Index to the Record, 1989 (September)-1990 (April)

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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
1989 September 8 Paul DeVries front page Philosophy loses prof 
1989 September 8 Paul Fromer front page Record advisor dismissed 
1989 September 8 installed cash machine front page Cash machine installed in back of Old Dining Hall 
1989 September 8 Wahshington Banquet was cancelled front page Washington Banquet cancelled 
1989 September 8 housing shortage front page New students caught in housing shortage 
1989 September 8 short news news News Summary 
1989 September 8 Walter C. Kaiser, Jr news Kaiser to speak in chapel 
1989 September 8 John Rorvik news Part-timer is full-time at WJCH 
1989 September 8 Blanchard video film news Blanchard video records memories 
1989 September 8 Pioneer Clubs news Pioneer Clubs celebrate 50th 
1989 September 8 Daniel Sommerville news New orch director faces the music 
1989 September 8 Judson Spence news Artist emerges from under a secular label 
1989 September 8 Frank Lloyd Wright news Chicago pays tribute to architect 
1989 September 8 Record editorial Editorial 
1989 September 8 Bruce Kohl voices Televangelism examined 
1989 September 8 George P. Wood voices A Political Confession 
1989 September 8 Eric Paddon voices On Activism 
1989 September 8 Sarah Russell voices Former editor responds 
1989 September 8 football sports Football barely breaks even 
1989 September 8 soccer sports Men's soccer team defeats King's 
1989 September 8 soccer  sports Women's soccer shuts out Depauw 
1989 September 15 major construction projects front page Campus undergoes a partial facelift 
1989 September 15 time capsule opening front page Time capsule opened Friday 
1989 September 15 church attendance front page Students debate church and chapel 
1989 September 15 church attendance news Students seek spiritual variety 
1989 September 15 short news news News Summary 
1989 September 15 Michael Miller news Grad school gets dean 
1989 September 15 AIDS conference news AIDS conference held 
1989 September 15 chemistry lab updated news Breyer chemistry lab updated 
1989 September 22 Minorities Front page Burr assists minorites 
1989 September 22 Phone Charge Front Page Phone line charge questioned 
1989 September 22 Habitat Front page  Habitat founder speaks 
1989 September 22 Parking  News Parking irritates Students 
1989 September 22 Student Goverment News Freshman Fill leadership positions 
1989 September 22 Artist Series Arts Brass Opens Artsist 
1989 September 22 Music Store Arts True Tunes Sold here 
1989 September 22 Choir Arts Choir sets stage for allies 
1989 September 22 Chaplain's Ofice News Secretatry brightens office visits 
1989 September 22 Hong Kong  News Hong Kong has needs 
1989 September 22 Michelle Morgan News Morgan Works in White House 
1989 September 22 Record News Past illuminates Wheaton Today 
1989 September 22 Science News "De-Sci-pher" explains science 
1989 September 22 Computers Editorial  Franklin Taylor 
1989 September 22 Evangelize Opinion How to Evangelize 
1989 September 22 Apollo 11 Opinion Is this a legacy to be proud of? 
1989 September 22 Food Opinion Stop Complaining  
1989 September 22 Football Sports Football Smashes Titans 
1989 September 22 Soccer Sports Men's Soccer destroys Millikin 
1989 September 22 Tennis Sports Women's tennis wins 2 of 3 in home contest 
1989 September 29 Parents Weekend Front Page Parents Arrive on Campus Today 
1989 September 29 Wriiting Confrence  Front Page Wriiting Confrence Offered 
1989 September 29 Career Development Front page Career Development expands 
1989 September 29 Bomb on campus News Students arrested for setting off bombs 
1989 September 29 Enviromental Disasters Earthkeepers Expriences Revival EarthKeepers Exprience revival 
1989 September 29 Hispanic American Day Front Page College holds Hispanic American Day 
1989 September 22 Knowing God Editorial Knowing God 
1989 September 22 Sarcasm Letters to the editor Take the Reins 
1989 September 29 arena theater news Theater tickets to sell 
1989 September 29 Saturday Night Fever news "Dance" fever strikes again 
1989 September 29 Concert Choir and Symphony Orchestra news Two groups give concert for parents 
1989 September 29 Parent's weekend news Out and about with parents 
1989 September 29 AIDS news "Yonder Come Day" confronts AIDS 
1989 September 29 forgiving editorial Forgiving, not forgetting 
1989 September 29 Joel Scandrett voices Reflections on suffering : Part I 
1989 September 29 Judith Morse letters to the editor Affirming televangelism 
1989 September 29 Bob Campbell letters to the editor Shame on Paddon 
1989 September 29 Marianne E. May Opinion Reality not so stark 
1989 September 29 Tara Barnett Opinion A compulsive CPO checker 
1989 September 29 Max Vanderpool and Andrew Burnett Opinion This is only a test 
1989 September 29 Kevin Huiskes Opinion Another evening at the library 
1989 September 29 Dry Ice Bombing Opinion Consequences 
1989 September 29 Matt Beckmann Opinion Our alleged faith 
1989 September 29 Ron Romberger Sports Bishop Featured 
1989 September 29 Track Renovations Sports Track changes face 
1989 September 29 James Stubblebine and Jim R. Vanderpool Sports Men's soccer sweeps Houghton 
1989 October 6 Scott Clausen front page Halvorsen scholarship established 
1989 October 6 Stacey Baker and Dawn Holt front page Theosophical Society examined 
1989 October 6 Kristin Larson front page Women in ministry discussed 
1989 October 6 David D. Almroth front page Lewis' friend shares memories 
1989 October 6 Tara Barnett news Chase appointed as federation chairman 
1989 October 6 Elizabeth White news AIDS Information Day held 
1989 October 6 Jenny Burnett news Board of Trustees meets 
1989 October 6 Dawn Kotapish Features Marriage improves students' lives 
1989 October 6 KristaLee Norris Features Cantigny lives today 
1989 October 6 Irene Wong Features De-Sci-pher does 3-D 
1989 October 6 Daniel Pynor Arts & Zubrzycky "pins" no specific message to his art 
1989 October 6 Kathy Tan Arts & Out and About 
1989 October 6 Tina Lambright and Susan Marshall Arts & Friendly atmosphere draws customers 
1989 October 6 Kristalee Norris Entertainment Wheaton guys go MAD over girls 
1989 October 6 Lane King Entertainment Glee Club sings for Bears 
1989 October 6 Stacey Baker Entertainment Record wins first 
1989 October 6 Dr. James M Boice - Speaker Entertainment "Christ's Call to Discipleship" 
1989 October 6 Dorothy Abbenhouse Editorial Theosophical perspectives of Wheaton 
1989 October 6 Amy Chase Letters to the Editor It's not a joke 
1989 October 6 Eric Paddon Opinion Paddon strikes back 
1989 October 6 George P. Wood Opinion Female vanity: An honest complaint 
1989 October 6 Neil Carlson Guest Column The City of Kings 
1989 September 29 "De-Sci-Pher" News "De-Sci-Pher" Counts the hairs on your head 
1989 September 29 Life at Wheaton news Stupe bench Waxes Eloquently 
1989 September 29 theater news Theater tickets to sell 
1989 September 29 dance news "Dance" fever strikes again 
1989 September 29 places news Out and about with parents 
1989 September 29 Dr. Paul Weins news Two groups give concert for parents 
1989 September 29 theater news "Yonder Come Day" confronts AIDS 
1989 September 29 religion editorial Forgiving, not forgetting 
1989 September 29 Joel Scandrett editorial Reflections on suffering: Part 1 
1989 September 29 Marianne E. May voices Reality not so stark 
1989 September 29 Judith Morse letters to the editor Affirming televangelism 
1989 September 29 Bob Campbell letters to the editor SHame on Paddon 
1989 September 29 Tara Barnett voices A compulsive CPO checker 
1989 September 15 church attandance news Church hopping is in 
1989 September 15 The Gravity Stone  News Stone falls in the limestone-Light 
1989 September 15 Lausane II News Lausanne draws profs 
1989 September 15 Church News Church habits differ from student to student 
1989 September 15 Gospel Choir News Gospel choir organizes for 3rd season 
1989 September 15 Time News Author revamps the original economic theory of dating 
1989 September 15 Poland News Poland comes alive for Netzel 
1989 September 15 Choir News Choir 
1989 September 15 Entertainment Arts Sparks entertain at anderson Night 
1989 September 15 Recitals Art Faculty Series Commences 
1989 September 15 Art News Anderson Pursues Redemptive Art 
1989 September 15 Choir News Choir  
1989 September 15 Faculty Appointment News Faculty appointed 
1989 September 15 Movie Arts Dead Poets Revived 
1989 September 15  Letters The Truth need telling 
1989 September 15 Church Opnion The importance of Church 
1989 September 15 Student Goverment Opinion Voting with your feet 
1989 September 15 Japan Opinion Lessons in Japan 
1989 September 15 Blanchard Hall Opinion A piece of Blanchard Hall 
1989 September 15 Tennis Sports JV Tennis Introduced 
1989 September 15 Volley Ball Sports V-ball attack season 
1989 September 15 Wrestling Sports Slaw Wrestling Shreds tradition 
1989 September 29 Kevin Huiskes voices Another evening at the library 
1989 September 29 prank voices Consequences 
1989 September 29 Matt Beckmann voices Our alleged faith 
1989 September 29 J.R. Bishop sports Bishop Featured 
1989 September 29 Max Vanderpool & Andrew Burnett voices This is only a test 
1989 September 29 track sports Track changes face 
1989 September 29 soccer sports Men's soccer sweeps Houghton 
1989 October 6 Clayton Halvorsen front page Halvorsen scholarship established 
1989 October 6 ministry front page Women in ministry discussed 
1989 October 6 theosophical front page Theosophical Society examined 
1989 October 6 C.S. Lewis front page Lewis' friend shares memories 
1989 October 6 J. Richard Chase news Chase appointed federation chairman 
1989 October 6 health news AIDS Information Day held 
1989 October 6 world news news News Summary  
1989 October 6 David Johnston news Board of Trustees meets 
1989 October 6 marraige news Marriage improves students' lives 
1989 October 6 entertainment news De-Sci-pher does 3-D 
1989 October 6 Cantigny news Cantigny lives today 
1989 October 6 art news Zubryzcky "pins" no specific message to his art 
1989 October 6 dating news Wheaton guys go MAD over girls 
1989 October 6 Augustino's Deli news Friendly atmosphere draws customers 
1989 October 6 music news Glee Club sings for Bears 
1989 October 6 The Record news Record wins first 
1989 October 6 religion editorial Editorial 
1989 October 6 Amy Chase letters to the editor It's not a joke 
1989 October 6 T.J. Iijima & Nathan Thompson voices Theological liberalism 
1989 October 6 Eric Paddon voices Paddon strikes back 
1989 October 6 George P. Wood voices Female vanity: An honest complaint 
1989 October 6 Neil Carlson voices The City of Kings 
1989 October 6 Cubs fans sports Cubs cause craze 
1989 October 6 soccer sports Wheaton annihilates North Park 
1989 October 6 football sports Crusades take second 
1989 October 13 technology front page Discount computers offered 
1989 October 13 Wheaton College  front page Alumni come home 
1989 October 13 abortion front page Operation Rescue holds protest tomorrow 
1989 October 13 theosophical news President explains Society 
1989 October 13 student government news Student organizations take funding cut 
1989 October 13 world news news News Summary 
1989 October 13 Denise Weaver Ross news Adams Gallery features Ross' "Mangames" 
1989 October 13 Twila Paris news Twila delivers truth through song 
1989 October 13 Tracy Chapman news Crossroads released 
1989 October 13 Mikhail Morgulis news USSR has new freedom 
1989 October 13 Dr. Dennis Ockholm news Ockholm deepens faith 
1989 October 13 Max Vanderpool & Andrew Burnett editorial Obsessed with image 
1989 October 13 George P. Wood letters to the editor Female vanity revised 
1989 October 13 Leslie Stern letters to the editor Affirming men and women 
1989 October 13 Mark Fackler letters to the editor The future of student journalism 
1989 October 13 Franklin Taylor letters to the editor Liberalism and orthodoxy 
1989 October 13 Neil Carlson voices Quiero presentarte a Cesar 
1989 October 13 Tara Barnett voices My glorious freedom 
1989 October 13 Bruce Kohl voices The magic of honesty 
1989 October 13 Joel Scandrett voices Reflections on suffering: Part 2 
1989 October 13 soccer sports Soccer Trophy Stays Home 
1989 October 13 tennis sports Tennis takes two in tournament 
1989 October 13 football sports Wheaton wages war 
1989 October 13 lacrosse sports Lacrosse leaves them barely alive 
1989 October 27 Hoffman & Fritzsche front page E. Germans call for reform 
1989 October 27 Dr. Arthur Holmes front page Philosophers ponder religious experience 
1989 October 27 theater front page Wheaton Theater expands 
1989 October 27 Wheaton College front page Trustees allocate surplus funds 
1989 October 27 world news news News Summary 
1989 Octobor 27 Danielsson news Danielsson plays Jazz 
1989 Octobor 27 Ramona Aberdeen news Literary Visions appear on campus 
1989 Octobor 27 Michael Steinberger news Tenor succeeds with Conservatory's help 
1989 Octobor 27 Academic News Student Consort 
1989 Octobor 27 Theosophy News Theosophists Finds a home 
1989 Octobor 27 Science News De-Sci-Phering autumn color 
1989 November 3 Michael Scarborough front page Directories arrive soon 
1989 November 3 Jennifer Bunnell front page Task force studies gen. ed. 
1989 November 3 Dave Almroth front page Archaeologists reintroduce O.T. peoples 
1989 November 3 Eric Paddon news News Summary 
1989 November 3 Elizabeth White news Acutions provide Thanksgiving meals 
1989 November 3 Kevin Huiskes features Virus infects computer lab 
1989 November 3 Elizabeth White and KritaLee Norris features Wojtowicz serves us 
1989 November 3 Daniel Poynor arts & entertainment Price delights Crowd 
1989 November 3 Elizabeth White arts & entertainment Talent Show returns 
1989 November 3 Kathy Tan arts & entertainment Out and about in Chicago 
1989 November 3 David West arts & entertainment Book Review: Peretti's novel pierces 
1989 November 3 Kristen Bennett arts and entertainment Pianist plays for Artist Series 
1989 November 3 Nathan Thompson arts & entertainment Arena production opens 
1989 November 3 David D. Almroth opinion Editorial 
1989 November 3 Bruce Kohl opinion Crayons and creativity 
1989 November 3 Kevin Huiskes opinion The complaint department 
1989 November 3 Max Vanderpool and Andrew Burnett opinion A revival lesson 
1989 November 3 Jay C. Richards and Chris Troye sports  Wheaton hockey season opens tomorrow 
1989 November 3 Jay C. Richards sports Holland breaks record and Vikings hopes 
1989 November 3 Loryl Nystrom sports V-ball bumps Millikin 
1989 November 10 Stacey Baker front page Chapel forum draws crowd 
1989 November 10 Kristen Larson and David Almroth front page Lecture examines women's roles 
1989 November 10 Kimberley Jacobs front page R. A. s converge 
1989 November 10 David D. Almroth news Staley Lectures begin next week 
1989 November 10 Matt Beckmann news Be aware of ROTC 
1989 November 10 Eric Paddon news News Summary 
1989 November 10 Wendy Taylor arts Altar Boys bring style to Edman 
1989 November 10 Irene Wong arts Andraski visits Wheaton 
1989 November 10 Kristine Peters arts Jazz joins choir in concert 
1989 November 10 Irene Wong arts Out and about 
1989 November 10 Tina Lambright features Students sing behind Iron Curtain 
1989 November 10 Jennifer Parks and Sharon M. Homer features FTX is valuable 
1989 November 10 Irene Wong with Hansi Kess features De-Sci-pher coughs up a new one 
1989 November 10 Debbie Mott features Soar with Archaeology 
1989 November 10 David West opinion The Silence of God 
1989 November 10 Glenn Gary opinion Christianity doesn't have to be mediocre 
1989 November 10 Eric Paddon opinion Accuracy anyone? 
1989 November 10 Joel Scandrett opinion Reflections on the inner life 
1989 November 10 Alice Redfield opinion God and dating 
1989 November 10 Jesse Florea sports  IM program expands 
1989 November 10 Jim Favino sports Cross Country takes CCIW title 
1989 November 10 Anne Berry and Merry Hansen sports Women strive to improve 
1989 November 17 John A. Schalzbauer front page ISAE receives $272,000 grant 
1989 November 17 Katherine Halberstadt and David D. Almroth front page SG rejects proposal to "reaffirm pledge" 
1989 November 17 Chris B. Johnson with Jonathan Ashworth front page Why students attend graduate school 
1989 November 17 Kimberley Jacobs news Students provide poor with a Thanksgiving meal 
1989 November 17 Jonathan Ashworth with Chris Johnson News Graduate school: What it's really like 
1989 November 17 Eric Paddon news News Brief 
1989 November 17 Andrew Blue arts Harling's Steel Magnolias opens today 
1989 November 17 Tina Lambright arts Malone perfects the Southern novel 
1989 November 17 Kristen Bennett arts Faculty exhibits art 
1989 November 17 Kristine Penner arts Choral Union performs 20th century works 
1989 November 17 Ronal Wilhelm Colantonio features Chess Club makes moves 
1989 November 17 Jonathan Ashworth features Step into a grad class 
1989 November 17 Mike Trout opinion Challenged by homelessness 
1989 November 17 D. Elizabeth Hillstrom opinion Theosophical series misleads 
1989 November 17 Rodney Buikema, Linda Curry, Mary Haddock, Helen Haegland, Carole LaRue, Nancy Schelske opinion A dangerous practice 
1989 November 17 Dr. Robert Yarbrough opinion Bible professor confesses sin 
1989 November 17 Max Vanderpool and Andrew Burnett opinion Chapel reform? 
1989 November 17 Tara Barnett opinion If I could only take three things 
1989 November 17 Eric DeMeulenaere opinion Men must change 
1989 November 17 Clym Escudero and Thomas Akert sports Football finishes with force 
1989 November 17 Jay C. Richards sports V-ball takes CCIW honors 
1989 November 17 Ellie McClintoch sports Cheering program expands 
1989 December 1 David D. Almroth front page Students plan South Africa trip 
1989 December 1 Jenny Bunnell front page Local resident recalls Salvadoran turmoil 
1989 December 1 John Nordlof front page Campus recognizes AIDS Day 
1989 December 1 George Ahrend news Drug legalization advocated 
1989 December 1 Eric Paddon news News Briefs 
1989 December 1  Chris Johnson news Grad school criteria considered 
1989 December 1 Kathy Tan features & arts Out and about 
1989 December 1 Jennifer Parks features & arts Rent fun videos on campus 
1989 December 1 Irene Wong features & arts De-Sci-pher freezes competition 
1989 December 1 David West features & arts Talking is a pleasant surprise 
1989 December 1 Bruce Kohl opinion A return to the family 
1989 December 1 Eric Paddon opinion Deja vu all over again 
1989 November 17 Photo Poll opinion  Are you planning to go to graduate school? Why or why not? 
1989 December 1 Photo Poll news  If someone at Wheaton had the AIDS virus, should the administration tell the student body? 
1989 December 1 Debate: Student Government proposal opinion Student chaplain clarifies stand 
1989 December 1 Debate: Student Government proposal opinion Olson responds 
1989 December 1 Debate: Student Government proposal opinion Leaders are hpyer-accountable 
1989 December 1 Debate: Student Government proposal opinion The problem of integrity 
1989 December 1 Debate: Women in Ministry opinion The faculty spectrum 
1989 December 1 Debate: Women in Ministry opinion Theological jousting 
1989 December 1 Debate: Women in Ministry opinion Gasque responds to Yarbough 
1989 December 1 Aasha Blakely sports Swimmers host invite 
1989 December 1 Jay C. Richards sports Runners Shine in NCAA championship 
1989 December 8 Tara Barnett front page Ethics Center examines competition 
1989 December 8 Jennifer E. Parks and John A. Schmalzbauer front page Soviet Christians escape persecution 
1989 December 8 Michael Miller front page Slavic ministry changes with glasnost 
1989 December 8 Eric Paddon news News Briefs 
1989 December 8 Susan Marshall arts Little shop pops 
1989 December 8 Andrew Blue arts Sex, lies and puhishment 
1989 December 8 Jenny Bunnell features Plunging releases tension 
1989 December 8 Tara Barnett features MK remembers Africa 
1989 December 8 editorial opinion Is competition successful? 
1989 December 1 editorial opinion Finding God's will 
1989 December 8 Letters opinion Plege, yes. Proposal, no. 
1989 December 8 letters opinion Operation Rescue explained 
1989 December 8 letters opinion Pledge, no. 
1989 December 8 letters opinion Pledge is not a litmus test 
1989 December 8 letters opinion We are broken and dirty 
1989 December 8 column opinion A biased commentary 
1989 December 8 Lori Hill sports Swimmers make strong pull 
1989 December 8 Don Davis sports Wrestlers move to improve 
1989 December 15 Frank Taylor front page Dorseett to head Urban Studies 
1989 December 15 Stacey Baker front page Chapel Committee created 
1989 December 15 David D. Almroth front page SG censure proposal tabled 
1989 December 15 David West arts & features Top eight rental films 
1989 December 15 Irene Wong arts & features Mistletoe aphrodizes 
1989 December 15 editorial opinion Our own Christmas list 
1989 December 15 column opinion The unity of Christmas 
1989 December 15 letters opinion Student leader resigns 
1990 January 26 David D. Almroth front page Exiled pastor returns to liberated Romania 
1990 January 26 Sue Whiteman front page Profs bring Christian message to Moscow 
1990 January 26 Bruce Kohl front page White emphasizes ministry in Spring Special Services 
1990 January 26 Eric Paddon front page News Summary 
1990 January 26 David Howell features OCO sends students to overseas conference 
1990 January 26 Franklin Taylor features Pizza remains a favorite food 
1990 January 26 editorial opinion A call for political renewal 
1990 January 26 Heidi Rolland opinion Free indeed 
1990 January 26 Troy McIntosh sports Crusaders rally to topple carthage 
1990 January 26 Jay C. Richards sports Senior athletes honored 
1990 February 2 Stacey Baker front page Cinema manager embezzles funds 
1990 February 2 Jenny Bunnell front page Blanchard makeover moves along 
1990 February 2 China: The Price for Democracy front page Clash of wills in China continues 
1990 February 2 China: The Price for Democracy front page Protests provoke change in China 
1990 February 2 Eric Paddon news News Summary 
1990 February 2 Bruce Kohl news Chronology of student protests 
1990 February 2 David D. Almroth features Theater rolls with the times 
1990 February 2 De-Sci-Pher features Research gives drinkers of decaffeinated cause to worry 
1990 February 2 Tara Barnett with Bruce Kohl features China's spiritual thirst draws Wheaton prof 
1990 February 2 Dave Vanderveen arts Students bring the improv to Arena Theater 
1990 February 2 Andrew Blue arts Elvis lives on in Mystery Train 
1990 February 2 Movie Review arts Enemies explores male-female relationships 
1990 February 2 Book Review arts Prince of Tides plays emotional tug-of-war 
1990 February 2 editorial opinion Truth vs. love 
1990 February 2 column opinion University blues and Reds 
1990 February 2 Letter opinion Crandell emphasizes reconciliation 
1990 February 2 Eric Paddon opinion Who was the "Man of the Decade"? 
1990 February 2 Andrew Burnett and Max Vanderpool opinion Our coming-of-age crisis 
1990 February 2 Tara Barnett opinion An iron-clad tradition 
1990 February 2 coulumn sports Anti-fans spiol the fun 
1990 February 2 Eric Holman with Frank Taylor sports Wrestling meet prepares team for conference 
1990 February 2 Steve Dahl with Jay Richards sports Women's B-ball tromps Millikin 
1990 February 2 Aasha Blakely sports Swimmers reap partial victory 
1990 February 9 Tara Barnett front page AIDS victim talks with students 
1990 February 9 Kent Weber front page SG votes to allow dancing 
1990 February 9 China: The Price for Democracy front page China protests affect students everywhere 
1990 February 9 Eric Paddon front page Area professionals offere advice to students 
1990 February 9 China: The Price for Democracy news China shows history of protest 
1990 February 9 Kerry Kinsey news Williston doors locked full-time 
1990 February 9 George Ahrend news News Summary 
1990 February 9 Holly Rudolph arts Schreck shows Russian art films Stalker and Sacrifice 
1990 February 9 Dr. James Redfield arts Aesthetics Lecture 
1990 February 9 Paul Canaday arts A Tale for all seasons 
1990 February 9 Stacey Baker arts Sherrill Milnes performs in Artist Series 
1990 February 9 Chris Johnson features SciTech offers hands-on fun 
1990 February 9 Tara Barnett features Sculpture defies explanation 
1990 February 9 Jennifer Parks features Expect the unexpected with Wheaton marriage proposals 
1990 February 9 Susan Marshall features Wheaton men find Sheridan's a cut above the rest 
1990 February 9 Hansi Kess features Trends for '90s valentines 
1990 February 9 Photo Poll features What's the most unusual gift you've reciever for Valentine's Day? 
1990 February 9 Bruce Kohl editorial Freedom requires action 
1990 February 9 Holly Taylor letters to the editor A plea for integrity 
1990 February 9 Laura Nelson letters to the editor Don't view sin 
1990 February 9 Heidi Rolland voices Seeking the whole truth 
1990 February 9 Max Vanderpool & Andrew Burnett voices The bold offensive 
1990 February 9 Matt Beckmann voices Shall we dance? 
1990 February 9 hockey sports Hockey rolls over Bradley 
1990 February 9 basketball sports Victory eludes basketball in overtime 
1990 February 16 China: The Price of Democracy front page China protests affect ministry 
1990 February 16 science front page Creation stand updated 
1990 February 16 General C. Everett Koop front page Koop addresses campus 
1990 February 16 China: The Price for Democracy news Future looks hazy for China 
1990 February 16 world news news News Summary 
1990 February 16 ATM news Gary Wheaton introduces ATM charge 
1990 February 16 cars news Model students improve car policy 
1990 February 16 Dr. James Wilhoit news Students pray for homework 
1990 February 16 Mikhail Morgulis news Red Planet explores Soviet changes 
1990 February 16 TV review news The Simpsons emerge from "Life in Hell" 
1990 February 16 art news Institute exhibits African art 
1990 February 16 Movie Review news Daisy grows old gracefully 
1990 February 16 women's chorale news Chorale performs sacred music 
1990 February 16 Wheaton College editorial A change in the weather 
1990 February 16 Matthew Elliot letters to the editor Never look past sin  
1990 February 16 Jonathan Farrar letters to the editor The young and the restless 
1990 February 16 Eric Paddon voices Civil rights for the Right 
1990 February 16 Bruce Kohl voices Why not ask "Why?" 
1990 February 16 hockey sports Hockey ends victorious 
1990 February 16 Feature Photo sports Wrestlers host Wheaton Invitational 
1990 February 16 basketball sports IM B-ball teams take game seriously 
1990 February 16 basketball sports Poor shooting proves fatal for B-ball 
1990 February 23 College Church front page College Church plans expansion 
1990 February 23 safety front page SG to improve Public Safety's PR 
1990 February 23 AIDS front page The epidemic touches DuPage 
1990 February 23 Dr. Nico Smith news South African pastor speaks with students 
1990 February 23 WETN news WETN begins fund-raising week 
1990 February 23 AIDS news Area churches formulate stand 
1990 February 23 world news news News Briefs 
1990 February 23 theater news Traveler in the Dark sheds light on life's questiosn 
1990 February 23 Thomas Mahady news Mahady expresses the "isms" of art 
1990 February 23 music news The Ocean Blue washes away rock stereotypes 
1990 February 23 AIDS news Death opens door to Christian ministry 
1990 February 23 ChiPs news CHiPs defines moral values 
1990 February 23 the remains of the day book reivew Remains of the Day links Old World with new 
1990 February 23 ROTC news Military cutbacks "slam" ROTC cadets 
1990 February 23 Stupe news Stupe trends and trivia revealed 
1990 February 23 AIDS editorial  The chruch and AIDS 
1990 February 23 Wheaton Pledge Letters to the editor Don't soften standards 
1990 February 23 student life Opinion Customized "Pledging" 
1990 February 23 The Solace of Solitude Opinion The solace of solitude 
1990 February 13 Racial Relations Opinion The color of Jesus 
1990 February 13 Basketball Sport Women Basketball explodes trimphantly in home finale 
1990 February 13 Swimming Sports Swimmers fall short of Victory 
1990 February 13 Volleyball Sports Men's Volleyball smashes opposition 
1990 February 13 Public Safelty News Public safety 
1990 March 2 Staley Lecture Series Front Page Scottish Pastor Speaks in Staley Series 
1990 March 2 Dancing debate Front page Student call for dancing 
1990 March 2 AIDS Front page Koop confronts AIDS 
1990 March 2 AIDS front page College formulates AIDS policy statement 
1990 March 2 Waste Managment News Plant recycles Wheaton's Waste 
1990 March 2 AIDS News Proffessor React 
1990 March 2 Honey Rock News Honey Rock encourages Personal growth 
1990 March 2 Blanchard Renovotion fundraising News Phone-a-thon aids Blachard Renovation 
1990 March 2 Movie review Arts Roger raises questions, eyebrows 
1990 March 2 Student life Arts Leona's serves "good food, good attitude" 
1990 March 2 Student life Arts and Entertainment  Whiteheart beats in Edman 
1990 March 2 Student life Arts and Entertainment "It's alive and!"....and singing 
1990 March 2 Dancing on campus Editorial Turning the tables on dancing 
1990 March 2 Harold O. J. Brown Letters Panelist voices complaint 
1990 March 2 Becky West Letters A true radical 
1990 March 2 Eric Paddon Opinion Adios Sandinos 
1990 March 2 Tara Barnett Opinion God's clay messengers 
1990 March 2 John Fawcett Letters to the editor Overcoming homosexuality 
1990 March 2 David West Letters to the editor West defends film reviews 
1990 March 2 Kent Weber Sports Shultz announces new NCAA policies 
1990 March 2 Troy McIntosh Sports Men's B-ball demolished by North Central in final game 
1990 March 2 Holly Rudolph Sports Swimmers drown opposition in CCIW chapionships 
1990 March 2 Jennifer Parks Sports Track member qualifies for nationals 
March 23 1990 Susan Marshall and Tina Lambright Front Page Development merges cities and suburbs 
1990 March 23 David Almroth Front Page Tuition hike announced 
1990 March 23 Susan Sutherland Front Page College considers offering Sunday dinner 
1990 March 23 Holly Rudolph News Missions conference explores crossroads 
1990 March 23 Amy Chase News Plans for Commons basement underway 
1990 March 23 Cathi Falsani and Cathy Constant Arts Dancers perform, praise 
1990 March 23 Andy Blue Arts Scenery rules over substance 
1990 March 23 Kim Jacobs Arts Workshop blends art and worship 
1990 March 23 Glee Club Concert and Photograph Arts Glee Club Concer 
1990 March 23 Tina Lambright and Susan Marshall features Dupage outgrows itself 
1990 March 23 Susan Marshall Features Aroma of muffins wafts through downtown 
1990 March 23 Amy Chase Features Project quenches villagers' thirsts 
1990 March 23 Jennifer Parks Features Soviet guide follows tour group home 
1990 March 23 Voting Editorial Apathy leads to tyranny 
1990 March 23 David Vanderveen Letters to the Editor Vote for accountability 
1990 March 23 Heidi Rolland Opinion Finding a middle ground 
1990 March 23 Letters to the Editor Mitchell Hurst  Paddon reeks of ignorance 
1990 March 23 Neil Carlson Opinion A Spiritual Strategy 
1990 March 23 Major David Rapske, M.A. Letters to the Editor Dancing stand beats a dead horse 
1990 March 23 Rob Emary Sports Swimmers break records at Nationals meets 
1990 March 23 Frank Taylor Sports March madness strikes b-ball fans 
1990 March 30 Tara Barnett Front Page SG presidency goes to newcomer 
1990 March 30 Susan Marshall and Tina Lambright Front Page Urban Sprawl 
1990 March 30 Michael Scarbrough Front Page New graduation ticket strategy fails 
1990 March 30 Eric Paddon Front Page News Briefs 
1990 March 30 Steve Whitmer Arts & Features Freshman wins photo contest 
1990 March 30 Tina Lambright and Susan Marshall Arts & Features Foreseeable trends may halt growth 
1990 March 30 Michael Miller and Eric DeMeulenaere Arts & Features Students experience homlessness 
1990 March 30 Cathi Falsani Arts & Features Campus Events 
1990 March 30 Dave West Arts & Features Mountains reaches too high 
1990 March 30 Jesse Florea with Clym Escudero Sports Winning is secondary 
1990 March 30 Jay C. Richards Sports Lacrosse shut out in season opener 
1990 March 30 Jesse Florea with Clym Escudero Sports Commitment to winning builds character 
1990 March 30 Missions Editoral Taking a new road 
1990 March 30 Laef Olson Opinion Pre-election coverage questioned 
1990 March 30 Bernard J. Leininger Opinion Koop's stand contested 
1990 March 30 Angela Hare Opinion Selling tickets is wrong 
1990 March 30 Eric Paddon Opinion Paddon's rebuttal 
1990 March 30 Andrew Blue, Jeff Hamlin, John Schmalzbauer, and David West Letters to the Editor Fight the status quo 
1990 March 30 Mark Tenniswood Letters to the Editor Vanderveen lied 
1990 March 30 Neil Carlson Opinion Spiritual strategy, II 
1990 April 1 J. I. Packer Arts & Features Quayle relives wild Wheaton days 
1990 April 1 Lotta Haer Arts & Features Arena Theatre bares all 
1990 April 1 Zoe Bunta Arts & Features Christo wraps Blanchard Hall 
1990 April 1 Ann Onymus Sports Hockey and squar-dancing go varsity 
1990 April 1 Sue Donym Sports Women's tennis team drops skirts 
1990 April 1 Laef A. Lot Front Page Kellough, commedian, comes clea 
1990 April 1 Lotta Haer Front Page Campus briefs 
1990 April 1 Joshua Strumpet Front Page Blanchard crumbles in miraculous mistake 
1990 April 1 Abe Vegoda Front Page Graham Center's decade-long pretense ends 
1990 April 1 Dan Quayle news Quayle relieves wild Wheaton days 
1990 April 1 arena theatre news Arena Theatre bares all 
1990 April 1 Christo news Christo wraps Blanchard Hall 
1990 April 1 hockey sports Hockey and square-dancing go varsity 
1990 April 1 tennis sports Women's tennis team drops skirts 
1989 November 3 Tina Lambright front page Batson named Shakespeare coordinator 
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