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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
1990 April 6 protesting abortion front page Abortion protestors convicted 
1990 April 6 rasism front page Employee seminar examines racism  
1990 April 6 Lyle Dorsett front page Urban Studies program starts next fall 
1990 April 6 women and the church front page Students question proper roles 
1990 April 6 women and the church news History shows women taking leadership roles 
1990 April 6 Atheism symposium news Athesim knows no bounds, symposium speakers say 
1990 April 6 Stations of the Cross news "Stations" captures Christ's passion 
1990 April 6 The Hidden Wound book review Berry uncovers The Hidden Wound of racism 
1990 April 6 womean and the church news Popular churches hold traditional views 
1990 April 6 Thj Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe new Walk into the Wardrobe 
1990 April 6 compassion news Compassion brings healing to brother's pain 
1990 April 6 Clym Escudero editorial Fight the good fight 
1990 April 6 David E. Vanderveen letters to the editor Vanderveen replies 
1990 April 6 Douglas Goebel letters to the editor Elections cause dismay 
1990 April 6 John Schmalzbauer letters to the editor Olson lacks the power to censor 
1990 April 6 Lisa Liou  letters to the editor Ticket market defended 
1990 April 6 George Rhodes letters to the editor A black-and-white issue 
1990 April 6 Vinita Hmpton letters to the editor We're not ready to rest 
1990 April 6 Lance Y. Kinzer letters to the editor Paddon's got it right 
1990 April 6 Steve Wilderson letters to the editor Would Jesus jam? 
1990 April 6 Bruce Kohl voices Facing a difficult past 
1990 April 6 Matt Beckman voices He sat in my seat 
1990 April 6 Andrew Burnett and Max Vanderpool voices Just the facts... 
1990 April 6 Clym Escudero sports Is IM competitions too intense? 
1990 April 6 philosophy of winning sports Athletes seek to minister 
1990 April 6 track sports Track wets feet at Harper meet 
1990 April 20 Stacey Baker and Kristin Larson front page Students vote for change 
1990 April 20 David Almroth front page Woman Bible prof hired 
1990 April 20 Women and the church front page Faculty members hold conflicting views 
1990 April 20 Women and the church front page Evangelicals clash on roles issue 
1990 April 20 Tina Lambright news Exchange sends students to U.S.S.R. 
1990 April 20 George Ahrend news News brief 
1990 April 20 Jennifer Anderson with Heidi Wilkinson features Chicago celebrates Earth Day 1990 
1990 April 20 Eric Paddon features Baseball creds beckon fans back 
1990 April 20 Women and the church features Wife, mother called to minister 
1990 April 20 Cathi Falsani arts Arena Theater takes a lighter turn 
1990 April 20 movie review arts The Fly stimulates the senses but not the mind 
1990 April 20 Kristof Anderson arts Severed Heads' music is uncompromising 
1990 April 20 tv review arts Twin Peaks is TV, but not 
1990 April 20 Dr. Alan Jacobs, Dr. Wayne Martindale, Dr. Roland Hein arts Profs respond to controversial Lewis biography 
1990 April 20 Irene Wong arts Vivian Su speaks the language of music 
1990 April 20 editorial opinion On the right track 
1990 April 20 letters opinion Learn to listen 
1990 April 20 letters opinion Another go at Paddon 
1990 April 20 columns opinion Consideration for our future 
1990 April 20 coulumns opinion Criminal trespassing is unjustified 
1990 April 20 more letters opinion On beyond sex roles 
1990 April 20 more letters opinion Make wur it's contructive 
1990 April 20 Kent Weber sports Tennis wins and plans to minister 
1990 April 20 lacrosse sports Lacrosse sturggles in dark and rain 
1990 April 27 Kristen Bennett front page Campus parking to expand 
1990 April 27 Kristen Bennett front page Computers change libraries 
1990 April 27 Women and the church front page Bethel Presbyterian splits over roles issue 
1990 April 27 Sue Whiteman front page College Church expansion plans obstructed 
1990 April 27 Tara Barnett news Publications appointments made 
1990 April 27 David D. Almroth news Former Jim Jones aide addresses campus 
1990 April 27 Michael Scarbrough News News Briefs 
1990 April 27 Shabir Kamal arts Beads spread love on campus 
1990 April 27 Irene Wong arts Student films debut in Edman tonight 
1990 April 27 photo poll arts What have you done under the influence of spring fever? 
1990 April 27 John Schmalzbauer features Earth Day event proves paradoxical 
1990 April 27 Women at the church features Local ordained women explain their ministries 
1990 April 27 Debbie Mott features Faculty follows students overseas 
1990 April 27 Frank Taylor features Chess player returns from mystical world 
1990 April 27 Phillip Erbele features Navajo woman's faith makes lasting impression 
1990 April 27 editorial opinion Don't let the body atrophy 
1990 April 27 letters opinion Don't spread filth 
1990 April 27 letter opinion A minor correction 
1990 April 27 letters opinion The Bible does not restrict women 
1990 April 27 columns opinion Dare to be random 
1990 April 27 coumns opinion Farwell remarks, part I 
1990 April 27 more letters opinion Think again before you judge 
1990 April 27 more letters opinion Terspassing saves lives 
1990 April 27 Golf sports Golf putts 
1990 April 27 Jennifer Parks sports Runners share rich experiences 
1990 April 27 softball sports Softball team drops double-header 
1990 May 4 Stacey Baker front page Creation clarification thwarted 
1990 May 4 Keiko Imai front page Coke contract awaits approval 
1990 May 4 Sharon Homer font page Students attend pro-life rally 
1990 May 4 Tara Barnett news Heads of OCO announced 
1990 May 4 Kent Weber news Dancing issue awaits action 
1990 May 4 Michael Scarbrough news News briefs 
1990 May 4 Chris B. Johnson features Exciting summer jobs await 
1990 May 4 Sue Whiteman features Sisana Hlophe learns Zulu ways 
1990 May 4 Kent Weber features Bench tell of sordid past, tranquil present 
1990 May 4 John Schmalzbauer arts Latin jazz guitarist shares stage with jazz ensemble 
1990 May 4 Chad Kopfenstein arts Into the Woods frightens and delights 
1990 May 4 Cathi Falsani arts Blow it off at Springfest 
1990 May 4 Shabir Kamal arts Benson masters Gershwin as wasl as Kant 
1990 May 4 editorial opinion Compassion, not confrontation 
1990 May 4 columns opinion Taking down the invisible hedge 
1990 May 4 columns opinion The truth about El Salvador 
1990 May 4 letters opinion Don't make God a bully 
1990 May 4 letters opinion Stading for order 
1990 May 4 letters opinion Apalled at the news 
1990 May 4 letters  opinion Joransen responds 
1990 May 4 letters  opinion It's God's prerogative 
1990 May 4 letters opinion An apology 
1990 May 4 letters opinion Don't "borrow" magazines 
1990 May 4 baseball sports Baseball splits double-header 
1990 May 4 Franklin Taylor sports Students race to wipe out cancer 
1990 May 11 David D. Almroth and Chris Johnson front page ICS editors face disciplinary measures 
1990 May 11 Sue Whiteman and John Nordlof front page Loss of profs raises questions 
1990 May 11 Heidi Rolland and Keiko Imai front page Student-sponsored forums discuss sex roles in the church 
1990 May 11 Michael Scarbrough news  News briefs 
1990 May 11 Kristin Larson news Crandall begins to repay stolen funds 
1990 May 11 Jenny Bunnell and Troy McIntosh news Campus briefs 
1990 May 11 Keiko Imai news Smarto to interview Reagan for TV 
1990 May 11 Marlyn Maxfield features OCF strengthens Christian soldiers 
1990 May 11 Nathan Thompson with Irene Wong arts & features Rock for peace at Wheatstock 1990 
1990 May 11 Irene Wong arts & features De-Sci-Pher covers overexposure 
1990 May 11 column opinion Seekers, seers 
1990 May 11 editorials opinion Watch your mouth 
1990 May 11 editorials opinion But keep talking 
1990 May 11 letters opinion The price of rejection 
1990 May 11 letters opinion Look again 
1990 May 11 columns opinion The reason of Doom 
1990 May 11 columns opinion Farewell remarks, part II 
1990 May 11 Frank Taylor sports Tennis players do more than conquer 
1990 May 11 Frank Taylor sports Track stars shine in CCIW championship 
1990 May 11 Jay Richards sports Lacrosse barely loses in finale 
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