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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
1999 August 27 constuction and renovation Front Page Wheaton neighbors wary of campus expansion 
1999 August 27 construction and renovation Front Page Wheaton neighbors wary of campus expansion 
1999 August 27 Students Equipped to MInister to Peers News High schoolers enjoy Wheaton, learn to evangelize 
1999 August 27 Welcome Class of 2003 News Largest class receives longest welcome 
1999 August 27 New Century Challenge Editorial It's a dirty job, but someone's gotta do it 
1999 August 27 Student Body President Voices Little Man on Campus 
1999 August 27 SG Etcetera Student Government Activities 
1999 August 27 ROTC Etcetera Wheaton College Cadets Complete 1999 ROTC Advanced Camp 
1999 August 27 Soccer Etcetera Soccer Tournament Next Weekend 
1999 August 27 Volleyball Etcetera Wheaton Volleyball Triangular 
1999 August 27 Humor Etcetera Quotables 
1999 August 27 Advice for Freshman  Voices The Official Guide to Wheaton Acronyms 
1999 August 27 Sports Information Director Crusader Sports New SID has found his way to Wheaton 
1999 August 27 Basketball Crusader Sports Hamann winds up with Jays 
1999 August 27 Track and field Crusader Sports Pancake cooks at National Track Meet 
1999 September 3 faculty and staff dress code Front Page Faculty fashion made official business 
1999 September 3 Campus housing Front Page Ceiling caves in on Wheaton students 
1999 September 3 new ID card system Front Page Telephone Serivices remedies ID mixup 
1999 September 3 online Grad classes News Graduate school teaches courses via Internet 
1999 September 3 Artist Series at Wheaton College News Artist series celebrates fifty years 
1999 September 3 tower and antenna News WETN reaches for new heights 
1999 September 3 Israel, Palestine, Timor News World News in Focus 
1999 September 3 Turner, Donnell Letters to the Editor Record off track in printing story 
1999 August 27 Statement of Responsibilities Letters to the Editor An open letter from Student Development 
1999 September 3 Turner, Donnell Editorial Grace and the truth are often in conflict 
1999 September 3 professor pressure Letters to the Editor Is Wheaton "militantly liberal arts?" 
1999 September 3 Israel-Palestine Letters to the Editor Israeli Defense shirts are offensive 
1999 September 3 Liberal arts Voices Fifth-year Senior 
1999 September 3 Briscoe, Jill Spotlight Jill Bricoe: back by popular demand 
1999 September 3 Downtown Wheaton Spotlight The return of Wheaton Theater 
1999 September 3 Crawford, David The Beat Local musician looks back on time at Wheaton 
1999 September 3 Student Government Etcetera Freshmen Elections 
1999 September 3 Coffee House and Fall Fest Etcetera College Union 
1999 September 3 Women Who Make a Difference Etcetera Building Female Relationships 
1999 September 3 Pianist of the Billy Graham Crusades Etcetera A Salute to Tedd Smith 
1999 September 3 Soccer Crusader Sports Soccer teams look to continue winning ways 
1999 September 3 Volleyball Crusader Sports Volleyball splits two close ones 
1999 September 3 Tennis Crusader Sports Tennis players earn awards 
1999 September 3 Football Crusader Sports Squad's seniors spell success 
1999 September 17 Giardia Front Page Health Center treats sick High Roaders 
1999 September 17 NAE, CBI, CBA, CBM Front Page Locally based evangelical organizations to relocate 
1999 September 17 Valdes, Jorge News Q101's Mancow talks with Jorge Valdes 
1999 September 17 Student literary magazine News Kodon expands to new venues 
1999 September 17 East Timor News World News in Focus 
1999 September 17 Choir News Campus groups to provide outreach concert 
1999 September 17 publish or perish Letters to the Editor Scholarship essential for professors 
1999 September 17 Turner, Donnell Editorials Turner story was fit to print 
1999 September 17 Statement of Responsibilities Editorials This is Wheaton: remove your shoes at the door 
1999 September 17 Student Government Voices Little Man on Campus 
1999 September 17 Senior year Voices A Ceiling with a View 
1999 September 17 Turner, Donnell Letters to the Editor Fahs' criticism unwarranted 
1999 September 17 social reinforcement Letters to the Editor Counselor's thoughts on eating disorders 
1999 September 17 Statement of Responsibilities On the Spot How extensive of a problem do you think Wheaton has with students breaking the pledge? 
1999 September 17 Princeton Review Spotlight "Stone-cold sober" or are we only lukewarm? 
1999 September 17 Missionary Kids The Beat MuKappa kicks off year in Chicago 
1999 September 17 new members  The Beat  The C.U. corner pocket 
1999 September 17 Movie review The Beat Star Wars a modern myth 
1999 September 17 Soccer  Sports Soccer machine humming; showdown with Augie looms 
1999 September 17 Volleyball Sports Volleyball captures Gordon Invitational title 
1999 September 17 percussion ensemble and solo technique Etcetera Kastner featured at Faculty Recital 
1999 September 17 chamber music Etcetera Orion Ensemble stars at College Church 
1999 September 17 Chamber of Commerce Annual Autumn Fest and carnival Etcetera Autumn Fest fun for all ages 
1999 September 17 Fools for Christ Sports Come Fool around 
1999 September 17 Football Crusader Sports Gridders' aerial assault impresses in opening romp 
1999 September 17 Soccer Crusader Sports Women's soccer destroying opponents 
1999 September 24 Computing services Front Page Computing Services to replace David, improve ResNet service 
1999 September 24 Holt, Don Front Page Wheaton welcomes alumnus and former Newsweek editor to faculty 
1999 September 24 Penner Debate Front Page Koop moderates CACE debate on human genome 
1999 September 24 Russia News World News in Focus 
1999 September 24 Student Government News SG plans underway for new year 
1999 September 24 Big Brothers Big Sisters Etcetera Big Bro/Big Sis 
1999 September 24 Homecoming Etcetera Homecoming Activities 
1999 September 24 Urban Ministries Etcetera Gospelfest 
1999 September 24 Brown, Warren Etcetera Meet Mark Twain 
1999 September 24 American Heart Association Etcetera Learn CPR 
1999 September 24 dialogue Voices The Enemy's Gift 
1999 September 24 reading as community Editorial Read any good books lately? 
1999 September 24 Statement of Responsibility Voices Fifth-year Senior 
1999 September 24 drawing session advert Letters to the Editor Art flyer inappropriate 
1999 September 24 evangelical exodus Letters to the Editor Why did they go west? 
1999 September 24 Movie review The Beat "For Love Of the Game" strikes out 
1999 September 24 Movie review The Beat "Braveheart": a modern classic 
1999 September 24 Fall sports Crusader Sports Wheaton undefeated last week. In everything.  
1999 September 24 Cross-country Crusader Sports Women race into national rankings for first time 
1999 October 1 Campus housing Front Page ADministration responds to housing concerns 
1999 October 1 New Century Challenge Front Page NCC fundraising exceeds projections 
1999 October 1 Columbia News World News in Focus 
1999 October 1 The Urban Plunge News Rebuilders plunge into outreach 
1999 October 1 animals Montaigne On Dogs 
1999 September 17 discretion and humor Montaigne On a sense of humor 
1999 October 1 Chapel worship music Editorial What would you like on your chapel? 
1999 October 1 Fall break Voices A Ceiling with a View 
1999 October 1 Crazy Larry Letters to the Editor Where's Larry? 
1999 October 1 Art flyer Letters to the Editor Search our hearts 
1999 October 1 sub-communities Voices Little Man on Campus 
1999 October 1 cheese Voices No one asked me, but ... 
1999 October 1 weekend worship On the Spot Do you attend Weekend Worship? Why or why not? 
1999 October 1 Weekend worship Spotlight Chapel Worship Team: history, ministry and style 
1999 October 1 Frontiers Organization Spotlight Bible smuggling 101 
1999 October 1 Typical Wheaton day Spotlight  Gentle Musings 
1999 October 1 Movie review The Beat Jakob the Liar 
1999 October 1 golf Sports An event with no equal in sports: Wheaton student expriences history at Ryder Cup 
1999 October 1 Vanhoozer, Kevin Etcetera Armerding Lecture Series 
1999 October 1 Urban Ministries Etcetera Gospelfest 
1999 October 1 Van Schouwen, David Etcetera Alumni Recital 
1999 October 1 God the Father and Human Fatherhood Etcetera "Return to the Father's House" 
1999 October 1 Women's soccer Crusader Sports Rain, goals pour down in Wheaton win 
1999 October 1 Men's soccer Crusader Sports Wheaton thunders over Carthage 9-0 
1999 October 1 Volleyball Crusader Sports Wheaton wins Invitational But 44-game winning streak ends 
1999 October 8 smart classrooms Front Page Technology gets "Smart" 
1999 October 8 Homecoming celebration Front Page Homecoming in high gear 
1999 October 8 Faculty Missionary Project Front Page Profs highlight FMP experiences 
1999 October 8 Public safety News the Blotter 
1999 October 1 Public safety The Beat the Blotter 
1999 October 8 World Christian Felllowship and Passion Ministries News Passion team joins WCF in Gen-X outreach 
1999 October 8 Art flyer The Standard Deviant Nude and Crude? 
1999 October 8 Homecoming Editorial Homecoming: a tradition unlike any other 
1999 October 8 iniatives and change Voices Fifth-year Senior 
1999 October 8 Crazy Larry Letters to the Editor Crazy Larry is a disease 
1999 September 17 Chapel sleep Variety Crazy Larry 
1999 September 3 Dress Code  Variety Crazy Larry 
1999 August 27 Senior studs Variety Crazy Larry 
1999 October 1 The Beard Variety Crazy Larry 
1999 October 8 Future dance policy Voices Crazy Larry 
1999 October 8 Movie review The Beat Three Kings, four stars 
1999 October 8 Book review The Beat Sequel to Angela's Ashes is bittersweet 
1999 October 8 Volleyball Sports Volleyball drops a thriller 
1999 October 8 Athletes of the Week Sports Katie Vaughan and Ben Peays 
1999 October 8 Football Crusader Sports Football squad scores resounding win, 49-13 
1999 October 8 Men's soccer Crusader Sports Men's soccer tops in the nation - again 
1999 October 8 Cross country Crusader Sports Runners jump hay bales; women take first 
1999 October 8 New Century Challenge Front Page Plans for new student recreation center downsized 
1999 October 22 International Student Festival Front Page Diversity Day: catalyst for change on campus 
1999 October 22 Test Ban Treaty News World News in Focus 
1999 October 22 Theological Missions Statement on Diversity News Faculty drafts new diversity statement 
1999 October 22 technology in classroom Letters to the Editor Are "Smart Classrooms" smart? 
1999 October 22 Crazy Larry Letters to the Editor Complacency Larry? 
1999 October 22 Middle East Studies Program Letters to the Editor Greetings from Cairo 
1999 October 22 OMA and Rebuilders Editorial Lack of diversity is a problem for all of us 
1999 October 22 Movie Montaigne On "Dead Poets Society" ... 
1999 October 22 Duane Litfin From the President's Pen Diversity Initiative 
1999 October 22 Student Government ideas Voices Little Man on Campus 
1999 October 22 Diversity Voices A Ceiling With a View 
1999 October 22 six student experiences Spotlight "My Wheaton years are not like yours." 
1999 October 22 Music review The Beat Catching up with KepanoGreen 
1999 October 22 Public Safety The Beat the Blotter 
1999 October 22 Melius Piano Trio of St. Olaf College Etcetera Piano Trio Concert 
1999 October 22 Pre-College Music Program Etcetera Anniversary Celebration 
1999 October 22 Essay Contest Etcetera Compete for Cash Awards 
1999 October 22 Don Giovanni Etcetera Artist Series 
1999 October 22 Medieval Philosophy's Contemporary Relevance Etcetera Philosophy Conference 
1999 October 22 New Century Challenge Variety Crazy Larry 
1999 October 22 Athletes of the Week Sports Lindsey Peakman and Eric Brown 
1999 October 22 Volleyball Sports Volleyball wins quad but drops to 2-4 in CCIW 
1999 October 22 Women's soccer Sports Women stifle Hope, win two out west 
1999 October 22 Football Crusader Sports Football grinders continue winning ways in CCIW 
1999 October 22 Men's soccer Crusader Sports Men's soccer sweepless in Seattle 
1999 October 22 Tennis Crusader Sports Tennis team captures CCIW title 
1999 October 29 BITH faculty Front Page Bible Department fishes for professors 
1999 October 29 Kingdom Princess Ministry News Promise Keepers for mothers, daughters 
1999 October 29 New Century Challenge Front Page Walking tours showcase student center 
1999 October 29 streetlights Front Page SG lights up College Ave 
1999 October 29 Wright, Hampton News Wheaton Alum publishes novel 
1999 October 29 Pakistan and India News World News in Focus 
1999 October 29 Public safety News the Blotter 
1999 October 29 masculinity and femininity The Standard Deviant The Gender Factory 
1999 October 29 International Student Week  Voices International Student Week meetings need improvement 
1999 October 29 Chapel Voices Fifth-year Senior 
1999 October 29 Reformation Day, All Saint's Editorial Should we celebrate Halloween? 
1999 October 29 gospel tamed Letters to the Editor Speaker challenged 
1999 October 29 defending others Letters to the Editor What it takes 
1999 October 29 Movie The Beat Siegfried and Roy at Navy Pier 
1999 October 29 American Beauty and Fight Club The Beat Studies in suburban angst 
1999 October 29 Greeting distance Variety Crazy Larry 
1999 October 29 Athletes of the Week  Sports Jamie Gantner and Brian Pastermack 
1999 October 29 Club hockey Sports Club hockey tastes victory 
1999 October 29 Women's soccer Sports Mouw spearheads win over nationally-ranked Stevens Point 
1999 October 29 Chicago Marathon Sports Wheaton students run Chicago Marathon 
1999 October 29 Volleyball Sports Wheaton netters 2-1 in Quad, but drop to 2-5 in CCIW 
1999 October 29 Football Crusader Sports Wheaton sneaks past Titans 
1999 October 29 Women's soccer Crusader Sports Women dig deep to tie archrival U of Chicago 
1999 October 29 Men's soccer Crusader Sports Wheaton men fall to U of Chicago 
1999 November 5 College President Front Page Dr. Litfin named one of 50 top college presidents 
1999 November 5 October Trustee evaluation Front Page Board reviews Wheaton's commitment to orthodoxy 
1999 November 5 Chappell, Dorothy Front Page Dean of sciences announced 
1999 November 5 The Templeton Guide Front Page Dr. Liftin named one of 50 top college presidents 
1999 November 5 Ranger Challenge News ROTC wins major award 
1999 November 5 Twentieth Century and World Music News Music 102 and 103 dropped from course schedule 
1999 November 5 student representatives News Record attends faculty business meetings 
1999 November 5 USARSA in El Salvador News World News in Focus 
1999 November 5 A day in Israel Voices Holy Lands Trip 
1999 November 5 faculty business meetings Editorial Wheaton faculty in a different light 
1999 November 5 campus activities Voices Little Man on Campus 
1999 November 5 senioritis Voices No one asked me, but ... 
1999 November 5 true diversity Letters to the Editor Diversity discussion 
1999 November 5 institution spread too thing Letters to the Editor Ph.D. program overly ambitious 
1999 November 5 Intramural sports On the Spot Do you think IM sports are too aggressive?  
1999 November 5 intramurals Spotlight Let's take this outside: The aggressive side of IM sports 
1999 November 5 Arena Theater The Beat Arena Theater offers play for the millenium 
1999 November 5 Singles bar The Beat Crazy Larry 
1999 November 5 Athletes of the Week Sports Rebecca Mouw and Jeremy Amos 
1999 November 5 rowing Sports Crew team has weekend in Boston 
1999 November 5 missions Sports The Wheaton Globetrotters 
1999 November 5 Football Crusader Sports Football remains undefeated Win over Millikin earns them No. 10 ranking 
1999 November 5 Women's soccer Crusader Sports Women tops Mount St. Joe 
1999 November 5 Cross-country Crusader Sports Women runners claim CCIW: 1st title in 10 years gives women no. 15 ranking 
1999 November 12 prank bottle bombs Front Page Weekend prank gets icy reception 
1999 November 12 Alumni Online Community Front Page Wheaton Alumni Association goes virtual 
1999 November 12 increase enrollment Front Page The student body at large 
1999 November 12 Public safety News the Blotter 
1999 November 12 Faith and the Scientist News Polkinghorne featured speaker of Staley Lecture series 
1999 November 12 Cold War News World News in Focus 
1999 November 12 Prison fellowship News Angel tree shows someone cares 
1999 November 12 International Day of Prayer News WCF remembers persecuted church 
1999 November 12 Bradley Smith denies the Holocaust Editorial God teaches through mistakes 
1999 November 12 Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust Letters to the Editor Smith's claims are wrong 
1999 November 12 introductory music Letters to the Editor MUCS classes not the same 
1999 November 12 Veteran's Day Voices Unarmed love 
1999 November 12 dating Voices Fifth-year Senior 
1999 November 12 American Beauty The Standard Deviant Dissecting the Ordinary 
1999 November 12 Movie trends The Beat 1999: A surreal year for movies 
1999 November 12 Dream proposal Variety Crazy Larry 
1999 November 12 Men's soccer Sports Wheaton men finish off regular season strong; beat Rockford 4-1 
1999 November 12 Swimming Sports Swim team kicks off season 
1999 November 12 Volleyball Sports Volleyball drops three of four at Championships 
1999 November 12 Athletes of the Week  Sports Amber Wiersma and Chris Allen 
1999 November 12 Women's soccer Crusader Sports Women in National Quarterfinals 
1999 November 12 Football Crusader Sports Football team falls to Elmhurst, 22-16 
1999 November 19 World Relief Front Page Litfin and Kellough serve up a BIG scoop 
1999 November 19 Men's Soccer Front Page Men's soccer advances to quarter finals 
1999 November 19 city facilities and the year 2000 Front Page City of Wheaton boasts Y2K readiness 
1999 November 19 Public Safety News the Blotter 
1999 November 19 Rwanda and Burundi News World News in Focus 
1999 November 19 Classical Symphony Orchestra Etcetera Concert at Navy Pier 
1999 November 19 BMI Student Composer Awards Etcetera Student Composer Awards 
1999 November 19 New major News International major joins curriculum 
1999 November 19 Hodie and Fantasia News Choirs collaborate in performance of Vaughan Williams 
1999 November 19 Ten Thousand Villages News Art sale to benefit Third World countries 
1999 November 19 dating Letters to the Editor Submissive? 
1999 November 19 Hill, Andrew Letters to the Editor In defense of the Ph.D.  
1999 November 19 benefits of Wheaton Letters to the Editor Alum is thankful 
1999 November 19 Campus mindset Editorial losing faith at Wheaton 
1999 November 19 campus updates Voices Little Man on Campus 
1999 November 19 Campus culture Voices A Ceiling With a View 
1999 November 19 intellectual climate Montaigne On Postmodernism and Christianity 
1999 November 19 Chaplain's office Spotlight Marilyn Brenner: the story of a woman's journey 
1999 November 19 Campus pranks Spotlight A free trip to the dean's office: Chapel pranks through the years 
1999 November 19 Saga prayer team The Beat Crazy Larry 
1999 November 19 Movie review The Beat Pokemon's search for the meaning of life 
1999 November 19 Athletes of the Week Sports Alison Kamienski and Rusty Rosen 
1999 November 19 Men's basketball Sports Men's hoops prepped for season 
1999 November 19 Track and field Sports Men's cross country ends season at regionals 
1999 November 19 Track and field Crusader Sports Women's cross country takes 3rd at Regionals. Next stop: National Championships 
1999 November 19 Women's soccer Crusader Sports Women's soccer team loses to the best. Best season in school history ended by No. 1 team in nation 
1999 November 19 Football Crusader Sports Augustana topples Wheaton. 31-19 loss a sad end to a great season 
1999 December 3 Statement of Responsibilities Front Page Administration cuts in on dance policy 
1999 December 3 Chapel attendance Front Page Student Development tightens reins on chapel skips 
1999 December 3 Is the Wheaton logo made in sweatshops? Front Page World News in Focus 
1999 December 3 Jane Oviatt on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? News Local woman shines in national spotlight 
1999 December 3 dot-coms in the stock market News Eye on the Market 
1999 December 3 Lessons & Carols Etcetera Conservatory Christmas Festival 
1999 December 3 Daniel's Window, 42 Faces, 4th Man in the Fire Etcetera Concert in Elmhurst 
1999 December 3 Men's soccer News Strong showing at nationals caps a great four years 
1999 December 3 dance policy Editorial Proposal steps around the important question 
1999 December 3 The Pledge Voices Little Man on Campus 
1999 December 3 supporting athletics Letters to the Editor Good tournament behavior 
1999 December 3 losing faith at Wheaton Letters to the Editor Is it possible to retain one's faith at Wheaton? 
1999 December 3 dating The Standard Deviant What's all this?  
1999 December 3 Album review The Beat The Newsboys go disco ... almost 
1999 December 3 pleasure and real treasure Voices No one asked me, but ... 
1999 December 3 Girl asks guy The Beat Crazy Larry 
1999 December 3 Men's basketball Sports Moo milks it for 31, team 3-1 
1999 December 3 Athletes of the Week Sports Amie Karkainen and Luke Moo 
1999 December 3 Women's basketball Crusader Sports Lady Crusaders start strong 
1999 December 3 Cross Country Crusaders Sports Women runners take 13th, First National Championship meet a success 
1999 December 10 New Century Challenge and further renovation Front Page College unveils 10-year plan 
1999 December 10 Christi Parker Front Page Wheaton students send over 300 gifts bags to Haiti 
1999 December 10 hiring faculty and tenure Front Page Department slated to receive new professors 
1999 December 10 Public Safety News the Blotter 
1999 December 10 stock market hits high News Eye on the Market: Make 2K on Y2K 
1999 December 10 Pasatieri and Yeats News December 10, 1999 
1999 December 10 Ireland News World News in Focus 
1999 December 10 Alumna letter Voices From the President's Pen 
1999 December 10 post-Y2K Voices Record's computers may not be Y2K-ready 
1999 December 10 Dance Voices Fifth-year Senior 
1999 December 10 Presidential candidates Editorial Every way you look at this you lose 
1999 December 10 egalitarian, complementarian Letters to the Editor "Traditional" submission 
1999 December 10 rich man, poor man Letters to the Editor Wealth and the Christian 
1999 December 10 Student Government and representatives Letters to the Editor Conversation and community 
1999 December 10 flaunting in quotables Letters to the Editor Godly Traber RAs need to look ahead 
1999 December 10 Campus culture Spotlight The Wheaton bubble 
1999 December 10 Campus traditions Spotlight The senior bench tradition: Celebrating 50 years of bench-stealing 
1999 December 10 Movies The Beat A look back at a century of movies 
1999 December 10 Twas the week before finals Variety Crazy Larry 
1999 December 10 Orr, Dan Sports Superfan Dan 
1999 December 10 Athletes of the Week Sports Emily Mason and Emery Petchauer 
1999 December 10 Women's basketball Sports Women finish second at own Invitational 
1999 December 10 Women's basketball Crusader Sports Women open CCIW with win over Elmhurst 
1999 December 10 Swimming Crusader Sports Six records fall at Wheaton Invitational 
1999 December 10 Men's basketball Crusader Sports Can't see the Forest for the threes, Wheaton defeats Lake Forest, 78-69 
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