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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
1995 December 8 Dr. Richard C. Halverson Front page Former Senate chaplain dies 
1995 December 8 Student housing Front page Saint, Elliot scheduled to be renovated this spring 
1995 December 8 World news News World news 
1995 December 8 Library Campus news Library drops extended hours during finals week 
1995 December 8 Family Feature A fractured Hallmark Christmas 
1995 December 8 Christmas Feature Gold, fruitcake, and myrrh 
1995 December 8 Education Editorial Justification for lower education 
1995 December 8 Feminism A View from the Singles' Bar Good Christian WOmen rejoice 
1995 December 8 Bosnia Letters Christians, Americans have duty in Bosnia 
1995 December 8 Things to ponder Moderation in All Things Christmas break Q & A 
1995 December 8 Bosnia Letters Grad gives insider's perspective on Bosnia 
1995 December 8 Campus safety Letters Arrested fan explains his story 
1995 December 8 Dancing Letters Pledge-breaker decries dance clubs 
1995 December 8 Popular culture Keeping up with the Joneses Grumblings from the dark cave 
1995 December 8 Entertainment reviews Style Showbiz 
1995 December 8 Calvin and Hobbes Style Farewell, Calvin and Hobbes: our lives will never be the same 
1995 December 8 Music review Style Re-release preserves Esquivel's '60s sound for '90s generation 
1995 December 8 Housing Feature Women celebrate 100 years in the Red Castle 
1995 December 8 Swimming Sports Swim teams place third at invitational 
1995 December 8 Men's basketball Sports Wins lift men to 6-0 
1995 December 8 Women's basketball Sports Women down former playoff team 
1995 December 8 Wrestling Sports Wrestlers struggle to win 
1995 December 1 Campus dancing Front page SG votes to broaden dance policy 
1995 December 1 Student government Front page Key events in SG's decision 
1995 December 1 Student life Front page College van flips over, three seniors injured 
1995 December 1 World news News World news 
1995 December 1 Dancing News Where dance policies stand at other Christian colleges 
1995 December 1 Student life News Student arrested for pushing officer after football game 
1995 December 1 Malcolm Muggeridge News A master of wit and prophecy: Papers of Malcolm Muggeridge come to rest in college Special Collections 
1995 December 1 Dancing Editorial It's time to take steps 
1995 December 1 Unity The Right Angle Divided, we fall 
1995 December 1 Campus life Letters Public Safety officer abused power at game 
1995 December 1 U2 Letters Solving pieces of the Passengers puzzle 
1995 December 1 Catholicism Letters Catholics disbelieve 'saved by faith' 
1995 December 1 Honey Rock Camp Feature Wheaton in the Northwoods 
1995 December 1 Islam Feature Institute seeks to reach Muslims with message of Christ 
1995 December 1 Dancing Feature Dance festival will be instructor's swan song 
1995 December 1 Studying in Africa Feature Daystar shines as semester option 
1995 December 1 James Bond Style Bronsnan's GoldenEye propels Bond into the '90s with flair 
1995 December 1 Entertainment Style Showbiz 
1995 December 1 Bosnia News Campus reacts to Clinton's call for troops in Bosnia 
1995 December 1 Women's basketball Sports Women pull off overtime victory 
1995 December 1 Swimming Sports Swimmers achieve individual success 
1995 December 1 Youth Sports Sports Editorial The Young Athletes Machine 
1995 December 1 Football Sports Football falls 40-14 in playoff quarterfinal 
1995 December 1 Men's basketball Sports 3-pointers carry Crusaders 
1995 November 17 Extra funds Front College blessed with million-dollar surplus 
1995 November 17 Administration Front page Computing system will link offices 
1995 November 17 Expansion Front page New house will fall 
1995 November 17 World news News World news 
1995 November 17 Campus dining News Food service contract open to outside bidders 
1995 November 17 Campus life News Campus news 
1995 November 17 Intramurals News Indoor IMs restrict open gym time 
1995 November 17 The Home Coming News Lights, camera... 
1995 November 17 Faculty Editorial Faculty need financial aid 
1995 November 17 Student life Below the Hard Deck Gump'd after dark 
1995 November 17 Music Letters Rock is better off dead 
1995 November 17 Rock and Roll Letters Oktoberfest is alive 
1995 November 17 Death penalty Moderation in All Things And justice for all? 
1995 November 17 Theater Feature Backstage at Arena Theater 
1995 November 17 Denomination collaboration Feature BGC's Institute of Evangelism: Equipping others to fulfill the great commission 
1995 November 17 Music review Style U2's 'Passengers' Album: One's on board, the other wants off 
1995 November 17 Movie review Style Vegas paints a tragic portrait of despair 
1995 November 17 Women's basketball Sports Defense will be key to success for women's basketball 
1995 November 17 Cross country Sports Peterson qualifies to run at national meet 
1995 November 17 Swimming Sports Swimming gets season off the ground, into the pool 
1995 November 17 Football Sports Win opens door to Wittenberg 
1995 November 17 Men's basketball Sports Men's basketball revs for drive 
1995 November 10 Campus life Front page Faculty opt for 15-week semesters 
1995 November 10 Ministry groups Front page Low turnout surprises OCO 
1995 November 10 Student life Front page Gen. Ed.s shuffled for newest Inform 
1995 November 10 World news News World news 
1995 November 10 Campus life News Campus News 
1995 November 10 Student life News Computer team finds program for success 
1995 November 10 Campus life News About those clocks... 
1995 November 10 Registration Editorial In search of a little credit 
1995 November 10 Communication The Right Angle Losing our language 
1995 November 10 Waste Letters Wanton waste of food should stop 
1995 November 10 National service Letters Defending Americorps 
1995 November 10 Hockey Opinion Hockey team denies bad conduct charges 
1995 November 10 Rock and Roll View from the Singles' Bar But the levee was dry 
1995 November 10 Classes Opinion Origins will offer science background 
1995 November 10 Wheaton presidents Feature The (Middle) Name Game 
1995 November 10 Student life Opinion When terror reigns 
1995 November 10 Poverty Conversation and debate In God we trust 
1995 November 10 Poverty Conversation and debate The poor will always be with us 
1995 November 10 Ron Sider Conversation and debate Fall...a good time for Sider 
1995 November 10 Poverty Conversation and debate A Night on the Street 
1995 November 10 Billy Graham Center Feature Bridging the gap between East and West 
1995 November 10 Student life Style Steve Lansingh's Days off 
1995 November 10 Woody Allen Keeping up with the Joneses Everything you always wanted to know about Woody but were afraid to ask 
1995 November 10 Refereeing Sports Editorial The intricate art of refereeing 
1995 November 10 Volleyball Sports Volleyball places seventh in CCIW 
1995 November 10 Soccer Sports Soccer falls victim to Wash. U, in second round of playoffs 
1995 November 10 Football Sports Football downs Auggie for share in CCIW title 
1995 November 3 Provost Front page Provost search down to a 'short list' 
1995 November 3 Renovation Front page Dorm work continues, Smith will be next 
1995 November 3 World news News World news 
1995 November 3 Radio News New equipment will boost WETN quality 
1995 November 3 Wheaton News Study ranks Wheaton highly in research and teaching 
1995 November 3 Student life News Student charged with unlawful credit card use 
1995 November 3 ROTC News ROTC profile examines student soldiers 
1995 November 3 Hockey Editorial Hockey team needs to chill 
1995 November 3 Student life Below the Hard Deck 'I got hot pies here!' 
1995 November 3 Marriage Letters Bright future for new gender roles 
1995 November 3 Health care Moderation in All Things Democrats' Big Lie blurs Medicare issue 
1995 November 3 Zbigniew Brzezinski Letters Book tells more of Brzezinski's view 
1995 November 3 Corrections Letters Inaccuracies found in article on inerrancy 
1995 November 3 Earth's origins Feature The Mystery of God's Creation 
1995 November 3 Million Man March Feature History in the Making 
1995 November 3 Student life Feature Class against class: Canned food competition provides Thanksgiving feast for the needy 
1995 November 3 Morality and art Christianity and the Arts The devil in the train, or the exorcism of the aesthetic 
1995 November 3 Entertainment Style Odds 'n Ends 
1995 November 3 Television review Style Fall TV falls flat 
1995 November 3 Athletes Sports Editorial Un-retirement and all its terror 
1995 November 3 Cross country Sports Cross country teams place third at CCIW championships 
1995 November 3 Soccer Sports Soccer advances to playoffs 
1995 November 3 Football Sports Augustana looms for football team 
1995 November 3 Hockey and Women's volleyball Sports Sports shorts 
1995 October 27 Dr. Dorothy F. Chappell Front page Dr. Dorothy F. Chappell elected to trustee board 
1995 October 27 Zbigniew Brzezinski Front page Brzezinski draws fire for stance on Bosnia 
1995 October 27 World news News World news 
1995 October 27 Campus life News Campus news 
1995 October 27 Nathan Hatch News Wheaton grad, trustee Nathan Hatch elected provost at Notre Dame 
1995 October 27 Financial aid News Regulation eliminates financial aid advances 
1995 October 27 Richard Schultz News Amerding Chair holder takes stand on biblical inerrancy 
1995 October 27 Foreign relations The Right Angle Ground Zero in Bosnia 
1995 October 27 Radio Letter Insider dismayed by WETN 
1995 October 27 Epistemology View from the Singles' Bar Death by Dialectic 
1995 October 27 Environmentalism Feature This is our Father's world 
1995 October 27 Dr. Mikel Neumann Feature Missionary scholar doing his homework at Wheaton 
1995 October 27 ROTC Feature War games temper ROTC mettle 
1995 October 27 U2 Keeping up with the Joneses The MacPhisto manifesto: the metamorphosis of U2 
1995 October 27 Jazz Ensemble Style ...And all that jazz 
1995 October 27 Entertainment reviews Style Spinning yarns into gold 
1995 October 27 Cross country Sports Cross country teams finish regular season 
1995 October 27 Women's soccer Sports Women's soccer wins first-ever CCIW championship 
1995 October 27 Notre Dame football Sports Editorial Down with the Irish? 
1995 October 27 Men's soccer Sports Crusaders sneak by Vikings 
1995 October 27 Football Sports Football cruises past North Park, 44-10, for 6-0 record 
1995 October 20 Homecoming Front page Festivities welcome alumni home 
1995 October 20 Zbigniew Brzezinski Front page Former National Security Advisor to speak about post-Cold War politics 
1995 October 20 Sudent housing Front page College close to purchase of house on Howard Street 
1995 October 20 World news News World news 
1995 October 20 Campus life News Campus news 
1995 October 20 Student life News Student pays for 7-up, also gets Miller beer from vending machine 
1995 October 20 Larry Woiwode Feature Author Larry Woiwode infuses real world in Christian writing 
1995 October 20 Campus safety Editorial The danger of feeling safe 
1995 October 20 E.T. Below the Hard Deck E.T.--After Hours 
1995 October 20 President Clinton Opinion Clinton's achievement fails to shine 
1995 October 20 Student life Opinion Stop to think? Who's got the ti-- 
1995 October 20 Prison overcrowding Letter Staying out of jail 
1995 October 20 Harrison Ford Keeping up with the Joneses Harried Harrisons 
1995 October 20 Paula Robinson The Artist Series Robinson's music both beautiful and bizarre 
1995 October 20 Lenny Kravitz Style Kravitz's newest satisfies a die-hard fan 
1995 October 20 Movie review Style Van Sant's To Die For is all thunder and no lightning 
1995 October 20 Men's soccer Sports Soccer stuns powerful foes 
1995 October 20 Football Sports Late surge vaults undefeated Crusaders over Millikin 42-21 
1995 October 20 Women's soccer Sports Women's soccer wins 2 
1995 October 6 Length of school year Front page Calendar sparks debate among faculty 
1995 October 6 Student government Front page SG advocates voice mail for all 
1995 October 6 Dr. Lyle Dorsett Front page Dorsett shares revival account on Donahue 
1995 October 6 World news News World news 
1995 October 6 O.J. Simpson News Simpson verdict stuns campus 
1995 October 6 Students establish relationships with needy children Feature Going Beyond the Motions 
1995 October 6 Observatory Feature Glimpsing the face of God on the roof of Amerding 
1995 October 6 Length of school year Editorial Strong opinions on week debate 
1995 October 6 Federal budget The Right Angle Budget targets big government 
1995 October 6 Catholicism Conversation and debate Are Catholics welcome at Wheaton? 
1995 October 6 Catholicism Conversation and debate Pulling the Nail from the Wittenberg Door? 
1995 October 6 Catholicism Conversation and debate Our Statement of Faith: is it broad enough to include Catholics? 
1995 October 6 Catholicism Conversation and debate What Catholics really believe 
1995 October 6 Gender Conversation and debate Letters 
1995 October 6 Catholicism Conversation and debate Pope Friction How Pope John Paul II has changed the Church 
1995 October 6 The Beaux Arts Trio Style Beaux Arts Trio's sound is better than its performance 
1995 October 6 Book review Style Jeffrey Archer misses the bullseye 
1995 October 6 Restaurant review Style Outback Steakhouse is the prime steak choice 
1995 October 6 Volleyball Sports Volleyball places 4th in Invitational 
1995 October 6 Tennis Sports Crusaders slam CCIW competition 
1995 October 6 Dancing Letters Rest of dance story revealed 
1995 October 6 Women's soccer Sports Women's soccer wins 1, loses 1 
1995 October 6 Professional athletes Sports Editorial Professional athletes, come on down to The Price is Right 
1995 October 6 Football Sports Crusaders rout Carthage, 47-7 
1995 October 6 Men's soccer Sports Men's soccer shut down by inpenetrable Messiah defense 
1995 September 29 Liberal arts colleges Front page Wheaton maintains high rank 
1995 September 29 Student government Front page SG approves final club allocations 
1995 September 29 Library Front page Library mold cleanup nears completion 
1995 September 29 World news News World news 
1995 September 29 Campus life News Campus news 
1995 September 29 Dancing News Dance program to undergo evaluation 
1995 September 29 Tracy Hayes News Hayes trades formals for flannel but can't escape spotlight 
1995 September 29 Student life News Three students ejected from cult gathering 
1995 September 29 The Record Editorial To clear a few things up 
1995 September 29 Student life Below the Hard Deck Wedding day jeans 
1995 September 29 Criticism for Greg Jones Letters Jones' column rooted in oppressive thought 
1995 September 29 Community View from the Singles' Bar All quiet on the Wheaton front 
1995 September 29 Prison ministry Feature Bill Glass Weekend: Beyond the Comfort Zone 
1995 September 29 Campus dining Feature Behind the scenes at Anderson Commons 
1995 September 29 Alexander Bolyanatz Feature A dinner date with Professor Bolyanatz 
1995 September 29 'Lunch with Litfin' Feature Busy president opens discussion with students 
1995 September 29 Modern world Keeping up with the Joneses For whom the bells once tolled 
1995 September 29 Movie review Style Seven shines light on the dark side of humanity 
1995 September 29 Music review Style Wynton Marsalis' jazz orchestra loosens up Artist Series audience 
1995 September 29 LIfestyle magazine Style John F. Kennedy Jr.'s new magazine George offers a fresh angle on politics 
1995 September 29 Honey Rock Camp News New facilities added at Honey Rock 
1995 September 29 Volleyball Sports Volleyball wins 3 of 4 
1995 September 29 Women's cross country Sports Women's cross country places seventh in invitational 
1995 September 29 Professional sports Sports Ax the wild-card 
1995 September 29 Men's soccer Sports Men's soccer extends win streak to five 
1995 September 29 Women's soccer Sports Women's soccer wins two 
1995 September 22 Initiatives for the college Front page Proposals emerge from Litfin's task forces 
1995 October 27 Initiatives for the college Editorial Initiatives take time out 
1995 October 27 Initiatives for the college Front page Litfin's five initiatives held off until February 
1995 September 22 Tracy Hayes Front page Congratulations, Tracy 
1995 September 22 Campus safety Front page Drunken men chased from Fischer women's wing 
1995 September 22 World news News World news 
1995 September 22 Campus life News Campus news 
1995 September 22 Sabbath on campus News Consistency requested in college Sabbath policy 
1995 September 22 Student government News SG sets preliminary club fund allocations 
1995 September 22 Christians and politics News Forum addresses Christian role in culture war 
1995 September 22 Unabomber Editorial Unabomber may have captured free press 
1995 September 22 Chapel Letters Complaints about OCO chapels uncalled for 
1995 September 22 Gender issues Letters Christians need to think better about gender 
1995 September 22 The Record Letters Record facts were straight 
1995 September 22 Thank you Letters Thanks for the thanks 
1995 September 22 Chapel Letters Ministries put thought and prayer into chapels 
1995 September 22 Chapel Letters Recruiting, not value, of chapels questioned 
1995 September 22 Culture war The Right Angle Christian soldiers needed in culture war 
1995 September 22 Douglas Penney Feature It's not all Greek to him 
1995 September 22 Voice for Life Feature Students raise Voice for Life to protest abortion 
1995 September 22 Teaching English Feature Immigrants seek English teachers with open hearts 
1995 September 22 Mike Shula Feature Bears coach stands firm on Christian foundation 
1995 September 22 Miss America Keeping up with the Joneses Does the Miss America miss the mark or am I Miss Ogynist? 
1995 September 22 Movie reviews Style The best movies you've never seen 
1995 September 22 Science fiction Style To boldly go to a galaxy far, far away... 
1995 September 22 Wheaton history Feature The more things change... 
1995 September 22 Football Sports Crusader defense dominates Aurora 
1995 September 22 Volleyball Sports Volleyball winless through busy week 
1995 September 22 Cross country Sports Heat doesn't slow Crusader runners 
1995 September 22 Men's soccer Sports Defense prevails as men's soccer shuts out MacMurray 
1995 September 22 Women's soccer Sports Women's soccer plays well in loss to Stevens Point 
1995 September 15 Library cleanup Front page Mold overtakes library's lower floor 
1995 September 15 Student government Front page Freshmen elect new SG officers 
1995 September 15 Student government Front page Student Government questions chapels used for recruitment 
1995 September 15 World news News World news 
1995 September 15 Religion and politics News Professors present paper on religion and politics 
1995 September 15 Paul Simon News Sen. Paul Simon to visit campus Monday 
1995 September 15 Student laundry News Laundry made a little easier on the wallet 
1995 September 15 Dr. Mark Noll News Wheaton's Mark Noll helps launch Christian review magazine Books & Culture 
1995 September 15 Chapel Editorial SMPYHMNCM doesn't spell worship 
1995 September 15 Student life Below the Hard Deck The coach who was also my friend 
1995 September 15 Feminism Letters Conference on women addresses true crimes 
1995 September 15 Library mold Letters Bible outlines solution to mildew problem 
1995 September 15 Housing Letters Yet more construction-related atrocities exposed 
1995 September 15 Correction Letters Did the Record sports reporter miss the goal? 
1995 September 15 Mark Lewis Feature Mark Lewis brings to Wheaton an integration of faith and footlights 
1995 September 15 Discipleship Small Groups Feature As DSG ministry grows, new coordinator trains leaders for vital task 
1995 September 15 Gender roles Coversation and debate Experiencing turbulance 
1995 September 15 Gender roles Conversation and debate Just Guys: The Promise Keepers Phenomenon 
1995 September 15 Gender roles Conversation and debate Gender-exclusivity affects all mankind 
1995 September 15 Gender roles Conversation and debate Is our faculty too male? 
1995 September 15 Gender roles Conversation and debate Banging our heads against the great wall 
1995 September 15 Student travel Feature Heroes outside the classroom 
1995 September 15 Christians and art Christianity and the Arts Is there such a thing as a Christian cow? 
1995 September 15 Emmy awards Style NBC's ER and Frasier dominate Emmy awards 
1995 September 15 Television Style TV Cliffhangers 
1995 September 15 Gender roles Feature Shepherdesses of the flock 
1995 September 15 Women's soccer Sports Women's soccer wins four in a row 
1995 September 15 Cross country Sports Cross country off and running 
1995 September 15 Cheerleading Sports Numbers add strength to 1995 cheerleading squad 
1995 September 15 Football Sports Football crushes Hope in season opener, 48-7 
1995 September 15 Men' soccer Sports Busy week drags down men's soccer 
1995 September 15 Women's tennis and volleyball Sports Sports Shorts 
1995 September 1 Dr. Jack Knott Front page Knott's "no" decision leads to restructuring 
1995 September 1 New Era Philanthrophy Front page College hit by New Era collapse 
1995 September 1 Campus telephone service Front page Phone code system delayed 
1995 September 1 World news News World news 
1995 September 1 Tracy Hayes Feature Wheaton senior advances to Miss America pageant 
1995 September 1 New Era Collapse Editorial Where did Wheaton slip? 
1995 September 1 The Dukes of Hazzard Opinion "Dukes" TV influence a help, not a hazard 
1995 September 1 Student travel Feature When tears fall short: Rwandan civil war aftermath calls out for true compassion 
1995 September 1 Book review Keeping up with the Joneses Have some extra time on your hands? Check out Eco's Foucault's Pendulum 
1995 September 1 Movie reviews Style Lackluster blockbusters 
1995 September 1 Men's soccer Sports Seattle Pacific looms for men's soccer 
1995 September 1 Women's soccer Sports Women's soccer hopes for continued success in 1995 season 
1995 September 8 Radio Front page WETN to broadcast "Wheaton sound" 
1995 September 8 City of Wheaton Front page Chase St. railroad crossing may close 
1995 September 8 Student government Front page Freshmen compete for SG slots 
1995 September 8 World news News World news 
1995 September 8 ROTC News Crusader battalion activated at ceremony 
1995 September 8 Margaret Kim News Potential Bible professor passed over 
1995 September 8 Student life Editorial Front desk? I'd like room service 
1995 September 8 Feminism Opinion Feminist fanatics know no limits 
1995 September 8 Student government Letters SG goal to build bridge 
1995 September 8 Community Journalism Feature A Brave News World 
1995 September 8 New faculty Feature New faculty members find challenge and opportunity 
1995 September 8 Computer games Keeping up with the Joneses Sorry, PC's not included 
1995 September 8 Music review Style Christian music goes alternative 
1995 September 8 Television review Style Rookie TV 
1995 September 8 Men's soccer Sports Men's soccer splits in Crown Express Challenge 
1995 September 8 Football Sports Football team prepares for season 
1995 August 24 "Phenomenal" freshman class Front page Freshman class breaks records 
1995 August 24 Student government Front page Student Government seeks freshman involvement 
1995 August 24 Student life Feature Twenty secrets of the truly informed freshman 
1995 August 24 Student life Feature A message to freshmen from the student body president 
1995 August 24 Campus life Feature Tips on relating to a roommate 
1995 August 24 Student life Opinion An open letter to new students 
1995 August 24 Football Sports Rough road ahead for freshman athletes 
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