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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
1995 April 28 Task forces Front page Task Forces set to present proposals to Trustees 
1995 April 28 Campus life Front page Faculty rejects academic honor code concept 
1995 April 28 Lectures Front page Motivation for lecture attendance questioned 
1995 April 28 Christian Formation and Ministry Front page CE receives new name 
1995 April 28 Student life News Grades differ between disciplines, and so do professors' reasons why 
1995 April 28 World news News World news 
1995 April 28 Coalition News Christian College Coalition renamed 
1995 April 28 Chaplain Steve Kellough Editorial Person of the Year 
1995 April 28 Revival Letters Evidence of true revival 
1995 April 28 Spiritual renewal Letters Revival story clarified 
1995 April 28 Christians in society Letters Contract not un-Christian 
1995 April 28 Praying OP-ED A reflection of private prayers in public places 
1995 April 28 Campus life OP-ED Consistency is next step for campus improvement 
1995 April 28 Student life Letters Benefits of semester away 
1995 April 28 Student government News SG memebers question their power 
1995 April 28 Faculty life Feature Gerry's Pub draws professors to weekly discussion sessions 
1995 April 28 Barbara Woodburn Feature From Capitol to chapel: Woodburn shares experience, vision 
1995 April 28 Television review Style Television's best and worst receive their Style report cards 
1995 April 28 Movie reviews Style Hollywood readies its blockbuster hopefuls for summer season 
1995 April 28 Student housing News Students discuss pros and cons of housing assignment process 
1995 April 28 Baseball Sports Baseball team anticipates magical finish to struggling season 
1995 April 28 Lacrosse Sports Lacrosse falls to Wisconsin Badgers 
1995 April 28 Tennis Sports Men's tennis 5-0 in CCIW; takes seventh at regionals 
1995 April 28 Track  Sports Track teams perform well at Lewis 
1995 April 28 Softball Sports Softball wins six straight 
1995 April 21 Congressmen speak Front page House Reps give inside look at first 100 days 
1995 April 21 Student ministry Front page Spritual renewal spreads 
1995 April 21 Library Front page Sunday library proposal tabled by Ed. policies 
1995 April 21 Jack Knott Front page Meet the new provost 
1995 April 21 Honor code News 'Idea' of Academic Honor Code to be proposed 
1995 April 21 World news News World news 
1995 April 21 Rules Editorial A reason to obey 
1995 April 21 Student life Editorial We will miss the '1' 
1995 April 21 Student life Editorial Sex-separation rules detrimental to growth 
1995 April 21 Internet OP-ED Cyber Babel: 'Net creates global community of sin 
1995 April 21 Contract with America OP-ED Contract with America not the fifth gospel 
1995 April 21 Earth Day Feature Earth Day marks 25th year of environmental celebration 
1995 April 21 Gaylord Nelson Feature Earth Day founder maintains vision 
1995 April 21 Kurt Cobain Feature Cobain's death among many suicides 
1995 April 21 Student life Feature Urban Studies program offers Chicago exposure 
1995 April 21 Sean Connery Style Sean Connery: The Patriarch of Hollywood 
1995 April 21 Movie review Style Warm, witty While You Were Sleeping 
1995 April 21 David McFadzean Style Christianity & creativity: McFadzean in Hollywood 
1995 April 21 Warren Zimmermann News Ambassador addresses 'new nationalism' 
1995 April 21 Baseball Sports Baseball captures first CCIW win 
1995 April 21 Men's soccer Sports Men's soccer tunes up for missions trip 
1995 April 21 Lacrosse Sports Lacrosse stuns Univ. of Michigan 
1995 April 21 Tae Kwon Do Sports Tae Kwon Do kicks competition 
1995 April 21 Softball Sports Softball optimistic despite losses 
1995 April 21 Men's tennis Sports Men's Tennis qualifies for national tournament 
1995 April 21 Women's Track Sports Women's Track captures first at North Central 
1995 April 7 Orthodox Church Front page Forum explores Othodoxy 
1995 April 7 Asian-American fellowship Front page Koinonia expands vision 
1995 April 7 Grading Front page Professors discuss recent grade inflation trends 
1995 April 7 World news News World News 
1995 April 7 Technology News Task force examines technology 
1995 April 7 Dr. Richard Schultz News Bible Dept. hires Schultz as new Armerding chair 
1995 April 7 Debate association News Debaters end season on 'high note' 
1995 April 7 Student dining Editorial Lower level dining could lessen crowd at Anderson Commons 
1995 April 7 Student government Letters SG responds to criticism 
1995 April 7 Public schooling Letters Gifted may be neglected 
1995 April 7 Good education Letters Professors disagree about length of semester 
1995 April 7 Republican revolution OP-ED GOP makes good on Contract with America 
1995 April 7 Schools Feature Christian schools good prep for college, life 
1995 April 7 Wade Center's publication Feature Return from the Shadows: Seven 
1995 April 7 Student life Feature Leaving the Tower: Secular campuses offer unique experience 
1995 April 7 Image CD conversation & debate Is our world based on reality, or on the perception of reality? 
1995 April 7 Campus life Conversation & debate Wheaton: more than meets the eye 
1995 April 7 The pledge Conversation & debate Drinking, Dancing, 'Rithmetic 
1995 April 7 Wheaton students Conversation & debate A look in the mirror 
1995 April 7 Student life Feature Grad school beckons 
1995 April 7 Seminary Feature Seminary training not just for pastors 
1995 April 7 Harrison Ford Style Harrison Ford: The Modern Archetypal Hero 
1995 April 7 Movie review Style Lange's performance highlights Losing Isaiah 
1995 April 7 Movie review Style Neeson and Lange bring stength to Rob Roy 
1995 April 7 Air Jam Style Fine and Bckel repeat as Air Jam champions 
1995 April 7 Diversity News 'Dark Side' of diversity examined 
1995 April 7 Track and Field Sports Track and Field opens regular season at Wheaton Invitational 
1995 April 7 Women's tennis Sports Women's tennis wins 2 of 3 
1995 April 7 Baseball Sports Baseball at bat against hard times 
1995 April 7 Lacrosse Sports Lax overwhelms weaker competition 
1995 April 7 Softball Sports Softball continues to win 
1995 April 7 Baseball Sports Reflections on the return of baseball 
1995 April 1 Humor Front page Administration busts 40 students in NCAA pool 
1995 April 1 Humor Front page Faculty salary increase sparks buying frenzy 
1995 April 1 Humor Front page SG election reversed 
1995 April 1 Humor News Way to man's heart: through washer 
1995 March 31 Homelessness Front page Compassion goes awry as guest attacks host 
1995 March 31 Charles Emmerich Front page Emmerich set to leave as poitical science absorbs pre-law program 
1995 March 31 Tracy Hayes Front page Junior wins Miss DuPage pageant 
1995 March 31 World news News World news 
1995 March 31 Campus safety News Williston: The future of resident hall security? 
1995 March 31 Student government News SG to change club fund allocation methods 
1995 March 31 Student government Editorial SG's power lies in representation 
1995 March 31 Harold Best Letters Fame not Best's desire 
1995 March 31 God's will SG Column God opens, shuts doors 
1995 March 31 Women and the media OP-ED Search for the ideal woman ends with the media 
1995 March 31 Christian women OP-ED Christian women called to involvement in politics 
1995 March 31 Dr. M. James Young Feature Wheaton theatre legend to take final bow as school professor 
1995 March 31 Internet Feature Internet, this ain't no ordinary stuff 
1995 March 31 Public schooling Feature Public schooling pros and cons 
1995 March 31 Academy Awards Style Forrest Gump sweeps Oscars 
1995 March 31 Boxing Sports The return of another Michael 
1995 March 31 Baseball Sports Baseball team wins 2 of 3 
1995 March 31 Softball Sports Softball improves to 8-2 
1995 March 31 Track Sports Wheaton Open provides tough first test for track 
1995 March 31 Men's tennis Sports Men's tennis sweeps Augustana, 9-0 
1995 March 24 Christian Fellowship Front page Students experience spiritual "refreshment" 
1995 March 24 Student government Front page Henninger defeats Terry as campaigns bend rules 
1995 March 24 Office hours Front page Staff frustrated with new office requirements 
1995 March 24 Church moves Front page Church of Resurrection moves to Glenbard West 
1995 March 24 World news News World news 
1995 March 24 Diversity News Task force explores campus diversity 
1995 March 24 Opening the library on Sunday News SG committee examines Sunday library options 
1995 March 24 Environment News CACE forum examines environmental issues 
1995 March 24 Environment Editorial God's creation deserves protection 
1995 March 24 Student life Letters COD outreach more than just WET effort 
1995 March 24 Hiring professors Letters Bible professors selected with thought and prayer 
1995 March 24 Community OP-ED Promotional mailings neglect Wheaton's other side 
1995 March 24 AIDS OP-ED Threat of HIV should change the rules for sports 
1995 March 24 Dr. Harold Best Feature NASM inaugurates Conservatory Dean 
1995 March 24 Taxes Feature Students not exempt from paying taxes 
1995 March 24 Alumni and marriage Feature The Marriage Factory: a look at Wheaton matrimony 
1995 March 24 Campus life Feature Crazy Thursday is campus' wild, weekly holiday 
1995 March 24 Student films On Camera Heated Class Films competition sparks controversy 
1995 March 24 Comic Funny Business Jim's Journal marches to a different comic beat 
1995 March 24 Art review First Impressions Art Institute displays work of Caillebotte 
1995 March 24 Music review Sound Judgement Cellist Allison Eldredge shines at Artist Series concert finale 
1995 March 24 Intramurals Sports IM Ultimate Frisbee tosses into action 
1995 March 24 Wrestling Sports Wheaton wrestlers earn top prize 
1995 March 24 Lacrosse Sports Lax rolls to victory 12-3 
1995 March 24 Swimming Sports Clark gets AA Honors 
1995 March 24 Baseball Sports Baseball splits first double header 
1995 March 24 Basketball Sports March Madness takes control 
1995 March 17 Dr. Jack Knott Front page Dr. Jack Knott chosen for Provost position 
1995 March 17 Student costs Front page Tuition raised 6.3% 
1995 March 17 Student government Front page Students compete for SG presidency 
1995 March 17 Crime on campus Front page Over $3,500 lost in thefts, burglaries 
1995 March 17 World news News World news 
1995 March 17 Student government News Few hats in ring for elected SG positions 
1995 March 17 New club News 'Upstairs' opening delayed 
1995 March 17 Salaries Editorial Staff deserve raise equal to faculty 
1995 March 17 Ministry Letters Join COD students in classes to minister 
1995 March 17 Truth Letters God alone source of truth 
1995 March 17 Art Letters Art should not be blindly accepted by Christians 
1995 March 17 Being holy OP-ED God does not ask to read your daily planner 
1995 March 17 Student life Letters Students should question the authority of the Pledge 
1995 March 17 Movies Letters Editing movie reviews in Record justified 
1995 March 17 Jim McDermott Letters McDermott voting record delineated 
1995 March 17 Homeschooling Feature Homeschooling Pros and Cons 
1995 March 17 Albanian Christians Feature Albanian Christians face reality of persecution for their faith 
1995 March 17 Student travel Feature Bureau meets student travel needs 
1995 March 17 The arts Conversation and debate This issue: the arts 
1995 March 17 Madeleine L'Engle Conversation and debate Faith and Fantasy 
1995 March 17 Jim Young Conversation and debate Tome Improvement 
1995 March 17 Blood Conversation and debate Washing the Blood of the Lamb 
1995 March 17 Dr. Harold Best Conversation and debate Kentucky Fried Music 
1995 March 17 Student travel Feature Zimbabwe fellowship edifies intern 
1995 March 17 Concert review Backstage pass Delayed Upstairs opening dampens Lost Dogs concert 
1995 March 17 Book review Fine Print A Rose By Any Other Name 
1995 March 17 Movie review Film Development Roomates is unable to reconcile its disparities 
1995 March 17 Men's Glee Club In Concert Glee Club to perform tour repertoire March 25 
1995 March 17 Student government News CSC president elected 
1995 March 17 Baseball Sports Baseball travels rocky road in Florida 
1995 March 17 Basketball Sports Basketball teams have five players on All-CCIW Team 
1995 March 17 Softball Sports Softball hammers its way to a 6-1 start 
1995 March 17 Women's swimming Sports Women's swim team takes tenth at nationals 
1995 March 17 Michael Jordan Sports Hey Michael, Don't come back! 
1995 March 17 Tennis  Sports Tennis teams set for the '95 season 
1995 March 17 Lacrosse Sports Lax prepares for tough schedule 
1995 February 24 Campus safety Front page Wheaton Evangelistic Team confronted again at COD 
1995 February 24 Paying students Front page Changes to be made in student stipends 
1995 February 24 New club/coffeehouse Front page True Tunes to open "Upstairs" 
1995 February 24 Student dancing Front page Students favor change in dance policy 2-1 
1995 February 24 Students and politics News Survey finds students poitically ignorant 
1995 February 24 Gambling News Seminar addresses gambling dangers 
1995 February 24 Teaching requirements News Education Board requires middle school endorsement 
1995 February 24 Dancing Editorial A time to dance 
1995 February 24 Student writing Letters CD grieves professor 
1995 February 24 Movie reviews Letters Student criticizes Record for cutting movie review 
1995 February 24 Editing Editorial Editor has prerogative to cut content 
1995 February 24 Student life OP-ED Even unpopular Pledge clauses deserve respect 
1995 February 24 Dr. Fahs OP-ED Dr, Fahs addresses campus 
1995 February 24 Catholics on campus Letters Campus Catholics maligned 
1995 February 24 Political parties Letters Republican party better 
1995 February 24 BGC Museum display Feature Sacred arts exhibit showcases visual arts 
1995 February 24 Student travel Feature Power of choice makes poor rich 
1995 February 24 Self-defense Feature Class gives students freedom and skills to defend themselves 
1995 February 24 Sabbaticals Feature Sabbaticals: Professors choose work while away from work 
1995 February 24 Theatre review Style Behind the scenes with Salad Years' next generation 
1995 February 24 Student show history Style A Retrospective on Salad's Development 
1995 February 24 Movies and faith Editorial The integration of faith and movies 
1995 February 24 Susan Ashton Backstage pass Susan Ashton musses about Nashville, success, and God 
1995 February 24 Gotcha program News Public Safety tags theft targets 
1995 February 24 Jim Elliot News Elliot memoirs on microfilm 
1995 February 24 Wrestling Sports Wheaton takes third in CCIW Wrestling Championships 
1995 February 24 Men's volleyball Sports Men's V-Ball aces DePaul 
1995 February 24 Swimming Sports Swim team defend Northwestern title 
1995 February 24 Track Sports Track team take fifth 
1995 February 24 Men's basketball Sports Men's hoops coasts by North Central 
1995 February 24 Women's basketball Sports Women's basketball runs over North Park 
1995 February 17 Jim McDermott Front page Rep. Jim McDermott returns to Wheaton 
1995 February 17 Faculty Front page 23 new faculty members sought for next year 
1995 February 17 Student Government Front page SG to vote on changes in club fund allocations 
1995 February 17 World news News World News 
1995 February 17 Shifts in belief News Campus opinion changes little over years, survey shows 
1995 February 17 Faculty News Task force considers how to "enhance" faculty 
1995 February 17 Dr. Henry Foster Editorial Foster nomination should rouse pro-lifers 
1995 February 17 Coverage in the Record Editorial CD cannot show all campus views 
1995 February 17 "Joke" Letters Forum wall "joke" hurts Catholic 
1995 February 17 Student Pledge Letters Pledge ceremony could be better 
1995 February 17 Politics OP-ED Christ's Kingdom divided by partisan politics 
1995 February 17 Homelessness OP-ED Homeless deserve opportunity to help themselves 
1995 February 17 Campus life Feature Time Crunch 
1995 February 17 Presidents Conversation and debate Happy Presidents' Day to you, Happy Presidents' Day to you... 
1995 February 17 Clinton Conversation and debate Clinton plans 2nd Wheaton visit 
1995 February 17 Presidents and candidates Conversation and debate Hailing the Chiefs 
1995 February 17 Faculty writings Feature Faculty turn leisure into literature 
1995 February 17 Dan Baumann Feature Alumnus heeds call to pitch tent in newly opened Turkmenistan 
1995 February 17 Academy Awards With Honors Forrest Gump dominates Oscar nominations with 13 
1995 February 17 Literature Book Marks Leo Tolstoy, Ernest Hemingway, and Philip K. Dick? 
1995 February 17 Guide to videos Rent Check What to rent when everything else is out 
1995 February 17 McDermott News Representative McDermott speaks on politics, religion 
1995 February 17 Men's swimming Sports Men's swimming wins sixth CCIW crown 
1995 February 17 Wrestling Sports Wrestling, led by Chad Downie, wins two and ties one at North Central 
1995 February 17 Hockey Sports Hockey ties up NIU 7-7 
1995 February 17 Men's basketball Sports Men's hoops capture two big victories on the road 
1995 February 17 Women's basketball Sports Women's hoops win last home game of the season 
1995 February 10 The Pledge Front page SG votes unanimously for annual Pledge signing 
1995 February 10 Recycling Front page Perspectives differ on new recycling program 
1995 February 10 Remodeling labs Front page Breyer chemistry lab to be renovated 
1995 February 10 Intramurals News Tempers flare during intense intramural action 
1995 February 10 World news News World news 
1995 February 10 Debate team News Limited size, resources challenge debate team 
1995 February 10 The pledge Editorial Pledge-signing chapel misses mark 
1995 February 10 Gender issues Letters Gender CD lacks range of viewpoints 
1995 February 10 Poverty Letters Poverty statistics lie 
1995 February 10 Unemployment Letters Problem not minimum wage, but unemployment 
1995 February 10 Missions OP-ED Secular marketplace qualifies as a mission field 
1995 February 10 Dating OP-ED The Game of Risk: You never know until you try 
1995 February 10 Student travel Feature A chicken for your daughter, sir? 
1995 February 10 Graduation Feature For whom the tower bell tolls 
1995 February 10 Career development center Feature CDC aids students with future choices 
1995 February 10 Student life Feature Entrepreneurial seniors launch computer careers 
1995 February 10 Television and movie awards Style Presenting the first annual 1995 Style Awards: 
1995 February 10 Theatre review In the Spotlight The Jeremiah arrives at Arena Theater Feb. 17 
1995 February 10 Music review Interest-Bearing CD The Proclaimers offer an introspective look at faith, family, and love 
1995 February 10 Angie Perry Feature President's secretary has been right hand for three administrations 
1995 February 10 Wrestling Sports A journey through the 58th annual Wheaton wrestling invite 
1995 February 10 Women's basketball Sports Wheaton women fall to Illinois Wesleyan 
1995 February 10 Men's basketball Sports Men's hoops slam home victory over 4th ranked Illinois Wesleyan 
1995 February 10 Hockey  Sports Hockey comes up short against NW 
1995 February 3 Commencement Front page Outdoor commencement ruled out for this year 
1995 February 3 Student government Front page SG adopts minute structure changes 
1995 February 3 Dr. Ivan Fahs Front page Professor's transplant successful 
1995 February 3 World news News World news 
1995 February 3 Student religion News Survey discovers students' varied religious traditions 
1995 February 3 McManis lecture News McManis lectures focus on WWII impact 
1995 February 3 Student life News Tack force examines student life facilities 
1995 February 3 Campus center Editorial Campus center needs student imput 
1995 February 3 The Record Letters Record admonished for entertainment coverage 
1995 February 3 Environmentalism Opinion For the beauty of the earth 
1995 February 3 Poverty OP-ED Clinton shocks union with poverty statistics 
1995 February 3 Wheaton students OP-ED Too nice to take a stand 
1995 February 3 Student government OP-ED SG atypical government 
1995 February 3 Student travel Feature HNGR intern finds realness of Christ in Mother Teresa 
1995 February 3 Julianne Perciante Feature Ice rink traded for academic arena 
1995 February 3 Drama review Feature Spectrum puts gospel message in the limelight with different approach 
1995 February 3 Body image Conversation and debate The Fairest of Them All 
1995 February 3 Gender issues Conversation and debate More than just a game 
1995 February 3 Mary Conversation and debate God's Mom 
1995 February 3 Campus safety Feature Campus shuttle provides transportation after dark 
1995 February 3 Groundhog Day Feature Weather forecaster makes prediction to Punxsuntawney faithful 
1995 February 3 TV networks Remote Possiblities UPN and The WB vie to become the fifth network 
1995 February 3 Book review Book Marks Cutting Room Floor unearths movies' lost moments 
1995 February 3 Movie review Film development Before Sunrise: a new down for great romance 
1995 February 3 Music review Sound Judgment Newsboys, Audio Adrenaline provide 'alternative' 
1995 February 3 Intramurals News Intramural Ping-Pong tournament provides spirited play 
1995 February 3 Swimming Sports Swim teams win North Central College meet 
1995 February 3 Women's basketball Sports Women's hoops CCIW woes continue 
1995 February 3 Wrestling Sports Wrestling continues success; preps for Invite 
1995 February 3 Swimming Sports Wheaton Quadrangular meet swept by Hope College teams 
1995 February 3 Hockey Sports Hockey team exorcises the DePaul Blue Demons, 7-3 
1995 February 3 Men's basketball Sports Men's Hoops roll on 
1995 January 27 Ivan Fahs Front page Donor found, professor Ivan Fahs faces heart transplant 
1995 January 27 Student government Front page SG reforms structure 
1995 January 27 College radio Front page WETN changes format 
1995 January 27 World new News World news 
1995 January 27 Student dinning News Marriott dishes new items 
1995 January 27 Student telephones News Telephone services to offer authorization codes 
1995 January 27 New Provost News Provost search list narrowed to handful 
1995 January 27 Student government Editorial Student Government's next step 
1995 January 27 Mortal Kombat Letters Kombat model responds 
1995 January 27 Confession OP-ED Righteousness, not revival, should motivate confession 
1995 January 27 U.S. sports OP-ED Sports-saturated society needs transcendent priorities 
1995 January 27 Christ's sexuality Letters Allusion to Christ's sexuality criticized by Wheaton alumnus 
1995 January 27 Student life Feature Student conquers 'Gambler' 
1995 January 27 Life Feature The gift of life-Wheaton professor gives hope to disabled boy 
1995 January 27 Sharing Christ online Feature ComputeReach touches new generation 
1995 January 27 Student life Feature All dressed up and no way to go 
1995 January 27 Theatre review Style Second City opens 35th anniversary retrospective 
1995 January 27 Theatre review Style Stone Table Theater presents Smoke on the Mountain Jan. 27, 28 
1995 January 27 Book review Style Tom Clancy's Debt of Honor is pure pulp pleasure 
1995 January 27 Movie review Style Immortal Beloved highlights holiday film releases 
1995 January 27 Wrestling Sports Wrestling team takes second at Manchester 
1995 January 27 Women's basketball Sports Women's basketball has rough CCIW beginning 
1995 January 27 Hockey Sports Woes continue for hockey team 
1995 January 27 Swimming Sports Women's swimming takes second; men grab third 
1995 January 27 Men's basketball Sports Men's basketball scores critical victory as clock runs out 
1995 January 27 Women's basketball Sports Women's hoops lose on a buzzer beater 
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