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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
1996 April 26 Dancing on campus Front page Dance policy taking slow steps 
1996 April 26 Commencement Front page Commencement festivities slated 
1996 April 26 New area code Front page 630 area code begins Aug. 3 
1996 April 26 World news News World news 
1996 April 26 Acceptance rate News Admission selectivity hits all-time high 
1996 April 26 Racism News Gospel holds key to stopping white racism 
1996 April 26 Theology conference News Conference tackles race and theology 
1996 April 26 Student religion Feature Uncommon Denominations: the many faces of Evangelicalism 
1996 April 26 Dr. David Johnston Editorial Person of the year 
1996 April 26 Matt Meyers Below the Hard Deck Matty go bye-bye 
1996 April 26 Movie review response Letters Film failed to redeem 
1996 April 26 Congratulations  News Leaving behind a Legacy 
1996 April 26 Ashley Woodiwiss News Learning to Exhale 
1996 April 26 J.R. Bishop News First-Class Coach 
1996 April 26 Employment News Help wanted 
1996 April 26 Student government Letters 1996-97 SG platform 
1996 April 26 Thankfulness Letters Thanksgiving for dinner 
1996 April 26 President Clinton Moderation in All Things Telling it like it isn't 
1996 April 26 The Record Letters Jones not worth refuting 
1996 April 26 Thanks Letters Grateful thanks to CPO 
1996 April 26 The Bible Christianity and the Arts The Bible, now showing, rated NC-17 
1996 April 26 TV style awards Style The best 5 hours of TV 
1996 April 26 Priscilla Stevens' writing Letters Stevens' reasons insufficient 
1996 April 26 Media Opinion Nuggets of gold exist 
1996 April 26 Baseball Sports Baseball loses four 
1996 April 26 Softball Sports Softball splits seven-game week 
1996 April 26 Paul Elsen Sports Elsen off to nationals 
1996 April 26 Men's tennis Sports Men's tennis wins nine straight 
1996 April 19 Public safety Front page Complaint filed against Public Safety 
1996 April 19 Tuition Front page Credit cards no longer acceptable for tuition 
1996 April 19 World news News World news 
1996 April 19 Beliefs and voting News The politics of faith 
1996 April 19 Finacial issues News College could recover most of New Era investment losses 
1996 April 19 Complaints Editorial Turning a listening ear 
1996 April 19 Student life View from the Singles' Bar A tale of two colleges 
1996 April 19 Homosexuality Letters Christians need to accept homosexuals 
1996 April 19 Racism Letters Affirmative action is the nadir of racism 
1996 April 19 Morality of ending life The Right Angle Matters of life and death 
1996 April 19 Theater Feature Tossed Salad: dressing for the future 
1996 April 19 Chess team Feature Heavenly parallels to the game of chess 
1996 April 19 Dancing at Wheaton What A Planet The old Wheaton two-step, (or the diet dance) 
1996 April 19 Sex and violence in the media Style Sifting media 'gold' from the silt of exploitation 
1996 April 19 Music review Showbiz Griffith croons, Madonna balloons, quote from goons 
1996 April 19 Lacrosse Sports Lacrosse undefeated through five matches 
1996 April 19 Men's tennis Sports Men's tennis dominates North Park 
1996 April 19 Baseball Sports Baseball snaps 13-game losing streak 
1996 April 19 Track Sports Track fares well at meets 
1996 April 19 Softball Sports Wallace sets record in Softball loss 
1996 April 12 Fire Front page Fire ravages Crestview apartment 
1996 April 12 Student center Front page Schematics unveiled for new student center 
1996 April 12 Senator Paul Simon Front page Sen. Simon addresses religion and poverty 
1996 April 12 World news News World news 
1996 April 12 Aldeen chair News Norton inaugurated as Aldeen chair 
1996 April 12 Government shutdown News Government delays financial aid process 
1996 April 12 Campus life News Campus news 
1996 April 12 Student center Editorial Wanted: Your two cents' worth 
1996 April 12 Bill Clinton Moderation in All Things Actions speak louder 
1996 April 12 Movie review Letters Pale Horse disturbing but worth watching 
1996 April 12 British cows Opinion Save the mad cows 
1996 April 12 Christians and politics Letters Christians hold variety of political opinions 
1996 April 12 Wheaton Letters Alumnus lauds Litfin 
1996 April 12 Movie review Feature Trojan Horse Don Smarto's A Pale Horse comes as a shock to many 
1996 April 12 Reading Feature A guide to nutritional reading 
1996 April 12 Campus life Letters Spiritual dryness threatens campus 
1996 April 12 Diversity Opinion Diverse views needed 
1996 April 12 Artists What A Planet An artist with a capital 'A' 
1996 April 12 Sex and violence in the media Style The V-chip: protection against ultraviolent rays 
1996 April 12 Music review Showbiz Zodiac drugged, Finck slugged, KISS unplugged 
1996 April 12 Tennis Sports Tennis slams Elmhurst 
1996 April 12 Cheerleading Sports New cheerleading event held 
1996 April 12 Jeff Clark Sports Clark swims to All-American honors 
1996 April 12 Mascot Sports A team by any other name 
1996 April 12 Baseball Sports Baseball's losing streak continues 
1996 April 12 Softball Sports Softball 9-7 after 2 wins, 3 losses 
1996 April 12 Track and field Sports Track and field athletes succeed 
1996 March 29 Student government Front page SG representatives elected, re-elected 
1996 March 29 Grading Front page Accuracy of Scan-Tron machines questioned 
1996 March 29 World news News World news 
1996 March 29 Phillip Johnson News Christianity, culture at odds, says lecturer 
1996 March 29 Campus life News Campus news 
1996 March 29 Campus TV News WETN-TV awaits green light 
1996 March 29 Student government Editorial To our representatives 
1996 March 29 Scan-tron Opinion Profs flunk communication 
1996 March 29 Unity Letters Unification was intent of Southern symbol 
1996 March 29 Affirmative action The Right Angle Affirmative reaction 
1996 March 29 Student life Letters Confederate symbol hateful, not Southern 
1996 March 29 Oscars Style Oscar '96 Braveheart wins 5 statuettes 
1996 March 29 Student life Showbiz Would you like a chocolate? 
1996 March 29 Bryce Pippert Feature Bryce plays The Price 
1996 March 29 Baseball Sports Home runs power baseball to 2 wins 
1996 March 29 Track Sports Track team hosts Open 
1996 March 29 Softball Sports Softball of two minds in doubleheader 
1996 March 29 Men's tennis Sports Men's tennis burns two weekend matches 
1996 April 1 Humor Front page Third SG election demanded 
1996 April 1 Humor Front page Philosophy dept. beseiged 
1996 April 1 Humor Front page Mold overtakes SG meeting 
1996 April 1 Humor Front page CU announces Star Trek convention for next fall 
1996 April 1 Humor News The Leftist Bent 
1996 April 1 Humor News I repent 
1996 April 1 Humor News Bike thieves apprehended 
1996 April 1 Humor Feature Dear Duane 
1996 April 1 Humor Feature Literary world blessed by "Beige" 
1996 April 1 Humor Feature Morgue acomodates B. Smith after poor-judgement call 
1996 April 1 Humor Sports Basketball team to head to Naperville 
1996 April 1 Humor Sports Varsity soccer program scrapped 
1996 April 1 Humor Style '96 Oscar ceremonies marred 
1996 April 1 Humor Style J. Blooze nabbed 
1996 March 22 Student government Front page Write-ins capture SG presidency 
1996 March 22 Alan Keyes Front page Keyes lauds Wheaton's morally based education 
1996 March 22 World news News World news 
1996 March 22 Campus radio News New equipment boosts WETN's quality 
1996 March 22 Campus housing News Renovation plans altered 
1996 March 22 Student dining News Food service hopefuls cater to taste-testers over spring break 
1996 March 22 Campus life News Campus news 
1996 March 22 Student life Editorial Social scene needs a shake-up 
1996 March 22 Community View from the Singles' Bar On being revived 
1996 March 22 Theology professors Letters Okholm and Phillips affirm Christ's role 
1996 March 22 Student life Letters South has culture, too 
1996 March 22 Equinox International Opinion Company values defy Christian doctrines 
1996 March 22 Tax law Opinion When better is worse 
1996 March 22 Billy Graham Feature The Rocky Romances of Billy Graham 
1996 March 22 Ruth Bamford Feature 'Life is a journey' 
1996 March 22 A Pale Horse Feature Smarto steals show 
1996 March 22 Fiction writer What A Planet A prayer for John Irving 
1996 March 22 Sex and violence in the media Style Christians, media must fight a common enemy 
1996 March 22 Rodeo Showbiz It's high-noon in the wild world of rodeo 
1996 March 22 Book review Style Short Star Wars' new chapter 
1996 March 22 Camp improvement News Plans approved for new Honey Rock dining hall 
1996 March 22 Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf Sports Sould Mahmoud sit or stand? 
1996 March 22 Men's tennis, Swimming Sports Sports Shorts 
1996 March 22 Baseball Sports Professional baseball comes to life in spring 
1996 March 22 Basketball Sports Basketball programs honored 
1996 March 15 Student life Front page Dixie Club shirts flagged down for insensitivity 
1996 March 15 Dr. Alan Keyes Front page Keyes visits today 
1996 March 15 Student government Front page SG presidential candidates outline platforms 
1996 March 15 World news News World news 
1996 March 15 Initiatives News Initiatives advance after board meeting 
1996 March 15 Salaries News Initiative raises faculty salaries 
1996 March 15 Prison ministry News I was in prison, and ye visited me 
1996 March 15 Dixie club Editorial Southern discomfort continued 
1996 March 15 Language Below the Hard Deck No habla blah blah 
1996 March 15 Thanks Letters Coach thanks college for supporting team 
1996 March 15 Service Letters Seeking pure motives 
1996 March 15 Food service Letters Praise for Marriott 
1996 March 15 Right and wrong The Right Angle The real crime of the century 
1996 March 15 International Student Fellowship Feature Internationals add spice to Wheaton life 
1996 March 15 Student travel Feature Egypt: a country of contrasts 
1996 March 15 Artists What A Planet The portrait of an artist (and two fake I.D.s) 
1996 March 15 Sex and violence in the media Style Media responsibility: a two-way street 
1996 March 15 Popular culture Showbiz Pop-stars' personalized plates and recycled rock 'n' roll 
1996 March 15 Paul Elsen Sports Paul Elsen crowned national wrestling champ 
1996 March 15 Sports Sports Editorial Obscure sports that matter to me 
1996 March 15 Men's basketball Sports Washington U. loss ends men's stellar season 
1996 March 15 Women's basketball Sports Women win first ever playoff game 
1996 February 23 Tuition Front page Student costs will rise 5.9% 
1996 February 23 Tom Rudolph Front page Another student awarded $36,000 graduate fellowship 
1996 February 23 Dining service Front page Four food services vie for contract 
1996 February 23 World news News World news 
1996 February 23 Debate team News All-novice debate team argues its way to tournament success 
1996 February 23 Student films Feature Lights, camera...Class Films 
1996 February 23 Tuition Editorial Cost increase makes sense 
1996 February 23 Learning View from the Singles' bar On education 
1996 February 23 Politics Letters Christians can have impact on politics 
1996 February 23 Greg Jones Letters Question for Greg 
1996 February 23 Name-dropping Letters Common culture leads to name-dropping 
1996 February 23 Auto show Feature The showy, the pricey, and the discontinued 
1996 February 23 Arik Berglund What A Planet The man inside the leather jacket 
1996 February 23 Movie review Style Messrs. and Mrs. 
1996 February 23 Popular culture Showbiz Gilmore: wait, Papers: re-rate, Reznor: update 
1996 February 23 Track Sports Track teams place 6th at Quad meet 
1996 February 23 Swimming Sports Swimmers qualify for nationals 
1996 February 23 Theater workshop Style Rodgers and Hart: A Celebration 
1996 February 23 Women's basketball Sports Women will battle Saturday for home court advantage 
1996 February 23 Men's basketball Sports Men slip by North Central, Carthage 
1996 February 16 Men's basketball Front page Crusaders topple No. 1 Titans 
1996 February 16 Caucus Front page Students, professor attend Iowa caucus 
1996 February 16 Basketball game Front page Fans find closed door 
1996 February 16 World news News World news 
1996 February 16 Financial aid News Financial aid information available on web 
1996 February 16 Evaluation News New forms introduced for staff evaluation 
1996 February 16 No organized party groups News Partisan political groups absent in election year 
1996 February 16 Political apathy Editorial Our right, our responsibility 
1996 February 16 Student life Below the Hard Deck Dim and Dimmer 
1996 February 16 Alan Keyes Letters How about Keyes? 
1996 February 16 Annual banquet Letters High cost of banquet kept student away 
1996 February 16 Student government Letters TA proposal was not intended to impose 
1996 February 16 Valentine's Day The Right Angle A modest proposal 
1996 February 16 Chinese studies Feature Institute digs new tunnels to China 
1996 February 16 Writing center Feature Learning the Write Stuff 
1996 February 16 Student life Feature Students keeping pledge of alcohol abstinence 
1996 February 16 Movies Letters Style Awards missed chick's picks 
1996 February 16 Reading What A Planet The day I touched Cocoa the gorilla 
1996 February 16 Musical Style Mark Lewis directs The Fantasticks for Arena Theater 
1996 February 16 Popular culture Showbiz Stormy singles don't go to Wheaton 
1996 February 16 Revival Letters Revival fruit should still be growing 
1996 February 16 Hockey Sports Hockey slides by Fighting Illini 
1996 February 16 Track Sports Track teams place fifth and sixth 
1996 February 16 HIV and athletes Sports Editorial HIV claims yet another 
1996 February 16 Men's basketball Sports Men one win away from No. 1 ranking 
1996 February 16 Women's basketball Sports Women stunned by Vikes in OT 
1996 February 9 Wheaton initiatives Front page Litfin prepares proposals for board 
1996 February 9 Dr. Scott Hafemann Front page Hafemann receives new Hawthorne chair 
1996 February 9 Student housing Front page Apartments lose heat during sub-zero cold 
1996 February 9 World news News World news 
1996 February 9 Student government News SG votes to clarify TA responsibilities 
1996 February 9 Housing Campus news Students must choose housing options soon 
1996 February 9 Washington banquet News Banquet shines in shivers and gold 
1996 February 9 Student government Editorial TA policy doesn't need to be fixed 
1996 February 9 Abortion Moderation in All Things Forbes brings realism to the abortion battle 
1996 February 9 Student life Letters Stupe's music choices reflect good taste 
1996 February 9 Sexuality Letters Sexuality not a subject for casual treatment 
1996 February 9 Student life View from the Singles' Bar Where everybody knows your name 
1996 February 9 Don Smarto Feature A light through the bars 
1996 February 9 Missions Feature Catching a Worldwide Vision 
1996 February 9 Entertainment reviews Style The 1996 Style Awards 
1996 February 9 Relationships What A Planet Cupid, may you rest in peace 
1996 February 9 Valentine's Day Feature Valentine's: for better or for worse 
1996 February 9 Hockey Sports Hockey team stuns nemesis Northwestern 3-2 
1996 February 9 Track Sports Track season opens with indoor meet 
1996 February 9 Women's basketball Sports Women eye Wesleyan 
1996 February 9 Men's basketball Sports Men seek to avenge loss to Titans 
1996 February 9 Wrestling Sports Two wrestlers place at invitational 
1996 February 2 Housing Front page Housing deadlines approach 
1996 February 2 Library Front page Library recovers from reshelving backlog 
1996 February 2 World news News World news 
1996 February 2 Grahams News House votes to give medal to Grahams 
1996 February 2 Campus life News Campus news 
1996 February 2 Billy Graham Center scholarships News BGC Scholarship Program aims to strengthen church overseas 
1996 February 2 Media and Christianity Editorial Fairness to doctrine needed 
1996 February 2 Earning things Below the Hard Deck T.M. wants to play 
1996 February 2 Music  Letters Secular music at the Stupe inappropriate 
1996 February 2 Abortion The Right Angle Amend hearts first 
1996 February 2 Reading Letters Book list awes reader 
1996 February 2 French club Letters French club corrections 
1996 February 2 Eating disorders Letters Alumna recalls trap of eating disorders 
1996 February 2 Student life Feature The changing face of Dorm Life 
1996 February 2 American evangelism Feature Institute offers evengelicals a link to their past 
1996 February 2 Career development center Feature Embarking on the path to the future 
1996 February 2 Inventory Feature Students make hours count at Nordstrom 
1996 February 2 Sexuality in art Christianity and the Arts The Unbearable Repression of Being 
1996 February 2 Popular culture Showbiz Hyping hockey, shunning Cher, blasting Beetle 
1996 February 2 Movie review Style Sobering Dead Man takes honest looks at religion and capital punishment 
1996 February 2 Hockey Sports Hockey ices Carthage, 16-2 
1996 February 2 Swimming Sports Swimming washes out Cardinals 
1996 February 2 Basketball Sports Basketball's Magic has returned 
1996 February 2 Men's basketball Sports Men rout Carthage, North Central 
1996 February 2 Women's basketball Sports Women scalp Lady Reds, take control of CCIW 
1996 January 26 Class policy Front page Holiday class policy will be clarified 
1996 January 26 Bookstore scam Front page Scholastic Recognition exposed in seniors' parents' mailing list fraud 
1996 January 26 Pew Younger Scholars Front page Students awarded grants 
1996 January 26 World news News World news 
1996 January 26 Persecution News NAE urges government to fight persecution 
1996 January 26 Persecution Editorial NAE: Asking too much 
1996 January 26 Republican nomination Moderation in All Things Dark horse might be GOP's white knight 
1996 January 26 Martin Luther King Jr. Day Letters Keeping King holiday is personal business 
1996 January 26 Professors Letters Wheaton needs more Christian Ed professors 
1996 January 26 Life and death View from the Singles' bar Made to not be 
1996 January 26 Bulimia Feature Losing control: alumna tells of battle with bulimia 
1996 January 26 Big siblings Feature Will you be my mother? 
1996 January 26 French club Feature A French Connection 
1996 January 26 Student life Feature MACHO men fight chest hair hatred 
1996 January 26 Reading What A Planet The Death of Literature (at Wheaton College) 
1996 January 26 Movie review Style Sensibility blends joy, humor and romance into classic tale 
1996 January 26 Music review Style Laidback Starlite Walker is professor's side gig 
1996 January 26 Popular culture Style Showbiz 
1996 January 26 Swimming Sports Personal achievements highlight Quad meet 
1996 January 26 Super Bowl Sports True Super Bowl drama 
1996 January 26 Hockey  Sports Hockey team comes up big against U of I 
1996 January 26 Women's basketball Sports Women upend defending CCIW champs in triple overtime 
1996 January 26 Men's basketball Sports Millikin victory shoots men to 15-1 
1996 January 19 Dr. Stanton Jones Front page Dr. Stanton Jones named as provost 
1996 January 19 Campus life Front page King honored despite mix-up 
1996 January 19 World news News World news 
1996 January 19 Public safety News Apartments vandalized during Christmas break 
1996 January 19 Billy Graham Feature Billy Graham: the rest of the story 
1996 January 19 Cal Thomas Feature Washington Banquet heads for new heights 
1996 January 19 Wheaton Editorial Unfriendly neighborhood 
1996 January 19 Student life Below the Hard Deck The jaws of life 
1996 January 19 Catholics Letters Neither Catholics nor Protestants are perfect 
1996 January 19 Welfare The Right Angle Wising up on welfare reform 
1996 January 19 Soviet Socialist International Letters Soviets abused people long before Serbs 
1996 January 19 Book review Keeping up with the Joneses My unconsummated vacation romance 
1996 January 19 Movie review Style Mr. Holland's Opus captures the lyricism of music and life 
1996 January 19 Popular culture Showbiz Dead disband, I dis band, readers respond 
1996 January 19 Men's basketball Sports The one that got away 
1996 January 19 Women's basketball Sports Women ranked first in region 
1996 January 19 Swimming Sports Swim teams victorious 
1996 April 19 Lisa Gwathmey Feature Wheaton's Blue-collar World 
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