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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
1988 April 15 John Schmalzbauer front page New light shed on Hall of Honor 
1988 April 15 Coleman Luck III front page Biola lifts ban on dancing 
1988 April 15 Kristin Larson front page SG influences board policy 
1988 April 15 Candee McIntosh front page Search baffles police 
1988 April 15 Kathryn Erickson with Amy Craft news Open floors debated 
1988 April 15 Hansi Kess news Profs' software aids students 
1988 April 15 photo poll news Do you think dancing should be permitted at Wheaton? How would you react if it were? 
1988 April 15 Michelle McConnell features Daredevil tells all 
1988 April 15 Shelley Schaap Madeira features We've com a long way baby! 
1988 April 15 Bart Tolleson arts T-Bone shatters the mold 
1988 April 15 Julia DeNeve arts Taylor to pop, sizzle 
1988 April 15 Coleman Luck III arts Bright Lights, Big City brings dismal vision 
1988 April 15 Eric Whitehead arts Whitecross has righteous metal 
1988 April 15 editorial opinion Dancing to the tune of liberalism? 
1988 April 15 letters  opinion "Treasured" outcomes? 
1988 April 15 letters opinion Commitment is key 
1988 April 15 Jon Sweeney opinion The art of canoeing 
1988 April 15 Joan Hubbell opinion Pearls of wisdom 
1988 April 15 letter opinion Cynicism 
1988 April 15 Charles LSpoelstra sports You ever gonna grow up? 
1988 April 15 golf Dave Vanderveen Golf team clubs competition 
1988 April 15 Ron Romberger sports Hats off to the boys of baseball 
1988 April 22 Heidi Rolland front page Bridge and advisor conflict 
1988 April 22 Sue Schmuckal front page Campus theft on the rise this year 
1988 April 22 Elisabeth Allebach front page Perspectives on women examined 
1988 April 22 David Vanderveen front page Science grant awarded 
1988 April 22 campus theft news  Theft costs thousands 
1988 April 22 Sarah Russell news '88-'89 student publications editors named 
1988 April 22 Kitty Wilson news SAGA aims to please 
1988 April 22 Kristin Searfoss arts  L'Engle sees story-shaped world 
1988 April 22 Julian Jackson arts See behind the scenes at Arena Theatre's sets 
1988 April 22 Sue Schumakal with Cindy Ellsworth features Is theft just a crime? 
1988 April 22 Teri Kondo features Hunger interns reflect 
1988 April 22 Camie Steindam features Connectors plug into Wheaton 
1988 April 22 Max Vanderpool features Will the speech team please speak up! 
1988 April 22 editorial opinion Bridge-ing the gap? 
1988 April 22 letters opinion Scholarship suggested 
1988 April 22 letters opinion Post-Wheaton wisdom 
1988 April 22 letters opinion Hall of honor story honed 
1988 April 22 Jarrett Arp and Andy Keller opinion A defense of cynicism 
1988 April 22 Dave Frey opinion Impressions of Wheaton 
1988 April 22 Roberta Panjwani opinion The ignored majority 
1988 April 22 Ron Romberger sports Gators grab glory from Razorbacks in I.M.s 
1988 April 22 Jaime Trapp sports Softball team puts away C.O.D. 
1988 April 22 Dave Vanderveen sports Thomas dominates dunk-off 
1988 April 29 June Chan with Rich Anderson front page Is Wheaton a buy? 
1988 April 29 Hansi Kess front page Profs write Cliff's Notes 
1988 April 29 Heidi Rolland front page More minorites enroll 
1988 April 29 Katherine Halberstadt front page Faculty considers goals for graudates 
1988 April 29 campus theft news Theft creats caution 
1988 April 29 Elisabeth Allebach news Proposal promotes women 
1988 April 29 Cindy Ellsworth with Sue Schmuckal features I "borrowed" it for a while 
1988 April 29 Cindy Ellsworth with Sue Schmuckal features Attitude affects theft 
1988 April 29 Stewart Reed arts MUSE to challenge children 
1988 April 29 Amy Burwick arts Hairspray sticks to 60's 
1988 April 29 photo poll arts Should Wheaton show R-rated movies? 
1988 April 29 Charles Spoelstra arts Front 242 hits hard, taking no prisoners 
1988 April 29 Bob Macauley arts Springfest to entertain 
1988 April 29 editorial opinion All theft is wrong 
1988 April 29 letters opinion Minority needs met 
1988 April 29 letters opinion The closing of the cynic kind 
1988 April 29 letters opinion Bridge-ing of personalities needed 
1988 April 29 Jon Sweeney opinion "A modest proposal" 
1988 April 29 Mark Hall opinion Politics for Wheaties 
1988 April 29 column opinion Christian response to theft 
1988 April 29 golf sports Glofers gain in conference 
1988 April 29 tennis sports Men's tennis drills and kills Wesleyan 
1988 April 29 softball sports Softball tails Tigres 
1988 May 6 Heidi Rolland front page Wheaton loses Chaplain Vic 
1988 May 6 David Vanderveen front page Will kicks off Pfund fund 
1988 May 6 Steve Brand front page Parking costs to rise 
1988 May 6 Candee McIntosh  front page  Missing students remain mystery 
1988 May 6 the cost of Wheaton news Faculty salaries place low 
1988 May 6 Elisabeth Allebach news Davis hired in affimative action 
1988 May 6 Tara Barnett news Donors meet students 
1988 May 6 Eric Whitehead arts Top Christian groups picked 
1988 May 6 Coleman Luck III with Ron Colan arts Luck laments lovelife 
1988 May 6 Eric Whitehead arts Juso breaks new ground 
1988 May 6 June Chan with Rich Anderson features Lack leaves library in bind 
1988 May 6 Irene Wong features Seems like old times... 
1988 May 6 Max Vanderpool features Hop the train to Imprial Russia 
1988 May 6 Joan Hubbell features Let's start at the very beginning 
1988 May 6 June Chan with Rich Anderson features Card catalog to change 
1988 May 6 editorial opinion Change challenges complacency 
1988 May 6 letters opinion The $15,000 man 
1988 May 6 letters opinion A literate priority 
1988 May 6 letters opinion Wheaton below average? 
1988 May 6 Jarrett Arp and Andy Keller opinion A heritage dismembered 
1988 May 6 Dave Frey opinion Goal for a life 
1988 May 6 Roberta Panjwani opinion Piety or prosperity 
1988 May 6 softball sports Softball team prepares for playoffs 
1988 May 6 John Engstrom sports Thirdplace no disgrace 
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