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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
1999 January 22 Hastert, J. Dennis Front Page Alum named to top post in House 
1999 January 22 vehicles attacked Front Page Assailants target Public Safety officers 
1999 January 22 Coats, Daniel R.  News Ex-Senator donates papers to College 
1999 January 22 Dr. Margaret Newcomb Neuhaus Etcetera Trio to Honor Chicago Flutist with Concert 
1999 January 22 From Grief to Hope Etcetera Support group for those experiencing loss 
1999 January 22 Wheaton Community Television Etcetera Free TV production classes 
1999 January 22 Dupage Women against Rape Etcetera YWCA Rape Crisis Training 
1999 January 22 World Wide Web News Campus radio station reaching the world 
1999 January 22 computing services News College aiming for Y2K compliance by fall 
1999 January 22 students in black masks Editorial Whoever you are, turn yourselves in 
1999 January 22 Settle disputes within Christian community Letters to the Editor Deck mistaken about incident 
1999 January 22 700 Club threatens homosexuals with weather Triumph of the Abstract Divine Weatherman 
1999 January 22 SRC The Fly Bottle On "Rec"-ing Wheaton 
1999 January 22 Y2K Spotlight New Millenium Challenge: Impending doom or business as usual? 
1999 January 22 Nostalgia The Beat Stage your own '80s revival 
1999 January 22 Business report News Eye On the Market 
1999 January 22 Catching up News Crazy Larry 
1999 January 22 scholarship and honors Sports Wheaton athletes earn accolades 
1999 January 22 endurance Sports editorial Swimming and spiritual growth 
1999 January 22 Women's basketball Sports Women lead CCIW 
1999 January 22 Men's basketball Sports Hoopsters cruise to six-game winning streak, Crusaders, 3-0 in conference play, have won 10 of last 11 games 
1999 January 29 Seasonal Affective Disorder Front Page Winter gray turns students blue 
1999 January 29 Marion Wade Center Front Page Donor to fund Wade Center relocation 
1999 January 29 President Clinton on trial News Students gather to watch historic Senate trial 
1999 January 29 Arasimowicz, George News Conserv dean garners awards 
1999 January 29 Public Safety News the Blotter 
1999 January 29 Students and the Crusader Editorial Crusader mascot should make us shudder 
1999 January 29 Attack on Public Safety Letters to the Editor Outraged by masked attacks 
1999 January 29 Ford, Jeff Letters to the Editor Should not judge and slander 
1999 January 29 Voices Meeting the Challenge Segregated Sunday morning 
1999 January 29 Should Wheaton College change its mascot? Voices "Crusaders" is offensive 
1999 January 29 Should Wheaton College change its mascot? Voices Changing the mascot is a non-issue 
1999 January 29 The Cereal Guardians Voices Crazy Larry 
1999 January 29 The Student Leader Dinner Letters to the Editor Manipulative fundraising methods mar New Century Challenge 
1999 January 29 New Century Challenge initiatives Letters to the Editor Initiatives are balanced 
1999 January 29 L'Abri Spotlight Captive, cloistered or prophets to the world? Mardi Keyes addresses challenges of the Christian faith 
1999 January 29 Mardi Keyes Spotlight Feminism in Special Services: Chaplain Kellough's response 
1999 January 29 L'Abri Spotlight L'Abri Fellowship offers open home for honest seekers 
1999 January 29 Wheaton Crusader "mascot" debated Spotlight Mastodon mascot slothily takes over school 
1999 January 29 Wheaton Crusader "mascot" debated Spotlight Revisiting the '93 Crusader-Mastodon controversy 
1999 January 29 The Waiting, Smalltown Poets The Beat WETN reviews new albums: The first hit (and miss) of 1999 
1999 January 29 Concert CU Travel Bureau This Weekend Sixpence returns to Wheaton, Trio to be joined by Charlie Peacock 
1999 January 29 Women's basketball Sports Rejuvenated Cole sparks winning women 
1999 January 29 Men's basketball Sports Live by the buzzer, die by the buzzer 
1999 February 5 Crescent street apartment Front Page Outreach effort turns threatening 
1999 February 5 altercation with Public Safety Front Page Judge shows Ford leniency after guilty plea 
1999 February 5 Hatch, Nathan Front Page Notre Dame provost to speak at commencement 
1999 February 5 Presidential impeachment News CACE debate attracts national media attention - Theologians tackle Forgiveness and Justice: the Case of President Clinton 
1999 February 5 Public Safety News the Blotter 
1999 February 5 Pete Hammond News MIF to highlight ministry in the marketplace 
1999 February 5 Mascot debate Letters to the Editor Mascot makes stomach church 
1999 February 5 Mascot debate Letters to the Editor Offensive mascot should be borne proudly 
1999 February 5 Poverty and oppression Editorial Community at the root of outreach 
1999 February 5 My father in Asia I am a Pig When to Live is to Die and to Die is to Live 
1999 February 5 Y2K satire A View from the Soapbox The Strange Case of the Rabbit Republic: A Fable 
1999 February 5 disaster relief Spotlight Life among the destruction: Students return with update on Hurricane Mitch's aftermath in Honduras 
1999 February 5 diversity Spotlight Reflections of a Wheaton graduate 
1999 February 5 Band interview The Beat  Sixpence Discusses Success: "This is rather odd" 
1999 February 5 Trips CU Travel Bureau This Weekend Forecast: Sun for Spring Break 
1999 February 5 Mascot satire Letters to the Editor Nordic 'SAGA' is offensive 
1999 February 5 Mascot debate Letters to the Editor Must repent of Crusader wrongs 
1999 February 5 Super Bowl commercials Sports Commercials: the good, the bad, and the beer 
1999 February 5 Mascot Voices Crazy Larry 
1999 February 5 Men's basketball Sports Men reboung from Augie loss; ranked 4th in Midwest 
1999 February 5 Swimming Sports Conference foes fall at weekend double duals 
1999 February 19 The dance pledge Front Page SG approves dance proposal, Litfin forwards plan to Student Development 
1999 February 19 New Ph.D. Front Page College to offer doctorate in biblical and theological studies 
1999 February 19 City of Wheaton Front Page Neighbors speak out on sharing space with college 
1999 February 19 Faculty News Lundin honored for recent Dickinson work 
1999 February 19 Wind Ensemble, Concert Choir Etcetera Conservatory Concerts 
1999 February 19 Fire & Water Etcetera King's Singers to make Artist Series appearance 
1999 February 19 Dr. Howard O. Jones Etcetera African-American Church Lecture 
1999 February 19 winter concert Etcetera Symphony Orchestra Concert 
1999 February 19 New Century Challenge Editorial We can't hear you 
1999 February 19 New Century Challenge Letters to the Editor Concerns about NCC still remain 
1999 February 19 Crusaders Letters to the Editor Mascot is source of cruelty 
1999 February 19 human nature Perspectives: Faculty Opinions on the Christian Faith Novels or Neuroscience? 
1999 February 19 dance Meething the Challenge: The Voice of Student Government Dancing is a hot topic 
1999 February 19 Depression Spotlight What's Happening Lord? A story of God's faithfulness in a student's bout of depression 
1999 February 19 Depression Spotlight Depression Defined: An interview with Dr. Ferrell 
1999 February 19 Band interview The Beat KeanoGreen: back for Five More 
1999 February 19 Dean's list Voices Crazy Larry 
1999 February 19 Mascot Letters to the Editor A parent responds to Crusaders 
1999 February 19 New Century Challenge Letters to the Editor Initiativees are balanced 
1999 February 19 Swimming Sports Swim teams take conference titles 
1999 February 19 Women's basketball Sports Thanks for your support 
1999 February 19 Soccer Sports Mouw named D-III's best, But we knew that already 
1999 February 19 Wrestling Sports Wrestlers place fourth in CCIW 
1999 February 19 Women's basketball Sports Wheaton vs. Millikin proves a classic thriller, Lady Crusaders clinch tie for conference championship with victory 
1999 February 26 Price, Frances Front Page Campus hit-and-run sends woman to hospital 
1999 February 26 preparation Front Page Physical plant prepares for Y2K 
1999 February 26 Coalition of Christian Colleges and Universities Front Page Smart, Snobbish and Secluded: Consortium peers evaluate Wheaton 
1999 February 26 Public Safety News the Blotter 
1999 February 26 comedy camera Etcetera Funniest Home Videos Come to Wheaton 
1999 February 26 Lowell-Grabill Creative Writing Contest Etcetera Creative Writing Contest 
1999 February 26 Winnipeg Mennonite Children's Choir Etcetera College Welcomes African Children's Choir 
1999 February 26 Raising our Voices to End Juvenile Injustice in the U.S. Etcetera Amnesty International to hold annual Student Activism Day 
1999 February 26 Sara Demaster, Jana Morgan News Wheaton grads named Pew scholars 
1999 February 26 The February Formal News Formal guests get a runfertheirmoney 
1999 February 26 self-examination Editorial More than Traber potty-mouths threatens our image 
1999 February 26 SRC Letters to the Editor Sprint track not a viable substitute 
1999 February 26 The Initiatives Letters to the Editor Troubled by NCC complaints 
1999 February 26 race and ethnicity Triumph of the Abstract Some Thoughts of Navin Johnson 
1999 February 26 New Ph.D. The Fly Bottle "Ph.D., Wheaton College"? - Part 1 
1999 February 26 Anorexia: My other Lover Spotlight Eating disorders at Wheaton: one student's struggle with food 
1999 February 26 body image Spotlight Feeding the Cycle that Starves Us 
1999 February 26 Christian music The Beat New albums offer complexity, energy 
1999 February 26 Immodest Dancing CU Travel Bureau This Weekend Crazy Larry 
1999 February 26 First year A Look Back Sink or swim: the meditations of a freshman 
1999 February 26 Novels or neuroscience: campus response to Bolyanatz Voices Neural pathways are not enough 
1999 February 26 Novels of neuroscience: campus response to Bolyanatz Voices Subverting the combative "or" 
1999 February 26 Tack and field, basketball Sports Tracksters set records, hoopsters pull one out 
1999 February 26 bats and balls Sports Baseball, softball teams are swinging in spring 
1999 March 19 Crusaders Front Page Straw poll reveals staff discontentment with mascot 
1999 March 19 Student Government deadlines Front Page Election 99: SG elections approach 
1999 March 19 SRC Front Page Groundbreaking set for new rec center 
1999 March 19 Election 99 News Candidates announce campaign platforms 
1999 March 19 Public Safety News the Blotter 
1999 March 19 Initiatives Letters to the Editor A look at the NCC numbers 
1999 March 19 Woman struck Letters to the Editor Hit and run victim 
1999 March 19 submit questions early Letters to the Editor More productive Town Hall needed 
1999 March 19 More Town Halls Editorial Town Hall instructive but too infrequent 
1999 March 19 Academic revival Perspectives: Faculty Opinions on the Christian Faith Revive Thy Work, O Lord! 
1999 March 19 campus construction Meeting the Challenge: The Voice of Student Government Renovation 
1999 March 19 reclaim lost childhood Spotlight Pooh's Corner: Students keep strange bed times . . . but the stories stay the same 
1999 March 19 Former U.S. Sugeon General Etcetera Koop to speak at healthcare forum in Chicago 
1999 March 19 Strenthening the Ecclesial Fabric: Psychology at the Service of the Church Etcetera Psychology and the Church 
1999 March 19 Pew Younger Scholars Society Etcetera Student academic conference 
1999 March 19 Band success The Beat Far and Away: Caedmon's Call has its own land rush 
1999 March 19 Depression Letters to the Editor Thanks for discussion of real topics 
1999 March 19 Crusaders Letters to the Editor A crusade against the mascot 
1999 March 19 Single Freedom Voices Crazy Larry 
1999 March 19 Sofball Sports Softball squad splits, spring starts 
1999 March 19 Swimming Sports Relays propel women to 8th-place finish 
1999 March 19 Baseball Sports Baseball team enjoys successful Florida trip 
1999 March 19 Basketball Sports Basketball teams go places in NCAA tourney: Women defeat Lakeland, lost to Washington; men slay Bears, fall to Spartans 
1999 March 26 Tuition Front Page Cost of Wheaton attendance breaks $20,000 barrier 
1999 March 26 Library Front Page Buswell renovations slated for spring 
1999 March 26 election 99 Front Page Gieser captures CU post in upset, Six SG positions filled in uncontested races 
1999 March 26 Sports and Recreation Center News College to receive grant for recreation center 
1999 March 26 Choir Etcetera Handel's Messiah 
1999 March 26 Faculty business meetings News SG blocks Record presence at faculty meetings 
1999 March 26 student representation Editorial Student Government: advocate for students? 
1999 March 26 Town Hall Letters to the Editor Respect your Leaders 
1999 March 26 See the future View from the Soapbox The Wheaton of the Future 
1999 March 26 Modern rules Voices Crazy Larry 
1999 March 26 Powerful nations I am a Pig U.S. in the World 
1999 March 26 Urban ministry Spotlight Students, Hustlers, Cold Chicago Nights: Wheaton student volunteers reach out to Chicago's male prostitutes through Emmaus Ministries 
1999 March 26 College bands The Beat Wheaton bands release new CDs 
1999 March 26 lacrosse Sports Sticking it to 'em 
1999 March 26 baseball Sports Baseball sweeps opening doubleheader 
1999 March 26 softball Sports No fooling here - softball team rolls to 33-0 win 
1999 March 26 George Clooney, new doctor Back page Clooney just what the doctor ordered 
1999 March 26 Shrine and relics Back page Relics to be entombed in new Wade Center 
1999 April 9 Health, Healing, and Spirituality Front Page Theology conference examines health, healing 
1999 April 9 Classes cancelled Front Page Power failure earns high marks 
1999 April 9 job preparation News Career Services endorses internships 
1999 April 9 Church of the Great Shepherd News Church to leave Barrows 
1999 April 9 Arena Theater Etcetera Arena Theater Presents Playboy of the Western World 
1999 April 9 Percussion ensemble Etcetera And the Beat Goes On 
1999 April 9 Glee Club Etcetera Men's Glee Club Presents Spring Concert 
1999 April 9 recreating history Etcetera Observe History in the Making at the Chicago Fire Trial 
1999 April 9 Mascot debate Letters to the Editor Crusader vs Ku Klux Klan 
1999 April 9 Power outage Letters to the Editor 'I praise Jesus for you' 
1999 April 9 WETN Editorial Wheaton College Radio? 
1999 April 9 Power outage Editorial A much needed day off 
1999 April 9 Power outages Meeting The Challenge: The Voice of Student Government Suprise Day Off 
1999 April 9 Education Prespectives: Faculty Opinions on the Christian Faith Education interprets the past 
1999 April 9 journalism Letters to the Editor Record should be at faculty meetings 
1999 April 9 inside conservatory Spotlight Mysteries of McAlister Unveiled: A non-conserve's guide to the Wheaton Conservatory 
1999 April 9 The Normals The Beat Not Necessarily Normal 
1999 April 9 Spring plans CU Travel Bureau This Weekend Be ready ... spring will be here any month now 
1999 April 9 Saga Shell CU Travel Bureau This Weekend Crazy Larry 
1999 April 9 Alabama prison Letters to the Editor Students have captivating spring break 
1999 April 9 men's tennis Sports Feast or famine for netters 
1999 April 9 lacrosse Sports Tourney to be held all-lacrosse campus 
1999 April 9 basketball Sports State recognizes Wheaton coaches 
1999 April 9 Track and field Sports It's up, up and away for the track and field teams 
1999 April 16 Campus crime Front Page Campus hit by string of burglaries: Suspect still at large after evading capture at Student Services Building 
1999 April 16 participation fees Front Page Conservatory changes anger student musicians 
1999 April 16 Faculty News Professors Hoffmeier, Plantinga set to leave Wheaton 
1999 April 16 National College Mass Choir Workshop News What a time: Gospel Choir wins award at workshop 
1999 April 16 junior class president resigns News Wood resigns, college cancels junior class debt 
1999 April 16 Class films News Seniors, sophomores steal the show at Class Films 
1999 April 16 Consortium perspective Letters to the Editor Appalled by self-righteous prejudice 
1999 April 16 jeering in class Letters to the Editor Embarrassed by philosophy class 
1999 April 16 Conservatory changes Editorial Failure to communicate: when the sounds of silence provoke an uproar 
1999 April 16 complacent life Triumph of the Abstract I hope I don't die before I get old 
1999 April 16 day in court The Fly Bottle Guilt, Pride, and Traffic Court 
1999 April 16 Wheaton College Monopoli Spotlight The tale behind the game: The fall of biblical monotony 
1999 April 16 Art Institute and Museum of Contemporary Art The Beat A tale of two museums: part one 
1999 April 16 Never Been Kissed The Beat A Second Chance at High School 
1999 April 16 hot air balloons CU Travel Bureau This Weekend To air is human 
1999 April 16 Captain Silly Pants Sports Crazy Larry 
1999 April 16 Shwepker, Steve Sports Sports information director to resign, move on 
1999 April 16 Rob Hamann, Kerry Cole Sports Basketball players honored 
1999 April 16 track and field Sports Wheaton Quadrangular Plus provides team accomplishments, personal bests 
1999 April 16 baseball Sports A swing for the better: baseball wins three straight, Doubleheader sweep against Big Blue evens conference record at 3-3 
1999 April 23 Arena Theater Front Page Arena Theater offers Playboy 
1999 April 23 ensemble fees, no touring Front Page Conservatory dean grilled at forum 
1999 April 23 campus crime Front Page Suspect arrested in campus burglaries 
1999 April 23 Public Safety News the Blotter 
1999 April 23 Rathje, S. Louis News Alum named to Illinois high court 
1999 April 23 College Union Spring Fest News Acoustic artist Jake Armerding returns for spring concert 
1999 April 23 Write to Publish Conference Etcetera Summer conference to be held for aspiring writers 
1999 April 23 Wheaton College Symphony Orchestra Etcetera Symphony Orchestra to perform annual spring concert 
1999 April 23 Worldly entertainment Letters to the Editor Airjam acts promote lust 
1999 April 23 Ethics class Letters to the Editor Report of homosexual insensitivity not accurate 
1999 April 23 high school student Letters to the Editor Prospective impressed by friendliness 
1999 April 23 day off Letters to the Editor Litfin should start 'power outage' tradition 
1999 April 23 B- View from the Soapbox Ecco Homo: Diary of an Egoist 
1999 April 23 Statement of Responsibilities Meeting the Challenge: The Voice of Student Government Dance 
1999 April 23 ROTC and Mennonites Editorial Onward Christian Soldiers? 
1999 April 23 ROTC Spotlight Bullets, Bibles and Bootcamp: The history of the armed forces at Wheaton College 
1999 April 23 Army Spotlight Should a Christian college have ROTC? 
1999 April 23 Museum of Contemporary Art The Beat A tale of two museums: part 2 
1999 April 23 Movie review The Beat Matrix: a Titanic for guys 
1999 April 23 golf Sports Golfers win at Rockford 
1999 April 23 Busy Sports Crazy Larry 
1999 April 23 bats and balls Sports Softball on six-game slide, baseball splits twinbill 
1999 April 23 Track and field Sports Track teams hit the Whitewater, Millikin meet cancelled due to weather 
1999 April 30 Colson scholarship Front Page Alum charged with campus thefts: Former Bible major arrested in West Chicago 
1999 April 30 budget constraints Front Page Meetings held to discuss conservatory 
1999 April 30 deans Front Page Larson and Kreigbaum named interim deans 
1999 April 30 foreign policy News Poli Sci students simulate foreign conflict 
1999 April 30 Internet shuts down Bureau News Travel Bureau set to close its doors 
1999 April 30 four year review News A Look Back at Some of the Events that Have Marked the Last Four Years at Wheaton 
1999 April 30 business manager of the college Editorial Steve Mead - Person of the Year 
1999 April 30 liberal arts and imagination I am a Pig To Be a Better Person 
1999 April 30 all-night paper View from the Soapbox 'Twas the Night Before Finals 
1999 April 30 diversity Triumph of the Abstract Dr. Brabenec, Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Accept the Struggle 
1999 April 30 world outreach Spotlight Hurricanes and war orphans: A study of two HNGR students and what they accomplished after Wheaton 
1999 April 30 summer movies The Beat Summer movie previews 
1999 April 30 Plumb and Caedmon's Call The Beat WETN reviews: 40 candycoated acres 
1999 April 30 Ethics class Letters to the Editor Alum defends prof in gay-bashing incident 
1999 April 30 unique call Letters to the Editor God still loves those not in missions 
1999 April 30 Crusaders Letters to the Editor Mascot should be sensitive of other Christians 
1999 April 30 outward appearance Letters to the Editor Determining a person's value 
1999 April 30 homophobia Letters to the Editor Hatred in the church 
1999 April 30 Wheaton Monopoli Letters to the Editor Monopoly imitations have been around 
1999 April 30 art nudes Letters to the Editor Art Survey nudes are stumbling block 
1999 April 30 Class films and Air Jam Letters to the Editor CU frustrated by student misbehavior at Air Jam 
1999 April 30 Why enter the Bubble? Variety Crazy Larry 
1999 April 30 Women's basketball Sports Cole, Hamann have achieved much in their careers 
1999 April 30 rowing Sports Ready oar not, here they come: Crew team to participate in championships 
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