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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
1986 December 12 Diversity Front page New program sparks greater interest among multiculturals 
1986 December 12 Campus TV Front page College cable airs in spring 
1986 December 12 President Chase Front page Chase rated an effective leader 
1986 December 12 Madeleine L'Engle News L'Engle presents new book 
1986 December 12 Christmas Feature Christmas memories calm the frazzled mind 
1986 December 12 Film Arts A Christmas movie classic to grace the Edman screen 
1986 December 12 Movies Arts The movie process: combinations for success 
1986 December 12 Restaurant review Entertainment Variety found at Houston's 
1986 December 12 Movie review Arts Movie about Hoosiers shows slice of Americana 
1986 December 12 Student life Editorial Six more days 
1986 December 12 Student government Opinion A semester in retrospect 
1986 December 12 Soccer Letters Soccer rock defiled 
1986 December 12 Mormons Letters Mormons affect millions 
1986 December 12 Mormons Letters Students forced to support Mormons 
1986 December 12 Christmas Opinion A family Christmas 
1986 December 12 Congress Opinion How to control Congress 
1986 December 12 Mormans Opinion Of Mormons and meal plans 
1986 December 12 Swimming Sports Nine swimmers qualify for NCAA Division III finals 
1986 December 5 Theatre Front page Profanity issue cancels play 
1986 December 5 SAGA Front page Front page Views differ on SAGA buyout 
1986 December 5 Outreach Front page Students help area hungry during Thanksgiving break 
1986 December 5 Missions News Missionaries get televised 
1986 December 5 Rats Feature Lab rats 'squeak' out 
1986 December 5 Marketplace Feature Need a break from vacation? Marketplace '86 is the answer 
1986 December 5 Kodon Feature Forum boosts Kodon's image 
1986 December 5 Labs Feature 'Lab' gets new meaning 
1986 December 5 Self Help Sale Feature Bangladeshi women create crafts to improve their lives 
1986 December 5 Stock trading Feature Chicago Research Trading Group offers good experience 
1986 December 5 Movie review Arts 'Star Trek IV': A whale of a tale 
1986 December 5 Choir Arts Mass choir in preparation 
1986 December 5 Minorities Arts Little hope for unsung minority 
1986 December 5 Christmas Festival Arts Fun found at Christmas Festival 
1986 December 5 Music review Arts Stryper: Hard rock with a twist 
1986 December 5 Basketball Sports Men's basketball comes from behind to gain CCIW win 
1986 December 5 Wrestling Sports Wrestler turnout hurts team 
1986 December 5 Basketball Sports Women's basketball team kills Grinnell College in opening game 
1986 December 5 Scott Casto and Shelly Dettmer Sports Casto and Dettmer honored 
1986 December 5 Campus issues Editorial What's important? 
1986 December 5 Reagan Administration Opinion CIA, NSC, etc. 
1986 December 5 The Pledge Letters Don't change the Pledge 
1986 December 5 Womanhood Opinion The state of womanhood at Wheaton 
1986 December 5 Politics Opinion Surrealpolitik 
1986 December 5 For Christ Opinion Ads for God 
1986 November 21 The Pledge Front page SG passes Pledge proposal 
1986 November 21 Renovation Front page Student organizations move to upstairs MSC next week 
1986 November 21 Dining Hall Front page New dining hall is priority project 
1986 November 21 Internship Front page Internship for explorers 
1986 November 21 Chess News Top board to meet challenge 
1986 November 21 Michael Gerson Feature Gerson grabs great opportunity 
1986 November 21 Education Feature Why go to school in your backyard? 
1986 November 21 English Feature English isn't easy for Latin family 
1986 November 21 Museum of natural history Arts Strange new world found at Museum of Natural History 
1986 November 21 Student life Arts Creativity shown in dorm decor 
1986 November 21 Orchestra Arts Concert allows children to experience classical music 
1986 November 21 Camelot Arts 'Camelot' remembered 
1986 November 21 Music review Entertainment Up close with Tabula Rasa 
1986 November 21 Restaurant review Entertainment Savor the sushi at Hatsuhana 
1986 November 21 The Pledge Editorial Rethinking the Pledge 
1986 November 21 Iran Opinion Iran: it only gets worse 
1986 November 21 Vandalism Letters Library vandals 
1986 November 21 The evangelical Opinion The Evangelical animal 
1986 November 21 The President Opinion Principle and the president 
1986 November 21 Videos Opinion Video death 
1986 November 21 Basketball Sports Men's basketball team hits court 
1986 November 21 Intramurals Sports Intramurals span variety of sports activities 
1986 November 14 Student government forum Front page Forum focuses on the issues 
1986 November 14 ROTC Front page ROTC program aims at more informed civilians 
1986 November 14 Archaeology Conference Front page Excavated house and model city presented at conference 
1986 November 14 Writing Front page Writing skills pursued 
1986 November 14 Parking News Proposal to improve parking 
1986 November 14 TCBY Entertainment Best yogurt in the country finds its way to Chicago area 
1986 November 14 King's Singers Arts Artist Series to feature King's Singers 
1986 November 14 Museum of Science and Industry Entertainment Space shuttle blasts off at museum 
1986 November 14 Money spent Feature Money misconceptions are major 
1986 November 14 Prison life Feature Students spend night behind bars 
1986 November 14 Debate team Feature Who are the debaters? 
1986 November 14 Mary Pudaite Feature Pudaite sings about God's love to Indian audiences 
1986 November 14 Campus crosses Feature The case of the missing crosses 
1986 November 14 The forum Editorial The forum: what we learned 
1986 November 14 Senate Opinion The new senate 
1986 November 14 Wheaton and the World Opinion Some thoughts... 
1986 November 14 Politics Opinion Politics, shmolitics 
1986 November 14 The Bible Opinion Scripture made simple 
1986 November 14 Movies Letters CU: insulting intelligence 
1986 November 14 Christmas Opinion No pledge over Christmas? 
1986 November 14 Sports Opinion P.E. credit for sports? 
1986 November 14 Volleyball Sports VB captures 2nd at CCIW 
1986 November 14 Soccer Sports Soccer falls to No. 1 OWU 
1986 November 14 Swimming Sports Swimmers split with UWM; preparing for Hope College 
1986 November 7 Dr. Beatrice Batson Front page Batson announces retirement 
1986 November 7 Minors Front page Minors' value debated 
1986 November 7 Student council Front page New student council formed to foster organized unity 
1986 November 7 Fund raiser Front page Campaign completion anticipated 
1986 November 7 Library News Later hours off to slow start 
1986 November 7 Scripture reading News Scripture segments read weekly 
1986 November 7 Beirut Feature Beirut a far cry from Wheaton 
1986 November 7 Students Feature Ordinary people tell all 
1986 November 7 Marathon Feature Marathon running is worth the pain 
1986 November 7 Sydney Pollack Arts Pollack speaks on directing 
1986 November 7 Film festival Arts French films featured at festival 
1986 November 7 Restaurant review Arts Deli delights found at Kaplan's 
1986 November 7 Music review Entertainment 'Street Light' gets go ahead 
1986 November 7 Campus life Editorial Ideas for change 
1986 November 7 Coolness Letters Warm up! 
1986 November 7 Student life Letters Some sophomoric suggestions 
1986 November 7 SDI Letters SDI: the impossible dream 
1986 November 7 Poverty Letters Identify with the poor 
1986 November 7 David Jacobsen Opinion We are helping the hostages 
1986 November 7 Superstition Opinion Mind if I swear? 
1986 November 7 Communication Student Government Chase to talk with students 
1986 November 7 Football Sports Defense leads to victory 
1986 November 7 Volleyball Sports Volleyball anticipates tough seaon 
1986 November 7 Volleyball Sports Women's volleyball streaks into conference tournament 
1986 October 31 Chapel Front page Campus responds to chapel 
1986 October 31 Soundtrack Front page Studio makes tracks 
1986 October 31 Parents' Weekend Front page Parents to taste college life 
1986 October 31 Debate team Front page Debaters dominate 
1986 October 31 Clyde S. Kilby News Clyde S. Kilby, 1902-1986 
1986 October 31 Radio News New WETN up to par 
1986 October 31 Readers Theatre Group Arts More to Readers Theatre than sitting on chapel stools 
1986 October 31 Janet Skidmore Arts Skidmore to perform spirituals 
1986 October 31 Peggy Sue Bodell Arts 'Peggy Sue' gets second chance 
1986 October 31 Pranks Feature Pranking not for proletariats 
1986 October 31 Student life Feature Super Extra Hold Aqua Net holds Blue's hair in the air 
1986 October 31 Anthropology Feature Students hash through trash 
1986 October 31 Perry Mastodon Feature The campus according to Perry Mastodon 
1986 October 31 Journalism Editorial Who influences the Record? 
1986 October 31 Nuclear weapons Opinion Reduce conventional weapons first 
1986 October 31 Religion Letters Defending religious heritage 
1986 October 31 Debt Letters Senior debt explanation 
1986 October 31 Steve Camp Letters Camp concert was a hoax 
1986 October 31 Learning Opinion The dangers of learning too much 
1986 October 31 Music Opinion A mandate for rock 
1986 October 31 Response Opinion A matter of blinders 
1986 October 31 Soccer Sports Wheaton shoots for soccer title 
1986 October 31 Hockey Sports Blue Line Club offers aid to hockey players and students 
1986 October 24 Communications Front page New media center dedicated 
1986 October 24 Library Front page Proposal prolongs hours 
1986 October 24 Alvin Plantinga Front page Famous philosopher featured 
1986 October 24 Debate team Front page Debate squad's seccesses earn early first-place ranking 
1986 October 24 Outreach News Students aid flood victims 
1986 October 24 Dr. Chase Feature Dr. Chase talks about liberal arts 
1986 October 24 Chapel Feature Joybells hit campus 
1986 October 24 Honey Rock Feature Students take in great outdoors 
1986 October 24 Amusement Center Entertainment Adventure found at Photon 
1986 October 24 Glee Club Entertainment Glee Club to sing for famine relief 
1986 October 24 Music review Entertainment Rock duo to deliver "Manifesto" 
1986 October 24 Chapel Editorial Melmark 1, Religious Heritage 0 
1986 October 24 Politics Opinion We should restrict SDI 
1986 October 24 America Letters America is not a Christian 
1986 October 24 Clothing Opinion Wardrobe woes 
1986 October 24 Police Opinion For Crime and the Kingdom 
1986 October 24 SDI Opinion SDI is valuable 
1986 October 24 Student government Opinion New SG writings 
1986 October 24 Tennis Sports Netters Sweep CCIW tourney 
1986 October 24 Cross Country Sports Runners eye regionals 
1986 October 10 Darkroom Front page Photographers left in the dark 
1986 October 10 Homecoming Front page Homecoming aims to rally school spirit for all classes 
1986 October 10 Travel Front page New network links riders 
1986 October 10 Student government Front page SG rejects Council's finance requests in budget allocation 
1986 October 10 Chemistry lab News New lab needed to keep up 
1986 October 10 Bob Hackendorf Feature Hackendorf helps home 
1986 October 10 SAGA appreciation weekend Feature Weekend in the bush is success 
1986 October 10 WHOMP Feature The terrible truth about WHOMP 
1986 October 10 Jim Young Arts Jim Young advises students 
1986 October 10 Music Arts Spirit-filled concert at Edman 
1986 October 10 Graffiti Arts Campus humor reflected in graffiti 
1986 October 10 Arboretum Arts Autumn colors found at arboretum 
1986 October 10 Music review Entertainment Flood of success for Volz 
1986 October 10 History museum Entertainment Runaway building found downtown 
1986 October 10 Failure Editorial The fear of failure 
1986 October 10 Russia Opinion From Russia, with regrets 
1986 October 10 Library Opinion Library improvements 
1986 October 10 Betty Smartt Opinion Wisdom from Betty 
1986 October 10 Sterotypes Opinion Wheaton in Stereo 
1986 October 10 Nicaragua Guest Opinion Nicaraguan counterpoint 
1986 October 10 Clubs Sports Sports clubs fight for higher status 
1986 October 10 Football Sports Augustana "upsets" Wheaton 
1986 October 10 Honor banquet Sports Honor banquet tonight 
1986 October 3 Talent show Front page Rude conduct cancels show 
1986 October 3 Interns Front page Program profits interns 
1986 October 3 Construction Front page New offices built in upper MSC 
1986 October 3 South Africa Front page South African diplomat offers different perspective to class 
1986 October 3 International students News ISF week enlightens 
1986 October 3 Dennis Hastert News Alumnus runs for Congress 
1986 October 3 Writing and literature conference News Conference examines new trends 
1986 October 3 Restaurant review Arts Chicago's Hard Rock Cafe tries to love all and serve all 
1986 October 3 Canadian Brass Arts Canadian Brass delights audience 
1986 October 3 Zoo Arts Taste of the tropics found at zoo 
1986 October 3 Missions Feature From SMP to tribal work 
1986 October 3 Dennis Massaro Feature Newly ordained Massaro heeds call 
1986 October 3 Jennifer King Feature Coach King conquers all 
1986 October 3 Punjabs Feature Punjabs are hot on campus 
1986 October 3 Sociology Feature Sociology department brings honor to Wheaton's campus 
1986 October 3 Student life Editorial The two faces of Wheaton 
1986 October 3 France Opinion Why Paris? 
1986 October 3 Student government Letters SG didn't make promise 
1986 October 3 Secular opinion Letters Anti-secular opinion 
1986 October 3 Tax bill Opinion The new tax bill and you 
1986 October 3 South Africa Opinion South Africa simplified 
1986 October 3 Nicaragua Opinion Nicaragua: Mocking the Holy? 
1986 October 3 Soccer Sports Soccer ends minor skid 
1986 October 3 Football Sports Wheaton threatens Augie's 52-game unbeaten streak 
1986 October 3 Volleyball Sports VB hosts Invitational 
1986 September 26 Campaign for Wheaton Front page Campaign develops campus 
1986 September 26 BRIDGE  Front page BRIDGE works toward a more unified campus body 
1986 September 26 Playground Front page New playground in the works 
1986 September 26 Jonathan Blanchard Society Front page Society marches for money 
1986 September 26 Library Feature Library has hidden treasure 
1986 September 26 Brian McDonald Features McDonald bikes across country 
1986 September 26 Exercise Feature Aerobic exercise enhances brain power, says Swider 
1986 September 26 Restaurant review Arts It's Opaa time at the Islands 
1986 September 26 Cantigny Arts A trip to Cantigny Gardens could prove to be a 'blast' 
1986 September 26 Yo-Yo Ma Arts Yo-Yo Ma to play in Edman 
1986 September 26 Art institute Arts Find it at the Art Institute 
1986 September 26 Jazz Entertainment Wailers offer different sound 
1986 September 26 WHOMP Entertainment Opinions about W.H.O.M.P. vary 
1986 September 26 Campaign for Wheaton Editorial The student voice in the Campaign 
1986 September 26 Debt Opinion Debt solution proposal 
1986 September 26 Nicholas Daniloff Opinion Why was Dniloff arrested? 
1986 September 26 Student life Opinion Confessions of a klutz 
1986 September 26 Christianity Opinion Secular opinion 
1986 September 26 Corazon Aquino Opinion Help Aquino 
1986 September 26 Debt Opinion The senior debt clarified 
1986 September 26 Claudia Bessey Sports Bessey's winning streak hits 27 
1986 September 26 Intramurals Sports I.M.s attract record turnout 
1986 September 19 Debt Front page Senior class budget in red 
1986 September 19 Jenks hall Front page Offices and classes fill up Jenks 
1986 September 19 Library hours Front page Library may stay open longer 
1986 September 19 Small groups Front page Disciples show interest in the new small-group program 
1986 September 19 Fountain News A fountain by homecoming? 
1986 September 19 Artist Series Arts Artist Series bounces back 
1986 September 19 Music review Arts Smith enters uncharted territory 
1986 September 19 Music Arts Keaggy and Duncan to rock Edman 
1986 September 19 Record Arts 'Record' offers arts perspective 
1986 September 19 College Union Feature All work, no play? No way! 
1986 September 19 Ministry Feature New ministry targets high school 
1986 September 19 Michael Woroniecki Feature Traveling man with wooden cross calls students to repent 
1986 September 19 Soccer Sports Soccer scores with French player 
1986 September 19 Vic Gordan Feature Gordan defines discipleship 
1986 September 19 Fear Editorial Mission fears abolished 
1986 September 19 The man with the cross Opinion Reexamining The Man With the Cross 
1986 September 19 Chapel Opinion You offend me 
1986 September 19 Amsterdam Letters Amsterdam article flawed 
1986 September 19 Stupe Opinion Hail to the Stupe 
1986 September 19 Peace Opinion Talking out Mideast peace 
1986 September 19 Soccer Sports Wheaton Invitational begins 
1986 September 19 Cross country Sports Experienced X-country take first and second at Rockford 
1986 September 19 Soccer Sports Soccer club goes after first win 
1986 September 12 Soccer Front page Soccer field plans thwarted 
1986 September 12 Diversity Front page Males and multiculturals sought as minority recruits 
1986 September 12 Work-study Front page College work-study funds cut 
1986 September 12 HNGR program Front page Outlook bright for HNGR program 
1986 September 12 Computer News Computer integration pursued 
1986 September 12 Internship Feature NYC internship opens eyes 
1986 September 12 Counseling Feature Stressed students can find refuge at Counseling Center 
1986 September 12 Dr. Mark Elliot Feature Adoptions change Elliot family 
1986 September 12 The Moonlighters Arts Singers jazz up campus 
1986 September 12 Tim Botts Arts Calligraphy of Tim Botts to be displayed in Adams 
1986 September 12 Geneva Arts Geneva offers many attractions 
1986 September 12 Movie review Entertainment 'Stand by Me' captures youth 
1986 September 12 John Duke Entertainment Festival of John Duke presented 
1986 September 12 Wheaton Editorial Is the bubble that bad? 
1986 September 12 Terrorism Opinion Combating terrorism 
1986 September 12 Dating Letters Adventures in dating 
1986 September 12 Stratford problem Letters Stratford problem downplayed 
1986 September 12 Politeness Opinion Being insincere to be polite 
1986 September 12 Wheaton politics Opinion The Wheaton political mix 
1986 September 12 Student government Opinion Freshman election enthusiasm 
1986 September 12 Football Sports CCIW football play begins 
1986 September 12 Weight room Sports Expanded weight room to hold additional 700 pounds 
1986 September 12 Vince Pierotti Sports Pierotti ends four-year stay 
1986 September 5 Housing Front page Housing dilemma encores 
1986 September 5 Dr. Calvin Miller Front page Miller encourages servanthood 
1986 September 5 Campus Front page Unsightly campus streets welcome students this year 
1986 September 5 Student travel Feature Students serve in Ameterdam 
1986 September 5 Area dining Feature Area restaurants offer variety 
1986 September 5 Coach Bishop Feature Football coach goes down under 
1986 September 5 The Record Editorial The role of the Record 
1986 September 5 Morality Opinion Liberal arts and morality 
1986 September 5 Orientation Opinion How to survive disorientation 
1986 September 5 Student government Opinion Student government 
1986 September 5 Soccer Sports Romanian tour prepares soccer team for '86 season 
1986 September 5 Tennis Sports Netters to host strong foes 
1986 September 5 Volleyball Sports Five starters return to VB 
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