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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
1986 May 9 Campus communication Front page Concerned students meet 
1986 May 9 Student government Front page '87 class loses president 
1986 May 9 Thomas Neven Front page Neven wins 3 scholarships 
1986 May 9 Dr. John McRay Feature McRay explains Israel dig 
1986 May 9 Movie review Arts Profanity cripples Pryor's new film 
1986 May 9 Student government Editorial SG key to communication 
1986 May 9 Thank you Letters Fendericks appreciates money and concern 
1986 May 9 Budget Letters Is the federal budget idolatrous? 
1986 May 9 Track Sports Men's track finishes fifth 
1986 May 9 Soccer Sports Soccer squad travels to England and Romania 
1986 May 9 Golf Sports Golfers complete strong season 
1986 May 2 Vinod Charles Front page Vinod overcomes meningitis 
1986 May 2 Paul Fredericks Front page Team runs laps for Fredericks 
1986 May 2 The Record Front page Record reporters win big at College Press awards 
1986 May 2 Homosexuality News Can gays serve in church? 
1986 May 2 Concert choir Arts Concert choir: what is it? 
1986 May 2 Florence Avery Arts Recital scheduled to honor retiring voice teacher Avery 
1986 May 2 Dr. Jill Baumgaertner Feature Prof airs on T.V. program 
1986 May 2 Sandy Bunn Feature Student earns first-class internship at top law firm 
1986 May 2 Bible Feature Old Testament, who needs it? 
1986 May 2 Opera Feature Where are the opera stars? 
1986 May 2 Homosexuals Editorial The Christian's response to homosexuals 
1986 May 2 Families Letters Men can sacrifice for families too 
1986 May 2 Families Letters Bamford responds to Lucas 
1986 May 2 Servanthood Guest column Changes come subtly 
1986 May 2 Families Letters Seniors respond to Lucas who responded to Bamford 
1986 May 2 Racism Letters Have fun, but not at others' expense 
1986 May 2 Leadership Letters Committed leadership 
1986 May 2 Softball Sports Softball squad places third at CMC tournament 
1986 May 2 Track Sports Women take second 
1986 April 25 Glee club Front page Glee club cancels tour 
1986 April 25 Homosexuality Front page Does homosexuality result from childhood or genetic conditioning? 
1986 April 25 Theft Front page Thefts increase this spring 
1986 April 25 Class films Front page Class films debts being resolved 
1986 April 25 Homelessness News Students bum with homeless 
1986 April 25 Gay church News Students react to gay church 
1986 April 25 Conrad Kanagy Feature HNGR intern win award 
1986 April 25 Jill Schreiber Feature New battalion commander excells in her position 
1986 April 25 Movie review Arts 'Crazy' film reveals Africa 
1986 April 25 Men's Glee Club Arts Men will sing home concert 
1986 April 25 Art exhibit Arts Senior prepare to exhibit their artwork in Adams 
1986 April 25 Gary Hellick Entertainment Student joins civic orchestra 
1986 April 25 Restaurant review Entertainment Fuddruckers' do-it-yourself hamburgers taste delicious 
1986 April 25 Vietnam Editorial The Law of the Harvest 
1986 April 25 Family Letters Family more important than career 
1986 April 25 Christianity Letters Apply pro-Christ principles to world situations 
1986 April 25 Fear Opinion Fear forces realistic view of life 
1986 April 25 U.S.-Libyan crisis Guest column U.S. foreign policy forces Libyans to terrorize 
1986 April 25 Volleyball Sports Club gets fourth in tourney 
1986 April 25 Football Sports Jocks win benefit game 
1986 April 25 Tennis Sports Crusader men continue success on the court 
1986 April 18 ROTC Front page ROTC honors seniors 
1986 April 18 The Davies Front page Kilby profs. to come from Ireland 
1986 April 18 Dr. Mo'awiyah Ibrahim Front page Jordanian to speak 
1986 April 18 Craig Longenecker Front page Longenecker wins scholarship 
1986 April 18 Homosexuality News Is homosexuality a Christian option? 
1986 April 18 El Salvador Feature Do Sandinistas support rebels? 
1986 April 18 Tom Skinner News Skinner traces division in church 
1986 April 18 Ruth Bamford Feature Bamford explains new roles 
1986 April 18 Dr. Pattle Pak-Toe Pun Feature Pun directs research in genetic engineering field 
1986 April 18 Outdoor activities club Feature Pathfinders find way in dark 
1986 April 18 Competition Feature Is campus competition healthy? 
1986 April 18 Bombing Libya Editorial Bombing of Libya justified 
1986 April 18 Social injustice Guest column Preserve dynamic HNGR program 
1986 April 18 Justice Opinion Equal justice under the law? 
1986 April 18 Nicaragua Guest column No easy answers 
1986 April 18 David Wolf Sports Wolf goes from college to pro 
1986 April 18 Golf Sports Golfers set school record in St. Andrews match 
1986 April 18 Lacrosse Sports Club places third at invitational 
1986 April 18 Todd Komarnicki Sports Komarnicki joins Campus Crusade for Europe trip 
1986 April 18 Choral Union Arts Choral Union will perform anti-war song next week 
1986 April 18 Movie review Entertainment Special 'F/X' entertaining 
1986 April 11 Dr. Wayne Bragg Front page Dr. Bragg leaves Wheaton 
1986 April 11 Nicaragua Front page Nicaragua: do elections count? 
1986 April 11 Summer in Washington, D.C. Front page New summer program offered in Washington 
1986 April 11 Chorale Arts Women's Chorale Spring Concert will offer variety 
1986 April 11 Theatre review Arts Play looks at apartheid 
1986 April 11 Sunday Feature So what are Sundays for? 
1986 April 11 Ministry Feature Youth Hostel Ministry prepares for the summer 
1986 April 11 Mary Anne Phemister Feature Phemister: trained 'mooser' 
1986 April 11 Music review Feature Jonah wails again in jazz band 
1986 April 11 Student life Editorial Students deserve more 
1986 April 11 Thank you Letters Thank you to Bragg and Carlson 
1986 April 11 Nicaragua Letters Central American group misrepresented 
1986 April 11 Dating Guest column Fun with friends or nervousness with strangers? 
1986 April 11 Campus Opinion Leave Wheaton alone 
1986 April 11 Tennis Sports Women's tennis team tough despite young lineup 
1986 April 11 Softball Sports Women start season strong 
1986 April 11 Men's Volleyball Sports Club enjoys tournament 
1986 April 4 Dining hall Front page Dining hall to move east 
1986 April 4 Nicaragua Front page Nicaragua's Sandinistas: friend or foe? 
1986 April 4 Phil Aspegren Front page CSC elects new president 
1986 April 4 Career fair Front page Evans dormitory to hold Career Fair 
1986 April 4 Dr. Ernest L. Boyer News Boyer speaks to graduates 
1986 April 4 World news News News Briefs 
1986 April 4 Restaurant review Entertainment Ed Debevic's is just swell 
1986 April 4 Trumpet ensemble Arts Trumpets will sound at Edman 
1986 April 4 Kim Smiley Feature Farm life hard but satisfying 
1986 April 4 Suzuki program Feature Conserv hosts unique program 
1986 April 4 Biology museum Feature Bears, bird, and others reside in biology museum 
1986 April 4 Men's Glee Club Feature Where will they sing next? 
1986 April 4 Prejudice Guest Editorial What characterizes prejudice? 
1986 April 4 Classes Guest column Classroom cowardice 
1986 April 4 The pledge Opinion The Pledge: a matter of integrity 
1986 April 4 Theft Opinion Theft results in loss of trust 
1986 April 4 Humans Opinion People aren't perfect 
1986 April 4 Nicaragua Letters Support contras 
1986 April 4 Worship Letters Don't perform, worship 
1986 April 4 Lacrosse Sports Club plans for big season 
1986 April 4 Baseball Sports Baseball enjoys success 
1986 April 4 Track Sports Team runs well at Invitational 
1986 March 27 Housing Front page Housing policies change 
1986 March 27 Student costs Front page College costs increase 
1986 March 27 Don Richardson Front page Don Richardson will speak during Missions in Focus 
1986 March 27 Outreach Feature Shigematsu communicates Christ with high-schoolers 
1986 March 27 Movie review Arts 'Hannah' might be Allen's best 
1986 March 27 Politics Editorial Christians should seek political office 
1986 March 27 Being informed Opinion Current events a priority 
1986 March 27 Christianity Guest column Evangelical sound and light show 
1986 March 27 Golf Sports Golfers gain from trip 
1986 March 27 Intramurals Sports 'Bandits' and 'Stardusters' win 
1986 March 27 Swimming Sports Men swim strong at nationals 
1986 March 27 Track Sports Track season begins 
1986 March 21 Fund raisers Front page Phone aid to help renovate 
1986 March 21 Missions Front page Men build 7 houses in Guatemala 
1986 March 21 World news Front page News briefs 
1986 March 21 Humberto Belli Front page Ex-Sandinista to speak 
1986 March 21 David Niringiye Feature Ugandans face challenges 
1986 March 21 David Buechner Arts Acclaimed pianist will perform 
1986 March 21 Nicaragua Editorial Third alternative needed 
1986 March 21 Suicide Letters Feelings of suicide: one who's been there 
1986 March 21 Swimming Sports Women swimmers finish big at national meet 
1986 March 21 Tennis Sports Tennis team prepares 
1986 March 21 Basketball Sports Cagers honored 
1986 March 21 Baseball Sports Sluggers play tough down south 
1986 February 28 Faculty personnel committee Front page Students sit on committee 
1986 February 28 Communications department Front page Communications unite in Graham Center 
1986 February 28 Science Station Program Front page Science Station gains new insurance policy 
1986 February 28 Missions Front page Six men to work in Guatemala 
1986 February 28 Cantigny Arts Park plays concerts 
1986 February 28 Music review Entertainment Archer's album is repetitive 
1986 February 28 Prayer partners Feature Juniors pick their partners 
1986 February 28 Outreach Feature Students brighten mental ward 
1986 February 28 Jay Sanders Feature What, a man with earrings? 
1986 February 28 Dan Horne Feature Inner-city kids value mutual trust 
1986 February 28 Economics and business Editorial God uses business and economics majors too 
1986 February 28 Democracy Letters Government restraint commended 
1986 February 28 Paul Fredericks Letters Chappell clarifies statement 
1986 February 28 President Opinion Evangelist for president? 
1986 February 28 Lust Letters Lust found on Wheaton's campus 
1986 February 28 Pet peeves Guest column Adam's house pet peeves 
1986 February 28 Advice column Opinion Dear Betty? 
1986 February 28 Nelsons Sports Nelsons a basketball family 
1986 February 28 Wrestling Sports Wrestlers at nationals 
1986 February 21 Donald Smarto Front page Smarto meets Atty. Gen. 
1986 February 21 Norwegian Front page Uff! New language lab coming 
1986 February 21 Music Front page Music now censored 
1986 February 21 World news News News briefs 
1986 February 21 Prayer day News Trustees declare prayer day for Wheaton campaign 
1986 February 21 Opera Arts Live opera will thrill 
1986 February 21 Choir Arts Eight choirs will sing tomorrow 
1986 February 21 Haiti Feature Haiti's future questioned 
1986 February 21 Ministry Feature Miracle opens eyes in Uptown Chicago 
1986 February 21 Swimming Feature Crazy swimmers share faith 
1986 February 21 Abortion Feature Beach boldly tells girls the options to abortion 
1986 February 21 Ministry Editorial Why misister to others? 
1986 February 21 Suicide Letters Suicide not worth it 
1986 February 21 Dancing Letters Scriptural retort 
1986 February 21 Student government Opinion Students join committee 
1986 February 21 Democracy Opinion Democracy redefined? 
1986 February 21 Rocky IV Opinion Coping with Rocky IV 
1986 February 21 Nicaragua Guest column Nicaragua: a new perspective 
1986 February 21 Basketball Sports Cagers enjoy winning year 
1986 February 21 Swimming Sports Swimmers hope for fourth title 
1986 February 21 Hockey Sports Ice men skate past Trinity 
1986 February 14 Diversity Front page Minorities applications low 
1986 February 14 Washington Banquet Front page Students to dine in Palmer House at Wash. Banquet 
1986 February 14 BRIDGE Front page BRIDGE fills gap 
1986 February 14 Economics Front page Econ most popular major 
1986 February 14 Dating News Profs solve pairing problem 
1986 February 14 Book review Entertainment 'Godric' explores holiness 
1986 February 14 Polish Chamber Orchstra Arts Poles to perform tonight 
1986 February 14 Bob Bennett Arts Bennett sings simply 
1986 February 14 Paul Dagher Feature Dagher survives in Beirut 
1986 February 14 Dating Feature Girls also paranoid when dialing for weekend dates 
1986 February 14 Dr. Walter Elwell Feature Elwell's book earns new status 
1986 February 14 Dr. Mark Fackler Feature Fackler fills many roles 
1986 February 14 Suicide Editorial Openness might prevent suicide 
1986 February 14 Editorial Letters '48rs back up '49ers 
1986 February 14 Editorial Letters Editorial misunderstood 
1986 February 14 Films Letters CU films inadequate 
1986 February 14 Congress Opinion Gramm-Rudman no solution 
1986 February 14 Valentine's Day Opinion Valentine suggestions 
1986 February 14 Dancing Guest Column Scriptures comment on dancing 
1986 February 14 Wrestling Sports Wrestlers look to Auggie 
1986 February 14 Swimming Sports Swimmers soak opposition 
1986 February 14 Soccer Sports Team prepares for England 
1986 February 7 Tom Brooks Front page Cinema Manager resigns 
1986 February 7 Housing Front page Integration anicipated to stay 
1986 February 7 Dating Front page Is dating benificial? 
1986 February 7 Samuel P. Huntington Front page Scholar evaluates foreign affairs 
1986 February 7 Paul Fredericks News Fund grows for Fredericks 
1986 February 7 Theatre review Arts Play looks at death 
1986 February 7 Music review Entertainment "Shake Me" is one of '85's best albums 
1986 February 7 TWIRP Feature Blanchard views TWIRP 
1986 February 7 Dr. Charles Lewis Feature Lewis counsels students to face dating dilemmas 
1986 February 7 Debate Feature Debater quakes in shoes 
1986 February 7 Debate team Feature Debaters have a banner year 
1986 February 7 Dating Editorial Change dating attitudes 
1986 February 7 Future Letters Don't look back 
1986 February 7 Chapel Letters Chapel apology 
1986 February 7 Housing Letters "Honor" questioned 
1986 February 7 Film Guest Column Film as art 
1986 February 7 Challenger Opinion Shuttle reflections 
1986 February 7 Housing Opinion Housing solution 
1986 February 7 Basketball Sports Cagers drop two games 
1986 February 7 Wrestling Sports Wheaton hosts tourney 
1986 February 7 Hockey Sports Ice men fall short 
1986 January 31 Computers Front page Computers have new future 
1986 January 31 Tom Morris Front page Tom Morris explains the incarnation of God 
1986 January 31 Housing Front page Juniors want out of Fischer 
1986 January 31 Candace Sweet Front page Sweet-talker wins award 
1986 January 31 Housing News Lottery system is not an honor 
1986 January 31 World news News News briefs 
1986 January 31 Housing News Skylighters move to dorms 
1986 January 31 Music review Arts WhiteHeart will be hot 
1986 January 31 Movie review Entertainment 'Africa' succeeds 
1986 January 31 Don Lanphere Arts Sax pops tonight 
1986 January 31 Heather Campbell Feature Campbell cares for kids 
1986 January 31 Billy Graham Museum Archives Feature Archives not dead 
1986 January 31 Anne Baxter Feature Baxter gives to Manila 
1986 January 31 Snacks Feature What do Wheaties snack on? 
1986 January 31 Alumni Editorial The secret behind '49ers 
1986 January 31 Basketball Letters Students support team 
1986 January 31 Dancing Letters Two votes for waltzing 
1986 January 31 Rape Letters Rape "not right" 
1986 January 31 Nicaragua Letters Facing the facts? 
1986 January 31 Heroes Opinion I need a hero 
1986 January 31 Dancing Opinion Waltzing acceptable 
1986 January 31 Student government Opinion Pledge breakers 
1986 January 31 Basketball Sports Women lose final in o.t. 
1986 January 31 Swimming Sports Swimmers triumph once again 
1986 January 31 Football Sports Bishop and Jorden receive awards 
1986 January 24 Nicaragua Front page Four students spend 10 days building houses in Nicaragua 
1986 January 24 Housing Front page Housing causes confusion 
1986 January 24 Toy guns Front page Toy gun causes arrest 
1986 January 24 Joann Jackson Front page Jackson wins Lincoln award 
1986 January 24 Housing News Should freshmen be integrated? 
1986 January 24 World news News News Briefs 
1986 January 24 Movie review Entertainment 'Purple Rose' smells sweet 
1986 January 24 Music review Arts Marks' new album misses the mark 
1986 January 24 Mark MacDonald Feature MacDonald tells tales 
1986 January 24 Super Bowl Feature Super Bowl pits Bears vs. Patriots 
1986 January 24 Dr. Harold Best Feature Best gets best position 
1986 January 24 Honey Rock Feature Students share and ski at Honey Rock Camp 
1986 January 24 Outreach Feature Love lights faces at Dearborn 
1986 January 24 Housing Guest Editorial Send freshmen back to Fischer 
1986 January 24 Dancing Letters No waltzing 
1986 January 24 Thank you Letters Thanks again Wheaton 
1986 January 24 Accidents Opinion Accidents alter lives 
1986 January 24 Borrowing Opinion The ethnics of borrowing 
1986 January 24 Dr. Chase Opinion A new father figure 
1986 January 24 Dancing Opinion Waltzing proposed 
1986 January 24 Giving blood Opinion Get pumped: give blood 
1986 January 24 Basketball Sports Women's Team Rolls On 
1986 January 24 Soccer Sports Wolf and Hagemann Receive Honors 
1986 January 24 Mark Macy Sports Macy leads wrestlers 
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