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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
1994 April 22 Screening mail Front page Can the College Post Office screen student mail? 
1994 April 22 Administrative structure Front page President considers administrative adjustments 
1994 April 22 Internet accounts Front page Computing Services to terminate guest Internet accounts 
1994 April 22 Robert Bell News Wheaton alumnus Federal Judge Robert Holmes Bell addresses role of Christians in Law 
1994 April 22 Car accident News Taylor University students involved in fatal car accident 
1994 April 22 Dr. David Fletcher News Dr. Fletcher to fill Philosophy Dept. Chair 
1994 April 22 Coffee house Features Taste the flavor of Be' an Wilde 
1994 April 22 Being editor Editorial Reflections and acknowledgements 
1994 April 22 Evangelical charismatics Letters Response to Watkins arrogant and intolerant 
1994 April 22 Student life Letters Wheaton students sighted buying cigarettes 
1994 April 22 Alumni Letters Alumni rumor-mongering? 
1994 April 22 Community Opinion Wheaton's 'Senior' citizens 
1994 April 22 Compassion Opinion Micheal Fay deserves the consequenses of his actions 
1994 April 22 Quotes Opinion Quotables 
1994 April 22 Crime Opinion American response to crime is rooted in liberalism 
1994 April 22 Loyalty Letters Patriotism to God's Kingdom only 
1994 April 22 Charismatics Letters Watkins' view of the Trinity unorthodox 
1994 April 22 Charismatics Letters Charismatics article reflects wrong attitude 
1994 April 22 Truth Letters Teaching theistic evolution good, not liberal 
1994 April 22 Rape Opinion Rape is real, even on Christian campuses 
1994 April 22 Student life Opinion Once more the procrastinator 
1994 April 22 Marriage Opinion Beware: Christian marriages can be miserable 
1994 April 22 Dr. Litfin Opinion Ease off Litfin 
1994 April 22 Student life Fun A day in the life of Wheaton College 
1994 April 22 Movie reviews Arts Spotlighting the summer movie scene 
1994 April 22 James Buswell Arts Buswell's grandson to perform at C.O.D. 
1994 April 22 Theatre review Arts Former Wheaton student to perform in world premiere of Still 
1994 April 22 Men's tennis Sports Crusader tennis crossed by Knights 
1994 April 22 The Record Reflections The Wheaton Record: 1993-1994 
1994 April 22 NBA Sports Gospel of Jock 
1994 April 22 Baseball Sports They built it, we came 
1994 April 15 Student life Front page Academically-based sevice learning to be integrated into course options 
1994 April 15 College's direction Front page Is Wheaton going liberal? 
1994 April 15 Honors Front page Faculty, students honored 
1994 April 15 President for a day Features The bird's eye view--from the student's perspective 
1994 April 15 Ethnic diversity Features Litfin expresses multicultural goals 
1994 April 15 Misionaries Features African students speak out on Western Missions 
1994 April 15 Humor Cartoon Calvin and Hobbes 
1994 April 15 Convenience store Features Hunger sated at Express Junction 
1994 April 15 Community Features Good relationship maintained between College and City 
1994 April 15 Kenneth Wessner Letters Thank you for the Wessner article 
1994 April 15 Charismatic movement Letters Watkins confuses the issues 
1994 April 15 Unity Editorial To be a Christian is to be controversial 
1994 April 15 Trustees Opinion The Board of Trustees: Not exactly conspirators 
1994 April 15 Evangelism Opinion Wiping away false tears of Bozo the Christ 
1994 April 15 Charismatic movement Letters An attack for lack of reason 
1994 April 15 Charismatic movement Letters Hurrah for Watkins?!? 
1994 April 15 Charismatics Letters Watkins column most ignorant 
1994 April 15 Christian charismatics Letters Apology due from Watkins and Record 
1994 April 15 Charismatics Letters Watkins challenged to worship in Spirit 
1994 April 15 Reality Opinion Christians need to confront their pain 
1994 April 15 Charismatics Letters Respect diversity, refrain from judging 
1994 April 15 Charismatics Letters Watkins, don't limit God 
1994 April 15 Worshiping God Letters Understand God through the Spirit 
1994 April 15 Student life Letters Dance policy reflects student apathy 
1994 April 15 Student life Opinion Rockin' Spring Break 
1994 April 15 Diversity Opinion Comments on diversity and multiculturalism: It's up to us 
1994 April 15 NHL Sports NHL Playoffs begin 
1994 April 15 Movie review Arts Go along for the ride in Four Weddings and a Funeral 
1994 April 15 Lacrosse Sports Wheaton lacrosse chases perfect season 
1994 April 15 NBA Sports Gospel of Jock 
1994 April 8 Kenneth T. Wessner Front page Wheaton trustee Kenneth T. Wessner dies at age 71 
1994 April 8 Melissa Himes Front page Former Wheaton student kinapped by Khmer Rouge 
1994 April 8 Student government Front page Austin/Kary win election 
1994 April 8 Salaries News Faculty salaries are tops, endowment fund buffers financial situation 
1994 April 8 Dr. Marlin Adrian News Religious Studies Dr. Marlin Adrian edged out in new program 
1994 April 8 Campus safety News Blotter 
1994 April 8 Student life in the 50's Features Trustees and Mrs. Knoedler reflect on Wheaton years 
1994 April 8 Dr. William Lane Craig Features Theology conference speaker tackles atheism vs. Christianity 
1994 April 8 Missions Features Wheaton students go to Florida prisons over Spring Break 
1994 April 8 Growing old Editorial Growing pains 
1994 April 8 Students Letters Curtis Spears thanks Wheaton 
1994 April 8 Student life Letters A parent comments 
1994 April 8 Honey Rock Letters Thanks you Wheaton College body! 
1994 April 8 Student government Letters '94-'95 SG Leaders speak 
1994 April 8 Charismatics Opinion Charismatics don't move with the Spirit 
1994 April 8 Purpose Opinion Seeking to find purpose in life's unending cycle 
1994 April 8 Conforming Opinion Farewell Wheaton: The Pledge is unbiblical 
1994 April 8 Book review Arts and Entertainment The Palace Thief steals the show 
1994 April 8 Theatre review Arts and Entertainment Arena Theater season ends with Chosen Daughter 
1994 April 8 Theatre review Arts and Entertainment Ensemble acting highlights The Paper 
1994 April 8 Music review Arts and Entertainment Red House Painters 
1994 April 8 Track and field Sports Crusaders capture nine events at Wheaton Track Invitational 
1994 April 8 MLB Sports Play Ball! Major League season begins 
1994 April 8 NCAA Basketball Sports Gospel of Jock 
1994 March 25 Humor Front page Student government amendment passes: Stupe to sell beer! 
1994 March 25 Humor Front page Editor comes out of the closet 
1994 March 25 Humor Front page President's office announces significant chapel changes 
1994 March 25 Humor Lies and Distortions Clinton administration outraged: 'We can do better' 
1994 March 25 Humor Lies and Distortions Blotter 
1994 March 25 Humor Features/ Co-Arts Psychology The forgotten science must be understood by studying Sigmund Freud 
1994 March 25 Humor Features/ Co-Arts CSC creates new ministries 
1994 March 25 Humor Silly Editorial Save the earth: Conserve gravity 
1994 March 25 Humor Letters Wheaton, what's important 
1994 March 25 Humor Wacky Opinion Clark admits conversion to radical feminism 
1994 March 25 Humor Sports and Leisure Campus profs' books hit the shelves 
1994 March 25 Humor Sports and Leisure Much more than a tail of a whale 
1994 March 25 Humor Sports and Leisure Tyson accepted to college 
1994 March 25 Student costs Front page Tuition up, relative costs down 
1994 March 25 Diversity Front page College plans to attract minorities 
1994 March 25 Fred Barnes Front page Barnes speaks on Clinton, Farrakhan 
1994 March 25 Sarcasm Letters Williams apologizes for attempt at sarcasm 
1994 March 25 Academy Awards Arts Spielberg reigns supreme at predictable Oscars 
1994 March 25 Movie review Arts Originality marks What's Eating Gilbert Grape 
1994 March 25 Voting Editorial Get out and vote 
1994 March 25 Student government Letters Sider and Smith clarify 
1994 March 25 Student government Letters Record coverage of candidates incomplete 
1994 March 25 Student life Letters Wrong to obstruct distribution of Independent 
1994 March 25 Student life Opinion A piece of Garbage 
1994 March 25 Christianity Opinion Touching the untouchables 
1994 March 25 Softball Sports Crusaders fall to St. Mary's 
1994 March 25 NBA Sports Gospel of Jock 
1994 March 25 Intramural sports Sports Show Guns, Recussitators, Bubba's Boys win IM championships 
1994 March 18 Student government Front page Meet the Student Government candidates 
1994 March 18 Spring break travel Front page Wheaton profs spend Spring Break in Kiev 
1994 March 18 Graduate program Front page Communications department celebrates 25th anniversary 
1994 March 18 Student government News Profs nix SG course guide 
1994 March 18 Mother Teresa News Mother Teresa confronts America at National Prayer Breakfast 
1994 March 18 Dr. Harold M. Best Features Dr. Best to be president of college music association, NASM 
1994 March 18 Music review Arts LSU's Shadded Pain is Hardcore 
1994 March 18 Response to film review Letters Lee's Shadowland does not convey truth 
1994 March 18 Wheaton life Letters Response to Wade and Winnes 
1994 March 18 Feminism Editorial Reassessing feminism for the woman's sake 
1994 March 18 Reaction to articles Letters Litfin article from wrong perspective 
1994 March 18 Oppression Letters Knowing real oppression 
1994 March 18 People Letters Peoplephobia or just people sick-of-it? 
1994 March 18 Movie reviews Letters Don't tell the end! 
1994 March 18 The gender of God Opinion Pronouns we associate with God carry strong implications 
1994 March 18 America Opinion America--'may she always be right, but our country, right or wrong' 
1994 March 18 The church Opinion Show Time Religion 
1994 March 18 Rights Opinion Society is denying us the right to our right to Rights Institution 
1994 March 18 Student life Opinion Food Fights are simply stupid 
1994 March 18 Baseball Sports Baseball team launches into season 
1994 March 18 NCAA tournament Sports Gospel of Jock 
1994 February 25 Campus life Front page Shortened semester causes conflict among professors 
1994 February 25 Student opportunities Front page Prestigious scholarship available to graduating Wheaton students 
1994 February 25 Student government Front page Student Government elections approaching 
1994 February 25 Tailhook scandal News Three of four Tailhook scandal cases dismissed, top Navy admiral retires 
1994 February 25 Karen Thomas Jones Letters Dr. Jones offers an explanation 
1994 February 25 Truth Editorial 'No words can have absolute meaning' 
1994 February 25 Dr. Karen Jones Letters Communicate about Jones 
1994 February 25 Thank you Letters 'Thank you' from the Keuls 
1994 February 25 Hats in chapel Letters Hats are okay in Chapel 
1994 February 25 Gender issues Letters Man of the '90s is wrong 
1994 March 18 Indoor track, Basketball, Swimming and Wrestling Sports Sports Briefs 
1994 March 25 Humor Letters A few blank thoughts on dating at Wheaton 
1994 March 25 Humor Letters GOP is the only way 
1994 February 25 Student life Opinion Redefining 'Senior Cynicism' 
1994 February 25 Gender issues Letters A challenge to '90s men 
1994 February 25 Campus housing Letters Housing article inflammatory 
1994 February 25 Marketing Christianity Letters Regarding Pop Christianity 
1994 February 25 Movie review Arts Powerful images elevate Kieslowski's Blue 
1994 February 25 Movie review Arts Reality Bites falls short of premise 
1994 February 25 Music review Arts Hersh flies high with first solo album 
1994 February 25 Men's baskeball Sports Men's basketball reaches 16-win mark 
1994 February 25 Swimming Sports Swimmers reach for NCAA Championships 
1994 February 25 Men's Tennis, Indoor Track, Wrestling Sports Sports brief 
1994 February 18 Nancy Swider-Peltz Front page Alumnus attempts to return to the Olympics 
1994 February 18 Campus housing Front page Debate grows over housing renovation 
1994 February 18 Student life Front page Student Government polls opinions during 'Walk Week' 
1994 February 18 Health Care News Policy for recommending health care students changed 
1994 February 18 Missing tests News Professor frets over possible exam abduction 
1994 February 18 Academics News Administration considers changes in Gen Ed requirements 
1994 February 18 Art minor News Association mandates changes in current Art minor requirements 
1994 February 18 Modem use News New policy curbs modem use 
1994 February 18 African-American church history Feature Lecture features Black History in Church 
1994 February 18 Evangelism Feature A litle story of remarkable Christian heroism in the Middle East 
1994 February 18 Witnessing online Feature Internet as a tool for evangelism 
1994 February 18 Gender and racial issues Letters White man not to blame 
1994 February 18 Propagate Letters Ignorance or Freudian slip? 
1994 February 18 Karen Jones Letters Why the silence about Jones? 
1994 February 18 Mothers Editorial A tribute to Mom, a commision to parents 
1994 February 18 Men Opinion The man of the '90s is getting a bum rap 
1994 February 18 Pacifism Letters Mantius' pacifist arguments inconsistent 
1994 February 18 Popular Christianity Opinion Pop Christianity ineffective in penetrating culture 
1994 February 18 Science Opinion Controversy in science of time: 'stitch in time saves nine' no longer accurate 
1994 February 18 Homosexuality Opinion Homophobic or just homo-sick-of-it? 
1994 February 18 Movie review Arts Shadowland does not tell the whole story 
1994 February 18 Theatre review Arts The Diviners confronts personal struggles 
1994 February 18 Performance announcement Arts Workshop and Chorale present Dido and Aeneas 
1994 February 18 Women's basketball Sports Conference hopes fade for Crusader women after recent losses 
1994 February 18 Movie review Arts In the Name of the Father 'exceptional' says Academy 
1994 February 18 Intramurals Sports Intramurals provide fun and entertainment 
1994 February 18 Men's volleyball Sports Men's volleyball spikes opponents 
1994 February 18 Swimming Sports Swimmers capture CCIW championships, continue conference domination 
1994 February 18 Figure skating Sports Gospel of Jock 
1994 February 11 Dr. James Hoffmeier Front page Space Age meets the Exodus: Archaelogy prof works with NASA 
1994 February 11 Campus dancing Front page Dance policy re-evaluated 
1994 February 11 Diversity Front page Multicultural conference gathers to examine racial reconciliation 
1994 February 11 Budget deficit News President Clinton proposes 1995 Budget 
1994 February 11 Campus life News No change in college policies expected after hockey accident 
1994 February 11 Student films News Class film reviewing policy similar to past 
1994 February 11 President Clinton News Clinton begins ties with Vietnam 
1994 February 11 International news News NATO sends ultimatum to Serbia 
1994 February 11 President Litfin Editorial Regarding the Litfin article 
1994 February 11 Dr. Litfin Letters Litfin article gives mistaken impression 
1994 February 11 Quoting Letters Record should not print anonymous quote 
1994 February 11 Hats in church Letters No hats in chapel; Record articles are disrespectful 
1994 February 11 Dr. Jones Letters Thank you Dr, Jones 
1994 February 11 International aid Letters U.S. should intervene in Bosnia 
1994 February 11 Faith Letters A note of encouragement 
1994 February 11 Chapel Letters It is unfortunate that chapel is mandatory 
1994 February 11 Personal messages Letters Happy Valentine's Day 
1994 February 11 Misanthropy Opinion Greetings from a Misanthrope 
1994 February 11 Being pro-life Opinion Consistent pro-life perspective demands pacifism 
1994 February 11 St. Valentine Feature Did you know? 
1994 February 11 Soul Opinion II Corinthians 4 and Me 
1994 February 11 Student life Opinion Dorm policy of sexual segregation needs change 
1994 February 11 Book review Arts Christians in crisis: Who are God's people in the Middle East? 
1994 February 11 Music review Arts Williams sets sail with Inland Sailor 
1994 February 11 Performance announcement Arts College symphony salutes Winter Olympics 
1994 February 11 Movie review Arts Exciting Blink transcends genre 
1994 February 11 Bob Dylan tribute Arts Positively Dylan 
1994 February 11 Women's basketball Sports Lady Crusaders battle back to conference lead 
1994 February 11 Men's basketball Sports Crusaders edged by Wesleyan in OT 
1994 February 11 Wrestling Sports Wheaton Invitational 
1994 February 11 Football Sports Gospel of Jock 
1994 February 4 Jeff Keul, James Fulton, Sean Duggan, Dave McKay, Robert Correll and Ben Roth Front page College mourns losses in accident; one killed, five seriously injured 
1994 February 4 Vice President for Advancement News VP for Advancement search goes on 
1994 February 4 Dr, Mary Stewart Van Leeuwen News Van Leeuwen address men's movement 
1994 February 4 Dry ice bombings News Ice-bombers sentenced to community service 
1994 February 4 Changing administration News Academic administration restructuring in process 
1994 February 4 Billy Graham Center Museum News BGC Museum receives a facelift for 1994 
1994 February 4 Joe Watkins Feature MSC nightlife comes to life with Joe, third-shift custodian 
1994 February 4 Language program News Chinese program dropped due to lack of intrest 
1994 February 4 Jeff Keul Feature Students and friends reflect on Jeff Keul's life and character 
1994 February 4 Dr. Arthur Holmes Feature Holmes retires after 43 years at Wheaton 
1994 February 4 Dr. Myrna Grant Feature Communications prof helps facilitate Russian media 
1994 February 4 Student housing Letter Housing residents angry 
1994 February 4 Censorship Editorial Let's clear up a misconception...regarding censorship 
1994 February 4 Jeff Keul Opinion A hometown friend remembers Jeff Keul 
1994 February 4 Rights Opinion A famous Meister fable, The Allegory of the Raise 
1994 February 4 Men's movement Letters Bobbitt and the men's movement 
1994 February 4 Dr. Litfin Letters Litfin should write a weekly article 
1994 February 4 Clinton Opinion Learn Vietnam's lesson: adopt the Nixon doctrine 
1994 February 4 Lawyers Opinion Christians, stay out of law! 
1994 February 4 Mourning Perspective What does it mean to mourn? 
1994 February 4 Music review Arts Concerts: The Randy's get wild 
1994 February 4 Music review Arts WETN sponsors concert 
1994 February 4 Academy Awards Arts We'll see you at the Oscars 
1994 February 4 Movie review Arts Films may offer solace 
1994 February 4 Student life Arts Talent show real 'smooth' 
1994 February 4 Relationships Arts Author studies dating at Wheaton 
1994 February 4 Wrestling Sports Wrestlers go 3-2 in tourney 
1994 February 4 Men's basketball Sports Crusaders pound conference foes 
1994 February 4 Women's baskeball Sports Women's basketball sacks Carthage 
1994 February 4 Michael Jordan Sports Gospel of Jock 
1994 January 28 Dr. Karen Jones Front page Dr. Karen Jones resigns 
1994 January 28 Ministry Front page WCF starts a new ministry 
1994 January 28 Campus housing Front page Major dormitory renovations to start next fall 
1994 January 28 Accreditation Front page Accreditation team comes to Wheaton 
1994 January 28 Robert J. Nelson News Train hits homeless man on President Street 
1994 January 28 Abortion News Court decision may affect student group 
1994 January 28 President Litfin Feature Students and faculty reflect on Litfin's first semester 
1994 January 28 American literature Editorial Virture before liberty? 
1994 January 28 Politics Letters Wheaton College doesn't need Republicans and Democrats 
1994 January 28 Sports coverage Letters Perry disappointed in Wheaton Record 
1994 January 28 Performance art Opinion GLORCK: Gourds, Moire, and Art 
1994 January 28 Lorena Bobbitt Opinion Bobbit's acquital sets national precedent 
1994 January 28 Diversity Opinion Blacks on campus don't segregate themselves 
1994 January 28 Dr. James M, Boice Feature Philadelphia pastor challenges students 
1994 January 28 Movie review Arts Schindler's List is one of Spielberg's greatest triumphs 
1994 January 28 Humor Comic Calvin and Hobbes 
1994 January 28 Movie review Arts The life of C.S. Lewis brought to the big screen in Shadowlands 
1994 January 28 Movie review Arts Malcolm X to be shown during Regional Christian Multi-Cultural Student Conference 
1994 January 28 Abortion National Economic motive irrelevant to racketeering law 
1994 January 28 World Church National The Church Around the World 
1994 January 28 William J. Perry National President Clinton nominates Perry for Defense Secretary 
1994 January 28 President Clinton National President focuses State of the Union address on health care, welfare, and crime 
1994 January 28 Football Sports Female football fan speaks out 
1994 January 28 Women's basketball Sports Crusaders dump top-ranked Millikin 
1994 January 28 Super bowl Sports Gospel of Jock 
1994 January 28 Hockey Sports Hockey team falls to NIU 
1994 January 28 Swimming and Wrestling Sports Sports Briefs 
1994 January 21 Abortion Front page Students protest abortion 
1994 January 21 Bike theft Front page 27 bicycles stolen at Wheaton campus in 1993 
1994 January 21 Martin Luther King Jr. Front page Monday luncheon held in honor of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. 
1994 January 21 Student conference News Urbana Wheaton student learns to appreciate the advantages of a Christian college 
1994 January 21 Urbana News Praising as one yet with many different backgrounds 
1994 January 21 Student engagement traditions Feature Wheaton students rush to go 'Up the Tower' 
1994 January 21 Student life Feature Career Development Center holds career conference sharing advice n the transition from college to career 
1994 January 21 Dry-ice bombs Letters Bomb apology 
1994 January 21 Col. James Gritz Letters Col. James Gritz defended as hero 
1994 January 21 Student life Letters Publish parking offender names 
1994 January 21 News Editorial Whatever happened to reporting the news? 
1994 January 21 Honoring historical figures Opinion Honoring Southern pride is diversity, not bigotry 
1994 January 21 Student government Opinion Student Government starts strong 
1994 January 21 Coffee Opinion Education by coffee 
1994 January 21 Weather Opinion Northerners suffer from brain permafrost 
1994 January 21 Whitewater land dealings News Pressure to discover truth in Whitewater case prompts President Clinton to appoint special counsel 
1994 January 21 Earthquake News Californians woken suddenly by early-morning earthquake 
1994 January 21 Music review Arts Taylor wins with Squint 
1994 January 21 Movie review Arts Cabin Boy sets sail on a voyage of silliness 
1994 January 21 Music review Arts Counting Crows soar to the top 
1994 January 21 NFL Sports NFL Playoff Results 
1994 January 21 Basketball, Wrestling and Swimming Sports Sports Briefs 
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