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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
1982 May 7 Student housing Front page Swap opens Terace apartments to students 
1982 May 7 Alumni Front page Committee probes college kinship with alumni association 
1982 May 7 Dr. James Hitchcock News Hitchcock stresses activism for Evangelicals 
1982 May 7 President Armerding News Armerding reflects upon 17-year administration 
1982 May 7 Robert deVettes News deVettes delay joint retirement 
1982 May 7 Dr. Robert Webber Feature Faculty discuss simple living 
1982 May 7 Chicago house church Feature Chicago house church searches for historic orthodoxy 
1982 May 7 Theater Opinion Editorial 
1982 May 7 Woddy Allen Opinion Champagne bubbles 
1982 May 7 Student life Opinion Dear Dad 
1982 May 7 The Church today Opinion Church Music 
1982 May 7 Crisis Pregnancy Center Letters CAC objective 
1982 May 7 Thanks Letters Thanks from Dot 
1982 May 7 Christian Action Council Letters Cooperation urged 
1982 May 7 Thanks Letters Thanks from Deb 
1982 May 7 Glee Club Entertainment Glee Club sings tomorrow night 
1982 May 7 Track Sports Men's track runs for third at CCIW meet 
1982 May 7 Lacrosse Sports Northwestern stops Wheaton lacrosse 
1982 May 7 Baseball Sports Baseball players hit with foul luck 
1982 May 7 Rifle team Sports Rifle team takes conference third 
1982 May 7 Karen Peterson Sports Peterson leads state champs 
1982 May 7 Golf Sports The Final Score 
1982 May 7 Tennis Sports Tennis team prepares for CCIW trophy race 
1982 May 7 Art show Entertainment Eye for natural details typifies junior art show 
1982 May 7 New facility for Theater Front page Nystrom awaits new facility 
1982 May 7 Restaurant review Entertainment Local ethnic eateries serve taste of variety 
1982 April 30 Nuclear weapons Front page Petitioners seek freeze in nuclear weapons race 
1982 April 30 Semester system Front page Students, faculty discuss semesters 
1982 April 30 Student Government Front page Midwestern students gather as SG listens to new ideas 
1982 April 30 Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Chris Reddish News Reddish honored with award 
1982 April 30 Orientation Committee News Orientation gears up for incoming class of '86 
1982 April 30 Early American dollhouse Feature Students, profs build together 
1982 April 30 Materialism Feature Prof discuss simple lifestyle 
1982 April 30 Brookfield Zoo Entertainment Brookfield offers many natural wonders 
1982 April 30 High Style Stables Entertainment Stables provide horses for student equestrians 
1982 April 30 Wheaton's history History Memories from Wheaton's past 
1982 April 30 Edward Coray History Coray offers insight into Wheaton presidents 
1982 April 30 Ivy Olson History Librarian Olson retires after 39 years 
1982 April 30 Campus History Chrouser, Hale remember campus fifty years ago 
1982 April 30 Dr. James Buswell History What happened to Buswell? 
1982 April 30 Dr. Hudson Armerding Opinion Editorial 
1982 April 30 Church and State Opinion Church and State 
1982 April 30 Freedom Opinion Responsible freedom 
1982 April 30 Family Opinion Family 
1982 April 30 Abortion Letters Abortion stance 
1982 April 30 Student Peace Coalition Letters Nuclear Freeze 
1982 April 30 Survival Letters Not peace-survival 
1982 April 30 Nuclear weapons issue Letters Pursuit of peace 
1982 April 30 Women's soccer Sports Women's soccer team anticipates fall season 
1982 April 30 Gil Dodds Sports Star trackman Dodds set Christian example 
1982 April 30 Tim Nussbaum Sports Scholar-athlete trains hard 
1982 April 30 Men's track Sports Men's track team looks to conference, nationals 
1982 April 30 Women's track Sports Women qualify for nationals 
1982 April 30 Golf Sports Slow start handicaps men's golf 
1982 April 30 Powderpuff football Sports Ladies square off in Powderpuff rematch 
1982 April 23 Doug Dry Front page Pro team signs college athlete 
1982 April 23 Crisis Pregnancy Center Front page Crisis pregnancy center prepares to open in DuPage soon 
1982 April 23 Development Front page HNGR forum probes practical development 
1982 April 23 General education Front page Ed policies reviews course work 
1982 April 23 St. Barnabas Feature Mystical worship draws many to St. Barnabas 
1982 April 23 Stereotypes Feature Biculturalism's research reveals major oddities 
1982 April 23 Orchesis festival Entertainment Orchesis presents week of ethnic, folk, modern dance 
1982 April 23 Women's Chorale Entertainment Chorale sings Austrian tunes in spring concert 
1982 April 23 Baseball Sports Sliding baseball team looks to beat North Park 
1982 April 23 Lacrosse Sports First-rate lacrosse team takes top spot at NIU tourney 
1982 April 23 Men's tennis Sports Men's tennis looks for clear skies 
1982 April 23 Eating well Sports The Final Score 
1982 April 16 President Hudson Armerding Front page Armerding outlines decisions planned for Spring 
1982 April 16 Dr. Barbara Reynolds Front page Lit brings in Cambridge scholar 
1982 April 16 Missions in Focus Front page Missions week offers variety 
1982 April 16 New library resources News Library buys new resources 
1982 April 16 Computer science Features Computer fans program for fun, future success 
1982 April 16 Krzysztof Stoch Feature Emmigrant takes part in Polish freedom struggle 
1982 April 16 Student life Opinion Editorial 
1982 April 16 Student government Opinion Future Hopes 
1982 April 16 Peace Letters Freeze Nukes 
1982 April 16 Election results Letters Who Leaked? 
1982 April 16 Nuclear weapons Letters Nuclear deterrent 
1982 April 16 John Clark Letters Looth Teeth 
1982 April 16 Decisions Opinion Heads or Tails 
1982 April 16 Concert Choir Entertainment Saturday recital offers Concert Choir quality 
1982 April 16 Theater Entertainment Brooks premieres 'Seasons of Mercy' 
1982 April 16 Men's Track Sports Lettermen, rookies await sunny skies to compete 
1982 April 16 Women's Track Sports Runners battle snow, injuries to begin season 
1982 April 16 Softball Sports Snowy weather idles women's softball team 
1982 April 16 Intramurals Sports Intramural play: Deception stops Buffalo 
1982 April 16 Lacrosse Sports Lacrosse team faces tough future opponents 
1982 April 16 Running Sports The Final Score 
1982 April 12 Dr. J. Richard Chase Front page Chase visits from California 
1982 April 12 Student government Front page Students elect Smith, Christensen 
1982 April 12 Wheaton's business district News Retailers look at student impact on local business 
1982 April 12 New Professors News Three departments hire profs 
1982 April 12 The college phone service News Colleges faces $5,000 phone hike 
1982 April 12 Dr. Alan Johnson News Bible prof writes commentary on Revelation 
1982 April 12 Student government Opinion Editorial 
1982 April 12 Conservatory issues Opinion Editorial rebuttal 
1982 April 12 Nuclear weapons Opinion Megamenace 
1982 April 12 Choirs Letters Correction 
1982 April 12 Good Journalism Letters Compliment 
1982 April 12 Choral proposal Letters Editorial challenge 
1982 April 12 Conservatory proposal Letters Editorial inconsistencies 
1982 April 12 Eating disorders Feature Students fight eating disorder 
1982 April 12 Student life Feature 'Missionary kids' share unique backgrounds 
1982 April 12 The Art Institute Entertainment Chicago art show display old photos, new ideas 
1982 April 12 Women's track Sports Women's track starts season 
1982 April 12 Men's tennis Sports Men's tennis nets strong freshmen recruits 
1982 April 12 Baseball Sports Prepared baseball team awaits good weather 
1982 April 12 Coaches Sports The Final Score 
1982 April 2 Student government and College Union Front page SG, CU candidates share plans 
1982 April 2 Dr. Paul Wiens Front page Wiens suggests choral changes 
1982 April 2 Vanguards News Honey Rock campers mature in stress courses 
1982 April 2 L'Abri Feature L'Abri brings stronger belief 
1982 April 2 Student life News Prof recalls classic student gags 
1982 April 2 Wheaton shops Entertainment Wheaton shops sell posters, antiques, novel gifts 
1982 April 2 Movie review Entertainment 'Man of Iron' portrays Polish freedom quest 
1982 April 2 Observatory Entertainment Observatory captures night sky 
1982 April 2 Humor Front page College unloads Graham Center 
1982 April 2 Humor Front page Conservatory presents marching orch 
1982 April 2 Humor Opinion Editorial 
1982 April 2 Humor Opinion Letters 
1982 April 2 Humor Entertainment Kow Palace shines with old-fashioned splendor 
1982 April 2 Humor Entertainment Critic shares sensitivity to modern genes 
1982 April 2 Humor Entertainment Sensual CU film offers cultural entertainment 
1982 April 2 Humor Sports Duelers get a bang out of life 
1982 April 2 Humor Sports Campus teed off 
1982 April 2 Humor Sports Wheaton women wrestle in mud 
1982 April 2 Humor Sports The Final Score 
1982 April 2 Wheaton Choral groups Editorial Choral proposals 
1982 April 2 Spirituality Opinion Real spirituality 
1982 April 2 Student life Opinion Black & white? 
1982 April 2 Campus life Opinion Cynicism 
1982 April 2 Student government Opinion SG voice for students 
1982 April 2 Student government Opinion SG 
1982 April 2 Chicago Opinion Urban reflections 
1982 April 2 Dawn Wright Sports Marathon runner leads Wheaton distance squad 
1982 April 2 Lacrosse Sports Lacrosse stops Illinois, faces Ripin first time 
1982 April 2 Softball Sports Softball team lacks experience but not skill 
1982 April 2 Men's track Sports Men's track faces average finish incoming season 
1982 April 2 Intramurals Sports Intramurals offer exciting alternative to varsity play 
1982 April 2 Athletic recruitment Sports The Final Score 
1982 March 26 "Back to Basics" Front page Students pray, confess until dawn 
1982 March 26 Recruitment Front page Pledge, pre-mil stance hinder faculty recruiting 
1982 March 26 Jane Lundstrom and Jonathan Bell Front page Wheaton suffers loss of friends 
1982 March 26 Andy Hensel News CSC elects Hensel president 
1982 March 26 Wheaton business News Local retailers pull together to face sales crunch 
1982 March 26 Ethnicity News Seminar stresses 'urban theology' 
1982 March 26 Student life News Southern poverty, prejudice sobers Wheaton students 
1982 March 26 J.R. Bishop News College hires head coach 
1982 March 26 Statement of faith Opinion Editorial 
1982 March 26 Crime News Students learn about city crime 
1982 March 26 Dr. Pattle Pak-Toe Pun News Pun wins research grant for genetic engineering 
1982 March 26 Uptown tutors Feature Tutors dodge bullets, share lives 
1982 March 26 Suzuki program Feature Conservatory fosters youngsters through Suzuki 
1982 March 26 School Community Resource Center Feature Center offers first-rate equipment 
1982 March 26 African students Feature Internationals learn to cope 
1982 March 26 Ronald Reagan Opinion Reaganomics 
1982 March 26 Judging people Opinion Amtrack advances 
1982 March 26 Student government Opinion Election advice 
1982 March 26 Chapel Opinion Chapel chatter 
1982 March 26 Football Opinion Football fan 
1982 March 26 Puritans Opinion Puritan perception 
1982 March 26 Peter Tosh Opinion Rastafarianism 
1982 March 26 Football Opinion Football feedback 
1982 March 26 Puritans Opinion Puritan partisan 
1982 March 26 Anne Moser Entertainment Moser paintings reveal talent 
1982 March 26 Shops of Glen Ellyn Entertainment Hidden stores brighten basement 
1982 March 26 Glee club Entertainment Glee Club to perform on Channel 11 Sunday 
1982 March 26 Frances Barrett Sports Barrett reaches 1,000 points 
1982 March 26 Soccer Sports Ladies soccer team concludes indoor season 
1982 March 26 Wrestling Sports Matmen experience nationals 
1982 March 26 J.C. Martin Sports Former pro coaches baseball 
1982 March 26 Baseball, Track, Lacrosse, Softball, Tennis and Golf Sports Spring brings April showers, softball, track, golf 
1982 March 26 Wheaton's sports clubs Sports The Final Score 
1982 February 26 Dr. Henry Nelson Front page Forum probes college issues 
1982 February 26 Dr. Armerding Front page Armerding speaks with student leaders 
1982 February 26 Dr. Cliff Schimmels Front page 'Chicago' features Schimmels 
1982 February 26 Dr. Mark Amstutz News New book links politics to conflict 
1982 February 26 Crime in Chicago News Students face urban issues first hand 
1982 February 26 Lynn Buzzard News Buzzard seeks to free captive Soviet families 
1982 February 26 Econominics Symposium News Economist to air his capital ideas 
1982 February 26 Dr. Carl F.H. Henry News Henry declares 'war of ideas' 
1982 February 26 Campus buildings News Architect advocates preservation of Pierce 
1982 February 26 The Literature and Meaning of Scripture News Bible opened by 5-year effort 
1982 February 26 Al Howard News Training helps in home stretch 
1982 February 26 Student life News Students to help Voice of Calvary 
1982 February 26 Steve Nelson Feature Alumni diamond dealer enjoys sparkling success 
1982 February 26 Faculty Instrumental Group Feature Profs join for band harmony 
1982 February 26 Chapel Opinion Editorial 
1982 February 26 Ray Bakke Opinion Urban rip-off 
1982 February 26 Honor Opinion Honor 
1982 February 26 El Salvador Letters El Salvador alternative 
1982 February 26 Football Letters Hate mail 
1982 February 26 Football Letters Aesthetic football 
1982 February 26 Basketball Letters Thanks expressed 
1982 February 26 Witnessing Opinion In the people's language 
1982 February 26 Roger Williams Opinion Providence revisited 
1982 February 26 Grad school Opinion Extra baggage? 
1982 February 26 Movie review Entertainment 'Missing' deals with political, personal tragedies 
1982 February 26 Restaurant review Entertainment J.F. Kitchen: it's not a bar, but it's local 
1982 February 26 Movie review Entertainment Film portrays marriage, aging 
1982 February 26 Brett Stamm Sports Star wrestler Stamm strives to win at Division III finals 
1982 February 26 Swimming Sports Ten thousand yards a day pays off 
1982 February 26 Basketball Sports Cagers face Carthage in closing game 
1982 February 26 Hockey Sports Icemen seek win over rival Trinity 
1982 February 26 Jon Lederhouse Sports Lederhouse enjoys coaching 
1982 February 26 Volleyball Sports Volleyball squad holds potential: Wheaton's best ever 
1982 February 26 Men's Swimming Sports Men swim to a strong third 
1982 February 26 Gymnastics Sports The Final Score 
1982 February 19 Campus bookstore Front page Bookstore makes way for art 
1982 February 19 Debate team Front page Debate team places second at Biola 
1982 February 19 College radio Front page WETN seeks funds for space, staff 
1982 February 19 Plans for Blanchard News Blanchard needs major work 
1982 February 19 Dr. Harold Best News Best hobbies include cars, Bach 
1982 February 19 'Religion on the Line' News SG, Best talk on local radio 
1982 February 19 Jim Rexilius Opinion Editorial 
1982 February 19 Student government SG Forum questions 
1982 February 19 Trustees Opinion Ode to trustees 
1982 February 19 Music Opinion Musical value 
1982 February 19 El Salvador Letters El Salvador concern 
1982 February 19 Community Letters Chase cheers 
1982 February 19 Student life Letters Senior memories 
1982 February 19 James Rexilius Letters Rexilius resignation 
1982 February 19 Dr. Bilezikian Letters Bilezikian rebuke 
1982 February 19 Book review Entertainment 'Second Coming' provokes seeking, questioning 
1982 February 19 David Bellinger Entertainment Sensuous art exhibition delights 
1982 February 19 Orchestra Entertainment Orchestra to add jazz for evening 
1982 February 19 Wellness program Sports Program draws exercisers 
1982 February 19 Wrestling Sports Grapplers compete in Naperville 
1982 February 19 Swimming Sports CCIW swimming offers shear fun, trimmed times 
1982 February 19 Gymnastics Sports Final home meet might close season for gymnastics 
1982 February 19 Basketball Sports Women hoopsters face Rockford 
1982 February 19 Athletic alumni Sports The Final Score 
1982 February 12 Dr. J. Richard Chase Front page Chase visits Wheaton campus 
1982 February 12 Campus improvements Front page Budget surplus may fund Saga improvements 
1982 February 12 Jim Rexilius Front page Rexilius resigns after one year as head football coach 
1982 February 12 Dr. Peter Veltman News Veltman to direct accredation 
1982 February 12 Physical Plant News Tight budget and campus pressure stretch physical plant 
1982 February 12 ROTC News ROTC bids farewell to several staff members 
1982 February 12 Peter Robb and Chris Christensen News Christensen, Robb return for benefit concert 
1982 February 12 New college president Opinion Editorial 
1982 February 12 Commencement SG Commencement controversy 
1982 February 12 Career Development Center Letters Glorified want-ad 
1982 February 12 Football Letters Football ethics 
1982 February 12 Community Opinion Letter 
1982 February 12 Faculty recital Entertainment Faculty swing in folk recital 
1982 February 12 Art Institute Entertainment Art Institute exhibits Italian culture 
1982 February 12 Kodon Entertainment Kodon offers colorful history 
1982 February 12 Andrew Taylor Sports Soccer star honored as All-Midwest player 
1982 February 12 Basketball Sports Slumping Crusaders look for next win against Elmhurst 
1982 February 12 Carol Harding Sports Harding enjoys many sports 
1982 February 12 Hockey Sports Hockey takes ice against Northwestern 
1982 February 12 Men's Volleyball Sports Garrick scores points with men's volleyball 
1982 February 12 Athletics Sports The Final Score 
1982 February 5 Campus dining Front page College looks to revamp Saga 
1982 February 5 Cultural week Front page Cultural week features concerts, food 
1982 February 5 Parking Front page College to add spaces to Traber, Edman lots 
1982 February 5 Mark Hatfield and Jim Wallis News Hatfield, Wallis speak to students in Washington 
1982 February 5 Lordship of Christ in daily living News Wheaton profs to address Jubilee Conference 
1982 February 5 Dr. Roger Lundin News Lundin wins fellowship for year of research 
1982 February 5 Career Development Center News Career center gathers students 
1982 February 5 Debate team News Debators compete at Stateville prison 
1982 February 5 Dating Feature Traber six invites two to discuss men's role 
1982 February 5 Dating Feature Panel ponders College dating scene 
1982 February 5 Student travel Feature College offers summer study 
1982 February 5 Billy Graham Interview Billy Graham shares perspective on Wheaton 
1982 February 5 Trustees Editorial Trustees and faculty 
1982 February 5 Society Opinion Real world 
1982 February 5 Outreach SG Urban poor project 
1982 February 5 Dr. Bilezikian Letters Bilezikian answered 
1982 February 5 Correction Letters Evans correction 
1982 February 5 Football Letters Football response 
1982 February 5 Gospel Opinion Converse gospel 
1982 February 5 Alcohol Opinion Drinking dilemma 
1982 February 5 Dating Opinion Thoughts on dating 
1982 February 5 DuPage County Historical Museum Entertainment Dupage Museum offers Romanesque grandeur 
1982 February 5 Movie review Entertainment Film 'Chariots of Fire' manifests olympic struggle 
1982 February 5 Wrestling Sports 'The guys want it;' wrestlers win big, face NCAA finals 
1982 February 5 Gymnastics Sports Gymnasts set new records 
1982 February 5 Linda Pace Sports Pace touches others' lives 
1982 February 5 Gymnastics Sports Women play hard to full gym 
1982 February 5 Basketball Sports Sports column 
1982 January 29 Dr. Merrill C. Tenney Front page Tenney retires; 38-year grad school career ends 
1982 January 29 Blanchard Hall Front page Crumbling W. Blanchard joins remodeling list 
1982 January 29 Patrick L. Miller Front page Miller moves up to dean's desk 
1982 January 29 Reviews News Review team studies Physical Education, Honey Rock 
1982 January 29 ROTC News Scholarships await ROTC cadets 
1982 January 29 Billy Graham News Friends tell of Graham's past 
1982 January 29 Trustees and college president Opinion Editorial 
1982 January 29 TWIRP Letters Fair game 
1982 January 29 Christianity Letters Cow shot 
1982 January 29 Tuition Opinion SG 
1982 January 29 Football injuries Opinions Editorial 
1982 January 29 Good and bad Opinion Clothed nudes? 
1982 January 29 Theatre review Entertainment Play presents comic intrigue 
1982 January 29 John Flavel Entertainment Flavel probes God's sovereignty 
1982 January 29 Swimming Sports Weaties nab second: gear for conference 
1982 January 29 Hockey Sports Icemen fight off Elmhurst to draw 
1982 January 29 Raquetball Sports Vander Veen racks up win 
1982 January 29 Basketball Sports Cagers boost record: grab wins 
1982 January 29 Men's volleyball Sports Sports column 
1982 January 22 Dr. J. Richard Chase Front page Wheaton finds new president 
1982 January 22 Evan Welsh Front page College bids Welsh farewell 
1982 January 22 Tuition Front page Prices to jump to $7280; aid increase slated 
1982 January 22 Henry J. Hyde News Congressman talks on abortion 
1982 January 22 Missions News Mission project celebrates 25th year of outreach 
1982 January 22 Energy conservation News Wheaton students learn energy conservation 
1982 January 22 Dr. Gerald Hawthorne News Hawthorne praises Wheaton trustee selection of Chase 
1982 January 22 Student travel News Biology students enjoy sunny, colorful Bahamas 
1982 January 22 E.V. Hill News Urban pastor Hill to speak for special services 
1982 January 22 Dr. J. Richard Chase Interview New Wheaton president relfects, looks to future 
1982 January 22 Mary Chase Feature President's wife shares her joys, interests, role 
1982 January 22 Student life Feature Majors reveal student character 
1982 January 22 Being editor Opinion Editorial 
1982 January 22 The year ahead Opinion Dire prospects 
1982 January 22 American church Opinion Second rate church 
1982 January 22 Chicago Opinion Wheton in Chicago 
1982 January 22 Chaplain Evan Welsh Letters Chaplain Welsh 
1982 January 22 Society's expectations Letters Abolition proposal 
1982 January 22 Athletics Opinion Sports injuries 
1982 January 22 Carlos Vergara Entertainment Vergara captures local children, country skies 
1982 January 22 Frederick Buechner Entertainment Buechner addresses Gospel tragedy, comedy, fantasy 
1982 January 22 Bookstore Entertainment Poor Richard sells unique gifts 
1982 January 22 Athletics Sports Sports violence dehumanizes college athletic play 
1982 January 22 Basketball Sports Crusader team chills Elmhurst basketball 
1982 January 22 Women's basketball Sports Tournament proves costly to women's basketball 
1982 January 22 Wrestling Sports Wrestlers start cold after championship season 
1982 January 22 Swimming Sports Swim teams face close matches 
1982 January 22 Cheering Sports Sports Column 
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