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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
2000 January 21 Can Evangelicalism lead to Hate? Front Page CACE mediates debate between SBC and other religious leaders 
2000 January 21 Y2K passes Front Page What to expect in the next millennium 
2000 January 21 Turner, Donnell Front Page Alumnus receives six-year sentence 
2000 January 21 Campus crime News Computers stolen from athletic center 
2000 January 21 Wall Street News Eye on the Market 
2000 January 21 Russia, Middle East News World News in Focus 
2000 January 21 Computing Services News Buswell home to new computer lab 
2000 January 21 Wheaton changes Editorial The more things change... 
2000 January 21 Students Concerned for Sudan Letters to the Editor Student advocates care for Sudan 
2000 January 21 Bench stories Letters to the Editor Senior bench a long-standing tradition 
2000 January 21 Buswell Memorial Library Montaigne On Buswell Library 
2000 January 21 Prayer Voices No one asked me, but ... 
2000 January 21 Y2K in Israel Spotlight Jerusalem waits for Jesus 
2000 January 21 Music review The Beat Foo, Muse, fish and you 
2000 January 21 Exley, Dan The Beat Meet the new Beat editor 
2000 January 21 Date a Record journalist The Beat Beat the Dating Scene 
2000 January 21 Men's basketball Sports Crusaders leave the south satisfied 
2000 January 21 Athletes of the week Sports Rachel Horgen and Jermaine Ellis 
2000 January 21 Blanchard tower Variety Crazy Larry 
2000 January 21 Men's basketball Crusader Sports Wheaton experiences highs and lows: Men's basketball splits first two conference games 
2000 January 21 Women's basketball Crusader Sports Women's basketball dominates Carthage 
2000 January 21 Football Sport Shorts Wheaton players named to D3 Football .com Team of the Year 
2000 January 21 Wrestling Sport Shorts Wheaton wrestlers win weight classes 
2000 January 21 Last century Back Page January 21, 1900 
2000 January 28 Future students Front Page What will Wheaton look like in the next millennium? 
2000 January 28 Iowa Caucus Front Page Students campaign for Bradley 
2000 January 28 Shopping for DNA Front Page Designer genes: infertile couples look to students for the perfect fit 
2000 January 28 Chapel Choir vs. Glee Club News Conservatory cuts chapel choir 
2000 January 28 Dixie club, Dance policy, pool News News in brief 
2000 January 28 Bundy, Richard News Prison Ministries director dies 
2000 January 28 Algeria News World News in Focus 
2000 January 28 News Feed the hungry via the Internet 
2000 January 28 genetic research Editorial In a Barbie world 
2000 January 28 Christian liberal arts colleges Letters to the Editor Consortium student answers questions 
2000 January 28 Buswell Memorial Library Letters to the Editor Buswell on Sundays? 
2000 January 28 Social masculinity and violence The Standard Deviant Boys will be what? 
2000 January 28 Dreams Voices A Ceiling With a View 
2000 January 28 Movie review The Beat Down to Mansfield 
2000 January 28 Date a Record Journalist The Beat Beat the Dating Scene 
2000 January 28 Dave Matthews, Metallica The Beat Music you should hear 
2000 January 28 Wheaton music The Beat Editor's notes 
2000 January 28 Movie review The Beat "Mansfield Park" 
2000 January 28 Admissions standards Variety Crazy Larry 
2000 January 28 Wrestling Sports Wheaton Invitational approaches 
2000 January 28 Basketball Sports Men fall to Carthage: Conference record evened at 2-2 
2000 January 28 Athletes of the Week Sports Kelly Stewart and Nate Albaugh 
2000 January 28 Women's basketball Crusader Sports Crusaders dominate CCIW competition 
2000 January 28 Swimming Crusader Sports Swimmers surge closer to title 
2000 January 28 Wrestling Sport Shorts Collins grabs victory 
2000 January 28 Swimming Sport Shorts Women take Invitational 
2000 January 28 Women's basketball Sport Shorts Horgen eyes record 
2000 February 4 faculty development workshop and race relations Front Page Faculty workshop targets diversity issues 
2000 February 4 Orr and Eastvold Front Page Wheaton students named Pew scholars 
2000 February 4 The Fed and Wall Street News Eye on the Market 
2000 February 4 Football mission trip News Muscle power counts for spring break to Venezuela 
2000 February 4 Smart classrooms News Wheaton gets technologically savvy 
2000 February 4 Missions in Focus, Bob Sjorgren News Called to His passion 
2000 February 4 Public safety News the Blotter 
2000 February 4 Austria, Kuwait News World News in Focus 
2000 February 4 open confession Editorial Do you have the courage to be weak? 
2000 February 4 rich and poor Voices Wheaton in Chicago: "La perspective Urbaine" 
2000 February 4 dialogue Fifth-year Senior "Let's Talk" 
2000 February 4 Student Government Voices Little Man on Campus 
2000 February 4 homosexuality Spotlight The Loving Opposition: An evangelical response to homosexuality 
2000 February 4 homosexuality Spotlight One Wheaton student's struggle . . . 
2000 February 4 date a journalist The Beat Beat the Dating Scene 
2000 February 4 Movie review The Beat Magnolia, opened for you 
2000 February 4 Movie review The Beat Editor's notes 
2000 February 4 Music review The Beat Musicmusicmusic 
2000 February 4 Swimming Sports Women win two, men too 
2000 February 4 Athletes of the Week Sports Stacie Clark, Chris Kamienski 
2000 February 4 Wasting time Variety Crazy Larry 
2000 February 4 Women's basketball Sports Crusaders up record to 7-0 in CCIW 
2000 February 4 Men's basketball Sports Men continue to slide But maintain .500 record 
2000 February 11 student faith  Front Page Trustees address grads' struggles with faith 
2000 February 11 Robinson, Paul Front Page HNGR flourishes under new director 
2000 February 11 Stock Market News Eye on the Market 
2000 February 11 President for a day, African American Heritage month News News in Brief 
2000 February 11 October Diversity Day News Students discuss diversity 
2000 February 11 Public safety News the Blotter 
2000 February 11 Lebanon News World News in Focus: Lebanon back in the spotlight after Israeli bombings 
2000 February 11 February Formal Voices Crazy Larry 
2000 February 11 Without the fall Voices No one asked me, but ... 
2000 February 11 Music review Letters to the Editor Against the Rage 
2000 February 11 Dating Editorial Shame on you! 
2000 February 11 vulnerability The Standard Deviant Who will walk naked? 
2000 February 11 date a journalist The Beat Beat the Dating Scene 
2000 February 11 Band review The Beat Waterworks an interview 
2000 February 11 Music review The Beat Musicmusicmusic 
2000 February 11 Athletes of the Week Sports Kate Elsen, Dan Weber 
2000 February 11 CCIW Sports Streak ends on road trip 
2000 February 11 Basketball Sports Crusaders bounce back with three wins 
2000 February 11 Wrestling Sports Wheaton wrestlers thrive at Invitational 
2000 February 11 Men's basketball Sport Shorts Luke Moo rakes in the recognition 
2000 February 11 Swimming Sport Shorts Swim teams prepare for CCIW championships 
2000 February 18 Human Resources Department Front Page College agrees to increase student wages 
2000 February 18 Arena Theater Front Page Thomas's Under Milk Wood premiers at Arena Theater 
2000 February 18 Dow Jones News Eye on the market 
2000 February 18 President Litfin for a day News Duane for a day 
2000 February 18 Nepal News World News in Focus 
2000 February 18 April 1 News All-school evangelism day 
2000 February 18 problems and growth Montaigne On Problems 
2000 February 18 Random questions Voices Fifth-year Senior 
2000 February 18 Goosetown Voices Little Man on Campus 
2000 February 18 Dating Scene Letters to the Editor Blind "new creations"? 
2000 February 18 Story response Letters to the Editor Amazing grace 
2000 February 18 Urban and Suburban Voices Wheaton in Chicago 
2000 February 18 Campus opinion of quotables Editorial Hey, what happened to Quotables? 
2000 February 18 insomnia Spotlight Who needs sleep? 
2000 February 18 insomnia Spotlight Tips for the insomniac: Practical suggestions for sleepless students 
2000 February 18 Sleep in Sunday The Beat Crazy Larry 
2000 February 18 Date a journalist The Beat Beat the Dating Scene 
2000 February 18 Album review The Beat Musicmusicmusic 
2000 February 18 secular interaction The Beat Deep Thoughts 
2000 February 18 Athletes of the Week Sports Jon Taylor, Lauren Smith 
2000 February 18 basketball Sports Horgen smashes three-point record 
2000 February 18 Men's basketball Sports Crusaders stay in CCIW contention 
2000 February 18 Swimming Sports Two teams, two titles 
2000 February 18 Swimming Sport Shorts Midwest Invitational begins today 
2000 February 18 CCIW Sport Shorts Duals a double disappointment 
2000 March 24 mascot Front Page A word from President Litfin 
2000 March 24 mascot Front Page What's in a name? A brief history of the mascot 
2000 March 24 mascot Front Page Wheaton to change Crusader mascot 
2000 March 24 cult in Uganda News World News in Focus 
2000 March 24 College Union president News Two guys, a girl and a CU race 
2000 March 24 Pregnancy Voices Fifth-year Senior: "The Wheaton House Rules" 
2000 March 24 mascot Voices Little Man on Campus 
2000 March 24 mascot Voices A Ceiling With a View 
2000 March 24 ROTC and CACE Letters to the Editor CACE comment 
2000 March 24 mascot and administrative politics Editorial Editorial headline here and here and  
2000 March 24 student faith struggles Spotlight Wheaton College: Losing my religion 
2000 March 24 Wheaton challenges faith Spotlight  On the spot: Do you think Wheaton challenges its students' faith? 
2000 March 24 Public safety Voices the Blotter 
2000 March 24 RDT Variety Crazy Larry 
2000 March 24 Athletes of the Week Sports Lori Day, Mark Levengood 
2000 March 24 Men's tennis Sport Shorts Tennis defeats Trinity 
2000 March 24 Jack Swartz Academic All-Conference Team Sport Shorts Academic All-Conference honors awarded 
2000 March 24 baseball Sports Baseball splits with Judson 
2000 March 24 Wheaton ranking Sports Athletics well rounded 
2000 March 24 Swimming Sports Taylor, Kamienski place 19th at nationals 
2000 March 31 world peace World News Out of Focus World peace established after prayer meeting 
2000 March 31 Personal ads Still more stuff... The Wheaton Connection 
2000 March 31 new entrance exam Still more stuff... Absolute Truth exam now required for admission: Litfin, trustees to write study guide 
2000 March 31 Illinois primary More stuff... C-Train unseats Hyde in controversial recount: Expected to win 6th district House seat in November election 
2000 March 31 I-bomb Front Page (humor) Apocalypse now! College develops new "super-weapon" 
2000 March 31 Pajama church Front Page (humor) Holy Comforter sees "spiritual awakening" 
2000 March 31 cult in Uganda News World News in Focus 
2000 March 31 Public safety News the Blotter 
2000 March 31 student produces comic book Front Page Crazy Larry goes public 
2000 March 31 Spring Missions Front Page No spring break from mission work 
2000 March 31 meals and identification Front Page One-card system to be implemented 
2000 March 31 losing their faith Letters to the Editor Faith lost and found 
2000 March 31 Crusaders Letters to the Editor Mascot musings 
2000 March 31 history of minorities The Standard Deviant Hidden history 
2000 March 31 Christian witness Voices No one asked me, but . . . 
2000 March 31 parking Voices Little Man on Campus 
2000 March 31 Fernando Ortega and The Surfers The Beat Musicmusicmusic 
2000 March 31 date a journalist The Beat Beat the Dating Scene Follow-up 
2000 March 31 Movie review The Beat Why the Cider House doesn't rule 
2000 March 31 Athletes of the Week Sports Katie Vaughan, Steve Lombardo 
2000 March 31 Post-modernism Variety Crazy Litfin 
2000 March 31 Softball Sports Softball update 
2000 March 31 Academic honors Sports And the awards go to ... 
2000 March 31 baseball Sports Wooden bats and all, Wheaton wins 
2000 March 31 softball, baseball Sport Shorts Ball teams to begin conference action 
2000 April 7 Arena Theater Front Page A new "brand" of Theater 
2000 April 7 Day of Evangelism Front Page Wheaton students hit the streets 
2000 April 7 outreach Front Page CSC to restructure ministries 
2000 April 7 Bach's St. Matthew Passion News Conservatory to present "passionate" concert 
2000 April 7 child casualties News World News in Focus 
2000 April 7 busyness and mediocrity Editorial "Be here now" 
2000 April 7 Public safety News the Blotter 
2000 April 7 point and percentage drop News Eyes on the market NASDAQ carnage 
2000 April 7 Chapel Letters to the Editor Asleep? 
2000 April 7 Residence life Letters to the Editor Census 2000 
2000 April 7 April Fool's article Letters to the Editor Just pray! 
2000 April 7 Wheaton musician The Beat Chatting with Jake Armerding 
2000 April 7 Best of The Beat Class films: the good, the bad, and the micahs 
2000 April 7 We are in a process, please be patient Voices Fifth-year Senior 
2000 April 7 Class of 2000  Voices A Ceiling With a View 
2000 April 7 Moving stacks Variety Crazy Larry 
2000 April 7 Tennis Sports Men drop their shot at Invite 
2000 April 7 Atheletes of the Week Sports Heather Pancake, Kent Creasman 
2000 April 7 Baseball Sports Baseball slides in CCIW: Crusaders drop five straight 
2000 April 7 Track and field Sports Women race to second place at Invitational, Men's track and field finishes 11th out of 18 teams 
2000 April 7 track and field Sport Shorts Track to race today 
2000 April 7 baseball Sport Shorts Stat of the Week . . .  
2000 April 7 Softball Sports Softball 1-3 against Vikings 
2000 April 7 Golf Sports Golfers take two 
2000 April 14 diversity in curriculum Front Page Diversity gen ed on the table for next year 
2000 April 14 high class meal  Front Page Bon Appetit 
2000 April 14 Ng, Cohick, and Moo Front Page Bible dept. hires new profs 
2000 April 14 Public Safety News the Blotter 
2000 April 14 drought News World News in Focus 
2000 April 14 Stock market News Eye on the market 
2000 April 14 non-musical sources News Percussion ensemble starts millennium with a bang 
2000 April 14 Senior Class gifts News Seniors give back 
2000 April 14 Abortion The Standard Deviant Who Decides for Her? 
2000 April 14 Stubling blocks and apparel Voices No one asked me, but . . . 
2000 April 14 Holocaust revisionism Editorial A lie goes down in flames 
2000 April 14 English department Voices My Museum: Reflections on sitting in English Department chapels during my four years at Wheaton 
2000 April 14 College leader Voices Little Man on Campus 
2000 April 14 fashion Spotlight On the Spot: Do you weat Abercrombie and Fitch clothing? Why or why not? 
2000 April 14 controversial brand name Spotlight Abercrombie & Fitch: a closer look 
2000 April 14 Urban studies Spotlight The Wheaton in Chicago program: Changing students' perspectives on the Windy City 
2000 April 14 Five Iron Frenzy The Beat Musicmusicmusic 
2000 April 14 Symphony Orchestra The Beat Alumnus to play with symphony 
2000 April 14 date a journalist The Beat The final Beat the Dating Scene report 
2000 April 14 Acting The Beat Paul Korver: A Christian in the world of soaps 
2000 April 14 Athletes of the Week Sports Trent Roth, Mary Schock 
2000 April 14 Vocabulary Variety Crazy Larry 
2000 April 14 baseball Sports Baseball's slide continues 
2000 April 14 Swimming Sport Shorts Swimmers rise to top 
2000 April 14 Golf Sports Golfers continue to swing 
2000 April 14 Softball Sports Softball struggles in conference 
2000 April 28 PIerce Front Page And the walls came tumbling down ... or not 
2000 April 28 science and theology Front Page Alum films Wheaton for PBS series on evolution 
2000 April 28 candidate requirements Front Page SG constitution change vetoed 
2000 April 28 head groundskeeper News Record's Person of the Year: Bill Wols feld 
2000 April 28 soccer News World News in Focus 
2000 April 28 abortion Letters to the editor Who decides? 
2000 April 28 guest writers Editorial ...And I'd like to thank the Academy 
2000 April 28 white culture Voices Wheaton in Chicago: "Just an average American?" 
2000 April 28 Get the most out of Wheaton Voices Little Man on Campus 
2000 April 28 name brands Letters to the Editor Abercrombie issues 
2000 April 28 The Last Words Voices Fifth-year Senior 
2000 April 28 not lukewarm Voices A Ceiling With a View 
2000 April 28 Concert review The Beat Knapp, Thid Day "lay it down" 
2000 April 28 Album review The Beat Musicmusicmusic 
2000 April 28 Athletes of the Week Sports Travis Senik, Laura Byrne 
2000 April 28 baseball Sports Sixteen is anything but sweet for the Crusaders 
2000 April 28 golf Sports Win preps golf for CCIW championship 
2000 April 28 Softball Sports Softball winds down season 
2000 April 28 rowing Sports Crew-saders cruise 
2000 April 28 Track and field Sports Track continues success 
2000 April 28 Women's tennis Sports Women's tennis finishes in style 
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