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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
1998 January 23 College Avenue depot Front Page Metra launches station renovation 
1998 January 23 Professor Emeritus of English Front Page Long-time prof Paul Bechtel dies at 88 
1998 January 23 Office of Minority Affairs Front Page Martin Luther King celebrated at Wheaton 
1998 January 23 Lindsell, Harold News Trustee Emeritus Harold Lindsell dies at 84 
1998 January 23 Music Theater Workshop Spotlight Backstage with the Music Theater Workshop 
1998 January 23 chapel behavior Letters to the Editor Chapel noise not joyful 
1998 January 23 McManis Lecture Series Front Page Lecture series focuses on biographies 
1998 January 23 Public safety officer Letters to the Editor A call for kindness 
1998 January 23 diversity Editorial We wouldn't satisfy King 
1998 January 23 consumption The Fly Bottle Learning to eat our words? 
1998 January 23 camping For lack of a better word A Motel 6 spring break 
1998 January 23 Prague Chamber Orchestra The Beat Artist Series: Prague Style 
1998 January 23 concert CU Travel Bureau This Weekend Audio Adrenaline with Supertones 
1998 January 23 coffee CU Travel Bureau This Weekend Staying Awake 
1998 January 23 Music review The Beat Virtuosos experiment with Invention 
1998 January 23 men's basketball Sports Wheaton skewers arch-rival IWU in OT thriller 
1998 January 23 women's basketball  Sports Women run wild in CCIW but lose to Millikin 
1998 January 30 Christian relief speaker Front Page Franklin Graham to speak at commencement 
1998 January 30 Campus food Front Page College spoils evening access plans, Sunday late-night hours vetoed; Mead cites bad press, lack of interest 
1998 January 30 African American history Etcetera Wheaton celebrates Black History Month 
1998 January 30 Public Safety News the Blotter 
1998 January 30 Zoning News City to vote on proposed intramural fields 
1998 January 30 Evangelism and Missions Information Services News Missions agency merges with BGC 
1998 January 30 Balanced Budget Agreement News Tax breaks may bring relief for students 
1998 January 30 Palmer, Amber News Intern relates experience 
1998 January 30 State of the Union News Speech impresses; scandal upsets, Students reflect on state of Clinton administration 
1998 January 30 skiing Spotlight Ski for Free or darn close to it 
1998 January 30 Chapel speaker Spotlight Proclaiming God's Faithfulness, An Interview with David Burnham 
1998 January 30 mascot If Almonds Could Speak I hate the Crusaders 
1998 January 30 Aderson Commons open  Letters to the Editor Help open SAGA at night 
1998 January 30 Opening up Anderson Commons Editorial Open it up 
1998 January 30 diversity Fly on the Wall Reflections on Dr. King's Day 
1998 January 30 Movie review The Beat Life imitates art in Levinson's Wag the Dog 
1998 January 30 Prague Chamber Orchestra The Beat Prague Orchestra, soloists dazzle at Artist Series 
1998 January 30 cafe CU Travel Bureau This Weekend Staying Awake Part II 
1998 January 30 Anthropology News Anthropology major restored after 20 years 
1998 January 30 wrestling Sports Wheaton wrests away a victory from Central 
1998 January 30 tennis Sports Sports Editorial 
1998 January 30 women's basketball Sports Women maintain ranking, improve to 6-1 
1998 January 30 Swimming Sports Wheaton laps comp at U of I 
1998 February 6 graduate in bookstore Front Page Incident prompts inquiry 
1998 February 6 late night spot Front Page Students vote to open Anderson Commons 
1998 February 6 winter retreat Front Page Nagging debts plague class: Sophomores strive to recoup retreat costs 
1998 February 6 evangelicalism News Noll to teach at Harvard 
1998 February 6 Public Safety News the Blotter 
1998 February 6 Dr. Charles Lowe Etcetera Billy Graham Center names 1997-98 Missionary Scholar in Residence 
1998 February 6 Wheaton property Etcetera City Council approves intramural fields 
1998 February 6 College President News Litfin bounces back from knee surgery 
1998 February 6 Let the Nations be Glad News Piper to draw MIF attendees to worship 
1998 February 6 The Second City and Renaissance Hotel Spotlight February Formal promising great things 
1998 February 6 Skiing Spotlight Ski for Free, Part II: A Colorado spring break doesn't have to break your budget 
1998 February 6 four years at Wheaton The Fly Bottle A train of thought 
1998 February 6 late hours dining hall Editorials The students speak 
1998 February 6 bookstore incident Editorials Our larger problem 
1998 February 6 diversity Letters to the Editor Record message inconsistent 
1998 February 6 offensive quotable Letters to the Editor Quote more than disgusts 
1998 February 6 answering machines For lack of a better word Speak after the tone 
1998 February 6 Movie review The Beat Great Expectations, 90s-Style: Cuaron offers moving adaptation of classic 
1998 February 6 Honduras Project The Beat Barrows to Rock for Honduras 
1998 February 6 City entertainment CU Travel Bureau This Weekend Partake of Chicago's Nightlife: What to do with the rest of your evening 
1998 February 6 Album review The Beat Penn Resigned to genius 
1998 February 6 women's basketball Sports Crusaders poleax Carthage in defensive battle 
1998 February 6 men's basketball Sports Men win latest three games in conference, improve to 10-8 
1998 February 20 graduate in bookstore Front Page Statement on alleged racial incident postponed 
1998 February 20 Jonathan Nelson, Rebecca Sutton, Kevin Elliott, Mary Noll Front Page Four named Pew fellows 
1998 February 20 The New Century Challenge Front Page Surplus to fund campus projects 
1998 February 20 Office of Minority Affairs News African-American heritage celebrated 
1998 February 20 Public Safety News the Blotter 
1998 February 20 Winter Concert Etcetera Symphony Orchestra to brighten winter with "Story in Music" 
1998 February 20 Conservatory Etcetera Church Pianists' Institute schedules first conference 
1998 February 20 Arena Theater Etcetera Arena Theater ensemble to perform Chekov's The Sneeze 
1998 February 20 Grad school and maturity Spotlight Growing UP through graduate school 
1998 February 20 dumb principles If Almonds Could Speak Hung up by the cords 
1998 February 20 death penalty Fly on the Wall Life: a beautiful choice 
1998 February 20 Wheaton community Editor's Notebook The State of Things 
1998 February 20 Movie review The Beat Duvall's Apostle raises questions of faith 
1998 February 20 women's basketball Sports Women win 3 of last 5 
1998 February 20 Swimming Sports Crusaders drown conference competition 
1998 February 20 Men's basketball Sports Men on 2-game skid, 6-5 in CCIW 
1998 February 27 Bookstore and Public Safety Front Page College apologize for incident 
1998 February 27 New hours Front Page College to open Anderson at nights on trial basis 
1998 February 27 Public Safety News the Blotter 
1998 February 27 Dr. John Mearsheimer Etcetera UC Professor to Give Lecture on U.S. Policy toward Bosnia 
1998 February 27 New chief News Jenkins named Public Safety chief 
1998 February 27 Amstutz, Mark News LeRoy appointed to poli sci chair 
1998 February 27 graduate school News Master's in archaeology to be offered this fall 
1998 February 27 CACE News Communications seminar to feature TV writers 
1998 February 27 Johnson, Alan F.  News Chase named to CACE post 
1998 February 27 Jim Young Spotlight 25 Years of Arena Theater 
1998 February 27 Bookstore incident Editorial Apology is past due 
1998 February 27 Mascot, Crusaders Letters to the Editor Let's go nameless 
1998 February 27 Extended hours Letters to the Editor Keep Anderson closed 
1998 February 27 suspicious Protestants The Fly Bottle Calvin the suspicious 
1998 February 27 Speeding For lack of a better word License and registration 
1998 February 27 David Wilcox The Beat It's almost time . . .  
1998 February 27 CU concert CU Travel Bureau This Weekend Caedmon's Call, Sixpence None the Richer in concert 
1998 February 27 Peter Case The Beat Case impresses with Full Service No Waiting 
1998 February 27 Student special events The Beat Great expectations met: A look back at the February Formal 
1998 February 27 Student Government proposal News Pre-law program gains support 
1998 February 27 Earthkeepers News Recycling program started 
1998 February 27 women's basketball Sports Women maul IWU 62-47 
1998 February 27 men's basketball Sports Men robbed in double OT by North Central 
1998 March 20 increase tuition Front Page Student costs set to undergo 4% hike 
1998 March 20 student election Front Page SG Campaign '98 Presidential and Vice-Presidential Platforms 
1998 March 20 bookstore incident Etcetera Reconciliation continues between the college and Lincoln Douglas 
1998 March 20 Dr. Amy Hollywood Etcetera Second McManis Lecture features professor from Dartmouth College 
1998 March 20 The Artist Series Etcetera London Brass to perform 
1998 March 20 Nielson, Hubbard, and Lindsay News New members appointed to trustee board 
1998 March 20 Revival News Campus recalls revival of '95 
1998 March 20 official visit News Board of visitors tours campus 
1998 March 20 Public Safety News the Blotter 
1998 March 20 long-distance calls News Hello, operator? 
1998 March 20 copy machines News School buys new copiers for Buswell 
1998 March 20 Christian music Spotlight out of tune: A former employee of True Tunes reflects on the store's final days 
1998 March 20 Graham's public address Editorial Prayer not persecution 
1998 March 20 Offensive Quotable Letters to the Editor Special needs require sensitivity 
1998 March 20 hierarchy of chapels Letters to the Editor God can speak at any chapel 
1998 March 20 diversity Fly on the Wall It shouldn't be that shocking! 
1998 March 20 church complaints If Almonds Could Speak The long green couch 
1998 March 20 The Man in the Iron Mask The Beat More to the movie than the man in the mask 
1998 March 20 Cinema review The Beat Theaters of the Future: Multiplex offers 30 screens of excitement and value 
1998 March 20 Chicago baseball CU Travel Bureau This Weekend Take me out to the ballgame 
1998 March 20 the track Sports Notes from the Field 
1998 March 20 men's basketball Sports Hoopsters wait until next year 
1998 March 20 Softball, baseball, tennis Sports Success springs eternal 
1998 March 27 Shannon Lucid Front Page Astronaut Lucis visits campus 
1998 March 27 minority professors Front Page College recruits minority faculty 
1998 March 27 Student Government Front Page Cowles, Kelly take top spots in tight race: Controversy over campaign-spending limits plagues election 
1998 March 27 Public Safety News the Blotter 
1998 March 27 bookstore incident News Douglas meets with Public Safety 
1998 March 27 Heidi Chase Etcetera College appoints director of foundations and corporate relations 
1998 March 27 professional development News New programs added to encourage faculty 
1998 March 27 internet resources News Reserve readings heading online 
1998 March 27 shelter experience Spotlight Homeless on the Homefront 
1998 March 27 Brooks, Gwendolyn Spotlight "delicious Agony" 
1998 March 27 chapel choices Letters to the Editor God is not confined to chapel 
1998 March 27 desensitized Letters to the Editor Flee film's manipulation 
1998 March 27 Student Government Editorial Greater expectations 
1998 March 27 Music history For lack of a better word It's still rock and roll to me 
1998 March 27 Hindus and Christians on Human Destiny The Fly Bottle Caffeinated Karma? 
1998 March 27 David Wilcox The Beat Six strings and the heart 
1998 March 27 Andrew Lloyd Webber CU Travel Bureau This Weekend The Phantom of the Opera 
1998 March 27 band review CU Travel Bureau This Weekend Clear goes unplugged 
1998 March 27 Softball Sports Softball team takes two from Trinity at home 
1998 March 27 Women's basketball Sports Women cagers do The Dance, finish 19-7 
1998 March 27 men's basketball Sports Wheaton slams Judson in double header 
1998 April 1 Wheaton college swim team Front Page College announces plans to change mascot, Litfin addresses 'big-ticket item' 
1998 April 1 C.S. Lewis Front Page Final Resting Place? 
1998 April 1 future crime Unrepresentative the Prophetic Blotter  
1998 April 1 Late Anderson hours Tasteless SAGA-boy speaks out 
1998 April 1 email Unrepresentative David computer system crashes 
1998 April 1 categories Tasteless New chapel rating system announced 
1998 April 1 Buswell Library Sensationalistic Shelving unit attacks student 
1998 April 1 Quotables Letters to the Editor Quotes shock, offend, sadden, mutilate, distress, peeve, anger, disturb, violate, torment, grieve, trouble and enrage 
1998 April 3 Lack of candidates Front Page Uncompetitive election offers few suprises. Senior class left without president; two class rep slots still vacant 
1998 April 3 American Psychological Association Front Page Psych department to be reviewed 
1998 April 3 Student Government Front Page Diversity fair unites campus organizations 
1998 April 3 Public Safety News the Blotter 
1998 April 3 silver anniversary Etcetera Wheaton College Percussion Ensemble has kept the beat for 25 years 
1998 April 3 Omar Khin Etcetera Amnesty hosts political refugee as speaker 
1998 April 3 NASA Spotlight Down to Earth: Shannon Lucid shares about her life beyond space 
1998 April 3 Town Hall Fly on the Wall Whither democracy?  
1998 April 3 beautiful people If Almonds Could Speak Am I spectacular? 
1998 April 3 New Century Challenge Editorial Bricks, mortar, feedback 
1998 April 3 election controversy Letters to the Editor The truth about SG elections 
1998 April 3 Wheaton band News Kepano Green returns with a good buy 
1998 April 3 Spring outings CU Travel Bureau This Weekend Spring forward 
1998 April 3 college basketball Sports Students overcome by March Madness 
1998 April 3 track and field Sports Team effort wins invite 
1998 April 3 lacrosse Sports Lacrosse sticks it to Indiana University 
1998 April 17 internet access Front Page Dorms set to go online fall semester: Computing services enacts "port-per-pillow" accessibility policy 
1998 April 17 reimbursement Front Page Honey Rock staffers receive back pay 
1998 April 17 Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood Front Page CBMW launches Wheaton chapter 
1998 April 17 Environment News Earthkeepers urge Earth Week participation 
1998 April 17 City of Wheaton News National homeless problem hits home 
1998 April 17 Bulifant, Cunningham, Tarr Etcetera Students compete in J.B. Cook Oratorical Contest 
1998 April 17 Returning Theology to the Masses Etcetera Annual theology conference explores C.S. Lewis' influence 
1998 April 17 All My Sons Etcetera Arena Theater's spring production is tragic Arthur Miller play 
1998 April 17 performance Etcetera Gospel Choir to perform "Delivered!" 
1998 April 17 Music of the Cosmos Etcetera Symphony Orchestra's spring concert to reach new heights 
1998 April 17 John Stott Spotlight A strange kind of radical 
1998 April 17 Percussion Ensemble Spotlight Passing the Test of Time: The Wheaton College Percussion Ensemble celebrates 25 years of unorthodox performance 
1998 April 17 faculty salary Editorial Payback time 
1998 April 17 pro-life Letters to the Editor Clinic visiter: Abortion is still a big issue 
1998 April 17 Daylight savings For lack of a better word Spring forward 
1998 April 17 Claire Holley The Beat Alum to bring new songs to Coffeehouse 
1998 April 17 Album review The Beat Harrod and Funck float Downstream 
1998 April 17 Summer in Chicago CU Travel Bureau This Weekend Hot times for a summer in the city 
1998 April 17 Office of Minority Affairs News Asian Pacific heritage month kicks off 
1998 April 17 Summer ministries News Ministry finances on target 
1998 April 17 Billy Graham Center Museum News Sacred arts exhibit opens 
1998 April 17 foundations of politics class News LeRoy founds new Athens 
1998 April 17 baseball Sports Baseball ends skid, splits doubleheader 
1998 April 17 lacrosse Sports Lacrosse earns Pyrrhic victory 
1998 April 24 party and drugs Front Page Drugs seized at college apartment 
1998 April 24 chapel opinions Front Page Students concerned with chapel content: Survey gauges worship priorities 
1998 April 24 homeless ministry News Student ministries offer helping heart 
1998 April 24 Wheaton Theology Conference News Conference remembers Lewis 
1998 April 24 late night in SAGA News Anderson evening access shut down 
1998 April 24 Ho Chung Yeh Etcetera Wheaton College Wind Ensemble spring concert features renown Chinese conductor 
1998 April 24 Choral Union Etcetera West Suburban Choral Union to present Dvorak Requiem 
1998 April 24 Film Forum magazine Spotlight It's a Mag, baby! 
1998 April 24 Marilyn Brenner Spotlight "More heart than head" 
1998 April 24 CBE welcomes CBMW Letters to the Editor Gender group welcomed 
1998 April 24 Dating and Marriage flyer Letters to the Editor Women need more than marriage 
1998 April 24 financial status Editorials A two-class campus 
1998 April 24 Honey Rock Fly on the Wall The Northwoods jungle 
1998 April 24 overstimulation If Almonds Could Speak Do you read the signs? 
1998 April 24 City of Angels The Beat Angels brings desirable message 
1998 April 24 Track and field Sports Tracksters run away with Hodges Invitational 
1998 April 24 Men's soccer Sports Soccer players honored 
1998 April 24 golf Sports Clubbing the competition 
1998 April 24 lacrosse Sports Team ends winning season 
1998 May 1 Year in Review Special insert The Ten Most Memorable Stories of the Year 
1998 May 1 graduate school Front Page Stamoolis resigns as grad shool dean 
1998 May 1 College Avenue apartment Front Page Details emerge about apartment drug arrest 
1998 May 1 Public Safety News the Blotter 
1998 May 1 homeless ministry News Helping homeless get back on their feet 
1998 May 1 school loans, tuition News College struggles to decrease debts 
1998 May 1 Graduate school News Grad comm profs look forward to future 
1998 May 1 Write-to-Publish Conference Etcetera Summer Conference brings publishers and writers to campus 
1998 May 1 Doctor of Psychology Etcetera Wheaton College to graduate its first doctors in clinical psychology 
1998 May 1 Conservatory Etcetera Festival of Faith features performance on 18th-century violin 
1998 May 1 faculty News Long-time, well-liked profs retiring 
1998 May 1 Waterman, Carla News Waterman resigns after five years of teaching 
1998 May 1 Producing The Record Editorial Volume 123 
1998 May 1 staff and faculty Letters to the Editor Salaries not that bad 
1998 May 1 Divorce rate Letters to the Editor Myth vs. reality 
1998 May 1 Egalitarian, complementarian Letters to the Editor What's the difference? 
1998 May 1 Music review The Beat Live album showcases Kepano Green's talent 
1998 May 1 sophomore class News SG helps alleviate debt 
1998 May 1 Honey Rock News Honey Rock Camp desperately seeking staff 
1998 May 1 Honey Rock News Robert E. Ribbe, Associate Director of Honey Rock Camp 
1998 May 1 Telephone Services News Kee to leave telephone services manager post 
1998 May 1 Professor Emeritus of philosophy  News Holmes receives award 
1998 May 1 Softball Sports Softball takes two, earns CCIW tourney spot 
1998 May 1 Baseball Sports Baseball team on six-game slide: Drops conference doubleheaders to Elmhurst Carthage 
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