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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
1988 September 9 Scott and Carolyn Swanson resurface Front Page Campus reacts to Swansons 
1988 September 9 Carolyn Swanson in hospital Front Page Crash injures Swanson 
1988 September 9 Sheryl Nystrom Scandrett Front Page Wheaton remembers Sheri 
1988 September 9 campus construction Front Page Stench permeates quad 
1988 September 9 Swanson disappearance revisited News Disappearance chronology 
1988 September 9 interim chaplain News Hutz has high hopes 
1988 September 9 Swanson and ROTC News Army recommends to boot Scott 
1988 September 9 presidential race News Summary Campaign '88 
1988 September 9 strikes  News Summary Poland 
1988 September 9 Kurdish refugees News Summary Iraq/Turkey 
1988 September 9 Monsoons News Summary Bangladesh 
1988 September 9 Unemployment News Summary Economic Growth Slows 
1988 September 9 Chaplain Gordon in Kansas Features Vic finds a home 
1988 September 9 fall special services Features Soaries leads chorus of amens 
1988 September 9 Movie review: The Last Temptation of Christ Arts Last Temptation offers limited value 
1988 September 9 Last Temptation of Christ Arts Holy controversy over Scorsese 
1988 September 9 Chicago Old Style Jazz Festival Arts Jazz fest jams on 
1988 September 9 women's soccer Sports Ladies gain varsity status 
1988 September 9 men's soccer Sports Soccer on rebound 
1988 September 9 Scott and Carolyn Swanson Editorial Perfect love re-examined 
1988 September 9 Wheaton experience Letter Baggage discarded 
1988 September 9 busyness as tyrant Opinion The great American time machine 
1988 September 9 softball missions in Sicily Opinion A shortstop in Sicily 
1988 September 9 rings of relevance Opinion Hitting the bull's eye 
1988 September 16 Poverty: Issues of Justice and Love Front Page Poor confront Wheaton 
1988 September 16 Multicultural Student Development Front Page Sisco helps heal alumni wounds 
1988 September 16 Scott Swanson story Front Page Swanson expresses regret 
1988 September 16 Swansons held accountable News Chase voices concern 
1988 September 16 CACE art News Contest finds imagery in poverty 
1988 September 16 Gorbachev under siege: the politics of reform in Soviet Union News Tiffany lecture highlights 
1988 September 16 Student Government President Laurie Clark Features Clark makes her mark on Wheaton 
1988 September 16 student leadership retreat Features Chase does the 'Boogaloo; 
1988 September 16 SMP overseas Features Plaster lost in Indonesia 
1988 September 16 Bryan Duncan and the Allies Arts Duncan does Edman 
1988 September 16 restaurant review Arts Wags still study stronghold 
1988 September 16 Wheaton games Sports Let's get rowdy! 
1988 September 16 women's volleyball Sports V-ball goes for nationals 
1988 September 16 women's tennis Sports Women to win 
1988 September 16 care for the poor Editorial Looking poverty in the face 
1988 September 16 Nathan Hancock, Scott Swanson Opinion A roommate's reflections 
1988 September 16 sarcasm Letter A clear apology 
1988 September 16 speeding Opinion The Sunday driver 
1988 September 16 Television  Opinion Phooey on picture-pretty politics 
1988 September 23 Asian Fellowship, Korean-American Christian Fellowship, William Osborne Society Front Page Three minority groups Bridge gap 
1988 September 23 budget allocations News SG committee hashes out budget 
1988 September 23 worst in 60 years News Summary Western forest fires 
1988 September 23 changing tradition Front Page Glee club cabinet split 
1988 September 23 VP David Madeira, Professor Lynda Oren Front Page Madeira and Oren resign 
1988 September 23 Logos and the Critic News Lit critics converge on campus 
1988 September 23 Edward Kleinhammer Features Dedication pays off 
1988 September 23 Episcopal church Features Students go Episcopalian 
1988 September 23 Wheaton band Arts Tuesday's Child is crazy and wild 
1988 September 23 band review Arts Information Society raises roof of Riviera 
1988 September 23 The Goodman Theater Arts "Romeo and Juliet" slays city 
1988 September 23 academic and spiritual discipline Opinion Fit for a mule 
1988 September 23 minorities  Guest Editorial Stripping the white paint 
1988 September 23 true worship Opinion Of rituals and rock n' roll 
1988 September 23 hackey sack, foot-bag Sports Old and faithful hack 
1988 September 23 football Sports Football centers on defense 
1988 September 23 men's soccer Sports Soccer meets Augie 
1988 September 30 new dining hall Front Page Everyone's a food critic 
1988 September 30 CACE poverty conference  Front Page Wheaton confronts poor 
1988 September 30 ombudsmen, Student Development Front Page Pledgebreakers find counsel 
1988 September 30 drop slip News Bookstore vows no returns 
1988 September 30 Nine Treasured Outcomes News Outcomes split faculty 
1988 September 30 vote in Illinois News Register soon 
1988 September 30 protest in Rangoon News Summary Burmese demonstration 
1988 September 30 Institute for the Study of American Evangelicals News TV Church examined 
1988 September 30 Classical guitariest Christopher Parkening Arts Parkening to strum strings 
1988 September 30 food fight Arts Frustration of food fight fills Forum Board 
1988 September 30 Movie review Arts Eight Men Out is a foul ball 
1988 September 30 Nate Adams in a shanty town Features Poor subsist in filth 
1988 September 30 Chapel monitors Features Monitors tally skips 
1988 September 30 Sleeping outside Features Students wear homeless shoes 
1988 September 30 New dining hall Features Utopia now on tap 
1988 September 30 David Condon's stained galss Features Glass paints shepherd 
1988 September 30 Upward movement Features Dance program expands 
1988 September 30 leaving professors, leaving Bridge Opinion Wading through the challenges 
1988 September 30 food fight Editorial Frolicking food follies 
1988 September 30 cultural and racial sensitivity Letters Melting down differences 
1988 September 30 "girl" lacks maturity Opinion Call her like she is 
1988 September 30 Bush and Dukakis Opinion Stand by your man 
1988 September 30 Bridge minority group Letters Coalition strengthens Kingdom 
1988 September 30 evangelical melting pot Letters Let pluralism lie 
1988 September 30 gossip and forgiveness Letters Drastic measures needed 
1988 September 30 football Sports Football goes for third win 
1988 September 30 Volleyball Sports V-ball hosts tourney 
1988 September 30 women's tennis Sports Tennis defends perfect record 
1988 October 7 Schell hall hours Front Page Students study Sundays in Schell 
1988 October 7 Homecoming weekend Front Page Homecoming is here 
1988 October 7 JIm Young and Dukakis campaign Front Page Young campaigns for Democrats 
1988 October 7 Hall of Honor and female athletes Front Page Hall admits women 
1988 October 7 Student Government representation News SG proposes Conserv, dorm reps 
1988 October 7 enforcement of abortion law News Summary Bush clarifies abortion stand 
1988 October 7 House-Senate conference committee News Summary Welfare revision 
1988 October 7 nuclear research and education News Argonne lab now open to students 
1988 October 7 drug and alcohol awareness program Features Project raises Hope 
1988 October 7 Marilee Melvin, personal aide to Attorney General Features Melvin comes home to Wheaton 
1988 October 7 The Ethiopian Restaurant and Cafe Arts and Entertainment Cafe is a finger feast 
1988 October 7 Movie review Arts & Entertainment Wings of Desire is angelic 
1988 October 7 Arena Theater - 3 shows Arts & Entertainment Arena Theater takes off 
1988 October 7 Movie review: Freak Street to Goa Arts and Entertainment Caldwell's Freak Street gains acclaim 
1988 October 7 controversial stories Editorial When controversy is good 
1988 October 7 lies and compassion Opinion A nosy blunder 
1988 October 7 forgiveness Opinion Martyrs should learn love 
1988 October 7 judgement and forgiveness Opinion A time for shame 
1988 October 7 Christians in politics Letters Rhetoric sucks in conservatives 
1988 October 7 culture, race Letters Meltdown ruins body 
1988 October 7 Glee club politics Letters Looking ahead with Glee 
1988 October 7 soccer Sports Soccer to teach Profs 
1988 October 7 pool running Sports Runners tread water 
1988 October 7 football Sports Football seeks revenge on North Central 
1988 October 14 Robert McQuilkin Front Page Wheaton grad drowns 
1988 October 14 Anderson Commons Front Page Ceremony honors Commons donors 
1988 October 14 Dr. Thomas Kay  Front Page Kay works precinct for local GOP 
1988 October 14 prospective students Front Page Connectors plug into Wheaton 
1988 October 14 Illinois Institute of Technology, engineering students News IIT campus to offer option 
1988 October 14 fundamentalists and moderninsts lecture News Marty explores conflict 
1988 October 14 Amnesty International Wheaton chapter News College starts Amnesty 
1988 October 14 Movie: The Last Temptation of Christ Arts Profs discuss Temptation 
1988 October 14 The Art Institute displays Paul Gauguin" Arts Gaugin's evolution portrayed 
1988 October 14 Field Museum Arts Egyptian tomb will open soon 
1988 October 14 HNGR student in Hurricane Gilbert Features Cragg survives Gilbert 
1988 October 14 Soviet immigrant Eugene Grossman Features Grossman goes back to the USSR 
1988 October 14 chess competition Features A tale of two kings? 
1988 October 14 election Editorial Political apathy limits Christ 
1988 October 14 Reagan/Bush Opinion Bet on a proven winner 
1988 October 14 surface level politics Opinion Question tradition 
1988 October 14 Spiritualis amicitia Opinion Tie that binds 
1988 October 14 the word "girl" Letters "Girls" is okay 
1988 October 14 American culture Letters Meltdown is unAmerican 
1988 October 14 cross country Sports Runners state identity 
1988 October 14 football Sports Football meets defeated Augie 
1988 October 14 women's soccer  Sports Women salvage season 
1988 October 28 National Choir Directors Association Front Page Concert Choir sings with honors 
1988 October 28 Countdown to Victory Rally Front Page Flags wave for Bush 
1988 October 28 Apartheid in South Africa Front Page Woods speaks in Barrows 
1988 October 28 Notre Dame scholar Nathan Hatch Front Page Hatch named as trustee 
1988 October 28 $5 million drop in endowment Front Page College seeks to balance budget 
1988 October 28 dating as economics Features  Olson mices business and pleasure 
1988 October 28 The Philosophy Conference News Conference probes individualism 
1988 October 28 Day of prayer News Campus prays 
1988 October 28 Jesse Jackson and Michael Dukakis Campaign '88 Jackson sides with Duke 
1988 October 28 government spending  Campaign '88 Bush reveals goals 
1988 October 28 poll Campaign '88 Voter poll favors Bush 
1988 October 28 Alfred Karnstedt Features Worker plants life at Wheaton 
1988 October 28 SELF-HELP crafts Features Ewerts do a crafty business 
1988 October 28 Theatre Roundabout Arts & Entertainment British actors visit campus 
1988 October 28 Movie review Arts & Entertainment Punchline yucks it up 
1988 October 28 Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith Arts & Entertainment Grant and Smith play again 
1988 October 28 industrial band Arts & Entertainment Skinny Puppy crushes crowds 
1988 October 28 Apartheid Arts & Entertainment Bike to Cry Freedom 
1988 October 28 food follies Opinion Clarification 
1988 October 28 Winnie the Woo living for today Opinion A tale of Woo 
1988 October 28 reality in the bubble Editorial Why we lose heart 
1988 October 28 Presidential election Opinion Dukeing it out 
1988 October 28 lies Opinion To tell the truth . . .  
1988 October 28 rely on God Opinion The editor, the edo, and I 
1988 October 28 women's tennis Sports Tennis wins CCIW again 
1988 October 28 Soccer Sports Soccer to host conference 
1988 October 28 Soccer Sports An insider's look at soccer 
1988 November 4 day of prayer Front Page Students pray for revival 
1988 November 4 Parents' weekend Front Page Parents see children 
1988 November 4 Dukakis in Naperville Front Page Voters meet Dukakis 
1988 November 4 Campaign '88 Front Page Voters explain decisions 
1988 November 4 Apartheid, South Africa News Woods cries freedom 
1988 November 4 Scott and Carolyn Swanson News Swansons face consequences 
1988 November 4 Candidate comparison News Campaign Issues: Dukakis 
1988 November 4 Candidate comparison News Campaign Issues: Bush 
1988 November 4 Christian metal Arts Stryper reveals spiritual basis 
1988 November 4 Kevin Kline Arts Kevin Kline visits campus 
1988 November 4 nightspot Arts Green Mill jazzes it up 
1988 November 4 Setting New Directions training program Features Students set goals 
1988 November 4 Religious Heritage of America Features Peterson is awarded 
1988 November 4 African Methodist Episcopal Church Features Black church lives block away 
1988 November 4 study spots Features Squirrel reveals campus hideouts 
1988 November 4 race Editorial It's not just the Afrikaaners 
1988 November 4 sin on campus Letter Could we have known? 
1988 November 4 justification and sanctification Letter Luther was wrong 
1988 November 4 Presidential election Opinion GOP can't do everything 
1988 November 4 polarized views Opinion Look over the fence 
1988 November 4 soccer Sports Soccer goes to nationals 
1988 November 4 football Sports Football hosts first place Carroll 
1988 November 4 sports education in China, Korea Sports Students return from Olympics 
1988 November 11 Presidential election Front Page VP George Bush triumphs 
1988 November 11 Ajith Fernando of Sri Lanka Front Page Fernando brings Staley messages 
1988 November 11 Director of Human Resources Front Page Larsen proposes to recruit more minorities 
1988 November 11 Wheaton North High School Front Page Prison simulation still causes stir 
1988 November 11 Thanksgiving fundraiser News Dorm auctions raise fun and funds 
1988 November 11 Archaeology conference News Arch conference arrives 
1988 November 11 ROTC News Cadets march with pride 
1988 November 11 first snowfall Features Snow season starts 
1988 November 11 Danada Equestrian Center Features Students are riding high 
1988 November 11 Wheaton musical, The King and I Features Wheaton whistles a happy tune 
1988 November 11 Music/movie review Arts U2's new flick hums 
1988 November 11 Arena Theater Arts Corn is Green for Arena Theater 
1988 November 11 Chicago neighborhoods Arts Chinatown offers more than chopsticks 
1988 November 11 Band - They Might Be Giants Arts & Entertainment Giants uncovered in Chicago 
1988 November 11 Wheaton grad Wendy White Arts & Entertainment White to sing in Artist Series 
1988 November 11 New President Editorial What'll it be, George? 
1988 November 11 Wheaton North prison simulation Opinion Speak up 
1988 November 11 pool shark Opinion Pass the Kleenex 
1988 November 11 to my elder brother Opinion A tribute to Gordie 
1988 November 11 sin and sanctification Letters Luther was right 
1988 November 11 Chicago Old Style Marathon Sports Students go that extra mile 
1988 November 11 soccer Sports Soccer hosts quarterfinal 
1988 November 11 track and field Sports Runners sprint for nationals 
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