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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
2001 April 27 Ivan Fahs, Lyman Kellstedt and Helmut Ziefle Front page Three longtime professors to retire at year's end 
2001 April 27 Glory to God Front page Chapel pranks spark laughter and fury 
2001 April 27 Parking zones Front page Parking permit system to change 
2001 April 27 Alex Bolyanatz News Bolyanatz focuses on future at going-away party 
2001 April 27 Freedom on the internet News Library reworks filtering system 
2001 April 27 Gary Burge News Burge takes over as vice-chair 
2001 April 27 Economy News Eye on the Market 
2001 April 27 Experience with The Record Editorial Final words from the senior editors 
2001 April 27 Chapel pranks Letter to the editor Monday's chapel prompts musings 
2001 April 27 Chapel pranks Letter to the editor Pranksters apologize 
2001 April 27 Student government Voices Slightly Bigger man on campus 
2001 April 27 Love your neighbor Voices Reach out and touch someone 
2001 April 27 Trusting God Voices Faith to ask tough questions 
2001 April 27 Trusting leaders Voices Trustees, we need to be able to trust you 
2001 April 27 Recommendations for campus life Voices Ten things I'll miss about you 
2001 April 27 Bolyanatz Letter to the editor Faculty support Bolyanatz decision 
2001 April 27 Representing Christ Letter to the editor Debate wisely 
2001 April 27 Opinions Voices Quotables 
2001 April 27 Theatre review The Beat "The American Clock" well worth your time 
2001 April 27 Music review The Beat Student band's first release is a "Aeijtzsche" it 
2001 April 27 Music review The Beat Crowds go Delirious at concert 
2001 April 27 Music reviews The Beat A history of rock 'n' roll 
2001 April 27 Baseball Sports Baseballers take down Wiertel, Carthage for second CCIW win 
2001 April 27 Softball Sports Knowlton throws no-hitter, softball a success 
2001 April 20 Walk for hope Front page Students walk to support cancer victims 
2001 April 20 Campus safety Front page Faulty alarms vandalized 
2001 April 20 Campus construction Front page BGC offices will shuffle this summer 
2001 April 20 Economy News Eye on the Market 
2001 April 20 Giving your life to God Voices Making the Mark 
2001 April 20 No shower day Editorial To shower or not to shower 
2001 April 20 Policy issues Letter to the editor Provost responds to critics 
2001 April 20 Dating Voices Pursuing complete Christianness 
2001 April 20 Music review Mark Williams The Beat Student artist records full-length CD 
2001 April 20 Lipsync contest The Beat Air Jam a major slam 
2001 April 20 Music to make you move The Beat Art & music in MSC 
2001 April 20 Music review The Beat A history of rock 'n' roll 
2001 April 20 Music review The Beat Third Day gives an outstanding performance 
2001 April 20 Softball Sports Softball keeps play-off hopes alive 
2001 April 20 Track Sports Tracksters place fourth at meet 
2001 April 20 Baseball Sports Olivet Nazarene quiets Thunder baseball 10-1 
2001 April 6 Judge Kenneth Starr Front page Whitewater prosecutor Starr speaks at lecture 
2001 April 6 Republican club Front page College Republicans earn honors 
2001 April 6 Messianic Fellowship Front page Passover Sedar teaches students Jewish customs, encourages outreach 
2001 April 6 Music performance News Chorale, Concert Choir to perform 
2001 April 6 Student life News Crazy seniors stay awake 72 hours in sleep-off 
2001 April 6 Residence life News Dorm access, internships on SG slate 
2001 April 6 Diversity resolution News Faculty affirm diversity's importance 
2001 April 6 Making assumptions Editorial Putting a name with a face 
2001 April 6 Student government Letter to the editor Let's cooperate 
2001 April 6 Student projects Letter to the editor Outstanding projects 
2001 April 6 Reflections on the year Letter to the editor Whom do you trust? 
2001 April 6 Creation/ evolution Letter to the editor Evolution debate 
2001 April 6 Opinions Voices Quotables 
2001 April 6 Restaurant review The Beat La Cumbamba: A primitive idea of a social club 
2001 April 6 Student life The Beat Class films a formal affair 
2001 April 6 Food review The Beat Search for the perfect burrito 
2001 April 6 Music reviews The Beat A history of rock 'n' roll 
2001 April 6 Men's golf Sports Men's golf finding their stroke 
2001 April 6 Softball Sports Softball splits with North Park 
2001 April 6 Track Sports Tracksters run at Wheaton Invite 
2001 April 6 Baseball Sports Long conference drought ends for baseball team 
2001 April 1 Theft (Joke) Front page Record computers stolen! 
2001 April 1 Student life Fake news Co-eds turn the tables on brutish football players 
2001 April 1 Campus life Fake news Escaped Trustee mistakenly encounters students 
2001 April 1 Alumni Fake news Alumni Office concerned over alleged cynicism loss 
2001 April 1 Starbucks on campus Fake news Starbucks buys naming rights to Student Center 
2001 April 1 Alex Bolyanatz Fake news Jones goes the way of the dinosaur 
2001 April 1 New mascot Fake news Litfin: "Continue the Crusade" 
2001 April 1 Student government Front page New SG proposal to cut down on tickets 
2001 April 1 Student government Front page Class votes held 
2001 April 1 Orchestra performance Front page "War Requiem" depicts peace, reconciliation 
2001 April 1 Robbery News Thief takes $700 in SRC heist 
2001 April 1 Economy News Eye on the market 
2001 April 1 Women's history month Editorial The house that mercy built 
2001 April 1 Student life Voices Not Quite Hip Doin' the gnositc slide 
2001 April 1 Christian worldly responsiblities Voices The word on the street The morality of sanctions 
2001 April 1 Arts at Wheaton Letter to the editor Requiem request 
2001 April 1 Community Voices The Paultonic Dialogues The life and teachings of Socrowtes 
2001 April 1 Focus on things above Voices Making the mark 
2001 April 1 Movie review The Beat Oscar-winning "Traffic" gets the green light 
2001 April 1 Student life The Beat Hen House offers fun in suburbs 
2001 April 1 Academy Awards The Beat This just in- Hollywood a total sellout 
2001 April 1 Music reviews The Beat A history of rock 'n' roll, continued 
2001 April 1 Ed Hodges The Beat Ed Hodges rules! 
2001 April 1 Softball Sports Softball splits first conference doubleheader 
2001 April 1 Baseball Sports Baseballers lose close one to Robert Morris 
2001 March 23 Student government Front page Experience wins Veterans take both SG and CU races 
2001 March 23 Grace Cogen Front page Deaf woman hears for the first time 
2001 March 23 Robert Vautin Front page Psychology professor, 64, dies 
2001 March 23 Jill Pelaez Baumgaertner News New dean appointed 
2001 March 23 Economy News Eye on the Market 
2001 March 23 Dating Comic Crazy Larry 
2001 March 23 Friendship Editorial Big girls don't cry 
2001 March 23 Coffee Voices Just Kyle 
2001 March 23 Screwtape Letters Voices Slightly bigger man on campus 
2001 March 23 Community Voices Letter to the editor 
2001 March 23 Modesty Voices The village idiot 
2001 March 23 Music review Over the Rhine The Beat OtR's songwriting for "Films" shines in concert 
2001 March 23 Music review The Beat Parody rock groups gather cult following 
2001 March 23 Movie review "Pollock" The Beat An Academy performance delivered by Ed Harris 
2001 March 23 Music reviews The Beat A history of rock 'n' roll 
2001 March 23 Men's swimming Sports Men's swim team impresses at National meet 
2001 March 23 Basketball Sports Mears, Wheaton slam Concordia 
2001 March 23 Ryan Rogers Sports Rogers earns honors 
2001 March 16 Student Government Front page SG hopes Coffeehouse changes voters' tune 
2001 March 16 Alex Bolyanatz Front page Bolyanatz offers response at meeting 
2001 March 16 Wheaton funds News College divvies budget surplus 
2001 March 16 Community Editorial It's time for closure 
2001 March 16 Representing Christ Voices A fresh perspective Who's it all about? 
2001 March 16 Community Voices The Village Idiot 
2001 March 16 Opinions Voices Quotables 
2001 March 16 Bookstore review The Beat Keep a Myopic Eye on Chicago readings 
2001 March 16 Student life The Beat Phony Formal: Hen House men host a night of mock formality 
2001 March 16 Music reviews The Beat A history of rock 'n' roll 
2001 March 16 Grammys The Beat  Eminem controversy only excitement at the Grammys 
2001 March 16 Women's basketball Sports Women's basketball loses tough one to Millikin 
2001 March 16 Wrestling Dan Weber Sports Weber wins national championship 
2001 March 16 Women's swimming Sports Women swimmers finish sixth 
2001 March 16 Baseball and softball Sports Baseball, softball hit the Floridian fields for Spring break 
2001 February 23 Student issues Front page Students stand up for their voice 
2001 February 23 Grove trees Front page Senior class gift to commemorate profs 
2001 February 23 Student Government Front page SG overhauls rep. structure 
2001 February 23 Student travel News Spring Break mission trips planned 
2001 February 23 Student life News New website to connect students 
2001 February 23 Economy News  Eye on the market 
2001 February 23 Faith and learning Editorial Questions worth asking 
2001 February 23 Popular culture Voices Not Quite Hip Britney Spears wants to destroy you 
2001 February 23 Racial poverty Voices Toward the double-edge A revolution in Praxis 
2001 February 23 Opinions Voices Quotables 
2001 February 23 Theatre Letter to the editor Praise for Arena Theater 
2001 February 23 Spending time with God Voices Feeling sick 
2001 February 23 New computers Voices Record buys new computers 
2001 February 23 Wrestling Sports Weber cleans up at Regional meet 
2001 February 23 Hockey Sports Hockey finishes strong 
2001 February 23 Women's basketball Sports Women poised for big conference showdown 
2001 February 23 Men's basketball Sports Men split week's conference games 
2001 February 23 Swimming Sports Swimmers looking strong as national meets approach 
2001 February 16 Tuition Front page Annual tuition increase linked to phone bills, utility costs 
2001 February 16 Alex Bolyanatz News Anthropology department adjusts 
2001 February 16 Alex Bolyanatz Front page Trustees make decision final 
2001 February 16 Alex Bolyanatz Front page Dealing with the loss 
2001 February 16 Community Editorial A reporter speaks off the record 
2001 February 16 Racism Voices The word on the street Annoyed about racism? 
2001 February 16 Student life Voices Just Kyle The Scream Technique 
2001 February 16 Alex Bolyanatz Letter to the editor Thank you, students 
2001 February 16 Chapel Letter to the editor Townsell talk 
2001 February 16 Movie review The Beat "Left Behind": Apocalypse NO! 
2001 February 16 Administrative Voices Comic 
2001 February 16 Auto show The Beat Chicago auto show revs up 
2001 February 16 February formal The Beat Missed the Ball? Two students tell all 
2001 February 16 Movie review The Beat "Head Over Heels" falls face first 
2001 February 16 Music performance review The Beat "Lord of the Rings" on the Wind 
2001 February 16 Women's basketball Sports Women sprinting toward finish 
2001 February 16 Wrestling Sports Wrestling takes a close second at conference meet 
2001 February 16 Swimming Sports Swim teams dominate at conference meet 
2001 February 16 Men's basketball Sports Men pull big upset over Wesleyan 
2001 February 9 Alex Bolyanatz Front page Bolyanatz faces Board's final decision 
2001 February 9 Student health Front page Flu cases rise due to late vaccines 
2001 February 9 Poverty and welfare Front page Tables turned at Campolo banquet 
2001 February 9 Economy News Eye on the Market 
2001 February 9 Dating Editorial Date or deal with it 
2001 February 9 Student life Voices The subjective objector President for a half-hour 
2001 February 9 Response to letter to the editor Voices The village idiot Beyond Christian courtesy 
2001 February 9 Alex Bolyanatz Voices Slightly bigger man on campus An administration of good will 
2001 February 9 Racism in sports Voices Letters to the editor 
2001 February 9 Opinions Voices Quotables 
2001 February 9 Music review The Beat Runforyerlife, Detholz rock at CU Coffeehouse 
2001 February 9 Indian culture celebration The Beat Hindi Hollywood high jinks a hoot 
2001 February 9 Music on-campus The Beat Get your free Kodon CD! (in April) 
2001 February 9 Music review The Beat Canadian soundscapes 
2001 February 9 Wrestling Sports Weber repeats as champ, team 12th 
2001 February 9 Basketball Sports Basketball teams split conference matchups 
2001 February 2 Missions in the United States Front page Campolo headlines Missions in Focus week 
2001 February 2 Health care plans Front page College reimburses employees 
2001 February 2 Political parties Front page Poll finds us a Republican campus 
2001 February 2 Albert Van den Heuvel News CACE speaker comments on digital divide 
2001 February 2 Economy News Eye on the Market 
2001 February 2 Alumni News Wheaton grads make their mark 
2001 February 2 Being real Editorial Hope is part of reality, too 
2001 February 2 Student life Voices Just Kyle 'The Knitters' 
2001 February 2 God our Father Voices A fresh perspective Paying the toll 
2001 February 2 Alex Bolyanatz Letters to the editor Bolyanatz-a larger picture 
2001 February 2 Correction Letters to the editor Thulson rules 
2001 February 2 Self-esteem Letters to the editor The power of self-worth 
2001 February 2 Acceptance Letter to the editor Support each other 
2001 February 2 Marge Geiser Voices Banner day for Edman 
2001 February 2 Student travel Spotlight Adventures Outside the Bubble 
2001 February 2 TV commercial review The Beat Super Bowl commercials Dole out laughs, groans 
2001 February 2 Movie review "Finding Forrester" The Beat "Forrester" found a fabulous flick 
2001 February 2 Football Sports New technology puts you on the field 
2001 February 2 Student life Variety Crazy Larry comic 
2001 February 2 Men's basketball Sports Men lose two close ones 
2001 February 2 Women's basketball Sports Women lose in OT at Millikin, stomp Jays again 
2001 January 26 Student trip to DC Front page "Inauguration or bust" 
2001 January 26 Alex Bolyanatz Front page Faculty resolution backs Bolyanatz 
2001 January 26 Student life Front page Senior banquet takes a twist 
2001 January 26 Student life News News in brief 
2001 January 26 Student life Editorial "Men" behaving badly 
2001 January 26 Popular culture Voices Not quite hip Chi, feng shui and other essentials 
2001 January 26 Identity Voices Semantic Rugby A community of individuals 
2001 January 26 Alex Bolyanatz Letter to the editor In defense of the administration 
2001 January 26 Giving to those in need Letter to the editor Help the Afghans 
2001 January 26 Campus life Letter to the editor Save the old Stupe 
2001 January 26 The record Letter to the editor Not a magic act 
2001 January 26 Alex Bolyanatz Letter to the editor Does he integrate? 
2001 January 26 Opinions Voices Quotables 
2001 January 26 Movie review The Beat Coen brothers' "O Brother" is a new "Odyssey" 
2001 January 26 Student life The Beat Sitting the night away 
2001 January 26 Swimming Sports Swimmers score high Points at invite 
2001 January 26 Men's basketball Sports Cagers bounce out of conference losing streak 
2001 January 26 Women's basketball Sports Clutch Clark vexes Vikings 
2001 January 19 Alex Bolyanatz Front page Review threatens popular professor 
2001 January 19 Randy Tomassi Front page Grad student appears on ABC's Millionaire 
2001 January 19 Student life Front page New Student Center plans unveiled 
2001 January 19 Alex Bolyanatz Editorial Peaceful protest 
2001 January 19 Choices Voices The word on the street Becoming consistently pro-life 
2001 January 19 Student life Voices Just Kyle 
2001 January 19 Alex Bolyanatz Voices The Villaje Idiot 
2001 January 19 Student life Voices Toward the Double-Edge 
2001 January 19 Alex Bolyanatz Letter to the editor A plea for Dr. Bolyanatz 
2001 January 19 Seekers ministry Letter to the editor Rise and Shine 
2001 January 19 Opinions Voices Quotables 
2001 January 19 Student life Voices Crazy Larry comic 
2001 January 19 Economy News Fourth quarter tips 
2001 January 19 Alex Bolyanatz News Students rally behind Bolyanatz 
2001 January 19 Alex Bolyanatz News SG makes a statement 
2001 January 19 Alex Bolyanatz News Faculty members wonder who is listening 
2001 January 19 Climbing wall News Latest addition to SRC has students reaching new heights 
2001 January 19 Music reviews The Beat A musical year in review 
2001 January 19 Music review The Beat Opera goes off without a hitch 
2001 January 19 Movie reviews The Beat Foreign films rank high in Top 10 flicks of 2000 
2001 January 19 Men's basketball Sports Men golden in California, not so hot in CCIW 
2001 January 19 Women's basketball Sports Women unstoppable in California, CCIW 
2001 January 19 Swimming Sports Women first, men third at Quad swim meet 
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