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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
1985 December 13 Dr. Paul de Vries Front page New position to oversee gen. ed. 
1985 December 13 Medical Assistance Program's collection Front page Library may scatter MAP collection 
1985 December 13 Writing contest Front page New writing contest will challenge students 
1985 December 13 Conrad Kanagy and Mark Ritchie Front page Sociology students win awards 
1985 December 13 Christmas Feature Christmas varies around the world 
1985 December 13 Music review Arts DeSario shines on 'Voices' 
1985 December 13 Chritmas Editorial The true spirit of Christmas 
1985 December 13 Spiritual needs Guest column Jonathan Blanchard Society: meeting physical needs 
1985 December 13 Editing Letters Flawed editing? 
1985 December 13 Chapel Letters Chaple shouldn't be a burden 
1985 December 13 Swimming Sports Swimmers qualify for nationals 
1985 December 13 Basketball Sports Second place in tourney for men's basketball team 
1985 December 13 Wrestling Sports Wrestlers take eighth at Wisc. tournament 
1985 December 6 Dr. Vida Chenoweth Front page Chenoweth joins Hall of Fame 
1985 December 6 Dr. James Plueddemann Front page Plueddemann honored 
1985 December 6 Cross Country Front page Cross Country team attends nationals 
1985 December 6 Student life Front page Stranded students sleep in city hall 
1985 December 6 Christmas Festival News Relief from exams: Christmas Festival 
1985 December 6 Student Government News SG provides escort service 
1985 December 6 History Feature Handbooks show Wheaton in the past 
1985 December 6 Vida Chenoweth Feature Marimbist burned into new job 
1985 December 6 G. Daniel Wilson Feature Wilson awakened to reality 
1985 December 6 Movie review Entertainment Raid on 'Raiders' falls short 
1985 December 6 Opera Arts 'West Side' goes opera 
1985 December 6 Chapel Editorial What is chapel? 
1985 December 6 Faculty Instrumental Group Letters More FIG foolishness 
1985 December 6 Money Letters Money more trouble than it's worth 
1985 December 6 Wheaton Letters The essence of Wheaton 
1985 December 6 Skipping chapel Letters Chapel skippers get all the attention 
1985 December 6 Evangelism Opinion Tears for the city 
1985 December 6 Outreach Guest Column Our Christian duty: care for the poor 
1985 December 6 Writing to prisoners Opinion Pen-pals wanted 
1985 December 6 Registration Opinion Student government 
1985 December 6 Swimming Sports Swimmers drown Hope team 
1985 December 6 Hockey Sports Hockey team forces Trinity to bite the ice 
1985 December 6 Basketball Sports Basketball splits game 
1985 November 22 Ministries Front page Summer ministries start slowly 
1985 November 22 Internships Front page Internship program expands 
1985 November 22 Campus safety Front page Wheaton no safe haven. Public Safety rates crime 
1985 November 22 Jim Ryan News Ryan tries to combat drinking in DuPage 
1985 November 22 Honey Rock Feature Diary reveals truth of Honey Rock 
1985 November 22 Papua New Guinea Feature Rats cause sleepless night 
1985 November 22 Faculty Instrumental Group Feature FIG leaves audience appalled 
1985 November 22 Outreach Feature Couple helps poor in their home 
1985 November 22 Music review Arts 'Forever Friends' inspires 
1985 November 22 Money Editorial Don't be so quick to condemn 
1985 November 22 Prayer Letters No prayer in schools 
1985 November 22 Founder's plaza Opinion Bad place for a plaza 
1985 November 22 Emmanuel Charles Whiteside Opinion A right to lie? 
1985 November 22 United Nations Opinion Still hope for the U.N. 
1985 November 22 Thanksgiving Opinion Giving thanks 
1985 November 22 Cross country Sports Men's cross-country team advances to national meet 
1985 November 22 Basketball Sports Basketball tip-off time draws near 
1985 November 22 Swimming Sports Swim team psyched for season ahead 
1985 November 15 Steve Darling Front page Phonathon exceeds expectations 
1985 November 15 Dr. Morris Inch Front page Inch plans move to Jerusalem 
1985 November 15 Yvette Bourdeau Front page Memorial fund grows 
1985 November 15 Class films Front page Directors of class films may opt for class videos 
1985 November 15 Donald Wiseman Feature Donald Wiseman's career in ruins 
1985 November 15 Movie review Entertainment Dancers dazzle in 'White Nights' 
1985 November 15 Music review Entertainment 'Seekers' tells struggles 
1985 November 15 Choral Union Entertainment Choral Union sings Christmas oratorio 
1985 November 15 America Editorial For Whose Kingdom? 
1985 November 15 Pornography Letters Porno's bitter harvest 
1985 November 15 Dancing and Halloween Letters Dancing should not be our only concern 
1985 November 15 Spring Opinion A glimpse of God 
1985 November 15 Students Opinion The way we were 
1985 November 15 The pledge Opinion The Pledge as catalyst 
1985 November 15 Soccer Sports Soccer denied championship 
1985 November 15 Football Sports Football team slides by Redmen 
1985 November 8 Minors Front page Minors program takes off 
1985 November 8 International students Front page New fund for internationals 
1985 November 8 Student government Front page SG works to use parking fund surplus 
1985 November 8 Dr. Alfred Hoerth Front page Professor brings archaelogy to life 
1985 November 8 Debate team News Arguments lead to new student awards 
1985 November 8 Dr. Walter Elwell News Elwell's book goes to Moscow 
1985 November 8 ROTC News Wheaton celebrates ROTC program 
1985 November 8 Pornography Feature Picketers protest porn 
1985 November 8 Housing Feature Skylighters enjoy the inn lifestyle 
1985 November 8 Dick Brandel Feature Man's faith grows with Graham Center 
1985 November 8 Paper airplanes Features Flyer flyers set to land at MSC airport 
1985 November 8 Houston Symphony Arts Houston Symphony to appear 
1985 November 8 Movie review Entertainment 'Pee-Wee' opens at Wheaton theater 
1985 November 8 Faculty Editorial Faculty hiring: students should have some say 
1985 November 8 South Africa Letters South Africa: too negative? 
1985 November 8 Christianity Letters What is it to be Christian? 
1985 November 8 Pornography Guest Column Pornography: no redeeming social importance 
1985 November 8 Chapel Letters What is chapel for? 
1985 November 8 Economics Opinion Getting more by doing less 
1985 November 8 Football Sports Football team wins by a razor's edge 
1985 November 8 Cross country Sports X-Country wins top spots 
1985 November 8 Soccer Sports Crusader soccer defeats Principia 
1985 November 1 Faculty Personnel Committee Front page Faculty stalls on decision 
1985 November 1 Education Front page Illinois wants Ed dept changes 
1985 November 1 Dancing Front page Wheaton searches for dancing definition 
1985 November 1 Campus water News Wheaton water-the 'real thing'? 
1985 November 1 Telephones Feature Student phones for Blanchard 
1985 November 1 South Africa Feature Students fear South Africa bloodbath 
1985 November 1 Dr. Arthur Holmes Feature Shrink Rap 
1985 November 1 Evangelism Feature Chicagoans respond to W.E.T. 
1985 November 1 Movie review Entertainment Streep in 'Plenty' worth seeing 
1985 November 1 Music review Entertainment Former Go-Go' lead cuts first solo album 
1985 November 1 Knowledge Editorial Knowledge can prevent disaster 
1985 November 1 Dancing Letters Dance test 
1985 November 1 War Letters Veteran responds 
1985 November 1 Prison Opinion Destroying the human will 
1985 November 1 Education Opinion Grades or knowledge? 
1985 November 1 Budget Opinion Plowing through the budget reports: some good news 
1985 November 1 Soccer Sports Soccer team handed first defeat 
1985 November 1 Field Hockey Sports Field Hockey team ends season in style 
1985 November 1 Football Sports Football team loses despite comeback 
1985 October 25 Dr. Billy Graham Front page Graham comes home 
1985 October 25 Work-study Front page Work-study proves too sccessful 
1985 October 25 Yvette Bourdeau Front page Freshman dies in auto accident 
1985 October 25 Art and music gen. ed. News Michaelangelo and Mozart? 
1985 October 25 Faculty News Should students hire their professors? 
1985 October 25 Senior bench News J.R. intercepts bench, hands off to freshman 
1985 October 25 Dr. Stuart Johnson News New news age comes to Wheaton 
1985 October 25 Parking News Open parking spaces cut 
1985 October 25 South Africa Feature Students speak on South Africa 
1985 October 25 Marathon Feature Pain, guts, God make marathon 
1985 October 25 Student travel Feature HNGR project raises questions 
1985 October 25 Counseling Center Feature Counselors provide help 
1985 October 25 Vaughn Shoemaker Feature Artist uses faith in cartoons 
1985 October 25 Parents' weekend Entertainment Changes brought to Parents' Weekend 
1985 October 25 Music review Entertainment Strong second LP for Vector 
1985 October 25 Music review Entertainment  'A capella' offers variety 
1985 October 25 Wind ensemble Arts Ensemble replaces concert band 
1985 October 25 Soccer Sports Soccer stretches undefeated streak 
1985 October 25 Football Sports Football team stomps Pioneers 
1985 October 25 Cross country Sports Cross country women excell at Carthage 
1985 October 25 Tennis Sports Women's tennis wins championship title 
1985 October 25 South Africa Editorial South Africa: the issues are not so black and white 
1985 October 25 Dancing Letters Dancing clarification 
1985 October 25 Thank you Letters Thanks, Wheaton 
1985 October 25 ROTC Letters Army not all games 
1985 October 25 Software Opinion Going outside the lines 
1985 October 25 Nicaragua Opinion Courage in Nicaragua 
1985 October 25 Insecurities Opinion Whispering voices 
1985 October 25 Student government Opinion Student government 
1985 October 11 Abortion Front page CAC protests abortion clinics 
1985 October 11 Honduras Project Front page Student project stays at home 
1985 October 11 Philosophy Front page Philosophy theme: Applied ethics and doing justice 
1985 October 11 Theft News Augustana loses in locker room 
1985 October 11 Investments News Investors aking "Where's the beef?" 
1985 October 11 ROTC  Feature ROTC weekend swamped with guests 
1985 October 11 Julius Scott Feature Scott sympathizes with farmers 
1985 October 11 Eugene Grossman Feature Grossman remembers USSR 
1985 October 11 Saines Feature Officer gives kid a chance 
1985 October 11 College Union trip Entertainment CU offers Great America trip 
1985 October 11 Men's Glee Club Arts Men's Glee Club to sing at Bears game 
1985 October 11 Academia Editorial Accuracy in the classroom: who decides? 
1985 October 11 Senior Bench Letters Bench memories 
1985 October 11 Epilepsy Letters Epilepsy misrepresented? 
1985 October 11 Kari Malcom Letters Welcome message 
1985 October 11 Joel Sheesley Letters Sheesley responds 
1985 October 11 Leading Opinion A vision beyond the self 
1985 October 11 Dancing Opinion But was it dancing?... 
1985 October 11 Nicaragua Guest Column Nicaragua: facts or accusations? 
1985 October 11 Work-study Opinion Work-study needs work 
1985 October 11 Claudia Bessey Sports Bessey prevails at Iowa tournament 
1985 October 11 Field Hockey Sports Field hockey team defeats Hope 
1985 October 11 Cross country Sports Men's cross country team wins big at Notre Dame 
1985 October 11 Soccer Sports Another tie game for soccer team 
1985 October 4 Jonathan Blanchard Society Front page Society raises money for Mexico 
1985 October 4 Swinefest Front page Swinefest a success, but... 
1985 October 4 Diversity Front page Wheaton stresses minority recruitment 
1985 October 4 Fund raiser News Wheaton prolongs Blanchard phonathon 
1985 October 4 Blood drive News SG blood drive sets new record 
1985 October 4 Chapel News College offices open up during chapel time 
1985 October 4 Senior bench Feature The Senior Bench lives again 
1985 October 4 Worship Feature Worship: essential for all, same for none 
1985 October 4 Homecoming Feature Press toward mark: Homecoming theme 
1985 October 4 Dr. David Van Reken Feature Van Reken first missions scholar 
1985 October 4 Dr. Clyde Kilby Feature Kilby founder of collection 
1985 October 4 Jubilee Singers Arts Jubilee Singers to open Artist Series 
1985 October 4 Dancing Editorial Is it all a front? 
1985 October 4 Films Letters CU movie mess 
1985 October 4 South Africa Letters Christian response to South Africa? 
1985 October 4 Fate Opinion A twist of fate 
1985 October 4 Student government Opinion What's happening in SG? 
1985 October 4 Nicaragua Guest Column Another view of Nicaragua 
1985 October 4 Music Letters Not all rock is bad 
1985 October 4 Music Letters Let someone else try it 
1985 October 4 Football Sports Augustana downs football team 
1985 October 4 Volleyball Sports Women volleyballers split matches 
1985 October 4 Crusader Hall of Honor Sports Hall of Honor inducts six 
1985 October 4 Intramurals Sports New opportunities improve intramurals 
1985 September 27 Founder's Plaza Front page Plaza commemorates founder 
1985 September 27 Fund raiser for flight Front page Students supply sisters two tickets to Trinidad 
1985 September 27 Education evaluation Front page Undergrad programs to be investigated 
1985 September 27 Bill Glass Front page Glass donates papers to archives 
1985 September 27 Dr. Frederick Buechner News Buechner speaks at conference 
1985 September 27 Student government News SG attempts fundraising 
1985 September 27 Dr. Frederick Buechner Feature Buechner: 'Writing is my ministry' 
1985 September 27 ROTC Feature Big Brothers orient young cadets 
1985 September 27 Theatre Arts 'The Boy With a Cart' tops Nystrom theater schedule 
1985 September 27 Jubilee Singers Arts Jubilee Singers kick off Series 
1985 September 27 Movie review Entertainment Offensive 'Jagged Edge': same old story 
1985 September 27 Maginot line Editorial A floating Maginot Line 
1985 September 27 Soccer Opinion Letters 
1985 September 27 Union cinema Letters Union Cinema responds 
1985 September 27 Moral education Opinion Opinion 
1985 September 27 Life at Wheaton Opinion Opinion 
1985 September 27 Movies Letters Put it to a vote 
1985 September 27 Field Hockey Sports Field hockey practice pays off 
1985 September 27 Claudia Bessey Sports Unbeaten freshman takes number one tennis spot 
1985 September 27 Soccer Sports Soccer team undefeated 
1985 September 20 Blanchard Hall Front page $3 million needed to renovate Blanchard 
1985 September 20 Movies Front page CU lack of censorship draws sharp debate 
1985 September 20 Soccer injury Front page Slow response for injury 
1985 September 20 Fountain News Quad fountain may soon flow again 
1985 September 20 Blood drive News Free food for hot blood 
1985 September 20 Myrna Grant Feature Numerous activities keep professor on the run 
1985 September 20 Donn Nelson Feature Athlete spreads the Gospel 
1985 September 20 Outreach Feature Students cross cultures to minister in hurting inner-cities 
1985 September 20 Movie review Entertainment 'Agnes of God': faith vs. reason 
1985 September 20 Music review Entertainment "Dancin' in the Key of Life" strong performance 
1985 September 20 Movies Editorial Who's in charge 
1985 September 20 Movie Letters More on Das Boot 
1985 September 20 America Opinion The melting pot 
1985 September 20 Abortion Opinion Death in a pill 
1985 September 20 Honors program Student Government Honors Program: Inclusive, not exclusive 
1985 September 20 Volleyball Sports Women's volleyball wins all but one in invitational 
1985 September 20 Football Sports Crusaders lose game to Millikin 
1985 September 13 Paul Fredericks Front page Summer tragedy turns to triumph Paul Fredericks is running again 
1985 September 13 Jonathan Blanchard Society Front page World controversy draws Society together 
1985 September 13 Nicaragua News Nicaraguan graffiti reflects mood of nationalism 
1985 September 13 John Heimbach News Heimbach wins Scholarship 
1985 September 13 Prison ministry Feature PACE teaches tutors about realities of prison 
1985 September 13 Wendy Fisher Feature Fisher recalls Peace Corps term 
1985 September 13 Liberal Arts Feature The liberal arts technique: become a free, open mind 
1985 September 13 Psychology Feature Shrink rap 
1985 September 13 Sacred Arts Arts Sacred Arts in BGC 
1985 September 13 Movie review Entertainment 'American Flyers' tops films 
1985 September 13 Leonardo Defilippis Arts St. Francis portrayed in Barrows 
1985 September 13 The Middle Editorial The golden mean 
1985 September 13 Flims Letters College inconsistent? 
1985 September 13 Plans Opinion Role reversals 
1985 September 13 Foreign policy Opinion Disinvestment not the answer 
1985 September 13 Movies Letters Spiritually degrading? 
1985 September 13 Movies Letters Give it the boot! 
1985 September 13 Student government Opinion What's new in SG? 
1985 September 13 Tennis Sports Tennis team's potential comes from experience 
1985 September 13 Cross country Sports Cross country has hopes 
1985 September 13 Soccer Sports Defending champions kick Northern Illinois 
1985 September 6 Housing Front page No room at school but plenty at the inn 
1985 September 6 Investments Front page Investors learn while earning 
1985 September 6 Dr. Myron Augsburger Front page Augsburger yearns for revival in Fall '85 Special Services 
1985 September 6 Union Cinema News Changes made at CU Cinema 
1985 September 6 Censorship Editorial Unpleasant truths or pleasant lies? 
1985 September 6 Housing Opinion Love a recluse 
1985 September 6 Student government Opinion Be informed 
1985 September 6 Football Sports Football team optimistic about Swider's coaching 
1985 September 6 Field Hockey Sports Final season for Crusader field hockey team 
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