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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
1987 May 8 Betty Smartt Front page Contest earnings fund honeymoon 
1987 May 8 Writing contest Front page Seniors take top honors in Christian writing contest 
1987 May 8 Dr. Peter J. Hill Front page Hill chairs endowment 
1987 May 8 Loans Front page One percent tax on loans now repealed 
1987 May 8 Education Editorial Our education's purpose 
1987 May 8 Dr. Seuss Opinion Who's hearing the Whos? 
1987 May 8 Endowment Opinion Our hidden endowment 
1987 May 8 Comparisons Opinion Grandiose delusions 
1987 May 8 Prank Opinion Unemulatable prank 
1987 May 8 Chamber Brass Arts Chamber Brass plan first national tour 
1987 May 8 Women's Chorale Arts Women's Chorale to present "Evening of Enchantment" 
1987 May 1 Trustees Front page Questionnaire unravels mystery of trustees 
1987 May 1 AIDS Front page AIDS forum encourages student concern and action 
1987 May 1 Apartheid Front page Steps to ending apartheid explored 
1987 May 1 Campus safety Front page Exhibitionist apprehended on campus 
1987 May 1 Dorsett Feature Dorsett triumphs over battles with God's help 
1987 May 1 Sports Feature Wheaton sports have come a long way since football was forbidden 
1987 May 1 Glee Club Arts Glee celebrates 80 years 
1987 May 1 Kathleen Kastner Arts Kastner drums up a unique and percussive faculty recital 
1987 May 1 Rev. Jim Bakker Editorial Guilt by association? 
1987 May 1 Libya Opinion Yellow and big birds 
1987 May 1 Parking Opinion Parking on parking 
1987 May 1 Parking Opinion Columnists on parking 
1987 May 1 Theft Opinion In memoriam 
1987 May 1 Intramurals Sports Intramural softball looks to playoffs despite downpours 
1987 May 1 Baseball Sports Crusader baseball adjusts to new coach, altered lineup 
1987 April 24 Irina Ratushinskaya Front page Dissident speaks on campus 
1987 April 24 Campus TV Front page Cable comes to campus with new show 
1987 April 24 Women's sports Front page Women's sports on the rise 
1987 April 24 Apartheid Front page Apartheid-how should a Christian respond? 
1987 April 24 Randy Brandt Front page CSC names Brandt president 
1987 April 24 ROTC News ROTC honors members 
1987 April 24 Gundren Busch Feature Immigrant recalls persecution 
1987 April 24 Loans Feature Graduates minister through loans 
1987 April 24 Theatre Arts Shakespeare gets a face-lift 
1987 April 24 Dance Arts Wheaties dance this weekend in annual Orchesis spring concert 
1987 April 24 Bradford Johnson Arts Johnson displays his art and his attitudes 
1987 April 24 Wind Ensemble Arts Wind Ensemble plans light, classy concert 
1987 April 24 Russia Editorial To Russia with love 
1987 April 24 Pranks Letters Emulatable prank 
1987 April 24 Political system Opinion Join the party 
1987 April 24 Campus safety Opinion Exposing the exposers 
1987 April 24 Social image Opinion Emulating George 
1987 April 24 Frisbee Sports Ultimate frisbee soars 
1987 April 24 Intramurals Sports Chokers strangle I.M. challengers 
1987 April 3 Trustees Front page Trustees discuss pertinent campus issues 
1987 April 3 Ethics Front page Forum will deal with ethics 
1987 April 3 Women's roles Front page Prof explores women's roles 
1987 April 3 Dr. Carl Armerding Front page Armerding family loses noted patriarch 
1987 April 3 Christian community Editorial Responsible rebuke 
1987 April 3 Missions Letters Missions appreiciation 
1987 April 3 Critical thinking Letters More Warr 
1987 April 3 Editorial Letters Editorial clarification 
1987 April 3 Kindness Opinion Ruthless people 
1987 April 3 Record Letters Record praised 
1987 April 3 Billy Graham Center Letters BGC reaction 
1987 April 3 Sylvia McNair Feature Artist Series features star Wheaton grad 
1987 April 10 Financial aid Front page College unites work-study and student employment funds 
1987 April 10 Women's roles Front page Culture forms view 
1987 April 10 Leadership Front page Practical leadership served to campus 
1987 April 10 American College Theater Festival Front page Wheaton's actors perform 
1987 April 10 Athletics News Athletic events' attendance drops steadily 
1987 April 10 Taxes News Tax reforms affect students 
1987 April 10 Conversation Feature Conversation rules on campus 
1987 April 10 Women's roles Feature Women's roles affect families 
1987 April 10 Movie review Arts Finely crafted cinematic silliness arrives in Raising Arizona 
1987 April 10 Music review Arts '77s aim to reach big numbers 
1987 April 10 Symphony orchestra Arts Bach's Passion planned 
1987 April 10 Athletics Editorial Community concern 
1987 April 10 Pranks Letters A "good" prank 
1987 April 10 Record Letters Record pressing 
1987 April 10 Wheaton Opinion Wheaton: my kind of town 
1987 April 10 Spring Opinion Rites of Spring 
1987 April 10 Ronald Raegan Opinion Swimming lessos for the President 
1987 April 10 Track Sports Men's, Women's track jumps to fast start 
1987 April 10 Steve King Sports Steve King garners two championships 
1987 April 10 Tennis Sports Women's tennis anticipates season 
1987 April 1 Humor Front page Cheers! The Pledge is abolished! 
1987 April 1 Humor Front page Bob Jones gains Webber 
1987 April 1 Humor Front page Curator disappears temporarily 
1987 April 1 Humor Front page Chorale does what no one else could do 
1987 April 1 Humor Opinion Golly Ollie 
1987 April 1 Humor Opinion Double talk 
1987 April 1 Humor Feature Bamford boogies with the Boys 
1987 April 1 Humor Feature Students eat up "Dine" programs 
1987 April 1 Humor Feature CU solves panic dilemma with WIMP 
1987 March 27 Missions Front page Youth Hostel Ministry changes many lives 
1987 March 27 Floyd McClung Front page McClung affirms Wheaton's missions programs 
1987 March 27 Majors Front page Interdisciplinary studies major offered 
1987 March 27 Dr. Duane Elmer Front page CE travels to South Africa 
1987 March 27 Honey Rock Front page Honey Rock to be analyzed and expanded 
1987 March 27 Women's roles News Wheaties voice views on women's roles 
1987 March 27 Honor society News Honor society inducts 37 new members 
1987 March 27 Missions Feature Servanthood emphasized as goal of Wheaton missions 
1987 March 27 Stupe Feature Stupe welcomes the weary 
1987 March 27 Eating disorders Feature Eating disorders pose problem at Wheaton 
1987 March 27 Music review Arts Mark Heard and U2 deliver a dynamic dyad of discs 
1987 March 27 Movie review Arts Room With a View finally sees success 
1987 March 27 Choir Arts Choir concludes tour with tomorrow's Home Concert 
1987 March 27 Missions Editorial Questions for he who has ears 
1987 March 27 Death Opinion Tragic statistics 
1987 March 27 Chapel Opinion Chapel and the common man 
1987 March 27 Missions Letters Missions' potential 
1987 March 27 Racism Letters Racism, type B 
1987 March 27 Laughter Letters Laughter letter 
1987 March 27 David Opinion An Open Letter to "David" 
1987 March 27 The Record Opinion "Off the Record" 
1987 March 27 Lacrosse Sports Lacrosse crosses NIU in first match, 14-12 
1987 March 27 Golf  Sports Golf gears up for CCIW 
1987 March 27 Baseball Sports Baseball '87 
1987 March 27 Softball Sports Softball swings into season 
1987 March 20 Missions Front page Is a reevaluation of missions in order? 
1987 March 20 Dr. C. K. Zhang Front page Rare intellectual speaks on Chinese religion 
1987 March 20 Volleyball Front page Women's V-ball team serves 
1987 March 20 Hunduras Front page Honduran souls won to Christ 
1987 March 20 Politics News Can Chicago politics be simplified for the confused? 
1987 March 20 Music review Arts Altar Boys to rock Edman 
1987 March 20 Movies Arts CU screens a hit from down-under 
1987 March 20 Movie review Arts "Wonderful" flick repeats itself 
1987 March 20 Billy Graham Museum Feature Museum's goal examined 
1987 March 20 Wheaton's mission Feature Wheaton's missions shine in comparison with other schools 
1987 March 20 Missions Editorial Gracious criticism 
1987 March 20 Funding Letters Faith in funding 
1987 March 20 Rev. Joseph Tson Opinion Communism's coming out 
1987 March 20 Graduation Opinion Betty's baccalaureate blues 
1987 March 20 South Africa Opinion What's a Tutu? 
1987 March 20 Pranks Letters What brand of pranks? 
1987 March 20 Baseball Sports Baseball builds defense 
1987 March 20 Basketball Sports Three named all-conference 
1987 February 27 Tuition Front page Does grey cloud of tuition have a silver lining? 
1987 February 27 Fund raiser Front page Campaign for Wheaton comes to an end 
1987 February 27 Stress Front page Stress factors especially high at Wheaton 
1987 February 27 ROTC Front page Wheaton's Berets compete for honors 
1987 February 27 Missions News V-ball team ministers in Guatamala 
1987 February 27 Elizabeth Hillstrom Feature Psychology prof stresses college survival 
1987 February 27 Julia and Matthew Hatch Feature Kids Hatch in Fischer dorm 
1987 February 27 Music review Arts Peter Case sings with striking simplicity 
1987 February 27 Movie review Arts Light of Day leaves Fox in the dark 
1987 February 27 Opera Arts Conserv stages a night at the opera 
1987 February 27 Fund raising Editorial Wheaton's mite 
1987 February 27 Speakers Letters Idol Scott 
1987 February 27 Controversy Opinion Interpretation 
1987 February 27 Song Opinion Songs of Wheaton 
1987 February 27 Student workloads Opinion Class overload 
1987 February 27 Political parties Opinion Why we aren't Republicans 
1987 February 27 Swimming Sports Swimmers taper in more ways than one 
1987 February 27 Wrestling Sports Mat men make mediocre mark 
1987 February 27 Hockey Sports Hockey players ice opponents in last five 
1987 February 20 Stress Front page Is the Wheaton education really worth the stress? 
1987 February 20 Reverend John Stott Front page Stott sees academics as spiritual service 
1987 February 20 Christian Action Council Front page CAC grows despite tough odds 
1987 February 20 Honduras Project Front page Students head for Honduras 
1987 February 20 Plays and Movies News Stepping on a toe or two? 
1987 February 20 Film Arts Allen remembers in Radio Days 
1987 February 20 Elizabeth Elliott Arts Elliott tunes up for recital 
1987 February 20 Theatre Arts Reagan satire is disturbing fun 
1987 February 20 Dr. Raymond Brand Feature Biology professor opens borrowed can of worms 
1987 February 20 Academia Feature Academics vs. activities: Priorities battle it out 
1987 February 20 Being holy Editorial Modeling holiness 
1987 February 20 Pranks Opinion Letter 
1987 February 20 Play cancellation Letters Policy issue reaction 
1987 February 20 Wheaton Opinion Items of Interest 
1987 February 20 'Being cool' Opinion Wanna be cool? 
1987 February 20 Trees Opinion Save the trees! 
1987 February 20 Sports Sports A What? Column 
1987 February 20 Sunnie Kemp Sports Lady competes in men's IMs 
1987 February 20 Basketball Sports Women out-shoot predictions 
1987 February 13 Dr. Robert E. Stickney Front page Former MIT Outstanding Teacher will direct HNGR 
1987 February 13 Dr. Arthur Holmes Front page Philosophy chair hospitalized 
1987 February 13 Plays and movies Front page Policy vacum incites tension-again? 
1987 February 13 Outreach Front page Wheaties minister next door 
1987 February 13 Senior Bench News Bench tradition experiences revival with recent showing 
1987 February 13 Jesse and Warren Wheaton Feature Wheaton brothers ride again 
1987 February 13 Chang Lo Wang Feature Chinese paintings born on Michigan St. 
1987 February 13 Music review Arts Daniel Amos stays on the edge 
1987 February 13 Films Arts Film policies fluctuate 
1987 February 13 Movie review Arts Film reflects rare relationship 
1987 February 13 Concerto Competition Arts Conservies compete for cash 
1987 February 13 Policy Arts Play/picture policy pursued 
1987 February 13 Cancellation Editorial Buried issue 
1987 February 13 Student government Opinion Beltonian revival 
1987 February 13 Campus life Letters Apartment argues apathy 
1987 February 13 The Pledge Letters Word from Westmont 
1987 February 13 Weddings Opinion Amiss in pre-marital bliss 
1987 February 13 Ferdinand Marcos Opinion Poor Ferdinand 
1987 February 13 Professors Opinion A close-minded letter to the faculty 
1987 February 13 Basketball Sports Men's basketball rebounds 
1987 February 13 Cheerleading Sports A letter home 
1987 February 13 Swimming Sports Swimmers swish toward championships 
1987 February 6 American College Theater Festival Front page Actors take top honors 
1987 February 6 Dr. Chung-ngok Isaac Tam Front page Institute branches out with appointment of new director 
1987 February 6 Plays and movies Front page To edit or not to edit: that is the question 
1987 February 6 Mark Lutz Front page Wheaton Campain loses Lutz to MAP 
1987 February 6 Blanchard Hall News Blanchard makeover nears completion date 
1987 February 6 Elections News CU moves election up 
1987 February 6 Theatre Arts Curtains go up on Arena's Angels Fall 
1987 February 6 Coming events Arts February features recital and banquet 
1987 February 6 Film Arts Coast probes critical questions 
1987 February 6 Campus hosts Feature Dekes tell all to campus visitors 
1987 February 6 Social life Feature Matrimonial nightmares haunt marriage capital 
1987 February 6 Transferring Feature Transferring to Wheaton: Is it worth the trouble? 
1987 February 6 Plays and movies Feature No sin, no art? What do the artists say? 
1987 February 6 Love Editorial Love-an emotion? 
1987 February 6 Soviet Union Opinion Food for thought 
1987 February 6 Oral Roberts Opinion An Oral interpretation 
1987 February 6 Faculty Opinion An open letter to the faculty 
1987 February 6 Criticism Opinion Liberal Criticism 
1987 February 6 Cheering Sports Rahs rally for varsity status 
1987 February 6 Men's Volleyball Sports Men's volleyball team looks to net wins 
1987 January 30 Fellowship Front page Does WFC attendance reflect spirituality? 
1987 January 30 David Aikman Front page China correspondent speaks 
1987 January 30 Professors Front page Do Wheaton professors deserve more? 
1987 January 30 President Chase Front page Chase pursued on salary issue 
1987 January 30 Spiritual life Feature Wheaton calls for clean-up 
1987 January 30 Dating Feature Specialists prescribe cure for common date 
1987 January 30 Student travel Feature Culture cross continents 
1987 January 30 Music review Arts A double suprise from Randy Stonehill 
1987 January 30 New degrees Arts Conserv adds new degrees 
1987 January 30 Union Club Arts CU presents food and flick 
1987 January 30 Orchestra Arts Symphony meets silver screen 
1987 January 30 Film Arts Platoon and Mission: Tackling tough topics 
1987 January 30 Spirituality Editorial Playing God 
1987 January 30 Spirituality Letters Warr on spirituality 
1987 January 30 Beirut Opinion Bad news from Beirut 
1987 January 30 The pledge Opinion An essay on highest criticism 
1987 January 30 Mormons Letters Anti-Mormon-aid 
1987 January 30 Dating Opinion "Staying single"--a bachelor's response 
1987 January 30 Super bowl Sports The Super Bowl--super? 
1987 January 30 Basketball Sports Women streak past Illinois Wesleyan cagers 
1987 January 30 Wrestling Sports Grapplers grab at the future 
1987 January 23 The Pledge Front page Pledge issue misrepresented on Channel 2 
1987 January 23 Roger Sandberg Front page Honey Rock director resigns 
1987 January 23 Spirituality Front page Are Wheaties really spiritual? 
1987 January 23 Dr. Norman L. Edwards News Edwards leaves Wheaton 
1987 January 23 Rev. Ben Patterson News Patterson promotes faithfulness 
1987 January 23 Movies Arts Stage hits go to hollywood 
1987 January 23 Concert Choir Arts Manhattan Club swings '50s 
1987 January 23 Student life Feature Wheaton impresses new students 
1987 January 23 Spirituality Feature Another Wheaton uncovered 
1987 January 23 Marketplace Feature Marketplace '86 debut proves challenging 
1987 January 23 News Editorial Media Mislead 
1987 January 23 Blood drive Opinion Student Government 
1987 January 23 Afghanistan Opinion Afghan Armistice? 
1987 January 23 Engagement Opinion "Getting Engaged" 
1987 January 23 Prejudice Opinion Prejudice--here? 
1987 January 23 Terrorism Opinion Terrorism and testimony 
1987 January 23 Hockey Sports Hockey heats up student body 
1987 January 23 Basketball Sports B-ball teams tour west coast 
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