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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
1996 December 13 Internet in student housing Front page Web access coming to dorms 
1996 December 13 Digital editing system Front page Video editing goes high-tech 
1996 December 13 Board of Trustees News Tusted to Lead 
1996 December 13 Student life News Computer agreement deadline extended 
1996 December 13 Music review Weekend Guide Death was the color of her ideology 
1996 December 13 The Theosophical Society Spotlight Higher Up & Further In: unearthing the Theosophical Society 
1996 December 13 Christmas Voices Our Christmas list 
1996 December 13 Lee Powell Voices Goodbye, Lee 
1996 December 13 Christmas Letters Politically correct Christmas 
1996 December 13 Fan support Letters Team spirit is on the decline 
1996 December 13 Haiti Laocoon's Altar The island of my heart (one last tree) 
1996 December 13 Student life Triplecropping How we got our dog 
1996 December 13 Television review The Beat Catch up with TV's best over the holidays 
1996 December 13 Christmas Showbiz "The Fun Family Christmas Activities List" 
1996 December 13 Football Wacky on the Junk Bowls, bowls, bowls 
1996 December 13 Women's basketball Sports Women's hoops improve to 8-0 
1996 December 13 Swimming Sports Swim teams place third in Wheaton Invite 
1996 December 13 Men's basketball Sports Crusaders shake off loss to UC, win three in a row 
1996 December 6 Parking tickets Front page Employees owe $800 in unpaid parking fines 
1996 December 6 Telephone scams Front page Students warned against costly calls 
1996 December 6 Freshmen class News Freshmen seek new experience 
1996 December 6 Campus life News etc. 
1996 December 6 Internet News The future at our fingertips 
1996 December 6 Pathfinders club Spotlight Pure adrenaline freefall 
1996 December 6 Diversity Spotlight Roping in the minority 
1996 December 6 Generation X Views and reviews Air Force chapels offer Gen X model 
1996 December 6 Generation X Views and reviews Gen Xers are caught in a tangled web 
1996 December 6 Wheaton men Editorial The other half 
1996 December 6 Thanks Letters Thanks for being honest 
1996 December 6 Lucky Charms Letters Bring back the Lucky Charms! 
1996 December 6 Culture 99 Lead Balloons Notes on pop culture 
1996 December 6 Christmas Taken out of Context Deck the halls 
1996 December 6 Winter activities Weekend Guide That's snow fun 
1996 December 6 Christmas Weekend Guide 18 shopping days left till Christmas 
1996 December 6 Movie review The Beat First contact is first-rate Trek 
1996 December 6 Movie review The Beat Modern dating good for laughs in Swingers 
1996 December 6 Life Marcel's Fountain Coming to grips with being a crustacean 
1996 December 6 NFL Wacky on the Junk Leave the Irish alone 
1996 December 6 Movies Radiofree Tinseltown Harry's cinematic snowflake canon 
1996 December 6 Basketball Sports Women off to perfect 6-0; men lose to UC 
1996 December 6 Swimming Sports The last shall be first--swimming defeats DePauw 
1996 November 22 Wheaton women Front page Seminar to address women's goals 
1996 November 22 Parking Front page Input sought on parking rules 
1996 November 22 Ten Thousand Villages sale News Craft sale benefits Third-World poor 
1996 November 22 Theatre Spotlight Dynamic Duo: Emotion in Motion 
1996 November 22 Campus issues Editorial Access denied...still 
1996 November 22 Student life Letters Last week's letters oversimplified the problems 
1996 November 22 Technology Letters Technology needs to be addressed 
1996 November 22 Cats Laocon's Altar Women who steals cats 
1996 November 22 Women Triplecropping and the other terrors 
1996 November 22 Music review Weekend Guide Sixpence None the Richer plays True Tunes Saturday 
1996 November 22 Entertainment Showbiz Gibson garners gushing 
1996 November 22 Movie review An all-'night'er Boisterous Twelfth Night highlights the Bard's wit 
1996 November 22 Movie review An all-'night'er Big Night won't fill audience appetites 
1996 November 22 Movie review An all-'night'er Mother Night delves into mankind's duplicity 
1996 November 22 World Cup Soccer The Edge of Things Sudden death is the way to go 
1996 November 22 Football Sports Wheaton flies by Cardinals, 30-19 
1996 November 22 Swimming Sports Swimming off to a quick start 
1996 November 22 Soccer Sports Crusaders' season ends prematurely once again 
1996 November 15 Student life Front page GPAs continue to rise, report shows 
1996 November 15 Abortions Front page Voice for Life remembers the unborn 
1996 November 15 Bookstore Front page College opens book on bookstore contractor 
1996 November 15 Mark Talbot News Talbot receives positive prognosis 
1996 November 15 Campus dining News Flavorful and favorable? 
1996 November 15 Wheaton men Spotlight Dispelling the Myth: Wheaton men answer back 
1996 November 15 Devotion Spotlight At a Foreign Altar: Orange Julius Offerings Bring Enlightenment 
1996 November 15 Glory to God Guest Faculty Column The Glory in the Explained 
1996 November 15 Music review Weekend Guide Whipple Tree Band plays Upstairs tonight 
1996 November 15 Music Weekend Guide The Death Holes perform Saturday 
1996 November 15 Wheaton College Editorial Let's be honest 
1996 November 15 Abortion Letters The challenge behind 4,000 crosses 
1996 November 15 Wheaton women From the files... The state of womanhood at Wheaton 
1996 November 15 Student life Taken out of Context One wish 
1996 November 15 Generation X Views and reviews Rocking to a hopeless alternative 
1996 November 15 Generation X Views and reviews The Boomer Bankruptcy: Inheriting a moral and monetary mess 
1996 November 15 Movie reviews The beat Movies to rent when you've seen everything else 
1996 November 15 3-D movies The Beat IMAX 3-D films are little more than novelty 
1996 November 15 Start Trek Showbiz New Trek Film bodes well for borg fans 
1996 November 15 Music review Showbiz Bradshaw's CD bodes well for masochists 
1996 November 15 Reading Radiofree Pianosa Yossarian lives! 
1996 November 15 Sports Wacky on Scooby Snacks The Sports news barrage 
1996 November 15 Volleyball Sports Volleyball places fifth in CCIW tournament 
1996 November 15 Cross country Sports 1996 cross country season concludes 
1996 November 15 Football Sports Crusaders overwhelm North Park 55-0 
1996 November 15 Soccer Sports Dominguez's goal keep Crusaders unbeaten 
1996 November 8 Election Day Front page Campus rocked (to sleep) by Election Day 
1996 November 8 Dan Coats Front page Coats urges faithful political action 
1996 November 8 Wheaton's investment in tobacco Front page Profs question tobacco holdings 
1996 November 8 Property News College buys Scripture Press land 
1996 November 8 Adrienne Acomb Spotlight A different kind of hero: Providing Refuge 
1996 November 8 Dr. Roger Kennett Spotlight "Christian" Scientists: here's to the new chair 
1996 November 8 Cosley Animal Farm Weekend Guide Wheaton's unusual animals 
1996 November 8 Emily Lodine Weekend Guide Lodine to perform at College Church 
1996 November 8 Technology Editorial Stuck in the stone age 
1996 November 8 Politics on campus Letters Pummeling partisan politics 
1996 November 8 Christ Laocoon's Altar The eyes of Christ 
1996 November 8 Working in a refugee camp Triplecropping The other side of sorrow 
1996 November 8 Death penalty Views and reviews Killing the death penalty: God's law & U.S. law 
1996 November 8 Christianity and politics Views and reviews Fletcher fans flickering political fires 
1996 November 8 Christianity and politics Views and reviews Campus leaders speak out about politics 
1996 November 8 Lex Rex (The Law and the Prince) Views and reviews 1644 Scottish book offers political insights for today 
1996 November 8 Generation X Views and reviews Turning 'Gen X' into the Generation of the Cross 
1996 November 8 Shakespeare The Beat Whose line is it, anyway? 
1996 November 8 Popular culture Showbiz Showbiz gets acronym fever (SGAF) 
1996 November 8 Arena Theater The Beat Arena Theater opens 'superb' Twelfth Night 
1996 November 8 Sports Wacky on the Junk Enough with the Darlings 
1996 November 8 Women's volleyball Sports Women's volleyball wins 3 of 4 
1996 November 8 Hockey Sports Hockey crunched 9-2 
1996 November 8 Women's soccer Sports Women's soccer snubbed by NCAA 
1996 November 8 Football Sports Offense rebounds in 40-6 win over Carthage 
1996 November 8 Soccer Sports Crusaders inch closer to playoffs 
1996 November 1 Health education Front page Student responses prompt health education 
1996 November 1 Student life Front page Dual Midnight Madnesses draw crowds 
1996 November 1 College Church News College Church mulls over expansion 
1996 November 1 Campus life News etc. 
1996 November 1 Election News Candidates speak to student concerns 
1996 November 1 Government Front page Profs promote student party participation 
1996 November 1 Student life Spotlight The Secret of the dough 
1996 November 1 Dr. Doug Mains Views and Reviews The main issues 
1996 November 1 Dennis Hastert Views and reviews Football, faith and Cpitol Hill 
1996 November 1 Peter Roskam Views and reviews Representing Wheaton: Rep. Roskam speaks out 
1996 November 1 Student government Editorial Access denied 
1996 November 1 Music reviews Letters Give PFR a fair review 
1996 November 1 Voting Letters Whose Kingdom has our allegiance? 
1996 November 1 Metaphysical speculation 99 Lead Balloons The principles of lust 
1996 November 1 Election Taken out of Context Not business as usual 
1996 November 1 Music review The Beat Looking for Richard finds Shakespeare's richness 
1996 November 1 Theatre Radiofree Denmark To be or not to be (able to win free tickets) 
1996 November 1 Entertainment reviews Showbiz 'We are (yawn) being eaten alive' 
1996 November 1 Professional Sports Wacky on the Junk Why not just stay in college? 
1996 November 1 Hockey Sports Hockey team jackhammered in opener 
1996 November 1 Cross country Sports Augustana and North Central win CCIW meet 
1996 November 1 Women's soccer Sports Women's soccer battles to a tie 
1996 November 1 Football Sports Titans victorious in clash with Crusaders 
1996 November 1 Soccer Sports 'Adversity week' follows 2-0-1 performance 
1996 October 25 Bill McCartney Front page McCartney tackles racial reconciliation 
1996 October 25 A Family Faire Front page Family weekend goes medieval 
1996 October 25 Student life Front page But student attendance low 
1996 October 25 Student Development Office News Office funding materializes 
1996 October 25 Volleyball Spotlight License to Kill 
1996 October 25 Hope Laocoon's Altar Coming to grips with being human 
1996 October 25 Greatness Triplecropping On greatness 
1996 October 25 Politics Views and Reviews Blowing smoke 
1996 October 25 Christians and politics Views and reviews No devil's toy: reclaiming politics for Christ 
1996 October 25 Separation of Church and State Views and reviews A separation from sanity? 
1996 October 25 Movie review The Beat Get on the Bus displays Spike Lee's range 
1996 October 25 Comedy The Albatross Oh, the irony 
1996 October 25 Brookfield Zoo Weekend Guide Zoo-Ropa 
1996 October 25 Sports Sports Sports Scores 
1996 October 25 Philosophy Conference Weekend Guide A timely confession 
1996 October 4 Office remodeling Front page Office renovation funding slashed 
1996 October 4 Shannon W. Lucid Front page Former student returns to earth 
1996 October 4 Jim Wallis Front page Author seeks 'new kind of politics' 
1996 October 4 New e-mail addresses News 
1996 October 4 Campus life News etc. 
1996 October 4 Diversity News Minority enrollment down by a quarter 
1996 October 4 Homelessness News Welfare reforem hits home for DuPage's P.A.D.S. 
1996 October 4 Contribution to New Student Center News Seniors decide on gift 
1996 October 4 Jill Briscoe Spotlight Not just another chapel speaker: the real woman 
1996 October 4 Cmapus life Spotlight Shattered Dream inside the ivory tower 
1996 October 4 Guide to local coffee shops Weekend Guide A stimulating toast 
1996 October 4 Theater Weekend Guide Arena Theater season tickets on sale Oct. 7 
1996 October 4 Club fund Editorial Start from scratch 
1996 October 4 Hope Ritchie Letters Hope's remembrance is incomplete 
1996 October 4 Headline Letters Record headline could be misleading 
1996 October 4 Coach Bean Letters Bean is right about unruly fans 
1996 October 4 Life Laocoon's Altar Reverence for life 
1996 October 4 Tolerance Triplecropping On tolerance 
1996 October 4 Bob Dole Views and reviews Bob Dole is not the Messiah 
1996 October 4 Christianity and Politics Views and reviews Should Christians be in politics? 
1996 October 4 Music review The Beat Over the Rhine's Good Dog is fetching 
1996 October 4 Movie review The Beat That Thing You Do is peppy but soulless 
1996 October 4 Movie review The Beat Extreme Measures lacks the nerve to be confrontational 
1996 October 4 The Albatross The Beat A good amanuensis is hard to find 
1996 October 4 Sports memorabilia Wacky on the Junk Laugh where laughter is due 
1996 October 4 Cross country Sports Crusaders excel at Carthage Invite 
1996 October 4 Soccer Sports Soccer now sixth in nation 
1996 October 4 Women's soccer Sports Women's soccer hits rocky road 
1996 October 4 Women's Tennis and Volleyball Sports Sports Highlights 
1996 September 27 Dancing on campus Front page Dance policy in limbo 
1996 September 27 New Era Philanthropy Front page New Era losses to be recovered 
1996 September 27 Student government News SG votes to renovate office using club funds 
1996 September 27 Campus life News etc. 
1996 September 27 Dr. Harold Best News Time for a new song: Harold Best to retire after 27 years as dean of the Conservatory 
1996 September 27 Hope Ritchie News Hope Ritchie 1977-1996 
1996 September 27 Student travel Spotlight Around the World 
1996 September 27 Student travel Spotlight The Missionary Graveyard 
1996 September 27 Student travel Spotlight Midnight Ride & A Morphine Cruise 
1996 September 27 Music review Weekend Guide PFR farewell tour ends in Edman 
1996 September 27 New Borders bookstore Weekend Guide Attention, book lovers! 
1996 September 27 Music review Weekend Guide Andre Previn opens Artist Series Oct. 1 
1996 September 27 Hope Ritchie Editorial A tough decision 
1996 September 27 Homosexuality Letters Our hearts must stay open toward homosexuals 
1996 September 27 Homosexuality Letters Accepting others' sin is not a truly loving response 
1996 September 27 Denominational diversity at Wheaton 99 Lead Balloons Wheaton College: anti-churched or unchurched 
1996 September 27 Gender roles Taken out of Context The mysterious workings of automobiles 
1996 September 27 John Cotton Views and reviews Cotton's Keyes looks at church government 
1996 September 27 Denominationalism Views and reviews This is my creed 
1996 September 27 Christianity and Politics Views and reviews Up next: Law and Politics 
1996 September 27 Film review The Beat Back on the big screen 
1996 September 27 Entertainment Showbiz Never mind the bollards, here's Kodon! 
1996 September 27 The Albatross The Beat One strange bird 
1996 September 27 Fiddler on the Roof Radiofree Anatevka If I were a milkman 
1996 September 27 Pro athletes Wacky on the Junk And this week's goat is... 
1996 September 27 Women's Volleyball and Tennis Sports Sports Highlights 
1996 September 27 Men's soccer Sports Bean upset by fan conduct 
1996 September 27 Soccer Sports Crusaders one up on the Bears, for now 
1996 September 27 Football Sports Hardy leads Crusaders past Aurora Spartans 
1996 September 20 Welfare debate Front page Primus makes first public appearance 
1996 December 13 Comics and Humor Time Out! Dilbert and Bollards Around the World 
1996 December 6 Comics and Humor Time Out Dilbert and Bollards Around the World 
1996 November 22 Comics and Humor Time Out! Dilbert and Bollards Around the World 
1996 November 15 Comics and Humor Time Out! Dilbert and Bollards Around the World 
1996 November 8 Comics and Humor Time Out! Dilbert and Bollards Around the World 
1996 November 1 Comics and Humor Time Out! Dilbert and Bollards Around the World 
1996 October 25 Comics and Humor Time Out! Dilbert and Bollards Around the World 
1996 October 4 Comics and Humor Time Out! Dilbert and Bollards Around the World 
1996 September 27 Comics and Humor Time Out! Dilbert and Bollards Around the World 
1996 September 20 Student government Front page Write-ins win freshman vote 
1996 September 20 College rankings News Money ranks Wheaton as best buy 
1996 September 20 Gender equality News Gender equality group reborn 
1996 September 20 Campus life News etc. 
1996 September 20 Class of 2000's first three weeks Spotlight Ice Cream & Orange Dust 
1996 September 20 College rankings Editorial Rankings overrated 
1996 September 20 Denominationalism Letters Views and reviews responses 
1996 September 20 Homosexuality Laocoon's Altar Coming to grips with homosexuality 
1996 September 20 Freshmen and transfers Triplecropping In honor of new faces and new places 
1996 September 20 Denominationalism Views and reviews Alphabet Soup: Are UMC, PCUSA, ELCA, ECUSA and others obscuring Christ? 
1996 September 20 Denominationalism Views and reviews Denominational Loyalty, Evangelical Loyalty, Christian Loyalty: Four Theses 
1996 September 20 Fermilab Weekend Guide Fermilab unites arts and sciences 
1996 September 20 Museum of Contemporary Art Weekend Guide Tired of regular museums? 
1996 September 20 Soundtrack reviews The Beat The Sound of Movies 
1996 September 20 Music review The Beat R.E.M. and Stipey's New Adventures 
1996 September 20 Entertainment Showbiz Lite! Um, this one time, when I was getting my hair cut... 
1996 September 20 Comics and Humor Time Out! Dilbert and Bollards Around the World 
1996 September 20 Sportscasting Wacky on the Junk Help, I've been Dierdorfed 
1996 September 20 Volleyball Sports Volleyball team sunk by U.S. Coast Guard Academy 
1996 September 20 Cross Country Sports CC team runs at North Central Invitational 
1996 September 20 Soccer Sports Crusaders down the Eagles 
1996 September 20 Football Sports Crusaders take the sting out of the Hornets 
1996 September 20 Women's soccer Sports Two wins away from a record 
1996 September 13 Campus dining hall Front page Anderson may allow bookbags again 
1996 September 13 Dorm renovation Front page Smith renovated, but new entrance held off 
1996 September 13 Dr. Quentin Schultze News Lecture confronts digital revolution 
1996 September 13 Campus life News etc. 
1996 September 13 WEtN-TV News New cable station takes to the air 
1996 September 13 Voting News Registration could be problematic 
1996 September 13 Food service staff Spotlight Making it Happen Behind closed kitchen doors 
1996 September 13 Edgar Degas Weekend Guide Degas exhibit comes to Chicago 
1996 September 13 Biking Weekend Guide Wheaton's Bike Trails 
1996 September 13 Food service Editorial Merci, Bon Appetit 
1996 September 13 Chapel Editorial Praise chapels too rare 
1996 September 13 Religion 99 Lead Balloons Quiet times for catechisms 
1996 September 13 Words Taken out of Context *Reading this column might be mind-altering 
1996 September 13 Unity Views and reviews Changing attitudes, one person at a time 
1996 September 13 The Church Views and reviews Engaged to Christ 
1996 September 13 Unity Views and reviews One mission, lost in disunity 
1996 September 13 Emmy Awards The Beat Emmys '96 First-time NBC winners dominate 
1996 September 13 Movie review Radiofree Saturn Se7en: The incarnation of evil 
1996 September 13 Movie review The Lead Pendulum Gloria Patri 
1996 September 13 Music Showbiz Wipe out crowd-surfing; I'm not Gary 
1996 September 13 Comics and Humor Time Out! Dilbert and Bollards Around the World 
1996 September 13 Men's soccer Sports Tiger hunt a slim success 
1996 September 13 Women's Volleyball and Tennis Sports Sports Highlights 
1996 September 13 Cross Country Sports Running strong Women's CC team wins Elmhurst Invitational 
1996 September 13 Football Sports Crusaders now the marked men of the CCIW 
1996 September 13 Women's soccer Sports Perfect 3-0 start for Felske 
1996 September 6 Dr. Stanton L. Jones Front page Provost shares his vision for post 
1996 September 6 New cook Front page Food service change cooks up contention 
1996 September 6 Fountain Front page Fountain regains its youth 
1996 September 6 Student activities News Kasten casts off for Kentucky 
1996 September 6 Campus life News etc. 
1996 September 6 Chaplain Stephen Kellough Spotlight Kellough Unplugged The man behind the pulpit 
1996 September 6 Art exhibit Weekend Guide "Life of Christ" series returns to BGC Museum 
1996 September 6 Penn and Teller Weekend Guide Penn and Teller coming to COD's Art Center 
1996 September 6 Artists Series Weekend Guide Artist Series tickets on sale 
1996 September 6 Film Center Weekend Guide The Art Institute's Film Center features Sci-Fi/Horror lineup 
1996 September 6 Denominationalism Views and reviews Welcome to Views & Reviews 
1996 September 6 Denominationalism Views & Reviews why should denominationalism concern us? 
1996 September 6 Opinions Editorial We want you 
1996 September 6 Student travel Laocoon's Altar Finding Jesus in a Jerusalem cemetery, or, look out below! 
1996 September 6 Student life Triplecropping Earthsubduers unite! 
1996 September 6 Movie reviews The Beat Sizzle returns to summer cinema 
1996 September 6 Student dining Showbiz Bad service shrinks my Appetit; heroin kills 
1996 September 6 Comics and Humor Time Out! Dilbert and Bollards Around the World 
1996 September 6 Soccer Sports Bean brimming with optimism 
1996 September 6 Olympics Sports The Olympic dream: sold to the highest bidder 
1996 August 30 Freshmen Front page Freshmen Firsts: incoming class breaks records 
1996 August 30 Student life News The freshmen's guide to the galaxy 
1996 August 30 Student government News A Welcome from Student Government 
1996 August 30 Campus life Editorial Wheaton's great expectations 
1996 August 30 Wheaton secrets News Inside information: the reliable, trustworthy Record staff exposes Wheaton's most obscure secrets 
1996 August 30 Wheaton News Time Out: a Wheaton weekend guide 
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