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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
1992 January 24 Job Market Front Page Job prospects slim for '92 grads 
1992 January 24 Human Needs and Global Resources Front Page HNGR interns return, good reports 
1992 January 24 Junior-Senior relationships Front Page Senior bench incites brawl in Anderson 
1992 January 24 Music Arts / Features Nirvana's Nevermind cries out for answers 
1992 January 24 Star Trek devotion Arts / Features Trekkie crew lands on college frontier 
1992 January 24 The editors' list of wishes Opinion Editorial 
1992 January 24 Sabbath keeping Opinion Letters: Keep J. Blanchard's spirit, keep Sabbath 
1992 January 24 Racial equality Opinion Equality: the impossible dream? 
1992 January 24 Basketball Sports Men's B-ball takes second at Wooster 
1992 January 24 Swim team Sports Swim teams sweep at Illinois meet 
1992 January 31 Evangelists warning Christians Front Page Stupe evangelists warn students of judgment 
1992 January 31 Campus Club Sports Front Page Club sports may shift from Student Activities to athletic department 
1992 January 31 Japan, U2, Georgia and Lenin Front Page International News Briefs 
1992 January 31 Harassment policies News Faculty reviews harassment policies 
1992 January 31 Student Research Colloquium News Colloquium garners student research, seeks more applicants 
1992 January 31 Job Market News Seniors' responses to poor job market vary 
1992 January 31 Pets on campus Features TWIRP blues? Find trustworthy companionship with campus critters 
1992 January 31 Jell-O sculpting Features The joys of Jell-O sculting and tag 
1992 January 31 Procrastinating Features Top "10 commandments" for procrastinating 
1992 January 31 Art exhibit Arts & Entertainment Sheesley's "Thesaurus": through a suburb darkly 
1992 January 31 Campus music Arts & Entertainment The Rileys: Wheaton's newest band emerges with talent, neighborly style 
1992 January 31 Dr. Peter Wong and the dance program Arts & Entertainment Students dance again with new professor 
1992 January 31 Movies Arts & Entertainment Top five movie rentals for winter retreats 
1992 January 31 Liberalism Opinion Editorial 
1992 January 31 Menstruation Opinion Rags to riches 
1992 January 31 Home Opinion Where is our real home? 
1992 January 31 Perseption of self Opinion The perfect me 
1992 January 31 Lance Kinzer's wish list Opinion Letters: Student responds to Record wish list 
1992 January 31 Wrestling Sports Coach Togami inspires wrestlers to keep focus 
1992 January 31 Wheaton College hockey Sports Cold steel on ice: a Wheaton tradition 
1992 January 31 Basketball Sports I.M. basketball competition begins 
1992 February 7 Chapel series Front Page Faculty lecture series targets Wheaton's spiritual struggles 
1992 February 7 Political Science Front Page Political science society formed 
1992 February 7 Wheaton and the Job Market Front Page Alumni say Wheaton degree may not suffice 
1992 February 7 Wheaton's Career development services News Business awareness of Wheaton low 
1992 February 7 Student survey News Students support Sunday library hours 3 to 1 
1992 February 7 HNGR intership in Uganda Features Seeing God's world through Ugandan eyes 
1992 February 7 Love on campus Features Desperate for love? Try the mantis model 
1992 February 7 Al Chealey and arts Arts & Entertainment Pleasure Endeavors shows art to be medicine 
1992 February 7 Movies Arts & Entertainment The Black Robe reveals "modern religion" 
1992 February 7 Christian Dialogue Opinion Editorial 
1992 February 7 Answering Lace Kinzer's wish list Opinion Letters: Questions for Lance 
1992 February 7 Answering Lace Kinzer's wish list Opinion Letters: Think Objectively 
1992 February 7 Menstruation Opinion Letters: Scripture doesn't condone immodesty 
1992 February 7 Living innocence and freedom Opinion Freeding the child within 
1992 February 7 Answering Lance Kinzer's wish list Opinion Love Unites 
1992 February 7 Students' wish list Opinion Wish list III 
1992 February 7 Menstruation Opinion Grow up, guys 
1992 February 7 Dealing with pain Opinion Hoerthe's law of incomparability 
1992 February 7 Speaking about sexual matters Opinion Wrong climate for Record 
1992 February 7 Answering Lance Kinzer's wish list Opinion Think objectively 
1992 February 7 Answering Lance Kinzer's wish list Opinion Fight fairly 
1992 February 7 Answering Lance Kinzer's wish list Opinion More responses to Lance 
1992 February 7 Basketball Sports Groen back from injury, leads team 
1992 February 7 Baseball Sports Fastballs, homeruns and hardwork: Crusader baseball team hopeful 
1992 February 7 Women's basketball Sports Women's basketball: the Duke of division III 
1992 February 14 Illinois Bell Front Page Bell errs, phone charges delayed 
1992 February 14 Dorms evacuated Front Page Gas leak in Williston forces evacuation 
1992 February 14 Athletic budget cuts Front Page Ladd proposes varsity sports cuts 
1992 February 14 Choral groups News Choral groups change membership policies 
1992 February 14 Wheaton Bible Church News College pastor Iglesias resigns, controversy surrounds departure 
1992 February 14 Gregg Pittman Lecture series Features PLS enlightens dozens of students 
1992 February 14 Campus relationships Features Overcoming the dilemma of the barely acquainted 
1992 February 14 Valentine's Day Features Top 10 things to hate most about Valentine's Day 
1992 February 14 Campus game Arts & Entertainment New games challenge even college crowd 
1992 February 14 Comedy Arts & Entertainment Shear Madness remains fresh and fabulous 
1992 February 14 Jason Priestly Arts & Entertainment Move over Fonz, here comes Jason Priestly 
1992 February 14 Ethnic restaurant in Chicago Arts & Entertainment Old Jerusalem: traditional Mediterranean cuisine 
1992 February 14 Campus theater production Arts & Entertainment Arena's Toys explores family secrets 
1992 February 14 Rape Opinion Editorial 
1992 February 14 Political Correctness Opinion PC, or plain English? 
1992 February 14 Towards a campus revival Opinion Letters: Seek renewing 
1992 February 14 Open-mindedness Opinion Lance responds to criticisms 
1992 February 14 Campus sensitivity Opinion More tact needed 
1992 February 14 Valentine's day Opinion Celebrating the ugly side of love 
1992 February 14 Discrimination Opinion Stop discrimination 
1992 February 14 Women's basketball Sports Coach Baker enjoying finest season 
1992 February 14 Wrestling Sports Wrestling Invitational successful, competition and ahrd work pay off 
1992 February 14 Basketball coach interview Sports Coach Harris working hard on and off court 
1992 February 21 Leroy H. Pfund lecture Front Page President Carter to deliver Pfund lecture Monday in Edman Chapel 
1992 February 21 Burr scholarship  Front Page James Burr scholarship committee considers restructuring proposal 
1992 February 21 International TV stations on campus News Satellite brings foreign TV to Wheaton students 
1992 February 21 Staley Lecture Series News Journalist Fred Barnes to deliver Staley Lecture Series Feb. 26-27 
1992 February 21 Professor Frank Harris News Former Prof swims 1,000 miles in Chrouser pool 
1992 February 21 Award-wining painting Arts & Entertainment Student takes first in AnnTaylor competition 
1992 February 21 International movies Arts & Entertainment Foreign films offer alternatives to Blockbuster 
1992 February 21 Californians in the Midwest Features Californians overcome stereotypes; face Midwest snow and culture 
1992 February 21 Gospel Choir sings in Prison Features Sharing a birthday behind bars 
1992 February 21 Wheaton grad chaplain in Senate Features From Wheaton to Senate: Chaplain Halverson recalls past experiences 
1992 February 21 Being young but truthful and unashamed Opinion Editorial 
1992 February 21 Evangelists answering previous article Opinion Letters: Evangelists rebut 
1992 February 21 God as pain absorber Opinion Absorbing pain 
1992 February 21 Resignation at Wheaton Bible Church Opinion Out of line 
1992 February 21 Campus relationships Opinion More incomparability 
1992 February 21 Burr Scholarship Opinion Support for Burr 
1992 February 21 Hobbies Sports Snowboarding: not a sport, a state of mind 
1992 February 21 Sports at Wheaton Sports Howard teaches trainers dedication 
1992 February 21 Wheaton Equestrian team Sports Equestrian team rides successfuly 
1992 February 28 Pfund lecture on Worldwide suffering alleviation Front Page President Carter preaches peace 
1992 February 28 Presidential elections Front Page Political society discusses presidential candidates 
1992 February 28 Former custodian manager convincted of theft Front Pages College employee convicted, retires 
1992 February 28 Koinonia House construction in Wheaton News Mills meets opposition to convict home 
1992 February 28 Choral groups petition News Choral group members protest changes in membership policies 
1992 February 28 Gospel choir tours eastward News Admissions counselor joins Gospel Choir tour 
1992 February 28 Fred Barnes interview Features Barnes points to blind spot in media 
1992 February 28 Southern culture Features New club ain't just Whistlin' Dixie 
1992 February 28 Off-campus jobs Features Off campus jobs enrich students' lives 
1992 February 28 Movies Arts & Entertainment Enter Wayne's World, a life-changing experience 
1992 February 28 The English quartet, My Bloody Valentine Arts & Entertainment Bloody Valentine plays feedback-laden bliss 
1992 February 28 Artist Randy Travis Arts & Entertainment Travis brings country to Chicago 
1992 February 28 Sheryl Dickerson's clothing creations Arts & Entertainment Dickerson displays artistic creations at fashion show 
1992 February 28 Values in film making Arts & Entertainment Scenes of suffering provoke Church's response 
1992 February 28 Burr Scholarship Opinion Editorial 
1992 February 28 Burr Scholarship Opinion Letters: Support Burr 
1992 February 28 Hearing the evangelists Opinion Let them speak 
1992 February 28 Burr scholarship Opinion Support the poor 
1992 February 28 Convictions Opinion Keep beliefs, unity 
1992 February 28 Interacting with Lance Kinzer Opinion Help defense of Wheaton 
1992 February 28 Men's tennis Sports Men's tennis "set" for strong season 
1992 February 28 Basketball Sports Unspoken Yearning finds innovative ways to compete in I.M. basketball 
1992 March 20 SG election candidates Front Page Competition stiff for upcoming Student Government elections 
1992 March 20 Russia, Iraq, and Presidential primaries Front Page News Briefs 
1992 March 20 Tuition increase Front Page Undergraduate and graduate tuition to increase in 1992-93 
1992 March 20 Artist Luka Bloom Arts / Features White men can rap: Bloom's Acoustic Motorbike trascends folk boundaries 
1992 March 20 Presidential candidates Opinion Editorial 
1992 March 20 Violent love Opinion Violent love 
1992 March 20 Men's volleyball Sports Men's volleyball: "setting" an example 
1992 March 20 Women's tennis Sports Women's tennis team makes strong beginning in Florida over break 
1992 March 20 Baseball Sports Spring baseball begins, faces ups and downs 
1992 March 27 Alcohol Front Page Study finds 9 percent of students drink regularly 
1992 March 27 Underground campus paper Front Page Wheaton Golf Digest seeks free expression 
1992 March 27 Divorce at Wheaton Front Page Students struggle with anger, aftermath of divorced parents 
1992 March 27 The McClungs, a Missionary family News MIF week focuses on McClung family 
1992 March 27 Commencement speakers News Coats, Padilla to speak at senior commencement 
1992 March 27 Divorce at Wheaton News Divorce statistics for alumni remain unknown 
1992 March 27 Racial reconciliation News Bowling alley and administration respond to claim of discrimination 
1992 March 27 Sacred Arts exhibit in BGC Arts & Entertainment Sacred Arts exhibit rejoins faith and creativity 
1992 March 27 Campus performance Arts & Entertainment Hootenanny '92: mosh pit madness 
1992 March 27 The Court of Logres Features Adventurous lords and ladies "go bananas" over new medieval club 
1992 March 27 Spring Fever Features Seeking a remedy for the post-break blues 
1992 March 27 Movie-maker Wes Craven Features Wes Craven: from Wheaton to Elm Street 
1992 March 27 Sin and disease Opinion Editorial 
1992 March 27 Dreaming of being a werewolf Opinion Werewolf worries 
1992 March 27 Christian feminism Opinion Defining feminism 
1992 March 27 Bread of heaven Opinion Bread of heaven 
1992 March 27 Women's softball Sports Women's softball team plays hardball 
1992 March 27 Golf Sports Men's golf team swings into spring season 
1992 March 27 Lacrosse club Sports Lacrosse sticks together again 
1992 April 1 Powdery substance found in editors' drawers Front Page Stevens calls the dogs on Record editors 
1992 April 1 Edman Chapel as a swimming pool Front Page Edman Chapel to rival Chrouser as second campus swimming facility 
1992 April 1 SG presidential elections Front Page Write-ins sweep election 
1992 April 1 Music band Arts / Features The Penguis: belching in the music business 
1992 April 1 Inclusive language for academic purposes Arts / Features Womyn Rule celebrates inclusive language victory 
1992 April 1 Housing policies Arts / Features Investigation uncovers dubious housing policies 
1992 April 1 Campus ticketers Opinion Editorial 
1992 April 1 Campus relationships Opinion Letters: We were just friends 
1992 April 1 Gender diversity Opinion Too many men 
1992 April 1 Chapel speakers Opinion Where was Shirley? 
1992 April 1 Wheaton College's new mascot? Opinion The Armadillo 
1992 April 1 Anderson Commons stop signs Opinion Why stop signs? 
1992 April 1 Physical training Sports Olympic style training produces real men 
1992 April 1 Basketball Sports Georgetown woos Wheaton's Ballbach with coaching position 
1992 April 3 Kurt and Kent Lightner as president and vice-president Front Page Write-ins sweep senior election 
1992 April 3 Dr. Chuck Lewis interviewed Features Lewis stresses academic pressures shouldn't overwhelm 
1992 April 3 Romantic play Arts & Entertainment Carnal Knowledge boasts strong acting, sexy scenes 
1992 April 3 Author John Irving's A Prayer for Owen Meany Arts & Entertainment Faith survives the unknown in Irving's A Prayer for Owen Meany 
1992 April 3 Divorce at Wheaton Front Page Some students seek divorce support groups 
1992 April 3 Water supply Front Page Wheaton replaces well water supply; Lake Michigan water to be pumped 
1992 April 3 New bookstore opening News Expanded bookstore opens April 13 in ODH 
1992 April 3 Homelessness News Students propose housing homeless in Coray Gym 
1992 April 3 Divorce at Wheaton News History of divorce a factor in hiring Wheaton faculty, administration 
1992 April 3 Georgian history Features Georgian student reflects on country's "tumultous history" 
1992 April 3 Wheaton's Statement of Responsiblities Opinion Editorial 
1992 April 3 Campus life Opinion Living in the here and now 
1992 April 3 Hope for creation Opinion Life or death? 
1992 April 3 Gender relationships Opinion Letters: Different roles 
1992 April 3 Sabbath observance and library hours Opinion Obey the Sabbath? 
1992 April 3 Basketball Sports DUI rallies to capture second consecutive IM championship 
1992 April 3 Basketball Sports Michigan, Indiana, Duke, Cincinnati: the NCAA tournament roars on 
1992 April 3 Track team Sports Track teams open season in the fast lane 
1992 April 10 Student Government elections Front Page Uhlenberg, Hill carry SG elections 
1992 April 10 Distribution of goods in Russia Front Page Students distribute food, Bibles in Russia through Operation CCCP 
1992 April 10 Divorce at Wheaton Front Page "Pro-active" approach entails counseling, classes 
1992 April 10 Cable and students News College considers free cable installation offer 
1992 April 10 Student wins first prize News MacPherson takes first in social research at anthropology conference 
1992 April 10 Divorce at Wheaton News "How can I help?": Friends need a listening ear, not advice 
1992 April 10 U2 music concert Arts & Entertainment U2 rocks Rosemont with videos, cars, and attitude 
1992 April 10 Author Frederick Buechner Arts & Entertainment This year's Arena Festival 
1992 April 10 Gravity Stone Features The mystery of the Gravity Stone: It's no longer up in the air 
1992 April 10 Jay Taylor and the production The Final Beast Features Behind the scenes: risking life and limb as the show goes on 
1992 April 10 Parking violations Features Paying the price for parking: gambling in the fire lane 
1992 April 10 Buikema's hardware store Features Buikema's hardware store offers more than mere monkey wrenches 
1992 April 10 Dominick's self check-out Features It's the end of the world at Dominick's check-out 
1992 April 10 Definition of "ministry" Opinion Editorial 
1992 April 10 Eucharist Opinion Sacramental hunger 
1992 April 10 The nature of the will of God Opinion Thy will be done 
1992 April 10 Inner-city youth Opinion Letters: Oversimplification 
1992 April 10 Gender roles Opinion Letters: Female aggression 
1992 April 10 Need for revival Opinion Letters: Prayer needed for reawakening 
1992 April 10 Divorce research constrained Opinion Concerns constrained 
1992 April 10 Baseball Sports Crusaders run 5-0 record at Lawson 
1992 April 10 Women's swimming Sports Women swimmers eighth in nation, first in CCIW 
1992 April 10 Men's swimming Sports Men's swim team sets records at nationals 
1992 April 24 Koinonia house Front Page Mill's Koinonia house faces organized protest 
1992 April 24 The Bible and literature Front Page Potok speaks on Scripture as literature 
1992 April 24 Drinking at Wheaton Front Page Students reveal reasons for drinking 
1992 April 24 Parking fines News Parking fines to increase in August: Student Government opposes plan 
1992 April 24 Sexual harassements News Survey reveals unwanted sexual experiences by half of respondents 
1992 April 24 Student housing News Evans dorm to house male students next year 
1992 April 24 Spring weddings Features April showers bring bridal flowers 
1992 April 24 Arena Theater and Frederick Buechner Arts & Entertainment Arena performs Buechner's works 
1992 April 24 Christians and Art Arts & Entertainment Campus artists address the Christian's role in the art world 
1992 April 24 Music band Ride Arts & Entertainment Going Blank Again: maturity and musical mastery 
1992 April 24 Parking tickets Opinion Editorial 
1992 April 24 American faith Opinion America a wreck? 
1992 April 24 Abortion and politics Opinion Abortion not the only issue 
1992 April 24 Accepting God's love Opinion Elder son syndrome 
1992 April 24 Christian symbols Opinion Letters: Symbols must live 
1992 April 24 Conspiracy against Sophomores Opinion Housing conspiracy 
1992 April 24 Parking ticke raise Opinion Increase excessive 
1992 April 24 Rollerblades Sports Rock 'n rollerblades: the new craze 
1992 April 24 Softball Sports Softball defeats Milikin, continues winning streak 
1992 April 24 Men's tennis Sports Men's tennis faces powerhouse teams 
1992 May 1 President J. Richard Chase's retirement Front Page Chase announces plans to retire in July '93 
1992 May 1 Drinking at Wheaton Front Page Some do, many don't 
1992 May 1 Hearing Panel Front Page Disciplinary panel rejected by faculty 
1992 May 1 The nature of God News 200 students attend form on gender images of God 
1992 May 1 Drinking at Wheaton News Wheaton's alcohol policy contrasted with consortium colleges 
1992 May 1 Music band The Shamen Arts & Entertainment The Shamen fuse '60s ideals with '90s technology 
1992 May 1 Country dances Arts & Entertainment Dance southern-style at Nashville North 
1992 May 1 Suggestions for improvement Features Petting zoo, treadmill, and aquarium proposed to boost campus image 
1992 May 1 Scott Guthrie and Chicago security Features Angelic crime fighter keeps peace in Chicago 
1992 May 1 Journey to refuge Features Long Huynh tells of war, survival, and escape from Vietnam 
1992 May 1 Drinking at Wheaton Opinion Editorial 
1992 May 1 Tuition increase Opinion Letters: Unrealistic tuition 
1992 May 1 Values on campus Opinion Air Jam irony 
1992 May 1 The extent of redemption and praise Opinion Going to hell? 
1992 May 1 Prayer Opinion A focus on prayer 
1992 May 1 Drinking at Wheaton Opinion Seek integrity 
1992 May 1 Parking regulations and tickets Opinion Obey the rules 
1992 May 1 Men's track Sports Depth and inner strength: Men's track aims for upper echelon of CCIW 
1992 May 1 Women's tennis Sports Women's tennis regroups after though season 
1992 May 1 Baseball Sports Baseball sweeps Millikin 5-4, 11-4 
1992 May 8 Racial reconciliation Front Page Racism discussed in wake L.A. riots 
1992 May 8 Identity development Front Page Research studies identity development: Students lack closely examined beliefs 
1992 May 8 Faculty members leaving Front Page Wheaton loses faculty to retirement, resignations 
1992 May 8 Best class film Arts / Features It's No Secret: the Juniors win film competition 
1992 May 8 Gender relationships Arts / Features Wheaton dating dilemma finds roots in history 
1992 May 8 Tuition increase Opinion Letters: Increase needed 
1992 May 8 Honesty and Hyprocrisy Opinion Finding faith 
1992 May 8 The value of evangelism and the nature of hell Opinion Save souls 
1992 May 8 The nature of God Opinion Female voice 
1992 May 8 Football Sports Future looks bright for football team 
1992 May 8 Softball Sports Softball faces ups and downs of season 
1992 May 8 Men's tennis Sports Men's tennis dominates CCIW conference at Augustana 7-2 
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