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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
1980 May 9 Dr. H. Wilbert Norton Front page Youngblood to replace Norton as grad dean 
1980 May 9 Mr. Robert Bartel Front page Robert Bartel resigns, joins Westmont faculty 
1980 May 9 Athletics Front page Hockey dropped to club status; gymnastics' budget cut 
1980 May 9 Paul Shingledecker News Shingledecker finds Colorado gold 
1980 May 9 Student government News SG widened visions, offset campus cynicism 
1980 May 9 ROTC News Peacenik turns ROTC for a war-torn weekend 
1980 May 9 Student life News Students adjust to parents' divorce 
1980 May 9 Youth Outreach News Project Outbound offers youth outreach opportunities 
1980 May 9 Campus life Editorial Committed workers 
1980 May 9 Athletics Opinion Crucial ingredient 
1980 May 9 Rules Opinion No status quo 
1980 May 9 Student participation grant Opinion Strange creature 
1980 May 9 Student life Opinion Parting thought 
1980 May 9 Reviews Opinion Review review 
1980 May 9 Student government Opinion Only a beginning 
1980 May 9 Campus life Opinion Real world 
1980 May 9 Chicago Arts Chicago 
1980 May 9 Music review Arts "Duke" ducks the past in latest Genesis album 
1980 May 9 Book review Arts Beasts depicted vividly in battle of good, evil 
1980 May 9 Music review Arts The Who rocks Chicago audience 
1980 May 9 Recital Arts Student recital 
1980 May 9 Tennis Sports Champions benefit from 'team effort' 
1980 May 9 Softball Sports Team ends season by beating Wonders 
1980 May 9 Golf Sports Senior voted medalist; golfers third in CCIW 
1980 May 2 Campus Front page Kriegbaum outlines office relocation 
1980 May 2 Dr. William Shoemaker Front page Shoemaker goes public as the Graham director 
1980 May 2 Student participation grants Front page Low funds and high inflation halt participation grants 
1980 May 2 Community News Conference centers on city ministry 
1980 May 2 Gasoline News Synthetic fuel a must, stresses Exxon expert 
1980 May 2 Student government News SG reaches to world; whole campus involved 
1980 May 2 Seven News Periodical spotlights Wade authors 
1980 May 2 Travelogue News Travelogue depicts US scenery 
1980 May 2 Divorce News Divorce presents unique difficulties 
1980 May 2 Dr. Olin Robison News Tiffany lecturer focuses on international rights 
1980 May 2 Campus news News News Briefs 
1980 May 2 Campus life Editorial Compensation constipation 
1980 May 2 Student government policy Opinion SG 
1980 May 2 World power Opinion World power 
1980 May 2 Thanks Letters Thank you 
1980 May 2 Minorities Letters Wider world view 
1980 May 2 Tuition and fees Letters Payment hardship 
1980 May 2 Theater review Arts Stauffer achieves humor and insight in "Playboy" 
1980 May 2 Music review Arts Band plays Sousa to avant-garde 
1980 May 2 Music review Arts B.J. Thomas' new album features mellow music 
1980 May 2 Chicago Arts Chicago 
1980 May 2 Mary Hopper Arts Vocalist Mary Hopper to perform lively recital 
1980 May 2 Art Arts Student art preview 
1980 May 2 Lacrosse Sports Mitchell, lacrosse club to play Chicago May 10 
1980 May 2 Don Church Sports Coach wins respect as inspirer, friend 
1980 May 2 Track Sports Women set eight records; place third at Invitational 
1980 May 2 Baseball Sports Hard-hitting sluggers win two over Augustana 
1980 May 2 Running Sports Runners reflect on year, regard season a success 
1980 May 2 Student travel Sports Four athletes to witness overseas 
1980 April 25 Student Government sponsers family Front page After delays and tears, family finally reunites 
1980 April 25 Minority recruitment Front page Grants hold hope for minority students 
1980 April 25 International students Front page One-on-One program helps international students cope 
1980 April 25 Gary Taylor News Coach Taylor resigns; promotion problem cited 
1980 April 25 John Marcy News Marcy recalls his unique history 
1980 April 25 Student life News Blanchard Gang caught on pig count 
1980 April 25 Abortion News Young voices guidelines on CAC abortion stand 
1980 April 25 Missions Opinion Evangelists on the job 
1980 April 25 Student government Opinion Welcome reunion 
1980 April 25 Parable Opinion A Parable 
1980 April 25 ROTC Opinion Military defense 
1980 April 25 Minority recruitment Letters Blasius agreement 
1980 April 25 Drafting Letters Anti-draft sentiment 
1980 April 25 Stewardship Letters Much required 
1980 April 25 Art Arts Student art preview 
1980 April 25 Movie review Arts Preminger spy movie misses mark 
1980 April 25 Chicago Arts Chicago 
1980 April 25 Choir Arts Concert Choir goes international 
1980 April 25 Isaac Bashevis Arts Singer depicts Jewish spirit, culture 
1980 April 25 Music review Arts New album for Vincent proves a poor venture 
1980 April 25 Powder Puff football Sports Honey Bowl sports female gridders 
1980 April 25 Softball Sports Fast pitch challenges softball team 
1980 April 25 Golf Sports Madsen, golfers up to par; team seeking consistency 
1980 April 25 Baseball and track Sports Sports shorts 
1980 April 18 Women's Career Convention Front page Convention emphasizes career-oriented women 
1980 April 18 Ron Sider Front page Ron Sider gives lectures at international conference 
1980 April 18 Dr. Norman Ewert Front page Ewert answers economic questions 
1980 April 18 Dr. Norman Ericson News Ericson shares methods of analytical Bible study 
1980 April 18 Campus news News News Briefs... 
1980 April 18 Brent Johnson News Inner-city ministry shapes work and life for Johnson 
1980 April 18 Stuart Michael News New admission head to emphasize minorities 
1980 April 18 Athletics News Steps toward strong sports needed 
1980 April 18 Student government Editorial Popularity contest 
1980 April 18 Peace Opinion Non-military measures 
1980 April 18 Student government SG Limit bureaucracy 
1980 April 18 Campus life Opinions Wheaton underground 
1980 April 18 Minority recruitment Letters Selling out 
1980 April 18 Cambodia Letters Crisis prevention 
1980 April 18 Minority recruitment Letters Exclusivism no option 
1980 April 18 Howard Whitaker Arts Whitaker anxiously awaits premiere 
1980 April 18 Glee club Arts Many surprises promised from Men's Glee concert 
1980 April 18 Arts Arts Student art preview 
1980 April 18 Chicago Arts Chicago 
1980 April 18 Theater review Arts Whimsical Irish play opens tonight 
1980 April 18 John Nelson Arts Wheaton grad directs Indianapolis Symphony 
1980 April 18 Track Sports Women's track sprints to fast start 
1980 April 18 Tennis Sports Tennis team slowed by April showers 
1980 April 18 Susie Sandstrom Sports Sandstrom runs miles with competitive spirit 
1980 April 11 Student government Front page Knechtle and Bontrager win landslide victories 
1980 April 11 Missions Front page Missions in Focus broadens vision 
1980 April 11 Mrs. Jean Kline Front page Family, friends gather to honor retiring psychology professor Kline 
1980 April 11 Athletics News Athletic programs face hindrances 
1980 April 11 Ethics of persuasion News Professors give views; speech ethics discussed 
1980 April 11 Dr. Mark Coppenger News Political party platforms outlined by Coppenger 
1980 April 11 Memorial Student Center News MSC serves students for 30 years 
1980 April 11 Campus radio News Wake up to "Daybreak;" WETN airs new program 
1980 April 11 General education changes Editorial Pleasant change 
1980 April 11 Student government SG Turn to home 
1980 April 11 Faculty Opinion Faculty competence 
1980 April 11 Popular culture Opinion Network oligarchy 
1980 April 11 Jimmy Carter Opinion Carter's blunders 
1980 April 11 Recruitment Opinion Recruitment unnecessary 
1980 April 11 Campus culture Arts Culture and coed living mix in laguage houses 
1980 April 11 Faculty Recital Series Arts Recital blends music, art, and dance 
1980 April 11 Movie review Arts Woody Allen protege strikes out on new flick 
1980 April 11 Orchestra Arts Orchestra to improvise in Edman 
1980 April 11 Chicago Arts Chicago 
1980 April 11 Keith Vander Veen Sports Court time is only time for racquetball champ 
1980 April 11 Running Sports Runners travel East to meet rivals 
1980 April 11 Baseball Sports Baseball team hosts Taylor in doubleheader tomorrow 
1980 April 3 Semester plan Front page Faculty approve final semester plan 
1980 April 3 Cal Thomas Front page T.V. molds viewers' values, ex-correspondent cautions 
1980 April 3 Dr. Clifford Schimmels Front page Interim coach to head Wheaton football squad 
1980 April 3 Mitch Ryan News CSC elects president; envisions bright future 
1980 April 3 Campus life News News Briefs 
1980 April 3 Student government News SG aided by surveys; students' ideas learned 
1980 April 3 Draft News Wheaties rally against draft in D.C. 
1980 April 3 Student government News SG sponsors Viet family; finds arrival problems 
1980 April 3 Lifetime Fitness Center Editorial Life support 
1980 April 3 Evaluation Opinion Mandatory evaluation 
1980 April 3 Morality and politics Opinion Idealism and realism 
1980 April 3 Real College Union Opinion New union 
1980 April 3 Campus life Letters Referendum rationale 
1980 April 3 Movies Letters Film dangers 
1980 April 3 Military Letters Coppenger's reply 
1980 April 3 Abortion Letters Anti-fornication legislation? 
1980 April 3 International Studies Program Arts Art students go Dutch for overseas studies 
1980 April 3 Jazz Arts Radio station revives old jazz music 
1980 April 3 Movie review Arts Film gives new touch; a lighter plot for LA cop 
1980 April 3 Pinchas and Eugenia Zukerman Arts Talented duo performs, promises varied sonatas 
1980 April 3 Book review Arts Bishop portrays Christ's last days 
1980 April 3 Easter Arts Visit Fourth Presbyterian for special Easter service 
1980 April 3 Gymnastics Sports Gymnasts travel west; finish in the top fifteen 
1980 April 3 Gil Dodds Sports College sponsors marathon May 17 
1980 April 3 Golf Sports Experienced golfers await warm weather 
1980 March 28 Student government Front page Elections promise competition 
1980 March 28 Lifetime Fitness Center Front page Groundbreaking in May for first phase of LFC 
1980 March 28 Dr. Fred Tarpley Front page America should rekindle innovation, declares economist 
1980 March 28 Dearborn retreat News Inner-city ministry goes on retreat 
1980 March 28 Dr. Howard Claassen News Physics professor announces retirement 
1980 March 28 Dr. Judy Blumhagen News Blumhagen addresses morality and abortion 
1980 March 28 Dr. Dean Arnold News Anthro class eases culture shock 
1980 March 28 Self defense News College women encouraged to learn rape defense 
1980 March 28 Political science Editorial Amplify poly sci 
1980 March 28 Suicide Opinion Smoke-screened morals 
1980 March 28 Student government SG Respect each other 
1980 March 28 Film Letters Film literacy 
1980 March 28 Lifetime Fitness Center Letters LFC now 
1980 March 28 Abortion Letters Scripture manipulation? 
1980 March 28 Abortion Letters Still fuming 
1980 March 28 Abortion Letters Questionable Christians 
1980 March 28 Enrollment News Fall enrollment reduced 
1980 March 28 Movie review Arts Olmi film portrays peasant community 
1980 March 28 Suzuki Arts Wheaton offers Suzuki; children master music 
1980 March 28 The Phillip Jones Brass Ensemble Arts Brass ensemble completes series 
1980 March 28 Restaurant and movie reviews Arts Sherlock's Home and films welcome you in city 
1980 March 28 Swimming Sports Taylor paces swimmers at NCAAs 
1980 March 28 Women's softball Sports Wheaton fast pitchers ready to 'hit' outdoors 
1980 March 28 Men's Gymnastics, Men's Track, Ice Hockey and Intramurals Sports Sports shorts 
1980 March 28 Tennis Sports Tennis team shoots for conference title 
1980 March 28 Humor Front page School files for bankruptcy 
1980 March 28 Humor Front page Wright turns wrong; co-eds come in 
1980 March 28 Humor Front page Wanton Wheaton women offer new course to men 
1980 March 28 Humor Front page Quad to house 36 restored mastodons 
1980 March 28 Humor KNews Literaries dicuss books for john 
1980 March 28 Humor KNews Osages like Wheaton, Indians to rough it out 
1980 March 28 Humor KNews School is in shambles Administration upset 
1980 March 28 Humor DArts Socialites reveal how SAGA can help social life 
1980 March 28 Humor DArts New slob fashion catches eye, nose 
1980 March 28 Humor DArts Can't tell about Bagatelle, poet is no longer with us 
1980 March 28 Humor Pinion Social nites, Socialites 
1980 March 28 Humor Pinion The answer to why 
1980 March 28 Humor Spawts Scientific minds meet; sportsmanship lacking 
1980 March 28 Humor Spawts Gymnasts battle female equestrians 
1980 March 28 Humor Spawts Snort Sports 
1980 May 9 Movie review Arts Mayhem, menace marks "Penitentiary" 
1980 May 2 Michael Summers Letters Eradicating injustice? 
1980 March 21 George Bush Front page Bush points to experience 
1980 March 21 Summer tuition Front page Summer school beats all summer bargains 
1980 March 21 Anatoli Levitin Front page Levitin speaks on Russian dissent 
1980 March 21 Wayne Stayskal News Cartoonist views lighter side of life 
1980 March 21 Debate team News Debaters dominate tourney; opponents left speechless 
1980 March 21 George Bush News Bush queried on his political views 
1980 March 21 Suellen Johnson News Delegate for the President outlines Carter's strengths 
1980 March 21 Dr. Mark Coppenger News Coppenger gives movie philosophy 
1980 March 21 Communication Opinion Communication breakdown 
1980 March 21 Society Opinion Bad old days 
1980 March 21 Student government Opinion SG 
1980 March 21 Abortion Letters Abortion rationale 
1980 March 21 Abortion Letters Legislating morality? 
1980 March 21 Presidential candidates Letters Anderson fiasco 
1980 March 21 Edmund Wright and Robby Gunstream Arts Organ, clarinet, piano, share recital 
1980 March 21 Book review Arts 'How Silently' parables draw readers' thoughts 
1980 March 21 Field Museum Arts Visit Field Museum for spring fever cure 
1980 March 21 Women's Glee club Arts "'S Wonderful" presented Saturday 
1980 March 21 Theatre review Arts '79 grad directs "Savage" fantasy world 
1980 March 21 Swimming Sports Women swim to National rankings 
1980 March 21 Baseball Sports Baseball team travels west to play 
1980 March 21 Track Sports Men's track sprints into promising spring season 
1980 March 21 Basketball and Swimming Sports Sports Shorts 
1980 March 14 Student government Front page Student leaders attend California conference 
1980 March 14 John Anderson Front page Anderson addresses vocal crowd 
1980 March 14 Campus Crusade Front page Student evangelism program ministers to Watts area 
1980 March 14 Student travel News Wheaton students extend relief 
1980 March 14 Divorce News Two give biblical views on dealing with divorce 
1980 March 14 Campus life News Guards of memorial bench sit tight 
1980 March 14 Volleyball marathon News SMP volleyball-athon 
1980 March 14 Campus life News News Briefs... 
1980 March 14 John Anderson Opinion Editorial 
1980 March 14 Student government SG Selecting Christian politicians 
1980 March 14 Course selection News Needing help 
1980 March 14 Fighting in Israel News Biblical prophecy? 
1980 March 14 Gift of life Opinion Impassioned work 
1980 March 14 Prejudice Letters Living in the present 
1980 March 14 Student travel Letters Watts enlightment 
1980 March 14 Sanctity of life Letters Not us 
1980 March 14 Trio Dell'Arte Arts Trio performing at Pierce; promises varied repertoire 
1980 March 14 Jerome Hines Arts World-acclaimed singer to perform 
1980 March 14 Houlihan's Old Place Restaurant Arts Irish cuisine is anything but green 
1980 March 14 Phil Keaggy Arts Keaggy group rocks an enthusiastic crowd 
1980 March 14 Elvis Costello Arts Costello records fun, but boring album 
1980 March 14 Madeleine L'Engle Arts Author L'Engle teaches writing course 
1980 March 14 Women's track Sports New status propels women's track 
1980 March 14 Steve Fowl Sports Fowl deems winter games fantastic 
1980 March 14 Wrestling Sports Stamm takes nationals, wrestles for NCAA title 
1980 March 14 Swimming and Gymnastics Sports Sports Shorts 
1980 February 15 Day of prayer Front page Prayer day approved to foster spiritual unity 
1980 February 15 James Young Front page Theatre director awarded regional honor 
1980 February 15 Semester system Front page Semesters call for course changes 
1980 February 15 Debate team Front page Debate team logs miles en route to tourney wins 
1980 February 15 Dr. Samuel Schultz News Bible prof retires after 30 years 
1980 February 15 Dr. Mark Amstutz News Amstutz comments on US foreign policy 
1980 February 15 John Skorburg News Expert predicts trends for American economy 
1980 February 15 Study break News The curtains close for Study Break 
1980 February 15 Dr. Holmes News Young Dems view property ownership 
1980 February 15 Student life Editorial Pressures 
1980 February 15 Student government SG Whose fault but ours? 
1980 February 15 Student life Opinion Subtle love 
1980 February 15 Social injustices Opinion Letter 
1980 February 15 Discrimination Opinion Discriminative meaning 
1980 February 15 Student life Opinion Conflict reactions 
1980 February 15 Decision making Opinion Future decisions 
1980 February 15 Kathleen Kastner Arts Kastner gives recital; marimba, vibraphone 
1980 February 15 Orchestra Arts Glen Ellyn chorus performs with orchestra in Edman tonight 
1980 February 15 Movie review Arts New Ashby film trivializes culture 
1980 February 15 Music review Arts Weather Report pioneers in fusion jazz 
1980 February 15 Spring tour Arts Musicians prepare for road tours 
1980 February 15 Phil Keaggy Arts Keaggy sings March 8; artistry is the message 
1980 February 15 Chicago Arts See Chicago now for ethnic awareness 
1980 February 15 Basketball Sports Cagers seek to improve standings 
1980 February 15 Hockey  Sports Icemen intensely fight top rival in "Holy War" 
1980 February 15 Swimming, Wrestling, Basketball and Gymnastics Sports Sports Shorts 
1980 February 15 Gymnastics Sports Gymnasts face final meet; Denzer looks to playoffs 
1980 February 8 Board of Trustees Front page Profs criticize trustees; call for representation 
1980 February 8 Federal Seminar Front page Wheaties attend Federal Seminar 
1980 February 8 SOUL Arts Festival Front page SOUL supports minorities, enculturates college 
1980 February 8 Tuition Front page Tuition increases announced 
1980 February 8 Campus radio News WETN installs new control console 
1980 February 8 Abortion News Survey reveals freshman class variety 
1980 February 8 Dr. Richard Millet News Millet warns of Third World violence 
1980 February 8 Student life News Thailand students encounter pig famer's murder trial 
1980 February 8 Student life News Juniors prove their class; claim special distinction 
1980 February 8 Dr. Kenneth Kantzer News Christianity Today editor discusses magazine's roles 
1980 February 8 Valentine's Day Opinion The true story 
1980 February 8 Foreign policy Opinion Communist support? 
1980 February 8 Mormonism Opinion Practicing faith 
1980 February 8 Dr. Bentley Opinion Living in the past 
1980 February 8 Student government SG Alienation without representation 
1980 February 8 Dome Opinion Touche 
1980 February 8 Christianity and the arts Arts Sheesley, Whitaker, Young address Christians and the arts 
1980 February 8 Book review Arts Adventure lacks depth spirit evokes mystery 
1980 February 8 Music review Arts "Live Rust" tells of dying rockers 
1980 February 8 Theatre Festival Arts Wheaties attend College Theatre Festival 
1980 February 8 Swimming Sports Leading swimmers establish goals 
1980 February 8 Gymnastics Sports Gymnasts close season MacDonald plans future 
1980 February 8 Intramurals Sports Winter intramurals advance into heated days of spring competition 
1980 February 8 Basketball, Wrestling and Swimming Sports Sports Shorts 
1980 February 1 Persecution Front page Students protest oppression 
1980 February 1 SOUL Festival Front page SOUL Festival to offer much in music, lecture 
1980 February 1 Dominican Republic relief project News D.R. conditions continue to improve 
1980 February 1 Nadine Smith News Black administrator quits 
1980 February 1 Washington Banquet News Evening of dining, drama awaits Washington couples 
1980 February 1 Nursing legislation News West Sub clarification 
1980 February 1 Youth Hostels Ministry and Student Missionary Project News SMP, YHM to send 51 sudents abroad 
1980 February 1 Evan Welsh News Chaplain Welsh talks on college presidents 
1980 February 1 Nicholas Capaldi News Capaldi critiques law and social liberalism 
1980 February 1 ROTC  News ROTC offers scholarships; two, three year programs 
1980 February 1 Dr. Ward Kriegbaum News Trustees confirm Kriegbaum's position 
1980 February 1 Military Editorial Good reasons 
1980 February 1 War Opinion God's government? 
1980 February 1 Student life Opinion Thoughtless comments 
1980 February 1 Missions Opinion Pampered sacrifice 
1980 February 1 Student government SG Fixed growth 
1980 February 1 Afghanistan Opinion Help of sorts 
1980 February 1 In response to Alan Voelkel Opinion Spiritual spin-offs 
1980 February 1 Conservatory students Arts Where have the conservies gone? 
1980 February 1 Pink Floyd Arts Pink Floyd's "The Wall" depicts society 
1980 February 1 Chicago Arts Chicago offers variety; worship, arts and eats 
1980 February 1 Drama Arts Actors meet challenge; interpret characters 
1980 February 1 Movie review Arts "Going in Style" shows alienation 
1980 February 1 Swimming Sports Swimmers swamp the Dutchmen 
1980 February 1 Hockey Sports Icemen encouraged with fan support 
1980 February 1 Basketball Sports Wheaton cagers defeat state champs 
1980 February 1 Swimming, Wrestling and Intramurals Sports Sports Shorts 
1980 January 25 Campus Crusade for Christ Front page Inner city challenges await group in Watts 
1980 January 25 Missions Front page Wheaties aid Cambodian relief 
1980 January 25 Student protest Front page Students join at Daley Center to protest oppression 
1980 January 25 The Tan Family News Viet family adjusts to America 
1980 January 25 Republican politics News College Republicans to sponser Erlenborn talk 
1980 January 25 Voting News Campus drive Wednesday; students called to register 
1980 January 25 Debate team News Debaters not outspoken; best year yet 
1980 January 25 Myrna Grant  News Grant speaks out for human rights 
1980 January 25 Seaphonics News Greenhouse expands for seaphonics collection 
1980 January 25 Anthropology Degree News Prof criticizes review; evaluation incomplete 
1980 January 25 Rev. John Erwin News Chaplain discusses jail interaction 
1980 January 25 Marriage preparation Editorial Unprepared 
1980 January 25 Voting Opinion Voter's registration 
1980 January 25 Sportsmanship SG Sportsmanship 
1980 January 25 Christianity Opinion Growing worse 
1980 January 25 Edward Kennedy Opinion Handling the job 
1980 January 25 Faith Opinion Faith in what? 
1980 January 25 Geodesic dome Letters Domies lobby 
1980 January 25 Dome Letters Preventative ingenuity 
1980 January 25 Anthropology degree Letters Fair hearing 
1980 January 25 Tom Howard Arts CU presents Tom Howard expertice on piano and guitar 
1980 January 25 Doug Gilbert Arts Gilbert speaks through camera lens 
1980 January 25 Opera Workshop Arts Opera Workshop sings of murder, mystery, and love 
1980 January 25 Book review Arts Ryken book calls readers to enjoy 
1980 January 25 Nacy Swider Sports Swider secures spot on US Olympic team 
1980 January 25 Cheerleading Sports Cheerleaders take stunts seriously 
1980 January 25 Gymnastics Sports Gymnasts win meet; discipline continues 
1980 January 25 Wrestling Sports Despite injuries, grapplers show hope 
1980 January 25 Basketball, Swimming and Track Sports Sports Shorts 
1980 January 18 Bakke decision Front page Capaldi to talk on Bakke decision 
1980 January 18 Human Needs and Global Resources Front page HNGR finds its place in academic budget 
1980 January 18 Football coach Front page Swartz discusses King, no successor mentioned 
1980 January 18 Mr. Arthur Katterjohn Front page Wheaton mourns well-loved conservatory professor 
1980 January 18 Dr. Armerding News Armerding looks at future concerns 
1980 January 18 Ron Sider News Sider speaks on hunger 
1980 January 18 Nursing News W. Sub program threatened by new nursing legislation 
1980 January 18 Missions conference News Urbana conf. draws 300 Wheaties 
1980 January 18 Budget News Budget cuts cancel Marriage Prep seminar 
1980 January 18 Blanchard Hall News Blanchard Hall added to Register of Historic Places 
1980 January 18 Human Need and Global Resources Editorial Change 
1980 January 18 Geodesic Dome Opinion Domed under 
1980 January 18 Bob Dylan Opinion New song 
1980 January 18 Student government SG Faith on trial 
1980 January 18 Wheaton Opinion Some progress 
1980 January 18 War Opinion Moral force 
1980 January 18 Harold Fickett Arts Sucess brings agent for Fickett 
1980 January 18 Music review Arts Classical releases of Stravinsky and Perlman 
1980 January 18 Concert Band Arts Carlson solos with Band; dedication to Katterjohn 
1980 January 18 Theatre review Arts New angles highlight "Caretaker" 
1980 January 18 Book review Arts Pond tells true story; reveals fear, lost hope 
1980 January 18 Movie review Arts "Hanging Rock" mystifies audience 
1980 January 18 Basketball Sports Glass and Buskirk seek team unity 
1980 January 18 Gymnastics Sports Denzer starts coaching; team shows approval 
1980 January 18 Intramural Sports Sports Intramurals provide student activities 
1980 January 18 Speed skating, Hockey, Basketball and Swimming Sports Sports Shorts 
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