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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
1993 April 23 Student government Front page SG minority survey shows varying results 
1993 April 23 Dave Dravecky Front page Dave Dravecky: Turning loss into gain 
1993 April 23 Fundraiser for the Timothy Project News Concert held to raise money for Georgian Republic 
1993 April 23 Art review Arts Rene Magritte: an illusory exhibit 
1993 April 23 Restaurant review Carlucci Arts Goatfeathers 
1993 April 23 The Record Opinion Fighting for our lives 
1993 April 23 Student life Letters Water balloon story is all wet 
1993 April 23 Diversity Letters Love all cultures by loving Christ 
1993 April 23 Abortion Letters Rescuers make a difference 
1993 April 23 Christian family life Opinion How to raise a child in the way he should go 
1993 April 23 Homosexuality Opinion Interview: a former homosexual changed by grace 
1993 April 23 Cultural diversity Opinion True diversity is achieved through homogeneity 
1993 April 23 Predestination Letters The mystery of God 
1993 April 23 Relationships Exchange Biblical interpretation cannot escape complexity 
1993 April 23 Theology Exchange A liberal's exegesis 
1993 April 23 The Bible Exchange Understnading biblical healing 
1993 April 23 Lacrosse Sports Lacrosse licks Lincoln Park 
1993 April 23 Baseball Sports Kalamazoo brings Wheaton back to earth 
1993 April 16 Campus safety Front page Six students arrested after water balloon incident 
1993 April 16 Student video "Let's Build a Bridge" Front page The Clip wins Illinois student media award 
1993 April 16 Campus life Front page Concerned Women for America chapter launched 
1993 April 16 Spring break News Student group tastes urban life during spring break 
1993 April 16 Evangelical Press Association News Cornerstone editors to visit for 'EPA Day' 
1993 April 16 Student life News Students petition for campus diversity 
1993 April 16 Advice column Features Stef stunningly solves stifling social situations 
1993 April 16 Humor Opinion April Fools? 
1993 April 16 Pranks Letters April Fools issue not funny 
1993 April 16 Diversity Letters Redefining Christian diversity 
1993 April 16 Predestination Opinion Point, counterpoint: Perspectives on the doctrine of predestined salvation 
1993 April 16 God's love Opinion Friday 
1993 April 16 Homosexuality Opinion Understanding homosexuality: one Christian's experience 
1993 April 16 Christianity Opinions The world is like a mask dancing 
1993 April 16 Gloria Jeanne Davis Exchange Gloria Jeanne Davis; a case for affirmative action 
1993 April 16 Rights Exchange Reviewing individual rights 
1993 April 16 Carol Moseley-Braun Exchange Braun's honeymoon is over 
1993 April 16 Art exhibit Arts Sacred Arts exhibit brightens Wheaton winter 
1993 April 16 Theatre review Arts Arena Theatre presents Trip to Bountiful 
1993 April 16 Humor Comics Outland, Calvin and Hobbes, Dan The Bird and Young Fogeys 
1993 April 16 Baseball Sports Errors, hitting hinder Crusaders againts Aurora 
1993 April 1 Humor Front page President-elect Litfin in coma after accident 
1993 April 1 Humor Front page Rush Limbaugh to replace Graham at commencement 
1993 April 1 Humor Front page Student Government election surprise: Hollinger in, Crusader out 
1993 April 1 Humor News and Arts Public safety brutality increases 
1993 April 1 Humor Features Chaplain Kellough: Toupee or not toupee? 
1993 April 1 Humor Opinion How to be a Pharisee about the Pledge 
1993 April 1 Humore Letters Record staff deserves more 
1993 April 1 Humor Letters Doug deserves more, too 
1993 April 1 Humor Opinion Kill the hypocrites 
1993 April 1 Humor News and Features King Kong devours three Wheaton students during Chicago rampage 
1993 April 1 Humor Sports Wheaton Boxing: get ready for some pius punishment 
1993 April 1 Humor Sports Money is no object for "Nite at the Racetrack" 
1993 April 1 Humor Sports Record editor Dan Gallaugher announces he will try out for Crusader football team 
1993 April 2 Student government Front page Students go with status quo in SG elections 
1993 April 2 Jonathan Hunter Front page AIDS ministry director addresses students 
1993 April 2 Gloria Gulley Features and Arts Gloria Gulley ministers through the arts 
1993 April 2 Ministry Features and Arts A Friday night date with AIDS 
1993 April 2 Reactions to the paper Opinion Explaining the "loony leftist flyer" 
1993 April 2 Trustees Letters Thank God for the trustees 
1993 April 2 Racial issues Letters Do we really want to "see no color"? 
1993 April 2 Spiritual war Opinion Don't let Wheaton dull you to realities of spiritual warfare 
1993 April 2 Relationships Opinion Husbands and wives: consider the past generation 
1993 April 2 Campus life Opinion The value of the Pledge in creating a unique community 
1993 April 2 Baseball Sports Home opener humbles Wheaton 
1993 March 26 Student financial assistance Front page Need, recipients increase with government financial aid changes 
1993 March 26 Renovation Front page Edman Chapel may undergo balcony remodeling 
1993 March 26 Dr. C. Everett Koop Front page Dr. C. Everett Koop addresses health care issue 
1993 March 26 Cult News Branch Davidian cult is a case of control and perversion 
1993 March 26 Women in Seminary lecture News Three women share experiences of ministry 
1993 March 26 Credit card debt Features Students and credit cards: a dangerous combination? 
1993 March 26 Correctional facility ministry Features Ministry takes gospel behind bars 
1993 March 26 Abortion Opinion Fight abortion Christ's way 
1993 March 26 Homosexuality Letters A different perspective on homosexuality 
1993 March 26 Campus life Opinion To increase campus diversity, change the curriculum 
1993 March 26 Abortion issues Opinion Could Michael Griffin's action be justified? 
1993 March 26 Spirtuality and emotions Opinion How are you doing spiritually? 
1993 March 26 David Gunn Letters Weak response to Gunn's death 
1993 March 26 Tolerance Letters Cultural trends pervade Wheaton 
1993 March 26 Diversity Letters Affirmative action harmful 
1993 March 26 National service Opinion Clinton challenges students to serve 
1993 March 26 Movie review Arts Falling Down responds to a sick society 
1993 March 26 Restaurant review Cafe Trieste Arts Goatfeathers 
1993 March 26 Rape Exchange COD aquaintance rape victim shares her story, pain 
1993 March 26 Feminism Exchange Feminism discussed in Christian college context 
1993 March 26 Dinesh D'Souza Exchange Westmont grapples with affirmative action question 
1993 March 26 Cultural diversity Exchange Calvin holds multicultural forum 
1993 March 26 Public safety Exchange Bloomington library hires security to halt crimes 
1993 March 26 Humor Comics Outland, Dan the Bird, Young Fogeys and Calvin and Hobbes 
1993 March 26 Intramural basketball Sports IM Finals feature fantastic finishes 
1993 March 26 Sports fans Sports Gospel of Jock 
1993 March 19 Student government Front page Rynbrandt-Adams to run unopposed for top SG posts 
1993 March 19 Student life Front page SG ballot to poll students on dancing, college mascot 
1993 March 19 Diversity Front page Forum discusses Skinner, racial diversity 
1993 March 19 Mascot News Faculty discusses Crusader mascot issue 
1993 March 19 Photography exhibit Arts Helen Levitt: a selectively subtle vision 
1993 March 19 Music review Arts Vigilantes of Love release an album worth killing for 
1993 March 19 Student life Opinion Next week, vote for a change 
1993 March 19 Christian life Letters Dirty faith proves toxic 
1993 March 19 Love Letters Strike a blow for Christian love 
1993 March 19 John Perkins Opinion Perkins offers racial reconciliation 
1993 March 19 Dating Opinion Faries states final thoughts on dating 
1993 March 19 Uncertainty Opinion Uncertainty, a faithful friend 
1993 March 19 Christianity Exchange Guidelines for identifying a "real Christian" 
1993 March 19 Swimming Sports Women take 12th at swim nationals 
1993 March 19 Humor Comic Dan the Bird 
1993 March 19 Baseball Sports Baseball digs in for 1993 
1993 March 19 Softball Sports Softball starts off on the right foot 
1993 March 19 Basketball Sports Wheaton hoops ends season with a bang 
1993 February 26 Eating disorders Front page Forum discusses eating disorders 
1993 February 26 Student government Front page Student Government creates new chair to address multicultural issues 
1993 February 26 Time off Front page Family leave bill affects Wheaton staff 
1993 February 26 Master of arts in teaching Front page Course listings for teaching program released 
1993 February 26 Liquor News Alcohol in Wheaton 
1993 February 26 History of college and city News From gospel to goodwill 
1993 February 26 Crime News From political riots to material theft 
1993 February 26 Library Arts Updated Archives/Special Collections 
1993 February 26 Theatre review Arts Contemporary issues relevant in Nora 
1993 February 26 Music theatre workshop Arts Students perform opera scenes 
1993 February 26 Working for the paper Opinion We want you for the Wheaton Record 
1993 February 26 Students Letters A thanks for thoughtfulness 
1993 February 26 News Letters Real issues make a difference 
1993 February 26 Issues Letters Choose letters with discretion 
1993 February 26 Health care Opinion Socialized health care endangers good service 
1993 February 26 Diversity Opinion See people instead of race 
1993 February 26 Homosexuality Opinion Gay veterans pose financial liability 
1993 February 26 Homosexuality Opinion Students state opinions on homosexuality issue 
1993 February 26 Diversity Opinion Our secularism is evident in our priorities 
1993 February 26 Relationship between student and community Opinion Local community should be viewed as mission field 
1993 February 26 Diversity Letters Students speak out in support of diversity on campus 
1993 February 26 Student life Opinion Insults inappropriate for mascot conflict 
1993 February 26 Bill Clinton Exchange Clinton considered "hypocrite" in eduacational policies 
1993 February 26 Wheaton politics Exchange Political influence in the community 
1993 February 26 Humor Comics Dan the Bird and Young Fogeys 
1993 February 26 Men's basketball Sports Men win 1,000th Schauer scores 1,000th point 
1993 February 26 Women's basketball Sports Carlson, Russell end careers at Wheaton with 1,000 points 
1993 February 26 Swimming Sports Men capture CCIW; women place 2nd 
1993 February 5 Employment Front page Students' critique of federal program draws attention 
1993 February 5 Campus life Front page Wheaton trustees adopt new Statement of Faith 
1993 February 5 New Mascot Front page The Wheaton Mastodons 
1993 February 5 College history Features Professors look back on thirty years of change 
1993 February 5 Remodeling for the next generation Features The future of Wheaton College: Planning for the 21st century 
1993 February 5 Theatre review Arts & Entertainment Play Ruthlessly delivers 
1993 February 5 Restaurant review Arts & Entertainment Goatfeathers 
1993 February 5 Rick Florian Arts & Entertainment Singer spills his White Heart 
1993 February 5 New nickname Opinion The Wheaton Mastodons 
1993 February 5 The pledge Letters The Father, Son, and Holy Pledge? 
1993 February 5 Homosexuality Letters Discrimination is not the right answer 
1993 February 5 Body image Opinion Reconciling ourselves to our bodies 
1993 February 5 Homosexuality Opinion Homosexuality 
1993 February 5 Mascot Opinion Reactions to the mascot issue 
1993 February 5 Dating Opinion Dating is like chewing gum 
1993 February 5 Humor Comics Calvin and Hobbes and Dan the Bird 
1993 February 5 Track Sports Track teams take third place 
1993 February 5 Women's basketball Sports Lady Mastodons move into third 
1993 February 5 Basketball Sports Ahlborn's transition is trouble for CCIW foes 
1993 February 5 Men's basketball Sports Wheaton takes winning ways on the road 
1993 February 5 Super bowl Sports Gospel of Jock 
1993 January 29 Diversity Front page Multicultural conference to be held at Wheaton 
1993 January 29 Homosexual alumni Front page Response to homosexual group varies 
1993 January 29 Student government Front page Sophomore president resigns 
1993 January 29 Commencement speakers Front page Graham, Van Leeuwen to speak at commencement 
1993 January 29 Allen Duane Litfin Features Pastor, teacher, president 
1993 January 29 Jonathan MacKenzie Features Ode to the President-for-a-day 
1993 January 29 Music review Arts & Entertainment Spinoza, a band spawned of necessity 
1993 January 29 Music review Arts & Entertainment Goatfeathers 
1993 January 29 Student life Opinion Taking off the blindfold 
1993 January 29 Homosexuality Letters Don't condone homosexuality 
1993 January 29 Reaction to articles Letters Random opinions on Bill and the Bills 
1993 January 29 Evengelicalism Opinion "Limping along" towards a Christian synthesis 
1993 January 29 Quotations Opinion An Ecclesiastical consideration of quotations 
1993 January 29 Christian life Opinion Beatitude 
1993 January 29 Humor Comics Outland, Dan the Bird and Calvin and Hobbes 
1993 January 29 Men's basketball Sports Elmhurst win elevates men to .500 mark 
1993 January 29 Nicknames Sports Gospel of Jock 
1993 January 29 Swimming Sports Crusaders leave North Central all wet 
1993 January 29 Women's basketball Sports Women's hoops hands Lady Cards another loss 
1993 January 22 Dr. Allen Duane Litfin Front page President-elect A. Duane Litfin visits campus 
1993 January 22 Alumni Front page Homosexual alumni group seeks healing, dialogue 
1993 January 22 Chapel News and Features Chapel Committee Gives Student Feedback 
1993 January 22 Music review Arts & Entertainment Harrod and Funck heal the masses with Dreams of the Color Blind 
1993 January 22 Music review Arts & Entertainment Stone Soup records acoustic talent 
1993 January 22 Bill Clinton Opinion Does Clinton keep his promises? 
1993 January 22 Body image Letters Fight the causes of eating disorders 
1993 January 22 Mascot Opinion Wheaton Crusaders? Change the mascot to avoid giving offense 
1993 January 22 Faith Opinion Exercise love, not judgment, to help the doubting Christian 
1993 January 22 Lives of service Opinion Honoring MLK, Malcolm X 
1993 January 22 Pessimism Opinion America's half-empty glass 
1993 January 22 Humor Comics Outland, Dan the Bird, Calvin and Hobbes 
1993 January 22 Swimming Sports Swim teams shine at COD 
1993 January 22 Break Sports Christmas break keeps athletes on the run 
1993 January 22 Women's basketball Sports Lady Crusaders clip Lady Cards 
1993 January 22 Men's basketball Sports Augustana aggravates Wheaton 
1993 January 22 NFL Sports The Gospel of Jock 
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