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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
1979 December 14 Teacher Education Front page WhTEP may add new requirements 
1979 December 14 Richard Kriegbaum Front page Kiegbaum discusses new semester system 
1979 December 14 Human rights film Front page Christian Action Council brings Schaeffer film 
1979 December 14 Campus theft Front page Growing campus theft concerns departments 
1979 December 14 Anthropology major News Review decision drops anthro 
1979 December 14 Student life News Pathfinders seek caving adventure 
1979 December 14 Perry Manikin News What ever happened to Perry M.? 
1979 December 14 Dr. Martin Price News Biochemist calls for study of Third World health issues 
1979 December 14 Wheaton Opinion Editorial 
1979 December 14 Presidency Opinion Concerned candidate 
1979 December 14 Christmas parties Opinion Party blues 
1979 December 14 American hostages Letters Hostage addresses 
1979 December 14 Christmas SG Christmas giving 
1979 December 14 Christmas Opinion True meanings 
1979 December 14 Nursing Letters Practical nursing 
1979 December 14 In response to Mr. Voelkel Letters Fictitious brother? 
1979 December 14 Dan Peek Arts Peek talks of "America" 
1979 December 14 Chicago Arts Chicago displays its Christmas spirit 
1979 December 14 Star Trek Arts "Star Trek" adds new elements to conventions of old TV show 
1979 December 14 Mary Hopper Arts Mary Hopper leads Women's Glee 
1979 December 14 Gymnastics Sports Gymnasts start strong, look to nationals 
1979 December 14 Basketball Sports Talented young squad remains undefeated 
1979 December 14 Swimming Sports Taylor sets record; qualifies for NCAAs 
1979 December 14 Basketball Sports Cagers squeak by Calvin 
1979 December 14 Wrestling, Hockey and Swimming Sports Sports Shorts 
1979 December 7 Business Tomorrow Conference Front page Four students attend national conference 
1979 December 7 Student travel Front page Ten students leave for thailand to aid refugees 
1979 December 7 Campus safety Front page New crime wave sweeps campus-robbery, theft 
1979 December 7 New Buildings News Building priority list proves elusive 
1979 December 7 Danforth Graduate Fellowship Competition News Three Wheaties chosen for Danforth Contest 
1979 December 7 Dr. Lindblade News Lindblade draws distinction between dating, courtship 
1979 December 7 Dr. Valentine Cunningham News Special speech conference will feature Oxford literature prof 
1979 December 7 Dominican Republic News Dominican Republic relief proves a success 
1979 December 7 Student travel News Jarabocoa, D.R. 
1979 December 7 Financial priorities Editorial What Priorities? 
1979 December 7 Dominican Republic SG Fast Relief 
1979 December 7 Moral frailty Opinion Tokened Brothers 
1979 December 7 Wheaton Bible Church Opinion Frayed Bible 
1979 December 7 Iranian crisis Opinion Waiting game 
1979 December 7 Movie review Arts Film explores path to dereliction 
1979 December 7 Book review Arts "Like Father" probes family relationships 
1979 December 7 Music review Arts New trio continues artistic tradition 
1979 December 7 Christmas Festival Arts Festival features variety of talent 
1979 December 7 Dan Peek Arts Concert to host Dan Peek 
1979 December 7 Swimming Sports Not yet in full strength; women start swim year 
1979 December 7 Basketball Sports Men's basketball opens home games 
1979 December 7 Wrestling Sports Wrestling "family" begins optimistic year 
1979 December 7 Gymnastics, Soccer and Hockey Sports Sports shorts 
1979 November 9 Equal Rights Amendment Front page Young Dems discuss ERA at Nov. 1 meeting 
1979 November 9 Bible Front page Historians rethink views on Bible 
1979 November 9 Karate Front page Karate builds coordination, helps students get in shape 
1979 November 9 Evolution Front page Creation researcher attacks evidence for evolution 
1979 November 9 The Development Office News Development tries to correct image 
1979 November 9 Campus life News Freshmen living in Smith encounter pros and cons 
1979 November 9 Joel Matson News Matson adds life to SAGA crew 
1979 November 9 Wheaton Bible Church News Wheaton Bible expansion raises questions in community 
1979 November 9 Travel Bureau News Travel Bureau offers more than trips home 
1979 November 9 Student life Editorial Heart to heart 
1979 November 9 Evangelism SG Faith and works 
1979 November 9 Presidency Opinion Six-year presidential term 
1979 November 9 Correction Letters Putting things in context 
1979 November 9 Campus life Opinion The philistine 
1979 November 9 Student life Opinion Garden spa of the universe 
1979 November 9 Wheaton Bible Church Opinion Bible Church squabble 
1979 November 9 Music review Arts Mac's "Tusk" applies smooth band sound to pop melodies 
1979 November 9 Dancing  Arts College hires instructor; students learn to dance 
1979 November 9 Film festival Arts International Film Festival opens; features premiere of Rosi film 
1979 November 9 Book review Arts Intrigue and suspense combine in MacDonald novel 
1979 November 9 Choir Arts Choir brings romance to Artist Series tonight 
1979 November 9 Delbert Disselhorst Arts Organist to teach seminar, followed by Sunday recital 
1979 November 9 Sacred Music Arts CU hosts sacred music concers 
1979 November 9 Gymnastics Sports Gymnastics teams face packed schedules 
1979 November 9 Volleyball Sports Spikers prepare for state 
1979 November 9 Field Hockey Sports Field Hockey team ends season; takes second in state tournament 
1979 November 9 Cross country Sports Henderson ends conference career with victory 
1979 November 2 Georgi Vins Front page Russian Baptist tells tale of church persecution 
1979 November 2 Anthropology major Front page Anthro major dropped 
1979 November 2 Dr. Samuel Schultz News Schultz plans to retire: leaves after 30 years 
1979 November 2 Wheaton Bible Church News Wheaton Bible Church expansion draws complaints 
1979 November 2 The Second Annual Archaeology Paper Flying Contest News Conference features paper plane contest 
1979 November 2 Parking News Situation improves; fewer tickets 
1979 November 2 Parents' Weekend News Students welcome parents; weekend proves success 
1979 November 2 Christians and Democrats News Young Democrats plan higher visibility 
1979 November 2 Russia, Christianity and higher education Editorial Wealth 
1979 November 2 Censorship Opinion Innovation 
1979 November 2 Georgi Vins Opinion SG 
1979 November 2 Russia Opinion Learning from Russia 
1979 November 2 Dave Queen Opinion Questions for Queen 
1979 November 2 Wheaton Letters Wonderful Wheaton 
1979 November 2 Dancing My piece Join the dance 
1979 November 2 Wheaton Bible Chuch Letters Money, money, money 
1979 November 2 Cambodia Opinion Selective morality 
1979 November 2 Music recital Arts Lagios and Hoisington include music of different styles in recital 
1979 November 2 Book review Arts Book by Stone proves an adventure 
1979 November 2 Theatre review Arts Impact of play heightened by its reality 
1979 November 2 Music review Arts Ground Zero yearns for good ol' days 
1979 November 2 Printmaking Arts Class printmakers compete; two new schools develop 
1979 November 2 Movie review Arts "Nosferatu" redefines nature of vampire movies 
1979 November 2 Intramurals Sports "Deep South" triumphs in soccer intramurals 
1979 November 2 Basketball Sports Cagers challenge Yugoslavians; game promises solid competition 
1979 November 2 Football Sports One-win Crusaders face tough N. Central 
1979 November 2 Field Hockey, Cross Country and Soccer Sports Sports Shorts 
1979 October 26 Parents' Weekend Front page Parents to visit campus; full weekend planned 
1979 October 26 Georgi Vins Front page Vins to speak on Church in USSR 
1979 October 26 Bible Front page National conference to examine Bible in U.S. culture 
1979 October 26 Wheaton's Annual Philosophy Conference News Philosophers examine theology, ethics 
1979 October 26 Student government News SG continues fund-raising for Dominican Republic 
1979 October 26 Drama Department News Guidelines submitted by drama dept 
1979 October 26 Palestine Israeli conflict News Experts discuss Palestine; establish four viewpoints 
1979 October 26 Human Needs and Global Resource program News HNGR program excluded from budget 
1979 October 26 Tom Skinner News Skinner probes blacks in white world 
1979 October 26 Parents' Day Weekend Editorial Dear Mom and Dad 
1979 October 26 Oil Opinion Oil profit myths 
1979 October 26 Conceptual Christianity Letters Conceptualizing Christ 
1979 October 26 Enrollment Opinion Deferred enrollment 
1979 October 26 Student life SG Love, the sleeping giant 
1979 October 26 The Bible My piece Bible-believing paranoia 
1979 October 26 Steve Turner Arts British poet warns against apathy 
1979 October 26 Dr. Vida Chenoweth Arts Chenoweth pioneers new music major 
1979 October 26 Book review Arts Bonhoeffer book examines church life 
1979 October 26 Theatre review Arts 'Anne Frank' to open; drama drawn from diary 
1979 October 26 Orchestra Arts Polish Chamber Orchestra debuts with harpsichordist 
1979 October 26 Restaurant review Arts Panacea 
1979 October 26 Running Sports Relaxing run centers on championship 
1979 October 26 Volleyball Sports Women's volleyball team headed for state tourney 
1979 October 26 Soccer Sports Crusader kickers are holding their own 
1979 October 26 Tennis, Football and Field Hockey Sports Sports Shorts 
1979 October 19 Philosophy Conference Front page Philosophers study ethics, theology 
1979 October 19 Semester plan Front page Old controversy ends; new semesters to begin 
1979 October 19 College buses Front page Drivers claim college buses dangerous 
1979 October 19 Tom Skinner Front page Harlem evangelist Skinner comes to chapel Monday 
1979 October 19 College pledge News Committee amplifies college pledge 
1979 October 19 Roger Dewey News Dewey warns Christians about wealth 
1979 October 19 College radio News WETN extends broadcast range 
1979 October 19 Dr. Patrick Duffy News Britisher informs Wheaton on NATO 
1979 October 19 Bible conference News Marks of good preachers cited in Bible conference 
1979 October 19 Dr. Dean Arnold News Arnold guides Mayan tour 
1979 October 19 Pride Editorial From pride to contempt 
1979 October 19 Campus dining My piece Hard to swallow 
1979 October 19 Nuclear weapons Opinion Obsolete defense 
1979 October 19 Student life Opinion Back to Jumpsreet 
1979 October 19 Missions Opinion Growth means outreach 
1979 October 19 Student government column Opinion Letter 
1979 October 19 Priorities Opinion SG 
1979 October 19 Student life Opinion Harshness needed 
1979 October 19 Dr. Stephen Cushman Arts Cushman promises variety in his recital 
1979 October 19 Music review Arts Eagles flying high in "The Long Run" 
1979 October 19 Rock Arts CU seminar examines value of rock 
1979 October 19 Allen Lewis Arts Library displays Lewis prints, etchings 
1979 October 19 Movie review Arts 'Apocalypse Now' makes Viet Nam a cultural epic 
1979 October 19 Football Sports Homecoming stirs spirits but Crusaders lose again 
1979 October 19 Women's Tennis Sports Women's Tennis looking to take state championship 
1979 October 19 Field Hockey Sports Field Hockey team faces Principia 'forewarning' 
1979 October 19 Soccer and Volleyball Sports Sports Shorts 
1979 October 12 Homecoming Front page Memories bring them home 
1979 October 12 Billy Graham Center News BGC to reach its completion in 1980 
1979 October 12 Semesters News Armerding proposes semester plan 
1979 October 12 Dr. Richard Stellway News Stellway conducts survey; focuses on domestic living 
1979 October 12 Francis Schaeffer News Schaeffer seminar sparks interest 
1979 October 12 Colonel Howard Graves News Specialist talks on national defense 
1979 October 12 Roger Dewey News Dewey talks on lifestyles 
1979 October 12 Dr. A. E. Patrick Duffy News British statesman to speak 
1979 October 12 Education Editorial Top priority 
1979 October 12 "Life of Brian" Opinion Closet review 
1979 October 12 Lutheran World Relief Opinion Bread and buildings 
1979 October 12 Snail darter Opinion Carter trades off 
1979 October 12 Community SG Verbal damage 
1979 October 12 Society Opinion The world beyond Wheaton 
1979 October 12 Campus life My piece Life Fitness Center 
1979 October 12 John Fischer Arts John Fischer performs in Edman 
1979 October 12 Book review Arts 'The Living End' updates Dante's 'Divine Comedy' 
1979 October 12 Movie review Arts Meyer film puts Ripper in 20th century Frisco 
1979 October 12 Chicago Art Institute Arts Panacea 
1979 October 12 Glee Club and Band Arts Homecoming concert promises musical treat 
1979 October 12 Faculty recital Arts Szepessy and Taslitt program features Beethoven and Brahms 
1979 October 12 Running Sports Four miles sliced to two in 100Runs 
1979 October 12 Women's Teams Sports Big weekend in the works; women's teams get ready 
1979 October 12 Dan Henderson Sports Henderson's injury a mixed blessing 
1979 October 12 Soccer and Football Sports Sports Shorts 
1979 October 5 Hurricane David Front page Students erect houses; help hurricane victims 
1979 October 5 Billy Graham Front page Graham visits Wheaton for ceremony 
1979 October 5 Rev. John Perkins Front page Perkins will address conference 
1979 October 5 Business Front page Economics adds track; majors can study busines 
1979 October 5 Biblical Studies News Biblical Studies reigns as most popular major 
1979 October 5 Richard Hughes News Long search is completed; local church finds pastor 
1979 October 5 United States Foreign Service News Foreign service officers face tough test 
1979 October 5 Debates News Speech Dept. sponsers debate forums 
1979 October 5 Wheaton Bible Church News Wheaton Bible Church plans to expand its facilities 
1979 October 5 Pastor Stephen Brown News Brown tells of his call to the ministry 
1979 October 5 Redemption Editorial Hope of redemption 
1979 October 5 Dominican Republic project SG Wind sprints 
1979 October 5 Henry Kissinger Opinion Late repentance 
1979 October 5 Movie review Letters Missed the boat 
1979 October 5 Verse for the year My piece Year verse 
1979 October 5 Student life Opinion Typical Wheatie 
1979 October 5 Pain Opinion Accepting pain 
1979 October 5 Humphrey Carpenter Arts Humphrey Carpenter describes the life of a biographer 
1979 October 5 Movie review Arts "Life of Brian" fails to amuse audience 
1979 October 5 Sonja Gallien Arts Faculty violinist to perform 
1979 October 5 Madeleine L'Engle Arts L'Engle uses Welsh myths to communicate joy 
1979 October 5 Art Funday Arts Panacea 
1979 October 5 Kodon Arts Kodon adapts to gain more readers 
1979 October 5 Garrick Ohlsson Arts Pianist Ohlsson performs for Artist Series 
1979 October 5 Football Sports Gridders prepare for shotgun offense 
1979 October 5 Soccer Sports Tri-captains aim for respectable record 
1979 October 5 Intramurals Sports P.E. promotes intramural organization, expansion 
1979 October 5 Men's Volleyball Sports Men's volleyball club looks to good season with or without coach 
1979 October 5 Tennis and Cross country Sports Sports Shorts 
1979 September 28 Library Front page SG efforts lenthen library hours 
1979 September 28 Health Center Front page Health Center posts hours; closed to weekend patients 
1979 September 28 Student costs Front page Federal financial aid review may hamper Wheatonites 
1979 September 28 The Lockheed/Dialog System News Database system speeds research 
1979 September 28 Parking News Parking regulations continue raising objections 
1979 September 28 Abortion News Schaeffer film decries abortion; surgeon calls Christians to action 
1979 September 28 Class banners instead of floats News Banners change the Homecoming float tradition 
1979 September 28 Formal dress News Marketing students dress for class 
1979 September 28 Campus housing staff News Resident directors from divergent pasts 
1979 September 28 Politics on campus News Wheaton students organize new political group 
1979 September 28 Student life Editorial Don't wait for tomorrow 
1979 September 28 Soviet Military Opinion Soviet whitewash 
1979 September 28 Music  Opinion Dialogue 
1979 September 28 Campus dining SG D-day, October 4 
1979 September 28 Campus dining Opinion False economy 
1979 September 28 Michael Stauffer Arts Drama group gets new technical director 
1979 September 28 Book review Arts Carpenter reveals Inklings' lives 
1979 September 28 Movie review Arts Neil Young makes film; sad sight for sore ears 
1979 September 28 Writer's conference Arts 24th Writer's Conference focuses on Lewis, Tolkien 
1979 September 28 Chicago reviews Arts Panacea 
1979 September 28 Bands Arts Salvation Army's band joins Wheaton's 
1979 September 28 Movie review Arts One battle film replaces another; "Tora!" explodes in action scenes 
1979 September 28 Volleyball Sports Dowdell sparks inspiration for spikers 
1979 September 28 Football Sports Crusaders bow to Vikes; team looking for first win 
1979 September 28 Soccer Sports Soccer suffers in big time; gains positive experience 
1979 September 28 Women's Tennis, Cross Country and Field Hockey Sports Sports Shorts 
1979 September 21 Gas chromatograph-mass spectrometer given to college Front page Company offers system to chemistry department 
1979 September 21 Campus security Front page SAGA installs new security system to cut theft 
1979 September 21 Enrollment Front page Students have to squeeze with increased enrollment 
1979 September 21 Brooks Alexander Front page Ex-hippie speaks on cults to Wheaton audience 
1979 September 21 ROTC News Wheaton ROTC increases enrollment 
1979 September 21 Dr. Anthony Campolo News Campolo calls students to take social action lead 
1979 September 21 Campus safety News Girl attacked; two boys arrested 
1979 September 21 Sex roles News Double standard blurs women's roles 
1979 September 21 Urbana News Top names participate at Urbana conference 
1979 September 21 Study Break News Study Break challenges, motivates with multi-media 
1979 September 21 Lifetime Fitness Center News Donor brings LFC closer to goal 
1979 September 21 Dining hall security Editorial Fooling ourselves 
1979 September 21 Ted Kennedy Opinion Achilles' heel 
1979 September 21 Christianity Letter A closer look 
1979 September 21 Hurricane David SG Aid to Dominicans 
1979 September 21 Life Opinion Ordinary splendor 
1979 September 21 Christianity Opinion Sanctified sin 
1979 September 21 Chicago reviews Arts Panacea 
1979 September 21 Music review Arts Punk Rock plays down musical ability 
1979 September 21 Reba Rambo Arts Reba Rambo to sing in Edman; spreads gospel through music 
1979 September 21 Grace McFarlane Arts Talented Wheaton alumna returns to teach 
1979 September 21 Movie review Arts "Peppermint Soda" sweet: portrays '60's adolescents 
1979 September 21 Writing and Literature Conference Arts Writer's conference features Lewis and Tolkien 
1979 September 21 Women's tennis Sports Crusader women's tennis faces packed season ahead 
1979 September 21 Football Sports Elmhurst crushes Crusaders in season opener 
1979 September 21 Cross Country Sports Cross country runners work to build team unity 
1979 September 21 Volleyball and Field hockey Sports  Sports Shorts 
1979 September 14 Library hours Front page Budget cuts slash library hours 
1979 September 14 Campus life Front page Schuler redesigns Stupe to serve campus needs 
1979 September 14 Campus thefts Front page Campus bike thefts rise sharply; high school student suspected 
1979 September 14 Freshmen Front page Orientation initiates Wheaton freshmen 
1979 September 14 Stephen Brown Front page Author Stephen Brown takes chapel podium in special services 
1979 September 14 Abortion News New campus organization joins national abortion fight 
1979 September 14 Wright house News Wright house tradition, football players' haven, meets destruction 
1979 September 14 Campus life News Campus experts evaluate social, academic standings of freshmen 
1979 September 14 Gender roles News Sex roles at Wheaton change; various influences add confusion 
1979 September 14 Campus life Editorial Getting our act together 
1979 September 14 Andy Young Opinion Young's resignation 
1979 September 14 Chapels Opinion Alternative chapels 
1979 September 14 Christianity Opinion Involvement 
1979 September 14 Abortion Letters Sanctity of life 
1979 September 14 Bob Dylan Arts New Dylan excels musically, spiritually 
1979 September 14 Theatre review Arts Orientation play dramatizes comedy, trauma of Wheaton 
1979 September 14 Men's glee club Arts Glee club ambassadors return from Europe and British Isles 
1979 September 14 Chicago reviews Arts Panacea 
1979 September 14 Women's Field Hockey Sports Women's field hockey team finds hope in new strategy 
1979 September 14 Football Sports Crusader plan winning season by challenging football traditions 
1979 September 14 Soccer Sports Soccer team in rebuilding stage; rugged competition waits ahead 
1979 September 14 Women's Tennis and Volleyball Sports Sports Shorts 
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