 1 Student relations Front page Diversity talks prompt start of Unity Coalition 
2002 February 1 Bush's domestic and international agenda News State of the Union exhorts, surprises 
2002 February 1 Irony in American history News McClay lectures on Niebuhr 
2002 February 1 Student intrest in Islamic faith News Attendance low at second Islam lecture 
2002 February 1 Wheaton and missions Spotlight Is Wheaton still willing to go? 
2002 February 1 Dr. Jay Kesler News On cut flowers and Baywatch: An intimate converstion with Dr. Jay Kesler 
2002 February 1 Social expectations Voices Just Kyle The Greeting 
2002 February 1 Being offensive Voices Communication and civility 
2002 February 1 Absurdity Voices On Laughter 
2002 February 1 Being committed to Christ Voices Got Milk? 
2002 February 1 Opinions Voices Quotables 
2002 February 1 Actions and perceptions Voices Editorial 
2002 February 1 Football News Super Bowl XXXVI: an analysis 
2002 February 1 Movie review The Beat "Walk" detours from normal teen-movie path 
2002 February 1 Movie reviews The Beat The Video Shelf 
2002 February 1 Music review The Beat Still classic 
2002 February 1 Performance announcement The Beat Brits to invade Edman 
2002 February 1 Superbowl Sports Who cares this much? 
2002 February 1 Men's basketball Sports Men's basketball lose in front of a full house 
2002 February 1 Women's basketball Sports Women's winning streak continues 
2002 January 25 President back from sabbatical Front page President Litfin returns from sabbatical 
2002 January 25 Vocational ministry Front page Wheaton turned down for Lilly Endowment 
2002 January 25 Inamul Haqq speaks News Islam forum continues 
2002 January 25 Missing sculpture News Buswell Bear: gone but not forgotten 
2002 January 25 Society Voices Just Kyle Awkward Situations 
2002 January 25 Opinions Voices Quotables 
2002 January 25 President Litfin Voices Editorial 
2002 January 25 Finding identity Voices Carving a niche 
2002 January 25 Student life Voices Much Ado About Everything (TITLE) 
2002 January 25 Making sense of the world Voices On playing 
2002 January 25 Movie review The Beat Black Hawk Down: raw, intense and real 
2002 January 25 Music review The Beat Samples galore with the Avalanches 
2002 January 25 TV show review Smallville The Beat Stuck in that "small town"rut 
2002 January 25 Wrestling Sports Two wrestlers compete in Indiana 
2002 January 25 Baseball Sports What an off-season 
2002 January 25 Men's basketball Sports North Park's red hot shooting quiets Thunder 
2002 January 25 Women's basketball Sports Women Thunder roll to sixth straight win 
2002 January 18 Campus safety Front page Campus urged to be cautious after assaults 
2002 January 18 John Garvin Front page Wheaton College students carry Olympic torch 
2002 January 18 Library open on Sunday poll Front page Students call for "consistancy": results from the SG Sunday survey 
2002 January 18 What other Christian colleges think Spotlight Wheaton college in a different light 
2002 January 18 Journalism Voices As I lay dancing 
2002 January 18 The new year Voices Just Kyle 2002 
2002 January 18 Men's and Women's swimming Sports Men and Women both win 
2002 January 18 Women's basketball Sports Wheaton wins four straight 
2002 January 18 Sean Collins wrestling Sports Collins wins at North Central Invite 
2002 January 18 Emily Mason swimming Sports Athlete of the Week: Emily Mason 
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