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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
1984 April 27 Charles W. Colson Front page Colson to give his papers 
1984 April 27 Francis A. Schaeffer Front page Francis A. Schaeffer writes book on evangelical world 
1984 April 27 Internships Front page Internship policy formulated 
1984 April 27 Franky Schaeffer News Schaeffer's son writes book 
1984 April 27 Linen service News Linen service down the drain 
1984 April 27 Dr. Patricia A. Ward News Ward gains appointment 
1984 April 27 Fund raising News 'Campaign for Wheaton' seeks millions 
1984 April 27 Suicide Feature Reasons for suicide explored 
1984 April 27 Mel Terry Feature Terry makes friends, prays for their needs 
1984 April 27 Terril Heidebrecht Feature Heidebrecht helps adults at Center 
1984 April 27 Evangelism Feature Students react to One Great Day 
1984 April 27 Steve Johnson Editorial Paying the piper 
1984 April 27 Disagreement Opinion Healers of conflict 
1984 April 27 Real world Opinion The Real World 
1984 April 27 Dorms Opinion College housing system 
1984 April 27 Homosexuality Letters The faceless homosexual 
1984 April 27 Dupage Art League Arts Art league offers classes, exhibits 
1984 April 27 Mistakes Arts Perspective 
1984 April 27 Leland Ryken Arts Ryken edits new literature book 
1984 April 27 Dr. Jill Baumgaertner Arts Baumgaertner to study O'Conner 
1984 April 27 Ben Harney Arts Harney acts on Broadway 
1984 April 27 Dance performance Arts Orchesis to perform 
1984 April 27 Olympics Arts Olympic committee will host cultural festival during games 
1984 April 27 Baseball Sports Baseball team sweeps Carroll 
1984 April 27 C. Clifford McCrath Sports Seattle Pacific University coach selected for national soccer hall 
1984 April 27 Tennis Sports Tennis 
1984 April 27 Sports Sports The Year in Review 
1984 April 27 Soviat-American relations World news Superpowers ply influence 
1984 April 27 Foreign poicy World news Historical fears motivate Soviets, foreign policy is concern to West 
1984 April 13 Advising Front page Advising system surveyed 
1984 April 13 Dr. Richard Neuhaus Front page Neuhaus finds more religion 
1984 April 13 Scholastic Honors Committee Front page Honors convocation changed 
1984 April 13 125th anniversary News Anniversary to be celebrated 
1984 April 13 Chairmen News YHM, SMP chairmen elected 
1984 April 13 National news News News briefs 
1984 April 13 President Chase News Decision-making explored 
1984 April 13 Timothy Chmykhalov Feature Chmykhalov visits campus 
1984 April 13 Missions in Focus week Feature MKs adjust to new lifestyle 
1984 April 13 Political participation Feature Survey shows few participate 
1984 April 13 Friendships Editorial Sage seniors 
1984 April 13 Thinking Opinion Distilled thinking 
1984 April 13 Spring Opinion Ah, Spring 
1984 April 13 Anger Opinion Smashing tables 
1984 April 13 Student life Opinion Dreams for tomorrow 
1984 April 13 Political participation Letters Political apathy 
1984 April 13 Nana Solbrig Arts Dance teacher encourages fun 
1984 April 13 Theatre review Arts "Madwoman" plays in Nystrom 
1984 April 13 Opera Illinois Arts Opera Illinois performs Weber 
1984 April 13 Student recital Arts Students prepare afternoon recital 
1984 April 13 Education Arts Perspective 
1984 April 13 Choral Union Arts Choral Union presents "Creation" 
1984 April 13 Track Sports Runners qualify for national meet 
1984 April 13 Tennis and Track Sports On the Record 
1984 April 13 ROTC Rifle team Sports Unknown ROTC rifle team records successful season 
1984 April 6 Community Front page Town discusses students 
1984 April 6 Community Front page College, city want to relate 
1984 April 6 Career Development Center Front page Committee seeks career director 
1984 April 6 Community News Community has its own view 
1984 April 6 National news News News briefs 
1984 April 1 Humor Front page Wheaton considers use of Pershing missiles 
1984 April 1 Humor Front page Tuition costs go way, way up, up 
1984 April 1 Humor Front page Packer's Briefs-at a glance 
1984 April 1 Humor Feature Chase explains presidential responsibilities 
1984 April 6 Dr. C. Stephen Evans Feature Evans accepts new position 
1984 April 6 Kurt Keilhacker Feature Keilhacker discusses strategies 
1984 April 6 Homosexuality Feature Sociology students offer reactions to homosexuals 
1984 April 6 Servants Guest editorial Chauffeurs for Mrs. Grundy 
1984 April 6 Talent Opinion Confession 
1984 April 6 American dream Letters of your choice 
1984 April 6 Real world Letters Unsheltered reality 
1984 April 6 Running the race Opinion Follow through 
1984 April 6 Rape Letters Journal reactions to assault 
1984 April 6 GPA Letters GPA clarification 
1984 April 6 Movie review Arts 'Reuben' overdone 
1984 April 6 Talent show Arts Program showcases talent 
1984 April 6 Concert Choir Arts Wheaton hosts choirs 
1984 April 1 Humor Arts Lundin pens novel 
1984 April 1 Humor Arts Punks to rock Edman 
1984 April 1 Humor Sports Off the Album 
1984 April 1 Humor Sports Wheaton College to go sumo 
1984 April 1 Humor Sports Wheaton swimmer goes for Olympic gold medal 
1984 April 6 Foreign relations World news Allies' relations improving 
1984 April 6 Federalism World news Federalism marks political life 
1984 April 6 Canadian elections World news Approaching elections bring new concerns 
1984 April 6 Tennis Sports Crusaders blank conference foes 
1984 April 6 Track and Baseball Sports On the Record 
1984 April 6 Softball Sports Softball team defeats Lake Forest and Trinity 
1984 April 6 Student wages Front page Students to receive increase in wages 
1984 March 30 Student safety Front page Female student assaulted 
1984 March 30 The pledge Front page Pledge-breakers' fate explored 
1984 March 30 Academics Front page GPA raised for dean's list 
1984 March 30 The Chatlos Foundation Front page Longwood foundation gives money donation 
1984 March 30 Rev. Richard J. Neuhaus News Neuhaus denounces communism 
1984 March 30 National news News News Briefs 
1984 March 30 Forum on Cantral American Church News Discussion to be sponsored on Central American Church 
1984 March 30 Computer network News Fiber optic cable to be added to system 
1984 March 30 Sharing the gospel Feature Students plan 'One Great Day' 
1984 March 30 Ann Kiemel-Anderson Feature Kiemel-Anderson gives insights 
1984 March 30 Doug Binning Feature Binning wins second term as president 
1984 March 30 Campus safety Editorial The right to walk 
1984 March 30 Telemarketing Opinion Sorry, I'm destitute 
1984 March 30 Chapel Letters Appropriate applause 
1984 March 30 Dave Larson Letters Back in the USSR 
1984 March 30 Student life Letters Academic excellence, spiritual mediocrity 
1984 March 30 Graduation Opinion Remembering Wheaton 
1984 March 30 Student life Opinion Campaign carping 
1984 March 30 Culture Opinion I love trash 
1984 March 30 Computers Letters Alumnus disappointed 
1984 March 30 Dr. Paul White Arts White aids in theater research 
1984 March 30 Christian artists Arts Perspective 
1984 March 30 New budget system for the Conservatory Arts Budget system reorganized 
1984 March 30 Lambda Iota Tau Annual Writing Contest Arts Writer rewarded 
1984 March 30 Donald Duck Arts Donald Duck is 50 years old 
1984 March 30 Danny Henderson Sports Runner seeks his best 
1984 March 30 Track and Field and Softball Sports On the Record 
1984 March 23 College review Front page North Central Association reviews Wheaton 
1984 March 23 Career Development Center computer Front page SIGI aids in career choices 
1984 March 23 Calendar Front page New calendar wins approval by faculty 
1984 March 23 Money magazine Front page 'Money' lists Wheaton among top colleges 
1984 March 23 Joseph Bayly and David C. Cook Front page Career Center offers publication seminar 
1984 March 23 Bible and Theology News Accelerated MA program presented 
1984 March 23 College linen service News SG asks to cancel linen 
1984 March 23 National news News News briefs 
1984 March 23 Ruth A. Irvine News Irvine appointed to work as full-time assistant counselor 
1984 March 23 Dr. Clifford Schimmels Feature Schimmels tries out teaching techniques 
1984 March 23 Being editor Editorial Dissolving illusions 
1984 March 23 Growing up Opinion Adult? Yech! 
1984 March 23 Soviet Union Opinion Living with the USSR 
1984 March 23 Student government Opinion Candidates need more than votes 
1984 March 23 Library Letters Observing kindergarten library rules 
1984 March 23 Voting Letters Your vote counts 
1984 March 23 Wheaton College switchboard Letters "Hold, please." 
1984 March 23 Dressing Letters Biblical adornment 
1984 March 23 Beatrix Potter Arts Show features tale of Potter 
1984 March 23 Theatre review Arts Theater plays Ibsen work 
1984 March 23 Music review Arts Perspective 
1984 March 23 Gary Hart World Hart's presidential bid gains steam 
1984 March 23 Walter F. Mondale World Frontrunner Mondale falters 
1984 March 23 Charles Percy World Percy running for fourth term 
1984 March 23 Swimming Sports Swimmers take eleventh 
1984 March 23 Jon Lederhouse Sports A view from the armchair 
1984 March 23 Gymnastics Sports Gymnasts finish sixth in regional 
1984 March 16 Summer programs Front page Program cost queried 
1984 March 16 Tuition Front page Tuition rates rise again next year 
1984 March 16 Financial aid Front page Work-study must use money 
1984 March 16 College Bowl News College Bowl team takes third 
1984 March 16 John Auldridge News Auldridge receives award for achievement in ROTC 
1984 March 16 Father Robert Moran Feature Priest studies at Grad School 
1984 March 16 Dr. Helen Roseveare Feature Roseveare to focus on missions 
1984 March 16 Summer programs Guest editorial All expense paid vacation? 
1984 March 16 Taxes Opinion Subterranean Sector 
1984 March 16 ROTC Letters Taste ROTC life 
1984 March 16 Diversity Letters Focus on similarities 
1984 March 16 Resident assistants Opinion A selfish RA 
1984 March 16 Spring break Opinion Friday afternoon, March 2 
1984 March 16 Voting Opinion Biblically based voting 
1984 March 16 "Vanities" Letters "Vanities," all is vanity 
1984 March 16 Chicago reviews Arts Discover Chicago 
1984 March 16 Berlin Chamber Orchestra Arts Berlin Orchestra presents concert 
1984 March 16 Original compositions Arts Faculty's works performed 
1984 March 16 The Writer's Circle Arts Student writers meet to critique their work 
1984 March 16 Women's Chorale Arts Chorale gives spring concert 
1984 March 16 Stephen Kolb Arts Kolb wins piano concerto competition 
1984 March 16 Winter sports Sports Winter sports wind down 
1984 March 16 Nancy Swider Sports Swider wins in Europe 
1984 February 24 Diversity Front page Whites dominate Wheaton 
1984 February 24 'Vanities' Front page 'Vanities' cancelled by committee 
1984 February 24 Cultural ignorance News Whites need black awareness 
1984 February 24 Prejudice News Students feel subtle prejudice 
1984 February 24 Dr. Roland Ebel News Wheaton grad to speak on Central America 
1984 February 24 Student life Feature Blacks debate social lives 
1984 February 24 Campus life Feature Students adjusted to 'blackness' adapt better because of homelife 
1984 February 24 Student outreach Feature Students to build in Chicago during break 
1984 February 24 Diversity Guest editorial Wheaton needs more blacks 
1984 February 24 Life Opinion Life is a gas 
1984 February 24 Real world Letters I don't miss Wheaton 
1984 February 24 Vanities Guest editorial 'Vanities' reflects a need for change 
1984 February 24 Student life Opinion Wheaton, miracles, and Leah Renee 
1984 February 24 Sampson Opinion Bringing down the house 
1984 February 24 Opera Arts Students present evening of operas 
1984 February 24 Artists Arts Perspective 
1984 February 24 Michael Morgan Arts Morgan places first in vocal competition 
1984 February 24 The Wheaton College Artist Series Arts Board formed to help Series 
1984 February 24 International trade World International trade hindered 
1984 February 24 International trade World International trade analyzed 
1984 February 24 Wrestling Sports Four Crusaders earn trip to national meet 
1984 February 24 Swimming Sports Women take first in state meet 
1984 February 24 Swimming Sports Men swim by private state colleges 
1984 February 24 Basketball Sports On the Record 
1984 February 10 Chairmen Front page New chairmen announced 
1984 February 10 Student costs Front page Tuition cost and aid cut for summer school 
1984 February 10 Dr. Henry Nelson Front page Nelson travels to Europe for sabbatical 
1984 February 10 Dr.Wilbert Norton News Norton named chaplain 
1984 February 10 Witness for peace News Peace Coalition shows slides 
1984 February 10 Dr. James I. Packer News Packer visits campus 
1984 February 10 National news News News briefs 
1984 February 10 Work-study Feature Work-study offers new jobs 
1984 February 10 'Going up the tower' Feature Sweethearts climb telltale tower 
1984 February 10 Jewish jokes Editorial I'm not laughing 
1984 February 10 The Old Church Opinion The song 
1984 February 10 Individuality and freedom Opinion Real freedom 
1984 February 10 Christian brothers Letters Brotherhood concept confused 
1984 February 10 Christianity Opinion The shield of faith 
1984 February 10 Diversity Letters WASP awareness 
1984 February 10 Gandhi Letters Jesus causes change, not Gandhi 
1984 February 10 Conservatory students Arts Musicians ignore scores 
1984 February 10 Movie review Arts Azeye rates 'Yentl' 'not bestest movie' 
1984 February 10 Help for South Africa World  U.S. maintains policy 
1984 February 10 Political rights in South Africa World  South Africans change 
1984 February 10 Wrestling Sports Tournament slated 
1984 February 10 Swimming and Basketball Sports On the Record 
1984 February 10 Nancy Swider Sports Olympics 
1984 February 10 Soccer Sports Women's soccer to play before Sting 
1984 February 3 Faculty salaries Front page Professors receive salary hike 
1984 February 3 Computer room Front page 'Vax room' added 
1984 February 3 Dr. Samuel Shellhamer Front page Shellhamer speaks on chapel requirement 
1984 February 3 ROTC Front page Full-tuition grants given by Army to incoming freshmen 
1984 February 3 Outreach ministry News Telephone counseling to begin 
1984 February 3 New major News Computer-math major approved 
1984 February 3 Pizza service News SAGA opens Wild Pizza 
1984 February 3 National news News News briefs 
1984 February 3 Dr. Jack Swartz Feature Roatan clinic honors Swartz 
1984 February 3 David Winter Feature BBC leader communicates gospel at Graduate School 
1984 February 3 Dating Feature Wheaton men discover agony, pleasure in turned tables 
1984 February 3 Wheaton Guest editorial The grass is always greener 
1984 February 3 Gandhi Opinion Gandhi 
1984 February 3 Leadership Opinion Learning by participation 
1984 February 3 Christianity Opinion Blips of chaos 
1984 February 3 Chapel Opinion Seating arrangements 
1984 February 3 Dr. Richard Kriegbaum Letters The 'General Rule' 
1984 February 3 Student life Letters A happy Wheatie 
1984 February 3 Education Letters Value in liberal arts? 
1984 February 3 Writing contest Arts Literary society hosts contest 
1984 February 3 Graduation Arts Perspective 
1984 February 3 Theater festival Arts Wheaton students attend theater auditions 
1984 February 3 Chicago reviews Arts Discover Chicago on TWIRP weekend 
1984 February 3 Nancy Swider Sports Swider to skate in Games 
1984 February 3 Gymnastics, Wrestling, Basketball, Swimming and Track Sports On the Record 
1984 February 3 Sports Sports A view from the armchair 
1984 January 20 College government Front page Senate proposal defeated 
1984 January 27 Education committee Front page General education requirement investigated 
1984 January 27 Sabbaticals Front page Professors awarded sabbaticals 
1984 January 27 Bette Veenstra Front page Transfer student initiates campus recycling project 
1984 January 27 James L. Jenks Front page Brown University graduate wills money 
1984 January 27 Air conditioning News Chillers to supply increased cooling 
1984 January 27 Barbara Daly News Daly resigns to join Chicago Bank 
1984 January 27 Career development News Career exploration seminar introduced 
1984 January 27 Debates News Wheaton hosts fourth annual speech debate 
1984 January 27 Jill Briscoe Feature Briscoe preaches despite pain 
1984 January 27 Aerobic workout Feature Exercisers worship with 'Praise in Motion' 
1984 January 27 Honey Rock Winter Camp Feature Hardy students explore vacation alternative 
1984 January 27 Student life Editorial Wheaties with world awareness? 
1984 January 27 Gandhi Opinion The controversy of Gandhi 
1984 January 27 Religion Opinion Ten seconds of silence 
1984 January 27 Christian Science Opinion Letters 
1984 January 27 The Record Opinion The Record's accuracy policy 
1984 January 27 Student government Opinion Continue confronting issues 
1984 January 27 Being sick Opinion Illness 
1984 January 27 Christmas Arts Perspective 
1984 January 27 Orchestra concert Arts Orchstra pops 
1984 January 27 Central America World Commission offers Central American policy Pro and Con 
1984 January 27 Gymnastics Sports Gymnasts practice discipline 
1984 January 27 Swimming Sports Men's swim team grabs top spot in national 
1984 January 27 George Garrison  Sports Garrison deflates North Park with last second jump shot 
1984 January 27 Soccer Sports Rankings 
1984 January 27 Basketball Sports On the Record 
1984 January 20 Dr. Richard Kriegbaum Front page R. Kriegbaum is dismissed 
1984 January 20 Dr. Kenneth A. Holstein Front page Holstein joins Bell Center 
1984 January 20 David D. Calvert Jr. Front page Calvert leaves Illinois to manage restaurants 
1984 January 20 Arts News Students respond to the arts 
1984 January 20 President J. Richard Chase Feature Chase reflects on Honduras 
1984 January 20 War Editorial War's word games 
1984 January 20 Journalism Opinion A Momentous Occasion 
1984 January 20 Abortion Opinion Change of heart 
1984 January 20 Hondurans Opinion Honduran brothers 
1984 January 20 Student government Opinion Fight to the end 
1984 January 20 Arts Letters Special services re-run 
1984 January 20 Arts Letters Are the arts merely fluff? 
1984 January 20 Fine arts Arts Fine arts benefit education 
1984 January 20 Arts Arts Student interest deliberated 
1984 January 20 Fine arts Arts Fine arts struggle for funding 
1984 January 20 Fine arts Arts Art future looks promising 
1984 January 20 Steve Thonn Sports Thonn gains weighted notice 
1984 January 20 Soccer Sports Taylor earns first team honor 
1984 January 20 Todd Moxley Sports All-American Harrier named 
1984 January 20 Basketball Sports Wheaton hoopsters win, lose, learn 
1984 April 1 Humor Front page Perry Mastodon opts for Des Moines 
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