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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
1989 January 20 Ombudsman' office opened front page Ombudsmen now available 
1989 January 20 political party survey front page Survey reveals conservative tilt 
1989 January 20 outdoor class news students frolic in outdoor class 
1989 January 20 HNGR news HNGR interns share stories 
1989 January 20 connecting with the outside editorial editorial 
1989 January 20 Jaime Trapp voices Trapped at home 
1989 January 20 Laurie Clark voices Ombudsmen at your service 
1989 January 20 hockey sports Icemen face Palmer 
1989 January 20 football sports Wide receiver lands scholarship 
1989 January 20 basketball sports B-ball seeks turnaround 
1989 January 27 hiring policy front page Hiring reconsidered 
1989 January 27 small-group chapel front page Small groups start Tuesday 
1989 January 27 the poor in DuPage County front page Poverty thrives in DuPage 
1989 January 27 Paul de Vries front page General Ed reviewed 
1989 January 27 Richard A. Epstein news Epstein talks 
1989 January 27 Arthur Volle news Art Volle remembered 
1989 January 27 DeGarmo and Key news D&K keyed up for the future 
1989 January 27 Annual Aesthetics Lecture news Arts awareness heightened by lecture 
1989 January 27 Wheaton Orchestra news Orchestra expresses true colors 
1989 January 27 phantom performance news The phantom scales Blanchard 
1989 January 27 Public Action for Decent Shelter news Churches reach out to homeless 
1989 January 27 Computing Machinery competition news Wheaton team computes win 
1989 January 27 Sam Fiore news "Ambassador" Fiore goes to Greece 
1989 January 27 transfers news How transters view Wheaton 
1989 January 27 Markham Drickson editorial Take, too 
1989 January 27 mark C. Volkers voices An Idi bit unwelcomr 
1989 January 27 Bryan O'Byrne letters to the editor Remember, Mr. Reagan? 
1989 January 27 Mellyn Ganly letters to the editor Don't want to hear about ice cream 
1989 January 27 David Wells letters to the editor Why a Blizzard of Greed? 
1989 January 27 Jeff Hahn voices I'm no Captain Kirk 
1989 January 27 soccer sports Bean honored for achievement 
1989 January 27 basketball sports Women hoopsters want more wins 
1989 January 27 basketball sports Players contemplate IM 
1989 January 27 swim  sports Aquatic Crusaders battle odds 
1989 January 20 Becky Pippert front page Pippert headlines services 
1989 February 3 James E. Burr  front page Burr scholarship to increase 
1989 February 3 Dorothy Rung retirement front page Dorothy Rung says her goodbyes 
1989 February 3 phone-a-thon fundraiser news Latest drive ends on a high note 
1989 February 3  Public Action for Decent Shelter front page PADS' guests find sweet sleep and friends 
1989 February 3 My-Kha news My-Kha befriends area newcomers 
1989 February 3 Larry Lewis news Blind student sees bright side 
1989 February 3 Bill Glass news Four spiritual laws convict prisoners 
1989 February 3 Jeremy Menuhin news Conductor-less orchestra accompanies Jeremy Menuhin 
1989 February 3 Adam West batmobile news Batmobile captures interest in car show 
1989 February 3 Su siblings news Su siblings express their various artistic interests 
1989 February 3 Fuddrucker's news Find fun at Fuddrucker's 
1989 February 3 diversity editorial What's in it for us? 
1989 February 3 Tassie McLennan letters to the editor Let 'em help themselves 
1989 February 3 Jaime Trapp voices In heaven at seven 
1989 February 3 Marisa Moore letters to the editor The blonde in the library 
1989 February 3 Jonathan Ashworth letters to the editor Time for the real stuff 
1989 February 3 Heidi Rolland voices Now I know I'm a senior 
1989 February 3 basketball sports Basketball team bounces back 
1989 February 3 icemen sports Icemen head for win 
1989 February 10  Blanchard renovation front page Blanchard work to begin after commencement 
1989 February 10  culture and minorities front page Cultural week begins; minority frustration felt 
1989 February 10  student government social services front page SB set example for action 
1989 February 10  abuse front page Graduate student copes with life of abuse 
1989 February 10  career counseling news Alumni highlight jobs 
1989 February 10  abuse news Individuals and statistics reveal trauma of child abuse 
1989 February 10  world news news News summary 
1989 February 3 world news news News summary 
1989 February 10  religion news Competition for girl's attention continues 
1989 February 10  Big Buddy program news Buddies provide role models 
1989 February 10  Geneva Baptist Road Church news Students connect with kids 
1989 February 10  Tom VanAntwerp news TWIRP VanAntwerp 
1989 February 10  Budd and McBride news Missionaries imprisoned in Nepal 
1989 February 10  Michael Card news Card emphasizes Scripture in his music 
1989 February 10  Kristofer Widholm Arena production news Drug addiction explored in play 
1989 February 10  concert choir news Choirs combine for dual concert 
1989 February 10  Washington Banquet news New & improved banquet promises excitement 
1989 February 10  classes editorial Keeping out of straight jackets 
1989 February 10  Matthew Beckmann voices Pippert's sugar-coating 
1989 February 10  Bryan O'Byrne voices Half a loaf for Arafat 
1989 February 10  Jose Vilanova voices It's late for me to begin 
1989 February 10  Vicki Su letters to the editor Awake in the back seat 
1989 February 10  Jennifer Funck & Stewart Ruch letters to the editor The alien look 
1989 February 10  Lance Kinzer letters to the editor Diversity pleas worrisome 
1989 February 10  Ted Benson letters to the editor Why are you republicans? 
1989 February 10  Scott Renick letters to the editor Drug addicts and us 
1989 February 10  swim sports Swim team overcomes illness 
1989 February 10  basketball sports Lane trouble hurts team 
1989 February 10  wrestling sports Twenty-nine teams to grapple at wrestling invitational 
1989 February 10  swim sports Swimmers pull prank 
1989 February 17 Dr. C. Isaac Tam front page Institute wins course award 
1989 February 17 Advanced Television Production front page Wheaton goes TV 
1989 February 17 abuse front page Lewis offers insight into abuse counseling 
1989 February 17 Major General Howard Graves front page War College commandant speaks 
1989 February 17 Honduras  news Honduras Project to provide gospel message and water 
1989 February 17 world news news News summary 
1989 February 17 abuse news DuPage agencies offer victims help 
1989 February 17 campus news Campus briefs 
1989 February 17 Dr. Robert Ferris news Missionary returns to alma mater to study renewal 
1989 February 17 Dr. Paul de Vries news De Vries resisted for system for integration 
1989 February 17 George Herbert Walker Bush news Spectator freezes at inauguration parade 
1989 February 17 abuse news Undergrads seek healing for past wounds 
1989 February 17 Wendy Corder editorial Don't handle abuse alone 
1989 February 17 Mark C. Volkers voices No refuge from refuse 
1989 February 17 Heidi Rolland voices Beyond taking sides 
1989 February 17 Jaime Trapp voices The first kiss 
1989 February 17 Jonathan Ashworth news A Day in the Life of Wheaton: A photo essay 
1989 February 17 Wendell Berry news Author recommended: Wendell Berry 
1989 February 17 choir news Vienna Boys' Choir dazzles 
1989 February 17 human rights news Amnesty supports human rights with concert 
1989 February 17 Beth Baker sports Baker juggles family and job 
1989 February 17 basketball sports Women's b-ball team aims higher 
1989 February 17 swim sports Swimmers hope to defeat rivals in show-down 
1989 February 17 Mickey Best sports Senior wrestler Best takes first 
1989 February 24 Dr. Tony Campolo front page Campolo calls for peaceful social revolution 
1989 February 24 Dan Crabtree front page Crabtree now director of admissions 
1989 February 24 Robert Martin front page Mayor announces WETN week 
1989 February 24 Dr. James Engel front page Engel's book makes top 40 
1989 February 24 world news news News briefs 
1989 February 24 abuse news Agency seeks Godly foster homes 
1989 February 24 science news Scanning electron microscope gives Wheaton edge in little things 
1989 February 24 ministry news Small groups draw devoted 
1989 February 24 abuse news Toys help kids show and tell 
1989 February 24 music news Groups to tour U.S., Canada 
1989 February 24 theater news Intense drama stirs response 
1989 February 24 Dr. Henry Nelson news Concert of Marhces features Sousa 
1989 February 24 relationships editorial Just God and I won't do 
1989 February 24 Matt Beckmann voices Write the Record 
1989 February 24 Randall Brandt voices Christian power play 
1989 February 24 Jeff Hahn voices That kiss went too far 
1989 February 24 Gayle Koehler letters to the editor You've heard. Now what? 
1989 February 24 Cameron Song Sellers letters to the editor Affirmative action demeaning 
1989 February 24 Patrice Penney letters to the editor Poor families are loving, too 
1989 February 24 John Hoyman letters to the editor Giving credit where it's due 
1989 February 24 football sports Football stars earn awards for outstanding seasons 
1989 February 24 icemen sports Icemen face Palmer in playoffs 
1989 February 24 track sports Track team shapes up for spring 
1989 March 17 student government front page CU, SG candidates vie for leadership posts 
1989 March 17 Dr. William Wharton front page Ethical science probed 
1989 March 17 William Colby front page Former CIA director defends covert action 
1989 March 17 Tony Campolo front page Profs discuss issues raised by Campolo 
1989 March 17 Moss Ntlha news Nthla speaks on apartheid 
1989 March 17 world news news News summary 
1989 March 17 Honduras news Honduras work finished 
1989 March 17 Steve Camp news Camp signs to address AIDS issues 
1989 March 17 Symphony Orchestra news Pop goes to the movies 
1989 March 17 art  news Contemporary Sacred Arts 10 exhibit reflects faith 
1989 March 17 science news Hands-on class makes science accessible 
1989 March 17 self-defense news Students fight for credit 
1989 March 17 language news Language trivia fascinates student 
1989 March 17 Bryan O'Bryne editorial St. Patrick's get-together 
1989 March 17 Mark C. Volkers voicse The merciless syllabus 
1989 March 17 Laurie Clark voices Student Government: Getting what you want 
1989 March 17 Jeff Hahn voices A spring break encounter 
1989 March 17 Ernest Liang letters to the editor Don't teach gambling here 
1989 March 17 Jacalyn Eddy Ollivant letters to the editor What about Friday? 
1989 March 17 Eric Paddon letters to the editor TV knowledge is simplistic 
1989 March 17 Brian Wells letters to the editor On petty badmouthing 
1989 March 17 swim sports Men take second, women third in conference showdown 
1989 March 17 intramural  sports IM's help to end stress 
1989 March 17 basketball sports Baseall team wants better record, assures excitement 
1989 March 31 Wheaton College front page Tuition goes up again next year  
1989 March 31 religion front page Student searches for God and truth 
1989 March 31 student government front page Elections end; a few problems arise 
1989 March 31 Dr. Helen Roseveare front page Roseveare headlines MIF week 
1989 March 31 Eric Codding news Codding is re-elected as council president 
1989 March 31 religion news Movement characterized by cohesiveness 
1989 March 31 campus news news Campus briefs 
1989 March 31 world news news News briefs 
1989 March 31 religion news Separatism is key in defining fundamentalism 
1989 March 31 Dr. Leland Ryken news Ryken caught by seat of his pants 
1989 March 31 drinking news Greeks told to party smart 
1989 March 31 philosophy news Lofty questions answered 
1989 March 31 football sports Woman to start as QB? 
1989 March 31 surf sports Surfersdestroy rival BJU 
1989 March 31 football sports Swider's grade drop 
1989 March 31 Ken Wales news Wales braves Hollywood's film scene 
1989 March 31 brass quintet news Artist Series nears finale with quintet 
1989 March 31 security editorial A sure bet 
1989 March 31 Jaime Trapp voices Past Elegance spins tales 
1989 March 31 Randall Brandt voices Character-what's the use? 
1989 March 31 Heidi Rolland voices I'll give my tunic tomorrow 
1989 March 31 Don Davis voices Justice demands action 
1989 March 31 Chicago Bulls sports Chicago Bulls offer locker room advice on working hard 
1989 March 31 swim sports Swimmers take tenth at Nationals 
1989 March 31 race news Two churches envision inter-racial harmony 
1989 March 31 religion news Rules characterize separtist lifestyle 
1989 March 31 arts news Kodon's Spring Arts Festival illuminates humanity 
1989 March 31 choir news Gospel choir set for '89-'90 
1989 March 31 Ken Medema news Ken Medema appaers at Arena Theater 
1989 April 1 Russ Taff front page 'Massaro' confesses 
1989 April 1 His Auto Detailers front page ServiceMaster buyout imminent 
1989 April 1 campus news front page Campus briefs 
1989 April 1 art news The bare facts exposed in shocking art department controversy 
1989 April 1 music news Conserv funds record label 
1989 April 7 Don Smarto front page Evaluation supports Smarto's prison program 
1989 April 7 religion front page Warning: 'Beware of Wheaton' 
1989 April 7 religion front page Conference highlights aspects of revivalism 
1989 April 7 religion news Movement has intellectual roots 
1989 April 7 world news news News briefs 
1989 April 7 religion news Some students move themsleves away from fundamentalist label 
1989 April 7 music news Glee focuses on the sacred 
1989 April 7 music news Faculty responds to art in unique recital 
1989 April 7 Robin Crow news Crow-good jazz with a sensitive spirit 
1989 April 7 Baron Munchausen news A movie review from your arts editors 
1989 April 7 Aggrey Mugisha news Ugandan grad student puzzle over dating 
1989 April 7 Michael McClymond news McClymond finds his way through life with purpose 
1989 April 7 religion news Wheaton breaks from fundamentalist roots 
1989 April 7 Melinda Leaver editorial Who should loosen up? 
1989 April 7 Matt Beckmann voices The death of nonresistance 
1989 April 7 Glenn Arnold letters to the editor Profs in a slump 
1989 April 7 Bryan O'Byrne voices Curbing the intervention craze 
1989 April 7 Ernestine Julye voices Affirmative action liberates 
1989 April 7 Bob Campbell letters to the editor Sorry for the prank 
1989 April 7 tennis sports Tennis team rebuilds its strength 
1989 April 7 exercise sports Wheaton runs the road to fitness 
1989 April 7 lacrosse sports Lacrosse craves win 
1989 April 14 Jill Baumgaertner front page Baumgaertner wins award 
1989 April 14 Barry Goodling front page Goodling becomes advancement VP 
1989 April 14 Heather Smith & Derrick Max front page Debate team savors fouth-place nat'l finish 
1989 April 14 religion front page Botham exemplifies left-ward movement 
1989 April 14 Richard Chase news Chase speaks to students at forum 
1989 April 14 religion news Fundamentalism finds a place at Wheaton 
1989 April 14 world news news News briefs 
1989 April 14 campus news news Campus briefs 
1989 April 14 religion news Wheaton changes militance 
1989 April 14 music news "Child-like" chorale to charm audience of all ages 
1989 April 14 theater news Tartuffe masks serious motif 
1989 April 14 music news Series' finale features Leipzig's Gewandhaus Orchestra Thursday 
1989 April 14 Philip Walker news Walker plays seven men in one show! 
1989 April 14 Mike Hudson news Photographer Mike Hudson explores campus hideouts 
1989 April 14 Larry Panella news Professor Panella moves Wheaton jazz ahead 
1989 April 14 C.J. Wheeler news The animated C.J. gives life to cartoon characters 
1989 April 14 religion editorial Let's get together 
1989 April 14 J. Richard Chase voices Beware of Wheaton? 
1989 April 14 Heidi Rolland voices Shout for joy 
1989 April 14 Kristopher Widholm voices Pacifism re-hatched 
1989 April 14 John Schmalzbauer letters to the editor Can't always be polite 
1989 April 14 Steve DeVries letters to the editor Don't kill me off, Matt 
1989 April 14 Eric Paddon letters to the editor Affirming executive power 
1989 April 14 Ted Benson letters to the editor Contest results 
1989 April 14 Jack Swartz sports Swartz reflects on 30-year career 
1989 April 14 volleyball sports Vollleyball hits hard 
1989 April 14 softball sports Softball team fosters new attitude 
1989 April 21 safety front page Reported assults alarm student body 
1989 April 21 "This Present Darkness" news Peretti discusses New Age 
1989 April 21 music news Concert Choir has diverse spring program repretoire 
1989 April 21 Wheaton College front page Record repeats newpaper honor 
1989 April 21 Clyde Taylor front page Taylor has dual role 
1989 April 21 Dr. Coolidge & Dr. Ewert front page Christians called to earthly responsibility 
1989 April 21 Gwen Henry news Panel discusses corporate ethics 
1989 April 21 environment news Concerns are in our own backyard 
1989 February 3 basketball sports Alums crush visitors 
1989 April 21 environment news School invests in energy-saving devices 
1989 April 21 Gary Warner news Warner advises Wheaton writers 
1989 April 21 safety editorial Get defensive 
1989 April 21 Bryan O'Byrne voices Anyone need a date? 
1989 April 21 Randall Brandt voices Does the gap get you? 
1989 April 21 Gilbert Bilezikian voices Something new under the sun 
1989 April 21 Dan Crane letters to the editor "No" to reverse discrimination 
1989 April 21 Ezekiel Olagoke letters to the editor Fundamentalism - Count me out! 
1989 April 21 Larry Lewis letters to the editor Wheaton: teach or matchmake? 
1989 April 21 rowing sports All-new rowing team hits the waves of Lake Michigan 
1989 April 21 golf sports Golf team aims to hold off Millikin 
1989 April 28 Dr. Stephen Kellough front page College names new chaplain 
1989 April 28 Jarrett Arp & Andy Keller front page Columnists gain national award 
1989 April 28 environment front page Our water is among worst 
1989 April 28 safety front page False reports debated 
1989 April 28 health news Health committee allays concerns 
1989 April 28 world news news News briefs 
1989 April 28 environment news Newly developed prairie wetlands retaliate with floods 
1989 April 28 environment news Better water management needed 
1989 April 28 Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now news Country boy finds place to hang hat in the city 
1989 April 28 technology news Computer jockeys bash monsters 
1989 April 28 dance news Wawrejko discusses dance at Wheaton 
1989 April 28 theater news Kids create fantasy land in drama program 
1989 April 28 music news Jammers rock at Centennial Field 
1989 April 28 choir  news Gospel Choir stresses diversity 
1989 April 28 music news Tikaram revels in musical diversity 
1989 April 28 music news Shout comes to the Alamo 
1989 April 28 abortion editorial The crosses of death 
1989 April 28 student government voices Encouraging diversity 
1989 April 28 Becky Gray & Cassandra Hinz voices The age of tolerance 
1989 April 28 Mark Volkers voices Khomeini tells all 
1989 April 28 Jaime Trapp voicse Yelled at, for what? 
1989 April 28 Matt Beckmann voices One lady's courage 
1989 April 28 Kevin Walker letters to the editor Three clicks for Beckmann 
1989 April 28 Jeffrey Greenberg letters to the editor A pro-life plea 
1989 April 28 baseball sports Baseball team suffers loss to I BC 
1989 April 28 track sports Runners stir up dust in Elmhurst 
1989 April 28 tennis sports Tennis team looks to bury Illinois Valley in final match 
1989 May 5 Michael Anderson front page Publications earn national recognition 
1989 May 5 Rabbi Steven Bob front page Rabbi offers Jewish view 
1989 May 5 Wheaton College front page Board protests censorship 
1989 May 5 environment front page Waste problem solvable 
1989 May 5 Ken Kalisch front page Kalisch takes High Road Down Under 
1989 May 5 Dr. Stephen Cushman news Ensemble concert highlights Aztec piece by Cushman 
1989 May 5 campus news Campus briefs 
1989 May 5 environment news Responsibility starts with practical ways 
1989 May 5 publication  editorial In search of truth 
1989 May 5 Heidi Rolland voices Faces in the window 
1989 May 5 Paul de Vries letters to the editor Pussycats or professionals? 
1989 April 21 Brett Nelson letters to the editor Which box fits? 
1989 March 31 Daniel Horn letters to the editor Let's let Campolo dream 
1989 May 5 Thane Ritchie sports Senior football star Thane Ritchie signs with Steelers 
1989 May 5 George Rhodes sports Rhodes earns scholar-athlete award 
1989 May 5 tennis sports Tennis team enters CCIW tourney with 19-2 record 
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