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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
1992 December 4 Diversity Front page Panel discusses diversity 
1992 December 4 Teaching English Front page Graduate school adds TESL program 
1992 December 4 Library Front page Library review shows periodical problems 
1992 December 4 Religion issues Front page Sociology conference addresses religious trends 
1992 December 4 George Gallup News and Features George Gallup polled 
1992 December 4 SelfHelp Crafts sale News and Features Professors host annual craft show 
1992 December 4 Billy Graham Museum News and Features Take a "Journey to Heaven" in BGC 
1992 December 4 Music review Arts & Entertainment Sonic Youth: Dirty 
1992 December 4 Performance review Arts & Entertainment Ellis Marsalis review 
1992 December 4 Civil war Opinion Remeber Bosnia and Somalia 
1992 December 4 Modern feminism Letters Clark describes feminist fringe 
1992 December 4 Nickname Letters Drop the name "Crusaders" 
1992 December 4 Perspective Letters Cure for cynacism: a burning passion for Jesus Christ 
1992 December 4 Evangelicalism Opinion How to be an evangelical 
1992 December 4 Experience Opinion Don't worship experience 
1992 December 4 Humor Comics Outland, Dan the Bird and Calvin and Hobbes 
1992 December 4 Football, men's soccer and volleyball Sports Wheaton tops All-CCIW teams 
1992 December 4 Men's basketball Sports Crusaders capture second 
1992 December 4 Swimming Sports Swimmers make mediocre showing in Indianapolis 
1992 December 4 Women's basketball Sports Women's hoops hang on for wins 
1992 November 20 Fundraiser for DuPage county Front page Auction collects over $4,000 for homeless 
1992 November 20 Camp improvements Front page Honey Rock campaigns seeks renovation funds 
1992 November 20 Food waste Front page Anderson Commons examines food waste 
1992 November 20 New courses Front page New minor to begin in Spring 
1992 November 20 Dr, Robert Pastor News Tiffany Lecture addresses relations with Latin American countries 
1992 November 20 Kathy Brawley News Speaker urges students: Fight domestic violence 
1992 November 20 Book review Arts & Entertainment Two books by Gablik critique art and culture 
1992 November 20 Thanksgiving Opinion Giving more than thanks 
1992 November 20 ROTC program Letters ROTC is still going strong 
1992 November 20 Grace Letters More thoughts on divine grace 
1992 November 20 Criticism Opinion Overcoming a critical spirit 
1992 November 20 Feminism Opinion To be or not to be a feminist 
1992 November 20 Student life Opinion Holy wars, the sequel 
1992 November 20 Humor Comics Outland and Dan the Bird 
1992 November 20 Cross country and swimming Sports Crusader Sports Notebook 
1992 November 20 Jazz club review Arts Goatfeathers 
1992 November 20 Football Sports Football ends season with loss 
1992 November 20 Basketball Sports Dominating defense is key for men 
1992 November 20 Women's basketball Sports Women set for encore 
1992 November 6 Military Front page ROTC scales back 
1992 November 6 Student life Front page Campaign tactics criticized in election aftermath 
1992 November 6 Election Front page Students react to Clinton victory 
1992 November 6 Eating disorders Front page Let them eat rice cakes 
1992 November 6 Dr. Jean Bethke Elshtain News Ethicist addresses democratic system 
1992 November 6 Self-defense News Detective encourages self-protection 
1992 November 6 World news News International news 
1992 November 6 Biology News Animal experiments discussed 
1992 November 6 Herold Hyde News Hyde visits grad class 
1992 November 6 Eating disorders News An anorexic speaks 
1992 November 6 Election Opinion Whatever happened to love? 
1992 November 6 Diversity Letters Keep Wheaton's diversity 
1992 November 6 Diversity Letters Reach out to other students 
1992 November 6 Politics Letters Respect different political views 
1992 November 6 Questions Opinion A few questions 
1992 November 6 Nickname Opinion Holy wars 
1992 November 6 Pride Opinion Cocktail parties, pride, and Eric Liddell 
1992 November 6 Political issues Letters Stop moral decay 
1992 November 6 Gospel Opinion Divine grace: Is it fair? 
1992 November 6 Theatre review Arts A worthwhile Man For All Seasons opens Arena Theatre season 
1992 November 6 Eating disorders Feature How do men affect women? 
1992 November 6 Music review Arts Kirov Orchestra stuns audience 
1992 November 6 Dr. Sara Miles Feature Sara Miles: A different kind of feminist 
1992 November 6 Restaurant review Feature Goatfeathers 
1992 November 6 Students tutoring Jr. highschoolers Feature Students initiate new CSC ministry in the 'burbs 
1992 November 6 Humor Comics Outland and Dan the Bird 
1992 November 6 NBA Sports Gospel of Jock 
1992 November 6 Football Sports Cardinals fly south on Parents Weekend 
1992 November 6 Soccer and volleyball Sports Wheaton notebook 
1992 November 6 Swimming Sports Swimmers set for new season 
1992 October 30 Leigh Ann Metzger Front page Bush liasion predicts election victory 
1992 October 30 Relationship with Australian school Front page Australian college seeks exchange program 
1992 October 30 Safe water Front page Lake Michigan water deemed safe 
1992 October 30 Windsor Park Manor Front page College loans $2 million 
1992 October 30 Presidential election News A look at the candidates 
1992 October 30 Presidential election News Apathetic students 
1992 October 30 Presidential election News Who students are voting for 
1992 October 30 Presidential election News Faculty defend Clinton 
1992 October 30 International news News International news brief 
1992 October 30 Presidential election News Four students express their views 
1992 October 30 Bill Clinton Opinion Bill Clinton for president, part 2 
1992 October 30 U.S. Senate Letters Vote Koppie for Senate 
1992 October 30 Presidential election Letters Weighed in the scales 
1992 October 30 Bill Clinton Opinion Let's change America 
1992 October 30 Purpose of the College Opinion Wheaton at the crossroads 
1992 October 30 George Bush Opinion Looking forward, not inward 
1992 October 30 Ross Perot Opinion Ross for boss 
1992 October 30 Clinton Letters Sinead for president 
1992 October 30 Election Letters Vote for a man of character 
1992 October 30 Bill Clinton Letters Clinton for president? 
1992 October 30 Election Letters Change for the better 
1992 October 30 Presidential election Opinion Party politicts and evangelicals 
1992 October 30 Presidential election Opinion Vote for a change 
1992 October 30 Society Opinion The curse of the advantaged 
1992 October 30 New York Arts & Entertainment Goatfeathers 
1992 October 30 Dumpster- hopping Feature Gleaners find dining alternative 
1992 October 30 Museum of Contemporary Art Arts Art at the armory: Occupied territory 
1992 October 30 Music review Arts James: Seven 
1992 October 30 Rachel Haworth Sports Hawworth: Licensed to kill 
1992 October 30 Football Sports Vikings marauded 
1992 October 30 Women's tennis, Volleyball and soccer Sports The Crusader notebook 
1992 October 30 Canadian sports Sports The Gospel of Jock 
1992 October 9 Major General Nikolai Stolyarov Front page Russian general addresses Wheaton 
1992 October 9 Student-run radio station Front page WETN changes format 
1992 October 9 Telephone services Front page Call-waiting appears, disappears from college phones 
1992 October 9 Teaching program News Faculty approve MAT goal 
1992 October 9 International news News International news brief 
1992 October 9 Dr. Manfred Siebald Features Manfred Siebald: From Kassel to Wheaton 
1992 October 9 Politics Opinion What's in a phrase 
1992 October 9 Student life Letters Prejudice persists at Wheaton 
1992 October 9 Trustees Letters Thank God for the trustees 
1992 October 9 Trustees Letters Trust the trustees 
1992 October 9 George Bush Letters Bush is the best available option 
1992 October 9 Republican party Opinion Mere Republicanism 
1992 October 9 Election Opinion Shopping for votes 
1992 October 9 Election Opinion Missing the forest for the trees 
1992 October 9 Music review Arts & Entertainment News bands on campus 
1992 October 9 Michael Card Arts & Entertainment Interview with Michael Card 
1992 October 9 Theatre review Arts & Entertainment Goatfeathers 
1992 October 9 Music review Arts & Entertainment Chamblin awes at coffeehouse 
1992 October 9 Volleyball Sports Wheaton jolts Big Blue jinx 
1992 October 9 Soccer, volleyball, tennis and cross country Sports Wheaton Notebook 
1992 October 9 Athletics Sports The Gospel of Jock 
1992 October 2 Hillary Clinton Front page Democrats meet Hillary Clinton 
1992 October 2 College Republicans Front page Republicans support Bush at Chicago fundraiser 
1992 October 2 Telephone services Front page Illinois Bell fills fall fiasco gap 
1992 October 2 Billy Graham Front page Graham slowed by Parkinson's 
1992 October 2 Politics and the press News Journalists discuss truth in election year politics 
1992 October 2 Abortions News Cook Co. resumes abortions 
1992 October 2 Student housing News Housing solves shortage 
1992 October 2 Election Opinion Get out the vote 
1992 October 2 Student government Opinion Trustees should listen to students 
1992 October 2 Music and culture Opinion U2 shows us our culture 
1992 October 2 Hair Opinion An apology for baldness 
1992 October 2 Hope Opinion Appeal to meaning 
1992 October 2 Homsexuality Opinion Homosexuals: Gotta like 'em or love 'em 
1992 October 2 Dr. Dennis Okholm Feature Dr. Okholm: The oblate, the man 
1992 October 2 Homecoming Feature Homecoming preview 
1992 October 2 Arts walk Arts & Entertainment Chicago art: Around the Coyote 
1992 October 2 Movie review Arts & Entertainment Woody Allen's Husbands and Wives 
1992 October 2 Restaurant review Arts & Entertainment Goatfeathers 
1992 October 2 Men's soccer Sports Crusaders split weekend series 
1992 October 2 Women's tennis Sports Lady Crusaders crush Millikin 
1992 October 2 Volleyball, Women's soccer and cross country Sports Wheaton Notebook 
1992 October 2 NFC Sports The Gospel of Jock 
1992 September 25 Diversity Front page Minority enrollment increases 
1992 September 25 Social dancing Front page Two-stepping violates Pledge 
1992 September 25 Wheaton's next president Front page Faculty, students seek voice in presidential search 
1992 September 25 Weather Front page Humidity blamed for fire alarms 
1992 September 25 Wheaton festival News Autumn Fest: something for everyone 
1992 September 25 International news News International news briefs 
1992 September 25 Gingerbread houses Features Edman Chapel: how sweet it is 
1992 September 25 Missions Features Student Missionary Project experience found in people, not places 
1992 September 25 Music review Arts & Entertainment The Connells: intelligent rock without a label 
1992 September 25 Music review Arts & Entertainment The Brave cry out against the world 
1992 September 25 Music review Arts & Entertainment U2 delivers outstanding music and controversy 
1992 September 25 Restaurant review Arts & Entertainment Goatfeathers 
1992 September 25 Ross Perot Opinion Perot again? 
1992 September 25 The paper Opinion Thou shalt not bear false witness 
1992 September 25 Christianity Letters to the editor Don't accommodate spiritual apathy 
1992 September 25 Clinton Letters to the editor Check facts before slamming Clinton 
1992 September 25 Voting Opinion Reasons to vote against Bush 
1992 September 25 Dating Opinion TWIRP weekend defeats purpose 
1992 September 25 Walking in the Light Opinion The Light of the world 
1992 September 25 Football Sports Flyers frustrate Crusaders 
1992 September 25 Soccer, Volleyball, Tennis and Cross country Sports Wheaton sports briefs 
1992 September 18 Campus life Front page College increases laundry fees 
1992 September 18 Wheaton Fall festival Front page Autumn Fest 
1992 September 18 Academics Front page Committee proposes changes in general education requirements 
1992 September 18 Internet Front page InfoNet comes to Wheaton 
1992 September 18 Bud Knoedler Front page Bud Knoedler: then and now 
1992 September 18 International news News News Briefs from around the world 
1992 September 18 TV on campus News College investigates cable opportunities for houses and apartments; talks stall over cost of blocking channels 
1992 September 18 Faculty News New faculty mambers 
1992 September 18 Music review Arts & Entertainment Following a Dead end 
1992 September 18 Music review Arts & Entertainment King's X refuses to fit the CCM paradigm 
1992 September 18 Theatre review Arts & Entertainment Wating for Godot addresses real life 
1992 September 18 Amy Jo Inniger Feature HNGR intern finds real people 
1992 September 18 Restaurant review Feature Bacino's 
1992 September 18 Tammy Zywicki Feature Tammy Zywicki remembered 
1992 September 18 Bud Knoedler Feature Bud Knoedler on Wheaton past, present, and future 
1992 September 18 Presidential election Opinion Choosing the president, 1992 
1992 September 18 Relationships with prisoners Letters to the editor Be wary of inmates requesting letters 
1992 September 18 Student life Letters to the editor Those invisible transfer students 
1992 September 18 Bill Clinton Opinion Reasons to vote against Clinton 
1992 September 18 Life Opinion Ethics of genetic engineering 
1992 September 18 Revival Opinion Revival begins with the thinker 
1992 September 18 Football Sports Crusaders chop down Foresters 
1992 September 18 Soccer Sports Wheaton soccer has winning streak 
1992 September 18 Women's soccer Sports Defense not enough for Lady Crusaders 
1992 September 11 Edwin Meese Front page Ed Meese addresses Wheaton 
1992 September 11 Theft Front page Cash, donuts are still missing four months after Stupe, library thefts 
1992 September 11 Dr. Patricia Ward Front page Dean Pat Ward resigns 
1992 September 11 President Front page Committee continues search for next Wheaton College president 
1992 September 11 Jazz Arts & Entertainment Jazz Fest offers great music for free 
1992 September 11 Billy Graham Center Museum Arts & Entertainment BGC exhibit depicts African-American religious history 
1992 September 11 Music review Arts & Entertainment Michael W. Smith and Crystavox: Not all contemporary Christian music is created equal 
1992 September 11 Editorial Opinion Something old, something new 
1992 September 11 Loneliness Letter to the editor Prison inmate requests letters from students 
1992 September 11 Presidential election Opinion Objective media in an election year? 
1992 September 11 Football Sports Football team gets ready for a big year 
1992 September 11 Soccer Sports Soccer kicks off season with win over Trinity 
1992 September 11 Volleyball Sports Volleyball squad sets sights on CCIW trophy 
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