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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
1990 January 26 Mathisen and Fahs Front Page Profs bring Christian message to Moscow 
1990 January 26 Rev. Joseph Tson Front Page Exiled pastor returns to liberated Romania 
1990 January 26 National Association of Evangelicals Front Page White emphasizes ministry in Spring Special Services 
1990 January 26 December-January News Summary Major Events 
1990 January 26 Fahs and Mathisen Features Profs in Moscow 
1990 January 26 pizza comparison Features Pizza remains a favorite food 
1990 January 26 international missions conference Features OCO sends students to overseas conference 
1990 January 26 Romanian example Editorial A call for political renewal 
1990 January 26 social freedom Opinion Free indeed 
1990 January 26 basketball Sports Crusaders rally to topple Carthage 
1990 January 26 national attention Sports Senior athletes honored 
1990 February 2 Super Bowl News Summary 49ers romp 
1990 February 2 Union cinema account Front Page Cinema manager embezzles funds 
1990 February 2 campus construction Front Page Blanchard makeover moves along 
1990 February 2 China News Chronology of student protests 
1990 February 2 Chinese exchange students News Summary Bush's China veto upheld 
1990 February 2 Avianca News Summary Colombian jet crashes 
1990 February 2 coffee roasting De-Sci-Pher Research gives drinkers of decaffeinated cause to worry 
1990 February 2 The Grand Theater Features Theater rolls with the times 
1990 February 2 Wayne Martindale in China Features China's spiritual thirst draws Wheaton prof 
1990 February 2 Jim Jarmusch movie review Arts Elvis lives on in Mystery Train 
1990 February 2 Improv Night Arts Students bring the improv to Arena Theatre 
1990 February 2 movie review Arts Enemies explores male-female relationships 
1990 February 2 Book review Arts Prince of Tides plays emotional tug-of-war 
1990 February 2 journalists and failure Editorial Truth vs. love 
1990 February 2 returning from HNGR Opinion University blues and Reds 
1990 February 2 restoration  Letter Crandall emphasizes reconciliation 
1990 February 2 campus facilities Opinion An iron-clad tradition 
1990 February 2 evangelical subculture Opinion Our coming-of-age crisis 
1990 February 2 Ronald Reagan Opinion Who was the "Man of the Decade?" 
1990 February 2 wrestling Sports Wrestling meet prepares team for conference 
1990 February 2 women's basetball Sports Women's B-ball tromps Millikin 
1990 February 2 Swimming Sports Swimmers reap partial victory 
1990 February 2 rooting against Sports Anti-fans spoil the fun 
1990 February 9 HIV/AIDS Front Page AIDS victim talks with students 
1990 February 9 dance prohibition Front Page SG votes to allow dancing 
1990 February 9 Career Conversations conference Front Page Area professionals offer advice to students 
1990 February 9 Tiananmen Square Front Page China: The Price for Democracy, China protests affect students everywhere 
1990 February 9 dorm security News Williston doors locked full-time 
1990 February 9 student protests News China: The Price for Democracy, China shows history of protest 
1990 February 9 Communist Central Committee News Summary Reforms in the Soviet Union 
1990 February 9 Anti-apartheid groups News Summary  South African reforms 
1990 February 9 Goodman Theater Arts A Tale for all seasons 
1990 February 9 Andrei Tarkovsky Arts Schreck shows Russian art films Stalker and Sacrifice 
1990 February 9 opera singer Arts Sherrill Milnes performs in Artis Series 
1990 February 9 Naperville Features SciTech offers hands-on fun 
1990 February 9 modern art on campus Features Sculpture defies explanation 
1990 February 9 engagement Features Expect the unexpected with Wheaton marriage proposals 
1990 February 9 barber shop Features Wheaton men find Sheridan's a cut above the rest 
1990 February 9 original gifts Features  Trends for '90s valentines 
1990 February 9 freedom in action Guest Editorial Freedom requires action 
1990 February 9 question rules Letters A plea for integrity 
1990 February 9 Movies Letters Don't view sin 
1990 February 9 responsible journalism Opinion Seeking the whole truth 
1990 February 9 parable of domestic evangelicalism Opinion The bold offensive 
1990 February 9 The Pledge Opinion Shall we dance? 
1990 February 9 men's basketball Sports Victory eludes basketball in overtime 
1990 February 9 hockey Sports Hockey rolls over Bradley 
1990 February 9 men's tennis Sports Tennis team starts with a bang 
1990 February 16 Dr. C. Everett Koop Front Page Koop addresses campus 
1990 February 16 evolution and creation Front Page Creation stand updated 
1990 February 16 China: The Price for Democracy News Future looks hazy for China 
1990 February 16 China: The Price for Democracy Front Page China protests affect ministry 
1990 February 2 China: The Price for Democracy Front Page Clash of wills in China continues 
1990 February 2 China: The Price for Democracy Front Page Protests provoke change in China 
1990 February 16 South Africa News Summary Mandela released 
1990 February 16 East and West Germany News Summary German reunification 
1990 February 16 U.S.S.R. News Summary Arms agreement 
1990 February 16 Pakistan, India, Kashmir News Summary Kashmir dispute continues 
1990 February 16 Episcopal Church News Summary Gay priest dismissed 
1990 February 16 bank News Gary Wheaton introduces ATM charge 
1990 February 16 Cenacle Retreat House Features Students pray for homework 
1990 February 16 Driving Miss Daisy Movie review Daisy grows old gracefull 
1990 February 16 Mikhail Morgulis Book review Red Planet explores Soviet changes  
1990 February 16 Matt Groening TV Review The Simpsons emerge from "Life in Hell" 
1990 February 16 Art Institute of Chicago Arts Institute exhibits African art 
1990 February 16 cartoon Biff D. Mouse Art 
1990 February 16 Women's Chorale tours Arts Chorale performs sacred music 
1990 February 16 Statement of Faith, Responsibilities Editorial A change in the weather 
1990 February 16 entertainment Letters Never look past sin 
1990 February 16 Evangelicalism Letters The young and the restless 
1990 February 16 Conservatives reject racism Opinion Civil rights for the Right 
1990 February 16 The reason for life Opinion Why not ask "Why?" 
1990 February 16 Gospel choir Opinion A joyful noise 
1990 February 16 hockey Sports Hockey ends victorious 
1990 February 16 basketball Sports IM B-ball teams take game seriously 
1990 February 16 basketball Sports Poor shooting proves fatal for B-ball 
1990 February 23 HIV/AIDS Front Page The epidemic touches DuPage 
1990 February 23 College Church construction Front Page College Church plans expansion 
1990 February 23 student-Public safety relations Front Page SG to improve Public Safety's PR 
1990 February 23 Arena Theater Arts Traveler in the Dark sheds light on life's questions 
1990 February 23 HIV/AIDS News Area churches formulate stand 
1990 February 23 appropriation art Arts Mahady expresses the "isms" of art 
1990 February 23 Band from Hershey, PA Arts The Ocean Blue washes away rock stereotypes 
1990 February 23 College station News WETN begins fund-raising week 
1990 February 23 Dr. Nico Smith News South African pastor speaks with students 
1990 February 23 Dick Cheney News Briefs Cheney visits Philippines 
1990 February 23 Cuba News Briefs Castro announces "reform" 
1990 February 23 basketball News Brief U of I sports violations 
1990 February 23 Kazuo Ishiguro Book review Remains of the Day links Old World with new 
1990 February 23 Kent Cederberg, HIV/AIDS Features Death opens door to Christian ministry 
1990 February 23 vans on TV Features ChiPs defines moral values 
1990 February 23 ROTC Features Military cutbacks "slam" ROTC cadets 
1990 February 23 cartoon Biff D. Mouse Flashes and Re-runs 
1990 February 23 Campus food Features Stupe trends and trivia revealed 
1990 February 23 HIV/AIDS Editorial The church and AIDS 
1990 February 23 The Pledge Letters Don't soften standards 
1990 February 23 Statement of Responsibilities Opinion "We don't got the beat" 
1990 February 23 alone time Opinion The solace of solitude 
1990 February 23 prejudice Opinion The color of Jesus 
1990 February 23 Statement of Responsibilities Opinion Customized "Pledging" 
1990 February 23 volleyball Sports Men's volleyball smashes opposition 
1990 February 23 Swimming Sports Swimmers fall short of victory 
1990 February 23 women's basketball Sports Women's basketball explodes triumphantly in home finale 
1990 March 23 increased cost Front Page Tuition hike announced 
1990 March 23 campus food Front Page College considers offering Sunday dinner 
1990 March 23 urban sprawl Front Page Development merges cities and suburbs 
1990 March 23 Upward Movement Arts Dancers perform, praise 
1990 March 23 Anderson Commons basement News Plans for Commons basement underway 
1990 March 23 Dr. Luis Palau News Missions conference explores crossroads 
1990 March 23 Church and Theatre class Arts Workshop blends art and worship 
1990 March 23 Movie Review: Lord of the Flies Arts Scenery rules over substance 
1990 March 23 Cape Cod Muffin Company Features Aroma of muffins wafts through downtown 
1990 March 23 Urban sprawl Features DuPage outgrows itself 
1990 March 23 cartoon Biff D. Mouse Chapel Coughing 
1990 March 23 Marge Karner in Estonia Features Soviet guide follows tour group home 
1990 March 23 Honduras Project Features Project quenches villager's thirsts 
1990 March 23 Student Government elections Editorial Apathy leads to tyranny 
1990 March 23 Student Government elections Letters  Vote for accountability 
1990 March 23 HNGR in Peru Opinion A spiritual strategy 
1990 March 23 controversial topics Opinion Finding a middle ground 
1990 March 23 Black History Month and Republicans Letters Paddon reeks of ignorance 
1990 March 23 Statement of Responsibilities Opinion Dancing stand beats a dead horse 
1990 March 23 basketball Sports March madness strikes b-ball fans 
1990 March 23 Swimming Sports Swimmers break records at Nationals meet 
1990 March 30 commence crowd Front Page New graduation ticket strategy fails 
1990 March 30 Student body president Front Page SG presidency goes to newcomer 
1990 March 30 Urban Sprawl Front Page College resists the effects of growth 
1990 March 30 secession from the Soviet Union News briefs Lithuanian Unrest 
1990 March 30 Free elections News briefs East German and Hungarian elections 
1990 March 30 Academy Awards News briefs Oscars '89 
1990 March 30 The Plausible Impossible Campus events L'Engle to speak 
1990 March 30 In All Seriousness Campus events Comedy night 
1990 March 30 Walk as Children of Light Campus events Concert Choir concert 
1990 March 30 40 hours on the streets Arts & Features Students experience homelessness 
1990 March 30 Urban sprawl Arts & Features Foreseeable trends may halt growth 
1990 March 30 Movie review: Mountains of the Moon Arts & Features Mountains reaches too high 
1990 March 30 lacrosse Sports Lacrosse shut out in season opener 
1990 March 30 The Philosophy of Winning Sports Winning is secondary 
1990 March 30 The Philosophy of Winning Sports Commitment to winning builds character 
1990 March 30 graduation tickets Letters Selling tickets is wrong 
1990 March 30 Hippocratic Oath Letters Koop's stand contested 
1990 March 30 election process Letters Pre-election coverage questioned 
1990 March 30 HNGR, MIF Editorial Taking a new road 
1990 March 30 The Pledge Letters Fight the status quo 
1990 March 30 racism and Cultural Awareness Week Opinion Paddon's rebuttal 
1990 March 30 HNGR in Peru Opinion Spiritual strategy, II 
1990 March 30 response to embezzlement Letters Vanderveen lied 
1990 April 1 BGC as trailers Off the Record Front Page Graham Center's decade-long pretense ends 
1990 April 1 Chappy K in Second City Off The Record Front Page Kellough, comedian, comes clean 
1990 April 1 Jericho event Off The Record Front Page Blanchard crumbles in miraculous mistake 
1990 April 1 commencement address Off The Record Front Page Campus briefs 
1990 April 1 Dance Campus briefs Sadie Hawkins Dance 
1990 April 1 Islam speaks Campus briefs Farakhan addresses campus 
1990 April 1 tennis team dress code Sports Women's tennis team drops skirts 
1990 April 1 Oh, Calcutta! Arts & Features Arena Theater bares all 
1990 April 1 Earth Day activites Arts & Features Christo wraps Blanchard Hall 
1990 April 1 varsity sports Sports Hockey and square-dancing go varsity 
1990 April 1 Vice President Arts & Features Quayle relives wild Wheaton days 
1990 April 6 Dr. Lyle Dorsett Front Page Urban Studies program starts next fall 
1990 April 6 former minority students and employees Front Page Employee seminar examines racism 
1990 April 6 pro-life protest Front Page Abortion protestors convicted 
1990 April 6 Women and the church Front Page Students question proper roles 
1990 April 6 Institute for the Study of Christianity and Marxism News Atheism knows no bounds, sumposium speakers say 
1990 April 6 Women in the church News History shows women taking leadership roles 
1990 April 6 Book review Arts Berry uncovers The Hidden Wound of racism 
1990 April 6 Adams Hall Arts "Stations" captures Christ's passion 
1990 April 6 Women and the church Features Popular churches hold traditional views 
1990 April 6 Marion E. Wade Center Features Walk into the Wardrobe 
1990 April 6 grief Features Compassion brings healing to brother's pain 
1990 April 6 Christian athlete Guest Editorial Fight the good fight 
1990 April 6 Student Government Letters Elections cause dismay 
1990 April 6 campaign attack Letters Vanderveen replies 
1990 April 6 election news Letters Olson lacks the power to censor 
1990 April 6 Jim Jones and Tim Stoen Opinion Facing a difficult past 
1990 April 6 Day in Public Safety Opinion Just the facts... 
1990 April 6 Chapel seats Opinion He sat in my seat 
1990 April 6 indecent performance Letters Would Jesus jam? 
1990 April 6 struggle against oppression Letters We're not ready to rest 
1990 April 6 polarization of races Letters A black-and-white issue 
1990 April 6 blacks and the Republican party Opinion Paddon's got it right 
1990 April 6 commencement tickets Letters Ticket market defended 
1990 April 6 Track and field Sports Track wets feet at Harper meet 
1990 April 6 Philosophy of Winning Sports Athletes seek to minister 
1990 April 6 intramural Sports Is IM competition too intense? 
1990 April 20 Women and the church Front Page Evangelicals clash on roles issue 
1990 April 20 Women and the church Front Page Faculty members hold conflicting views 
1990 April 20 Nancy Calvert Front Page Woman Bible prof hired 
1990 April 20 Student Government Front Page Students vote for change 
1990 April 20 Lithuanian independence News briefs Lithuanian policy outlined 
1990 April 20 Chamorro and Sandinistas News briefs Contras disarm 
1990 April 20 Supreme Court and Purdy, MO News briefs Dancing restricted 
1990 April 20 Moscow State University News Exchange sends students to U.S.S.R. 
1990 April 20 Women and the church Features Wife, mother called to minister 
1990 April 20 global environmental problems Features Chicago celebrates Earth Day 1990 
1990 April 20 The Baseball Card Shop Features Baseball cards beckon fans back 
1990 April 20 alternative rock concerts Arts Severed Heads' music is uncompromising 
1990 April 20 The Man Who Came to Dinner Arts Arena Theater takes a lighter turn 
1990 April 20 Movie review Arts To Fly stimulates the senses but not the mind 
1990 April 20 senior recital Arts Vivian Su speaks the language of music 
1990 April 20 TV review Arts Twin Peaks is TV, but not 
1990 April 20 Book review: A.N. Wilson Arts Profs respond to controversial Lewis biography 
1990 April 20 BITH department Editorial On the right track 
1990 April 20 racial relations Letters Learn to listen 
1990 April 20 Marion Barry article Letters Another go at Paddon 
1990 April 20 Women in ministry Letters On beyond sex roles 
1990 April 20 campaign Letters Make sure it's constructive 
1990 April 20 racism as recognizable evil Opinion Consideration for our future 
1990 April 20 Operation Rescue protest Opinion Criminal trespassing is unjustified 
1990 April 20 Tennis Sports Tennis wins and plans to minister 
1990 April 20 lacrosse Sports Lacrosse struggles in dark and rain 
1990 April 27 zoning Front Page College Church expansion plans obstructed 
1990 April 27 Women and the church Front Page Bethel Presbyterian splits over roles issue 
1990 April 27 Parking Committee Front Page Campus parking to expand 
1990 April 27 Buswell and Billy Graham Center Libraries Front Page Computers change libraries 
1990 April 27 student writing leaders News Publications appointments made 
1990 April 27 Tim Stoen News Former Jim Jones aide addresses campus 
1990 April 27 Iran News Brief Hostages 
1990 April 27 fuel embargo News Briefs Lithuania 
1990 April 27 Derrick Bell News Briefs Women's issue pressed 
1990 April 27 Class films Arts Student films debut in Edman tonight 
1990 April 27 love beads Arts Beads spread love on campus 
1990 April 27 Women and the church Features Local ordained women explain their ministries 
1990 April 27 Earth day traffic jam Features Earth Day event proves paradoxical 
1990 April 27 Faculty Missionary Project Features Faculty follows students overseas 
1990 April 27 Wheaton College Chess Open Features Chess player returns from mystical world 
1990 April 27 Nanabah Nez Features Navajo woman's faith makes lasting impression 
1990 April 27 Women in the church Letters The Bible does not restrict women 
1990 April 27 CBE Letters A minor correction 
1990 April 27 The Ice Cream Socialist Letters Don't spread filth 
1990 April 27 pro-life protests Letters Trespassing saves lives 
1990 April 27 different views Letters Think again before you judge 
1990 April 27 creative entertainment Opinion Dare to be random 
1990 April 27 Women in ministry Editorial Don't let the body atrophy 
1990 April 27 restored community Opinion Farewell remarks, part I 
1990 April 27 softball Sports Softball team drops double-header 
1990 April 27 Track and field Sports Runners share rich experiences 
1990 April 27 golf Sports Golf putts 
1990 May 4 creation and evolution, college position Front Page Creation clarification thwarted 
1990 May 4 Rally for Life Front Page Students attend pro-life rally 
1990 May 4 Senior Administrative Council Front Page Coke contract awaits approval 
1990 May 4 student employment Features Exciting summer jobs await 
1990 May 4 Senior bench Features Bench tells of sordid past, tranquil present 
1990 May 4 HNGR in South Africa Features Sisana Hlophe learns Zulu ways 
1990 May 4 Statement of Responsibilities News Dancing issue awaits action 
1990 May 4 Office of Christian Outreach News Heads of OCO announced 
1990 May 4 Frank Herbert Reed News briefs Hostage released 
1990 May 4 Red Square News briefs Soviet Protest 
1990 May 4 NASA News brief Hubble telescope 
1990 May 4 abortion Editorial Compassion, not confrontation 
1990 May 4 jazz piano Arts Benson masters Gershwin as well as Kant 
1990 May 4 College Union recreation Arts Blow it off at Springfest 
1990 May 4 Fareed Haque Arts Latin jazz guitarist shares stage with jazz ensemble 
1990 May 4 Marriot's Theater in-the-round Arts Into the Woods frightens and delights 
1990 May 4 Wheaton as separate Opinion Taking down the invisible hedge 
1990 May 4 Myths of El Salvador Opinion The truth about El Salvador 
1990 May 4 Ice Cream Socialist Letter Don't make God a bully 
1990 May 4 stealing magazines Letters Don't "borrow" magazines 
1990 May 4 hierarchy Letters Standing for order 
1990 May 4 Ice Cream Socialist Letters An apology 
1990 May 4 Pledge generalizations Letters Apalled at the news 
1990 May 4 Women in Ministry Letters It's God's prerogative 
1990 May 4 Women in ministry Letters Joransen responds 
1990 May 4 baseball Sports Baseball splits double-header 
1990 May 4 Run Sports Students race to wipe out cancer 
1990 May 11 missions and intercultural education Front Page Loss of profs raises questions 
1990 May 11 Women in the church Front Page Student-sponsored forums discuss sex roles in the church 
1990 May 11 underground paper Front Page ICS editors face disciplinary measures 
1990 May 11 new constitution News briefs South African talks 
1990 May 11 Pope John Paul II News briefs Papal visit to Mexico 
1990 May 11 Oregon health plan News briefs New health insurance plan 
1990 May 11 California prison ministry News Smarto to interview Reagan for TV 
1990 May 11 embezzlement results News Crandall begins to repay stolen funds 
1990 May 11 faculty Campus briefs Retiring professors 
1990 May 11 Officer Christian Fellowship Features OCF strengthens Christian soldiers 
1990 May 11 benefit concert for Project South Africa Arts & Features Rock for peace at Wheatstock 1990 
1990 May 11 melanin Arts & Features De-Sci-Pher covers overexposure 
1990 May 11 what is truth? Opinion Seekers, seers 
1990 May 11 dialogue and debate Editorial Watch your mouth 
1990 May 11 The Ice Cream Socialist Opinion But keep talking 
1990 May 11 degrading human character Letters The price of rejection 
1990 May 11 Bilzekian, women in the church Letters Look again 
1990 May 11 Reason Opinion The Reason of Doom 
1990 May 11 take up the heritage Opinions Farewell remark, part II 
1990 May 11 tennis Sports Tennis players do more than conquer 
1990 May 11 Track and field Sports Track stars shine in CCIW championships 
1990 May 11 lacrosse Sports Lacrosse barely loses in finale 
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