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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
1998 August 28 Office of Christian Outreach Front Page Massaro leaves OCO post after 19 years: Popular directory cites personal reasons for unexpected departures 
1998 August 28 American Psychological Association Front Page Psy.D. program granted accreditation 
1998 August 28 Allison, Lonnie J.  News Allison appointed BGC director 
1998 August 28 Fall Special Services News Ravi Returns 
1998 August 28 financial aid office News Staff turnover delays financial aid packages 
1998 August 28 Student Government Letters to the Editor An invitation to 'Build Bridges of Partnership' 
1998 August 28 Academic freedom in Christian environment Editorial What's fit to print 
1998 August 28 Abbreviations Spotlight The Unofficial Wheaton College Glossary 
1998 August 28 Wheaton tradition Spotlight Some Things Never Change: It's the same old Wheaton, even since 1853 
1998 August 28 Faculty Spotlight First Person with Henry Allen 
1998 August 28 Faculty Spotlight First Person with Laura Miguelez 
1998 August 28 Soccer Sports Soccer team ready to begin national title defense 
1998 August 28 Men's soccer Sports Meet Rob Mouw 
1998 August 28 football Sports Doing the Grunt Work . . .  
1998 September 4 New gymnasium Front Page College reconsiders construction plans 
1998 September 4 BookTV Front Page C-SPAN, media flood Wade Center 
1998 September 4 Artist Series News College touts talent, variety in this year's Artist Series 
1998 September 4 Marsden and Noll Editorial Scandal of the Evangelical Heart 
1998 September 4 Titanic Spotlight Emily Borie Ryerson: A Life to Remember 
1998 September 4 You're pretty Voices Crazy Larry 
1998 September 4 government Voices Meeting The Challenge: The Voice of Student Government 
1998 September 4 Campus housing Voices High freshman enrollment forces housing shuffle 
1998 September 4 football Sports Ready to rock 
1998 September 4 men's soccer Sports Kickers open title defense with thrashing 
1998 September 4 Volleyball Sports Tenacious team takes two at triangular 
1998 September 18 Comery, Barry and Julie Kettelson Front Page Swissair crash claims two Wheaton grads 
1998 September 18 Starr Report and Center for Applied Christian Ethics Front Page Panel discusses ethics of privacy 
1998 September 18 Public safety News the Blotter 
1998 September 18 Wheaton ranking News U.S. News places college in second tier again 
1998 September 18 Miguelez and Dahl News College hires two female Bible profs 
1998 September 18 Wheaton staff News Walking in the Valley of the Shadow: College business manager Steve Mead leans on prayers, support of friends as he faces chemotherapy 
1998 September 18 Tom Key etc. Actor to portray Lewis at Edman 
1998 September 18 Wheaton community Letters to the Editor Summoned to a high calling 
1998 September 18 safety Letters to the Editor Caution urged in crossing tracks 
1998 September 18 prayer Editorial Long-Term Love 
1998 September 18 home life Voices Faith for the family 
1998 September 18 food in the face Voices Crazy Larry 
1998 September 18 Leonardo DiCaprio Voices View from the Soapbox: Let Slip the Dogs of War! 
1998 September 18 Faculty Spotlight A Unique Perspective: Dr. REginald Young Brings Diversity to Wheaton's English Department 
1998 September 18 Faculty Spotlight First Person with William Struthers 
1998 September 18 Faculty Spotlight First Person with Rani Mathai 
1998 September 18 Fall Special Services Spotlight Ravi responds to students: Dr. Zacharias answers the cries of the heart in annual Fall Special Services 
1998 September 18 The Travel Bureau CU Travel Bureau This Weekend "What do you do at the Travel Bureau?" 
1998 September 18 Movie review The Beat Why Simon Birch is the Best Movie EVER Made 
1998 September 18 Percussion and Alumni recital The Beat Conservatory Notes 
1998 September 18 Grade inflation Voices Is an 'A' what it used to be? 
1998 September 18 Women's tennis Sports Women's tennis off to 3-0 start 
1998 September 18 Soccer Sports Soccer teams have productive weekends 
1998 September 25 school of fine arts Front Page College revamps academics hierarchy: New structure shuffles departments, links art program with conservatory 
1998 September 25 C.S. Lewis and the Literary Tradition Front Page Lit dept. sponsors Lewis conference 
1998 September 25 Telephone services Front Page Phone codes recieve mixed reviews 
1998 September 25 Public Safety News the Blotter 
1998 September 25 Arena Theater News Arena Theater to present Midsummer Night's Dream 
1998 September 25 medical need Letters to the Editor Retaining hope amidst difficulty 
1998 September 25 Surface relationships Voices Crazy Larry 
1998 September 25 Marion Wade Center Editorial Wardrobe Wars 
1998 September 25 Forum wall Voices Meeting The Challenge: The Voice of Student Government 
1998 September 25 physical plant Letters to the Editor Respecting the Fountain 
1998 September 25 Douglas Gresham Spotlight Carrying on the Lewis legacy: The responsibility and the burden 
1998 September 25 Lewis legacy Spotlight Who is C.S. Lewis that we should be mindful of him? 
1998 September 25 C.S. Lewis Spotlight Mercury's Gift 
1998 September 25 C.S. Lewis Spotlight C.S. Lewis at Wheaton College 
1998 September 25 C.S. Lewis Spotlight The Kilns: Reflections on Lewis's old home 
1998 September 25 C.S. Lewis Spotlight Reading C.S. Lewis is a Liberal Arts Education 
1998 September 25 C.S. Lewis Spotlight The Chronicles of Narnia and Spenser's Faerie Queen 
1998 September 25 Wayne Martindale Spotlight C.S. Lewis: His life, literature, and legacy 
1998 September 25 Cafe review CU Travel Bureau This Weekend Crave the bean? Nine great places to get your fix 
1998 September 25 Concert review The Beat Musical mix reflects personalities at concert 
1998 September 25 Album review The Beat Canadian Brass Tributes The Beatles 
1998 September 25 Football Crusader Sports Football team bouces back, pounds Anderson 
1998 September 25 Soccer Crusader Sports Soccer squad survives scare 
1998 October 2 World Christian Fellowship Front Page WCF draws student leaders to nationwide summit 
1998 October 2 College Apartments safety Front Page Apartment residents alarmed by intruder 
1998 October 2 McDermott and Coats Front Page Alumni politicians voice potitions on Clinton, impeachment 
1998 October 2 homecoming and class reunion News Students, returning alumni anticipate activity-filled weekend 
1998 October 2 Alumni News College honors Douglas 
1998 October 2 Clubs and budgets News Student Government denies funding for Gospel Choir 
1998 October 2 Leonardo DiCaprio Letters to the Editor Three flaws with DiCaprio column 
1998 October 2 Campus culture The Fly Bottle They're from the future 
1998 October 2 Saga conveyor belt Voices Crazy Larry's new century challenge 
1998 October 2 Clinton scandal Editorial Rising above political partisanship 
1998 October 2 Wheaton traditions Spotlight Homecoming 1948: 50 years ago it was fireworks, statues and Madame X 
1998 October 2 Faculty Spotlight First Person with Dorothea Rice 
1998 October 2 Faculty  Spotlight First Person with Robert Gallagher 
1998 October 2 Claire Holley The Beat Homecoming performer reflects on her experience at Wheaton 
1998 October 2 dc Talk The Beat Something to 'Talk' about? 
1998 October 2 Edman Chapel music CU Travel Bureau This Weekend Fernando Ortega comes to worship 
1998 October 2 Yanks, Lester News Weekend Worship remembers homeless man 
1998 October 2 Chapel A Look Back Creeping Socialism 
1998 October 2 Track and field Sports Running for the prize 
1998 October 2 tennis Sports Tennis team off to 8-0 start 
1998 October 2 Soccer Sports Soccer squad rolls on, takes overtime thriller 
1998 October 2 rowing crew Sports You re-ratta check this out 
1998 October 9 Campus vehicles Front Page College hikes transportation rates 
1998 October 9 Wheaton crime Front Page Apartment break-ins continue 
1998 October 9 admission office Front Page College cuts interviews for prospective students 
1998 October 9 debate tournament News Voices rise at annual debate tourney 
1998 October 9 Type A personality Spotlight Welcomt to stress-oholics anonymous 
1998 October 9 Baseball Editorial What a Year It's Been 
1998 October 9 Married Wheaties Voices Crazy Larry 
1998 October 9 Abolish grades Voices Not making the grade 
1998 October 9 Homecoming and reunion Voices Meeting the Challenge: The Voice of Student Government 
1998 October 9 Movie review The Beat "Deams" they definitely are 
1998 October 9 Movie review The Beat Ronin almost a good movie 
1998 October 9 Cafe reviews CU Travel Bureau This Weekend Still craving the bean? More help for campus caffeine addicts 
1998 October 9 Public safety News the Blotter 
1998 October 9 health center, Artist Series, Arena theater News Etcetera 
1998 October 9 Campus Communications News Phone charges dropped 
1998 October 9 Wheaton ranking Letters to the Editor Concern for reputation 
1998 October 9 Biblical Equality club Letters to the Editor Plea for open-mindedness 
1998 October 9 Track and field Sports Cross country teams going the extra kilometer 
1998 October 9 Swimming Sports Alumni "swim cheat" upholds annual tradition 
1998 October 9 Women's soccer Sports Women's soccer now No. 14 
1998 October 9 football Sports Gridiron victory brings back a familiar ring 
1998 October 9 Soccer Sports "Raining" National Champions 
1998 October 30 physical plant injury Front Page Soap pranks possible cause of fountain accident 
1998 October 30 National Christian Multicultural Student Leadership Conference Front Page Diversity conference to instruct student leaders 
1998 October 30 Buswell Library Front Page New system increases accessibility of reserves 
1998 October 30 Coalition for Christian Colleges & Universities News $5,000 scholarship available to Christian students 
1998 October 30 Warrant and the Christian Belief News Plantinga headlines philosophy conference 
1998 October 30 campus recycling News Earthkeepers institutes new recycling program 
1998 October 30 Wind ensemble, Gary Memorial News Etcetera 
1998 October 30 fashion and lust Letters to the Editor Cover your bodies 
1998 October 30 exercise Voices Crazy Larry's New Century Challenge 
1998 October 30 Minorities on campus Editorial Forging and Authentic Community 
1998 October 30 Railroad Voices View from the Soapbox: The Ghost of the Great Pumpkin 
1998 October 30 Wheaton students visit the Theosophical Society - Part One Spotlight Open House, Open Minds 
1998 October 30 Moriah and Clear The Beat Success of New Albums Seems Clear 
1998 October 30 French House party The Beat endless summer . . . revisited 
1998 October 30 Women's tennis Sports Queens of the court 
1998 October 30 Women's soccer Sports Women capture CCIW title 
1998 October 30 men's soccer Sports Wheaton juggernaut rolls on with big victory 
1998 October 30 football Sports Crusaders scorch Wesleyan with blazing speed 
1998 October 30 Ice hockey Sports Hockey ready to rock 
1998 November 6 the Tower Front Page Yearbooks not expected until December  
1998 November 6 Thanksgiving fundraiser Front Page Students launch fundraising efforts for less fortunate 
1998 November 6 Office of Christian Outreach Front Page OCO involvement continues to drop 
1998 November 6 College Union News Talent show lures large crowd to Pierce 
1998 November 6 finance and politics News For Goons Only 
1998 November 6 gospel choir, grad school News Etcetera 
1998 November 6 Wheaton in Chicago News New program offers a semester in the city 
1998 November 6 Dostoevsky I am a Pig The Purpose of the Gospel 
1998 October 30 Language origins I am a Pig The Myth of Language 
1998 November 6 Forum wall and dating Voices Crazy Larry 
1998 November 6 faith and action Editorial Why the Decline in CSC Involvement? 
1998 November 6 recycling bins Voices Meeting the Challenge: A call to recycle 
1998 November 6 lust and fashion Letters to the Editor Cover your eyes 
1998 November 6 lust and fashion Letters to the Editor Don't condemn me 
1998 November 6 Wheaton students visit the Theosophical Society - Part Two Spotlight Open House, Open Minds: Part Two 
1998 November 6 Faculty Spotlight First Person with Lisa Dahl 
1998 November 6 Faculty Spotlight First Person with Capt. William McCauley 
1998 November 6 assistant director of student activities Spotlight Dirty Steve 
1998 November 6 Statement of Responsibilities A Look Back Pledge of Rules? 
1998 November 6 Lifeline Theater The Beat L'Engle's story stands test of Time 
1998 November 6 Movie review The Beat Saving Private Ryan: remembering the fallen on Veteran's Day 
1998 November 6 Public Safety News the Blotter 
1998 November 6 hockey Sports Offense not the problem in 8-4 opening loss 
1998 November 6 football Sports Football Stats Defined 
1998 November 6 Track and field Sports Racers cross country: Women travel to Midwest Regionals in St. Louis 
1998 November 13 course evaluation policy Front Page Faculty clashes over course evaluations 
1998 November 13 The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth Front Page Archaeology conference to discuss "Jesus Seminar" 
1998 November 13  Christians in Sudan Front Page Students attend persecution symposium 
1998 November 13 internet stocks, Greenspan News Eye on the Market 
1998 November 13 Beethoven's Symphony No. 9 News Choirs collaborate in performance of Beethoven's Ninth 
1998 November 13 fashion statement Voices Crazy Larry 
1998 November 13 clothes, lust, and the sexes The Fly Bottle  What would Wheaton women wear 
1998 November 13 psychology and theology Triumph of the Abstract The Soul of Aaron Hemphil: Towards Having the Foggiest 
1998 October 2 Denominations Triumph of the Abstract  On cognitive friction and Jeremy Devey 
1998 November 13 International Religious Freedom Act Editorial Politics and Persecution 
1998 November 13 Isais, Elisabeth Spotlight - So Great a Cloud of Witnesses Memories of Wheaton College 
1998 November 13 Hartzell, Charlotte Meredith Spotlight - So Great a Cloud of Witnesses Memories of My years at Wheaton 
1998 November 13 Smith, Adele Spotlight - So Great a Cloud of Witnesses Thoughts on My Wheaton Years 
1998 November 13 Hoke, Donald E.  Spotlight - So Great a Cloud of Witnesses How Wheaton Changed My Life 
1998 November 13 Witmer, John A.  Spotlight - So Great a Cloud of Witnesses How Wheaton Marked My Life 
1998 November 13 McCulley, Dale Spotlight - So Great a Cloud of Witnesses How Wheaton Shaped My Life 
1998 November 13 Smith, Frederick A.  Spotlight - So Great a Cloud of Witnesses Reflections for the Wheaton Record 
1998 November 13 Dawson, Mark Spotlight - So Great a Cloud of Witnesses Lessons Learned at Wheaton 
1998 November 13 Curry, Craig Spotlight - So Great a Cloud of Witnesses For Craig and his Kingdom 
1998 November 13 Christian music The Beat The splendor and majesty that is WoW '99 
1998 November 13 Christian music The Beat WoW reflects changes in CCM sales 
1998 November 13 Three Bean Salad The Beat Chaos prevails at midnight movie 
1998 November 13 Wheaton ranking Letters to the Editor Wheaton deserves top ranking 
1998 November 13 fashion, modesty, lust Letters to the Editor Cover your bodies, part two 
1998 November 13 Women's basketball Sports Women cagers set for tip-off 
1998 November 13 football Sports Crusaders rip Elmhurst, remain in title hunt 
1998 November 13 Men's soccer Sports Soccer team fit to be tied after perfect season 
1998 November 13 Women's soccer Sports Stellar year ends with playoff loss for women 
1998 November 20 Soccer Front Page Soccer team eclipses 57-year unbeaten mark: Achievement tempered by 2-1 playoff loss to Trinity, TX in 4 OT 
1998 November 20 Hurricane Mitch Front Page Students rally to support Hondurans 
1998 November 20 course evaluations Front Page SG decries changes to evaluation proposal 
1998 November 20 Public safety News the Blotter 
1998 November 20 register cars News Scarcity of parking plagues students 
1998 November 20 Hurricane Mitch News Witnesses among the rubble: Five HNGR interns in Honduras give their perspectives on the most destructive hurricane in 200 years 
1998 November 20 attention and tragedy Editorial How many Hondurans equal one American? 
1998 November 20 Theosophical society Letters to the Editor Do Theosophy and Christianity agree? 
1998 November 20 conference Letters to the Editor Disappointment over NCMSLC coverage 
1998 November 20 Christians and politics Perspectives - Faculty opinions on the Christian Faith Christian Persuasion in a Hostile Culture 
1998 November 20 Symposiun on Sudan Voices Meeting the Challenge: The Voice of Student Government 
1998 November 20 Allen and Schneider blend Christianity and psychiatry at the Reascence Institute Spotlight A new breed of faith healers 
1998 November 20 Faculty Spotlight First Person with Scottie May 
1998 November 20 Faculty Spotlight First Person with Cliff Williams 
1998 November 20 Duncan Phillips The Beat Eyeliner and 80s music: A Newsboy steps up to the telephone 
1998 November 20 Wallstreet and the Fed News Eye on the Market 
1998 November 20 Military science News Veterans honored in ceremony at Centennial Field 
1998 November 20 Barnum and Bailey's Circus CU Travel Bureau This Weekend "Come one, come all!" 
1998 November 20 The Saga Prayer Initiative CU Travel Bureau This Weekend Crazy Larry's New Century Challenge 
1998 November 20 Swimming Sports Women swimmers win, men make strong showing 
1998 November 20 football Sports Gridders' CCIW hopes dashed 
1998 November 20 Track and field Sports Cross country teams run well at regional meet 
1998 November 20 hockey Sports Hockey team struggles against Bradley 
1998 November 20 men's basketball Sports Team searching for intangibles as season tips off 
1998 December 4 traffic violation Front Page Student charged with battery in altercation with Public Safety officer 
1998 December 4 depression and relationships Front Page Survey evaluates student emotional health 
1998 December 4 dance Front Page Student advocates change to dance policy 
1998 December 4 Christmas News Etcetera 
1998 December 4 Part 3: Christians Critique Theosophy Spotlight Open House, Open Minds 
1998 December 4 soccer Editorial Proud to be a Crusader 
1998 December 4 Chapel buddy Voices Crazy Larry 
1998 December 4 generational responsibility Letters to the Editor We must repent of our forefathers' sins 
1998 December 4 story I am a Pig Over the Hill of Ari-Lang 
1998 December 4 professional wrestling Voices View from the Soapbox: The Birth of the Masked Avenger 
1998 December 4 Insyderz, Supertones The Beat Ska Mania 98 makes a joyful noise 
1998 December 4 Women's basketball Sports Women hoopsters open CCIW season with win 
1998 December 4 Men's basketball Sports Men's basketball second at own invitational 
1998 December 4 Public safety News the Blotter 
1998 December 4 Business report News Eye on the Market 
1998 December 4 recognized for a great seasons Sports Wheaton athletes earn All-CCIW selections 
1998 December 11 Altercation with public safety Front Page Hearing panel gives Ford 30 hours of community service, revokes parking permit 
1998 December 11 head doctor Front Page Toadvine to leave health center 
1998 December 11 faculty vote Front Page Faculty approves every-course, every-time evaluation policy 
1998 December 11 Public safety News the Blotter 
1998 December 11 Model News Tabernacle returned to campus after 30-year absence 
1998 December 11 gender barriers News Students meet to discuss dating, relationships in the land of the lonely 
1998 December 11 course evaluations Editorial Just another bureaucratic regulation? 
1998 December 11 altercation with public safety Letters to the Editor Settle disputes within Christian community 
1998 December 11 altercation with public safety Letters to the Editor Altercation covered irresponsibly 
1998 December 11 uban poverty Perspectives: Faculty opinions on the Christian Faith New Directions in Urban Ministry 
1998 December 11 course evaluations Meeting The Challenge: The Voice of Student Government faculty vote 
1998 December 11 Living in the West Bank Spotlight Rescuing Bethlehem . . . from our Christmas Cards 
1998 December 11 Chicago theater CU Travel Bureau This Weekend Creating memories downtown 
1998 December 11 Dates as raisins CU Travel Bureau This Weekend Crazy Larry 
1998 December 11 WETN reviews Christmas albums The Beat Do you hear what I hear? 
1998 December 11 Movies The Beat Upcoming movie watch: Sequels, sequals and more sequels 
1998 December 11 wrestling Sports Wrestling walks away with win in first dual meet 
1998 December 11 Women's soccer Sports Women soccer players recognized with All-Regional honors 
1998 December 11 swimming Sports Women swimmers set new record, take invite 
1998 December 11 Men's basketball Sports Lights out for Wheaton opponents 
1998 December 11 Women's basketball Sports Records fall at Wheaton tourney, Women take second in rematch 
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