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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
1990 September 7 social dance, disease Front Page Student handbook revised on dancing, AIDS 
1990 September 7 Ice Cream Socialist Front Page Discipline of ICS raises questions, draws protest 
1990 September 7 chairman of English department Front Page MClatchey suffers illness 
1990 September 7 Student Government Features/Arts Vanden Heuvel and Van Solkema take helm 
1990 September 7 National Endowment for the Arts Features/Arts Professors discuss controversy over possible censorship of NEA by Congress 
1990 September 7 Ice Cream Socialist Editorial He who has a pen, let him write 
1990 September 7 Ice Cream Social Letters Administrative repressiveness is nothing new under the tower 
1990 September 7 restricting perspectives Letters Wheaton stifles free thought 
1990 September 7 soccer Sports Soccer players shine in Holland 
1990 September 7 Men's Tennis Sports Men's Tennis Competes in Europe 
1990 September 14 computer catalog Front Page Library automates catalog 
1990 September 14 Financial Aid Office Front Page Work study fund allocation clarified 
1990 September 14 Saudi Arabia Front Page Mid-East crisis touches Wheaton students' and employees' lives and families 
1990 September 14 campus construction News Blanchard will reopen soon 
1990 September 14 Bush and Hussein News Summary Iraqi Tension 
1990 September 14 President Samuel Doe News Summary Liberian president killed 
1990 September 14 U.S. Supreme Court News Summary Souter hearings begin 
1990 September 14 racial tension, war Arts "South Pacific" raises relevant issues for today 
1990 September 14 Movie review Arts Critic looks for "Darkman" but sees too much light through the holes 
1990 September 14 cartoon Comic Feeding Frenzy 
1990 September 14 archaeology museum Features Student digs up hidden treasure 
1990 September 14 advice Features Freshmen need good advice 
1990 September 14 Russian exchange students Features Soviet students see States 
1990 September 14 Iraq, Kuwait Editorial God's comfort waits, in the valley of Iraq 
1990 September 14 The People's Republic of China Opinion Chinese government can't stand in sand 
1990 September 14 HIV/AIDS policy Opinion New Handbook policies are no good 
1990 September 14 Christian community in England Opinion Calling all knights to the Round Table 
1990 September 14 Women's tennis Sports W's Tennis looks good early 
1990 September 14 volleyball Sports Volleyball defeated in opening tourney 
1990 September 14 Soccer Sports Soccer splits with St. Olaf and Kenyon 
1990 September 21 dualist debate, metaphysics Front Page Philosophy Conference probes body and soul relationship 
1990 September 21 Student parking Front Page Student parking facilities expand 
1990 September 21 graduate school Front Page Faculty approve psychology doctorate; some dissent 
1990 September 21 fashion on campus Features Wheaton fashions its own style 
1990 September 21 Donald Holt Features Ex-convict starts over at Wheaton after salvation 
1990 September 21 James E. Burr News Scholarship opens doors to minorities 
1990 September 21 Graduate school News Eight enrolled in Evangelism M.A. program 
1990 September 21 Middle East News Summary Allies tougher on Iraq 
1990 September 21 General Michael Dugan News Summary Air Force chief fired 
1990 September 21 U.S. Supreme Court News Summary Souter ends testimony 
1990 September 21 Music Review Arts "World Clique" Deee-lites funksters 
1990 September 21 Movie reviews Arts Wender's videos explore modern world's absurdity 
1990 September 21 Asian/Hispanic restaurant and market Arts "My Kha" offers authentic Asian cuisine and help to the needy 
1990 September 21 The Graham House music Arts Campus bands to perform 
1990 September 21 Book review: Clear and Present Danger Arts Intrigue drives latest Clancy novel 
1990 September 21 Graduate Psychology Editorial Think twice before Psy.D. 
1990 September 21 vocation and avocation Opinion A different revival 
1990 September 21 agents of change Opinion Social activism and the unrecorded adventures of St. Paul - Biblical or not? 
1990 September 21 HNGR in the Philippines Opinion A call to abnormality 
1990 September 21 soccer Sports Anthony and Kapitinoik help Crusaders come back 
1990 September 21 Football Sports Football team squanders opportunities in 13-9 loss to Aurora 
1990 September 21 Track and field Sports Cross Country Runs well in first meet 
1990 September 28 The Christian Service Council Front Page Interest in ministries increases 
1990 September 28 Parents' weekend Front Page Parents arrive on campus for annual visit 
1990 September 28 Student Government Front Page Freshman elections raise questions about voting process 
1990 September 28 Archives, Marion E. Wade Center News Wade Center closes briefly for expansion 
1990 September 28 AIDS Walk Chicago News Students will march to help AIDS victims 
1990 September 28 Saddam Hussein News Summary Iraq crisis 
1990 September 28 South Africa News Summary Winnie Mandela indicted 
1990 September 28 Theater review: The Phantom of the Opera Arts Chicago "Phantom" features strong staging, casting 
1990 September 28 Dr. Karin Edwards Arts Conservatory faculty member releases solo recording 
1990 September 28 cafeteria Features Marriot workers offer the inside scoop on what's cookin' 
1990 September 28 Nancy Calvert Features Calvert begins work in Bible department 
1990 September 28 Youth-for-Christ International Features Citizens of Tallinn. Estonia discover the First Love 
1990 September 28 spiritual awakening Editorial Revival comes in small ways, too 
1990 September 28 Generational communication Opinion Forget not thy elders 
1990 September 28 minority scholarship Letter Tone of Burr article was unfortunate 
1990 September 28 conservative isolationism Opinion Ghost of Lindy 
1990 September 28 Graduate school Letters More thought about PsyD 
1990 September 28 social responsibility Letters Christians must act; now! 
1990 September 28 Soccer Sports Soccer team splits road trip 
1990 September 28 football Sports Crusaders fall 34-19 to Wesleyan; Whitmer replaces injured Tully at QB 
1990 September 28 baseball Sports Mattew Royer brings winning tradition to Wheaton baseball 
1990 October 5 Faculty Council Front Page Faculty demand focus on higher salary level 
1990 October 5 Statement of Faith Front Page Professors call for revision 
1990 October 5 Blanchard Hall Front Page Blanchard ready to be rededicated in homecoming festivities 
1990 October 5 Statement of Faith News Some in community support present statement 
1990 October 5 Writing and Literature Conference News English conference probes the heart of learning 
1990 October 5 Statement of Faith Features Live the history of the doctrinal statement 
1990 October 5 Graham Evangelistic Association Features BGC celebrates 10 years of evangelism 
1990 October 5 Movie review Arts & Entertainment Narrow Margin offers viewers marginal adventure 
1990 October 5 TV review Arts & Entertainment Cop Rock needs less cop and more rock 
1990 October 5 College Union and Harvest Productions concert Arts & Entertainment CU to host Keaggy party 
1990 October 5 College Union show Arts & Entertainment Former Bash-N-the-Code duo SPARKS skepticism 
1990 October 5 Album review Arts & Entertainment Concrete Blonde's latest album gives variety of solid music 
1990 October 5 Book review Arts & Entertainment Baker cooks up humanity and simplicity in The Mezzanine 
1990 October 5 professors earn Editorial It's time to get serious about faculty salaries 
1990 October 5 Operation Rescue Letters Activism is a deep topic 
1990 October 5 PsyD Letters Grad school not a deficit 
1990 October 5 modern Christian artists Opinion Cole Luck 
1990 October 5 freshmen elections Letters Premise fails 
1990 October 5 CPO  Opinion Kurt Bjorklund 
1990 October 5 Soccer Sports Soccer team scores big with two victories 
1990 October 5 football Sports Wheaton dominates Carthage 38-13 
1990 October 12 Statement of Faith Front Page What does statement of faith mean? 
1990 October 12 student recognition and presentation Front Page SG creates colloquium 
1990 October 12 CACE Front Page Ethics forum debates censorship at a Christian college 
1990 October 12 Parents of Teenagers News Magazine names Wheaton top Christian college 
1990 October 12 Student Safety Shuttle News Shuttle to serve campus 
1990 October 12 evolution and creation, Statement of Faith News Creation views cause dissension among faculty 
1990 October 12 Album review Arts & Entertainment Indigo Girls encourage global consciousness 
1990 October 12 Theater review: Pegasus Players Arts & Entertainment Broadway Bound hits home 
1990 October 12 Book review: Dirk Pitt Arts & Entertainment Clive Cussler's latest novel isn't draggin' 
1990 October 12 Senior bench Features Anonymous tip leads juniors to the bench 
1990 October 12 Statement of Faith Features Professors debate pre-millenial prerequisite 
1990 October 12 Does freedom of expression have limits at a Christian college?  Editorial CACE 
1990 October 12 Statement of Faith Letters Fletcher clarifies his stand 
1990 October 12 war Opinion Eric Paddon 
1990 October 12 prayer Opinion Todd Kelsey 
1990 October 12 Christian media Letters God not limited by human efforts 
1990 October 12 Chicago AIDS walk Letters Be active against AIDS 
1990 October 12 song lyrics Letters Concrete Blonde lays a brick 
1990 October 12 football Sports Wheaton falls to 1-3 with loss to Milliken 
1990 October 12 Women's soccer Sports Women's soccer looks for strong finish and the playoffs 
1990 October 12 Statement of Faith Front Page How is doctrinal statement applied to curriculum? 
1990 October 12 Professors transition Front Page Faculty losses and cutbacks affect grad programs 
1990 October 12 Statement of Faith News How does Wheaton compare with other Christiam institutions? 
1990 October 12 Marianne May News Student activitites director resigns 
1990 October 12 McManis Lectureship News Lecture series discusses faith and history 
1990 October 12 Financial affairs, College Life, Educational Policies Features  Is Halloween a treat or a bag of tricks? 
1990 October 12 Movie review Arts Avalon traces rich heritage of an immigrant family 
1990 October 12 Restaurant review Arts Tucci Bennucch fits the bill 
1990 October 12 Art Institute photography exhibit Arts New Vision looks back 
1990 October 12 Music review Arts Treat yourself to 10,000 Maniacs this Halloween 
1990 October 12 Statemen of Faith series Editorial What is essential to our faith? 
1990 October 12 Doctrine in liberal arts Opinion Kurt Bjorklund 
1990 October 12 Statement of Faith Letter Chignell clarifies stand 
1990 October 12 lawsuits Opinion Tara Barnett 
1990 October 12 Statement of Faith Opinion Cole Luck  
1990 October 12 football Sports Wheaton falls to Augustana 24-7 
1990 October 12 Soccer Sports Soccer team proves itself in big weekend with double victory against top ranked competitors 
1990 November 2 Henry Nelson Front Page Dean of Students to become VP of Student Development 
1990 November 2 Abortion: campus views Front Page Wheaton College community considers abortion issues 
1990 November 2 Germany, Supreme Court, and taxes News Summary Headlines of recent weeks 
1990 November 2 Domestic politics News summary Mid Term Election 
1990 November 2 International Student Week News Week focuses on international students 
1990 November 2 Dr. Dean Rapp News Professors face sickness 
1990 November 2 Album review Arts Information Society's Hack doesn't stack up 
1990 November 2 Arena Theater Arts Take a journey Into The Woods 
1990 November 2 Movie review Arts Reversal of Fortune disappoints viewers 
1990 November 2 College history Features Take a peek at the Wheaton of yesteryear 
1990 November 2 Student's abortion clinic visits lead to insight Features Look inside an abortion clinic 
1990 November 2 Student's abortion clinic visits leada to insight Features Student poses as mother considering abortion 
1990 November 2 Politics of the paper Editorial Paternalism and the press 
1990 November 2 Administration and faculty Letters Tone implications questioned 
1990 November 2 money and the College Letters Student Accounts defended 
1990 November 2 Wheaton and Harvard Letters Bjorkland has a good point 
1990 November 2 Statement of faith Letters Chignell reclarifies stand 
1990 November 2 chapel presentation Letters WCF chapel explained 
1990 November 2 Gulf Crisis Opinion Seek God in times of strife 
1990 November 2 conspiracy Opinion The truth hurts 
1990 November 2 football Sports Tully leads Football team over Elhurst 47-21 
1990 November 2 men's soccer Sports Men's soccer make national tourney after winning conference 
1990 November 9 academic skill Front Page Study examines general education 
1990 November 9 Abortion: campus views Front Page Faculty views span wide range 
1990 November 9 date rape Front Page Seminar focuses on rape 
1990 November 9 Abortion: campus views News Students combat abortion 
1990 November 9 incumbent News summary Keep the bums in 
1990 November 9 Governorships News summary Governors 
1990 November 9 House of Representatives News summary House 
1990 November 9 Senators News summary Senate 
1990 November 9 Abortion: campus views Features Alternatives to abortion offered by crisis pregnancy centers 
1990 November 9 identical twins Features Meet unique twins on campus 
1990 November 9 Movie review Arts Jacob's Ladder hits lowest rung 
1990 November 9 student performance Arts Student talent showcased weekly at College Union Coffeehouses 
1990 November 9 Performance art Arts Performance art defies tradition 
1990 November 9 Music review: Paul Simon's Rhythm of the Saints Arts Simon's latest release marches to rhythm of different country 
1990 November 9 students who question Opinion "Why is he here, Buffy?" 
1990 November 9 evangelical Christianity Opinion What's wrong with evangelicalism? 
1990 November 9 Parking spaces Opinion Parking should not be headache 
1990 November 9 liberal arts basic requirements Editorial Be careful about Gen Ed changes 
1990 November 9 perspective Letters Record forgets campus events 
1990 November 9 wealth, business, and evangelicals Letters Luck could be next Royko 
1990 November 9 Men's soccer  Sports Men's soccer team downs MacMurray 4-2; heads to final 8 in national tourney 
1990 November 9 women's soccer Sports Women's soccer complete 
1990 November 9 Track and field Sports Cross country runs strong, heads out to regionals 
1990 November 16 Chaplain's Advisory Committee Front Page Chaplain's committee seeks student suggestions for chapel services 
1990 November 16 Church construction Front Page College Church expansion faces delays 
1990 November 16 HIV/AIDS Front Page AIDS development affect confidence in medical system 
1990 November 16 ROTC News ROTC awareness week celebrates cadet contributions to community 
1990 November 16 Gulf war News summary Iraq crisis 
1990 November 16 football News summary Arizona to lose '93 Super Bowl? 
1990 November 16 Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher News summary Thatcher challenged 
1990 November 16 Movie review Arts The Krays strays from typical gangster phase 
1990 November 16 Music review: The Railway Children, The Cure Arts Eurotrash versus Eurosmash 
1990 November 9 SELF-HELP crafts Features Craft sale profits to benefit needy families living overseas 
1990 November 16 all-night work Features Survivor of Wheaton all-nighter awakens to tell story 
1990 November 16 Clarence Edwards, Jr. Features Custodial celebrity "C-Train" popular with students 
1990 November 16 students visit abortion clinic Letters Lying is illogical 
1990 November 16 stereotyping Letters Who's Buffy anyway? 
1990 November 16 Chapel advisory committee Editorial A few chapel concerns . . .  
1990 November 16 student doubt Opinion Surviving faithstorms 
1990 November 16 abortion Letters How can a Christian be pro-choice? 
1990 November 16 George H. Bush Opinion Bush flunks the mid-term exam 
1990 November 16 football Sports Football finishes season with loss to Carroll 
1990 November 16 Men's soccer Sports Soccer shuts out San Diego: advances to Final Four 
1990 November 30 the Faculty Council Front Page Faculty questions hiring procedure 
1990 November 30 Illinois Bell and Telephone Services Front Page Scam forces elimination of 900 phone services 
1990 November 30 Christianity in the USSR Front Page Bible possession legal but limited 
1990 November 30 Mylon LeFevre and Broken Heart Features Mylon LeFevre started pagan; moved heavenward 
1990 November 30 British Prime Minister News summary Thatcher quits 
1990 November 30 Gulf war News summary Iraq crisis 
1990 November 30 Christianity in the USSR News Soviets gain religious freedoms 
1990 November 30 working out on the Sabbath News Athletic facilities to open Sundays 
1990 November 30 Presidential memoir ARts Come on, Reagan, you can do better 
1990 November 30 Movie review Arts Tune in Tomorrow for great new comedy 
1990 November 30 Theater review Arts Dickes classic Carol comes to life at Goodman Theatre 
1990 November 30 Album review Arts Pet Shop Boys' latest Behavior disappointing 
1990 November 30 Restaurants Arts 10 spots under a 10 spot 
1990 November 30 Things we don't understand about Wheaton Editorial A few questions . . .  
1990 November 30 British bands Letters Eurobabble? 
1990 November 30 Officer Boatwright Letters Thanks, Public Safety 
1990 November 30 Bookstore new policy Opinion Bookstore should get serious about serving students, not mammon 
1990 November 30 Middle East Opinion Questiong foreign policy 
1990 November 30 Men's soccer Sports Soccer ends 20-3 season with loss in final four 
1990 November 30 hockey  Sports Hockey team bring sin Mark Kapsalis to be head coach 
1990 December 7 Christianity in the U.S.S.R. Front Page Glasnost brings changes 
1990 December 7 The Graham Center Front Page Dream of missions faces fiscal reality 
1990 December 7 student organization for dialogue Front Page Students for Coalition to confront grievances 
1990 December 7 CACE News Forum discusses ethics of lying 
1990 December 7 Christianity in the USSR News Soviet church changes 
1990 December 7 Malcolm Weiskopf Arts Giant bullfrog makes big splash 
1990 December 7 Diner review Arts Don't wait at Ed's, eat at Al's 
1990 December 7 Movie review Arts Costner's Dances With Wolves runs far ahead of the pack 
1990 December 7 Theater review Arts The Other Cinderella - it's jammin', mon 
1990 December 7 Book review: Margaret-Love Denman Arts Circumstance reminds readers of elder's needs 
1990 December 7 Christianity in the USSR Features Student witnesses the opening of USSR 
1990 December 7 healthy habits Features Holiday hints help your heart 
1990 December 7 process of the paper Features A Record article speaks 
1990 December 7 bathroom stalls Features Theological graffiti decks the stalls 
1990 December 7 Middle East Letter Blame it on Bush 
1990 December 7 reponse to CACE Editorial Lying has become a lifestyle 
1990 December 7 forces of nature, earthquake Opinion Fault zone 
1990 December 7 exhortations Opinion Confessions of a closet bedside-Baptist 
1990 December 7 dance Opinion Swing your partner to the right 
1990 December 7 bookstore Letters What about those great coupons? 
1990 December 7 Elisabeth Elliot Opinion Commitment means sacrifice 
1990 December 7 Aaron Copland Opinion Tribute to an American musician 
1990 December 7 Cartoon - The George Bush Show Opinion Desert shield 
1990 December 7 lacking accountability Opinion Record has no credibility 
1990 December 7 The Record Opinion Taylor explains error; defends credibility of paper 
1990 December 7 swimming Sports Men's swim team begin in top form 
1990 December 7 wrestling Sports Togami's troops grapple with team's destiny 
1990 December 14 Saddam Hussein News summary Hostages freed 
1990 December 14 Poland News summary Walesa Elected 
1990 December 14 U.S. Education Department News summary Minority scholarships prohibited 
1990 December 14 united Germany News summary Kohl wins all-German election 
1990 December 14 Baylor University and the BGCT Front Page Baylor declares independence from Southern Baptists 
1990 December 14 Global Awareness Committee and CACE Front Page Professors debate Mideast policy 
1990 December 14 Hystopolis Puppet Theater Arts & Features The Adding Machine: Proves that puppets are not just for kids 
1990 December 14 Art Institute exhibit Arts & Features Ed Paschke: hot style, chilling substance 
1990 December 14 Downtown Wheaton Arts & Features Local fix-it shop opens 
1990 December 14 Bush's foreign policy Letters An Apology 
1990 December 14 Christianity in the U.S.S.R. Letters A few additions 
1990 December 14 year in review Editorial 1990 highlights 
1990 December 14 Cole Luck article Letters Talk is cheap 
1990 December 14 Graduate school Letters Commitment to missions questioned 
1990 December 14 Cartoom Opinion Saddam as The Grinch 
1990 December 14 Men's basketball Sports Men's basketball falls to 2-4 with O.T. loss to Aurora 
1990 December 14 Track and field Sports Cryder breaks pole vault record 
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