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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
1980 December 12 Robert Webber Front page Webber looks at Moral Majority 
1980 December 12 Student travel Front page Wheaton reaches out to help Haiti 
1980 December 12 New World Christian Ministries Front page Students assist in inner-city renovations 
1980 December 12 Campus life News Newsbriefs 
1980 December 12 Dr. Juan Flavier News Filipino doctor helps rural poor 
1980 December 12 Dr. Charles Lewis News On-campus counselor meets students' needs 
1980 December 12 Semester schedule News Semester impact revamps college 
1980 December 12 The Record Opinion Editorial 
1980 December 12 Time in Haiti SG Hatian experience 
1980 December 12 Thanksgiving Guest Column Encounter 
1980 December 12 Gifts Opinion Competitive giving 
1980 December 12 Student life Opinion Lost person 
1980 December 12 Mary Flickett Arts Ordinary activities depicted in art 
1980 December 12 Chicago review Arts Chicago 
1980 December 12 John Lennon Arts Perspective In the arts 
1980 December 12 Music review Arts 'AutoAmerica' lacks Blondie's brilliance 
1980 December 12 Museum of Contemporary Art Arts 20s era German art germain to new realism 
1980 December 12 Video games Arts Video games draw cult following 
1980 December 12 Kurt Vonnegut Arts Money and romance mingle in Jailbird 
1980 December 12 Basketball Sports Young cagers start with intensity 
1980 December 12 Basketball Sports Player experience key to upcoming tourney 
1980 December 12 Wrestling Sports Coach urges grapplers toward excellence 
1980 November 14 Major General Kermit Johnson Front page Christianity, Army mix in chaplain's battalion 
1980 November 14 Christianity around the world Front page Consultation seeks hidden peoples 
1980 November 14 Student travel to Haiti Front page Students to reach struggling Haiti 
1980 November 14 Dealing with grief News Service, listening helps bereaved 
1980 November 14 Geoff Donnellan News Wheaton cadet applies for 'objector' status 
1980 November 14 Senator Jovite Salonga News Slated speaker jailed for beliefs 
1980 November 14 Being editor Opinion Editorial 
1980 November 14 The Senate Opinion Conservative switch 
1980 November 14 Party discipline Opinion Party discipline 
1980 November 14 Sudent life Opinion Rampaging squirrels 
1980 November 14 Sponsoring a Vietnamese refugee family SG Viets need help 
1980 November 14 Performance and success Letters Losing perspective 
1980 November 14 Joel Sheesley Arts Sheesley shows work; exhibits 'Mount Vision' 
1980 November 14 Larry Gatlin Arts Gatlin surges into country music 
1980 November 14 Chicago reviews Arts Chicago 
1980 November 14 24-hour restaurants Arts Students seek out all-night refuges 
1980 November 14 Rob Pitkin Sports Pitkin: a view from the sidelines 
1980 November 14 Volleyball Sports Women's volleyball goes to state 
1980 November 14 Football Sports Sports Shorts 
1980 November 7 Student Health Professionals Organization Front page Pre-meds' new group fosters communication 
1980 November 7 Dr. Mark Coppenger Front page Coppenger views study, relaxation 
1980 November 7 Skid Row Front page Skid Row revisited after three years 
1980 November 7 Maria Mocuta News Prof tells of childhood in Romania 
1980 November 7 Debate team News Freshmen debate team tops at Ball State Gavel tourney 
1980 November 7 Dealing with grief News Students give reactions to death 
1980 November 7 Gordan Fee News Fee speaks about gift of tongues 
1980 November 7 Christian politics Opinion Editorial 
1980 November 7 News from Washington Disillusionment Washington correspondent 
1980 November 7 Depression SG Handling depression 
1980 November 7 Electoral hostages Opinion Hostages released 
1980 November 7 Geneology Opinion Famous ancestor 
1980 November 7 Political journalism Letters Bourne again 
1980 November 7 Jimmy Carter Letters Academic connotation 
1980 November 7 Student life Letters Cruising 
1980 November 7 Chicago reviews Arts Chicago 
1980 November 7 Paris Chamber Players Arts Paris-based artists open Series 
1980 November 7 World Christianity Arts 'Gap' discusses misions; Christians must fill gap 
1980 November 7 Dr. William Phemister Arts Phemister to perform fourth in recital series 
1980 November 7 Dr. Ronald Youngblood Arts Youngblood clear on 'how it began' 
1980 November 7 Leonard Baskin Arts Large Baskin prints added to American Art Collection 
1980 November 7 Shakespeare films Arts Shakespeare films scheduled 'King Lear,' 'Henry the Fifth' 
1980 November 7 Field Hockey Sports Field Hockey takes 2nd at tourney 
1980 November 7 Volleyball. Football and Soccer Sports Sports Shorts 
1980 November 7 Intramural soccer Sports Intramural soccer boasts talent 
1980 November 7 Tennis Sports Talented team spells tennis success 
1980 October 31 Athletics Front page Athletics face an uncertain future 
1980 October 31 Phil Johnson Front page Senior tells problems of Afghan refugees 
1980 October 31 Susan Bell News Paralyzed senior depends on faith 
1980 October 31 Campus life News Inspector suggests changes in Stupe 
1980 October 31 Lt. Col. Alexander Shine News Col. Shine lists funding as top military priority 
1980 October 31 Intercollegiate sports Editorial Support or not? 
1980 October 31 Procrastination Opinion Later on 
1980 October 31 Pesidential election Opinion University poll 
1980 October 31 Presidential candidates Opinion Used cars 
1980 October 31 David Young's column Letters Bourne in error 
1980 October 31 Presidency Letters Anderson alternative 
1980 October 31 Presidential candidates Letters Young rebuttal 
1980 October 31 Athletics Letters Constructive athletics 
1980 October 31 Athletics Letters New opponent 
1980 October 31 Music review Arts B-52s release their second album 
1980 October 31 President Armerding Arts Armerding's book recalls past graduation speeches 
1980 October 31 Movie review Arts "The Elephant Man" portrays dignity in black and white 
1980 October 31 Frank Lloyd Wright Arts Oak Park trip features Wright architecture 
1980 October 31 Jazz Arts Implementing jazz policy moves slowly 
1980 October 31 Book review Arts Authors give ideas for free recreation in Chicago 
1980 October 31 Women's soccer Sports Women join America's fastest growing sport 
1980 October 31 Volleyball, Football and Soccer Sports Sports Shorts 
1980 October 24 Don Kulick Front page Kulick talks of Saga; food director promoted 
1980 October 24 Athletics Front page Budget cut may threaten athletics 
1980 October 24 Walter Mondale Front page Mondale discusses international policy 
1980 October 24 John Erlenborn News Erlenborn debates his challenger 
1980 October 24 Rescue demonstration News Paramedics bring aid in medical dilemmas 
1980 October 24 Dr. David DeVries News DeVries relates war experiences 
1980 October 24 Student ministry News OCO helps students to grow, minister to needs 
1980 October 24 Student life Opinion Editorial 
1980 October 24 War and Peace Opinion Arms control 
1980 October 24 Help for Haiti and St. Lucia Opinion SG 
1980 October 24 Foreign Policy Opinion Foreign advice 
1980 October 24 "The Ten Commandments" Opinion Cult fever 
1980 October 24 David Young's column Letters Advertisement column 
1980 October 24 Athletics Letters Athletic support 
1980 October 24 America's faith Arts Two pollsters analyze state of American faith 
1980 October 24 Linda Lowe Oren Arts 'Fibers' displays Oren's talents 
1980 October 24 Harpsichord recital Arts Trinity church presents harpsichord recital 
1980 October 24 Theatre review Arts 'Good Person' looks for justice in injustice 
1980 October 24 Soccer Sports Crusader kickers host Wheaton Invitational 
1980 October 24 Field Hockey Sports Preparing for varsity is key to JV 
1980 October 24 Field Hockey and Football Sports Sports Shorts 
1980 October 10 Ronald Reagan Front page Governor outlines proposals for local control in education 
1980 October 10 Ronald Regan Front page Candidate's stands receive mixed reception 
1980 October 10 Dr. Wayne Bragg News Bragg unveils family relief program 
1980 October 10 Fellowship of Christian Photographers News Photo club encourages fellowship, competition 
1980 October 10 Dr. Zondra Lindblade News Lindblade questions Carter in backyard town gathering 
1980 October 10 Coach Harvey Chrouser News Chrouser stays active after years of service 
1980 October 10 Haiti News Haiti designated as SG fall project 
1980 October 10 Ronald Reagan Editorial Credibility Gap 
1980 October 10 Society SG Energy base 
1980 October 10 Libertarians Opinion Libertarian party 
1980 October 10 Dating Opinion Dating blahs 
1980 October 10 Jimmy Carter Opinion "Instant Amateurism" 
1980 October 10 John Anderson Opinion No difference 
1980 October 10 Dr. Barbara Reynolds Arts Authors correlated in Wade lecture topic 
1980 October 10 "Pops Concert" Arts Varied styles mark Pops concert 
1980 October 10 Movie review Arts 'My Bodyguard' considers common human emotions 
1980 October 10 Book review Arts Wills discusses political thought 
1980 October 10 Contemporary Christian band Arts 2nd Chapter of Acts to perform in Edman 
1980 October 10 Pam Mark Hall Arts Hall, award-winning musician sings at Homecoming Concert 
1980 October 10 Football, Volleyball, Cross Country and Field Hockey Sports Sports Shorts 
1980 October 10 Running Sports Students run in Chicago marathon 
1980 October 3 Football Front page Gridders minister to community 
1980 October 3 Thomas Getman Front page Getman calls leaders to make unity one goal 
1980 October 3 New Fitness Center Front page Chrouser Fitness Center to receive grant 
1980 October 3 Fall Education Conference News Seminars focus on parents' role 
1980 October 3 Ronald Reagan News Reagan accepts offer to appear on campus 
1980 October 3 Congressional candidates News Wheaton to sponser Congressional debates 
1980 October 3 Gym crew News Mead makes new gym crew policy 
1980 October 3 American Association of Evangelical Students News Conference delegates discuss social action 
1980 October 3 Names Letters Forename Misnomer 
1980 October 3 Presidential candidates Editorial Lost chance 
1980 October 3 Student life Opinion Inspired enthusiasm 
1980 October 3 Music reviews Letters Wrong reviews 
1980 October 3 Time article reaction Letters Favorable article 
1980 October 3 Selling Nuclear Fuel Opinion Nuclear fuel 
1980 October 3 Importing oil Opinion Oil faucet 
1980 October 3 Presidential candidates Opinion Ludicrous Candidates 
1980 October 3 Chicago review Arts Chicago 
1980 October 3 "The Barber of Seville" Arts Rossini grand opera opens Artists Series 
1980 October 3 Trio Dell'Arte Arts Trio Dell'Arte perform Tuesday 
1980 October 3 Book reviews Arts Two authors give suggestions for enriched, relaxed lifestyle 
1980 October 3 DuPage County Historical Museum Arts Museum offers view of local history 
1980 October 3 Football Sports Wheaton faces Vikings in Football tomorrow 
1980 October 3 Volleyball Sports Coach sets spikers up with basics 
1980 October 3 Soccer Sports Confidence, unity and talent make soccer team a success 
1980 September 26 Dr. Mark Coppenger Front page Prof will bid farewell; Coppenger plans move 
1980 September 26 Billy Graham Center Front page BGC boosts Grad School quality 
1980 September 26 Writing and Literature Conference Front page Kilby cites imagination as conference theme 
1980 September 26 Missions News Growing Manilla needs missions outreach team 
1980 September 26 Student life News Library overuse causing crowds 
1980 September 26 ROTC News Benefits spur ROTC increase 
1980 September 26 The Pledge Editorial One more Time 
1980 September 26 Christianity SG Reaching out 
1980 September 26 Ronald Regan Opinion Reagan's record 
1980 September 26 Last names Opinion Unseen discrimination 
1980 September 26 Stealth aircraft Opinion Stealthy secret 
1980 September 26 Music review Arts Queen prove they are 'champs' 
1980 September 26 Book review Arts Pinnock's book ratifies Christian world view 
1980 September 26 Ticket prices Arts College Artist Series retains top quality, affordable prices 
1980 September 26 "Boris Gudunov" Arts Opera 'Boris Gudunov' shows artistic excellence 
1980 September 26 Book review Arts Webber's book relates Bible communication 
1980 September 26 Chicago's Field Museum Arts 'Great Bronze Age' displays magnificent artifacts of China 
1980 September 26 George Grosz Arts Wheaton acquires new painting 
1980 September 26 Marion Flesvig Sports Certified pro Flesvig fills tennis coach slot 
1980 September 26 Jim Witnah Sports Witnah's views influence athletes 
1980 September 26 Football and Soccer Sports Sports Shorts 
1980 September 19 Dr. Charles Malik Front page Malik challenges Christians at Graham Center dedication 
1980 September 19 Billy Graham Center Front page BGC proves inspiring, debt-free 
1980 September 19 Campus life News News Briefs... 
1980 September 19 Blythe Sawyer News Blythe reflects on American pageant 
1980 September 19 Billy Graham Center News Grad School deans honored in special BGC dedication 
1980 September 19 Campus life Editorial The Opposition 
1980 September 19 Morality SG Moral Majority? 
1980 September 19 Josef Frito Opinion Josef Frito 
1980 September 19 Voting Opinion Voting responsibly 
1980 September 19 John Anderson Opinion Anderson encouraged 
1980 September 19 Reagan-Anderson debate Opinion Debate reform 
1980 September 19 Steve Heilman Arts New York artist donates sculpture 
1980 September 19 Fall Fest Arts College Union presents 'Shades of Fall' Festival 
1980 September 19 Dr. Kennith Mays Arts Veteran musician Dr. Mays offers colorful music Tuesday 
1980 September 19 "Basics: An Orientation Play" Arts Back to basics for Orientation play 
1980 September 19 Music review Arts Romantics 'Hold Out' for Jackson Browne 
1980 September 19 Lyric Opera Arts Lyric Opera opens 
1980 September 19 Tennis Sports Tennis champ and team ready to compete again 
1980 September 19 Football Sports Gridders aim for wins and witness 
1980 September 19 Soccer Sports Wheaton soccer to mark 500th game and 45 years 
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