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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
1981 May 1 Dr. Francis Schaeffer Front page Schaeffer stresses Lordship 
1981 May 1 Student travel Front page Senior in Peru: stranger in land 
1981 May 1 Handgun Control Rally Front page Handgun control rally pushes for ban laws 
1981 May 1 Stress News Staff suggests battle plan against stress 
1981 May 1 Dr. Pattle Pak-Toe Pun News Pattle Pun researches in genetic engineering 
1981 May 1 Evangelical social views News Editors clash on social views 
1981 May 1 Tennis courts now open on Sundays Editorial Sunday tennis 
1981 May 1 Student housing Opinion Renovation 
1981 May 1 Depression Opinion Depression suggestions 
1981 May 1 Pledge Letters Strong 'Statement' 
1981 May 1 President Regan's economic plan Letters Reganomics rebuttal 
1981 May 1 Wheaton's presidents Letters Slander, abuse 
1981 May 1 Sunday tennis Letters Trivial debate 
1981 May 1 Corrections Letters Implied error 
1981 May 1 Theatre review Arts Dream tickles the imagination 
1981 May 1 Theatre review Arts 'My Fair Lady' shows class 
1981 May 1 Gloria Olsen and Holly Nelson Arts Photographers exhibit 'Moments Preserved' 
1981 May 1 Music review Arts DeGarmo and Key boast melodic rock 
1981 May 1 Movie review Arts Damien devilishly lacking development 
1981 May 1 Shmuel Ashkenasi Arts Israeli visits campus on annual violin tour 
1981 May 1 Baseball Sports Crusaders downed twice by Elmhurst 
1981 May 1 Men's tennis Sports Men's tennis to defend championship 
1981 May 1 Track, Softball and Rifle Sports Sports Shorts 
1981 April 24 Tennis courts Front page Nelson reports tennis courts will open Sundays 
1981 April 24 Dr. Francis Schaeffer Front page Schaeffer to speak on campus 
1981 April 24 Jovito Salonga Front page Salonga discusses politics 
1981 April 24 Dr. Walter Elwell Front page Grad School department chairman steps down 
1981 April 24 Building and Grounds Front page B&G strives to overcome spending deficits 
1981 April 24 Minority issues News Wheaton welcomes eminent lecturers 
1981 April 24 Student housing News Two dorms to be renovated: $4 million 
1981 April 24 Economy News Profs analyze US economy 
1981 April 24 Bill Gosling News Gosling to leave for Stony Brook 
1981 April 24 Jim Wallis Editorial Wallis banned 
1981 April 24 Jeans Opinion Designer jeans 
1981 April 24 Graham Center Letters What Center? 
1981 April 24 Gun control Letters Open Season 
1981 April 24 Student government Letters Power shift 
1981 April 24 Missions Guest Column Priorities askew 
1981 April 24 Movie review Arts Excalibur: violent, magnificent myth 
1981 April 24 Jane Wegscheider, Anne Moser and Sharon Stern Arts Three exhibit 'Beyond Definition' 
1981 April 24 Women's Chorale Arts Chorale debuts at Lincoln Center 
1981 April 24 Matthew Brinkman Arts Brinkman finds joy in art 
1981 April 24 Assassination attempt and the launching of the space shuttle Opinion Dialogue 
1981 April 24 Concert Band Arts Spring concert theme is praise 
1981 April 24 Restaurant review Arts Track 29 prepares tasty culinary delights 
1981 April 24 Track Sports Individuals spark track effort 
1981 April 24 Women's track Sports Women's track dominates at competition 
1981 April 24 Baseball Sports Batmen seek revenge from old foes 
1981 April 24 Lacrosse, Tennis, Softball, Golf and Soccer Sports Sports Shorts 
1981 April 3 Jim Wallis Front page Wallis presents consistent pro-life view 
1981 April 3 Art Department Front page President, cabinet delay art verdict 
1981 April 3 Counseling Front page Panel studies campus counseling 
1981 April 3 Self-defense News Prof speaks on self-defense 
1981 April 3 Student representatives News Trustees to consider student rep proposal 
1981 April 3 Art department Editorial Sloppy job 
1981 April 3 Handgun control Editorial Victims 
1981 April 3 Wheaton police Opinion Men in blue 
1981 April 3 New Earth restaurant Letters Vegetarian defense 
1981 April 3 Response to Mr. Hate Male Letters Compliments anyone? 
1981 April 3 Arts Letters Nature of art 
1981 April 3 Relationships Letters Source of Life 
1981 April 3 Staff Letters Undeserved insult 
1981 April 3 Thanks Letters Sunnyridge Thanks 
1981 April 3 Election Letters Election laxity 
1981 April 3 Registration Letters Waste paper 
1981 April 3 Rifle team Letters Missed Mark 
1981 April 3 John Lennon Letters Lennon's heroism 
1981 April 3 Joel Sheesley Arts Sheesley's art show opens 
1981 April 3 Restaurant reviews Arts Local eateries perk up lunch 
1981 April 3 Music review Arts Genesis spin-off worth 'Face Value' 
1981 April 3 Theater Roundabout Arts Acting opens ministry 
1981 April 3 Randy Gruendyke Arts Gruendyke to share faith on TV 
1981 April 3 Roger Wagner Chorale Arts Chorale visits Wheaton 
1981 April 3 J.C. Martin Sports Former pro leads baseball team 
1981 April 3 Women's track Sports Women's track team seeks title 
1981 April 3 Men's gymnastics Sports Men's gymnastics may lose its status 
1981 April 3 Soccer Sports Soccer club 
1981 April 3 Humor Front page Brand new Pledge stifles Bolshevism 
1981 April 3 Humor Front page Students to sit on Board 
1981 April 3 Humor Front page Esoteric Less distinquishes 'Why 
1981 April 3 Humor Opinion HNGR's next frontier: El Salvador 
1981 April 3 Humor Dialogue Ha Ha Ha Hee 
1981 April 3 Humor Opinion Graham Center united after cigarette scare 
1981 April 3 Humor News Security gets bad people 
1981 April 3 Humor News Hibernation hides quizzical prof's habits 
1981 April 3 Humor Newsbriefs New course: it's a real killer 
1981 April 3 Humor Newsbriefs Claus puts 'em down' hammers away at 'em 
1981 April 3 Humor Newsbriefs Byrne plans move 
1981 March 27 Richard White Front page White chosen as new CSC president 
1981 March 27 Art Department Front page Art Department may face phase-out 
1981 March 27 Student elections Front page Students will select SG and CU leaders 
1981 March 27 Budget cuts Front page Reagan's budget cuts will threaten financial aid resources 
1981 March 27 Ruth Geoffrion News Geoffrion to resign in May 
1981 March 27 Health and Missions News Medicine reaches to missions 
1981 March 27 "The Male Mindset" News Social patterns voiced 
1981 March 27 Gerald Dworkin News Dworkin voices ethical views 
1981 March 27 Holy Spirit News Panel focuses on Spirit 
1981 March 27 Art department Editorial Creative resolve 
1981 March 27 Student participation grants Editorial Retroactive grants 
1981 March 27 Registration Opinion Registration statement 
1981 March 27 Art Letters Priority of art 
1981 March 27 Art major Letters Major disturbance 
1981 March 27 Arts Letters Alumna warns 
1981 March 27 The Record Letters Hate Male 
1981 March 27 Racial discrimination Letters Manufactured prejudice 
1981 March 27 John Lennon Letters Lennon a hero? 
1981 March 27 Art major Letters Tunnel vision 
1981 March 27 Brookfield zoo Arts Zoo offers spring enjoyment 
1981 March 27 Future of Wheaton Arts Dialogue 
1981 March 27 Restaurant review Arts "New Earth" proves below par 
1981 March 27 L'Orchestre Du Capitole De Toulouse and Phillippe Entremont Arts Acclaimed orchestra, pianist perform tonight 
1981 March 27 Music review Arts Styx rocks out theatre style 
1981 March 27 Music review Arts Rush comes of age 
1981 March 27 David Pannabecker Puppetoire Arts Puppetoire ministry to perform 
1981 March 27 ROTC Sports ROTC aims for conference 
1981 March 27 Soccer Sports Wheaton to face Sting 
1981 March 27 Jon Lederhouse Sports Swim coach reflects on role 
1981 March 27 Wrestling Sports Wrestling team reaches its goal 
1981 March 20 Kim Connelly and Jay Palermo Front page Wheaton mourns loss of two 
1981 March 20 Graduate studies Front page Grad School suffers growing pains 
1981 March 20 Dr. Charles Lewis Front page Variety of counseling aids offered by Dr. Lewis 
1981 March 20 Women's place in home and church News Women's role sparks debate 
1981 March 20 Dr. Wayne Bragg News Bragg defines rights 
1981 March 20 Human rights News Students protest oppression 
1981 March 20 Freedom News Slavic believers struggle behind Iron Curtain 
1981 March 20 City missions News Wheaton graduates seek to forge inner-city fellowship 
1981 March 20 Student travel News Intern views Dole's exploitation 
1981 March 20 Bela Bartok Arts Recital honors Bela Bartok 
1981 March 20 Orchestra Arts Orchestra's program varied 
1981 March 20 Music review Arts Clash album jabs policy 
1981 March 20 Theatre review Arts British touring group performs 'Jane Eyre' 
1981 March 20 Theatre review Arts 'Metro' portrays wartime theatre 
1981 March 20 Faculty recital Arts Faculty recital finishes season 
1981 March 20 Loss Editorial Death hurts 
1981 March 20 Golf Opinion Golfing lessons 
1981 March 20 Student grants Opinion Participation grants 
1981 March 20 Anthropology major Letters Buswell III clarifies 
1981 March 20 Christianity Letters Rebuttal on Lovelace 
1981 March 20 Unity Letters Critique critiqued 
1981 March 20 Baskeball, Wrestling, Ice Hockey, Swimming and Gymnastics Sports Sports Shorts 
1981 February 20 Christian persecution Front page Students to protest oppression of Christians 
1981 February 20 Crisis pregnancy center Front page SG withdraws support of pregnancy center 
1981 February 20 George Marsden Front page Cultural forces gave birth to fundamentalism, prof says 
1981 February 20 Somalia Front page Wheaton grads fight famine in war-weary Somalia 
1981 February 20 Campus safety News Investigation reveals safety code violations 
1981 February 20 Steve Smith and Jay and Paige Cunningham News Wheaton graduates describe law school 
1981 February 20 Resident assistants News Workshops to help future RAs learn responsibilities 
1981 February 20 College president Editorial New president 
1981 February 20 Television Opinion KOMA-TV 
1981 February 20 Community Opinion Diverse traits 
1981 February 20 Human rights Opinion Human Rights protest 
1981 February 20 Sculpture defacement Letters Heilmer reply 
1981 February 20 Law school Letters Camaraderie present 
1981 February 20 Wheaton community Letters Discrimination 
1981 February 20 Voting yes Letters Hiked taxes 
1981 February 20 Movies Letters Movie ad blues 
1981 February 20 Life Letters Life 
1981 February 20 Campus life Letters Imperfect environment 
1981 February 20 Catholicism Letters Neo-Catholicism 
1981 February 20 Stereotyping Letters International prejudice 
1981 February 20 Student life Letters Austerity 
1981 February 20 S.O.U.L. Letters Cultural ignorance 
1981 February 20 Semesters Letters Semester pains 
1981 February 20 Student life Opinion Dialogue 
1981 February 20 Music review Arts J.T. fires fans, reigns in Ind. 
1981 February 20 Arts night Arts Arts night offers variety 
1981 February 20 Beaux Arts Trio Arts Classical trio slated for single Edman performance 
1981 February 20 Movie review Arts Movie weighs love, sacrifice 
1981 February 20 Basketball Sports Bench-ridden cagers voice seasons strains 
1981 February 20 Intramurals Sports Intramurals offer competition, release 
1981 February 20 Wrestling, Swimming, Gymnastics and Basketball Sports Sports Shorts 
1981 February 13 SOUL week Front page SOUL week provides unique ethnic occasion 
1981 February 13 Retreat Front page Inner-city children join students on retreat 
1981 February 13 Edman clock Front page Edman clock chimes again, wakes Wheaton 
1981 February 13 Human rights project Front page Austerity Week's savings will assist human rights project 
1981 February 13 Warren Schilling News Energy consultant champions conservation 
1981 February 13 Student missions News Student Missionary Project sends volunteers abroad 
1981 February 13 Debate team News Debaters seek U.S. championship 
1981 February 13 Association for Public Justice News Christian group seeks knowledge, justice 
1981 February 13 SOUL week Opinion Editorial 
1981 February 13 Third World Nations Opinion Third World 
1981 February 13 Gun Control Guest column Handgun control 
1981 February 13 Graduate's view Guest column Outside view 
1981 February 13 Christianity Letters Spiritual void 
1981 February 13 Rock-n-Roll Arts Dialogue 
1981 February 13 Book review Arts Official Handbook bolsters preppy pride 
1981 February 13 The Film Center at the School of the Art Institute Arts Chicago 
1981 February 13 Colleen Ford and Steve Childerston Arts Two compete in festival 
1981 February 13 Theatre review Arts Dream worlds shatter in Nystrom 
1981 February 13 Swimming Sports Coach propels women swimmers 
1981 February 13 Basketball, Wrestling, Men's Swimming and Gymnastics Sports Sports Shorts 
1981 February 20 John Lennon Arts Former beatles may fuse for Lennon tribute 
1981 March 20 Student grants News Cabinet to decide on student grants 
1981 February 6 Dr. David Burnham Front page Burnham discusses his new role 
1981 February 6 Art department Front page Art Department seeks more space, staff 
1981 February 6 Dr. Ronald Michaelson Front page Michaelson searches for morality in political scene 
1981 February 6 Faculty evaluation News Two-year-old summative review process evaluates faculty 
1981 February 6 Campus life News Newsbriefs 
1981 February 6 Dr. Robert Webber News Webber leads Neo-Catholic group 
1981 February 6 Dr. James Halteman News Prof reviews Reaganomics 
1981 February 6 Diversity News Prejudice, stereotyping pervade Wheaton community 
1981 February 6 Apartheid News Jones shows complexities in South Africa apartheid 
1981 February 6 The law News Legal system pervades moral, societal issues 
1981 February 6 Christian Legal Society News Christian Leagal Society defends First Amendment rights 
1981 February 6 Christians and the law News Christians and the Law 
1981 February 6 Law school News Comraderie absent in law school 
1981 February 6 Court transcript News Transcript shows one judge's prejudice 
1981 February 6 Disciplining children News Booklet defines purposes of court 
1981 February 6 Carl Horn III News College's attorney describes his profession 
1981 February 6 Chuck Hogren News Wheaton graduate works as a Cabrini Green attorney 
1981 February 6 Prison conditions News America's prisons reflect worst facets of society 
1981 February 6 Reading hour News Wheaton's Reading Hours delivered by speech majors 
1981 February 6 Pat Terry Arts College Union presents Pat Terry, annual banquet 
1981 February 6 Movie showings Arts Library offers movie-goers full-length, exceptional oldies 
1981 February 6 Sunday athletics Editorial Athletic facilities 
1981 February 6 President Reagan Opinion Reckless politics 
1981 February 6 Neo-Catholicism Opinion Neo-Catholic critique 
1981 February 6 R.U. Cyrius Syndrome Opinion Monon mouth 
1981 February 6 Art Letters Yellow paint 
1981 February 6 Campus life Letters Student vandals? 
1981 February 6 Hockey Letters Hockey spirit 
1981 February 6 Swimming Sports Ineligiable swimmers leave gaps 
1981 February 6 Wrestling Sports Grapplers grab first place at tournament 
1981 February 6 Hockey Sports Icemen mark abrupt, new change 
1981 January 30 Dr. Ronald Youngblood Front page Graduate School seeks new dean 
1981 January 30 SOUL Festival Front page SOUL festival presents unique way to worship 
1981 January 30 Prayer day Front page Prayer Day set for Feb.4 
1981 January 30 Dr. Pat Cate Front page Cate speaks through Ayatollah's eyes 
1981 January 30 Youth Hostel Missions News YHM outlines plan for European Ministry 
1981 January 30 College evaluation News Debate ensues over long-range planning, evaluations 
1981 January 30 Debate tournament News Skilled debators host tournament 
1981 January 30 Parking News Parking Policy Committee hears parking grievances 
1981 January 30 Vandalism Editorial Lost art 
1981 January 30 Music review Opinion Swine song 
1981 January 30 Remembering names Opinion Know name 
1981 January 30 Christianity and politics Guest column Sub-Christian politics 
1981 January 30 Reformed history Letters Noll addendum 
1981 January 30 Music Letters New Wave 
1981 January 30 Women's Chorale Letters Courageous choir 
1981 January 30 Evangelical past Letters Record depth 
1981 January 30 Cheerleaders Letters Cheerleaders shine 
1981 January 30 Pat Terry Letters Terry diverse 
1981 January 30 Theatre review Arts Reality, illusion clash in 'Glass Menagerie' 
1981 January 30 Theatre review Arts 'Study Break' presents challenge 
1981 January 30 Grace McFarland Arts Faculty series will feature McFarland 
1981 January 30 Eric Booth Arts Booth personifies 'St. Mark's Gospel' 
1981 January 30 "Children of a Lesser God" Arts Medoff's new drama speaks through silence 
1981 January 30 Carolyn Parks Arts Parks makes singing a way of life 
1981 January 30 "The Warehouse" Arts CU offers variety show 
1981 January 30 Vandalism Arts Dialogue 
1981 January 30 Basketball Sports Women's Invitational provides diversity 
1981 January 30 Basketball Sports Cagers face key foes after North Park loss 
1981 January 30 Phil Canada Sports Power lifting provides Canada with hobby 
1981 January 30 Hockey Sports Brawl erupts in Friday's hockey game 
1981 January 23 Student costs Front page Expenses to increase nearly fifteen percent 
1981 January 23 Natural Resources Front page New major to replace geology 
1981 January 23 Ken and Barb Hughes Front page Couple explains goals of intimacy, marriage 
1981 January 23 Dr. Mark Noll Front page Dr. Noll meshes evangelical and Reformed traditions 
1981 January 23 Home for unwed mothers News Juniors prepare home for unwed mothers 
1981 January 23 ROTC News Wheaton ROTC ranks first in U.S. army scholarships 
1981 January 23 Evangelical history News Evangelical past reveals conflict 
1981 January 23 History and Political Science Departments seperated Editorial Good move 
1981 January 23 Human Rights Project SG Human rights 
1981 January 23 Rev. Harley Lullbell Opinion Eminent ethics 
1981 January 23 President Carter Opinion Carter evaluated 
1981 January 23 Wheaton's president Letters Student nominations 
1981 January 23 Review of Blondie Letters Vita's rebuttal 
1981 January 23 Jimmy Carter Letters Thanks, Jimmy 
1981 January 23 Dating Arts Dialogue 
1981 January 23 Irene Ryan Acting Scholarship Arts Actors will perform in national competition 
1981 January 23 Opera Workshop Arts Student singers present scenes from six operas 
1981 January 23 Lamb Arts Lamb proclaims 'Messiah Yeshua' 
1981 January 23 Theatre review Arts Evita provides energetic, witty drama at Schubert 
1981 January 23 Book review Arts Buechner's book mingles insight, imagination 
1981 January 23 Elvis Costello Arts New Wave King hits Chicago 
1981 January 23 Gymnastics Sports Gymnasts propelled by 6-2 start 
1981 January 23 Swimming Sports Women's swim team hosts meet tomorrow 
1981 January 23 Volleyball Sports 'Mystery' vollyball team competes in Missions Invite 
1981 January 23 Wrestling and Basketball Sports Sports Shorts 
1981 January 16 Presidential Selection Committee Front page Trustees look for new president to succeed Armerding 
1981 January 16 James Rexilius Front page Winner Rexilius seeks to fire up football team 
1981 January 16 Staley Distinguished Christian Scholar Lecture series Front page Staley lecturer presents reflections on grief, death 
1981 January 16 Political Science Front page Political Science earns independent status 
1981 January 16 Teen Missions News Teen Missions develops awareness and discipline 
1981 January 16 President Hudson Taylor Armerding News Armerding emphasizes integrity 
1981 January 16 Semester system News Semesters will keep college solvent, curriculum flexible 
1981 January 16 President Armerding's retirement Editorial Faculty vote 
1981 January 16 Wheaton president selection Opinion SG 
1981 January 16 Blondie Opinion Letter 
1981 January 16 El Salvador Opinon Salvadorian Crisis 
1981 January 16 Student life Opinion Coarse selection 
1981 January 16 Student life Opinion Twirp tips 
1981 January 16 Popular music Arts Music reflects nation's mindset 
1981 January 16 Carlos Vergara Arts Vergara's photo display draws double-takes in libes 
1981 January 16 College Union events Arts CU announces TWIRP and other activities 
1981 January 16 Movie review Arts Cinematic excellence soars in "Raging Bull" 
1981 January 16 Winter activities Arts Winter offers opportunities for local outdoor recreation 
1981 January 16 Book review Arts New book explains Law's beliefs 
1981 January 16 Concert band Arts Band focuses on contemporary pieces 
1981 January 16 Gymnastics Sports Gymnasts anticipate bright year 
1981 January 16 Hockey Sports Ice hockey retains perfect record 
1981 January 16 Swimming Sports Swim team has improved title hopes 
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