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DateSubject (Personal Name or Topic)Column or SectionTopic or Title
1979 May 4 The Lu Sung Tans Front page Refugee family needs home, tutor 
1979 May 4 All School Workday Front page YHM revives college workday tradition 
1979 May 4 Student life Front page Stress on students threatens health, friendships, grades 
1979 May 4 Robert Bartel News Bartel begins new development duties 
1979 May 4 John Bechtold News CSC president Bechtold strives for unified council 
1979 May 4 Campus neighbors News Neighbors enjoy stability, fear growth 
1979 May 4 Lifetime Fitness Center fund News Pfund sets $500,000 alumni goal 
1979 May 4 Student life News Standards, studies create tension and stress in students 
1979 May 4 Carter Cody and John Wells News Cody and Wells honored for loyal service 
1979 May 4 Donald Boardman News Boardman retires, expresses concerns 
1979 May 4 Campus safety News Violence aided by carelessness and trust 
1979 May 4 Sharing Editorial Sharing with Little Kids 
1979 May 4 Student life Opinion Spring in the Libes 
1979 May 4 Peace Opinion Peace academy 
1979 May 4 World issues Opinion Treating the disease 
1979 May 4 War Opinion Sick of the war 
1979 May 4 Energy crisis Opinion Conservation: time for action 
1979 May 4 Entertainment guide Arts Entertainment 
1979 May 4 Music review Arts Chamber concert dishes up solos, trios 
1979 May 4 Restaurant review Arts Farm cookin' served at Back Door 
1979 May 4 Movie review Arts Zeffirelli's 'The Champ' brings tears 
1979 May 4 Women's track Sports Women's track runs away with first 
1979 May 4 Swimming Sports Wheaton masters place in swim meet 
1979 May 4 Baseball Sports Winning means work for Martin 
1979 May 4 Golf, tennis, track and soccer Sports Sports Highlights 
1979 May 4 Women's tennis Sports Women's tennis team aims for nationals 
1979 April 27 Lyle Schrag Front page Schrag announces plans to leave 
1979 April 27 Consultation on Simple Lifestyle Front page NJ conference on simple living draws Wheaties 
1979 April 27 Don Bonker Front page Bonker to lecture in chapel on third world development 
1979 April 27 Semester Front page Faculty opinion divided on semester system poll 
1979 April 27 Dave Melvin Front page Melvin barred from post, changes his mind too late 
1979 April 27 "Because He first loved me" News Original song sought for orientation theme 
1979 April 27 Powder puff football News Saturday's Honeybowl tantalizes the Poohbears 
1979 April 27 Reverend Arnold Fruchtenbaum News GTS to present Judaic scholar Fruchtenbaum 
1979 April 27 Red tape Editorial Red tape 
1979 April 27 Politics Opinion Resentment politics 
1979 April 27 Trustees Opinion Closing the gap 
1979 April 27 Nuclear Arms Issue: Nuclear Arms Safe tradition 
1979 April 27 Nuclear Arms Issue: Nuclear Arms Adequate deterrent 
1979 April 27 Nuclear Arms Issue: Nuclear Arms Bad methods 
1979 April 27 Nuclear Arms Issue: Nuclear Arms Necessary evil 
1979 April 27 Nuclear Arms Issue: Nuclear Arms World survival 
1979 April 27 Nuclear Arms Issues: Nuclear Arms All or nothing 
1979 April 27 Nuclear Arms Issue: Nuclear Arms A radical decision 
1979 April 27 Life Opinion Distracted living 
1979 April 27 Catholicism Letters Tempered tolerance 
1979 April 27 Concert announcement Arts Saturday's band concert features Gauger's trumpet 
1979 April 27 Art show Arts Seniors' art festival final fling for majors 
1979 April 27 Harrold Fickett Arts Fickett challenges evangelical subculture 
1979 April 27 Softball Sports Slow-pitch gives exciting twist 
1979 April 27 Tennis Sports Netmen head conference, ace Augustana match 9-0 
1979 April 27 Baseball, Golf and track Sports Sports Highlights 
1979 April 20 Radio Front page WETN gets permit for more power 
1979 April 20 Disarmament Front page Tiffany lecture series looks at disarmament 
1979 April 20 Conference Front page Bible conference to focus on genocide 
1979 April 20 Powder Puff football Front page Powder puffs to clash for YHM, SMP 
1979 April 20 Dr. Clifford Schimmels News Bird attacks jogging professor 
1979 April 20 Dr. Ward Kriegbaum News Kriegbaum becomes Dean and acting VP 
1979 April 20 Speech and debate team News Speakers bring home gold from meet 
1979 April 20 Dr. Barbara Reynolds News Reynolds to receive honorary doctorate 
1979 April 20 Traemour apartments News Uptown social work is fulfilling 
1979 April 20 David Reifsnyder News Sooty job keeps Reifsnyder sweeping 
1979 April 20 Denominations Editorial A true confession 
1979 April 20 Humor Opinion Laughing medicine 
1979 April 20 Adulthood Opinion Independence 
1979 April 20 Student government Opinion A vision for SG 
1979 April 20 Campus life Opinion Cure for Spring Fever 
1979 April 20 Marshall True Opinion Lukewarm 
1979 April 20 Choir concert Arts Choir features Brahms, Haydn, in home concert 
1979 April 20 Art and Churches Arts Workshop to consider art in churches 
1979 April 20 Movie review Arts Truffaut film looks behind the scenes 
1979 April 20 Richard Hugo Arts Hugo's poetry reflects dreams, doubts 
1979 April 20 William Dublin Arts 'Dubin's Lives' parallel his biographical subjects 
1979 April 20 Track and field Sports Depth is winning element on track 
1979 April 20 Baseball Sports Batters win, but pitchers need work 
1979 April 20 Men's tennis, golf and chess Sports Sports Highlights 
1979 April 12 Dr. Kenneth Kantzer Front page Kantzer to address '79 graduates 
1979 April 12 Dr. Donald Mitchell Front page Mitchell takes King College presidency 
1979 April 12 Grants from the Alumni Association Front page Profs get study money for research, writing 
1979 April 12 Biology and Technology Front page Symposium to highlight ethics of biological issues 
1979 April 12 "Leadership" Front page WMBI reviews Armerding's leadership book 
1979 April 12 Missions News New missions approach to be discussed 
1979 April 12 Art Department News Fires threaten Art Dept.; hazardous condition cited 
1979 April 12 Senior comprehensive exams News Comps rate students, departments 
1979 April 12 Chemistry grant News Chemistry department receives grant 
1979 April 12 Relationships Editorial Whole human beings 
1979 April 12 Christian responsibility Opinion Social action 
1979 April 12 Transportation Opinion Amtrak cutback 
1979 April 12 Easter Opinion Thoughts at Easter 
1979 April 12 Student government Opinion Value of SG 
1979 April 12 Student life Opinion The voice of one 
1979 April 12 Mark Messing Arts Messing creates, learns from jazz 
1979 April 12 John Updike Arts Updike's book examines long distance relationships 
1979 April 12 Theatre review Arts 'Carousel!' key is communication 
1979 April 12 Movie review Arts 'Bell Jar' film embarrassment, inept 
1979 April 12 Jay Whitaker Sports Whitaker plays a polished game 
1979 April 12 Track Sports Women's track snatches second 
1979 April 12 Baseball, Men's tennis and track Sports Sports Highlights 
1979 April 6 Nadine Smith Front page Smith appointed to full-time position 
1979 April 6 Malcolm Muggeridge Front page Muggeridge addresses faith, media 
1979 April 6 Semesters Front page Semesters threaten course variety 
1979 April 6 Vernon Ehlers News Ehlers relates energy to man, God 
1979 April 6 Parking News Students protest Edman parking policy 
1979 April 6 Missions/cross-cultural program News New degree to aid missions work 
1979 April 6 Merit Scholars News Wheaton ranks high in Merit Scholars 
1979 April 6 Basic Educational Opportunity Grants News New BEOG requirements demand student progress 
1979 April 6 Repairs News Heating plant repairs to restore boiler, roof 
1979 April 6 Dr. Anthony Campolo News Campolo to examine Christian lifestyles 
1979 April 6 Humanity Editorial Human error 
1979 April 6 Christianity Opinion Inner health 
1979 April 6 Student life Opinion Wheaton Zombies 
1979 April 6 The Draft Opinion Return of the draft? 
1979 April 6 Campus life Opinion A sick joke 
1979 April 6 Parking Opinion More parking 
1979 April 6 Abortion Opinion Abortion on demand 
1979 April 6 Campus life Opinion Consequences of jokes 
1979 April 6 Movie review Arts Nukes energize 'China Syndrome' 
1979 April 6 Book review Arts At last, Christian novel meets reality 
1979 April 6 Music review Arts Larry Norman in concert highlights gospel message 
1979 April 6 Restaurant review Arts Vegetarian restaurant menu offers intersting variations 
1979 April 6 Movie review Arts Film and forum depict C.S. Lewis's life 
1979 April 6 Mrs. R. Leanne Payne Arts Alumnus author to visit Monday 
1979 April 6 Tennis Sports Netters start tough season with win 
1979 April 6 Golf Sports Golfers tan while polishing shots 
1979 April 6 Track and field Sports Runners shine despite wintry conditions 
1979 April 6 Running Sports Run, women, run! 
1979 March 30 Semesters instead of quarters Front page Committee drafting semester calendar 
1979 March 30 Religion in schools Front page School tightens policy after complaints 
1979 March 30 Malcom Muggeridge Front page Muggeridge to speak here next week 
1979 March 30 Dr. Charles M, Horne News Graduate school prof dies at 49 
1979 March 30 Student life News Wheaton couples on Donahue show 
1979 March 30 Campus life News Forum tackles parking, calendar issues 
1979 March 30 Campus fire News Fire! 
1979 March 30 Campus life News Winter leaves scars on campus 
1979 March 30 Intramurals News Intramurals provide excitement 
1979 March 30 Dr. Merrill C. Tenney News Tenney's second devotional book focuses on "Roads" 
1979 March 30 Dr. Martin Marty News Marty: "Beware of Christian celebrities" 
1979 March 30 Richard Ostling News Time's Ostling predicts future religious news 
1979 March 30 Christian outreach News Students to support refugee family 
1979 March 30 Roger Dewey News Dewey strives for urban justice 
1979 March 30 Being professional Opinion Professionals 
1979 March 30 Spring Opinion Spring blahs 
1979 March 30 SAT and Chapel Opinion Those scores again 
1979 March 30 Parking Opinion Why we did it 
1979 March 30 Student government Opinion Major issues 
1979 March 30 Relationships Opinion Senior panic 
1979 March 30 Orchestra concert Arts Home concert features Brahms, Haydn, Colgrass 
1979 March 30 Glee club Arts Women's Glee Concert features world 
1979 March 30 Theater Arts Entertainment 
1979 March 30 Concert Arts Waverly Consort finishes Artist Series 
1979 March 30 Ground Zero fundraiser Arts Band presents benefit Hostel concert 
1979 March 30 Running for exercise Sports Stretching brings running success 
1979 March 30 Hoc-Soc league Sports Seniors capture hoc-soc league crown in playoffs 
1979 March 30 Wrestling, Chess, Track, Baseball and Pro Soccer Sports Sports Highlights 
1979 March 30 Softball Sports Soggy turf hampers team; nerf ball replaces softball 
1979 March 30 Humor Front page Dryer time a ire crime; students stage starch in 
1979 March 30 Humor Front page Alumni rekindle love for Wheaton 
1979 March 30 Humor Front page Peace song dethrones Alma Mater 
1979 March 30 Humor Noose Labial maladies plague campus 
1979 March 30 Humor Noose Clan produces student handbook 
1979 March 30 Humor Noose College exploits call of Mother Nature 
1979 March 30 Humor Noose Spring thaw reveals frozen freshmen 
1979 March 30 Humor Noose Animal House sinks to new low 
1979 March 30 Humor Noose How long will new building be new? 
1979 March 30 Humor Noose Carouser takes tenure to heart; demands fitness 
1979 March 30 Humor Pinings A frothy farewell 
1979 March 30 Humor Pinings Proof's Spoof 
1979 March 30 Humor Pinings Wheaton as a tomb 
1979 March 30 Humor Fascion Wheaties in search of haute couture 
1979 March 30 Humor Charts Concert promises total silence 
1979 March 30 Humor Charts Village People to rattle Edman 
1979 March 30 Humor Snorts Golfers hope for below-par season 
1979 March 30 Humor Running, Football and PE Department Snorts Shorts 
1979 March 23 Waging war against war Front page Citizens lobby for peace academy 
1979 March 23 Chapel seating Front page SAT seats uncomfortable; college promises change 
1979 March 23 Student costs Front page Tuition up 7 percent for school year '79-'80 
1979 March 23 Visiting high schools Front page High school bars visitors during hours 
1979 March 23 Renovations News Stupe completes radical changes 
1979 March 23 Dr. Dean Arnold News 'Arnold of Andes': Wheaton prof tours Peru 
1979 March 23 Richard Ostling News Time religion editor Ostling speaks in Wheaton Monday 
1979 March 23 Check-cashing News Check-cashing privileges to return later this month 
1979 March 23 Arthur Katterjohn News Katterjohn puts Wheaton under the music spotlight 
1979 March 23 Student government forum News Administrators to field questions at S.G. Forum 
1979 March 23 Men's Swimming team News Christian-like rowdyism is a reality 
1979 March 23 Alma Mater Editorial Singing a new tune 
1979 March 23 Alma Mater Opinion Alma Mater blues 
1979 March 23 Real life Opinion Life on the outside 
1979 March 23 Energy Opinion Nuclear power 
1979 March 23 Campus life Opinion No explanations 
1979 March 23 Campus life Opinion About those vehicles 
1979 March 23 Marge Gieser Arts World photos exhibited by Gieser 
1979 March 23 Movie review Arts 'Agatha' presents 'too pretty' solution 
1979 March 23 Loyola festival Arts Chicago poets and critics speak at Layola festival 
1979 March 23 Book review Arts 'Good as Gold': unorthodox politics 
1979 March 23 Chuck Girard Arts Singer, composer Girard to sing in Edman tonight 
1979 March 23 Men's track Sports Men's track savors signs of winning season ahead 
1979 March 23 Gymnastics Arts Gymnasts celebrate improved record 
1979 March 23 Swimming Sports Four earn All-American; swimmers rank 16th of 68 
1979 March 23 Athlete of the year, All-Americans and Soccer Sports Sports Highlights 
1979 March 16 Stuart Briscoe Front page Briscoe calls Church to take risks 
1979 March 16 Investment in South Africa Front page Selective investment urged 
1979 March 16 Debate team Front page Debaters win 14 trophies in recent tournaments 
1979 March 16 Promotions Front page 15 faculty members to be promoted 
1979 March 16 Mrs. Jody Bradshaw News Bradshaw wins award for leadership, scholastics 
1979 March 16 Dr. Boardman News Prof describes Iranian rebellion 
1979 March 16 SAT scores Editorial From seat 1-K-17 
1979 March 16 Campus life Opinion Wheaton as a womb 
1979 March 16 Letter to students Opinion Next year's leaders 
1979 March 16 Campus parking Opinion Edman parking 
1979 March 16 CSC Letters CSC update 
1979 March 16 Campus life Letters Music discretion 
1979 March 16 Student life Opinion A meeting at Yale 
1979 March 16 Children's art Arts Kids paint the darnedest things 
1979 March 16 Movie review Arts Calvinist lead in 'Hardcore' played by George C. Scott 
1979 March 16 Music review Arts Lamb aims for larger audiences 
1979 March 16 Doodling Arts Doodlers invited to flaunt artistry 
1979 March 16 Performance announcement Arts Beaux Arts Trio tomorrow 
1979 March 16 Book review Arts 'Murder': neither thrilling nor classy 
1979 March 16 Men's tennis Sports Men's tennis wins three out of five 
1979 March 16 Baseball Sports Batters leave L.A. with 4-5 record 
1979 March 16 Swimming Sports Crusaders' performance challenges North Central 
1979 March 16 Wrestling, Swimming, Basketball, Soccer and Track Sports Sports Highlights 
1979 February 16 Dr, James Engel Front page Engel leaves for 12 country tour 
1979 February 16 News Front page Library offers transcripts of news broadcasts 
1979 February 16 Evaluation Front page Outside teams evaluate college program 
1979 February 16 Dr. Thomas Kay News Student tour in Russia is Kay's dream-come-true 
1979 February 16 New courses News Applied economics available here next Fall 
1979 February 16 Christianity Opinion Sterling 
1979 February 16 Teacher evaluations Opinion Evaluations 
1979 February 16 World hunger Opinion Making a difference 
1979 February 16 Student life Opinion Where I was 
1979 February 16 Student life Letters Emotional rhetoric 
1979 February 16 Christianity and art Letters To Mark Ingebretsen 
1979 February 16 Appropriateness Letters On censorship 
1979 February 16 Campus life Letters Stepping on toes 
1979 February 16 Movie review Arts Point--Needle Point 
1979 February 16 Concert Choir Arts Choral festival here tomorrow 
1979 February 16 Concerts Arts Orchestra, bands present Saturday, Sunday concerts 
1979 February 16 Carmen Balthrop Arts Carmen Balthrop in Edman tonight 
1979 February 16 Swimming Sports Wheaton a favorite at state swim meet 
1979 February 16 Swimming, Chess and basketball Sports Sports Highlights 
1979 February 16 Basketball Sports Crusaders seek third place finish 
1979 February 16 Wrestling Sports Matmen are among top contenders for CCIW title 
1979 February 16 Gymnastics Sports Gymnastic team nears season's end 
1979 February 9 Campus publication Front page College Publications Committee axes 4 Kodon pieces 
1979 February 9 Sid Lens Front page Lens cites dangers of nuclear arms race 
1979 February 9 Snow removal Front page Snow yields money, adventure 
1979 February 9 Cheryl Smith News Smith takes first place in Informative Speaking 
1979 February 9 Dr. Edwin A. Hollatz News Hollatz marks 25th year at Wheaton 
1979 February 9 Winter News Winter '78-'79 breaks snowfall, temp, records 
1979 February 9 ROTC News Cadets get future assignments 
1979 February 9 Health Fair News Health Fair to stress lifetime fitness next week 
1979 February 9 Campus life Opinion Folk heroes 
1979 February 9 Christianity Opinion Letter Home 
1979 February 9 Profanity Opinion About profanity 
1979 February 9 Loving others Opinion Underlying attitudes 
1979 February 9 Publications Letters Words of explanation 
1979 February 9 Hunger Opinion World hunger 
1979 February 9 Billy Graham Center Opinion Graham Center 
1979 February 9 Fruitfulness Opinion Fruity evangelism 
1979 February 9 Racism Letters Interracial marriage 
1979 February 9 Athletic events Letters Code of Sportsmanship 
1979 February 9 Theater needs Letters Enough endurance 
1979 February 9 Events Arts Entertainment 
1979 February 9 Theater review Arts 'Julius Caesar' intense; versatile cast succeeds 
1979 February 9 John Caldwell Arts Caldwell adds video to art 
1979 February 9 Basketball, Swimming and Gymnastics Sports Sports Highlights 
1979 February 9 Swimming Sports Swimmers take 3rd place in relays 
1979 February 9 Wrestling Sports Grappler Invitational this weekend 
1979 February 2 Religion Front page Class examines Eastern Europe religion 
1979 February 2 SOUL festival Front page SOUL festival brings music, art and soul food 
1979 February 2 Missions Front page SMP makes 27 missions possible 
1979 February 2 Glee club Front page Men's Glee featured Sunday on Channel 11 
1979 February 2 Black Arts Festival News Festival features 'Reflections of Three' 
1979 February 2 Dannielbelle Hall News Dannielbelle sings love gospel 
1979 February 2 Miriam Armerding News Miriam Armerding: First Lady 
1979 February 2 The Record Opinion For The Record 
1979 February 2 Student life Opinion Reality Games 
1979 February 2 Student government Opinion Words with the Wise 
1979 February 2 Prayer Opinion Lord, Lord 
1979 February 2 Government surveillance Opinion No privacy 
1979 February 2 Movie review Arts 'Rocky' on skates succeeds 
1979 February 2 John Caldwell Arts Caldwell video artwork shown tonight in Pierce 
1979 February 2 Book review Arts A painful X-rated world according to T.S. Garp 
1979 February 2 Opera Workshop Arts Workshop promises quality 
1979 February 2 Vladimir Ashkenazy Arts Ashkenazy dazzles audience 
1979 February 2 Basketball Sports Crusader hopes fall in last minute 
1979 February 2 Wrestling, Hockey, Basketball and Swimming Sports Sports Highlights 
1979 January 26 Richard Linyard Front page Native Chicagoan elected trustee 
1979 January 26 Campus life Front page Faculty salaries affect students 
1979 January 26 ROTC Front page Must apply by Feb. 16 for ROTC scholarship 
1979 January 26 Forensics Tournament Front page Speech students capture prizes at tournament 
1979 January 26 Nuclear Arms issue Letters Both sides of the issue 
1979 January 26 Thanks Letters Thanks to you 
1979 January 26 Nuclear question Letters Constructive dialogue 
1979 January 26 Families Letters Lag in awareness 
1979 January 26 Student life Editorial The Great Abyss 
1979 January 26 Christianity Opinion Superstars 
1979 January 26 Campus life Opinion Stength in weakness 
1979 January 26 Student life Opinion The little things 
1979 January 26 Salaries Opinion Faculty salaries 
1979 January 26 Inflation Opinion What monster? 
1979 January 26 Christian conduct Opinion Sportsman's Code 
1979 January 26 Theatre review Arts Play given new meaning tonight in Nystrom arena 
1979 January 26 Howard Whitaker Arts Whitaker piece to premiere next year 
1979 January 26 Book review Arts 'Mommie Dearest' adds poison to parental abuse 
1979 January 26 Vladimir Ashkenazy Arts Ashkenazy plays Edman chapel Monday night 
1979 January 26 Movie review Arts "Superman" is fun but unclear 
1979 January 26 Swimming Sports Allen offsets swim team losses 
1979 January 26 Basketball Sports Women's basketball faces tough schedule confidently 
1979 January 26 Basketball, Swimming and Gymnastics Sports Sports Highlights 
1979 January 19 Armaments exhibition Front page Faculty protests arms show 
1979 January 19 Faculty Front page Professors grapple with inflation crunch 
1979 January 19 Dr. John Stott Front page Stott hightlights opening of new expository series 
1979 January 19 Tuition Front page Summer school tuition still frozen at 1976 rate 
1979 January 19 Don Kulick News Saga director stresses involvement with students 
1979 January 19 Debate team News Debate teams speak for seven 
1979 January 19 Arms exhibition Opinion An Evangelical Protest 
1979 January 19 Campus life Opinion Open communication 
1979 January 19 Student life Opinion Warm fellowship 
1979 January 19 Student life Opinion Saturday Night Libes 
1979 January 19 Profanity Opinion On profanity 
1979 January 19 Inflation Opinion The inflating monster 
1979 January 19 Publications Letters No Kodon 
1979 January 19 Wallis article Letters Slanted news 
1979 January 19 Christian Service Council Letters Channels of blessing 
1979 January 19 Comments Letters Comments, quotes 
1979 January 19 Arms race Letters Peace and security 
1979 January 19 ROTC Letters Not for pacifists only 
1979 January 19 Kathleen Kastner Arts Kastner performs in Pierce 
1979 January 19 Art majors Arts Art Department offers options 
1979 January 19 Book review Arts Fresh plot carries 'Ashes to the Wind' 
1979 January 19 Chicago artists Arts Imagists' art reflects Chicago 
1979 January 19 Movie review Arts 'Suite' succeeds on screen 
1979 January 19 Basketball Sports Vikings overshadow Wheaton 
1979 January 19 Wrestling Sports Wrestling: a microscopic view of the Christian life 
1979 January 19 Swimming Sports Swimmers seek vengeance 
1979 January 19 Gymnastics, Wrestling and Basketball Sports Sports Highlights 
1979 January 12 Jim Wallis Front page Wallis fights nuke buildup 
1979 January 12 Missions Front page Student involvement key to missions 
1979 January 12 Pat Davis Front page Torn tendon to sideline Pat Davis 
1979 January 12 Joel Sheesley News Worlds meet in "Annunciation" 
1979 January 12 Marriage News Seminar presents love's issues 
1979 January 12 Student travel News 25 students to indulge in week long UN field trip 
1979 January 12 Dr. Roger Lundin News Ludin back as English prof. 
1979 January 12 Dreams Editorial Dreams vs. nightmares 
1979 January 12 Campus life Opinion Reaching out 
1979 January 12 Student life Opinion Even Lit. majors 
1979 January 12 Christmas Opinon Transforming power 
1979 January 12 Will and love Opinion The balance 
1979 January 12 Wheaton's investments Letters Two questions re: investments 
1979 January 12 Investments Letters A complex issue 
1979 January 12 Book review Arts 'Inklings': sketches of Lewis 
1979 January 12 Dan Gingrich Arts Symphony member joins band 
1979 January 12 Alan Whitman Arts Limited scope distorts the view 
1979 January 12 Movie review Arts Film guarantees a laugh a moment 
1979 January 12 Soccer Sports Long, Hall lead for tryout 
1979 January 12 Swimming Sports Swim coach stresses depth 
1979 January 12 Gymnastics Sports Women's gymnastics team does well despite numbers 
1979 January 12 Basketball, Wrestling and gymnastics Sports Sports Highlights 
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