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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
2001 December 14 Student life Front page Student Government responds to racial incidents 
2001 December 14 Wheaton food service Front page Bon Appetit celebrates CEO award 
2001 December 14 Faculty emplyment News News Rumors of hiring freeze dispelled 
2001 December 14 Bikes parked illegally News Violators inconvienced 
2001 December 14 International student population Spotlight From every tongue and tribe and nation? (Not yet.) 
2001 December 14 Editorial Voices Just Kyle A warm/fuzzy Christmas story 
2001 December 14 The record Voices Editorial 
2001 December 14 Life purpose Voices On the dumbness of things 
2001 December 14 Student life Voices How to contact Student Government 
2001 December 14 Relationship with God Voices And how will you honor God? 
2001 December 14 Being a peacemaker Voices A much needed response 
2001 December 14 Response to "Divine chauvinism" Letters to the editor Reece Taylor: journalism at its best 
2001 December 14 Response to "Divine chauvinism" Letters to the editor Questioning Reece's methods 
2001 December 14 Responses to "Divine chauvinism" Letters to the editor A hearty approval 
2001 December 14 Responses to "Divine chauvinism" Letters to the editor Concerned members of the Bible department respond 
2001 December 14 Racial issues Voices The smoothest of transitions 
2001 December 14 Racism Voices The innocent bystander 
2001 December 14 Opinions Voices Quotables 
2001 December 14 Movie reviews The Beat 2001: The year in movies 
2001 December 14 Music review The Beat Rotten Apples: Smashing Pumpkins' greatest hits (1988-2000) 
2001 December 14 Swimming Sports Wheaton owns the Wheaton Invitational 
2001 December 14 Soccer Sports Mouw earns third straight All-American honor 
2001 December 14 Kevin Blomstrom Sports Athlete of the Week: Kevin Blomstrom Guard for the men's basketball team 
2001 December 14 Soccer Sports Kightlinger named a Third Team All-American 
2001 December 14 Men's basketball Sports Thunder become No. 7 with Northwestern win 
2001 December 14 Women's basketball Sports Women Thunder begin new winning streak 
2001 December 14 Wrestling Sports Nord and Collins remain undefeated in dual match at Elmhurst 
2001 December 7 Christian response to Native American culture Front page Controversy over chapel message 
2001 December 7 Racism on campus Front page  Asian American students targets of racist incidents 
2001 December 7 Doctoral program in psychology News APA votes to keep footnote 4 
2001 December 7 Mandarin Chinese News Committee explores new language program 
2001 December 7 The gender of God Voices Divine chauvinism 
2001 December 7 Afterlife Voices The consequences of unprotected death 
2001 December 7 Popular culture Editorial Is a movie the best way to spend your evening? 
2001 December 7 Opinions Voices Quotables 
2001 December 7 Real life Voices Without Honor Excerpts from "The Prophesye" 
2001 December 7 Christmas giving The Beat The authoritative student's guide to gifts 
2001 December 7 Movie review "Spy Games" The Beat This "Game" is worth playing 
2001 December 7 Recital review The Beat Groves, Card light up Edman chapel 
2001 December 7 Soccer Sports Women's soccer players receive regional honors 
2001 December 7 Swimming Sports Swim teams split with Grand Valley State 
2001 December 7 Football Sports Justin Knapp named Second Team All-Region 
2001 December 7 Men's basketball Sports  Thunder basketball remains undefeated, climbing to no. 9 national ranking 
2001 December 7 Women's basketball Sports Wheaton improves to 6-1 with overtime victory 
2001 December 7 Wrestling Sports Nord and Collins win in third place effort 
2001 November 30 Demonstration Front page Wheaton students protest School of the Americas 
2001 November 30 Naomi Schaefer Front page Harvard grad does book on religious schools 
2001 November 30 Self-study News Wheaton to be re-evaluated for accreditation 
2001 November 30 Athletic renovation Sports New bleachers planned for soccer field 
2001 November 30 Barbara Wessner Anderson News New trustee joins board 
2001 November 30 Movie review The Beat There's something about Harry 
2001 November 30 Music review Radiohead The Beat "I Might Be Wrong" 
2001 November 30 Popular culture Voices Just Kyle Harry Potter is so very satanic 
2001 November 30 Student life Voices On washing dishes 
2001 November 30 Dating Editorial Be on your guard: infiltrating the other chapel 
2001 November 30 Movie review Voices Much ado about everything: "Ah Harry, we barely knew ye" 
2001 November 30 Opinions Voices Quotables 
2001 November 30 Women's basketball Sports Women have rough start, bounce back 
2001 November 30 Women's soccer Sports Women's soccer shutout in Final Four 
2001 November 30 Men's basketball Sports Thunder basketball rolls to a 3-0 start 
2001 November 16 Doctoral program in psychology Front page Debate continues over APA guidelines 
2001 November 16 Women's soccer Sports Thunder rolls to first ever Final four 
2001 November 16 Ten Thousand Villages sale News International gift sale held at professors' home 
2001 November 16 Ten Thousand Villages project News Stories of Ten Thousand Villages 
2001 November 16 Student life Voices Just Kyle The Class Nazi 
2001 November 16 Will Reaves "Ethics properly understood" Voices Out of the realm of efficiency 
2001 November 16 Popular culture reviews Letters to the editor Problems with "Beat" 
2001 November 16 "The Apostle" Letters to the editor I gave Jesus a hand 
2001 November 16 Supporting Wheaton athletics Voices [Insert annoying gong noise here] 
2001 November 16 Opinions Voices Quotables 
2001 November 16 Movie reivew "Life as a House" The Beat Don't build your house on this... 
2001 November 16 Movie review The Beat K-Paz near trivial, but proves slightly meaningful 
2001 November 16 Article reviews The Beat Record-breaking boredom 
2001 November 16 Music review The Beat Strive: one band's epic coffeehouse 
2001 November 16 Wrestling, Swimming and basketball Sports Winter sports preview 
2001 November 16 Men's soccer Sports Men's season ended by Kalamazoo 
2001 November 16 Women's soccer Sports Thunder win Central Region Championship; to host Quarterfinal 
2001 November 16 Football Sports Thunder football shocks Augie with last-second touchdown 
2001 November 16 Katie Shubin soccer Sports Athlete of the week: Katie Shubin 
2001 November 9 Vollyball team travels to DC Front page Varsity vollyball team tested for anthrax 
2001 November 9 Inamul Haqq Front page Muslim speaks to students regarding sept. 11 
2001 November 9 Funds for students News Student grant program revived 
2001 November 9 Dallas Willard Spotlight A piece of his mind 
2001 November 9 Studying abroad Voices The art of stillness 
2001 November 9 Boredom Voices Just Kyle Wheaton student, friend, find something to do 
2001 November 9 Maria Martin Voices Ethics properly understood 
2001 November 9 Life lessons Voices Watching him fall 
2001 November 9 Opinions Voices Quotables 
2001 November 9 Movie review Monsters Inc. The Beat "The happiest move I've ever seen" 
2001 November 9 Baseball Sports A series of Heroes: The World Series in review 
2001 November 9 Men's soccer Sports Wheaton wins NCAA opener: will face Kalamazoo today 
2001 November 9 Football Sports Wheaton football in high gear 
2001 November 9 John Knightlinger Soccer Sports Athlete of the Week: John Kightlinger 
2001 November 2 College Finances Front Page Economic implications hoped to have little effect on giving 
2001 November 2 C.S. Lewis film Front Page C.S. Lewis documentary premiers at Wheaton 
2001 November 2 Students studying News Homework Haven: Office of Multicultural Development begins new ministry 
2001 November 2 Relationship between mind and body News Philosophy conference gets metaphysical 
2001 November 2 Technology program sessions News Media Resources to teach Power Point and Dream Weaver 
2001 November 2 Movie review The Beat "Mulholland Drive" is one strange trip 
2001 November 2 Movie review "Serendipity" The Beat Legitimate excuses to deface five dollar bills 
2001 November 2 Jack the Ripper The Beat From...that place where naughty people go 
2001 November 2 Music performance review The Beat Travis in concert 
2001 November 2 Theatre review The Beat A preview of "Our Town" 
2001 November 2 Christianity Voices Just Kyle "Yeah!" 
2001 November 2 Halloween Editorial Story time- All Hallow's Eve 
2001 November 2 Myths Voices Somewhere out west 
2001 November 2 Board of Trustees Voices An atypical fall break 
2001 November 2 Faith Voices An unspoken understanding 
2001 November 2 Peace Voices A world of shalom 
2001 November 2 Kingdom of God Letters to the editor A call to non-conformity 
2001 November 2 September 11th attacks Letters to the editor Thanks from a Wheaton graduate 
2001 November 2 Faith and science Letters to the editor PBS review 
2001 November 2 Opinions Voices Quotables 
2001 November 2 Men's soccer Sports Trinity shuts out the Thunder's men's soccer team 2-0 
2001 November 2 Women's soccer Sports Wheaton defeats St. Lawrence 2-1 in overtime thriller 
2001 November 2 Women's soccer Sports Women's soccer dominates North Central in 7-0 win 
2001 November 2 Women's tennis Sports Wheaton women's tennis team wins fourth straight CCIW title 
2001 November 2 Men's soccer Sports Thunder controls Carthage 
2001 November 2 Volleyball Sports Volleyball puts a spike in opponent's play 
2001 November 2 New York Sports Sports  Excitement in the Meadowland swamps 
2001 November 2 Football Sports Wheaton Thunder roll back 
2001 November 2 Football Sports Football holds composure 
2001 November 2 Women' soccer Sports Women's soccer to host Championships 
2001 November 2 Men's soccer Sports Men tie Texas Lutheran in road trip opener 
2001 October 19 September 11th attacks Front page Changing international politics affect students 
2001 October 19 September 11th attacks Front page Students reflect on bombings 
2001 October 19 Security issues after September 11th News Former White House advisor describes a dangerous world 
2001 October 19 Internet use News College to begins use of bandwidth shaper 
2001 October 19 Student Health Advisory Council News SHAC proves itself invaluable to health center 
2001 October 19 Performance announcment News Town sings to cure cancer 
2001 October 19 Faith and science Spotlight When Faith and Science Collide Does Wheaton really believe in evolution? 
2001 October 19 Movie review The Beat "The Deep End": A fine little art film 
2001 October 19 Music review The Beat Rocked by the Root 
2001 October 19 Music review The Beat Guerin attends U2 "Elevation" concert 
2001 October 19 Being unprepared Editorial A modern Noah 
2001 October 19 Review of Maria Martin's column Voices The danger of idolizing peace 
2001 October 19 Procrastination Voices The disappearing term paper 
2001 October 19 Wheaton's pacifist club Voices Wheaton students plant tulips at mosque 
2001 October 19 Identity Voices He's glorified, I'm satisfied 
2001 October 19 Mutant squirrels Voices Way out West 
2001 October 19 Opinions Voices Quotables 
2001 October 19 Appreciation for the writing in The Record Voices Letters to the editor 
2001 October 19 New York sports Sports Next time, I'll watch what I wish for 
2001 October 19 Football Sports Rain can't stop Thunder 
2001 October 19 Men's soccer Sports North Park hands Wheaton first conference loss in seven years 
2001 October 19 Rachael Zisch Running Sports Athlete of the week: Rachael Zisch 
2001 October 19 Women's soccer Rebecca Mouw Sports Mouw sets records in 9-0 win over North Park 
2001 October 12 Best Libral Arts colleges Front Page Wheaton drops from top 50 
2001 October 12 Dr. Bruce memorial fund Front page Students present summer science research 
2001 October 12 Movie review Zoolander The Beat Stiller stinks in a rotten movie 
2001 October 12 Movie review The Beat I watched "The Learning Curve" I still don't know why... 
2001 October 12 Music review The Beat Oysterhead hits shelves 
2001 October 12 New associate editor Voices Editorial 
2001 October 12 Opinions Voices Quotables 
2001 October 12 Looking forward Voices Much ado about everything Thought on the future 
2001 October 12 Patriotism Voices When love of country turns to idolatry 
2001 October 12 Grace Letters to the editor An apology and explanation 
2001 October 12 Being open Letters to the editor Re: re: portly man teaches student about grace 
2001 October 12 Marriage and women Letters to the editor Humor taken too far 
2001 October 12 Powder puff Spotlight Hut Hut Hike! 
2001 October 12 Baseball Sports Bonds who? 
2001 October 12 Women's soccer Sports Women's soccer returns favor 
2001 October 12 Football Sports Stuggles continue for Thunder football 
2001 October 12 Soccer Sports Men capitalize on Augustana weakness 
2001 October 12 Alumni Sports 2001 Hall of Honor inductees 
2001 October 5 Athletics visual representation Front page Thunder logo postponed 
2001 October 5 Planning Front page Task forces plan new campaign 
2001 October 5 Book sale News Students get pick of used books 
2001 October 5 September 11th News Terrorism has serious impact on economy 
2001 October 5 Lilly Endowment News Wheaton in the mix for $2 million grant 
2001 October 5 Campus spiritual life News All school communion renews students 
2001 October 5 Responding to war Spotlight After September 11, two Christians wonder...Should we really turn the other cheek? 
2001 October 5 Student life Voices Just Kyle The thorn in my flesh: Father Time 
2001 October 5 Excellence Editorial What is college for anyway? 
2001 October 5 Projects council Voices ?? What to call it ?? 
2001 October 5 God's love Letters to the editor Re: Portly man teaches student about grace 
2001 October 5 Opinions Voices Quotables 
2001 October 5 September 11th  Voices Why would anyone hate America? 
2001 October 5 Music review The Beat Letting it all come down with Spiritualized 
2001 October 5 Peview of Michael Jackson's music video The Beat The return of the king 
2001 October 5 Josh Anderson Football Sports Athlete of the week: Josh Anderson 
2001 October 5 Men's soccer Sports Two victories for Men's Soccer 
2001 October 5 Women's soccer Sports Doubly surprising week for women 
2001 October 5 Football Sports Teamwork rings the bell 
2001 September 28 Homecoming Front page Homecoming activities "declare God's glory" 
2001 September 28 September 11th attacks Front page Reason and reflection on the recent tragedy 
2001 September 28 Foreign culture News Departments join in leading spring break trip to Cuba 
2001 September 28 Lois Deicke News New student fund 
2001 September 28 Summer school News Summer school enrollments down 
2001 September 28 September 11th tragedy Spotlight Grief measured by Hope 
2001 September 28 Music review The Beat Caedmon's Call kicks off tour at Edman Chapel 
2001 September 28 Telethon The Beat "A Tribute to Heroes" 
2001 September 28 Music review The Beat The pursuit of Weezer 
2001 September 28 Music review Irate The Beat Complete improv: that's New Deal 
2001 September 28 Relationships Voices Crouching woman, hidden dragon 
2001 September 28 Student government Voices Much ado about everything Of bribes and one-legged ducks 
2001 September 28 Learning Voices The "Job" of schooling 
2001 September 28 World issues Letter to the editor In dissent of passivity 
2001 September 28 Opinions Voices Quotables 
2001 September 28 Judging others Voices Portly man teaches student about grace 
2001 September 28 Baseball Sports National pastime hits grand slam 
2001 September 28 Men's soccer Sports Men's road woes continue 
2001 September 28 Football Sports Football drops early, loses game 
2001 September 28 Women's soccer Sports Thunder checkmated in TopTen battle. 
2001 September 21 Christian answers to science Front page PBS features Wheaton in evolution documentary 
2001 September 21 Bike theft News Stolen! Is your bike safe? 
2001 September 21 Campus safety News Shuttle makes changes in procedure 
2001 September 21 Academic honors society News Phi Beta Kappa refuses to grant chapter to Wheaton College. 
2001 September 21 Harbor House News Rumors of renovation 
2001 September 21 Student family housing News Veltman becomes married housing 
2001 September 21 September 11th attacks Voices America the evil? 
2001 September 21 Student life Voices Much ado about everything Through the eyes of a lowly freshman 
2001 September 21 Condemnation Voices Editorial 
2001 September 21 Community Letters to the editor Racism divides 
2001 September 21 Revenge Letters to the editor Repaying evil with evil 
2001 September 21 September 11th Voices Lord, we prayed for spring! 
2001 September 21 Opinions Voices Quotables 
2001 September 21 Relationships Voices Where do you think you are? 
2001 September 21 Relationships Voices Hearts of darkness 
2001 September 21 The year's new faculty members Spotlight ...And here's the rest... 
2001 September 21 Community Spotlight Town-Gown Relations 
2001 September 21 Music review The Beat Caedmon's Call(ed) me 
2001 September 21 Music suggestions The Beat Music brings peace during tense times 
2001 September 21 Music review The Beat I listened to Wes King's "What Matters Most" (though I normally wouldn't have 
2001 September 21 Movie review The Beat "O"thello remake stays true to Shakespeare's themes 
2001 September 21 Men's soccer Sports Tight defense and John Kightlinger lead to win 
2001 September 21 Men's soccer Sports Men rout Aurora 
2001 September 21 Women's soccer Sports Cornell no match for Wheaton balance 
2001 September 21 Cheerleading Sports Cheering: Bounding to new heights 
2001 September 21 Football Sports Redemption comes quickly for Thunder football 
2001 September 21 Rebecca Mouw soccer Sports Athlete of the Week: Rebecca Mouw 
2001 September 14 September 11th Front page Tragedy strikes U.S.- a week of shock, mourning 
2001 September 14 Racism in the community Front page Racism will not be tolerated 
2001 September 14 Student life News Plans for new student center move forward 
2001 September 14 New logo News Wheaton changes 24 year old logo 
2001 September 14 Campus life News Newsline 
2001 September 14 Mascot Voices Just Kyle 
2001 September 14 Praying for the nation Voices Editorial 
2001 September 14 Opinions Voices Quotables 
2001 September 14 Servanthood with Dr. Siang-Yang Tan Spotlight Inside the heart of a Servant 
2001 September 14 New faculty Spotlight Quick! Name them all! 
2001 September 14 Movie review The Beat Return to the Goon docks 
2001 September 14 Music performance review The Beat C.U. Coffeehouse 
2001 September 14 Sean Pearman Soccer Sports Athlete of the Week: Sean Pearman 
2001 September 14 Men's soccer Sports Young soccer squad shows veteran experience 
2001 September 14 Women's tennis and volleyball Sports Fall Sports Preview 
2001 September 14 Women's soccer Sports Women's soccer dominates competition 
2001 September 14 Cross country Sports High hopes for cross country 
2001 September 14 Football Sports Thunder football falls to late 4th quarter surge 
2001 September 7 Dr. Stanton Jones Front page Provost steps in during presidential sabbatical 
2001 September 7 Psychology doctoral program Front page APA decision may threaten doctoral program 
2001 September 7 Retreat renovation News Honey Rock Camp climbs to its 50th anniversary 
2001 September 7 British authors library moves News The Wade Center has a new home 
2001 September 7 Campus safety News The Blotter 
2001 September 7 Campus life News Wheaton ranks high in Princeton Review 
2001 September 7 Singer/ songwriter visits campus The Beat "Sitting down" with Nichole Nordeman 
2001 September 7 Music review The Beat Gorillaz climb Billboard's charts 
2001 September 7 Music review The Beat Jazz gives me meaning 
2001 September 7 Encouragement Editorial A lesson from the Rock 
2001 September 7 Campus life Voices Tough questions 
2001 September 7 Noel Jabbour Voices Your little Lebanese friend 
2001 September 7 Student life Voices Adjustments 
2001 September 7 Purpose Voices Musings from a bewildered senior 
2001 September 7 Opinions Voices Quotables 
2001 September 7 Soccer, women's golf and tennis Sports More Sports... 
2001 September 7 Soccer, football and women's golf Sports Fall sports preview 
2001 August 31 Fire in Edman Chapel Front page A Tale of two fires 
2001 August 31 New staff at The Record Editorial A New Hope 
2001 August 31 Burglaries Front page Midsummer night's vandalism 
2001 August 31 Summanth Prabhaker The Beat A Quick introduction 
2001 August 31 Wheaton life Voices Just Kyle Bienvenidos 
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