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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
2000 December 8 InterVarsity Student Mission Convention Front Page Students look forward to Urbana 
2000 December 8 Campus life Front page The Trustees: upholding Wheaton's vision 
2000 December 8 Gary Larson Front page Larson appointed dean of new division 
2000 December 8 Campus cartoon Voices Crazy Litfin 
2000 December 8 New real estate News College buys properties 
2000 December 8 Being yourself Voices Wheaton students get "real" 
2000 December 8 Christian life The Word on the Street Quiet times or compassion 
2000 December 8 Less is more Staff editorial Farewell to bees 
2000 December 8 Purity Letter to the editor Male idolatry chapel: a first step 
2000 December 8 Freedom of Religion Letter to the editor Compassion for the Afghans 
2000 December 8 Captions Voices Quotables 
2000 December 8 Meaning of Christmas Voices A Fresh Perspective Let's get excited 
2000 December 8 Ladder of holiness Spotlight Crossing the Jordan 
2000 December 8 God's love Spotlight Learning through a thorn in the flesh 
2000 December 8 Learning to live Spotlight Walking in muddy waters 
2000 December 8 Thankfulness Spotlight Why me? 
2000 December 8 Appreciation Spotlight On The Spot "For what are you most thankful?" 
2000 December 8 Night life The Beat Green Mill a great time if you don't mind the haze 
2000 December 8 Music review The Beat Who were those guys at the Coffeehouse? Thorngate and Jones 
2000 December 8 Performance review The Beat Christmas Festival in review 
2000 December 8 Popular Music The Beat Forget Bush and Gore: Real race is Backstreet Boys vs. 'N Sync 
2000 December 8 Student Life The Beat The 12 Wheaton Days of Christmas 
2000 December 8 Women's basketball Sports Women stung by Maroons at own invitational 
2000 December 8 Basketball Sports Thunder Stats Box 
2000 December 8 Women's Basketball All-Tournament selections Sports Fifth Annual Wheaton Women's Basketball Invitational 
2000 December 8 Swimming Sports Women win Invite in squeaker, men a strong fourth 
2000 December 8 Basketball Sports Men's basketball rebounds from tough loss 
2000 December 1 School of the Americas Front page Protestors hauled off at SOA 
2000 December 1 Student issues Front page Split chapels address key issues 
2000 December 1 Faculty issues Front page Committee focuses plan for diversity 
2000 December 1 Campus issues News Bon Appetit tracks down scanner, repairs dishwasher 
2000 December 1 Purpose Editorial News flash: I am not an expert on anything 
2000 December 1 School of the Americas Voices Toward the double-edge Not in my name 
2000 December 1 Student life Voices Slightly Bigger man on campus A dream of freshman optimism 
2000 December 1 Student life Voices Just Kyle Post-modernism at its best 
2000 December 1 Student studies Letter to the editor A postcard from L.A. film studies 
2000 December 1 Farming Letter to the editor The meat question: a famer's perspective 
2000 December 1 Movie review The Beat "Unbreakable" proves highly unwatchable 
2000 December 1 Campus The Beat "A" is for Armerding: a review of our beloved compus buildings 
2000 December 1 Music review The Beat Reemergence of Oasis not a mirage 
2000 December 1 Opinions Voices Quotables 
2000 December 1 Music review The Beat Two CD's be Phil Keaggy released on debut label 
2000 December 1 Student life The Beat Crazy Larry comic 
2000 December 1 Men's basketball Sports Rough start for men's hoops 
2000 December 1 Women's basketball Sports Women's cagers open up on a roll; ranked 14th 
2000 December 1 Swimmers Sports Swimmers tune up for Invitational 
2000 November 17 Student life Front page Looking for a .com-mittment? 
2000 November 17 National Christian Multicultural Student Leadership Conference Front page Students attend diversity conference 
2000 November 17 Fiscal year News in brief College sees budget surplus 
2000 November 17 Student issues News in brief Gender chapels 
2000 November 17 School of the Americas News SOA protest slated for this weekend 
2000 November 17 Economy News Wheaton "bubble investing" 
2000 November 17 Student life News ROTC takes third at Challenge 
2000 November 17 Dating Editorial 
2000 November 17 Meat eating Voices The morality of meat 
2000 November 17 Real relationships Voices Hot off the pages Christianity vs. honesty 
2000 November 17 Prayer Voices Slightly bigger man on campus 
2000 November 17 Responsibility Letter to the editor Questioning America's bias in Israel 
2000 November 17 Dr. Bruce Letter to the editor A tribute to Dr. Bruce 
2000 November 17 Opinions Voices Quotables 
2000 November 17 Music review The Beat Jars of Clay floods King Arena in inaugural show 
2000 November 17 Music review The Beat Dixie Chicks kick it at UC 
2000 November 17 Music review The Beat Chill with IRATE 
2000 November 17 Concert review The Beat Gospel choir shouts "Hallelujah" in fall concert 
2000 November 17 Music review The Beat Beatles collection showcases legacy 
2000 November 17 Basketball Sports Basketballers pursue hoop dreams in new arena 
2000 November 17 Football Sports Wheaton downs Augustana in instant classic 
2000 November 17 Soccer Sports Soccer men come up short in tilt with Trinity 
2000 November 10 Politics Front page Close presidential race keeps students watching 
2000 November 10 Presidential election Front page Republican rooters more than spectators 
2000 November 10 Campus life News The Blotter 
2000 November 10 Erin Hoekstra News A vote for dad 
2000 November 10 Bike theft News Cycle swipings continue 
2000 November 10 Youth Ministry Certificate program News Honey Rock adds ministry program 
2000 November 10 Presidential election Editorial Not merely one vote 
2000 November 10 Presidential election Voices Toward the Double-Edge A vote for Nader 
2000 November 10 Student life Voices Not quite hip Plowed over by postmodern theory? Ask Little Miss Metanarrative 
2000 November 10 Student life Voices Just Kyle Legalism can be fun! 
2000 November 10 Bicycle safety Letter to the editor Curbing bicycle mishaps 
2000 November 10 Opinions Voices Quotables 
2000 November 10 Student life The Beat Talent show packs out Pierce 
2000 November 10 Adam Sandler The Beat Students find Sandler is like the guy next door, just richer 
2000 November 10 Music review The Beat Wheaton group jives with a cup of joe 
2000 November 10 Movie review "Mission Impossible 2" The Beat MI2 comes to video 
2000 November 10 Music review The Beat A collage of favorites keeps Dylan's appeal alive for fans 
2000 November 10 Soccer Sports Men tune up for tourney vs. Regents 
2000 November 10 Swimming Sports Swim teams scare UW-Milwaukee 
2000 November 10 Women's soccer Sports Dream season ends for women's soccer 
2000 November 10 Football Sports Football holds off surprising North Park 
2000 November 10 Women's soccer Sports Sideline Perspective 
2000 November 3 Bicycle theft Front page Thefts present a wheel problem 
2000 November 3 Presidential election Front page The Battle of the Booth 
2000 November 3 Student life News Quad classes rethought 
2000 November 3 Student housing News Graham house turns into House of Horrors 
2000 November 3 Christianity Editorial Focus on Christ kicks senior anxiety 
2000 November 3 Peace Voices The word on the street Blessed are the Peacemakers? 
2000 November 3 Daily life Voices A fresh perspective And the moral of the story is... 
2000 November 3 What is right Voices The villaje idiot 
2000 November 3 Opinions Voices Quotables 
2000 November 3 Medical care Letter to the editor Faculty members speak out on college's health care 
2000 November 3 Campus safety Voices The blotter 
2000 November 3 Life after Wheaton Spotlight Where do we go from here? 
2000 November 3 Movie review "Little Nicky" The Beat Adam Sandler reveals his secret to success 
2000 November 3 Music review The Beat U2 leaves behind "traditional" sound on latest 
2000 November 3 Movie review "The Ladies Man" The Beat Another Seriously Not Likable movie 
2000 November 3 Theatre review "Love's Labours Lost" The Beat Theater offers "Love's Labours" 
2000 November 3 Cross Country Sports Harriers shine at conference meet 
2000 November 3 Soccer Sports Wheaton booters go Dutch with hope 
2000 November 3 Women's soccer Sports Captains are key to team's success 
2000 November 3 Women's soccer Sports No. 4 women's soccer team rolls into tourney 
2000 November 3 Tennis Sports Wilt, Wheaton win CCIW tennis crown in grand style 
2000 November 3 Football Sports Gridders earn revenge after scare 
2000 October 27 Academics Front page New Century Challenge targets academics in phase two 
2000 October 27 Phone service Front page Students, staff get the busy signal 
2000 October 27 David Bruce Front page Wheaton professor, 61, dies 
2000 October 27 Center for Applied Christian Ethics News CACE discusses debt cancellation in 2000 
2000 October 27 Campus safety News The Blotter 
2000 October 27 Perseverance Editorial Run a marathon? In my dreams 
2000 October 27 Faith and school Editorial Off the record 
2000 October 27 God's plan Voices Slightly bigger man on campus 
2000 October 27 Opinions Voices Quotables 
2000 October 27 New logo (joke) Letter to the editor Our new logo: Baal 
2000 October 27 Statement of faith Letter to the editor Make a Statement 
2000 October 27 Movie review The Beat "Dr. T and the women": a dangerous combination 
2000 October 27 Music review The Beat The men who are Travis 
2000 October 27 Music review The Beat delirious? on the Gli again with latest release 
2000 October 27 Music review The Beat Go buy "Come by me" from Connick 
2000 October 27 Running Sports Chicago Marathon lures students, faculty 
2000 October 27 Rebecca Mouw soccer Sports Mouw a class act 
2000 October 27 Football Sports Pastermack, Wheaton knock off No. 14 Titans 
2000 October 27 Men's soccer Sports Kickers clinch conference championship 
2000 October 27 Women's soccer Sports Women suffer first loss, still No. 6 
2000 October 13 New Logo Front page Show me the mascot! 
2000 October 13 Christianity Front page Opponents of the evangelical mind 
2000 October 13 Being homeless Front page Wheaton students find no place like home 
2000 October 13 Employment News Don't quit your (other) day job 
2000 October 13 Rebuilders Editorial Humanuzing the homeless 
2000 October 13 God's love Letter to the editor I'm going where? 
2000 October 13 Mascot News A mascot limerick 
2000 October 13 Farming Voices The election among small famers 
2000 October 13 Opinions Voices Quotables 
2000 October 13 Voting Voices Vote your conscience 
2000 October 13 Community Voices A look in the mirror 
2000 October 13 Music concert review The Beat Moby in concert a production worth seeing 
2000 October 13 Movie review "Meet the Parents" The Beat "Meet the Parents" meets with much laughter 
2000 October 13 Music performance review The Beat Senior trio amazes at Coffeehouse 
2000 October 13 Music review Jars of Clay The Beat Fall in love again with Jars of Clay 
2000 October 13 Football Sports Gridders feeling Blue after blowout by Millikin 
2000 October 13 Volleyball Sports Volleyball continues CCIW play 
2000 October 13 Women's soccer Sports Conference foes no match for No. 1 women 
2000 October 13 Men's soccer Sports Wheaton loses to Oshkosh, B'Gosh! 
2000 October 6 Mascot Front page A Thunderous reception 
2000 October 6 Cheerleading Front page Fans fend for themselves 
2000 October 6 Dr. Tim Phillips Front page Dr. Tim Phillips remembered 
2000 October 6 Parsees News A Parsee pleads for prayer 
2000 October 6 Campus safety News The Blotter 
2000 October 6 Friendship Editorial A friend in need.... 
2000 October 6 Community Voices Not quite hip And you will be saved by scooting 
2000 October 6 Faculty Spotlight The way they were From Prankster to Professor 
2000 October 6 Opinions Voices Quotables 
2000 October 6 Community Voices Slightly bigger man on campus The tears of spiritual drought 
2000 October 6 Covenant players Voices I have no class The Christian artist 
2000 October 6 Mascot Sports "Thunder" met well by Wheaton coaches 
2000 October 6 Women's soccer Sports Women's bid for first tied up 
2000 October 6 Men's soccer Sports Wheaton nails door on Luther 
2000 October 6 Football Sports Wheaton Thunders back for win over NC 
2000 December 8 Purpose Letter to the editor Seeking the radical Christian life 
2000 November 3 Middle east Front page Headlines hit home 
2000 September 29 Mascot Front page Finally! President announces new Wheaton College mascot 
2000 September 29 Mascot Front page How it all began- a brief history of the mascot 
2000 September 29 Academia Front page College, faculty members praised in Atlantic Monthly article 
2000 September 29 Politics News Democrats club forms 
2000 September 29 Campus life News "Dine with a Mind" funds eaten away 
2000 September 29 Campus safety News The Blotter 
2000 September 29 Economics News Should you take the risk? 
2000 September 29 Mascot Editorial Greeting a new mascot 
2000 September 29 Student life Voices The Labyrinth of Mediocrity In praise of folly 
2000 September 29 Student life Voices Semantic Rugby The typical student 
2000 September 29 Wheaton faculty Voices Toward the Double-Edge Feminsim!(?) 
2000 September 29 Opinions Voices Quotables 
2000 September 29 Being a testimony for Christ Letter to the editor A challenge 
2000 September 29 Communal sins Letter to the editor Thinking communally 
2000 September 29 Music review The Beat Radiohead's new baby-"Kid A" 
2000 September 29 Suffering for beauty The Beat When beauty turns ugly 
2000 September 29 Frederich Buechner The Beat Buechner tells stories to saints 
2000 September 29 Women's tennis Sports Women's tennis tearing it up 
2000 September 29 Soccer Sports Soccer teams leave Carthage squads red-faced 
2000 September 29 Football Sports Gridders find wooden shoe on other foot at Hope 
2000 September 22 Homecoming Front page Wheaton counts down to Homecoming and a fresh mascot 
2000 September 22 Racial issues Front page Letter to the editor sparks diversity forum 
2000 September 22 Campus safety News The Blotter 
2000 September 22 Student government News SG welcomes fresh new leaders 
2000 September 22 Economics News Eye on the Market 
2000 September 22 Racism Editorial Opening up...naturally 
2000 September 22 Politics Voices The word on the street Bush: the "Christian" candidate? 
2000 September 22 Mascot Voices Just Kyle And the new mascot is...Billy? 
2000 September 22 Student life Voices Slightly bigger man on campus Race relationships forum, the dance policy and CPO "stoppers" 
2000 September 22 Student life Letter to the editor A senior's perspective 
2000 September 22 Student life Letter to the editor What were ya thinkin', Jackie? 
2000 September 22 Music review Jaci Velasquez The Beat Jaci comes in crystal clear 
2000 September 22 Music review The Beat Sonicflood washes into Edman 
2000 September 22 Music performance review The Beat Backyard Ballads: Jazz and comfy couches 
2000 September 22 Theatre review The Beat Too Much Light: go for the brownies, stay for the skits 
2000 September 22 Worship The Beat Shoeless Joe comes to the chapel worship team 
2000 September 22 Football Sports Gridders survive another close one vs. Wabash 
2000 September 22 Soccer Sports Soccer teams steamroll conference opponents 
2000 September 15 Student life Front page CU concert lineup "floods" campus with big bands 
2000 September 15 Ethical Challenges of Global Capitalism Front page Debate challenges capital distribution 
2000 September 15 Politics on campus News Wheaton Republicans Unite 
2000 September 15 Health insurance News Faculty insurance hike 
2000 September 15 Student life News Fall Fest fun for everyone 
2000 September 15 Powder Puff News Girls just wanna play football 
2000 September 15 Campus safety News The Blotter 
2000 September 15 Economy News It's time to get DITC 
2000 October 27 Economy News Compounding the fun 
2000 September 15 Campus life Editorial Creative complaints only, please 
2000 September 15 Student life Voices Not Quite Hip Flip-flops: frightening, frivolous or feat of fashion? 
2000 September 15 Complaining Voices Off the record The weekly smack-down 
2000 September 15 Student life Voices A fresh perspective Fourth-year freshman and first-year seniors... 
2000 September 15 Opinions Voices Quotables 
2000 September 15 Unity in Christ Letter to the editor Avoiding gloss 
2000 September 15 Campus life Letter to the editor Where's the humor? 
2000 September 15 Student travel Spotlight A Summer in the sticks 
2000 September 15 Student life Spotlight Wheaton student drug tested 
2000 September 15 Student travel Spotlight Close encounters of the wild kind 
2000 September 15 Student travel Spotlight The simple (or not-so-simple) life of a shepherdess 
2000 September 15 Student life Voices Just Kyle Just blowing bubbles? 
2000 September 15 Book review The Beat Don't yada-yada-Ya-Ya 
2000 September 15 Movie review The Beat Is there "Reason to Love" Nurse Betty? 
2000 September 15 Music review The Beat CU coffeehouse is study (break) in contrast 
2000 September 15 Music review The Beat Britain or Britney? Duh! 
2000 September 15 Music review The Beat Upcoming CD releases 
2000 September 15 Volleyball Sports Netters roll at Gettysburg Invite 
2000 September 15 Women's tennis Sports Tennis blanks CCIW foes 
2000 September 15 Women's soccer Sports Different state, same results for women's soccer juggernaut 
2000 September 15 Men's soccer Sports Men's soccer holds off Westminster 
2000 September 15 Football Sports Gridders eke out opener 
2000 September 8 Plagiarism Front page Authenticity of student papers to be tested online 
2000 September 8 Liberal arts colleges Front page Wheaton jumps in U.S. News and World Report rankings 
2000 September 8 Student voting Front page Ignorance, apathy cited in low student voter turnouts 
2000 September 8 General Charles C. Krulak News Former Marine leads chapel, prayer breakfast 
2000 September 8 Faculty salaries News Some profs' salaries don't make the grade 
2000 September 8 Journalism Editorial Lois Lane couldn't walk on eggshells 
2000 September 8 Student life Voices Fall fashion faux pas and other such mishaps 
2000 September 8 Religion on campus Voices Toward the Double-Edge 
2000 September 8 Student life Voices The drink line...and other student government initiatives 
2000 September 8 Diversity Letter to the editor A cry for unity 
2000 September 8 Opinions Voices Quotables 
2000 September 8 Book review The Beat Harry Potter-enchantment for all ages 
2000 September 8 Movie review The Beat "Bring It On"-send it back 
2000 September 8 Book review The Beat Walden is king of the forest 
2000 September 8 Music review The Beat Moby's "Play" is a whale of an album 
2000 September 8 Volleyball Sports Volleyball team 2-0 in Coray Gym 
2000 September 8 Women's tennis Sports Women's tennis opens season in Wisconsin 
2000 September 8 Men's soccer Sports Men's soccer opens 2000 season to rave reviews 
2000 September 8 Women's soccer Sports S-Peck-tacular goal lifts women to win 
2000 September 1 Mascot Front page Campus strives to leave behind the Crusader 
2000 September 1 Rob Ribbe and Glenn Town Front page Honey Rock leadership stays in camp 
2000 September 1 Daniel Burden News in brief New Professor Receives Grant 
2000 September 1 News in brief Festival Autumn Fest 
2000 September 1 Theft News in brief Car Theft 
2000 September 1 Fines News in brief Illegal Railroad Crossings 
2000 September 1 Modern American Landscapes News in brief Impressionist Art Exhibit 
2000 September 1 New instrument News College to receive organ transplant 
2000 September 1 Michael Collins News Collins plays in Columbia 
2000 September 1 Health center News New doctors hired 
2000 September 1 Student life Editorial Balancing act 
2000 September 1 Lifestyle Voices Word on the Street 
2000 September 1 Student life Voices "I have no class" 
2000 September 1 Staff Voices Just Kyle Just the other day in SAGA... 
2000 September 1 Opinions Voices Quotables 
2000 September 1 Dan Crabtree Letter to the editor Crabtree misrepresnted 
2000 September 1 Movie review The Beat X-Men save the world from bad summer movies 
2000 September 1 Book review The Beat Stay tuned for Harry Potter reviews 
2000 September 1 Movie review The Beat Latest Godzilla carries classic kitsch 
2000 September 1 Movie review The Beat "Coyote Ugly" is not pretty 
2000 September 1 Music performance review The Beat Bebo charms at Pierce concert 
2000 September 1 Women's golf Sports Women's golf begins 
2000 September 1 Volleyball Sports Jumpin' juniors lead netters 
2000 September 1 Women's tennis Sports Women's tennis looks to take opponents to school 
2000 September 1 Cross Country Sports Cross country retools under new head coach 
2000 August 25 Sports and Recreation complex Front page College sports new rec center 
2000 August 25 Glen Town Front page SRC director is back in Town 
2000 August 25 Annual college survey Front page Stone-cold sober report gathers media coverage 
2000 August 25 Duane Litfin News in brief Litfin to take sabbatical 
2000 August 25 Student life News in brief Chapel seat shortage 
2000 August 25 Dan Crabtree News in brief Crabtree resigns 
2000 August 25 New real estate News in brief Executive retreat center 
2000 August 25 Student housing News Living in the lounge 
2000 August 25 Fundraising News NCC moves on 
2000 August 25 Community Editorial It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood 
2000 August 25 Student life Voices Toward the double-edge The Happiest Place on Earth 
2000 August 25 Orientation Voices A Fresh Perspective 
2000 August 25 Diversity Voices The subjective objector 
2000 August 25 Student life Voices Off the Record Desclaimers, confessions and other necessities 
2000 August 25 Student government Voices Slightly Bigger man on campus 
2000 August 25 Opinions Voices Quotables 
2000 August 25 Friendship Spotlight "Salam-ahlekum" to the prince of Egypt 
2000 August 25 Josh Herr Spotlight An American in Hong Kong 
2000 August 25 Relationship Spotlight Freshman friendship flourishes 
2000 August 25 Movie review The Beat What Lies Beneath: A chiller thriller 
2000 August 25 Football Sports Football charges after championship 
2000 August 25 Soccer Sports Soccer teams to make a fresh start 
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