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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
1994 December 9 Plan for the college Front page Litfin unveils initiatives for next ten years 
1994 December 9 Length of semester Front page Faculty 'just say no' to calendars 
1994 December 9 Student government Front page SG discusses restructuring, other issues 
1994 December 9 President's book News Litfin book wins award 
1994 December 9 Dr. and Mrs. Holmes Feature Washington Banquet tradition to be revived 
1994 December 9 International perspective Feature Christmas in South Africa 
1994 December 9 Annamarie Clark Editorial Farewell: My time is done 
1994 December 9 Christmas Opinion Columnists 
1994 December 9 Spirituality Conversation and debate What is the spiritual life like here? 
1994 December 9 Wheaton's history Conversation and debate That old time revival 
1994 December 9 Prayer Conversation and debate On our knees: A day of prayer 
1994 December 9 Battle Conversation and debate Boxing each other 
1994 December 9 Revival Conversation and debate Revival Who needs it? 
1994 December 9 Giving Opinion Tiny gift brightens Christmas: 'Tis better to give 
1994 December 9 Being thankful Opinion Faith brings hope 
1994 December 9 Movie review Style George Lucas promises the return of the Jedi 
1994 December 9 Movie review Style Disclosure reveals our biases and misconceptions 
1994 December 9 Movie review Style Holiday Film Lineup Pursues Oscars and Riches 
1994 December 9 Hockey Sports Hockey team zambonies two in a row 
1994 December 9 Swimming Sports Swim team drinks full from the cup of success 
1994 December 9 Basketball Sports A big week for Wheaton basketball 
1994 December 2 Stefan Vaglio-Laurin Front page Student dies in car accident 
1994 December 2 Student government Front page SG after two weeks: Go outside for commencement 
1994 December 2 Michael Hamilton Front page New dissertation discusses Wheaton College's history 
1994 December 2 Student life Front page Honey Rock Camp to offer semester program 
1994 December 2 Dr. "Bud" Kellstedt News Extensive student survey completed 
1994 December 2 No transfers News No transfers in spring '96 
1994 December 2 Forgiveness Editorial A Gross Inconsistency 
1994 December 2 Jeffrey Dahmer Letters Two wrongs... 
1994 December 2 Christ Letters Sexual Christ is biblical 
1994 December 2 Christianity Opinion A political Church forgets its spiritual calling 
1994 December 2 Student life Opinion Men of Saint Hall suffer from an unfair reputation 
1994 December 2 Student government Opinion SG Projects Council 
1994 December 2 Cultural conference Letters NCMSLC opened eyes 
1994 December 2 The Record Letters Cheers for the Record 
1994 December 2 Student life Letters  I like Neal 'Fingers' Patel 
1994 December 2 Genetics Conversation and debate Two weeks in a must be hereditary 
1994 December 2 Bell curve Conversation and debate The Bell Curve 
1994 December 2 Film Conversation and debate Naturally out of Killer 
1994 December 2 Genetic defects Conversation and debate The complex structure of DNA ethics 
1994 December 2 Student life Feature Daredevils tear up the pavement 
1994 December 2 Movie review Style Arnold is expecting in the unexpected Junior 
1994 December 2 Book review Style Timothy Zahn's Star Wars series continues the epic space saga 
1994 December 2 Music review Style The Benetictine Monks of Santo Domingo de Silos present Chant Noel 
1994 December 2 Movie review Style Star Trek: Generations 
1994 December 2 Movie review Style The Professional 
1994 December 2 On-line discussion group Feature Cyberspace theology 
1994 December 2 Hockey Sports Hockey loses tough one 
1994 December 2 Swimming Sports Swimmers post individual victories 
1994 December 2 Women's basketball Sports Women's hoops steal the show 
1994 December 2 Men's basketball Sports Men's basketball off to a strong 3-0 start 
1994 November 18 Provost Front page Provost search continues, list narrowed 
1994 November 18 Gunfire Front page Tutoring Ministry Encounters Gunfire 
1994 November 18 King's college Front page The King's College set to close 
1994 November 18 Campus life Front page Lights, renovations suffer from Armerding asbesots 
1994 November 18 World news News World news 
1994 November 18 Multicultural conference News A Whole New World at Wheaton 
1994 November 18 Campus life News Semester length stands 
1994 November 18 Student life News Curriculum changes 
1994 November 18 Law Editorial The Relevance of Law 
1994 November 18 Stealing Letters Milk thieves 
1994 November 18 Christ Letters Christ was sexual 
1994 November 18 Publication Letters Record runs poor column 
1994 November 18 Dating Opinion Playing the dating game: The 'Faith Works' plan 
1994 November 18 Faith Opinion America has not abandoned the faith 
1994 November 18 Friendship Opinion The test of a true friend: Will she buy you Pepto Bismol? 
1994 November 18 Honesty Opinion So how are you really? 
1994 November 18 Evangelism Letters WET at COD 
1994 November 18 Discretion Letters Patel broke dangerous ground 
1994 November 18 Homosexuality Conversation and debate We are back, finally 
1994 November 18 Homosexuality Conversation and debate Hate the sin, Love the sinner 
1994 November 18 Homosexuality Conversation and debate Is it all in the genes? 
1994 November 18 Student travel Feature CFCI club shares the Gospel with Mexican children 
1994 November 18 Student travel Feature Student describes his life-changing trip to Romania 
1994 November 18 Music review Style Steve Camp: Not enough music for my money 
1994 November 18 Performance announcement Style The Christ to be perfomed Nov. 21 
1994 November 18 Book review Style Chrichton's Disclosure 
1994 November 18 Movie review Style Elijah Wood stars within the overambitious War 
1994 November 18 Movie review Style Interview sheds little light on vampires 
1994 November 18 Craft sale Feature Self-Help Crafts sale aids third world artisans 
1994 November 18 Swimming Sports Swim team encouraged by meet against UW-Milwaukee 
1994 November 18 Cross country Sports Cross country ends competitive season 
1994 November 18 Hockey Sports Hockey gets first win 
1994 November 18 Football Sports Football crushes Elmhurst Bluejays 
1994 November 18 Men's basketball Sports Men's hoops set to take on Lake Forest 
1994 November 18 Women's basketball Sports Women's basketball is ready to take the court 
1994 November 11 Campus safety Front page Freshman harassed by telephone calls 
1994 November 11 Gas explosion Front page Explosion Rock Nearby Apartment 
1994 November 11 Professor of Greek Front page Hawthorne replacement prospect rejects offer for financial reasons 
1994 November 11 Evangelism Front page CSC Ministry forced off College of DuPage campus 
1994 November 11 World news News World news 
1994 November 11 Congress News Republicans seize control of House, Senate 
1994 November 11 Student life News Student finds worm in her Anderson salad 
1994 November 11 Committees Editorial The Nature of Committees 
1994 November 11 Christ Letters Christ was not sexual 
1994 November 11 Controversy Opinion Christians in conflict: it's a barnyard out there 
1994 November 11 RichardNixon Opinion Richard Nixon: Reflections on a maligned hero 
1994 November 11 L'Abri Feature L'Abri provides haven and study for frustrated truth-seekers 
1994 November 11 Genisis Letters Creation serious, Genesis no joke 
1994 November 11 Character Letters Consistency of word and action is character 
1994 November 11 Campus life Letters Campus response to controversy proves a shame 
1994 November 11 Nairobi's Christian College Feature New dawn for Daystar University 
1994 November 11 Music review Style Two groups provide classy music for Artist Series 
1994 November 11 Music review Style Boston triumphantly Walks On 
1994 November 11 Theatre review Style Arena Theater presents As You Like It 
1994 November 11 Restaurant review Style Grady's is a Success 
1994 November 11 Movie review Style Frankenstein Electrifying 
1994 November 11 Student life Opinion Vampires come out of closet to play LARP 
1994 November 11 Campus life Feature Commenting on the Wheaton response to Tuesday's elections 
1994 November 11 Hockey Sports Hockey lets Bradley U. sneak in a goal to tie 
1994 November 11 Women's soccer Sports Women's soccer finishes record-setting season 
1994 November 11 Volleyball Sports Wheaton volleyball finishes second overall in CCIW 
1994 November 11 Men's soccer Sports Men's soccer play tough in NCAAs 
1994 November 11 Football Sports Football's playoff hopes dashed by perennial powerhouse Augustana 
1994 November 11 Hockey Sports Hockey ties Bradley U. 
1994 November 4 Insurance Front page College emplyees retire as insurance policies change 
1994 November 4 General Education changes Front page Faculty approves new General Education requirements 
1994 November 4 Election Front page 1994 Election Preview 
1994 November 4 Extra money Front page Budget surplus appears again 
1994 November 4 Homosexual alumni Front page Homosexual alumni come out at Homecoming 
1994 November 4 Campus life News Graham Cracker plans considered 
1994 November 4 Direction of college News Litfin begins preparation, discussion on initiatives 
1994 November 4 Renovation News Renovation bids begin 
1994 November 4 Commencement speakers News Class of 1996 officers create list of commencement speakers 
1994 November 4 Library Editorial The library is too cold! 
1994 November 4 Clark Letters Was Clark really serious? 
1994 November 4 Integrity Letters We understand integrity 
1994 November 4 Campus life Letters Campus Legalism 
1994 November 4 Bible Letters Read your Bible 
1994 November 4 Relationship with God Opinion An allegory on love, loss, and wrestling with God 
1994 November 4 Student government Opinion SG Projects Council 
1994 November 4 Student life Opinion The real monster in the basement has a spin cycle 
1994 November 4 Farming fish Feature One fish, two fish 
1994 November 4 Alumni Feature Four Alumni Serve in US Congress 
1994 November 4 Book review Style Indiana Jones, keeping the modern epic alive 
1994 November 4 Music Style The Soul Children of Chicago 
1994 November 4 Movie review Style Hoop Dreams is a slam-dunk winner 
1994 November 4 TV review Style Viewers waste no time in choosing favorites 
1994 November 4 Movie review Style Stargate is a special effects extravaganza 
1994 November 4 Student life Feature Students enjoy a weekend of Army life on field training trip 
1994 November 4 Cross country, Women's soccer, Women's volleyball Sports Sports Shorts 
1994 November 4 Football Sports Football revs up for Augustana 
1994 November 4 Men's soccer Sports Men's soccer screams into NCAA national tournament 
1994 November 4 Hockey Sports Hockey team's first game a "learning experience" 
1994 October 28 Student government Front page Freshmen lose, Seniors win 
1994 October 28 Student life Front page Honor code lives 
1994 October 28 Class gift Front page Seniors opt to beautify campus with class gift 
1994 October 28 Masters Program for Persons in Ministry Front page Extension program extended to those in full-time ministry 
1994 October 28 Wheaton news News Wheaton news 
1994 October 28 World news News World news 
1994 October 28 Swimming tradition News Initiation rites and wrongs 
1994 October 28 Student life News Unaware students neglect grievance procedure 
1994 October 28 Christianity Editorial Hello, Wheaton, Wake-up Call! 
1994 October 28 Mortal Kombat Letters Mortal Kombat portrays un-Christian values 
1994 October 28 Engineering degree Letters Wheaton does not lack an engineering program 
1994 October 28 Christ Letters Focus on Christ should be view five of Creation 
1994 October 28 President Clinton Opinion Clinton tries too hard to please everyone 
1994 October 28 Morality Opinion More than morals involved in politics 
1994 October 28 Student life Opinion College academics give freshman a rude awakening to reality 
1994 October 28 Creation Letters Genesis not meant to be scientific 
1994 October 28 Student life Opinion Wheaton students, education fail to answer Biblical call to integrity 
1994 October 28 Vandalized sculptures Feature The tribesmen mystery: who are they and why they should be left alone 
1994 October 28 Clubhouse ministry Feature CSC Clubhouse welcomes refugees 
1994 October 28 Student government Feature SG Educational Policies Committee 
1994 October 28 Movie review Style Beatty and Bening remake Love Affair 
1994 October 28 Movie review Style Tarantino's Pulp Fiction 
1994 October 28 Movie review Style Lucas' Radioland Murders 
1994 October 28 Theatre review Style Shear Madness offers a night of mystery and fun 
1994 October 28 Music review Style The Newsboys: Going Public 
1994 October 28 Theatre Style As You Like It opens Nov. 4 
1994 October 28 Women's volleyball Sports Women's volleyball continues winning ways 
1994 October 28 Hockey Sports Hockey team ready to start season 
1994 October 28 Women's soccer Sports Women's soccer team players set new records 
1994 October 28 Men's soccer Sports Heartbreaker at East McCully 
1994 October 28 Football Sports Crusaders demolish North Park 56-6 
1994 October 28 Women's tennis Sports Women's tennis takes third place in conference 
1994 October 28 Crew Sports Crew wins first race in its history 
1994 October 7 Homecoming Front page Wheaton around the world 
1994 October 7 Russian-American Christian University Front page Christian College Coalition set to open new campus in Russia 
1994 October 7 Student life Front page Bank may rob college of ATM machine 
1994 October 7 Student life Front page Gallien, Offutt predict death of Honor Code 
1994 October 7 Wheaton news News Wheaton news 
1994 October 7 World news News World news 
1994 October 7 Dr. Alvaro Nieves News Rumors of Nieves' departure unfounded 
1994 October 7 Phillip Ahn Feature Mortal Kombat model plans to go into medical missions 
1994 October 7 The Record Editorial No issue for Two Weeks 
1994 October 7 Campus life Letters Honor Code Misunderstood 
1994 October 7 Creation Letters Alumnus comments on creation issue 
1994 October 7 Foreign policy Opinion Clinton should recognize threat of nuclear North Korea 
1994 October 7 Childhood Opinion Young again 
1994 October 7 Student government SG Column College Life Committee 
1994 October 7 Relationships Opinion What to really look for in a date 
1994 October 7 Campus community Opinion Reflections on personal tragedy 
1994 October 7 Creation Letters Seven-Day Creationism endangers our faith 
1994 October 7 Discussion Letters One-sided arguments suspect 
1994 October 7 Body Image Conversation and debate Pretty woman, walking down the street... 
1994 October 7 Body image Conversation and debate Food 'n Stress 
1994 October 7 Body image Conversation and debate Scantily clad in tight black spandex, leaning over a piece of Nautilus equipment, sweat dripping from her forehead... 
1994 October 7 Body image Conversation and debate Anorexia 
1994 October 7 Christ Conversation and debate The sexuality of Christ 
1994 October 7 Haitian-American issues Feature Local Haitans criticize U.S. occupation 
1994 October 7 Dr. Walter Elwell Feature Theology professor discusses his mammoth book collection 
1994 October 7 Movie review Style Quiz Show examines our values and integrity 
1994 October 7 Music review Style Paris visits Wheaton 
1994 October 7 Comedy show Style The student-produced Salad Years hits big 
1994 October 7 Music review Style The Mackenzies: Desire 
1994 October 7 Music review Styles In the House of Stone and Light 
1994 October 7 Entertainment Style Odds 'n Ends 
1994 October 7 Student life Guest Columns Memories of summer: wedding parties, nametags, scary supervisors, and attempted communism 
1994 October 7 Dating Guest Columns I date, therefore I am 
1994 October 7 Women's volleyball Sports Women's volleyball hits well in home tournament 
1994 October 7 Football Sports Crusaders shut down Redmen 40-0 
1994 October 7 Cross country, Men's Lacrosse, Women's soccer, Women's tennis Sports Sports Briefs 
1994 October 7 Men's soccer Sports  Men's soccer smokes two in Texas 
1994 October 7 Football Sports Wheaton to face IWU in Homecoming game 
1994 September 30 Housing Front page College purchases apartment building on College Ave 
1994 September 30 Student life Front page New transportation safety policy may hit clubs' pocketbooks 
1994 September 30 Employees Front page College emplyees get new mortgage assistance 
1994 September 30 Evangelicals for Social Action Front page ESA rises from College Democrat ashes 
1994 September 30 Wheaton news News Wheaton news 
1994 September 30 Campus safety News Peeping Tom Plagues campus 
1994 September 30 Body image Feature Eating disorders The desire for the 'perfect body' can overpower logic and well being 
1994 September 30 Telescope in campus observatory Feature Gaze at the stars 
1994 September 30 Bible and theology department Letters Clarification of Grad School enrollment 
1994 September 30 Creation Letters Theistic evolution endangers our faith 
1994 September 30 Body image Opinion Fighting the V-centric myth 
1994 September 30 American church Conversation and debate The Church 
1994 September 30 Race Conversation and debate Listed by Race 
1994 September 30 President Litfin Conversation and debate The Flip Side of Litfin 
1994 September 30 Students Conversation and debate The myth of the well-rounded student 
1994 September 30 Book review Style Paul Reiser's Couplehood is comedic genius 
1994 September 30 Movie review Style The Shawshank Redemption is Fall's first must-see 
1994 September 30 Campus radio Sound Judgment Listen Up! FM88 changes nightly line up 
1994 September 30 Music review Style Parkening Plays Vivaldi 
1994 September 30 Music review Style Roxette to release Crash! Boom! Bang! 
1994 September 30 Social responsibilities Opinion Issue of population control relevant to Christians 
1994 September 30 Society Opinion Washington cannot prevent gangs from arising 
1994 September 30 Cross country, Women's Volleyball Sports Sports Briefs 
1994 September 30 Women's soccer Sports Women's soccer takes two shots to the chin 
1994 September 30 Men's soccer Sports Men's soccer improves to 7-1 with wins over regional foes 
1994 September 30 Men's lacrosse Sports Men's lacrosse feels prepared for fall season 
1994 September 30 Women's tennis Sports Women's tennis 
1994 September 23 Personal responsibility Front page Honor code to be considered 
1994 September 23 Campus crime Front page Thieves successfully target bicycles 
1994 September 23 Dr. R. Mark Dillon Front page College hires advancement vice president 
1994 September 23 Wheaton news News Wheaton news 
1994 September 23 World news News World news 
1994 September 23 Student government News Grant nominated to replace Hunter 
1994 September 23 Relationships Editorial What a woman wants in a man 
1994 September 23 Creation Letters Undue attention to creation issue weakens our credibility 
1994 September 23 Misrepresentation Letters Front page book headline misrepresented authors 
1994 September 23 Health care issue Letters Republicans working on health care, too 
1994 September 23 Being grateful Opinion Learning to Love 
1994 September 23 Journalism Opinion A columnist faces her new life 
1994 September 23 Student government SG Column Test Yourself 
1994 September 23 Pursuing knowledge Feature On Gump, creation, Ptolemy, baseball, Dennis Miller, language, virtures, and chocolate 
1994 September 23 Future of the world Feature Population talks skirt New World Order 
1994 September 23 Student life Conversation and debate Big Brother, In Christ, Is Watching 
1994 September 23 Campus environment Conversation and debate Undecided 
1994 September 23 Control Conversation and debate Knock...knock...knock! 
1994 September 23 Wheaton college in Massachusetts Feature A tale of two Wheatons 
1994 September 23 Stress Feature Counselor offers tips for coping with stress 
1994 September 23 Movie review Style The delayed release of Orion's Blue Sky lets us keep up with Jones 
1994 September 23 Theatre review Style Arena Theater opens with Marvin's Room 
1994 September 23 Television review Remote Possibilities Network scheduling makes for tough decisions 
1994 September 23 Music review Style Zukerman opens Artist Series' 41st season 
1994 September 23 Women's soccer Sports Women's soccer remains undefeated 
1994 September 23 Cross country Sports Cross country runs into first big competition 
1994 September 23 Football Sports Crusaders leave Aurora seeing stars 
1994 September 23 Men's soccer Sports Men's soccer claims another big win 
1994 September 23 Volleyball Sports Volleyball faces tough competition 
1994 September 16 Dr. J. Richard Chase Front page Chase to speak at commencement 
1994 September 16 Campus life Front page College losses $1000 in phone fraud 
1994 September 16 Books by Wheaton professors Front page Books by Burge and Noll challenge traditional Christian views 
1994 September 16 Theological studies Front page Grad Bible department loses applicants, gains enrollment 
1994 September 16 President Litfin News Litfin responds to controversy over creation clarification policy 
1994 September 16 World news News World news 
1994 September 16 Campus community Editorial We Are Watching 
1994 September 16 Health care Letters Seeking a compassionate health care system 
1994 September 16 Dr. Nadine Folino Feature Biology professor dives into environmental research 
1994 September 16 Class size Feature Big classes raise big questions on education quality 
1994 September 16 Movie review Film development The Next Karate Kid falls flat on her face 
1994 September 16 Emmys Remote Possibilities 1994 Emmy Award ceremony escapes usual boredom 
1994 September 16 Women's soccer Sports Wheaton women remain unbeaten 
1994 September 16 Men's soccer Sports Ohio Wesleyan Tournament 
1994 September 16 Women's volleyball Sports Women's volleyball spikes their way through Colorado 
1994 September 16 Women's Tennis Sports Double trouble from tennis 
1994 September 16 Football Sports Crusader football begins season as winners 
1994 September 16 Men's soccer Sports Men's soccer wrecks Trinity 
1994 September 9 Student housing Front page Kilby residents forced to evacuate twice after recurrent disturbance 
1994 September 9 Statement of Faith creation doctrine detailed Front page Creation Policy Clarified 
1994 September 9 Evangelicals and Catholics together Front page Noll, Hatch endorse landmark accord 
1994 September 9 Lawsuit Front page Wheaton City Council approves Koinonia House settlement 
1994 September 9 Internet News Buswell Library joins the Information superhighway 
1994 September 9 World news News World news 
1994 September 9 The Record quality Editorial Earning the right to be heard 
1994 September 9 Creation policy Editorial New creation policy infringes on learning 
1994 September 9 Health care Opinion Re-examining the health-care issue 
1994 September 9 Being alternative Opinion Alternative What does it mean? 
1994 September 9 CD Conversation and debate What is CD? 
1994 September 9 College presidents Conversation and debate A Heritage Reconstructured 
1994 September 9 Dr. Mixter Conversation and debate Conflict between Faith and Science 
1994 September 9 Campus life Conversation and debate Pranks 
1994 September 9 Campus life Conversation and debate The Evils of Secret Societies 
1994 September 9 Superficial standards Conversation and debate Beware of Boundary Markers 
1994 September 9 Classic automobiles Feature Traveling in style 
1994 September 9 Music review Style Sixpence None the Richer: The Fatherless and the Widow 
1994 September 9 Music Style Zukerman to perform in Artist Series opener 
1994 September 9 Movie review Style Steve Martin fathers A Simple Twist of Fate 
1994 September 9 Arena Theater Style Arena opens Sept.15 
1994 September 9 Michael Keaton Style Michael Keaton hangs up his cape Forever 
1994 September 9 Women's soccer Sports Women's soccer thrashes Hope 
1994 September 9 Men's soccer Sports Men's soccer wins opener 
1994 September 9 Football Sports Crusader football revs up for season 
1994 September 9 Women's volleyball, Cross country Sports Sports Shorts 
1994 September 2 Hawthorne House Front page College purchases house in England 
1994 September 2 Provost search Front page Nominations sought for new provost position 
1994 September 2 World news Front page World news 
1994 September 2 The Record Editorial Philosophy of Ministry 
1994 September 2 Student government Opinion SG Statement of Purpose 
1994 September 2 Tom Skinner News Rev. Tom Skinner dies of Leukemia 
1994 September 2 Freshmen News Freshmen profile: Record-breaking pool of applicants 
1994 September 2 Wheaton in the World Feature Jerusalem's Old City captures Jewish culture 
1994 September 2 Wheaton in the World Feature Chinese man hands his testimony to student 
1994 September 2 Wheaton in the World Feature Mexican's sacrifice inspires student 
1994 September 2 Wheaton in the World Feature Cancelled travel plans open door to camp ministry 
1994 September 2 Music Arts Chapman and Stonehill kick off concert tour at Wheaton 
1994 September 2 News Arts Odds 'n Ends 
1994 September 2 Movie review Arts Survey of summer movies turns up some gems 
1994 September 2 Movie review Arts Natural Born Killers is nightmarish 
1994 September 2 Football Sports Crusader football to take care of 'unfinished business' 
1994 September 2 Men's soccer Sports Wheaton men's soccer set to bounce back 
1994 September 2 Women's soccer Sports Women's soccer team holds promise 
1994 September 2 Women's tennis, Cross country, volleyball Sports Sports update 
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