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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
1989 September 8 ATM Front Page Cash machine installed in back of Old Dining Hall 
1989 September 8 Paul DeVries Front Page Philosophy loses prof 
1989 September 8 Paul Fromer Front Page Record advisor dismissed 
1989 September 8 Campus housing Front Page New students caught in housing shortage 
1989 September 8 tradition ends Front Page Washington Banquet cancelled 
1989 September 8 baseball News Summary Giamatti dies 
1989 September 8 aid to Columbia News Summary United States joins Columbian drug war 
1989 September 8 Manuel Noriega News Summary Sanctions Against Panama Announced 
1989 September 8 religious television News Summary Bakker breaks down 
1989 September 8 Dr. Walter C. Kaiser, Jr. News Kaiser to speak in chapel 
1989 September 8 John Rorvik Features Part-timer is full-time at WJCH 
1989 September 8 Betty Whitaker Features Pioneer Clubs celebrate 50th 
1989 September 8 campus renovation Features  Blanchard video records memories 
1989 September 8 conservatory Arts New orch director faces the music 
1989 September 8 Judson Spence Arts Artist emerges from under a secular label 
1989 September 8 Frank Lloyd Wright Arts Chicago pays tribute to architect 
1989 September 8 Paul Fromer Opinion Editorial 
1989 September 8 PTL, Jim Bakker Opinion Televangelism examined 
1989 September 8 argumentative politics Opinion A Political Confession 
1989 September 8 contest for conservative Republicans Opinion On Activism 
1989 September 8 Paul Fromer Opinion Former editor responds 
1989 September 8 Football Sports Football barely breaks even 
1989 September 8 men's soccer  Sports Men's soccer team defeats King's 
1989 September 8 women's soccer Sports Women's soccer shuts out Depauw 
1989 September 22 Minority scholarship fund Front Page Burr assists minorities 
1989 September 22 Millard Fuller Front Page Habitat founder speaks 
1989 September 22 new fee Front Page Phone line charge questioned 
1989 September 22 limited space News Parking irritates students 
1989 September 22 class elections News Freshman fill leadership positions 
1989 September 22 iron curtain News Summary East German exodus 
1989 September 22 mayoral election NYC News Summary New York City primaries 
1989 September 22 federal deficit News Summary Capital gains tax cut 
1989 September 22 Edman Chapel concert Arts Choir sets stage for Allies 
1989 September 22 Christian music store Arts True Tunes sold here 
1989 September 22 The Canadian Brass Arts Brass opens Artist Series 
1989 September 22 Barabara Woodburn Features Secretary brightens office visits 
1989 September 22 Student Missionary Project Features Hong Kong has needs 
1989 September 22 WCTV Features College cable news begins 
1989 September 22 News Summary Office Features Morgan works in White House 
1989 September 22 Celsius and Fahrenheit Features "De-Sci-pher" explains science 
1989 September 22 former Record issues Features Past illuminates Wheaton today 
1989 September 22 computer ignorance Opinion Guest Editorial 
1989 September 22 Variety in evangelism Opinion How to evangelize 
1989 September 22 Spiritual practice Opinion Knowing God 
1989 September 22 Apollo 11 and Woodstock Opinion Is this a legacy to be proud of? 
1989 September 22 administration-student relations Letters Take the reins 
1989 September 22 Paul Fromer Letters Stop complaining 
1989 September 22 minorities on campus? Letters Stark, raving reality 
1989 September 22 football Sports Football smashes Titans 
1989 September 22 men's soccer Sports Men's soccer destroys Millikin 
1989 September 22 women's tennis Sports Women's tennis wins 2 of 3 in home contest 
1989 September 29 Parents' Weekend Front Page Parents arrive on campus today 
1989 September 29 Christian Writers and Their Audience Front Page Writing conference offered 
1989 September 29 one-woman show Arts "Yonder Come Day" confronts AIDS 
1989 September 29 Office of Minority Affairs Front Page College hold Hispanic American Day 
1989 September 29 Career Development Center Front Page Career Development expands 
1989 September 29 Class A Misdemeanor  News Students arrested for setting off bombs 
1989 September 29 Hurricane Hugo News Summary Hurricane Hugo 
1989 September 29 Judge W. Dale Young News Summary Frozen Embryos 
1989 September 29 Bush-Gorbachev News Summary Arms control 
1989 September 29 Dr. Elizabeth Morgan News Summary Contempt of court law 
1989 September 29 human hair Features "De-Sci-pher" counts the hairs on your head 
1989 September 29 environment Features Earthkeepers experiences revival 
1989 September 29 Campus life Features Stupe bench waxes eloquently 
1989 September 29 Concert Choir and Symphony Orchestra Arts Two groups give concert for parents 
1989 September 29 Disco Skate Arts "Dance" fever strikes again 
1989 September 29 Arena Theater Arts Theater tickets to sell 
1989 September 29 reconciliation Editorial Forgiving, not forgetting 
1989 September 29 human suffering Opinion Reflections on suffering: Part I 
1989 September 29 televangelism Letters Affirming televangelism 
1989 September 29 1960s Letters Shame on Paddon 
1989 September 29 minority issues Opinion Reality not so stark 
1989 September 29 News from the outside Opinion A compulsive CPO checker 
1989 September 29 advice Opinion This is only a test 
1989 September 29 Buswell Library socialization Opinion Another evening at the library 
1989 September 29 dry ice bombing Opinion Consequences 
1989 September 29 senior year Opinion Our alleged faith 
1989 September 29 football coach Sports Bishop Featured 
1989 September 29 men's soccer Sports Men's soccer sweeps Houghton 
1989 September 29 running track Sports Track changes face 
1989 October 6 male vocalist Front Page Halvorsen scholarship established 
1989 October 6 Graduate Theological Society Front Page Women in ministry discussed 
1989 October 6 George Sayer Front Page Lewis' friend shares memories 
1989 October 6 Theosophical Society Front Page Theosophical Society examined 
1989 October 6 Federation of Independent Illinois Colleges and Universities News Chase appointed federation chairman 
1989 October 6 HIV/AIDS News AIDS Information Day held 
1989 October 6 Board of Trustees News Board of Trustees meets 
1989 October 6 raise educational standards News Summary Education Summit 
1989 October 6 capital gains tax News Summary Tax cut passes House 
1989 October 6 deposed Philipine President News Summary Marcos dies 
1989 October 6 Supreme court News Summary Supreme Court reconvenes 
1989 October 6 undergraduate marriage Features Marriage improves students' lives 
1989 October 6 3-D movie glasses Features De-Sci-pher does 3-D 
1989 October 6 colonial mansion Features Cantigny lives today 
1989 October 6 Paul Zubrzycky  Arts & Entertainment Zubrzycky "pins" no specific message to his art 
1989 October 6 Augustino's Deli Arts & Entertainment Friendly atmosphere draws customers 
1989 October 6 dating Arts & Entertainment Wheaton guys go MAD over girls 
1989 October 6 Columbia Scholastic Press Association  Arts & Entertainment Record wins first 
1989 October 6 National Anthem at Soldier Field Arts & Entertainment Glee Club sings for Bears 
1989 October 6 Theosophical Society Opinion Editorial 
1989 October 6 sexist jokes Letters It's not a joke 
1989 October 6 liberal tendencies Opinion Theological liberalism 
1989 October 6 1960s Opinion Paddon strikes back 
1989 October 6 outward appearance Opinion Female vanity: An honest complaint 
1989 October 6 Lima, Peru Opinion The City of Kings 
1989 October 6 tennis  Sports Crusaders take second 
1989 October 6 men's soccer Sports Wheaton annihilates North Park 
1989 October 6 Cubs fever Sports Cubs cause craze 
1989 October 13 Apple computers Front Page Discount computers offered 
1989 October 13 Homecoming Front Page Alumni come home 
1989 October 13 pro-life group Front Page Operation Rescue holds protest tomorrow 
1989 October 13 Theosophical Society News President explains Society 
1989 October 13 Manuel Noriega News Summary Coup attempted in Panama 
1989 October 13 baseball News Summary Bay Area World Series 
1989 October 13 Student Government News Student organizations take funding cut 
1989 October 13 Twila Paris Arts Twila delivers truth through song 
1989 October 13 Denise Weaver Ross and computer images Arts Adams Gallery features Ross' "Mangames" 
1989 October 13 Tracy Chapman Arts Crossroads released 
1989 October 13 public image Opinion Obsessed with image 
1989 October 13 An Honest Complaint Letters Female vanity revised 
1989 October 13 subtle sexism Letters Affirming men and women 
1989 October 13 Paul Fromer Opinion The future of student journalism 
1989 October 13 Bibles amongst the Soviets Features USSR has new freedom 
1989 October 13 new faculty Features Ockholm deepens faith 
1989 October 13 HNGR in Lima, Peru Opinion Quiero presentarte a Cesar 
1989 October 13 human suffering Opinion Reflections on suffering: Part II 
1989 October 13 Wheaton image Opinion The magic of honesty 
1989 October 13 busyness Opinion My glorious freedom 
1989 October 13 sound faith Opinion Liberalism and orthodoxy 
1989 October 13 men's soccer Sports Soccer Trophy Stays Home 
1989 October 13 tennis Sports Tennis 
1989 October 13 lacrosse Sports Lacrosse leaves them barely alive 
1989 October 13 football Sports Wheaton wages war 
1989 October 27 local movies Front Page Wheaton Theater expands 
1989 October 27 Institute for the Study of Christianity and Marxism Front Page E. Germans call for reform 
1989 October 27 Merold Westphal Front Page Philosophers ponder religious experience 
1989 October 27 Blanchard Hall, Center for Christian Studies, minority scholarship Front Page Trustees allocate surplus funds 
1989 October 27 earthquake during World Series News Summary San Francisco Earthquake 
1989 October 27 President Bush News Summary Abortion Bill vetoed 
1989 October 27 desecrating American flag News Summary Flag burning amendment 
1989 October 27 Tia-Dia Arts Danielsson plays Jazz 
1989 October 27 Black American literature Arts Literary Visions appear on campus 
1989 October 27 Michael Steinberger Arts Tenor succeeds with Conservatory's help 
1989 October 27 College Consortium Features Students consort 
1989 October 27 supreme reality Features Theosophists find a home 
1989 October 27 chlorophyll Features De-Sci-phering autumn colors 
1989 October 27 Eastern bloc Opinion Editorial 
1989 October 27 Middle East Opinion The Big Picture 
1989 October 27 Pro-life Letters Operation Rescue clarified 
1989 October 27 adult life Letters Freedom after Wheaton 
1989 October 27 sanctified life Opinion Is Jesus Lord? 
1989 October 27 Scripture twisting Opinion Interracial marriage 
1989 October 27 intramural soccer championship Sports Frosh claim IM soccer title 
1989 October 27 tennis Sports Tennis takes tourney 
1989 November 3 college telephone directories Front Page Directories arrive soon 
1989 November 3 Christian tradition in Shakespeare Front Page Batson named Shakespeare coordinator 
1989 November 3 general education requirements Front Page Task force studies gen. ed. 
1989 November 3 annual archaeology conference Front Page Archaeologists reintroduce O.T. peoples 
1989 November 3 third annual dorm auction News Auctions provide Thanksgiving meals 
1989 November 3 pro-life politics News Summary Abortion veto upheld 
1989 November 3 pro-life politics News Summary Pennsylvania abortion vote 
1989 November 3 Daniel Ortega News Summary Nicaragua truce threatened 
1989 November 3 baseball News Summary World Series 
1989 November 3 orange start-up disks Features Virus infects computer lab 
1989 November 3 campus food Features Wojtowicz serves us 
1989 November 3 Frank Peretti Arts & Entertainment Book Review: Peretti's novel pierces 
1989 November 3 student talent Arts & Entertainment Talent Show returns 
1989 November 3 Opera diva Arts & Entertainment Price delights Crowd 
1989 November 3 Andre-Michel Schub Arts & Entertainment Pianist plays for Artist Series 
1989 November 3 Arena Theater Arts & Entertainment Arena production opens 
1989 November 3 complaints Opinion Editorial 
1989 November 3 Christian art Opinion Crayons and creativity 
1989 November 3 satire Opinion The complaint department 
1989 November 3 Revival Conspiracy Syndrome Opinion A revival lesson 
1989 November 3 hockey Sports Wheaton hockey season opens tomorrow 
1989 November 3 football Sports Holland breaks record and Vikings hopes 
1989 November 3 volleyball Sports V-ball bumps Millikin 
1989 November 10 Chapel critics and supporters Front Page Chapel forum draws crowd 
1989 November 10 Annual Student Development Conference Front Page R.A.s converge 
1989 November 10 Dr. Ward Gasque Front Page Lecture examines women's roles 
1989 November 10 ROTC News Be aware of ROTC 
1989 November 10 The Great Commission Lifestyle News Staley Lectures begin next week 
1989 November 10 Bush and Gorbachev News Summary Superpower Summit 
1989 November 10 tax News Summary Capital Gains Shelved 
1989 November 10 domestic politics News Summary Elections '89 
1989 November 10 poet Arts Andraski visits Wheaton 
1989 November 10 Christian music Arts Altar Boys bring style to Edman 
1989 November 10 Jazz ensemble Arts Jazz joins choir in concert 
1989 November 10 First Love, Youth For Christ Features Students ing behind Iron Curtain 
1989 November 10 ROTC Features FTX is valuable 
1989 November 10 Archaeology Paper Plane Flying Contest Features Soar with Archaeology 
1989 November 10 hiccups Features De-Sci-pher coughs up a new one 
1989 November 10 Robert Webber Guest Editorial "The Silence of God" 
1989 November 10 Peretti, Lewis, L'Engle Letter Christianity doesn't have to be mediocre 
1989 November 10 opposite sex Letter  God and dating 
1989 November 10 Spiritual formation Opinion Reflections on the inner life 
1989 November 10 The Final Days Opinion Accuracy anyone? 
1989 November 10 The New Intramurals Sports IM program expands 
1989 November 10 Track and field Sports Cross Country takes CCIW title 
1989 November 10 women's soccer Sports Women strive to improve. 
1989 November 17 Institue for the Study of American Evangelicals Front Page ISAE receives $272,000 grant 
1989 November 17 Statement of Responsibilities Front Page SG rejects proposal to "reaffirm pledge" 
1989 November 17 grad school Front Page Why students attend graduate school 
1989 November 17 The Thanksgiving Project News Students provide poor with a Thanksgiving meal 
1989 November 17 The Wall comes down News Briefs East Germany reforms 
1989 November 17 El Salvador News Briefs FMLN offensive 
1989 November 17 West Suburban Choral Union Arts Choral Union performs 20th century works 
1989 November 17 Michael Malone Arts Malone perfects the Southern novel 
1989 November 17 Adams Hall Gallery Arts Faculty exhibits art 
1989 November 17 Movie review Arts Harling's Steel Magnolias opens today 
1989 November 17 chess club Features Chess Club makes moves 
1989 November 17 graduate school Features Step into a grad class 
1989 November 17 President J.R. Chase Editorial Kyrie eleison 
1989 November 17 Students provide Letters Challenged by homelessness 
1989 November 17 lacking research Letters Theosophical series misleads 
1989 November 17 Theosophical Society Letters A dangerous practice 
1989 November 17 gossip Letter Bible professor confesses sin 
1989 November 17 Chapel forum Opinions Chapel reform?  
1989 November 17 Biblical equality? Letter Men must change 
1989 November 17 genuine gratitude Opinion If I coulg only take three things 
1989 November 17 football Sports Football finishes with force 
1989 November 17 volleyball Sports V-ball takes CCIW honors 
1989 November 17 Cheerleaders Sports Cheering program expands 
1989 December 1 HIV/AIDS Front Page Campus recognizes AIDS Day 
1989 December 1 Ruth Ellison Front Page Local resident recalls Salvadoran turmoil 
1989 December 1 Koinonia Front Page Students plan South Africa trip 
1989 December 1 considering graduate school News Grad school criteria considered 
1989 December 1 David Friedman News Drug legalization advocated 
1989 December 1 Eastern European reform News Briefs Czechoslovakia demands reform 
1989 December 1 Cristiani, Ortega, and Castro News Briefs El Salvador cuts ties with Nicaragua 
1989 December 1 audio-visual services Features & Arts Rent fun videos on campus 
1989 December 1 Movie review Features & Arts Talking is a pleasant surprise 
1989 December 1 temperature Features & Arts De-Sci-pher freezes competition 
1989 December 1 discernment, clarity Editorial Finding God's will 
1989 December 1 Family in media Opinion A return to the family 
1989 December 1 Vietnam and El Salvador Opinion Deja vu all over again 
1989 December 1 leaders Debate: Student Government proposal The problem of integrity 
1989 December 1 Statement of Responsibilities Debate: Student Government proposal Leaders are hyper-accountable 
1989 December 1 SG Pledge proposal Debate: Student Government proposal Olson responds 
1989 December 1 Reaffirm the pledge Debate: Student Government proposal Student chaplain clarifies stand 
1989 December 1 Ward Gasque Debate: Women in Ministry The faculty spectrum 
1989 December 1 Ward Gasque Debate: Women in Ministry Theological jousting 
1989 December 1 Ward Gasque Debate: Women in Ministry Gasque responds to Yarbrough 
1989 December 1 Swimming Sports Swimmers host invite 
1989 December 1 Track and field Sports Runners shine in NCAA championship 
1989 December 8 The Slavic Gospel Association Front Page Slavic ministry changes with glasnost 
1989 December 8 CACE Front Page Ethics Center examines competition 
1989 December 8 U.S.S.R. Front Page Soviet Christians escape persecution 
1989 December 8 Bush and Gorbachev News Briefs Superpower summit 
1989 December 8 President Aquino News Briefs Philipine coup attempt 
1989 December 8 Politburo and Contral Committee News Briefs East German government quits 
1989 December 8 Downtown Wheaton Arts Little shop pops 
1989 December 8 Crimes and Misdemeanors Arts Sex, lies and punishment 
1989 December 8 throw plungers Features Plunging releases tension 
1989 December 8 Tara Barnett Features MK remembers Africa 
1989 December 8 motive and competition Editorial Is competition successful? 
1989 December 8 Student Government Letters Pledge, yes. Proposal, no. 
1989 December 8 Cartoon Bif D. Mouse How to make a comic strip 
1989 December 8 pro-life protest Letters Operation Rescue explained 
1989 December 8 Student Government Letters Pledge, no. 
1989 December 8 SG Declaration of Intent Opinion A biased commentary 
1989 December 8 Refuting McIntosh's statement Letters We are broken and dirty 
1989 December 8 Statement of Responsibilities Letters Pledge is not a litmus test 
1989 December 8 Swimming Sports Swimmers make strong pull 
1989 December 8 wrestling Sports Wrestlers move to improve 
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