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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
1991 January 25 campus life Front Page Campus News Update 
1991 January 25 computer card catalog Front Page Library enters computer age 
1991 January 25 missions convention Front Page Students attend Urbana '90 
1991 January 25 Iraq, Kuwait Front Page, News summary Gulf War Update 
1991 January 25 Middle East Front Page, New summary The SCUD Threat 
1991 January 25 Allied pilots News summary POWs 
1991 January 25 Mikhail Gorbachev Front Page, News summary Turmoil in the USSR 
1991 January 25 Letters from soldiers Arts/Features Soldiers correspond from desert to pen-pals in States 
1991 January 25 Kindergarten Cop on set Arts/Features Student actor makes film debut in Cop - almost 
1991 January 25 year in review Editorial Thinking about past and present 
1991 January 25 printing error Letters Letter contained misprints 
1991 January 25 transition to a more "real" school Letters Give in to God's calling 
1991 January 25 hockey Sports Hockey team's victory marred by skirmish at end 
1991 January 25 basketball Sports Basketball falls twice 
1991 January 25 football National Sports Summary Superbowl this weekend 
1991 January 25 NCAA National Sports Summary Buckeyes and Rebels remain undefeated 
1991 January 25 NBA National Sports summary Portland blazes while Nuggets sink to bottom 
1991 February 1 Christians respond to war Front Page Blanchard Society discusses pacifism 
1991 February 1 Mirorities Front Page Minorities face housing problems in Wheaton 
1991 February 1 campus renovation Front Page, Campus Briefs Additions to Breyer and Armerding 
1991 February 1 Global Awareness Committee Front Page, Campus Briefs Fast on Saturday 
1991 February 1 paper presentation Front Page, Campus Briefs Student paper colloquium 
1991 February 1 Minorities News Why are so few minorities here? 
1991 February 1 Persian Gulf News summary Gulf War News 
1991 February 1 State Department News summary Superpower Summit Off 
1991 February 1 President Bush News summary State of the Union 
1991 February 1 Kristof Anderson Arts Anderson exhibit opens at Adams 
1991 February 1 students perform Arts Funck and Harrod combine efforts at coffeehouse 
1991 February 1 Scenes Coffeehouse and Dramatist Bookstore Arts Chicago coffeehouse provides open forum 
1991 February 1 Minorities Features Racial prejudice absent from Wheaton couple's experience 
1991 February 1 Brookfield zoo Features Groove with the Groundhog 
1991 February 1 Cabazon, Calif Features Test your love power at The Wheel Inn 
1991 February 1 Neighbors of the College Features It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood . . . kind of 
1991 February 1 The Record Editor Editorial How I spend my Thursday mornings 
1991 February 1 Bad month Opinion Getting control 
1991 February 1 Baltic states Opinion Gorby, get out 
1991 February 1 honesty Opinion A plea for academic integrity 
1991 February 1 world events Opinion The whole duty of man 
1991 February 1 women's basketball Sports Women's basketball dunks Elmhurst 
1991 February 1 intramurals Sports Teams find stimulation and enjoyment through IM's 
1991 February 1 men's basketball Sports Men's basketball lose two more close ones 
1991 February 1 Superbowl National Sports Summary Giants top Bills 
1991 February 1 injuries National Sports Summary NBA hit hard 
1991 February 1 hockey National Sports Summart Hawks fly high 
1991 February 8 "The Clip" Front Page Students launch college TV show 
1991 February 8 Global Awareness Committee Front Page Campus confronts problem of hunger 
1991 February 8 Minorities Front Page Personal preferences segregate Churches 
1991 February 8 Abraham Lincoln murder case News Lincoln's missing papers found 
1991 February 8 Minorities in Wheaton News Working minorities voice varied opinions 
1991 February 8 Persian Gulf News summary  Gulf War Update 
1991 February 8 Lithuania News summary Soviet Unrest 
1991 February 8 South Africa News summary Final Apartheid Laws To Be Abolished 
1991 February 8 pacifists Features Peace essential to faith for Anabaptists 
1991 February 8 Minorities Features Asian shopowner seeks "better prospects" in DuPage County 
1991 February 8 Valentine's day Features Be a lover, not a fighter 
1991 February 8 New American Theater Arts & Entertainment Fences addresses age old questions 
1991 February 8 Movie review Arts & Entertainment Stars are less than brilliant in Hamlet 
1991 February 8 Museum of Contemporary Art Arts & Entertainment Cuban-American artists express uprootedness 
1991 February 8 Movie review Arts & Entertainment Silence of Lambs stalks viewers 
1991 February 8 race and class Editorial The neighbor you despise 
1991 February 8 The Pledge and communion Opinion Forced Withdrawal 
1991 February 8 Gulf War Opinion Divided we fall 
1991 February 8 progressive and politically correct Opinion The "Thought Police" of Evangelicalism 
1991 February 8 Patriotism in the face of clear enemies Opinion Giving Saddam his due 
1991 February 8 men's basketball Sports Wheaton falls to Milliken 92-87 
1991 February 8 early practices Sports Soccer and Volleyball teams hurt by new NCAA rule 
1991 February 8 football National Sports Summary Going Pro? 
1991 February 15 7% increase Front Page Trustees raise tuition 
1991 February 15 Minorities Front Page Ignorance, "Invisibility," characterize Wheaton racisim 
1991 February 15 The Statement of Responsibilities Front Page Juniors cancel plans for dance party 
1991 February 15 Minorities News Students face racism at Wheaton high school 
1991 February 15 Persian Gulf News summary Gulf War Update 
1991 February 15 1989 Democracy movement News summary Chinese Dissidents Sentenced 
1991 February 15 Defrocked televangelist News summary Bakker Sentence Overturned 
1991 February 15 Minorities News Races seek reconciliation 
1991 February 15 Movie review Arts & Entertainment Awakenings revives life's simple magic 
1991 February 15 Arena Theater Arts & Entertainment Wenceslas Square addresses controversy 
1991 February 15 Band review Arts & Entertainment Catch the energy of Charlatans UK 
1991 February 15 Campus cartoon Features Valentines 
1991 February 15 single Features And you're a jerk in your own little way . . . Valentine's Day refugees fight back 
1991 February 15 Honey Rock Features Ever considered Wheaton in Wisconsin? 
1991 February 15 tuition increase Editorial The rich shall inherit the kingdom? 
1991 February 15 wine in church Letter Episcopalian evictaphobia 
1991 February 15 pranks Opinion Timing is everything 
1991 February 15 To Insure Prompt Service Opinion Tipped off 
1991 February 15 intramural basketball Opinion Some tough D 
1991 February 15 pacifists Opinion Frying the doves 
1991 February 15 Valentine Martyrs Opinion Tara Barnett 
1991 February 15 equestrian Sports Riding provides enjoyment 
1991 February 15 wrestling Sports Wrestling team struggles 
1991 February 15 basketball National Sports Summary Big Ten Rematch 
1991 February 15 Charlotte Hornets National Sports Summary All-Star Fiasco 
1991 February 15 W.B.C. Super Welterweight  National Sports Summary Sugar Ray's Last? 
1991 February 22 Moscow State University Front Page Second Wheaton/Moscow exchange in planning 
1991 February 22 Disciplinary Policy Front Page Administrators explain policy 
1991 February 22 Disciplinary Policy Front Page Students describe perceptions of policy 
1991 February 22 Wheaton band Arts & Entertainment Brand New Language makes impressive debut in Chicago 
1991 February 22 Movie review Arts & Entertainment Cyrano de Bergerac speaks for itself despite subtitles 
1991 February 22 Persian Gulf News summary Gulf War Update 
1991 February 22 Soviet Union News summary Yeltsin Tells Gorbachev To Go 
1991 February 22 hardline communists News summary Albanian Protests 
1991 February 22 Disciplinary Policy News Administrators 
1991 February 22 Study abroad News Administrators to consider safety of overseas programs 
1991 February 22 Disciplinary Policy Features Students 
1991 February 22 Disciplinary Policy Features Saying, "I'm sorry" goes further at some schools than others 
1991 February 22 WCPS Features Student infiltrates Public Safety; lives to tell 
1991 February 22 College Union Variety Night Features Wild world of wrestling coming soon to Wheaton 
1991 February 22 Chistiane Bilezekian Features Secretary serves students as friend 
1991 February 22 Dance policy Opinion Mythical Dances 
1991 February 22 war cycle Editorial Which way does the river flow? 
1991 February 22 Frying the Doves Letter Pacifists fight back 
1991 February 22 Shock-Value enthusiast Opinion How shocking 
1991 February 22 engage Opinion Don't ignore people 
1991 February 22 Nascar National Sports Summary Delightful Daytona 
1991 February 22 women's basketball National Sports Summary Women's League Takes Off 
1991 February 22 basketball National Sports Summary Big Ten Battle 
1991 February 22 IntraMural basketball Sports Some names stand out in intramural action 
1991 February 22 men's basketball Sports Men's basketball wins 2 of 3 as season comes to an end 
1991 March 22 student services Front Page SG polls students on library, minority recruitment, and engagement counseling 
1991 March 22 cease-fire Front Page, News summary Gulf News 
1991 March 22 Supreme Court Front Page, News summary Fetal Protection Banned 
1991 March 22 football Front Page, News summary Arizona loses '93 Super Bowl 
1991 March 22 Student Government president, vice president Front Page Aaltonen and King carry SG 
1991 March 22 Tradition and Freedom Front Page Meaning of "Christian Liberal Arts" at Wheaton to be topic of forum 
1991 March 22 60s revival Features/Arts If you smell something, it's probably just a hippy 
1991 March 22 MSC Features/Arts What have they done to the furniture? 
1991 March 22 Wheaton bands Opinion Struggling with musical awareness 
1991 March 22 SG Opinion Thanks for a good campaign and cleanly run election 
1991 March 22 Cole Luck Letter What have you done with the real Coleman? 
1991 March 22 status quo and change Editorial Responding to pressure 
1991 March 22 baseball Sports Pitching strong, hitting weak as baseball goes 1-4 in Florida 
1991 March 22 Men's tennis Sports Men's tennis team loses both spring break matches in Florida 
1991 March 22 NFL National Sports Summary Bo knows injuries 
1991 March 22 NCAA National Sports Summary March madness 
1991 March 22 boxing National Sports Summary Tyson KO's another 
1991 April 1 HNGR as CIA front Front Page Stickney confesses to working for CIA 
1991 April 1 new board members Front Page Craven and Vanderveen appointed trustees 
1991 April 1 Wayne Newton in drag Arts & Entertainment Newton reveals feminine side in what is a real knock out of a show for the whole family 
1991 April 1 Andy Warhol's art in occult library Arts & Entertainment Warhol donated Graham portrain to BGC 
1991 April 1 Department of Responsible Entertainment News Recreation facility planned for Anderson basement 
1991 April 1 Journalism News RECORD GOES ON STRIKE! 
1991 April 1 Dr. Ray Brand Campus Briefs Hunting season opens 
1991 April 1 unnecessary brutality Campus Briefs Public Safety investigated 
1991 April 1 financial success with Robert Tilton Campus Briefs Fall Staley lecturer announced 
1991 April 1 Dean Whiteman Campus Briefs Whiteman coup attempt thwarted 
1991 April 1 co-ed? Features Wheaton goes all female 
1991 April 1 re-organization Features You say you want a revolution? 
1991 April 1 chapel chorus Features Rightly dividing the word: the Scripture-splicing institute 
1991 April 1 pay the staff Letters Record staff deserves better 
1991 April 1 credit due Letters Record rocks! 
1991 April 1 technical editor Letters Record is cool 
1991 April 1 pay the staff Letters Give the kids a break! 
1991 April 1 All word and no play makes Frank a dull boy Editorial Tuition is outrageous 
1991 April 1 censored Opinion Cole Luck - So there! 
1991 April 1 parade for editorials Letters Record is great! 
1991 April 1 mighty fine pictures Letters Record is swell 
1991 April 1 raise wage for managing editor Letters Record is fine 
1991 April 1 bad editorial Letters Record is evil 
1991 April 1 conspiracy Opinion Who shot J.F.K.? 
1991 April 1 women in their place Opinion Powerful chicks 
1991 April 1 shady recruitment Sports Student blows whistle 
1991 April 1 NCAA and Wheaton Sports Wheaton wins! 
1991 April 5 The Coalition Front Page Forum debates liberal arts 
1991 April 5 Sexuality Front Page Course teaches Christian views 
1991 April 5 Sexuality Front Page Sex views vary 
1991 April 5 Dr. Ognian Pishev News Bulgarian Ambassador addresses Wheaton 
1991 April 5 new head coach News Basketball coach asked to resign 
1991 April 5 USGA and Chicago Golf Club News Trustees linked to golf club with discriminatory rules 
1991 April 5 MSC to Anderson News Plans for Anderson basement lack funding 
1991 April 5 Sexuality News How common is sexual activity at Wheaton? 
1991 April 5 Sexuality News How are attitudes elsewhere? 
1991 April 5 Wheaton performance groups Arts & Entertainment Kodon sponsors musical gala at Arena 
1991 April 5 Marvi Curlin, Paintings in Progression Arts & Entertainment Curlin exhibit featured progression of paintings 
1991 April 5 Movie review: Oliver Stone's The Doors Arts & Entertainment Doors test boundaries of imagination 
1991 April 5 Band review Arts & Entertainment Brand New Heavies takes you for a ride 
1991 April 5 restaurants Arts & Entertainment Up and down town 
1991 April 5 Sexuality Features Singleness not always equal to loneliness 
1991 April 5 Sexuality Features Sexual issues grapple with in Counseling Center 
1991 April 5 hog riding Features Students hog-wild 
1991 April 5 two students on Spring break Features Honduras project means hard work 
1991 April 5 Sexuality Features Sexual Accountability varies among students 
1991 April 5 proposals Features On bended knee isn't only way to pop question 
1991 April 5 requirements Guest Editorial Liberal Education vs. General Education 
1991 April 5 passive men, prowling women? Letters Who's miserable? Wake up, Mr. Luck! 
1991 April 5 Buswell Letters Library appreciates attention of SG and Students 
1991 April 5 baseball Sports Baseball wins some; loses some 
1991 April 5 tennis Sports Men's tennis leaves opposition with love 
1991 April 5 basketball National Sports Summary The Final Four 
1991 April 5 dance myths Opinion Dancing with the new McCarthyism 
1991 April 5 Communism Opinion The Anti-Red Scare 
1991 April 5 60s resurgence Opinion Retro Reactions from the ME Generation 
1991 April 5 busy and balance Opinion The Schedule 
1991 April 5 politics Opinion Why I'm a Republican 
1991 April 12 Censorship Front Page Does censorship affect student organizations? 
1991 April 12 Bill Harbeck and Tony Ladd Front Page Questions surround coach's resignation 
1991 April 12 general education program Front Page Faculty to vote on gen.ed. reforms 
1991 April 12 Censorship News Wheaton's past haunted by pattern of censorship 
1991 April 12 study abroad News Summer programs not cancelled 
1991 April 12 Album review Arts & Entertainment R.E.M. gets back on track 
1991 April 12 Book review: English Kent Arts & Entertainment Clare transcends time and place 
1991 April 12 Censorship Features Does Wheaton have "monopoly" on censorship? 
1991 April 12 Censorship Features How do you define censorship? 
1991 April 12 Motorbike Features Motorcycles more than mere metal: The Spirituality of riding a bike 
1991 April 12 Campus cartoon Features Wheaton abbreviations . . . What they really mean... 
1991 April 12 liberal arts and general education Editorial The Machine 
1991 April 12 Bill Harbeck Opinion A call for honesty from Wheaton Athletics 
1991 April 12 The Ice Cream Socialist Letter censorship 
1991 April 12 post-war Middle East Opinion A Bitter Aftertaste 
1991 April 12 Issues and Insights Opinion Date Rape Hypists 
1991 April 12 Men's tennis Sports Men's tennis rules courts, winning three matches 
1991 April 19 increase in prospectives students Front Page Admissions office receives surge of applicants 
1991 April 19 Censorship Front Page Sowing the seeds of censorship 
1991 April 19 Censorship News How much censorship is there at Wheaton? 
1991 April 19 Record and Kodon News Student editors for '91-'92 chosen 
1991 April 19 Graduate school News PsyD could begin in fall of '92 
1991 April 19 Censorship News ARe guidelines clear for student expression and behavior? 
1991 April 19 Arena Theater Arts & Entertainment Arena festival breaks new ground: Potok, L'Engle visit, speak on campus 
1991 April 19 Birkenstocks Arts & Entertainment Old style becomes new rage 
1991 April 19 lost wallet, missed train Features Discovering Fod . . . at Wendy's? 
1991 April 19 apartheid Features Finding equality in South Africa 
1991 April 19 printed word Editorial Are you offended? 
1991 April 19 rape Letters  It's not all hype 
1991 April 19 rape Letters Whitehead is right 
1991 April 19 rape Letters Talking about rape 
1991 April 19 Off the Record Letters I didn't say that 
1991 April 19 Faculty view Opinion Profs and Chapel 
1991 April 19 seniors Opinion Rape is a problem 
1991 April 19 seniors Opinion No Blueprints 
1991 April 19 baseball National Sports Summary Baseball '91 
1991 April 19 hockey National Sports Summary Hockey Playoffs  
1991 May 3 Clifford Schimmels and Robert Yarbrough News "Teachers of the Year" to leave 
1991 May 3 campus housing Front Page SG proposes new upperclassmen housing plan 
1991 May 3 Class films Front Page Senior film raises controversy 
1991 May 3 Iraq-Turkey border News summary Kurds Come Home 
1991 May 3 1992 Presidential election News summary  Campaign '92 
1991 May 3 The Federal Reserve News summary Fed Cuts Interest Rates 
1991 May 3 bathroom graffiti Features Feminism at Wheaton; the writing's on the wall 
1991 May 3 Students Concerned with AIDS Features AIDS more than mere concern for students 
1991 May 3 Class films Arts & Entertainment Class films draw comment 
1991 May 3 mecca of Evangelicalism Editorial What's an evangelical? 
1991 May 3 minorities Opinion Diversity 
1991 May 3 too serious Opinion Let's learn to laugh 
1991 May 3 reality and danger Letter Thoughts on rape 
1991 May 3 elected leader Opinion Holding Allison accountable 
1991 May 3 rape  Letters Women are responsible in part 
1991 May 3 sexism, racism Letters Offend of be sensitive: be consistent 
1991 May 3 liberal arts and general requirements Opinion Don't alter gen ed 
1991 May 3 baseball Sports Baseball beats Rockford, falls to Illinois Benedictine 
1991 May 3 swimming Sports Women's swim team wins conference 
1991 May 3 stolen base record National Sports Summary The Greatest Thief 
1991 May 3 hockey National Sports Summary NHL Playoffs 
1991 May 3 basketball National Sports Summary NBA Playoffs 
1991 May 10 Chevalier John Miles Front Page French consulate knights Miles 
1991 May 10 Bob Kastens Front Page New student activities director eager to begin 
1991 May 10 Faculty, student harmed, senior bench Front Page Campus Briefs 
1991 May 10 Haddock, Paulson, and Rung News Professors to enjoy retirement, but miss students 
1991 May 10 William Harris News New basketball coach brings dramatic winning tradition 
1991 May 10 Art and Religion Arts & Entertainment Frederick Buechner lectures 
1991 May 10 students from abroad Features Results mixed from international student survey 
1991 May 10 Seven stories Editorial A few memories 
1991 May 10 funding for minority scholarship Letters Questioning Burr committee 
1991 May 10 Teachers of the year leave Letters Keep our profs 
1991 May 10 student expression Editorial The language of censorship 
1991 May 10 Fallen world Opinion Carolyn Lilly 
1991 May 10 4 years at Wheaton Opinion Eric Paddon 
1991 May 10 The Offendist Opinion Eric Whitehead 
1991 May 10 student leadership article Opinion I was slandered 
1991 May 10 class float Opinion Where was Greg? 
1991 May 10 Editor intervenes  Opinion The facts 
1991 May 10 Men's tennis Sports Men's tennis sweeps conference championships 
1991 May 10 baseball Sports Minor league baseball draws Wheaton students 
1991 May 10 golf Sports Golfers improve 
1991 May 10 track and field Sports Track runs fifth in conference 
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