Index to the Record, 1991 (September)-1992 (December)

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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
1991 September 6 Soviet Coup Front Page Students witness turmoil of Soviet Coup 
1991 September 6 Tribute to Wheaton English professor Fron Page In memoriam: Students and colleagues pay tribute to Dr. Joe McClatchey 
1991 September 6 Dialogue of America's Health Care System News Ethics Center sponsors dialogue between Koop and Johnson 
1991 September 6 College in catalogue, dancing clarification, and students killed News Campus Briefs 
1991 September 6 Reformatting the radio station's programming Arts & Features WETN opts for change 
1991 September 6 New chapel seats Arts & Features Notice anything new around campus? 
1991 September 6 Football team Sports / Opinion Can you say W. I. N.? 
1991 September 6 Chapel Sports / Opinion Chapel worship builds campus unity 
1991 September 6 Campus interactions Sports / Opinion Words reflect perception of others 
1991 September 13 Health Care debate Front Page Koop and Johnson debate health care 
1991 September 13 Political Correctness Front Page Who is politically correct? 
1991 September 13 Dr. Richard Powers as new dean Front Page Wheaton welcomes new dean 
1991 September 13 WCF meetings News What's new Sunday nights in Barrows? 
1991 September 13 Research grant News Wheaton receives grant for research 
1991 September 13 Exchange students from Russia News Life in Moscow: Soviet exchange students share their perspectives 
1991 September 13 Music band Arts & Entertainment Jesus Jones: What's in a name, anyway? 
1991 September 13 Publishing student writings Arts & Entertainment Kodon kills elitism, welcomes more art 
1991 September 13 Water on campus Features A clearer look at Wheaton water 
1991 September 13 Political Correctness Features Who is right? Critics argue against PC 
1991 September 13 Political Correctness Features Who's right? A defense of PC 
1991 September 13 Wheaton's extracurricular activities Features Club Day: The options never end 
1991 September 13 Bike trails Features Prairie Path offers unexplored territory to the adventurous 
1991 September 13 Revival in Wheaton Opinion Editorial 
1991 September 13  People's interactions Opinion The ethic of the Pregnant Lady 
1991 September 13 Health Care System Opinion Heed the storm 
1991 September 13 Wheaton's soccer team Sports Men's soccer goes for the goals 
1991 September 13 Football player Bart Moseman Sports Overachiever and proud of it, man 
1991 September 13 Women's soccer team Sports Women's soccer starts season strong 
1991 September 20 Fitness center break-in and injury Front Page Pool arrest prompts questions of fairness 
1991 September 20 Political Correctness Front Page PC invades many college campuses 
1991 September 20 The dance company without director Front Page Dance program temporarily halted 
1991 September 20 Political Correctness News PC: What are the extremes? 
1991 September 20 Dr. Lyle Dorsett as Urban Studies director News New Urban Studies director brings native perspective 
1991 September 20 Freshman elections News Kim and Kappel elected to office 
1991 September 20 Oppression through incorrect language and ideas Features Smith College lists dirty words 
1991 September 20 Interview of Russian student Andrei Lipgart Features Soviet student speaks his mind 
1991 September 20 Campus band Arts & Entertainment _ton bundle opts for change 
1991 September 20 Motion picture Arts & Entertainment The Commitments carries truth and soul 
1991 September 20 International art Arts & Entertainment Gallery exhibits global art 
1991 September 20 Rollerblade Chicago trip Arts & Entertainment Students experience world of Chicago art 
1991 September 20 Answering the call to be new students Opinion Editorial 
1991 September 20 Emotionalism Opinion Emotionalism not always negative 
1991 September 20 Dealing with pain and suffering Opinion Why me, God 
1991 September 20 Wheaton's football team Sports  Crusaders trounce Aurora in season opener 
1991 September 20 Women's Volleyball  Sports  Women's Volleyball starts season 
1991 September 20 Wheaton's soccer team Sports  Soccer team command respect 
1991 September 27 Political Correctness Front Page PC provokes response at Wheaton 
1991 September 27 A docoral program in the Psychology department Front Page Doctoral program continues to pursue accreditation 
1991 September 27 Student guilty of exceeding city noise level Front Page Orientation sound truck disturbs neighbors 
1991 September 27 Students at the National Prayer Breakfast News Students represent Wheaton in Washington, breakfast with government officials 
1991 September 27 The "Multicultural Annotated Bibliography" project News Student Government defers multicultural bibliography 
1991 September 27 Political Correctness News Survey explores possible gender studies program at Wheaton 
1991 September 27 Movie Arts & Entertainment Gilliam's The Fisher King: Life in the crazy lane 
1991 September 27 Comedy team Arts & Entertainment Try Seafood Rodeo, a campus smorgasbord of laughter 
1991 September 27 Student Counseling Features You're not the only one at the Counseling Center 
1991 September 27 What makes a teacher good Features Just when you thought you had tenure... 
1991 September 27 Museum move Features Museum of Contemporary Art plans move, anticipates more impact on Chicago culture 
1991 September 27 Bungiee jumping Features Free fallin' in Illinois: Bungiee cord jumping 
1991 September 27 Political Correctness Opinion Editorial 
1991 September 27 Weeping for the results of war in Iraq Opinion A time to weep 
1991 September 27 Visiting the wardrobe in the Wade Center Opinion Escape to Narnia 
1991 September 27 A football game against the Illinois Wesleyan Titans Sports Football team ties in clash of the titans 
1991 September 27 Tennis games Sports Future optimistic for women's tennis 
1991 September 27 Invitational Women's Volleyball Tournament Sports Wheaton to host invitational 
1991 October 4 Thefts from offices in Coray Alumni gym Front Page Coray Gym thefts investigated, $1200 stolen from IM registration 
1991 October 4 Students' family members evacuated from Zaire Front Page Upheaval in Zaire shakes students on Wheaton campus 
1991 October 4 News concerning Iraq, Zaire, and nuclear disarmament Front Page International news summary 
1991 October 4 Inverstigating campus security News Campus building security evaluated, found lacking 
1991 October 4 Debate team News Debate team anticipates another successful year 
1991 October 4 Recovery from distorted Images of God News Images of God examined 
1991 October 4 Look back at Wheaton in the 60's Features Politics, protests, and the Pledge: Welcome to Wheaton in the 60's 
1991 October 4 Wheaton Concervatory musician News Wheaton's offbeat percussionist: Meet Dr.Kathleen Kastner 
1991 October 4 Campus arrogance Opinion Editorial 
1991 October 4 Campus beliefs Opinion Put the Wheaton Inquisition to rest 
1991 October 4 Political Correctness Opinion Letters: Evangelical speech may mirror PC 
1991 October 4 Campus discrimination Opinion Letters: Enough is enough 
1991 October 4 Rushing on campus Opinion What's the hurry? 
1991 October 4 Faith and knowledge Opinion Paradoxes of faith and God 
1991 October 4 Flag football  Sports Backyard football at it's best: IM competition heats up 
1991 October 4 Women's volleyball team Sports Volleyball takes second place in Wheaton Invitational 
1991 October 11 Renovation projects Front Page Renovation underway to upgrade Wheaton campus 
1991 October 11 Men's Glee Club at Soldier Field Front Page Men's Glee Club sings national anthem for Bears 
1991 October 11 Judge vote, CIA nominee, and family needs Front Page International news briefs 
1991 October 11 Recycling on campus News Earthkeepers experience changes, resume recycling 
1991 October 11 New teacher in the dance program News Wong to reactivate dance program 
1991 October 11 Body learning Features Maximize body control: the basic techniques of body learning 
1991 October 11 Fall break on campus Features Are you stuck on campus fall break? Make the most of it 
1991 October 11 Gospel presentation through drama in Holland Features YWAM drama draws crowd on Snake Island 
1991 October 11 Understanding MKs Features MKs: Adjusting to America 
1991 October 11 The nature of God Opinion Editorial 
1991 October 11 Philosophy and practice of Education Opinion Education should emphasize ecperience, not texts 
1991 October 11 Answering previous arguments Opinion Letters: What Inquisition? 
1991 October 11 Social conscience Opinion Letters: Social awareness: more than guilt 
1991 October 11 Portrayal of soccer player Phil Wolf Sports Wheaton cries Wolf 
1991 October 11 Olympic games in Russia Sports Soviets welcome American team 
1991 October 11 Football team Sports Crusader football still confident 
1991 October 25 Outstanding freshman class Front Page Admissions statistics indicate outstanding freshman class 
1991 October 25 Suburban homelessness Front Page Homelessness extends to suburbs, not just cities 
1991 October 25 Education, Student death, and Student Government Front Page Campus News Briefs 
1991 October 25 Suburban homelessness News Unnoticed homeless of DuPage county 
1991 October 25 Televangelist scandal News Dr. Edith Blumhofer addresses Swaggart scandal on "Entertainment Tonight" 
1991 October 25 Wheaton in the nation's top 100 liberal arts colleges News Is U.S. News ranking biased against Wheaton? 
1991 October 25 Nutrition Features Do fat-free foods mean a fat-free you? 
1991 October 25 Relating to inner-city kids Features Learning a few lessons at Cabrini Green 
1991 October 25 Ballet Chicago Arts & Entertainment Ballet Chicago expects successful fourth season 
1991 October 25 Music Arts & Entertainment Urban Dance Squad: showing new outlooks and a deeper shade of soul 
1991 October 11 Faith and learning Arts & Entertainment Ryken asks, should Christians read classics? 
1991 October 11 Christian music Arts & Entertainment Phillips plays truth or dare on latest release 
1991 October 11 Music groups on campus Arts & Entertainment Despite illness, _ton bundle sings a song 
1991 October 4 National Hispanic Heritage Month Arts & Entertainment Minority Affairs sponsors drama 
1991 October 4 Writing and Literature Conference Arts & Entertainment Walter Wangerin shapes life into words 
1991 October 4 Student play Arts & Entertainment Action, actors, and avocadoes equal ... Absurdity! 
1991 October 4 Theater season begins Arts & Entertainment Measure For Measure opens Arena's season 
1991 October 4 Sidd Finch's restaurant Arts & Entertainment Sidd Finch's serves bread, baseball, and Buddha 
1991 October 25 Post-World War II movie Arts & Entertainment Uranus: Post-war politics reveals character of man 
1991 October 25 New Art Institute exhibit Arts & Entertainment Art Institute displays thought-provoking photos 
1991 October 25 Supreme court nomination Opinion Editorial 
1991 October 25 Philosophies of education Opinion Letters: Wheaton profs not guilty 
1991 October 25 The nature of God Opinion Letters: It's o.k. to refer to God as "He" 
1991 October 25 Radical Christianity Opinion The irksome fanatic 
1991 October 25 Clarence Thomas  Opinion Thomas: Lessons on character 
1991 October 25 Escapism Opinion How to escape 
1991 October 25 Cross country Sports Cross country team keeps low profile, high intensity 
1991 October 25 Football Sports Wheaton football finally crushes Augustana 
1991 October 25 Women's soccer Sports Women's soccer team continues to achieve 
1991 November 1 Coup in Haiti Front Page Coup forces HNGR intern's return 
1991 November 1 General Education requirements change Front Page Chase reduces Gen. Ed. to 60 hours 
1991 November 1 Peace conference, Haiti, Polish vote, and national economy Front Page News Briefs 
1991 November 1 Suburban homelessness News Churches help homeless through PADS 
1991 November 1 Student death News Community mouns death of senior Ristine 
1991 November 1 Academic year News '92-93 academic year shortened 
1991 November 1 Student Government News SG rejects candidacy restriction proposal 
1991 November 1 Suburban homelessness News PADS Homeless shelters sometimes resisted by suburban neighborhoods 
1991 November 1 Student Biography Features Conversion through a Gideons Bible: the journey of one Wheaton student 
1991 November 1 Suburban homelessness Features Businessman invests resources in housing to aid DuPage homeless 
1991 November 1 Biking Features Mountain bikes: What's the big deal? 
1991 November 1 Campus life 70 years ago Features Box socials, flappers, "jokes," and pep rallies 
1991 November 1 Kiwi history Features Kiwi, the fruit from down under 
1991 November 1 A play Arts & Entertainment A Moon for the Misbegotten probes life and love 
1991 November 1 Guitar concert Arts & Entertainment Classical guitarist Christopher Parkening sells out Edman 
1991 November 1 Student groups Arts & Entertainment Looking to future, Eskelin joins Code of Ethics 
1991 November 1 Concert Arts & Entertainment Lenny Kravitz gives a fresh look back to the 60's 
1991 November 1 Evolution Opinion Editorial 
1991 November 1 The nature of God Opinion It's also o.k. to refer to God as "She" 
1991 November 1 Supreme Court Judge Clarence Thomas Opinion Letters: Thomas not qualified to serve 
1991 November 1 Clarence Thomas Opinion Fallacious argumentation 
1991 November 1 Education Opinion Education: factory or pilgrimage? 
1991 November 1 Clarence Thomas Opinion ICS: Are we healed? 
1991 November 1 Supreme Court Judge Clarence Thomas Opinion Letters: Thomas qualified for Supreme Court 
1991 November 1 Education Opinion Letters: Wheaton profs not guilty, others are 
1991 November 1 Evangelism Sports Athletes in Action, France: evangelism through tennis 
1991 November 1 Men's basketball Sports Men's basketball shoots midnight hoops 
1991 November 1 Poem by B. Gill Sports Tonight might be the night 
1991 November 1 Women's volleyball Sports Women's volleyball update 
1991 November 8 Board of trustees Front Page Bennett appointed new college trustee 
1991 November 8 Racial diversity Front Page Campus continues struggle to boost minority enrollment 
1991 November 8 Battalion commander News Female battalion commander chosen, third in college's history 
1991 November 8 Suburban homelessness News Lack of affordable housing barrier for homeless 
1991 November 8 World Religions professor News Wheaton hires first world religious professor 
1991 November 8 Indian Restaurant Arts & Entertainment Spice up your life at Ashoka's Indian restaurant 
1991 November 8 Romantic Movie Arts & Entertainment Frankie and Johnny: a witty comedy with romantic realism 
1991 November 8 Television and film production Arts & Entertainment LAFSC: Consortium movie maniacs learn from the pros 
1991 November 8 Suburban homelessness Features PADS, a shelter in a cold and weary land 
1991 November 8 Freshmen adaptation Features Freshmen 15, early classes, and prep time: when freshmen face the reality of college 
1991 November 8 Tunnels under Blanchard Features Blanchard's secret tunnels: Are they fact or fiction? 
1991 November 8 Gospel Choir Features Gospel music, the soul of Wheaton College 
1991 November 8 Suburban homelessness Opinion Editorial 
1991 November 8 Worry Opinion Wheaton: why worry? 
1991 November 8 Education Opinion Letters: Three-hour model more complex 
1991 November 8 The nature of God Opinion Letters: "She" is blasphemous 
1991 November 8 A fresh perspective Opinion Think, don't assume 
1991 November 8 College ranking Opinion Letter: Bias clear in Money  
1991 November 8 Preconceptions Opinion Know what you think? 
1991 November 8 Men's soccer Sports Men's soccer into NCAA playoffs 
1991 November 8 Football Sports Wheaton rushes past North Park, shuts out opponent 
1991 November 15 Cheerleading Front Page Cheerleading varsity status revoked 
1991 November 15 Staley lectures Front Page Stafford to address sexuality for Staley lectures 
1991 November 15 Magic Johnson, Ex-Klansman, exports, and Yugoslavian sanctions Front Page National news briefs 
1991 November 15 BGC archives News BGC archives receive distinguished award 
1991 November 15 Welfare News New OCO ministry: Students tutor single mothers on welfare 
1991 November 15 Theology lectures News Leading theologian to begin McManis lecture 
1991 November 15 Midwest skiing Features Downhill skiing in the Midwest? 
1991 November 15 Work Features Sagas from behind the spit bar: life in the work world 
1991 November 15 Music group Arts & Entertainment Fishbone: confusion and paradox from a band fighting for change 
1991 November 15 TV Show Arts & Entertainment "Mystery Science Theater 3000": gags and goofballs 
1991 November 15 Exploring Chicago Arts & Entertainment Need diversity? Take a trip through the "other" streets of urban Chicago 
1991 November 15 Glen Ellyn Cafe Arts & Entertainment The Prairie Star Cafe offers food, folk and fun 
1991 November 15 Music Arts & Entertainment Ocean Blue makes waves with contemplative Cerulean 
1991 November 15 Righteous anger Opinion Editorial 
1991 November 15 Evangelism Opinion Faith in the swamplands 
1991 November 15 Flyer Flyer Opinion Letters: Prof admits error 
1991 November 15 Deceiving looks Opinion Looking beyond the surface 
1991 November 15 Christian relationship Opinion Horizontal christians 
1991 November 15 Beliefs Opinion Letters: Healing not a realistic idea 
1991 November 15 Football Sports Crusaders cruise by Carroll into "upper echelon" 
1991 November 15 Men's soccer Sports Men's soccer shut out 
1991 November 15 Basketball Sports Strike it rich, fans, at Crusader basketball 
1991 November 22 Food and Bible donations Front Page Students plan aid to Soviets 
1991 November 22 Health Front Page Sean awaits new heart 
1991 November 22 Student Government publication Front Page SG proposes forming own student publication 
1991 November 22 Commencement speaker News '92 commencement speaker still not chosen 
1991 November 22 Society for Scientific Study of Religion News Kellstedt, Blauwkamp present papers 
1991 November 22 Sexual abuse News Stafford's visit hoped to spur awareness, talk of sexual abuse 
1991 November 22 Music Arts & Entertainment Burce Cockburn: music with faith and integrity 
1991 November 22 Movie Arts & Entertainment Don't blame Little Man Tate for being different 
1991 November 22 Arnoldo Alvarez from Honduras Features Alvarez: development that really helps 
1991 November 22 Church building Features Exploring the hole on Union street 
1991 November 22 World Crafts shop Features Self-help sale for Third World artists 
1991 November 22 Sexuality Opinion Editorial 
1991 November 22 Faith Opinion Supporting faith 
1991 November 22 Summer program in Israel Opinion Fighting the Crusaders 
1991 November 22 Working as worship Opinion It is finished 
1991 November 22 The nature of God Opinion Letters: Is reason a whore? 
1991 November 22 Cross-country Sports Cross-country ends season strong, Gault to compete in nationals 
1991 November 22 Soccer Sports "Joe's Delusion" crowned IM soccer champions 
1991 December 6 Hearing panel Front Page Students correct peers: Administration creating disciplinary hearing panel 
1991 December 6 Abortion Front Page Forum explores legality of abortion 
1991 December 6 Extensions for Finals Front Page SG extends library hours, seeks Sunday opening 
1991 December 6 Religious influence on Education News WETN airs Wheaton's new "Forum" for issues 
1991 December 6 Sue Thomas to speak in chapel News Hearing "impaired" achiever to speak 
1991 December 6 Debate team News Debate team strong, anticipates high rank 
1991 December 6 Deferred enrollments Features Tired of the Midwest? Time to defer 
1991 December 6 New trends Features Pajama pants: out of bed, into class 
1991 December 6 Julian Jackson Arts & Entertainment Student illustrates history for children 
1991 December 6 Photographic journey Arts & Entertainment Shreck: Picking up the pieces of broken history 
1991 December 6 Christian music Arts & Entertainment Sam Phillips refuses to compromise 
1991 December 6 Cafe Wheaton Arts & Entertainment New cafe updates old Wheaton Restaurant 
1991 December 6 Music Arts & Entertainment U2's Achtung Baby dances into new territory 
1991 December 6 Post-graduation plans Opinion Holistic help for communities 
1991 December 6 Football Opinion Football fever: a woman speaks up 
1991 December 6 Sexuality Opinion Letters: Take a risk, Wheaton 
1991 December 6 Discipline and christian character Opinion Profs praise and reprove students 
1991 December 6 Inerrancy Opinion "Inerrancy" upheld 
1991 December 6 Definition of justice Opinion Justice that's just 
1991 December 6 The nature of God Opinion How about the Wheaton Knights? 
1991 December 6 Basketball Sports Men's basketball loses openers 
1991 December 6 Tae Kwon Do Sports Tae Kwon Do's and don'ts 
1991 December 6 Horse riding Sports Horsing around 
1991 December 13 Racial discrimination Front Page Students harassed, claim discrimination 
1991 December 13 Army skills learning Front Page Ranger Challenge beats odds, takes second place 
1991 December 13 Soviet Union, European union, Pearl Harbor, and Arabs and Israelis meet Front Page International News briefs 
1991 December 13 Self-image Arts / Features Women in advertising: when seeing isn't believing 
1991 December 13 Trick at talent show Arts / Features Hannig presents truth with optical illusions 
1991 December 13 Racial reconciliation Opinion Editorial 
1991 December 13 Understanding family Opinion Family lessons 
1991 December 13 Women's basketball Sports Women's basketball opense season, wins 
1981 November 13 Debate team Front page Wheaton debate team racks up wins, trophies 
1981 November 13 David Wood Front page Cross-carrying zealot denounces Wheaton's sinfulness 
1981 November 13 Chrouser Fitness Center Front page Center offers total fitness 
1981 November 13 LTC. Alexander Shine News Shine challenges pacifist view 
1981 November 13 Student life News Seniors caught cold; beanie stolen 
1981 November 13 Peter Means News Wheaton vet recalls Green Berets, Viet Nam 
1981 November 13 Dr. Helmut Ziefle News Ziefle reflects on close-calls during World War II 
1981 November 13 Campus counseling Opinion Editorial 
1981 November 13 The Pledge Opinion Responsibilities 
1981 November 13 Student life Opinion Slow change 
1981 November 13 Student life Letters Stress 
1981 November 13 Soccer Letters Soccer plug 
1981 November 13 Campus clock Letters No hands 
1981 November 13 Sports coverage Letters Keep it up 
1981 November 13 Serving Letters Sensitivity 
1981 November 13 Pastor Melvin Upchurch Letters Black pride 
1981 November 13 Critique Letters Guilty party 
1981 November 13 Graduate students Letters Grad challenge 
1981 November 13 Thanks Letter Loving letter 
1981 November 13 Francois Truffaut Arts Film festival features Truffaut 
1981 November 13 Soundtracks Arts Soundtrek: a personal search 
1981 November 13 Admiration Arts Perspective 
1981 November 13 Jane Nelson Sports Tennis star praises Wheaton 
1981 November 13 Football Sports Football team falls to Millikin, record drops to 2-6 
1981 November 13 Women's soccer Sports Women's soccer ends first season tomorrow 
1981 November 13 Soccer Sports Soccer captures two big wins 
1981 November 13 Hockey Sports Wheaton hockey team opens season with IIT 
1981 November 13 Volleyball Sports Lady spikers drop two 
1981 November 13 Basketball Sports Cagers face tough CCIW play 
1981 November 6 Charles W. Colson Front page Ex-con Colson slated to speak at commencement 
1981 November 6 Dr. John Yoder Front page Lecture challenges pacifists, 'just war' adherents 
1981 November 6 Campus dining Front page New dining facilities proposed 
1981 November 6 Cadaver News Biology students dissect corpse 
1981 November 6 Campus life News Plumbing problems plague dorms 
1981 November 6 Philosophy conference News Philosophers discuss social sciences 
1981 November 6 Student travel News HNGR intern reflects on Pakistan 
1981 November 6 Dr. Armerding Opinion Crucial decision 
1981 November 6 Christianity Opinion Soul search 
1981 November 6 Spiritual life Opinion Sugar supplement 
1981 November 6 Counseling Letters Nothing funny 
1981 November 6 The Record Letters Shape up 
1981 November 6 The Record Letters Ship out 
1981 November 6 Student life Letters Video games 
1981 November 6 Football Letters No football 
1981 November 6 Music review Arts Punk group explores depths 
1981 November 6 Michael Rudy Arts Russian pianist graces Edman 
1981 November 6 International Film Festival Arts Film festival begins tonight 
1981 November 6 Tony van Bridge Arts Lecture features van Bridge 
1981 November 6 Theatre make-up Arts Nystrom theatre performers discuss make-up techniques 
1981 November 6 Dan Fogelberg Arts Over 200 Wheaties hit Fogelberg concert 
1981 November 6 Swimming Sports Swim team set for debut with George Williams 
1981 November 6 Soccer Sports Crusader soccer squad selected for regional playoffs 
1981 November 6 Cross Country Sports Wheaton wins distance meet 
1981 November 6 Volleyball Sports Wheaton women qualify for state tournament 
1981 October 30 President Armerding Front page Armerding discusses divorce, counseling 
1981 October 30 Phil Donahue show Front page Wheaton represented on Phil Donahue show 
1981 October 30 Theological studies Department Front page Grads grumble as prof resigns 
1981 October 30 Student life Front page Senior bench appears as juniors yawn 
1981 October 30 Outreach News Students preach on city street 
1981 October 30 Robert Hunter News Hunter addresses Mideast issues 
1981 October 30 Brian Adam News Motel job provides curiosities, confrontations 
1981 October 30 Campus life News Wheaton down on punk, disco: tunes in Christian music 
1981 October 30 The Record Opinion Editorial 
1981 October 30 Student life Opinion Bankrupcy 
1981 October 30 Campus life Opinion Stupe talk 
1981 October 30 Margaret Opinion Release 
1981 October 30 Religious freedom SG Siberian Seven 
1981 October 30 Steve Plichta Letters Plichta pummeled 
1981 October 30 Campus windows Letters Campus beautiful 
1981 October 30 Creative writing Short story Fidelity 
1981 October 30 Music review Arts 'Devo' blasts away at class 
1981 October 30 Theatre Arts Theatre update 
1981 October 30 Music review Arts Dylan's sound weathered but lasting 
1981 October 30 Self improvement Arts Perspective 
1981 October 30 Book review Arts Novak book jilts jock-haters 
1981 October 30 Book review Arts A letter to the Arts editor-Carole talks to herself 
1981 October 30 Women's field hockey Sports Wheaties stretch for state title 
1981 October 30 Soccer Sports Soccer faces Division I tourney 
1981 October 30 Soccer Sports JV record shines: season ends today 
1981 October 23 Dr. C. Rene Padilla Front page Theologian struggles for justice in Latin America 
1981 October 23 Video games Front page Pac-man & friends gobble up student quarters 
1981 October 23 Campus theft Front page Thieves rip-off bikes, purses 
1981 October 23 Student life News Wheaton attracts older students 
1981 October 23 Vandalism News Vandals strike CSC group 
1981 October 23 Parent's Weekend News Stoner predicts record crowd 
1981 October 23 ROTC News Journalist joins ROTC cadets in weekend combat training 
1981 October 23 Hans Kung News Catholic thinker delivers plea for theological freedom 
1981 October 23 Hand Kung Opinion Editorial 
1981 October 23 Student dining Letters Wasted food 
1981 October 23 Kodon Letters Kodon plug 
1981 October 23 Anwar Sadat Letters Sadat 
1981 October 23 Dealing with anger Opinion Anger 
1981 October 23 Friendship Opinion Lonliness 
1981 October 23 Brotherly love Opinion Constipation 
1981 October 23 Volleyball Sports Women win over pain, fatigue 
1981 October 23 Hockey Sports Wheaton icemen return for a second, exciting season 
1981 October 23 Soccer Sports Soccer hopes for playoff spot 
1981 October 23 Tennis Sports Tennis women dominate Division III play 
1981 October 23 Lacrosse Sports Lacrosse fever rises at Wheaton 
1981 October 23 Theatre review Arts 'Inherit the Wind' incorporates, intrigues its audiences 
1981 October 23 Over-protection Arts Perspective 
1981 October 2 Student life Front page Students denied European study: ISP dropped 
1981 October 2 Billy Graham Center Front page Graham Center must raise $15 million to endow facility 
1981 October 2 Bleacher accident Front page Bleacher mishap injures two 
1981 October 2 Creation-evolution symposium News Profs debate creation-evolution 
1981 October 2 Student life News Student organizations tighten belts 
1981 October 2 Telephone scam News Telephone fraud hits campus 
1981 October 2 Dr. Clyde Kilby News Kilby discusses 'Inklings' 
1981 October 2 Seniors Opinion Guest editorial 
1981 October 2 Faculty life Opinion Moonlighting 
1981 October 2 Giving blood Opinion Giving blood 
1981 October 2 Missions Opinion Urban project 
1981 October 2 Student life Letters Prep aesthetics 
1981 October 2 Friendship Letters An open letter 
1981 October 2 Kodon budget Letters Kodon cuts 
1981 October 2 Greg Olsen's letter Letters Olsen reply 
1981 October 2 Campus life Letters Suicide attempt 
1981 October 2 Theatre review Arts Wheaton women reveal sophisticated 'manhunt' strategies 
1981 October 2 Music review Arts Simon & Garfunkel perform in New York 
1981 October 2 Theatre review Arts A Chorus Line 
1981 October 2 Dr. E. Beatrice Batson Arts Batson cites 'Metaphor' as conference theme 
1981 October 2 Freedom Arts Perspective 
1981 October 2 Elmer Iseler Singers Arts Canadian choir brings Wheaton sacred music 
1981 October 2 Volleyball Sports Volleyball wins with new set-up 
1981 October 2 Cross Country Sports Cross Country splashes to seventh place at meet 
1981 October 2 Football Sports Crusaders bow 28-7 after early touchdown 
1981 September 25 Financial Aid Front page Loan programs fall victim to government cutbacks 
1981 September 25 Academics Front page Admissions dept. to stress academics 
1981 September 25 Dr, Arthur Holmes Front page Holmes delivers lecture to Arts Alliance 
1981 September 25 Kathryn Lindskoog News Book highlights Lewis' thought 
1981 September 25 Paul Fromer News Prof explains high-altitude ministry 
1981 September 25 Tim Ursiny News Cartoonist confronts issues 
1981 September 25 Homecoming News Campus to begin 58th homecoming celebration Tuesday 
1981 September 25 Blood drive News Blood to flow in Fischer dorm 
1981 September 25 Kodon Opinion Editorial 
1981 September 25 Donald Bates Letters Reply to Bates 
1981 September 25 Student life Letters Preppie fad 
1981 September 25 Campus Letters Letter 
1981 September 25 Loving each other Opinion Active love 
1981 September 25 Diversity Opinion Minority enrollment 
1981 September 25 Solidarity Day Opinion Washington correspondence 
1981 September 25 Dr. John Walford Arts Walford stresses dignity of art 
1981 September 25 Art Arts Perspective 
1981 September 25 "Relational Artists" Arts RA duties prove to be genuine art 
1981 September 25 Yaakov Agam Arts Israeli artist featured in downtown gallery 
1981 September 25 Chicago activity guide Arts Chicago Update 
1981 September 25 Soccer Sports Wheaton soccer player gives first-hand view 
1981 September 25 Tennis Sports Newcomers bolster tennis team 
1981 September 25 Football Sports Football team drops opening game 
1981 September 18 Student travel Front page Wheaton interns face challenges in Third World 
1981 September 18 Dr. Paul Bechtel and Edward Coray Front page Bechtel, Coray to sketch Wheaton's history 
1981 September 18 Randy Gruendyke Front page Gruendyke to serve as student chaplain 
1981 September 18 Dr. Richard Halvorsen News Wheaton grad takes Senate chaplain post 
1981 September 18 Chess News Chess fanatics discuss their sport 
1981 September 18 Counseling services News Campus counselors offer students aid 
1981 September 18 The Record Opinion Editorial 
1981 September 18 Faculty life Opinion Empty rooms 
1981 September 18 Campus life Opinion Common courtesy 
1981 September 18 Relationships Opinion Hot prospects 
1981 September 18 Leaders Opinion Spiritual leaders 
1981 September 18 Kenneth Briggs Opinion Letters 
1981 September 18 Soccer team Opinion Letters 
1981 September 18 Football Sports Football team faces Augustana in season opener 
1981 September 18 Field hockey Sports Wheaton to play Division I school 
1981 September 18 Soccer Sports Soccer drops opener 
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